The Red Bulletin September 2019 (UK)






Inspired by Greek mythology

and the world’s first motorcycle

land-speed legend, this is the

last bike you’ll ever have to buy

Electric dreams:

Curtiss Motorbikes’ creations

– with their hyper-futuristic

shapes, monocoque aluminium

bodies, prototype carbon

wheels and touchpad cockpits

– push the boundaries of bike

design. The Zeus (below) is

a case in point

Curtiss Motorcycles is building

bikes unlike anything that’s

gone before. Its electric steeds

– named after Grecian gods –

seemingly belong more in a

sci-fi movie than on our roads.

“We asked ourselves, ‘Why

do motorbikes look the way

they do?’” says head designer

Jordan Cornille. “The bike’s

components have defined its

proportions for the last 100

years. Making these bikes

look like modern-day internal

combustion machines? That

didn’t make any sense.”

The US firm is named after

Glen Curtiss, the inventor and

aviator famed for creating the

American V-Twin motorbike

engine, and for breaking a landspeed

record in 1907 on a bike

powered by one of his 40hp V8

aeroplane engines. Its early

models – the Zeus Cafe Racer

and Bobber – were the kind

of innovation Curtiss would

approve of: 190hp electric

beasts capable of 0-100kph

in 2.1 seconds – 0.7s quicker

than the world’s fastest car,

the Koenigsegg Agera RS.

The new Zeus Radial V8,

however, looks back to

Curtiss’ 112-year-old machine

for inspiration. Its unique

radial V8 design is inspired by

the original V8 record-breaker,

while the cylinders contain

proprietary battery-cell

technology for colossal speed.

“Our goal is to develop

machines that last for ever,”

says Cornille. “We’re saying,

‘Buy one Curtiss motorcycle

and pass it down to your kids

and grandkids.’ Our batteries

will be swappable and fully

recyclable, so you’ll always

have the latest tech.”



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