AWC Going Dutch September 2019

The monthly magazine of the American Women's Club of The Hague

The monthly magazine of the American Women's Club of The Hague


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Going Dutch

September 2019

Board Installation

Artist in Residence

re-Building Lives Benefit




The Magazine of the

American Women’s Club

of The Hague

5 Officers and Chairwomen

6 AWC Board Installation


8 Message from the President

9 Fall Kick Off

10 Letter from the Editor

12 Membership

13 Clubhouse Corner

14 Ongoing Activities

20 One-of-a-Kind Activities

24 Volunteer Luncheon


26 Artist In Residence

28 September Calendar

31 Movie Network

31 Your Vote is Your Voice

32 9/11 Ceremony

34 FAWCO Corner

36 re-Building Lives Benefit

42 Summer Activites Collage

44 Baseball Collage

46 The Dutch Daily

48 Announcements

52 Classifieds

53 Index of Advertisers

and Ad Rates

54 Restaurant





2019-2020 AWC Officers

Committee Chairs

AWC Clubhouse

Johan van Oldenbarneveltlaan 43

2582 NJ Den Haag

Tel: 070 350 6007



Going Dutch Magazine


Clubhouse Hours

Tuesday and Thursday

10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday Closed

Dues (Effective 2019-2020)

€ 110 per year (€ 66 after January 1)

€ 90 business, professional

€ 55 valid US military ID

€ 35 student

€ 35 Outside the Netherlands (Going

Dutch magazine not included)

Add € 15 new member registration fee

Design and Layout

Teresa Mahoney

Cover Photo

The Kurhaus is Invaded by Melissa White


Beth van Amerogen, Celeste Bennekers,

Laurie Brooks, Greetje Engelsman, Roberta

Enschede, Suzanne MacNeil, Julie Otten,

Melissa Rider, Melissa White


Celeste Brown, Jane Gulde, Diane Schaap,

Debbie van Hees

Advertising Manager & Invoicing

Theresa Lane


Tina Andrews, Barbara Bookman, Laurie

Brooks, Suzanne Dundas, Greetje Engelsman,

Roberta Enschede, Jan Essad, Dena Haggerty,

Eileen Harloff, Jo van Kalveen, Suzanne

MacNeil, Sunita Menon, Melissa Rider, Hilde

Volle, Melissa White



AWC Bank Account Number

IBAN: NL42ABNA0431421757

KvK Den Haag


BTW or VAT: 007408705B01

Honorary President Diane Hoekstra

President Suzanne MacNeil


Vice President Melissa Rider


Treasurer Sheyla Karman


Secretary Heather DeWitt


Club and Community Development

Amber Gatewood


Clubhouse Administrator

Jan Essad


Communications Audrey Goodman



Sunita Menon

Front Office

Liduine Bekman, Siska Datema-Kool,

Dominique Duysens, Amber Gatewood,

Georgia Regnault, Melissa Rider, Jessie

Rodell, Holly Savoie

Activities: Open

Arts: Jane Choy

Assistant Treasurer: Teresa Insalaco

Assistant Membership: Liduine Bekman

Benefit Event: Michelle Voorn & Deana


Board Advisor: Jessie Rodell

Bookkeeper: Lore Schnebelie

Caring Committee: Naomi Keip

Chat, Craft & Cake: Suzanne Dundas

eNews: Amber Gatewood

Evening Events: Open

FAWCO: Laurie Brooks & Barbara


Front Office Coordinator: Holly Savoie

General Meeting Programs: Open

Heart Pillow: Jan de Vries

Historian/Archivist: Georgia Regnault

Holiday Bazaar: Jaimie Keppel-Molenaar

IT Administrator: Julie Otten

Kids’ Club: Lindsey Turnau

Library: Dena Haggerty

Membership: Mary Ellen Brennan

Movie Network: Tina Andrews

Newcomers: Jo van Kalveen & Hilde


Parliamentarian: Georgia Regnault

Philanthropy: Holly Savoie

Public Relations: Open

Social Media: Ceci Wong & Julie Otten

Tennis: Molly Boed

Thirsty Thursday: Open

Tours: Liduine Bekman

Volunteer Coordinator: Laurie


Walkie Talkies: Emily van Eerten

Webmaster: Julie Otten

Women with Dutch Partners: Michelle


Deadlines: Submissions are due no later than the last Monday of the month preceding the publication month.

For example, for the November issue, submissions are due before Monday, September 30

Please Note: Articles submitted to Going Dutch will be published subject to space limitations and editorial approval.

All rights reserved; reprints only by written permission of the Editor. Please email to: goingdutchmag@


Legal Notice: Articles in Going Dutch express the views and opinions of their authors alone, and not necessarily

those of the AWC of The Hague, its Members or this publication.


AWC Mission Statement

The AWC is an association formed to provide social and educational activities for American

women living in the Netherlands and to promote amicable relations among people of all nations,

as well as acquiring funds for general public interest. Membership in the club is open

to women of all nations who are friendly and welcoming to American culture. The association

does not endeavor to make a profit. The AWC is a 100% volunteer organization.



AWC Board Installation

Message from the President

by Suzanne MacNeil

Fall Kick Off

by Melissa Rider

The summer flew by, didn’t it? Where did

your travels take you? I enjoyed seeing

your photos on Facebook, exploring

Croatia and Austria, on cruises and staycations,

hiking, biking, and everything else that

the season offers! I hopped down to Ulbeek,

Belgium in June for a mosaic workshop with

a fabulous maestra and then checked Prague

off my bucket list. In August I got my family

fix by going to the US to see my sons and

mom. I started in Boston where Cameron

and his fiancée live, then to Jacksonville,

Florida to see my mom, aunt, cousins, and

my brother. Next came my cross-continental

flight to SoCal to see Max and his girlfriend,

my sister, and new found cousins who contacted

me through 23andMe. That is a story

unto itself!

Despite my travels, and those of the rest

of your Board, we met regularly throughout

the summer to prepare for this new Club year.

I’m incredibly fortunate to work with the

women who serve on the Board, as all of

them are dedicated to making the Club better.

New to the Board are Melissa Rider, the

Vice President, and Amber Gatewood, who

oversees Club and Community, the philanthropic

arm of our Club. They’ve both made

a significant impact already and have stepped

up to their jobs with enthusiasm and ideas.

One point that we all agree on is to fill our

Committee Chair vacancies and I’m excited

that many slots were filled this summer, including

Newcomers, now chaired by Jo van

Kalveen and Hilde Volle. Melissa and I met

with them, and the ideas for

Newcomer events and

general Club events

didn’t stop flowing.


I hope you

were able to

take part in at

least one of the

summer activities

that were offered.

Of course,

Thirsty Thursdays

continued, the Out

to Lunch Bunch

met every month,

Walkie Talkies

kept on walking,

and then there were

pop-up events, including

movie outings

organized by

Tina Andrews. We

also took a painting

and collage class, wandered Alkmaar, and the

regular Tuesday morning groups met. And, if

you missed the all-American baseball tournament

at Neptunus Stadium in Rotterdam

in July, you missed a gezellig evening filled

with AWC Members and their families from

our Club and the AWC clubs in Amsterdam,

Antwerp, and Brussels. Julie Otten’s son

caught a foul ball and Teresa Insalaco’s

daughter bought one for a souvenir. After the

game, the players on the American team met

fans and were more than happy to autograph

the balls. Be sure to check out the photo collages

of the summer events and activities on

pages 42–45.

Now that we’re moving into our regular

Club year, be sure to check the calendar on

our website, www.awcthehague.org. We are

jam-packed with everything from a fascinator

workshop to prepare for our annual (and last

for a number of years) Prinsjesdag luncheon, a

tour of a church on Scheveningseweg famous

for its Venetian mosaics (there is a theme

here!), and the Welcome Back BBQ.

One of the most important and fun events

in September will be our Kick Off sessions

on Thursday, September 12, which are in lieu

of a General Meeting. We’ll hold a mimosa

morning with small bites and an evening

borrel. I hope to see everyone in either the

morning or evening, and I encourage you

to invite friends and colleagues who aren’t

Members to drop by. Last year’s morning >>47

We’re ‘Kicking Off’ the new Club

year at the AWC with a morning

Mimosa Mixer and an evening

Borrel, giving our working Members and

others who can’t get away in the morning

the chance to start the year right! Our Open

House format will allow new, returning,

and prospective Members to mingle and

learn about our ongoing and one-of-a-kind

activities, tours, philanthropic endeavors,

AWC Board Installation

see page 6 for more photos

and volunteer opportunities within the Club.

Board Members and Committee Chairs will

be available to answer any questions. Don’t

miss our first official event of the new Club


Thursday, September 12

Morning Session: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Evening Session: 6 – 8 p.m.

AWC Clubhouse


Letter from the Editor

by Audrey Goodman

Welcome to a new AWC Club year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful

summer and managed to get

through the heat waves without too much

sweat. My hometown of Baltimore sees its

fair share of hot days throughout the summer

months, but we’re spoiled with air conditioning

in the US. I don’t think I could ever get

accustomed to record-breaking heat without

constantly complaining and needing frequent

trips to the ice cream parlor.

“Women who support

other women are confident,

generous, visionaries.”

— Mariela Dabbah

My husband and I spent most of our summer

in The Hague, enjoying the gardens at

local restaurants, checking out various events

and festivals, strolling through markets, and

taking the occasional trip to Scheveningen

(no, I still can’t pronounce it correctly). Every

weekend there was something happening

nearby, and we never found ourselves bored.

You can find details about upcoming fall activities

in the Announcements on page 48.

In mid-July we took a week-long cruise

through the Mediterranean, starting in Venice

and ending in Rome. Aside from the overwhelming

heat in a few ports, this trip was

absolutely amazing. We then booked a long

weekend in London and Edinburg in late

August, immediately followed by a weekend

at a beach house in Belgium. Over the next


few months,

we’ve booked

additional trips

to Paris, Berlin

and Krakow.

With less than

five months

before repatriating


to the US,

we’re squeezing

in as many

European adventures


possible! Did

you take any

epic vacations

over these past

few months? Maybe consider writing a travel

article for an upcoming issue of Going Dutch.

Our AWC Members would love to hear about

your holiday recommendations, and might

be looking for inspiration for their next trip.

Submissions can be sent to goingdutchmag@


I would say that September will be my

month to recuperate, but my calendar is already

filling up with Club activities: Kick Off,

Book Club, Prinsjesdag Luncheon, Thirsty

Thursday, Welcome Back BBQ… Be sure

to review the Ongoing and One-of-a-Kind

Activities, starting on page 14 for more information

and other activities. This is a great

time to reconnect with fellow Members or

become involved in our Club.

The Fall Kick Off is taking place at our

Clubhouse on Thursday, September 12 from

11 a.m. – 2 p.m. and 6 – 8 p.m. It is open to

non-members and is a great opportunity to

see what our Club can offer, so come check

us out! I’m looking forward to this Club year

and hope to meet many new Members.




by Melissa Rider

Welcome New Membership

Committee Chairs

By taking on my new role as Vice President of

the AWC, I sadly must relinquish my duties

as the Membership Chair. I will be replaced

by two very dependable women, Mary

Ellen Brennan and Liduine Bekman, who

will divide up the job responsibilities to best

suit their schedules and expertise. With job

sharing, even a full-time working Member

like Mary Ellen can contribute greatly to the

AWC. Meanwhile, Liduine will still have

time for her painting, as well as continuing

her volunteer duties at the front desk and as

the Tour Committee Chair.

2019-2020 Membership Dues

AWC Membership dues for the 2019-2020

Club Year are now payable and will be effective

until August 31, 2020. All renewals

must be received by September 30, 2019 to

avoid a € 10 late fee. The best way to renew

your Membership is on our website, www.

awcthehague.org, under the Become A

Member tab. You are also welcome to renew

by electronic bank transfer to our bank account

with IBAN: NL42ABNA0431421757

(be sure to include your name and

“Membership Dues” in the memo) or pay by

PIN at the Clubhouse. Dues remain the same

as last year: € 110 for Regular and Associate

Members, € 90 for Business Professionals,

€ 55 for Military (with valid military ID) or

€ 35 for Student Memberships (with valid

student ID).

Honorary Membership

Dues are waived for Honorary

Members. The eligibility requirement

for this special designation is to maintain

Membership for an uninterrupted period

of 25 years. Congratulations to Suzanne

Dundas, our latest Member to achieve this

status. We not only thank her for her longevity

with the AWC, but also her dedication

and contributions to the AWC since she

joined in 1994.


Welcome New Members!

Linda Butler

Marielle Veldhuizen van Zanten

Judy Swann

Overseas Membership

This Membership category is for

those Members residing outside of the

Netherlands. You will continue to receive

the weekly eNews and still have access to

our private Facebook page and the Members’

side of our website. The Going Dutch magazine,

however, will not be mailed to you.

Overseas Membership dues are € 35.

Update Your Information

If you are not renewing or your contact information

has changed, please send an email

to membership@awcthehague.org with the


A Place for Everything and

Everything in Its Place

by Jan Essad & Sunita Menon

Phase II of the Clubhouse cleanout on June

19 and 20 was a huge success. Many thanks

to our wonderful team of volunteers!

The library was cataloged and consolidated

by Dena Haggerty and Heather DeWitt,

while Amber Gatewood and Holly Savoie

cleaned out and organized the philanthropy

and other closets in the meeting room.

Audrey Goodman helped with the basement,

archives, and Going Dutch storage

shelf along with the kitchen. Teresa

Insalaco worked diligently on the Finance

shelf reorganization and the kitchen pantry.

Lana Heidar worked on organizing all the

recycling, while Chelsea Wald updated the

front desk manual and created labels for all

the shelving and containers. Thank you to

Celeste Brown for being our ultimate front

desk organizer.

We enjoyed working with this fabulous

team. At the Fall Kick-Off event, or at any

other moment, please take the time to get

to know your Clubhouse. Feel free to open

cupboards and check out the basement. You

will find a place to put your handbag, a place

to drop off items for other Members, and a

place where lost items can be found.

Together we got the job done! We are looking

forward to starting the year where there’s

a place for everything and everything is in

its place! We hope you are looking forward

to enjoying your Clubhouse.

Clubhouse Corner

Welcome to a new Club year! Did you know you can use the Clubhouse for a private event

or business workshop or meeting? Interested? Contact your Clubhouse Administrators,

Sunita and Jan, at clubadministrator@awcthehague.org for more details.


Credit: Amazon

Ongoing Activities

Book Clubs

The AWC Book Clubs are open to all readers,

and new Members are especially welcome!

There are no requirements that you

must attend every meeting or lead a discussion.

Snacks are provided by a different

Member each month. There are two Book

Clubs hosted by AWC Members: One in the

daytime and one in the evening. Questions?

Teresa Mahoney organizes the daytime

group and can be reached at bookclubday@

awcthehague.org. Dena Haggerty handles

the evening meetings and can be reached at


Daytime Book Club

September Selection: City of Girls by

Elizabeth Gilbert

In 1940, 19-year-old

Vivian Morris has just

been kicked out of Vassar

College, owing to her

lackluster freshman-year

performance. Her affluent

parents send her to

Manhattan to live with her

Aunt Peg, who owns a theater

called the Lily Playhouse. There Vivian

is introduced to an entire cosmos of unconventional

and charismatic characters, from

the fun-chasing showgirls to a sexy male actor,

a grand-dame actress, a lady-killer writer,

and no-nonsense stage manager. Now 89

years old and telling her story at last, Vivian

recalls how the events of those years altered

the course of her life, and the gusto and autonomy

with which she approached it. “At

some point in a woman’s life, she just gets

tired of being ashamed all the time,” she

muses. “After that, she is free to become

whoever she truly is.”

Thursday, September 26

10 a.m.

AWC Clubhouse


Daytime Book Club Recap – April

Does being a fun read automatically disqualify

a book from being literature? Is a

Daytime Book Club Reading List:

October 24: Lanny: A Novel by Max Porter

November 21: A Strangeness of My Mind

by Orhan Pamuk

book written in the vernacular easier to write

than one written in a more formal style? Do

humor and a happy ending mean the book

is no longer a serious work of art? Who

Asked You? by Terry McMillan is all those

things and honest about it. The only false

notes in this story of a lower middle-class

black family in 21st century Los Angeles,

crescendo at the end and left some of us

disappointed. Others thought McMillan’s

emotional and social honesty throughout the

story of a 56-year-old grandmother taking in

her grandsons abandoned by their mother,

a crack-using prostitute, outweighed any

weakness in the denouement. We called this

a “good book club book” because it led to a

lot of discussion, both about the book and

contemporary social issues. We recommend

it, especially in the hilarious, touching, and

well-acted audio version.

Daytime Book Club Recap – May

Why would an author named Robert choose

the name Robert for both of his main characters?

We don’t know. But we thought

about it, and much more, with Robert Olen

Butler’s novel Perfume River. Though

named after a river in Hue, Vietnam, the

book is set in contemporary Florida. The

story twists through time and place to

deftly demonstrate how the ugly residue of

war poisons minds, souls and family ties

through long lifetimes. There are many killers

in this book. There is a father who deeply

yearns for his soldier son to have killed

more. But it’s not violent. It’s thoughtful in

a way that builds slowly through controlled

writing that never screams its brilliance at

you. But brilliant and moving it is. Butler’s

skill is demonstrated in characters of both

genders and all ages, but especially in the

endlessly ruminating and whining mind of

the tormented schizophrenic Bob. We recommend

this book, especially if you have a

book club to help you uncover its subtleties

and profundities. Fortunately, you do.

Daytime Book Club Recap – June

We discussed The Wych Elm by Tana

French. The author is American, grew up

in many different countries, and now calls

Ireland home. The book is set in Dublin.

This is a hard book to describe; part mystery,

part family drama. The novel features

Toby, a self-proclaimed lucky guy, who surprises

two burglars who beat him and leave

him for dead. While he is recovering and

figuring out who he is now, he moves into

the family ancestral home to take care of

his dying uncle. The twists and turns of this

book kept everyone engaged. Our discussion

focused mainly on the central theme of

the book: luck and privilege. What is luck

and how does that define us? Great conversations

of losing and building oneself

up again. The group felt that it was a good

book, but not excellent. The author was not

a hit-you-on-the-head author, but gave you a

lot to think about and discuss. We would not

describe it as suspenseful and thought the title

was misleading, but the writing was good

and we were engaged in wanting to solve

the mystery. There was criticism of the audiobook’s

accents and length (22 hours), but

those of us that read the book said it was a

quick read.

Daytime Book Club Recap – July

Sometimes it’s better not to examine a book

too closely. Nevertheless, we did just that

with John Boyne’s A Ladder to the Sky. Set

in the world of publishing, the book is divided

into sections, each focusing on sociopathic

writer Maurice Swift’s relationship

with another character. Among the characters

are an older, prize-winning author,

Swift’s Anglo-Carribean wife, Swift’s son,

and (notable for being the only non-fiction

character) provocateur Gore Vidal. This

format betrayed Boyne’s weaknesses because

some sections were noticeably better

written and more engaging than others.

We agreed Boyne captured Gore Vidal, or

at least his public persona. The scenes set

in 1939 Berlin especially moved those of us

who have lived in Germany. Others thought

this emotional reaction was due to their

personal experience and not Boyne’s skill

in capturing any undercurrents of the time.

Boyne is not subtle. He loves his heavyhanded

foreshadowing and put together a

too-well-organized, contrived, and repetitive

plot. The more we talked about it, the

less we respected the book. Still, we all enjoyed

A Ladder to the Sky while we were

reading it.

Evening Book Club

September Selection: Buried Appearances

by D.E. Haggerty

What if everything you

ever thought to be true

was a lie? Nazi! A deliberate

taunt to provoke her.

Skylar wasn’t a Nazi. She

hadn’t even been alive during

the Second World War.

Yet, she was bullied and

insulted with that word. All

because of a grandfather

she never knew. A letter informing her of the

discovery of her grandfather’s remains >> 16

Credit: Amazon



Ongoing Activities (cont.)

Continued from page 15

changes everything. If her grandfather really

was a Nazi, why was his body recovered

in an area notorious for being a Nazi killing

ground? Skylar jets off to Holland to find

out. Things are not always what they seem.

The location changes every month, so

please contact Dena at bookclubevening@

awcthehague.org if you are interested in


Wednesday, September 18

7:30 p.m.

Location TBA


Evening Book Club Reading List:

October 9: The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

November 13: TBA

Evening Book Club Recap – April

In The Song of Achilles, author Madline

Miller has made Patroclus, a minor character

of Greek mythology, into the storyteller.

Instead of a story about the great Achilles

and his fighting prowess, we get a love

story. A story about a man who will follow

his love anywhere, including war. Our

book club struggled with Miller’s description

of the Trojan War. Although the war

lasted ten years and there was incredible

suffering, including rape, pillaging, and

death, the suffering was glossed over in the

novel. Some of us were less bothered by

this than others. Miller did not write a story

about war. She wrote a love story. And, as

a love story, it was beautiful. Some readers

struggled to understand what Patroclus saw

in the self-obsessed demi-god Achilles. But

that’s how love is. It doesn’t see the imperfections.

Evening Book Club Recap – May

Chloe Benjamin’s The Immortalists poses

an interesting question: How would you live

if you knew the day you would die? Four

young siblings visit a mystic and are told,

separately, the dates of their deaths. Spooked

by the experience, they don’t speak about it.

The knowledge leads them to make certain

choices in their lives as well as drive them

all a bit bonkers. It was an interesting book

that provided our group with fuel for discussions

about both morality and mortality.

Evening Book Club Recap – June

As a consensus, our group did not like The

Lost Girls of Paris by Pam Jenoff. We liked

the concept of this historical novel, based

on the real history of women who were

dropped behind enemy lines during the

Second World War. Unfortunately, we didn’t

connect with any of the female protagonists.

Each of the main female characters—Grace,

Eleanor, and Marie—felt one-dimensional

and underdeveloped. And even though this

novel is based on a true story (you can read

the biography of Vera Atkins in A Life in

Secrets by Sarah Helm), the novel itself

didn’t feel realistic. Jenoff also didn’t make

the time and locations come alive. Instead of

smoothly filling the reader in on the historical

background piece by piece, information

was unceremoniously dumped on the reader,

making the novel feel choppy. Our group

would not recommend this novel.

Evening Book Club Recap – July

It is fair to say that Asymmetry by Lisa

Holliday left some of us a little perplexed,

infuriated and frustrated! Set in New York,

Alice, a young editor, begins an affair with

Ezra Blazer, a world-famous, much older

writer. At Heathrow Airport, Amar, an Iraqi-

American economist en route to Kurdistan,

is detained by immigration. Somehow their

lives are connected. The book is described

as being “an unconventional love story that

has things to say about all of contemporary

life” which is true. But I found myself constantly

looking for the “asymmetries” and

therein lies my issue with the book! The

book is divided into three parts. I really enjoyed

the first part where we met Alice

>> 18

AWC Guest Policy

Guests are welcome

to participate in AWC

activities and tours on

a limited basis. As a

nonmember, a guest is

limited to attend two

functions per calendar

year and will be

charged an additional

nonmember fee. Only

Members are entitled

to use babysitting




Ongoing Activities (cont.)

Continued from page 17

and Ezra and watched their relationship develop.

But Part 2, when Amar is detained at

the airport, left me wondering why it was

included and how it linked to the first part.

Part 3 failed to enlighten me, which left me

feeling frustrated. So I went back to Parts 1

and 2 and re-read them. Nope, still didn’t

get the link between the two stories. I then

turned to Amazon to read the reviews but

was still none the wiser. Thankfully one

reviewer referenced an article in The New

Yorker which provided the missing lightbulb

moment. I don’t want to give anything

away, but the subtlety of the link between

the three parts of the story was lost on most

of us, which was the cause of much frustration

and debate. Regardless of whether

we liked the book or not, Asymmetry provided

a great Book Club choice because we

all felt the urge to discuss it with someone

else! Even if it was just to say, “Did you

get it, and if so could you please explain it

to me?”

Chat, Craft & Cake

Chat, Craft & Cake is a weekly highlight

for those who enjoy crafts and camaraderie.

Whether your craft is knitting, quilting,

needlepoint or simply mending your

clothes, or whether you are a beginner or an

expert, you are welcome to join us. Fish that

UFO (Unfinished Object) out of the drawer

and get going on it again. CCandCer’s are

always ready with a helping hand, a lesson,

or some advice. Each week, a different


Member brings a cake—tried and true, or

experimental. Babysitting is not available

and there are lots of sharp objects about

(pins, needles, scissors and wit) so we

cannot accommodate children. Contact

Suzanne Dundas at chatcraftcake@

awcthehague.org for more information

Every Tuesday

10 a.m. – Noon

AWC Clubhouse


Heart Pillow Project

Members work together to make heartshaped

pillows designed to help support the

arms of recent mastectomy patients. Each

pillow is made with TLC, wrapped, and

comes with a note signed by an AWC volunteer.

No sewing skills are needed, as you

can cut, stuff, or wrap the heart pillows. We

are proud to provide men and women with

something both practical and comforting,

and we know our work helps because we

often receive thank-you notes and emails

from the patients who have received a heart

pillow. For more information, contact Jan

de Vries at heartpillow@awcthehague.org.

Tuesday, September 10

Noon – 2 p.m.

AWC Clubhouse


Visitors Welcome

Upcoming Out to Lunch

Bunches: Save the Dates!

October 11: Mama Kelly

November 7: TBA

December 17: Special Christmas lunch TBA

Tennis League

Players needed! The AWC Tennis Group

plays doubles every Tuesday in Warmond.

Ladies move up and down the courts according

to a ladder tennis system. The emphasis

is on having fun! The League is available

for all levels except true beginners. Contact

Molly Boed at mollyboed@gmail.com for

more information.

Every Tuesday

(except specific holidays TBD)

1 – 3 p.m.

Dekker Tennis Courts

Veerpolder 14, Warmond

€275 Members / €325 Nonmembers

Sign up on GroupSpaces

Thirsty Thursday

Join us again for our monthly gathering.

Thirsty Thursday is a casual evening of

companionship and good conversation – a

favorite for AWC Members and prospective

Members. Two soft drinks, wine or beer

plus snacks are included in the fee payable

at the restaurant.

Thursday, September 19

6 – 9 p.m.

Fratelli, Tournooiveld 1, 2511 CX, Den


€ 15 for two drinks and food

No RSVP needed

Upcoming Thirsty Thursdays:

October 17: Domo Eclectica Conceptstore

November 21: Location TBA

December 19: Location TBA

Walkie Talkies

Whether you count your steps or just want

to walk with friends, the Monday morning

Walkie Talkies is a fun, healthy and

energetic way to start the week. The group

meets in front of the Clubhouse before

heading out to walk to various destinations

in the area, usually racking up 10,000 steps

along the way. Please check the AWC

Facebook page or contact Emily van

Eerten at walkietalkies@awcthehague.org

for last minute updates and cancellations.


9:30 a.m.

AWC Clubhouse


Sign up at www.awcthehague.org

Wassenaar Coffee &


If you live in or north of Wassenaar, join

your neighbors for coffee and conversation

once-a-month without having to drive

to the Clubhouse. One Member will host a

casual coffee at her home at 9:30 a.m. on the

first Thursday of every month. Prospective

Members are welcome too. The location

changes every month, so contact Suzanne

Dundas at chatcraftcake@awcthehague.org

if you are interested in attending or for more


Thursday, September 5

9:30 a.m.

Location TBA



One-of-a-Kind Activities

by Melissa Rider

RSVP directly on www.awcthehague.org. Direct any questions to


Payment must be made within 5 calendar days of reserving or your name will be moved to a waitlist.

Payment can be made in the Front Office by PIN, on the AWC website (www.awcthehague.org) or by

bank transfer to the AWC account NL42ABNA0431421757.

Fabulous Fascinator Workshop

Nothing makes a statement on Prinsjesdag

like the perfect fascinator or cocktail hat!

Come to our Fabulous Fascinator Workshop

at the premier hat-making shop in The

Hague, Berry Rutjes Jr., Milliner. The workshop

includes all material, guidance, and

your handmade and unique fascinator or

cocktail hat to wear at the Club’s Prinsjesdag

Luncheon on September 17.

Monday, September 9

2 – 5 p.m.

Berry Rutjes Jr. Hat Design

Noordeinde 182, 2514GR, Den Haag

Maximum 10

€ 100 Members / € 105 non-members

Cancellation Deadline: September 2

Sign up at www.awcthehague.org


American Quilts: Chat, Craft and

Cake Lecture

Every quilt tells a story, speaking to us

through its fabric, its pattern, its technique,

the time and the place the quilt was crafted,

and, most of all, through its maker.

Fortunately, we have an expert who understands

the language of her quilts and

is willing to share with us. Susan Cave

Baragwanath will present Conversations

with My Quilts, during a special session of

Chat, Craft and Cake. All AWC Members

and guests are welcome. If you have a pair

of white cotton gloves, please bring them

Cancellation Policy

Members may reserve a spot for an AWC tour,

activity or event in advance. Payment is required

within five business days of the reservation

or before the deadline date (whichever

is sooner) otherwise your name will be

moved to a waitlist. It is the responsibility of

the Member to notify the Club at awcthehague.finance@gmail.com

to cancel a reservation

prior to the cancellation deadline.

Please note that there will be NO REFUNDS

(no exceptions) after the cancellation deadline.

Members may find a substitute in lieu

of cancellation provided that arrangements

are made with the tour, activity or event organizer.

Members shall be held responsible

for their guest reservations in accordance

with this policy.

(we will be handling the quilts). If you

would like to participate in the potluck

lunch following the presentation, please let

Dory Ritchie know what you are bringing.

Tuesday, September 10

10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

AWC Clubhouse

Maximum 30


Registration Deadline: September 7

To sign up, please email Dory Ritchie at


Pre-Prinsjesdag Walking Tour of

the Route of the Golden Coach

Walk the route that King Willem-Alexander

and Queen Maxima will follow from

the Noordeinde Palace to the Ridderzaal

(Knight’s Hall). Join Barbara Brookman

(AWC Member and Dutch ex-expat) to

learn more about Prinsjesdag and the King’s

Speech from the Throne, a quintessential

part of Dutch parliamentary democracy.

We’ll talk about royalty and democracy,

and the historic and current use of the

buildings and institutions along the route.

Sligro The Hague Forepark is the perfect fit for you as entrepreneur.

We inspire and support you with our products and services, that will

help you with your business. Our people are always there for you

with professional and tailored advice.


Linge 2, The Hague

For questions and additional information,

contact Jo van Kalveen or Hilde Volle at


Friday, September 13

9:45 – 11:45 a.m.

Meet at Dudok Café and Brasserie for

pre-tour coffee and chat

Hofwg 1A, Den Haag

Maximum 15

Free (Drinks and food at Dudok at your

own cost)

Registration Deadline: September 11

Sign up at www.awcthehague.org >>22

Unique products

for entrepreneurs



One-of-a-Kind Activities (cont.)

Continued from page 21

Prinsjesdag Luncheon

The annual AWC Luncheon to view King

Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima

along the route of the Golden Coach will

once again be held at Garoeda Restaurant,

giving attendees a bird’s eye view of

the festivities. The royals’ route begins

at Noordeinde Palace and ends at the

Binnenhof, where the King addresses a joint

session of parliament. His message lays out

the main goals of the Dutch government’s

policy for the upcoming parliamentary session.

The royal family will have a military

escort, along with bands and horse-drawn

carriages—all the pomp and circumstance

that you expect to see at a royal event.

The price includes an Indonesian rijstafel

buffet, a glass of wine, and tea or coffee.

Plan to arrive by 11 a.m. as some area streets

are closed for the event. Space is limited and

this year promises to be extra popular. It will

be the last Prinsjesdag procession in The

Hague for awhile, because the Binnenhof

will close for a major renovation project beginning

in 2020.

Tuesday, September 17

11 a.m.

Garoeda Restaurant

Kneuterdijk 18A, Den Haag

€ 50 Members / € 55 non-members

Registration Deadline: September 13

Only paid reservations will hold your


No refunds will be provided, unless there

is a wait list.

Sign up at www.awcthehague.org

Dutch Food & Shopping

Whether you are new to the Netherlands or

an old-timer, there is always something to

be learned about food and shopping in your

adopted country. It could be deciphering

product labels or recipes, learning to use

new cuts of meat or strange vegetables, finding

suitable cleaning products or substitutes

for your favorite ingredients. Be sure to join

us for an all-you-need-to-know presentation

given by a long-term Member and expat,

Carol Slootweg. Carol is a cooking teacher

and an expert at adapting to many cultures.

She will be able to point you in the right direction.

For questions and additional information,

contact Jo van Kalveen or Hilde

Volle at newcomers@awcthehague.org.

Thursday, September 26

10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

AWC Clubhouse


Sign up at www.awcthehague.org

Welcome Back BBQ

Fall has arrived and with it a new Club

Year! What better way to say “Welcome

Back” than with a tasty BBQ? Come one,

come all and join us at this fun event for

Members and their families. We’ll be grilling

sausages, hamburgers, chicken, and

Going Dutch is Available Online

veggie burgers, plus serving lots of delicious

side dishes. Soft drinks, beer and wine

will be provided. With the food and drink

covered, all you need to bring is a healthy


Saturday, September 28

6 – 9 p.m.

AWC Clubhouse

€ 10 Members & Partners / € 15 nonmembers

/ € 5 Children, 12 and under

Sign up at www.awcthehague.org

Go to www.awcthehague.org to share the current month’s issue with friends and family. You will

also find links to our annual advertisers, whose support makes this magazine possible. If you

visit or contact one of our advertisers, let them know Going Dutch sent you!

Travel4U@americantravelcenter.net/www.americantravelcenter.nl/tel. +3261234901

“Our next holiday is

a safari. They do

the whole world!”

“They make booking a

holiday so easy. I just

leave it to them!”

“Every trip is

customized, just for

me! That’s unique!”



Volunteer and Honorary Members Celebration

Artist In Residence:

Albert Dolmans

by Jan Essad & Sunita Menon (in collaboration with Sheila Gazaleh)

its in his native Brabant and in The Hague

and Rotterdam. He is particularly proud to

have been invited to hold a one-man show

in the US Embassy in The Hague, and to be

part of an exhibit commemorating 200 years

of Dutch American diplomatic relations in

The paintings Albert has chosen to show

at the Clubhouse are works contrasting the

landscape of his native Holland with that of

the US where he has spent the majority of

his life, and for which he holds deep affection

and gratitude.


Dutch-American painter, Albert

Dolmans began his career in the

1960s, and was part of the Bay Area

Figurative Movement and the Society of

Western Artists.

the countryside and the changing seasons

have always been central to his work and his

representational style and use of color lend

themselves well to its varied shades, light

and moods.

“Thoughtfully and perceptively he explores the countryside,

reminding us that the present flows from and mingles with the

past.” -Evening Tribune, San Diego

Born in Breda, in the south of Holland, he

was a young boy when he emigrated with

his family, narrowly escaping the war and

spending his youth in Berkeley, California.

His artistic talents won him a scholarship

to the California Academy of Art, where he

studied under known artists George Post,

Karl Baumann and Otis Oldfield.

Always driven by his desire to be a full-time

artist, Albert travelled extensively, painting

and showing his work both in the US and in

major European cities. This eventually led

to his recognition and to an international career

in fine art.

A plein air painter, his style is classic figurative

and his preferred mediums are pastel,

oil and watercolor. The timeless beauty of

His works are part of numerous private

and municipal collections and have been

shown regularly in major exhibits on both

sides of the Atlantic, most notably in the

de Young Museum in San Francisco and

other well-known galleries in the US. In

the Netherlands, he has held regular exhib-

the Congress Building. That same year in

San Francisco, his work was also chosen for

the state visit to the US by the then Dutch

Queen Beatrix.

More recently, in 2016, his illustrated biographies

Painting is my Life and My

Drawings were published in Holland for

the exhibit of his work at the Kunstzaal van

Heijningen on the Denneweg in The Hague.

Copies of the book will be available at the

AWC Clubhouse Front Desk.

Albert appreciates the generosity of the

Club to exhibit his paintings which may be

purchased. A price list will available from

the Front Desk while the paintings are on


Meet the Artist Reception

Please join us for a Meet the Artist

Reception with Albert Dolmans. He will

be available to speak to us about his paintings

and his book, Painting is my Life.

This will be great opportunity to not only

meet Albert, but to view

the contrasting collection

of oils, watercolors

and pastel paintings of

Holland with those of

the US. Please be sure

to sign up online so we

can adequately prepare

for this borrel reception.

All are welcome!

Sunday, October 13

4 – 7 p.m.

AWC Clubhouse

Registration deadline:

October 10


Sign up at www.




September 2019

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

1 2


4 5

6 7

Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m

Chat, Craft & Cake 10 a.m.

AWC Tennis 1 p.m.

Wassenaar Coffee and

Conversation 9:30 a.m.

8 9

Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m

Fabulous Fascinator

Workshop 2 p.m.


American Quilts: Chat, Craft

and Cake Lecture

10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Heart Pillow Workshop


AWC Tennis 1 p.m.


9/11 Ceremony of

Remembrance and Hope

5:30 p.m.


Buddy Check 12

Fall Kick Off - Daytime

Session 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Fall Kick Off - Evening

Session 6 – 8 p.m.


Walk the Route of the

Golden Coach 9:45 a.m.


15 16




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Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m

Chat, Craft & Cake 10 a.m.

Prinsjesdag Parade and

Luncheon 11 a.m.

AWC Tennis 1 p.m.

Evening Book Club

7:30 p.m.

Thirsty Thursday 6 p.m.

22 23


25 26

27 28

Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m

Chat, Craft & Cake 10 a.m.

Daytime Book Club 10 a.m.

AWC Tennis 1 p.m.

Dutch Food and Shopping

Workshop 10:30 a.m

Welcome Back BBQ

6 – 9 p.m.

29 30

Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m

Save the Dates:

October 13: Meet the Artist

October 26: Trivia Night

November 9 –10: Holiday Bazaar



Movie Network

by Tina Andrews

The Movie Network is a group of filmloving

ladies who are actively looking

for movie companions. You do not need

to be a member of the Movie Network to attend

outings. All outings will be posted on the

AWC calendar, on Facebook and in eNews.

All AWC Members are welcome to attend any

movie outing and are encouraged to meet after

the movie for a drink and a chat.

We have set up a group that actively proposes

movies for outings. We communicate

and coordinate via WhatsApp. Once two (or

more) Members have agreed the details of

an outing, they will be shared with all AWC

Members. If you want to propose movies

and where and when to see them, email

Tina Andrews at activities@awcthehague.

org, and include your cell phone number to

be added to the WhatsApp group.

Your Vote is Your Voice

The new AWC Website is now up and running!

Please visit


for all of your Club-related needs:

Payment of Membership dues, registration for activities and events,

Membership directory, etc.

Yes, There are Elections in 2019!

There are State and Local elections taking place on

November 5. Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi will

elect governors. Louisiana, Mississippi and Virginia will

elect State Legislators. New Jersey will elect their General


To vote in local elections, you should register and request an

absentee ballot immediately.

Go to: www.usvotefoundation.org or

www.FVAP.gov for more information.

If you have any questions about the website, please contact




9/11 Ceremony of Remembrance and Hope

by Roberta Enschede

Wednesday, September 11

5:30 p.m.

AWC Clubhouse

Last July, I watched Luis Alvarez testify

before the United States Congress.

Beside him sat Jon Stewart, the former

host of The Daily Show. Luis Alvarez was telling

his story. He came to Washington from a

hospice in New York to speak for all the men

and women who, like him, continue to suffer

and die because of what they did on 9/11, and

months and years later. “I’m going to make

sure that you never forget to take care of the

9/11 responders,” he said.

Luis Alvarez didn’t make it to the end of

July. He died a couple of weeks after he testified.

This once robust, smiling New York cop

with giant arms was now haggard and gaunt.

Death hovered in the sunken bones of his face

and eyes. I couldn’t stop watching him speak,

nor could I stop listening to Jon Stewart pleading

and imploring Congress to extend medical

benefits to all those who worked Ground

Zero on 9/11, not only on the day itself

but for months and years later. Thankfully,

the legislation they sought was passed.

On September 11, 2001, 2,977 people lost

their lives. Since that day, the clean-up of the

toxic rubble of 9/11 has claimed the lives of

at least that many, and perhaps more. Last

year, James Hines of the NYPD spoke at the

Ceremony of Remembrance and Hope. He

choked back tears when he talked about the

friends he lost and the friends he keeps on

losing. He was there on 9/11,and stayed on

site until the following January. Thankfully,

he’s okay.

In May of this year, a Memorial Glade on

the site of the 9/11 Memorial was dedicated to

all the men and women who have died since

that blue and golden September morning. The

Glade has a path between six massive granite

slabs, inlaid with steel from the fallen towers.

The path of the Glade ends at the Survival

Tree, the little Callery pear that somehow

stayed standing in the rubble of the Twin

Towers, and over the years was nursed back

to life and replanted at Ground Zero.


This year in New York City, Shanksville,

PA, and at the Pentagon, there will be ceremonies

and remembrances. September 11th

cannot and will not ever be just another day.

Each of us remembers where we were, what

we were doing, what we were feeling. Each

of us can tell a story of a friend or a friend’s

friend or a relative. The distinguished journalist

David Halberstam wrote, “There are dates

which seem to separate yesterday from today

and then from now. September 11, 2001 is

such a date.”

One year, I published the information

about the Ceremony of Remembrance and

Hope in the Wassenaar newspaper. A Dutch

woman who I didn’t know called and told

me that she was having breakfast in her hotel

across from the World Trade Center and saw

the plane crash into the Tower. She talked

about what she saw and how for months,

she couldn’t even recycle glass because she

couldn’t stand the sound—the shattering.

Then she said, “It’s good that you do this.”

Our friend, former AWC Member

Rebecca Fry, talked about her friend and

colleague Barbara. “My friend died on AA

73.” Rebecca told her story. We will tell it

again this year. It’s the story of a brilliant

lawyer who wanted to change the world and

was just getting started. Who knows what she

might have done!

Then there is the story of firefighter Steve

Blackwell, who ran into the World Trade

Center twice and the second time never came

out. He was the best friend of a very tough

New Yorker who was a Security Attaché at

the US Embassy. He was helping me clean

up after the community 4th of July picnic.

As we were walking across the field carrying

picnic tables, in passing I mentioned that I had

to work on the 9/11 commemoration. That’s

when he told me about Steve, and I asked

him to tell Steve’s story. I knew he wanted

to talk about him, but first he said he had

to ask the family if it was okay. Every year

since that time, we contact Steve’s brother

Chris and ask him to write something for us

to read. The family is so touched to know

that way over here in The Hague, we remember

their brother, father, son, husband: Steve


We will read names—not all 2,977, but

the names we do read speak for all. We will

read the names of 12 men from Squad One,

Park Slope, Brooklyn. Our community tried

to help their widows and children because

Squad One was the neighborhood firehouse

of a former ASH teacher. Right after it happened,

I remember her crying in the teacher’s

lounge and asking, “Did you hear about my

firehouse. Did you hear about my firehouse?”

On December 26, 2001, we brought money

we collected from the community and books

with drawings, poems and notes. I will never

forget walking into that firehouse in Brooklyn,

past the 12 photos of smiling, tough young

firefighters, the 12 who died in the first hours

of that morning. I will never forget asking a

young firefighter, “What else can we do?” and

how he looked at me with deep brown very

sad Mediterranean eyes and sighed, “Your

prayers, we need your prayers.”

On September 11th beginning at 8:47

a.m., there will be four minutes of silence at

Ground Zero to observe the times each plane

hit and each tower fell. At 9:37 a.m. there will

be silence at the Pentagon, and at 10:03 a.m.

in Shanksville, PA. At sunset, the Tribute in

Light in the shape of the Twin Towers will

burn until sunrise on September 12.

Here in The Hague, Americans and our

friends from all nations and of every faith will

remember, knowing that out of the devastation,

One World Trade Center rises—1,776

feet tall. And the little Callery pear tree

blooms in the new warmth of spring.

We hope you will join us. Everyone is

welcome. The ceremony is for anyone who

needs to talk and be together with others on

that day. We’ve invited Ambassador Pete

Hoekstra to join us and share his thoughts.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry

said, “Remember the hours after September

11th when we came together as one. It was

the worst day we’ve ever seen, but it brought

out the best in all of us.”

We will never forget the 2,753 people

who died at the Twin Towers, 184 who died

at the Pentagon, and 40 who died in a burning

meadow in Shanksville, PA, and Luis Alvarez

and all his comrades who have died since.

Etched into the stone of the 9/11 Memorial

is a challenge:

“Dedicated to those who fell and those

who carry on.

May we never forget.”

Sponsored by Overseas Americans Remember

For more information, you can contact Roberta at oarinnl@yahoo.com


FAWCO Corner

by Barbara Brookman & Laurie Brooks

Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas, a United Nations NGO with

consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council


You are Cordially Invited to the FAWCO Region 4 Regional Meeting

Friday, October 4 –

Sunday, October 6

(Meeting takes place Saturday, October 5)

Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk, Amsterdam

All FAWCO Club Members and guests are welcome

For more information, visit www.awca.nl/fawco

or contact


Welcome back from the summer holidays!

As always, the FAWCO Global

Issues Teams have been working to

create awareness and inform FAWCO Clubs

about issues that impact the world. Below are

some of the things they’ve been working on

over the summer:


I Believe in Zero, a book by Caryl M. Stern,

the President and CEO of the US Fund for

UNICEF, was selected for this year’s Global

Book Read. Subtitled “Learning from the

World’s Children: ZERO Hunger, ZERO

Poverty, ZERO Disease,” this book has

something for everyone. Stern manages to

weave together stories based on history, humanitarian

crises and relationships. If you

have a chance to read this book, you will not

regret the time you spend with this important

piece of work.


Our own Anne van Oorschot wrote a

truly wonderful article over the summer:

FAWCO Clubs Go Green. The article highlights

eco-initiatives taken by FAWCO

Clubs in Bogotá, Lebanon and Zurich, and

what they are doing to focus on the environment.

There are some unique ideas here,

like a luncheon with a “green” theme to get

everyone focused on the topic. Please read

the full article to see how FAWCO Clubs

are helping to change the world.

Human Rights

World Refugee Day was June 20. The

Human Rights Team re-posted some awesome

activity suggestions to help get your

Club involved with this International Day,

which the UN reminds us “are occasions

to educate the public on issues of concern,

to mobilize political will and resources to

address global problems, and to celebrate

and reinforce achievements of humanity.”

Want to volunteer to coordinate an activity

for next year’s World Refugee Day?

Keep an eye out for more information

about the wonderful work that FAWCO is

doing and exciting AWC Club events with

a FAWCO focus. We will keep you updated

on the progress of the selection committee

for the new Target Program, and let you

know as soon as we know the selected


If you have any questions, or want more

information about FAWCO, please contact

us at fawco@awcthehague.org.


With the new Target Project falling under

the Health focus area, the FAWCO Health

Team is really ramping up! In June, they

published an article about a topic that many

of us have been hearing about lately: Why

Do Some Parents Choose Not to Vaccinate

Their Children? This brief article lays out

some of the more common beliefs that

some parents have that cause them not to

vaccinate their kids. You might be surprised

by some of them, but you’ll have to

read the article to find out what they are.



e-Building Lives Benefit

by Dena Haggerty

One of the AWC’s main purposes is to support philanthropic activities, which usually

involves organizing an annual gala. The past Club year we decided to do something

different. Something more fun. Something more adventurous. This year’s benefit

was held at Madurodam where we not only had a lovely three-course meal and both live

and silent auctions to raise money for charity, but a scavenger hunt, too. Attendees also

had the option to explore the park throughout the night. Despite the chilly, rainy weather,

many guests seized the opportunity. The entire evening was accompanied by a DJ who

played 80s and 90s hits to get our toes tapping.

The re-Building Lives Benefit was held on April 13 to raise funds for the Dutch nonprofit

Not For Sale (www.wearenotforsale.nl). With its aim to offer victims of human

trafficking the skills and confidence required to build a new and independent life, Not For

Sale’s mission aligned perfectly with the AWC’s goal of helping those in need, especially

women. The director of Not For Sale, Toos Heemskerk-Schep, was on hand to introduce

the charity. There was nary a dry eye in the house once Toos finished detailing the organization’s


Madurodam is nicknamed “Miniature Holland” as the park boasts miniature versions

of the most famous Dutch landmarks. Using this idea as a springboard, members of the

decorating committee decorated the venue with a Dutch theme. There were colorful paper

lanterns hanging over the dining area and, of course, tulips decorated the tables. There was

even a pink Dutch bike decorated with flowers! The decorating committee outdid themselves.

The sold-out event was jam-packed with activity. After Toos introduced the charity, the

scavenger hunt took place. Participants in groups of four to six explored the park and answered

somewhat difficult and tricky questions about the Netherlands and its history. Although some

groups admitted defeat, themajority of the participants finished the scavenger hunt within the

30-minute deadline. The winners were able to pick from a variety of prizes.

>> 38


e-Building Lives Benefit (cont.)

Continued from page 37

Those not brave enough to dare the scavenger hunt enjoyed the music of the DJ

while exploring the silent auction room filled to the brim with items donated by AWC

Members and the local community. Members generously contributed their time and skills

by offering up their services to be auctioned off. Other Members assembled luxurious

baskets, many of which resulted in bidding wars by the guests.

Once everyone was seated and the meal began, Toos once again climbed the podium

to draw the lucky winner of the 50/50 raffle. There were many moans and one scream of

delight when our very own committee member Hilde Hatlestad Volle won the € 678 prize.

It was then time for our very own Emily van Eerten to begin the live auction. The live

auction was a energetic event in which eight luxurious items were auctioned: everything

from a wine tasting to a week-long escape to the south of France. The bidding was at

times cutthroat, but it was all in good fun.

During the live auction, a glance around showed people scurrying back and forth

to the silent auction room to continue bidding on items. The bidding stayed ferocious

until the bitter end. When the end of the auction was announced, several groans as well

as chuckles of delight could be heard.

No one was a loser on the evening, though. Not when the event raised € 17,000 for

Not For Sale. This money will help sponsor women through various training programs.

Toos has kindly agreed to provide us with periodic updates regarding the women we

sponsored. The donation provided by the AWC will make a recognizable difference.

Something of which everyone in the AWC, as well as attendees and our sponsors, can

be proud.

If you find yourself munchy while exploring Amsterdam, make sure to stop by one

of the two Dignita restaurants sponsored by Not For Sale (www.eatwelldogood.nl). >> 40


Thank You to our Generous


All About Beauty

Albert Dolmans

Amber Gatewood

American Travel Center

Amy Ramsey

ASPA Beauty Spa

Audrey Goodman

Carmen & Co.

Chelsea Wald

Dahl Tax Law

Debbie Cascio

de Lof der Zotheid

Dena Haggerty


Emily van Eerten

Ēssential Oils for Health

Frits Taxi


Heather DeWitt

Holly Savoie

House of Colour

Jaimie Keppel-Molenaar

Jan Essad

Johanna Dishongh

Julie’s American Cookies




Lindsey Turnau


Marcel Vermuelen


Melissa Rider

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Credit: APl

The Dutch Daily

by Eileen Harloff

What a Find

This past February, the salvage ship

Geosund was searching the bottom of the

North Sea for containers that had recently

come loose from the ship MSC Zoe. Many

containers had already washed up on the

Wadden Islands in the North Sea, but there

were still a large number that had not yet

been located. A hoist was sent down 72 feet

(22 meters) into the sea to bring up whatever

it could find to help with the search. On

its first descent, it came up with a piece of

copper, and on its second descent, it brought

up a load of wood which likely came from

one of the thousands of ships that lay rotting

on the North Sea bottom. Another

piece of copper was found on which were

engraved three circles, four ciphers and a

strange figure. A spectacular find was realized.

Copper expert Arie Pappot, from the

Rijksmuseum, recognized the engravings

and where they came from. They dated

back to 1548, to a copper mine in Slovakia

that had been owned by the very wealthy

banking family Fugger. This is the same

mine from which the first European coins

were made. Discussions are now going on

as to whether this ancient wreck will be further


It is interesting to note that over the past

decades, some 2,960 shipwrecks have been

found in the North Sea, with some dating

back to the 17th century. Now a ship from

the 16th century can be added to the list.


Norway Gives Back Treasures

In following up to the “Payback Time”

portion of this column in the last issue of

Going Dutch, Norway has announced that

it will be returning many of the items that

are now in the Kon-Tiki Museum in Oslo

to Rapa Nui (commonly known as Easter

Island). These items were brought to Oslo

by the renowned archaeologist and explorer

Thor Heyerdahl in the years 1956 – 1988.

Among these are human bones and moais,

the huge carved figures that are lined up

along the coast on massive pedestals. It was

always Heyerdahl’s intention, says his son,

that these artifacts would be researched and

then returned home to Rapa Nui.

Soldier of Orange is Going to


On October 30, 2010, the Dutch musical

Soldaat van Oranje (Soldier of Orange)

opened at an auditorium located in a former

hanger on the Valkenburg Air Force Base

near Wassenaar. The musical is performed

in a rotating auditorium that seats 1,100

guests and is on a turntable that rotates from

scene to scene, accompanied by 180-degree

projections on panel screens around the auditorium.

It even features sea water and an

airplane runway.

The musical is based on a book that was

written by Erik Hazelhoff-Roelfzema about

his adventures during World War II. He

changed from a carefree university student to

a member of the Dutch underground, fleeing

Credit: Paull Quayle/Alamy

to England and then secretly returning with

transmitting equipment. He became a bomber

pilot and took part in raids over Germany.

He was later appointed Adjutant to Dutch

Queen Wilhelmina who had been forced by

the Dutch Cabinet to flee to England when

the Netherlands was invaded. The musical is

now in its third cast and has been seen by 2.8

million people. It is currently being translated

into English and adapted somewhat for

a non-Dutch audience. It will be performed

in a yet-to-be-built new theatre. Felicitatie!

Message from the President (cont.)

Continued from page 8

Open House was jammed, with almost 40

women, some of whom came to learn about

our Club and meet our Members. It was fun

to share all that our Club offers, and a number

of the guests signed up and joined that day.

Our Committee Chairs will be on-site to let

prospective and not-so-new Members know

about the offerings in the upcoming months.

There are a lot to choose from, including

evening and weekend activities for Members

who work outside the home, so be sure to sign

up for whatever catches your eye!

As I mentioned earlier in this letter, the

Board has been busy throughout the summer.

A point of discussion has been how to

best serve all our Members, especially those

who aren’t able to attend meetings, events, or

activities during the day. We are considering

an evening General Meeting and an evening

event open to all Members where our working

Members can network and share information

about their jobs and careers. In addition, the

Board is doing long-term planning for the

Club with the help of a newly formed ad hoc

committee to review our five-year Clubhouse

lease that is up for renewal in 2022, and how

best to negotiate with the property manager

for the updates and changes we want to see for

our space. Six Members have volunteered to

serve on the committee, which will be chaired

by our Clubhouse Administrators, Jan Essad

and Sunita Menon, who will report their recommendations

using best practices to ensure

we get the best deal for our AWC.

Now that the summer season is fading into

fall, I’m excited to be part of our dynamic

group as we begin the 2019-2020 Club year.

Each of you brings something unique to the

Club and your talents and enthusiasm make

our AWC special. I look forward to meeting

those of you who are new and renewing

friendships after months of travel and down

time. Please don’t hesitate to contact anyone

on your Board if you have questions, ideas,

or want to volunteer.

Tot ziens,



Credit: ANP Kippa


Embassy Festival

You can take a cultural trip around the

world at this free festival which spotlights

the many different cultures of The Hague

through music, art, dance and culinary delights.

The musical program includes pop,

jazz, folk and classical. Activities geared

towards children will allow them to experience

various cultures and open their

eyes to different ways of playing. The international

market features global delights.

The Embassy Festival is organized in close

co-operation with the Municipality of The

Hague’s Department of International Affairs

and the city’s many embassies, spotlighting

the different cultures that reside in the

Dutch administrative capital.

Friday, September 6 and

Saturday, September 7

Lange Voorhout, Den Haag


World Port Days Rotterdam

Wereldhavendagen (World Port Days) is a

large, annual free maritime event that will

appeal to your whole family. During this festive

weekend, you can get a glimpse behind

the scenes of Europe’s busiest port through

a wide range of activities, such as ship tours,

demonstrations, excursions, and exhibitions.

Port companies demonstrate exactly

what their ships and other sailing equipment

are capable of in a continuous program of

spectacular presentations with breathtaking

stunts and nautical expertise. You can experience

it all from the Erasmus Bridge or near

the grandstand on the Wilhelminakade.


Rotterdam Europoort

Friday, September 6 through Sunday,

September 8


Dahlia Flower Parade

Since 1929, Lichtenvoorde (east of Arnhem)

has hosted a parade featuring impressive

floats covered by dahlias grown in local

fields. Approximately 1,000 volunteers

participate in this impressive spectacle.

Entrance tickets are required to stand along

the 1.5-mile (2.5-kilometer) route and can

be purchased online. The parade ends at the

exhibition grounds, which charges a nominal

fee to see the floats illuminated at night.

Sunday, September 8

Lichtenvoorde Centrum


Open Monument Days

Open Monumentendag (European Heritage

Days in the Netherlands) is designed to

bring people into historical buildings in an

effort to rally support for the preservation

of historical monuments. About 4,000 historical

buildings and sites across the country

will be open to the public free of charge.

Here’s your chance to enter some buildings

that are not normally accessible to the public.

This year’s theme is Places of Pleasure.

Saturday, September 14 and

Sunday, September 15



Closing of Storm Surge Barrier

Once a year, the Maeslant Storm Surge

Barrier in Hoek van Holland is closed as part

of an annual test of the system in preparation

for hurricane season, which runs from

October 1 to April 15. Opened in 1997 as

part of the Delta Works to protect Rotterdam

Harbor and surrounding cities, it is one of

the largest moving structures on Earth.

Check the website for timing if you want

to witness this unique engineering marvel.

Tours in English are available; reservations

are strongly encouraged.

Saturday, September 14


Maeslantkeringweg 139, Hoek van



New Hague Art Festival

Masterly The Hague is a new annual festival

for Old Masters and Dutch Design.

Three magnificent historic buildings located

opposite the Hofvijver will open to the

public together to present the collections

of Dr. Abraham Bredius, Hoogsteder &

Hoogsteder, and Cornelis Kruseman. This

new festival will introduce these historical

paintings in combination with works by contemporary

designers specially commissioned

for this event. Tickets can be purchased online

at www.masterlythehague.com.

Thursday, September 19 –

Sunday, September 22

Lange Vijverberg 14 – 16, Den Haag

Royal Academy of Arts The Hague (costume

by Yulia Hmarnaia) with Muse Palace Huis

ten Bosch by Jan ten Compe)

41st International Kite Festival

Scheveningen is ideally situated for kiteflying

with consistent prevailing winds

blowing along the beach. During this annual

free festival, international kite builders

and enthusiasts come together to show their

skills along the beach surrounding the pier.

The skies will be filled with a huge variety

of kites of every shape and color including

teddy bears, dragons and fish.

Saturday, September 28 and

Sunday, September 29

Scheveningen Beach


Grote Kerk Open Days

The Grote Kerk, one of the oldest buildings

in The Hague, is open to visitors until

September 28 (closed on Mondays). The

tower was erected around 1420 and the

church reached its present size by the end

of the 15th century. An additional fee is

charged for a guided tour up the 288 steps

to the top of the tower. www.grotekerk-denhaag.nl

Let’s Fly Away! 100 Years of KLM

KLM celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2019

by exhibiting their archive of commissioned

photographs of their passengers, crews and

aircraft at the Amsterdam City Archives

through October 6. This fabulous free show

tracks aviation’s heyday through to the

>> 50


Announcements (cont.)

Continued from page 49

portraits, the jewels will give a fascinating

impression of over two centuries of fashion

and jewelry. Advance tickets are recommended

even if you have a Museumkaart

as there will be a surcharge for this special

exhibit. www.hermitage.nl

Photo by Kees Scherer

present with images by Dutch photographers

who have captured the rich history of air

travel. www.tinyurl.com/yx8s6jaz

Jewels! Glittering at the Russian


From mid-September until mid-March, tens

of thousands of precious gems will sparkle

at the Hermitage Amsterdam as over

300 breathtaking pieces will be on display

from the treasure trove of jewels within the

State Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Together

with an abundance of richly decorated ball

gowns, imperial costumes and majestic

Did you know that any English-speaking woman may join the AWC?

Invite your English-speaking friends from other countries who have an

affinity for Americans to join us today!




Private Pilates Lessons in

Your Own Home

I am a Certified Pilates

instructor offering mat

Pilates—tailored to your

body’s specific needs.

Monday to Friday, office

hours. Women only. Private

one-on-one or small groups

of up to three possible.

Lessons in English.

The Hague, Wassenaar area


Please email christina@gikas.

nl for more info.

Members: eNews Distribution

A weekly electronic newsletter

is sent to all AWC Members.

If you have not been receiving your eNews, please

contact Melissa at


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Support Fellow AWC


Find links to a large

variety of businesses

owned by AWC Members

at www.awcthehague.


Event information, suggestions or comments

for eNews?

Please send all eNews information to


no later than end of day each Friday for the

following week’s eNews.

AWC is a Pet-Free Zone

As much as many of our Members love

their pets, please do leave them at home

as the AWC has a long-standing policy of

no pets in the Clubhouse. Thank you for

your understanding!


page 11


The AWC is not responsible for accidents

or injuries occurring at Club activities or

on Club property. Sports and exercise

instructors must carry their own liability



Member Privacy

Please be reminded that the AWC Membership List is for AWC Member reference only and

use of this information in any communication other than AWC official business is strictly

prohibited. Members may not share the list with anyone other than another AWC Member

in good standing and never to any third party.

The AWC takes care to protect Member information and adherence to this policy is critical to

maintain Member privacy. Members are asked to report suspected misuse of the list to any

AWC Board Member.



Classified Mini-Ads:

Deadline: In general, the 1st of the month prior to the

month in which your ad will appear, although subject to

change due to holiday schedule.

AWC Member Rates:

For 45 Words

Non-Member Rates:

For 45 Words

For 25 Additional Words

Per Issue € 15 € 8

Eight Issues € 110 € 55

For 25 Additional Words

Per Issue € 10 € 5

Eight Issues € 70 € 30

How to Submit Your Ad:

Email your ad to: goingdutchads@awcthehague.org

Payment Information:

Please indicate the name of your ad on your payment so that

we are able to match up your payment with your ad.

By Bank Transfer:


IBAN: NL42ABNA0431421757

Display Ads:

For full, half, third or quarter page commercial display ads,

email our magazine staff at


Restaurant Recommendations

by Audrey Goodman

Please send your recommendations to goingdutchmag@awcthehague.org.

Maharani Indian Restaurant

Traditional Indian food created from recipes

passed down in a family tradition of creative

home cooking. (The Chicken Hariyali

Kebab is amazing!)

Noordeinde 93, 2514 GD, Den Haag

070 365 8874


Indian, Asian, Vegetarian

€€ - €€€

Monday – Sunday, 5:30 – 10:30 p.m.

La Liguria

Family-run, traditional Italian restaurant.

“We work according to the Slow Food

movement… Good, clean and fair food.”

While the weather is still nice, enjoy lunch

or dinner in their garden!

Noordeinde 97, 2514 GD, Den Haag

070 365 8387


Italian, Seafood, Mediterranean

€€ - €€€

Monday – Friday, Noon – Midnight

Saturday, Noon – 1 a.m.

Sunday, Noon – 10 p.m.

Bar & Restaurant Milú

Delicious, Japanese-inspired food made for

a shared dining experience. This spot is a favorite

in the city center, so reservations are


Driekoekjes, 2513 AZ, Den Haag

070 220 0642


Japanese, European, Bar

€€ - €€€

Sunday – Wednesday, 11 a.m. – 12:30 a.m.

Thursday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – 1:30 a.m.



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