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Casablanca Grand Hotel

Saudi Arabia

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Rob Bruce


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Marcs Bacera


Stanley Lucas


Brian Anson


David Hyde


Azim Aftab


Tasmai Dave

Jacqui Irvine

Joseph Wilton


Antoine Jackson

Hafiz Arslan


Criteria 6

Saudi Arabia10

Saudi Arabia | Not What You Think?13


Casablanca Grand Hotel 18

Al Khobar – A Modern Masterpiece23


Millenium Hail Hotel30

Qatar 32

Qatar | A Sleeping Giant35

The West Bay In The Heart Of Doha 37

Fraser Suites West Bay Doha 40

Souqs & Malls45

Diva Lounge Spa48

United Arab Emirates 50

Dubai | United Arab Emirates53

See Dubai By Air 55

Jordan 60

Jordan | Top 563

Lebanon 68

Beirut | Jewel Of The Middle East71

The Key Beirut74


Adam Cole

Joseph Malabanan

Zach Ford

Peter Clement

Joyce Lee


Jerald Jaime



Tracy Morgan

Joseph Malabanan

Aisha Ahmed

5 6


Excellence in Service is an important category, as customer

service can often be responsible for having guests return

year after year. We look for the hotels and tour operators

that go out of their way to please their guests, those that

provide a personal level of service and take the time to

get to know each visitor so that they might anticipate their

every need. This can be something as simple as a 24-hour

concierge desk, a hotel manager who offers a personal

greeting or a tour guide who is happy to create bespoke

private tours – but whatever it is, we are always pleased

when we encounter staff that have been trained in the art

of customer satisfaction.


It is no question that style and design plays a big part in

selecting our awards shortlist. A guest will form an opinion

about a hotel as soon as they arrive so it is important

to us that all our winners make those first impressions

count. We’re certainly not partial to a particular period of

architecture – but whether we’re judging a gothic castle or

an environmentally friendly lodge, the criteria remains the

same. We consider factors such as architectural features,

use of materials, creation of spaces, décor and the overall

feel. We love it when we find a hotel that tells a story

through its design and construction, or offers a design that

is sympathetic to the natural surroundings of its location.


Knowledge of the local area is essential for any

organization, be it a hotel or a tour operator. The quality

of services takes a great hit when the quality of this

element is not up to the mark. Quite a few of our winners

in this category are because they have displayed excellent

knowledge about the surrounding areas. The criteria for a

hotel is slightly lenient compared to a tour operator, as the

latter is expected to have thorough knowledge of the area

in order to provide good services.

Image by: Mostafa Meraji




Award-winning guest rooms come in all shapes and sizes,

but they all have one thing in common – a home-awayfrom-home

feel. The comfort of the facilities on offer are

of vital importance; we look for luxurious linens, stylish

bathrooms and a coordinated colour scheme that work

together to create a cohesive sense of relaxation. Additional

touches, such as complimentary toiletries, free wi-fi or tea

and coffee making facilities are always a bonus in making

us feel welcome. We’re always impressed to find hotel

rooms that embrace technology and offer amenities like

tablets or smart thermostat systems, but this does not

always necessarily trump the traditional – four poster beds,

ornate fireplaces or antique furniture can add a touch of

decadence to a hotel stay.


Location is one of the most important factors, but also

one of the most subjective, as the ‘ideal’ is very much

determined by the type of visitor and the type of hotel

itself. However, there are a few factors we take into

consideration when determining the winners of locationbased

awards. The first is convenience; that is, hotels that

are easy to travel to. Many of our winners in this category

are in convenient locations, such as adjacent to airports,

close to beaches or found in the heart of easy-to-navigate

cities. We are always impressed when hotels go the extra

mile to take the hassle out of traveling and offer such

additional services as airport shuttles or car hire services.

However, we’re always excited to come across a hotel

that is, to use a familiar phrase, off-the-beaten-track. A

hotel that can offer something a little different, in terms of

natural surroundings, can make the difference between a

good holiday and an incredible one.

In today’s modern age, a hotel or tour operator cannot

rely on word of mouth to get their message out into the

world. As social media has become a vital part of everyday

life, we like to see companies that go the extra mile to

engage with their guests, both past and future. Attractive

and informative websites and engaging and honest

content are what we look for when judging a company’s

use of marketing; how well they display their services, how

up-to-date their content is, how well they get their brand

message across, and, most importantly, how well their

marketing can tempt us to go and see what they have to

offer for ourselves.

What better way is there to know about an organization

than by getting first hand reviews? Customers are the best

judges of any service out there as they are the ones who

experience them and can assess whether they were up to

the mark or not. Considering reviews from hundreds of

customers gives us a fair idea about the general pros and

cons of any organization and also gives us valuable inputs

for the other criteria as well.



Diversity is one important aspect that needs to be taken

into consideration when in the travel and hospitality

industry. It is essential to have staff that has varying diversity

to ensure that the organization can properly connect with

their guests. Diversity is taken into account in terms of

gender, nationality as well as languages spoken among

other factors. Not only do we take the diversity of the staff

into account but even that of the facilities and services

offered; a hotel or tour operator providing a better range

of services is preferred over those that do not.

It is of prime importance that an organization has thorough

industry knowledge. Without knowing the nit-bits of the

in, it is difficult to flourish and provide services which are

a class apart. Before any organization ventures into the

industry, it is essential that they know how the industry

is moving and how they should make changes to their

methodologies in order to remain relevant and also be a

top-performing organization.




9 10


Image by: Yasmine Arfaoui

11 12

Saudi Arabia | Not what you think?

Saudi Arabia has a difficult

reputation in the world. It’s

tourism scene might be one of

least populated, making it one of

the more interesting places to visit.

It is home of Islam, its birthplace.

Saudi Arabia actually has a plethora

of sights and sounds to enjoy.

For Muslims across the world,

the cities of Mecca and Medina,

are an absolute must. Then there

are the temples of Madain Saleh,

also known as the second Petra,

and the sophisticated rock art at

Jubbah are the Kingdom’s greatest

pre-Islamic treasures, perhaps the

biggest treasures in the Islamic

world. Then there are the other

highlights, the infamous story of

TE Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia),

the Hejaz Railway and the majestic

red dunes of romantic deserts.

The capital city of Riyadh is a modern marvel. It is one of the most populated cities in

the world and offers a modern insight into the Saudi Arabia of today, while Jeddah’s

World Heritage coral architecture whisks you back to the history of this bustling pilgrim

port. The inviting waters of the Red Sea are an explorers dream, an undoubted highlight

of the country, Asir, reveals breathtaking mountain scenery where mysterious and

spectacular villages wait to be discovered.

One of the most misunderstood countries in the world makes it one of the most worthy

of a visit.

13 14


Jeddah is a port city on the Red Sea, it’s a brimming commercial hub and is often used

as gateway for pilgrimages to the Islamic holy cities Mecca and Medina. There are

many luxury hotels to stay at and lots to do. We have chosen 10 of the best things to see

and do in Jeddah.

King Fahd’s Fountain

This incredible fountain blasts a

stream of water from the Red Sea

to an incredible height of nearly

1,000 feet in the air. The saltwater

jet is propelled upward at a speed

that can reach more than 200 miles

per hour. An impressive feature

about this fountain is that the water

used comes directly from the Red

Sea, so no fresh water is wasted.

If you were to measure the total

amount of water that was in the air

at any given moment, the weight

would equal about 18 tons.

Historic Al-Balad

The historic center of Jeddah, Al-Balad

attracts many people every year, eager

to experience the sight of old-world

architecture dating from the 7th century.

This sits alongside the leading lights of 21stcentury

commerce. Populated with historic

mosques, modern shopping malls and

traditional markets known as souks, there is

plenty to explore in Al-Balad.

Al-Shallal Theme Park

AlShallal Theme Park is spread over an area of 60,000 square meters, in an ideal location

on Jeddah Cornish. Per year they have around 1Million visitors. They went into a major

transformation over the past few years, with the aim to becoming “The best Amusement

Park in KSA. ” AlShallal, is an ideal location for the family to enjoy themselves, be it on the

thrill rides of the new Sling Shot or the Roller Coaster, or having a fun skate on the ice rink,

or taking a boat ride around the lake. They can also enjoy a dinner in our themed Chinese

and Lebanese restaurants.

15 16

Nasseef House

Nassif House (Bayt Nassif) is situated in the old town of Jeddah on al-Alawi Street. It

was built between 1872 and 1881 by Sheikh Umar Effendi al-Nassif, famous in the city

of Jeddah. The house is also known as “the house with the tree,” for it opens onto

a square with a neem tree, the only tree in Jeddah until the 1920s. The house was

designed by a Turkish architect, and is therefore unusual when compared with other

historic Jeddah residences.

Jeddah Tower

Our final choice isn’t actually finished yet, completion of this ambitious project is set to

finish in 2020. Once it is done however, a true marvel will be introduced to the world

in the form of the world’s tallest building. When the 3,280-feet-tall (1,000-meter-tall)

Jeddah Tower, in Saudi Arabia, opens in 2020, it will knock Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa

off its throne as the tallest skyscraper in the world by 236 feet (72 meters). Construction

of the landmark is estimated to cost $1.4 billion.

17 18

Saudi Arabia



Design Hotel

An Naim District, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia ♦ Tel +966 12 222 2203 ♦ casablanca-grand.com

Conveniently located in a posh suburb of Jeddah, the Casablanca Grand Hotel takes 5

star accommodation to the next level. Built with state of the art technological services,

this hotel strives hard to give you the best possible amenities. The prime location of the hotel

makes it easy for you to access the finest malls and business districts of the city. It’s also situated

just 10 minutes away from the Jeddah corniche.

Choose from Royal Suites, Executive Suites, Excellence and VIP Rooms, and regular hotel

rooms. The Royal Suites come with butler service and espresso machines. The bathrooms are

equipped with special jacuzzi with TV sets so that you can have a relaxing experience. Executive

Suites, on the other hand, have a jacuzzi, a private salon, and bedroom. It’s suites give you some

spectacular views of Jeddah city throughout your stay so that you can sit back and enjoy a cup

of coffee while seeing the beauty of the city unfold in front of you.

The hotel features a mosque and concierge services are available throughout the day for

the convenience of the guests. For all those guests who are interested in physical fitness

and activities, the hotel has a sports club that features a rooftop swimming pool and a

tennis court.

For your gastronomic indulgences, the hotel

features multiple restaurants and cafes. Ewan

Restaurant brings to you daily breakfast buffet

and a la carte food throughout the day. The

Lemongrass Restaurant, on the other hand,

offers the finest of Japanese and Chinese

delicacies to you in a brilliant Asian ambience.

The Barista Cafe is a great place to sit back and sip on some fine coffees and juices in

a laid back ambience. It also gives some distinct views of the city which further enhance

your overall experience.

The pool grill is located right next to the hotel’s swimming pool and gives you panoramic

views of the city and you can munch on your favourite Western and Eastern desserts

throughout the day here.

19 20

Whether you wish to rent a car and explore

the city or want to go for airport pickup and

drop off service, the hotel has options for it

all. They even take care of your health care

requirements through a special medical

centre. It even helps you plan your tours

and travels across the city and around

Saudi Arabia.

The hotel also features banquet halls and

meeting rooms where corporates can

conduct meetings or host private events.

All in all, Casablanca Grand Hotel makes

your trip to Saudi Arabia even more


The hotel ensures that it creates a great experience for the little guests as well. It manages

to do this through a special kids play area that’s located inside the hotel. There are special

staff and crew here to take care of your children throughout their stay in the hotel and

make sure that their experience is even more fulfilling.

For all those guests who wish to keep up with their business activities, there is a special

business centre in the hotel. It includes services for photo copying, printing, and faxes.

You can even avail secretarial services and interpreting services here.

21 22

Al Khobar – A Modern Masterpiece

Al-Khobar is one of the gems of the Middle East. This Saudi Arabian city located

on the Arabian Gulf. Its Corniche, a large waterfront area, includes Prince Faisal

bin Fahad Sea Park, with cafes and playgrounds. Nearby, the city’s island Water Tower

offers panoramic views. The Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Science & Technology Center (SciTech)

has an aquarium, interactive displays and an IMAX theater. West, the Aramco Exhibit is a

museum exploring the Saudi oil industry. This is a city that will truly take the breath away

as its surprises you with its architecture and plethora of things to do.

The highlight of Al Khobar is the cornice, which meanders along the Arabian Gulf, offering

stunning look out spots across the water. It has a wealth of family attractions, pristine parks

and tranquil places of worship making this waterfront walkway an especially vibrant part of

a bustling and diverse city.

Standing to the north of the King

Fahd Causeway you will find the

Corniche at the start of Corniche

Road. A vast, sun baked avenue that

stretches across the coast for a two

or three miles. Take a leisurely stroll

along the palm tree-lined walkway

and you’ll catch sight of the seafront

Al Hariri mosque. This beautiful

mosque will catch the eye with its

white structure that sits perfectly

amongst the backdrop of the crystalclear

sunlit gulf during the day, and

at night the magnificent arches are

illuminated by floodlights.

23 24

You are certain to make a stop at the Al Rashid Mall. Its position in the city is quite historic,

built in 1995 when the city needed to meet mounting development needs, Architect

Rashid bin Saad Al-Rashid was entrusted with the task of designing this huge national

project. Al Rashid Mall design adopts an architectural concept that combines Arab-

Islamic architectural heritage with the latest international techniques in construction

and processing, to reflect the architectural renaissance witnessed by the kingdom. The

design of the mall was based on extensive field research on the most important and

largest shopping malls in the world, particularly in both the USA and Europe.

While you are on the Corniche a visit to The Scitech Technology Center is a must.

Officially known as the Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz Science and Technology Center, it is an

exciting and educational place to visit with family when in Al Khobar. Located on the

Corniche, the educational center consists of seven main halls which house over 350

exhibits related to science and technology. The exhibits are presented in an interactive

style making it interesting for kids and adults alike. There are also numerous experiments

that visitors could partake in, while at the center. The Scitech Technology Center also

houses an IMAX theater where visitors can watch educational movies about animals and

nature. The center also hosts several courses and conferences that are quite popular

amongst locals as well as the expatriate community. With so much to see and do, the

Scitech Technology Center is a remarkable place that is definitely well worth a visit when

in Al Khobar.

25 26

Saudi Arabia



Business Hotel

King Faisal Bin Abdulaziz Road, Al Rawabi District, Al Khobar 34421, Saudi Arabia ♦

Tel +966 13 810 0800 ♦ radissonhotels.com

The Park Inn by Radisson

Al Khobar is the perfect

mix of business and leisure. This

modern hotel in Al Khobar lies

within easy reach of Saudi Arabia’s

3 major commercial hubs: Jubail,

Dammam and Hofuf. From the

hotel, you can walk to popular

shopping malls and the beautiful

Corniche waterfront, which

overlooks the Arabian Gulf.

Each of the148 rooms and suites

boast amenities such as Wi-Fi

and individual climate control, as

well as lovely views of the garden

or cityscape. The on-site Palms

Restaurant serves international

and regional cuisine, while the

Patio Lounge boasts an à la carte

menu highlighting Mediterranean

flavors. Have a relaxing start to

the day with a freshly brewed cup

of coffee at the Lobby Lounge.

The indoor swimming pool and

fully equipped fitness center

allow you to keep up with your

wellness routine during your stay

at our Al Khobar hotel. Ample onsite

car parking further simplifies


Planning an event in Al Khobar? This

hotel boasts 7 state-of-the-art meeting

rooms, as well as a 340 square-meter

ballroom, making it well suited for events

of all kinds. The Hotel’s home in Al Khobar,

Saudi Arabia offers easy access to major

commercial zones Proximity to the city’s

main motorway, King Faisal Bin Abdulaziz

Road, allows guests to easily reach Jubail,

Hofuf and Dammam, the area’s 3 major

commercial hubs. Our hotel’s setting in Al

Khobar, Saudi Arabia is also convenient

to leisure attractions. The Hyper Panda

shopping centre is only 30 meters away too

for your convenience.

27 28


Do not miss out on the opportunity to visit the Ha’il city. This is probably the least

visited city in the whole of Saudi Arabia. What you will find here is an ancient

civilization that thrived, vivid through the city’s monuments, heritage, ancient culture and

Arabic traditions of the local population. As a visitor you will be pleasantly surprised by

the vibrant atmosphere where the locals and residents surge with great enthusiasm to

explore the surrounding desert and valleys when the weather is cool and temperate.

Other outdoor activities include mountain climbing, bird hunting, and even Hail Rally

racing! Great adventures await you in the city of Hail.

The now popular rally has been held here ever since 2006 and is sanctioned by the

FIA which gives it a respected legitimacy. This rally is the biggest rally in the country

and even rally stars like Yazeed Al Rajhi are regularly seen participating in it. The city of

Hail is surrounded by mountains so it can be hard to know which one to venture up, we

recommend The Samra Mountain because of the tremendous view of the city that one

gets from here – especially at night when it is all lit up. Another thing you will not fail to

miss is the Al Rajhi Mosque. It resembles the mosques of Turkey and dominates the Hail

skyline, you will be sure to grabbing a few pictures of this majestic bit of architecture.

29 30

Saudi Arabia



Modern Hotel

What sets this property apart is the plethora

of recreational facilities it offers to the

guests. While adults can enjoy a leisurely

time at the spa or outdoor swimming pool,

children can access the playground. The

modern hotel also features a mini sports

complex and a garden.

Hail University Complex, North Hail City Road, Hail Saudi Arabia ♦

Tel +966 16 538 6111 ♦ millenniumhotels.com

Hail, a city located in the north-western part of Saudi Arabia, is a melting pot of cultural

influences. Replete with various archaeological sites, Hail is a vibrant amalgamation of

joyous people and rich heritage. It is here that you can experience traditional Arab hospitality

and generosity. If you are planning a vacation in Hail, make sure you book your stay at Millennium

Hail Hotel.

Located just opposite Hail economic city, this 5-star property offers luxury accommodation

and impeccable service. The hotel features 166 spacious rooms and 17 regal suites. All units

are equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, satellite TV, refrigerator, coffeemaker,

and private bathrooms. Complimentary WiFi, round-the-clock room service, and a

functional business center are also available for guests.

Your stay at Millennium Hail Hotel would

be incomplete without exploring their

wide array of exquisite dining options. Al

Fairouz, the in-house restaurant, serves the

most delectable range of international as

well as local delicacies. Don’t miss some

of the most lip-smacking barbecue and

seafood dishes here. You can also sample

some delicious international dishes at the

luxurious Executive Lounge.

The best part of Millennium Hail Hotel is its

close proximity to most tourist attractions in

Hail. While the Saudi Railway Station is located

right next to the property, the Hail Regional

Airport is a short 25-minute drive away. The

property offers a paid airport shuttle service.

Other attractions such as Olive Garden Park,

Prince Saud Bin Abdulmohsen Park, Jubba,

and Old City Center are located nearby. Al

Khatta Village, known for horse racing, is just

a short drive away from the hotel. Rental car

service is also available for all guests.

31 32


Image by: Deepak Siva

33 34

Qatar | A Sleeping Giant

Qatar is a country that is going through a huge upswing. It is in the process of

rapid growth and Doha, the capital and main city, sees something new spring

up every month. Luxury hotels, spas, world-class restaurants, malls and architecturally

unusual buildings sprout up constantly. Sport, cultural offerings and leisure activities are

the areas, which are changing most rapidly, all this change doesn’t mean neglect for the

past though. There still remains today a respect and celebration of the past. Alongside

the cutting-edge modernity, there’s still a chance to shop in vibrant souks and markets,

explore fascinating heritage sites and attend top-class equestrian events.

Qatar isn’t just a modern metropolis in the desert; there are a heap of things to do

that don’t always spring to mind. Seeing as you are in desert country there are plenty

of desert-based adventures to undertake. The sand dunes are heart-racingly high and

breath-takingly steep, making the drive across the desert to the sea a true spectace. If

you want to take your experience further than why not spend a night in luxury Arabian

tents or pitch your own, eat local food and sleep under the stars.

For those with an interest in

Islamic history and art, look

no further than the Museum

of Islamic Art. Designed

by architect I.M. Pei, he

built it in mind to be on a

standalone island so that no

new buildings would obstruct

it. It can be found just off

the Corniche, the design

of the museum is absolute

perfection as it actually looks

like it’s floating on water

from some angles. Once

you step inside you take a

look at Calligraphy, Islamic

patterns, Jewelry and Textiles

from three continents,

with some of the items

dating from the 7th to 19th

century. The museum also

features high profile rotating

exhibits year-round. For an

impressive business lunch or

a memorable date night, try

Idam, French-born chef Alain

Ducasse’s first restaurant in

the Middle East.

35 36

Qatar’s desert location makes the Al Thakira Mangroves stand out. This is without doubt

one of the country’s most iconic spots -- this large spot of greenery and water has

its own ecosystem. This place is a remarkable find in an otherwise sandy, scorching

desert. Here, you can observe bird life, herons and flamingos have been migrating to

the region for years. The best way to experience the mangroves is to rent a kayak and

get lost in the greenery!

The West Bay in the Heart of Doha

Doha is a thriving, bustling city – it is constantly changing and can be quite

bewildering to experience. Qatar’s government has poured billions of riyals into

its cultural infrastructure, with some incredible results. What draws people to the city isn’t

all because of its fast pace dynamism and epic construction. There’s a more modest,

historical side to Doha as well, which can be seen at markets like the Souq Waqif or the

stunning Museum of Islamic Art. At the heart of Doha though is West Bay, a futuristic

city centre that has a skyline that will catch your eye, a magnificent collection of huge

buildings to rival Hong Kong or New York.

Everyone knows the FIFA World Cup is coming to

Qatar, the biggest sporting competition is heading

here because it is one of the fastest growing places

in the middles east. New stadiums and infrastructure

are being built all over the country, truly state of the

art stadiums, they are a sight to behold. Football is

the most popular sport among the local and expat

community, but it isn’t the only sport that draws a

crowd. The ATP World Tour, which stops in the capital

every winter. The Qatar Moto Grand Prix, World

Superbikes and Qatar Masters Golf Tournament are

also annual events. So too are Qatar’s traditional sports

-- Arabian horse racing, camel racing, and falconry.

One of the standout highlights of these dazzling buildings in West Bay is the awardwinning

Burj Qatar. This is the building that will catch your eye — mostly because of its

spherical, unique shape. At nighttime, there are white light shows on its side, which look

stunning from the Corniche. It is like something out of a comic book.

37 38

The Corniche is undoubtedly many people’s highlights when they come to Doha. The

Corniche is a waterfront promenade stretches out for several kilometres along Doha

Bay. It’s perfect for a casual stroll, or running as it offers a wonderful view of the bay and

gives you the rare chance to enjoy fresh sea breezes in an otherwise stifling city.

A must see on the Corniche for those wanting to sample and enjoy Qatari culture, head

up the Corniche to Souq Waqif. Lose yourself in the winding alleys where you will find a

plethora of things to buy, from falcons and kittens to abayas and artwork. It’s a buzzing hub

of traditional local culture and has some of Doha’s best places to eat. If you like smoking

shisha there are plenty of cafés where you can buy it in heaps of different flavours. I’m not

a shisha fan, but it certainly makes the souq smell amazing. Souq Waqif is a perfect place

to hang out with locals and practice Arabic over a mint tea, karak or shisha pipe.

As you stroll along the Corniche you will come across Sheraton Park, a nice serene, green

spot that rather fittingly for Doha actually has its own Wi-Fi access. It’s a beautiful place

to watch the sunset.

39 40




Luxury Hotel

5863 Al Intisar St, Doha, Qatar ♦ Tel +974 4495 5000 ♦


Apart from this, the units further include

complimentary unlimited Wi-Fi access.

The 24/7 reception caters to any urgent or

general requirements of the guests. The

hotel also prides itself in offering concierge

services to its guests. Other recreational

facilities including a fully-equipped health

club, kids room, a game room, and

conference halls are readily available too.

Tucked away in the upmarket region of West Bay, the newly established five star Fraser

Suites West Bay Doha has over 396 rooms up for grabs. The location of the luxury hotel

is such that it is close to all the important landmarks of the city, including the Corniche, popular

shopping malls, and the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC).

Choose between the deluxe, one, two or three bedroom suites based on the level of luxury you

wish to have. All the rooms are fully-serviced and are spread out across 46 floors of the hotel.

Each floor houses custom-made furniture and fixtures, created by high-end designers from Italy.

All the rooms are well-appointed with distinguished and spacious living and dining areas. The

rooms also come ‘with’ a fully-equipped kitchen so that you can cook whenever you wish to.

The hotel also features a helipad from

where you can get some fantastic views of

Doha. You can choose to dine here at night

or even indulge in some refreshing Yoga

sessions in the evenings with the view of

the city.

Another primary highlight of the hotel is its

signature restaurant called The Social. The

restaurant features an indoor and outdoor

dining concept and brings the best of

authentic West, East, and Middle Eastern

cuisine to your plate. A unique breakfast

buffet spread is available every morning as

well for your indulgence. All in all, Fraser

Suites West Bay Doha ensures that your

stay in Doha is far from ordinary.


@frasersuiteswestbay – FB

@frasersuiteswestbay – Instagram

@fraserwestbay – twitter

41 42




Building #23, 950 Al betra- Al Kharias St., Onaiza Zone 23, Doha, Qatar ♦

Tel +00974 4496 9141 ♦ reservation@ezdanhotels.qa

Ezdan Hotel, the largest

hotel in Doha, offers

affordable accommodation

ranging from single rooms to

long stay apartments. Experience

premium facilities which include

an Olympic size swimming

pool fully equipped health club

and a selection of international

restaurants. In addition, Ezdan

hotel provides a family-friendly

environment whereby children

can have fun at the outdoor

playground or kid’s swimming

pool. Conveniently located within

walking distance of the corniche,

guests are able to enjoy added

benefits in and around West Bay.

Staff at Ezdan is passionate about

providing individualized service

to guests and always readily

available for delivering excellent


43 44

Souqs & Malls

Doha is the capital

and most populous

place in Qatar. It is a city

that is constantly evolving

and changing as it morphs

itself into one of the world’s

most attractive cities. No

skyscrapers spring up

everyday, it is a city that

oozes confidence and style

and it should come as no

surprise that there are plenty

of shopping experiences,

modern and old-fashioned

available to enjoy here.

Another reason why Qatar

is truly one of the up and

coming places in the world

is because of the copious

shopping malls. Truth be told,

you don’t have to travel far

to reach a mall in Doha. One

of the most well known is the

Venetian-inspired Villaggio

Mall, which has over 200

stores. However its indoor

canal is its main draw. Here

you can take a gondola ride

and look up at a painted blue

sky with scattered clouds,

highlight the grandiose

and alluring nature of this

wonderful country.

Not only are there super amazing,

modern malls but you can also

appreciate the past and old traditions

by visiting one of the many Souqs

found in the country. One classic you

just have to visit is Doha’s Souq Waqif

for a true sense of the old world.

The “standing market” has been

rebuilt and renovated to evoke an

atmosphere of previous days gone

by. This legendary souq zig-zags with

shops ranging from fabric, spices,

sweets, household goods (think huge

pots) souvenirs to beautiful art. To

evoke the sense of the past, you will

also find wood carvers and tailors

working away, you’ll see for yourself

how the traditional agals Qatari men

wear to keep their head dress in

place are made.

45 46




Al Shamal Road, PO Box: 30503, Doha -Qatar ♦ Tel + 00974 4007 1130 ♦


Located in the heart of Doha,

and in close proximity to the

biggest shopping malls in Qatar,

five-star Ezdan Palace Hotel raises

the bar in service, style, and sheer

indulgence. Opened in May

2018, the Hotel features refined

Andalusian architectural design

and unique service which blends

true Middle Eastern hospitality

with international standards. The

195 lavishly appointed rooms

and suites have been carefully

designed by a renowned architect

to ensure comfort for all guests.

Three superb restaurants offer

an exquisite culinary experience

serving International, Italian and

Thai cuisine. Nestled between

old and new Doha, the hotel

offers easy access to Hamad

International Airport, as well as

to Doha’s main business and

entertainment districts, making it

the prime location to discover the

ever-growing city of Doha, the

capital of Qatar

47 48




Qatar ♦ divaspaqatar.com

Diva Lounge Spa offers signature spa journeys that will take the guests into a cocoon of

peace and serenity. The journeys at Diva are based on the Earth, Fire, Air, and Water

elements that are essential to maintain the body’s balance and well-being. There are a range of

other self-care services that the centre specialises in such as the Bridal Spa, Body Scrubs, Facial,

Massage Therapy, Hammam Rituals, and Milk Baths, to name a few.

The journey based on the Earth element

specialises in restoring the individual’s

natural connection with the planet that

further restores the inner balance and

stability. The integral component of the

service is Kahraman (Amber), which is

a precious healing element known to

improve blood circulation and restore

balance by combating free radicals in the

body. The service begins with a luxurious

full body exfoliation for purification.

Following which, the body is thoroughly

massaged with the use of Amber stones

and Argan oil. Similarly, the centre’s Water

element-based spa journey specialises in

providing an exquisite relaxation time while

stimulating mental focus through the power

of hydration. The journey starts off with an

ancient Oriental Hammam experience that

will detoxify your skin from within, followed

by a relaxing aromatherapy massage and

nourishing facial treatment to deeply

moisturize the individual’s skin.

The spa journey based on the Fire element

further elevates and invigorates the

individual’s spirit through an intense hot

stone ritual which soothes the entire body,

followed by a leg and foot massage that

rids the body of harmful toxins. The final

step of the journey includes a deep facial

cleanse, a massage, and an Eastern scalp

massage. Finally, the Air element journey

gives inner stability and outer radiance.

The journey includes thorough pampering

of the face, followed by a customized facial

for your special skin type. The service is

concluded by an exquisite spa manicure

and pedicure treatment. Diva Lounge Spa

ensures that it heals your mind, body, and


49 50



Image by: Tom Chen

51 52

Dubai | United Arab Emirates

How to Get in

• Plane

• Bus

• Drive in

• By Boat

A vibrant, energetic and futuristic mega

city. Dubai will not disappoint.

Get Around

• Metro

• Tram

• Bus

• Local Taxi

• Boat

Attractions & Sights

• Burj Khalifa

• Dubai Marina

• Palm Islands

• Jumeirah Mosque

Things to do

• Water Sports

• Yacht Charter

• Desert Safari

• Shop at the Malls

Find out more – https://




See Dubai by Air

There are not many

places like Dubai.

It’s ambition to be one of

a kind has certainly been

realised with some of the

most grandiose architecture

to be found anywhere.

Whether it is record reaching

skyscrapers or audacious

palm shaped islands, this

is an area can be truly

appreciated from the air.

So why not take advantage

of the many companies

offering you some of the

most memorable flying tours

of Dubai?

As soar in the sky, take in the magnificent Burj Khalifa, the sail-shaped Burj Al-Arab

Hotel and impressive Palm Jumeirah as you fly above the city. See boats docking at

Port Rashid and traditional Abras crossing Dubai Creek as you cruise at 1500 ft in the

sky. Your flight will take you over Dubai’s golden coastline and futuristic cityscape before

gliding back down to where you began on historic Dubai Creek.

Other highlights will

include the famous Sheikh

Zayed Grand Mosque.

This stunning architectural

wonder is the largest

mosque in the UAE and

can hold up to an incredible

40,000 worshipers at once.

It features 82 domes,

more than 1,000 columns,

golden chandeliers, and

the world’s largest hand

knotted carpet. Admire the

incredible reflective pools

that surround the mosque,

amplifying its beauty. Al

Bateen, Abu Dhabi’s oldest

neighbourhood is yet

another architectural marvel

– the Emirates Palace Hotel.

This palatial hotel is a fine

example of traditional Arabic

architecture and features

more than 100 impressive

domes, ornate hotel rooms,

and luxury suites decorated

in gold and marble. Seeing

Dubai by Air is truly one of

the most ways to appreciate

this magnificent region.

55 56




Charter Company

Dubai creek Baniyas Rd Near Park Hyatt Dubai, UAE ♦ Tel +971 4 807 0708 ♦ seawings.ae

Launched in UAE back in 2007,

Seawings Seaplane Tours has

been operating in the country for

over 10 years. Taking off from the

Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club,

the company provides its customers

with an experience unlike any other

where they can discover the thrill

of seeing Dubai from a seaplane.

Whisking passengers high up into

the skies of Dubai, the seaplane

gives you some fantastic views of the

Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al

Arab, Sheikh Zayed Road and more!

Interested travellers can choose from

a range of packages on offer, such as

the Dubai Signature Tour, the Dubai

Snapshot Tour, Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Seaplane Tour with Ferrari World,

to name a few. Each of these tours

is designed to offer sublime views of

the country’s architectural marvels.

The company is equipped with

amphibian aircrafts with the single

purpose of delivering its guests with

a luxurious experience.

One of the most popular packages that

the company offers is its Sir Bani Yas

Private Tour. Sir Bani Yas Island is located

170 kilometers away from Abu Dhabi and

is the perfect destination for a day trip as

it takes only about an hour from Dubai

if you choose to travel by a Seawings

seaplane. The island offers grand views

of the Arabian Gulf’s shimmering waters.

It’s home to the Arabian Wildlife Park,

which has over 13,000 indigenous animals

such as the Arabian Oryx, Sand Gazelle,

Mountain Gazelle, Giraffe, and Cheetah.

You can choose to book the trip directly

on their website or get in touch with their

representative on the phone who can assist

you with the booking.

Being the first and only seaplane tour

operator in the Middle-East, the company

offers an entirely new way of exploring

different cities where you could even book

private charters as well as transfers within

UAE and Oman. Apart from offering aerial

tours in the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi,

the company also offers trips in Ras Al

Khaimah and Fujairah.

57 58





Transfer Company

30th St, Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates ♦ Tel +971 2 551 3302 ♦ mechri-ts.com

As part of their continuous development and keeping

up with market trends and needs; Mechri Passenger

Transportation Services has launched a new Mobile App

allowing customers to easily book their trips with just a click

of a button. Mechri Transportation mobile application is

available on both Android and Apple, giving customers the

opportunity and easy accessibility to book their trips using

their phones. Making life quick and easy, users have the

choice of requesting immediate trips (based on availability)

or place a booking request a few days in advance. While

placing the request users can select the car and the fair

package available, their pick up and drop off location and

can leave a comment to the driver. The application also has

an extra feature where users can save their favourite location

and easily access them at any time.

Abu Dhabi is a

land known for

decadence and luxury;

it is only fitting that you

explore this land in class

and comfort. Established in

2012, Mechri Transportation

Services takes pride in

providing outstanding

transportation services to

all of its customers. Having

built up a reputation where

you can count on them

for reliability, efficiency

and punctuality. They are

the number one choice

when it comes to all your

transportation needs,

whether its limousine and

chauffeur services, bus

transportation or rentals.

Look no further than Mechri

Transportation Services.

Their team are available to

serve you 24 hours a day,

throughout the year. All

their cars provide the best

you can find on the market

concerning safety, style,

and comfort.

In order to become industry leaders in transportation services, Mechri

Transportation have had to continuously develop professional relations with

clients by providing a high quality and memorable service. Taking away all

the stress that comes with travel, leaving you to focus on fully enjoying your

beautiful surroundings.

59 60


Image by: Brian Kairuz

61 62

Jordan | Top 5

Jordan is a travellers dream destination. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan’s ancient

and natural wonders are as enchanting as its people. It truly is the jewel of the Middle

East. Jordan is surrounded by countries that are going through conflict, but Jordan is a

safe space for travellers. Here are our top 5 things to do this in this fantastic part of the



Petra is truly one of the great Ancient Cities of the world. It lies half-hidden in a windblown

landscape in southern Jordan, is one of the world’s most treasured Unesco

Heritage Sites. It dates back more than 2000 years, the 3rd century to be precise. It was

built by the Nabataeans, who carved palaces, temples, tombs, storerooms and stables

from the soft stone cliffs. It was an important part of the Silk Route to China and India

but was abandoned at some time around the 12th century. It was only known to locals

for hundreds of years until it was rediscovered by the West in 1812.


The area known as the Citadel sits on the highest hill in Amman, Jebel Al Qala’a (about

850m above sea level), and is the site of ancient Rabbath-Ammon. A visit here is a truly

magnificent one – it’s surrounded by a 1700m-long wall and has been occupied since

the Bronze Age, the wall has been rebuilt many times during the Bronze and Iron Ages,

as well as the Roman, Byzantine and Umayyad periods. With so much to see you need

to make sure you take extra time to check out the Citadel’s most striking sights - the

Temple of Hercules and the Ummayad Palace.

63 64

Dead Sea

At 431m below sea level – the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth – the azure blue

waters are quite the spectacle. The Dead Sea truly is filled with salt and you can float

until your heart’s content. The Dead Sea is also an easy day trip from Amman or Madaba.

Dead Sea salts and minerals have long been exploited for their skin-friendly properties.


History buffs head this way.

Jerash is the most wellpreserved

ancient Roman

city outside of Italy. Jerash

dates back 6500 years

and was an important city

on Rome’s ancient trade

route. Thanks to the dry

climate, it laid untouched

for centuries to understand

waiting to be explored.

Excavations began in

1925 and today it is one

of the greatest examples

of Roman architecture

outside of Rome.


Amman is a relatively

new city, mostly built in

the 20th century it is a

thriving metropolis that is

at odds with the historic

country. Here you can

enjoy a shisha at a local

bar, shop at one of the

many markets and be sure

to visit The King Abdullah


65 66




Private Tour Company

Petra St, Ma’an, Jordan ♦ Tel +962 79 643 6423 ♦ jordanalluretours.com

Jordan Allure Tours is a boutique travel

agency creating personalized travel

experiences that connect travelers to

Middle East destinations in meaningful

and sustainable ways. They do this by

providing deluxe custom itineraries

and promoting cultural exchange with

local associations, workshops and

families. The company’s owners, the

Nawafleh family, are descended from

one of the prominent families in Petra

and have been involved in tourism for

generations. Their concern is always

to provide superior experiences for

the clients while supporting the local

communities as much as possible and

strengthening them with the highest

standards of professionalism required

from every business and individual

involved in the tours. Jordan Allure

Tours recognizes that the modern

luxury traveler is interested in having

unforgettable, authentic experiences

while giving back to the communities

they visit. It is a challenge to learn

about the unknown. Through their love

of country, Jordan Allure Tours invites

the traveler to treasure Jordan so that

a unique connection is made not only

with the land but with the people.

67 68


Image by: Piotr Chrobot

69 70

Beirut | Jewel of the Middle East


fast paced city where the east meets the west, a trip to Beirut can leave your head

in a spin but with an experience you will never forget. Lebanon is thriving, as it

enjoys a peaceful period and continued development. Nowhere is this more apparent

than Beirut, it is the city where everyone from all over the Middle East heads to when

looking for a party or enjoy a spot of shopping. The Lebanese people are friendly, fun,

passionate, creative, hedonistic making a trip one of the funnest on earth.

One thing you will quickly

learn in Beirut is that it knows

how to let its hair down. Rue

Gouraud, the main hub of

neighbourhood Gemmayze,

is packed every night of

the week. A stroll here and

you will find yourself on a

pub crawl where you’ll find

bars such as Torino, a small

arch of a place, with a DJ

at weekends and red neon

writing in the window. Enjoy

local Almaza beers while

you casually walk down the

street, or just chill by the

pavement. There are proper

seats outside Internazionale

further down the street,

immediately recognisable

by its blue, white and red

geometric patterns outside

and vast back-of-bar booze


71 72

Head to downtown Beirut to visit Martyrs Square. It is an area brimming with history:

named for the martyrs executed there under Ottoman rule, the square also formed the

line that split the city during the Lebanese Civil War. Today it is a shining light on religious

harmony and the togetherness which is currently enjoyed in the city and Lebanon. Then

there is also the Blue Mosque, a vast modern reincarnation of a 19th century original;

while right behind is the 19th century Saint George Cathedral.

Place d’Etoile is the place where you’ll find Beirut’s icon: the 1930s Rolex clock gifted to

the city. This important square is lined with Lebanese government buildings, so don’t be

surprised to see a heavy army presence here. Amongst the official buildings are some

lovely art deco architecture. If you’re staying locally, it’s a good (if overpriced) spot to

enjoy a steaming glass of fresh mint tea or smoke some flavoured shisha after dinner.

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle look no further than Zaitunay Bay, this relatively

new promenade has become an instant classic, marvel at the expensive yachts and enjoy

a drink out at any of the relaxed alfresco cafes and restaurants open late into the night. It’s

not far from Beirut’s MusicHall too - a cabaret-style theatre.

You cannot visit Beirut without learning absorbing the wondrous culture that is engrained

in the city. The Rue Sursock that the Sursock museum sits on is flanked by extravagant

villas, all belonging to Beirut’s most influential families, and well worth a wander down to

gawp through the gates. The grandiose Sursock Museum, built by Lebanese aristocrat

Nicolas Ibrahim Sursock, is a Beirut cultural hub, with a contemporary art museum

showcasing artists from Lebanon and elsewhere.

73 74



Luxury Aparthotel

District, Corniche du Fleuve، Palais De Justice, Bayrut, Lebanon ♦ Tel +961 1 424 247 ♦


Visit central Beirut, once

referred to as the Paris of the

Middle East, this beautiful city has it

all, history, culture, great food, and a

warm welcome from the locals.

For a fabulous Beirut experience,

stay at the well located four-star

luxury Key ApartHotel, with cleverly

designed apartments for couples,

families, business or pleasure, with

light, spacious and spotlessly clean


Whether business or pleasure, the

hotel is perfect for those wishing to

discover the various attractions of

Beirut. Take a walk to downtown

Beirut and soak up the nightlife

atmosphere in the district of

Bardaro, or visit the numerous art

galleries and historically stimulating

museums such as the Beirut National

Museum and the Sursock Museum

that offers late-night tours, talks and


For sightseeing, the hotel has bikes to

borrow, or a chauffeur-driven shuttle car

service to take you absolutely anywhere in

Beirut at no extra cost.

From the architectural elegance of the hotel

building to the calm and welcoming lobby

immediately providing relaxation from the

vibrant city outside. With ample parking,

air conditioning, soundproofing, this hotel

strives to make your stay as comfortable

and welcoming as possible.

The tastefully furnished luxury apartments

are equipped for urban style living with

a 24/7 mini market for all necessities. All

rooms feature high ceilings, muted colours

and modern and elegant furniture including

a fully equipped kitchenette, flat screen TV

and spaces to relax and work. For bigger

parties, there are family sized rooms and a

separate fully loaded laundry room located

in the basement. Moreover, for couples

celebrating a special event, there is the

Honeymoon Suite. The hotel also has a

wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating Spa

with a range of treatments and a spacious


The Cellar restaurant is open for breakfast,

lunch and dinner, offering mouth-watering

Lebanese cuisine and fine wines with a

welcoming outdoor terrace to sit, relax,

and soak up the surroundings of the city.

75 76

Image by: Radoslaw Prekurat

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