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One look at Angeliz Venter is enough to tell you that this is no ordinary young lady.

She’s a 23-year-old student, part-time model and business owner. Pretty impressive, hey?


he Waverley beauty started

her business, KiCoco,

formerly known as Little

Gentleman, in 2016 while

studying B. Consumer Science:

Clothing Retail Management

at the University of Pretoria.

She made baby clothes as extra

production hours for her degree

before realising quickly enough that

there is a big market for baby and

toddler boys clothing.

In August of this year, she decided

to expand the business to boys, girls,

and unisex kids clothing up to the

ages of 10. She also added locally

produced baby vellies to the online

store. The shift in products prodded

Angeliz to change the name and says

it was inspired by kids around the

world and her love of coconuts and

islands. “All our designs are based on

inspiration gained from nature. We

strive to be sustainable and are a 100

percent no waste brand. We use all of

our off-cut fabrics in new designs and

repurposing them for pillow covers

and cushion stuffing,” she explains.

“I think starting a business so young

is the ultimate thrill and definitely

a good thing. Being so young I

don’t have the responsibility of

dependants and can take risks with

the business without worrying that it

will have an effect on anyone besides

myself,” Angeliz says.

Running a business, completing her

studies and working as a part-time

model is no easy task at best. “It gets

very difficult and tiring at times,

but luckily I am a very driven and

motivated person. I like to challenge

myself constantly and I think that

is what kept me going through

the last three years of running my

own business. I think the different

disciplines also helps keep my mind

fresh and prevents me from getting

overwhelmed too quickly,” she says.

Although she initially did all the

sewing herself, Angeliz these days

has a few students and a small scale

CMT (cut, make and trim factory) that

helps with production.

She designs everything herself but

says she gets her inspiration from the

people around her, especially moms.

The former Waterkloof High school

student was born and raised in the

capital and says she always knew she

wanted to one day work in fashion

and hopefully one day own her own

business. She just never expected it

to be this soon.

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned since

starting my business is to rather do

things the long and right way instead

of the quick and easy way, because

you will always have to fix the easy

way later on.

But, what is it about clothing,

especially kids clothing, that

makes Angeliz so passionate about

the industry?

“The clothing industry is very

tough and competitive and seeing

little kids especially babies in your

designs, makes it so much easier.

They just add an extra element of

achievement to your designs,”

she says.

While still in school, Angeliz decided

to get into modelling, at first to boost

her self-confidence but it evolved

from there.

You might not expect this, but

Angeliz loves spending time in

nature, whether it is skydiving,

hiking, mountain biking or simply

reading a book.

She loves sushi and her favourite

coffee shop to grab coffee with the

girls is Aroma Gelato in Lynnwood

Road. “Nothing beats a cup of

coffee with a waffle and ice cream,”

she laughs.

When work gets the better of

her and it’s time to take a break, she

spends a night in at home, watches

series or for a proper pamper

session heads to Ingaadi spa for a

relaxing massage.

KiCoco will launch on 2 November 2019 in the Oh My Baby store in Menlyn Mall

so make sure to swing by and grab a few pieces for the little people in your life.

Alternatively you can visit Get It Pretoria readers

will get a special 20% discount when shopping online.

Just use the “GETIT20” promo code.

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