The Red Bulletin September 2019 (UK)


The Ukrainians are

particularly deadly in

modern-day sumo.

Pictured: compatriots

Demid Karachenko

and eventual winner

Sviatoslav Semykras

do battle in the men’s

lightweight final

of scar tissue is visible. This, Sumi says, has put paid to his

deadlifting and squatting days.

Amitani’s routine is similar. Back in his college days, he

wanted to bulk up, so he mainlined sushi, ramen and the sumo

staple chanko-nabe – a relatively healthy stew loaded with

proteins such as chicken, tofu, meatballs or fish, plus starchy rice

or noodles, and veggies including bok choy, mushrooms, daikon

(white radish) and carrots – to build himself into heavyweight

shape. Now, as a middleweight, he includes running in his regime.

Last night, the three sumo enjoyed a barbecue at their hotel.

“We had 5-6kg of meat,” smiles Ulambayar. It was clearly a

welcome change from chanko-nabe – to build the body shape

needed for top-flight sumo, the likes of Ulambayar will shovel

down industrial quantities of the stew on a daily basis. Dinner,

“Slapping, leg-sweeping

and pulling the belt are

allowed; punching, kicking

and hair-pulling are not”


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