Tenant handbook - Fothergill House



The Landlord and Knight Frank LLP strive to provide excellence in its property

management services along with co-operation by all the occupiers in order

achieve this.

The purpose of this handbook is to:

• Provide information on how Fothergill House functions on a day to day basis.

• Highlight those areas where occupiers’ co-operation is required by the Landlord

and/or their managing agents relative to health, safety and welfare issues.

• Provide guidance to occupiers on measures that can be taken to safeguard

property, by the proper control of contractors.

What does it contain?

The Handbook contains useful factual information and the house rules which

constitute "Regulations" for the purposes of your lease. Its principal objectives are to:

• Ensure the efficient running of the Building in compliance with all relevant health,

safety and other statutory requirements.

• Minimise any disruption or annoyance to yourselves or other occupiers of the

Building and;

• Ensure that your experience in Fothergill House is rewarding for both your

company and your staff.

• Provide general information regarding the Insurances arranged by the Landlord

and the procedures for reporting any loss, damage, accident or other incidents.

• Provide occupiers with environmental information relevant to Fothergill House.

We are confident that occupiers will appreciate our objectives and will co-operate

with us and our managing agents in achieving this. Success is clearly in our mutual


Tenant Handbook | Fothergill House 2

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