The DIY Energy Efficient Home Project Magazine By EcoMaster


Learn from award-winning experts, Lyn & Maurice Beinat at ecoMaster on how their astronomical energy bill was the catalyst to two decades of research, product development and trial and error in the search for the most economical way to make their home more energy efficient on a budget.

Fast forward to today, and their home is now a 7.6-star energy rated home with zero energy costs and carbon emissions.

ecoMaster is here to show you simple, practical DIY projects; room by room that any DIYers can do. It was all filmed at the ecoMaster test home in the Macedon Ranges, Victoria, Australia.






- Draught proofing the front door

- Air lock

- Entrance landing


Lounge / Dining

- Introduction

- Draught proofing

- Stainless flue hot water heating

- Window treatments

- Big Ass fan

- Acoustics - 3D wall tiles

- Acoustics - suspended circles



- Windows - Testing and more draught proofing

- Replacement cooktop (future project)

- Lighting evolution



- Introduction

• Lighting

• Seal up heating outlets

• Double insulated heavy drapes and pelmets

• Improved air circulation - external door

• Draught proofed cavity slider


Top And Bottom (Building Envelope)

- Introduction

- Testing ceiling insulation

- Attic

• Insulate the manhole

• Insulation, smoke alarm, insulated hot water pipes

• Insulating the cathedral ceiling

• Draft stoppa

- Underfloor Insulation



- Draught proofed awning window

- Heavy drapes & pelmets

- Personal heating

- Retrofit wall insulation


Ensuite /Bathroom

- The Bathroom Evolution

• Exhaust fans

• Draft Stoppa

• Timer switch

• Heated towel rail

• Showerdome look-a-like

- Zoning

- Solarventi Outlet 18 19

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