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We gently glide into September and the importance of inner peace this month. Our feature video interview is with Steve Agyei, a renowned fitness, lifestyle and wellbeing coach to the rich and famous. Steve is the founder of Elysium and creator of the 1 Minute Meditation, and the Personal Best Coaching System. Elysium is a next-generation members club, focusing on life balance and wellness, providing a sanctuary for high net worth individuals. Our second video interview is with Nikos Akrivos and focuses on spirituality, what it is to Awaken and how we can experience our Ascension in this life. This issue is packed full of articles covering Health and Wellness, Supporting Local Communities to Thrive, The Big Clean Up, Next Generation Matters, Business Matters, Conscious Festivals in Europe and Spain, our new Art Competition, Sex Health, and for our spiritual section, we video interview Nikos Akrivos about Awakening and Ascension. Our Vision for the next 3 years:​ Over the next 3 years, we aim to inspire 1 million viewers/readers around the world to get out of their comfort zone by becoming self-aware and start working towards becoming the best version of them self, so as to have a positive impact on the community as a whole. Our Mission Delivers Uplifting & Inspiring Content for Conscious People in the Community. Written articles and videos. It is best to experience relaxing with a coffee or tea and reading it on a Tablet, Laptop or Desktop. To subscribe: https://www.communityspiritezine.com/subscriptions

We gently glide into September and the importance of inner peace this month.

Our feature video interview is with Steve Agyei, a renowned fitness, lifestyle and wellbeing coach to the rich and famous. Steve is the founder of Elysium and creator of the 1 Minute Meditation, and the Personal Best Coaching System. Elysium is a next-generation members club, focusing on life balance and wellness, providing a sanctuary for high net worth individuals. Our second video interview is with Nikos Akrivos and focuses on spirituality, what it is to Awaken and how we can experience our Ascension in this life. This issue is packed full of articles covering Health and Wellness, Supporting Local Communities to Thrive, The Big Clean Up, Next Generation Matters, Business Matters, Conscious Festivals in Europe and Spain, our new Art Competition, Sex Health, and for our spiritual section, we video interview Nikos Akrivos about Awakening and Ascension. Our Vision for the next 3 years:​

Over the next 3 years, we aim to inspire 1 million viewers/readers around the world to get out of their comfort zone by becoming self-aware and start working towards becoming the best version of them self, so as to have a positive impact on the community as a whole.

Our Mission
Delivers Uplifting & Inspiring Content for Conscious People in the Community.

Written articles and videos. It is best to experience relaxing with a coffee or tea and reading it on a Tablet, Laptop or Desktop. To subscribe: https://www.communityspiritezine.com/subscriptions


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How PORN Affects Our<br />

Sexuality vs TANTRA<br />

Written by Stef Wild<br />

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In this issue our theme is the Importance of Inner Peace.<br />

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Over the next 3 years, we aim to inspire 1 million viewers/readers<br />

around the world to get out of their comfort zone by becoming self<br />

aware, and start working towards becoming the best version of<br />

themselves, so as to have a positive impact on the community as a<br />

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This month's feature interview is with Steve Agyei. Steve is a<br />

renowned performance, lifestyle and wellbeing coach to the rich and<br />

famous. He has worked with Beyoncé, David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez,<br />

Emma Bunton, Tony and Cherie Blair and coached for adidas, Nike and<br />

Lululemon, plus Chelsea and Brighton and Hove Albion football clubs.<br />

Steve is the founder of Elysium and has created the Elysium Way<br />

Coaching System – How To Be Your Personal Best In Life And<br />

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Video interview Steve Agyei who works<br />

with the rich and famous, coaching them<br />

to become their personal best in life and<br />

business.<br />

Fascinating insights into what it was like<br />

to be the personal trainer for Tony Blair,<br />

a former Prime Minster of England. This<br />

interview is ideal for people who want<br />

to learn more about how to be healthier,<br />

wealthier and happier in every aspect<br />

and area of your life.<br />


Does porn affect our sexuality?<br />

In order to shed some light on this<br />

interesting discussion, we asked<br />

tantra teacher, Stef Wild to give us<br />

some advice from her own<br />

experiences.<br />


This interview really reinforces the<br />

'SPIRIT' in <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Spirit</strong>. Nikos<br />

Akrivos has made a name for himself as<br />

a healing DJ in the UK and in Ibiza, and<br />

is well known for organizing conscious<br />

parties without any drugs or alcohol,<br />

just feeling more than fine on natural<br />

vibes! We chat with him about<br />

spirituality, awakening and ascension.<br />

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Contents<br />

Being Conscious<br />

Video Interview: Nikos Akrivos - <strong>Spirit</strong>uality & Ascension - page 62<br />

The Big Clean Up - Fukushima update video - page 19<br />

Tarot Card Reading for Inner Peace - page 28<br />

The Tao of Peter Gabriel and Inner Peace - page 30<br />

<strong>Community</strong> Focus<br />

Next Generation Matters - Kristine Barnett genius son - page 57<br />

Supporting Communities - Get to know Denia - page 10<br />

Business Matters - Rental prices in Spain increase - page 41<br />

Cool Tech - Top of the range in electric bikes - page 29<br />

Art - Competition for Artists - page 25<br />

Clothing Design - Mushrooms replace leather - page 35<br />

Festival Fever - Conscious Festivals in <strong>September</strong> - page 22<br />

Being Healthy<br />

FEATURE INTERVIEW: Steve Agyei - Health,Fitness & well being - page 46<br />

Health Matters - Mindfulness - Inner Peace - page 52<br />

Health Matters - Vitalistic Magnetic Therapy - page 49<br />

Sex Health - Porn vs Tantra - page 3<br />

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S E X<br />


Written by Stef Wild<br />

H o w p o r n a f f e c t s o u r<br />

s e x u a l i t y v s t a n t r a<br />

Recently I had a lady ask me on Instagram<br />

S O , I T U R N E D T O P O R N . A T F I R S T I T<br />

@stef.is.wild about how porn affects our<br />

W A S V E R Y E M P O W E R I N G , F I N A L L Y<br />

sexuality. I used to watch porn quite regularly,<br />

especially when I was trying to learn about<br />

B E I N G A B L E T O L E A R N A B O U T T H I S<br />

what it means to be a sexual being. Because,<br />

let's face it, we all come from sex, we are all<br />

T A B O O P A R T O F M Y S E L F , B E I N G<br />

sexual beings and that is never going to<br />

A B L E T O F E E L T H E S E X U A L E N E R G Y<br />

change or go away.Porn was the only real way<br />

B E I N G A C T I V A T E D W I T H I N M E . L O O K<br />

for me to start to learn and discover a bit more<br />

A T T H E S E X U A L P O S I T I O N S A N D<br />

about this side of myself. I had a pretty crappy<br />

sex education at school, which mainly talked<br />

H O W T O P L E A S E A M A N . I C O U L D<br />

about how to not get STD's and how not to get<br />

F I N A L L Y S E E W H A T S E X W A S M E A N T<br />

pregnant, we didn't really talk about sex at<br />

home, I didn't start to become sexually active<br />

T O L O O K L I K E A N D W H A T I T M E A N T<br />

until I was 18 years of age and had no idea<br />

T O B E S E X U A L L Y A C T I V E .<br />

what to do about my sexual energy and my<br />

desires.<br />


s o p o r n b e c a m e m y t e a c h e r<br />

I learned everything I could about porn sex. I<br />

I thought that was what they wanted? I<br />

didn't even know there was any alternative. I<br />

thought that was what was expected of me?<br />

became good at porn sex. I was a pro, I even<br />

What on earth was I doing wrong? I was doing<br />

thought, boy, I could become a great porn star<br />

everything by the Porn book, yet I was feeling<br />

if I wanted to.<br />

very dis-empowered while partaking in the<br />

'Hookup culture'.<br />

But then, my long term relationship grew apart<br />

and I found myself single for the first time in<br />

I thought "Is this all there is? Is this all there is<br />

years. "No problem," I thought. I'm just going to<br />

to sex? Surely there has to be more to it?" and<br />

go out there and sleep with whoever I want to<br />

as soon as I started to ask this question, a<br />

sleep with because I'm a strong, independent<br />

Tantra book popped out at me, then I looked<br />

woman and I embrace my inner slut. And so I<br />

at Tantra workshops in my area.<br />

I thought that men would fall in love with<br />

did.<br />

because of the sexual 'porn' style prowess I<br />

me<br />

I did have some wonderful<br />

possessed.<br />

but to be honest, the rest ended<br />

experiences<br />

in tears, me feeling like a used garbage bag<br />

up<br />

I went to my first two Tantra<br />

workshops and it changed my<br />

life forever.<br />

and me taking my emotions out on men<br />

because of how horrible I would feel after<br />

S E X H E A L T H<br />

sleeping with them, before I was ready.

T h e r e w a s n o t h i n g s e x u a l i n<br />

t h e w o r k s h o p s , b u t I l e a r n e d<br />

w h a t c o n n e c t i n g b a c k i n w i t h<br />

m y s e l f m e a n t .<br />

I learned what real, love-filled connection and<br />

We have outsourced our sexual education to<br />

intimacy with others meant. I learned what<br />

Porn companies and dis-empowered ourselves<br />

boundary setting and respecting myself and<br />

because we have been taught to think of sex as<br />

others meant. I learned about asking and<br />

a taboo topic. And if you think Porn isn't much<br />

giving consent and also learned about sexual<br />

of a problem then here are some stats:<br />

energy and how powerful it is and how it is<br />

important to be aware of it and respect it.<br />

The number of girls aged 18 and under<br />

undergoing labiaplasties has nearly doubled.<br />

None of this is present in or taught Porn, yet<br />

In 2014, 222 girls underwent the procedure,<br />

up to 400 in 2015, according to the American<br />

because we are all too guilt and shame ridden<br />

to talk about sex, to provide ourselves with the<br />

Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. - This<br />

statistic has since grown further.<br />

quality sexual education that we deserve and<br />

need, this is where we are all turning to for<br />

education (whether we consciously know it or<br />

not)<br />


force energy), the more it will manifest in<br />

A casual survey of forums where people<br />

discuss "bad sex" suggests that men tend to<br />

negative ways, more shame, trauma, lack of<br />

education, perversions. On the flip side, if we<br />

use the term to describe a passive partner or<br />

a boring experience. But when most women<br />

accept that sex is natural, normal, innocent<br />

and also an art form that should be studied via<br />

talk about "bad sex," they tend to mean<br />

coercion, or emotional discomfort or, even<br />

correct sexual education, then it has the<br />

potential to free us from shame, guilt and help<br />

more commonly, physical pain. Debby<br />

heal a lot of trauma.<br />

Herbenick, a professor at the Indiana<br />

University School of Public Health, and one<br />

of the forces behind the National Survey of<br />

There was a time when I unknowingly<br />

outsourced my sexual education to porn<br />

Sexual Health and Behavior, confirmed this.<br />

"When it comes to 'good sex,'" she told me,<br />

companies, which led me to accept "hookup"<br />

culture and not being conscious of the sexual<br />

"women often mean without pain, men often<br />

mean they had orgasms."<br />

choices I was making for myself...this led to<br />

tears, hurting others, unprocessed emotions<br />

and feeling dis-empowered. Today, I choose to<br />

And there are loads more where that comes<br />

from!<br />

consciously empower myself in this area of life<br />

by:<br />

Sex isn't just going to go away. Just because<br />

we choose to push it away, not talk about it,<br />

De-conditioning and reprogramming my<br />

subconscious mind on what it means to be a<br />

make it taboo, doesn't mean that it's going to<br />

become obsolete. The reality is we are all<br />

sexual being and what being sexually<br />

empowered means to me.<br />

sexual beings, whether we accept it or not. We<br />

all come from sex, our parents had sex and<br />

Working on myself, doing my inner work and<br />

healing my unprocessed emotions and<br />

that is how we were conceived. Why is it that<br />

pregnancy is seen as innocent and beautiful<br />

trauma - this way I'm not engaging in sexual<br />

activities from a "wounded being "<br />

but sex is seen as "nasty", "dirty" and something<br />

that shouldn't be spoken about? To me, that<br />

perspective and causing myself to<br />

experience more pain.<br />

doesn't make sense. The more we push this<br />

powerful sexual energy to the side(aka, our life

Prices for private sessions start from €75 per persom<br />

Your Aura Experiwence is healing for your Heart & Soul<br />

Contact to book your appointment<br />


Loving, respecting and embracing my body<br />

as it is.<br />

Making sure I feel safe in my body by setting<br />

in sexual situations.<br />

Consciously embracing my erotic and<br />

sensual nature - this means that I no longer<br />

Advertising space<br />

available<br />

solid boundaries, so I know I can trust myself<br />

trap myself in shame and guilt for being who<br />

I naturally am (a sexual being). This allows<br />

me to be free to be my true self and make<br />

better choices for myself. It also helps me<br />

empower others by speaking my truth.<br />

To place your advert here,<br />

send your request to:<br />

Understanding that my sexual energy is my<br />

life force energy and I'm no longer going to<br />

share it with just anyone, anymore. To me,<br />

Not everyone deserves my energy. This<br />

communityspiritezine@gmail.com<br />

sex is sacred. It's a sacred energy exchange.<br />

means that I have little or no sex in my life<br />

at the moment but I'm ok with that because<br />

I have learned how to channel my energy<br />

into other areas of my life. I am a powerful<br />

sexual being but I am not trapped by the<br />

need to have sex.<br />

This is what makes me feel sexually<br />

empowered. What makes you feel sexually<br />

empowered? Through Tantra, I have learned<br />

that sex can be deeply healing, loving,<br />

nurturing and a way to connect us to higher<br />

levels of consciousness. This perspective is<br />

not present in our mainstream culture. Let's<br />

empower ourselves through openly talking<br />

about this area of life, looking to other<br />

conscious ways to learn about sex and no<br />

longer outsourcing our education to those<br />

who don't care about our sexual well-being.<br />

Bio: Stef Wild<br />

Stef Wild is a Tantra teacher with a deep<br />

passion for empowering others to live<br />

according to their own truth.<br />

Instagram @Stef.is.wild<br />

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/stefwild<br />

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Stef.is.Wild<br />

Website http://www.StefWild.com

S U P P O R T I N G<br />

C O M M U N I T I E S T O T H R I V €<br />

Let's Discover 14 great things about Denia, near Valencia<br />

Best places to eat out, best beaches, where to go shopping for<br />

local arts and crafts, and learn more about its culture and history.<br />

Content courtesy of www.thecrazytourist.com

1. Les Marines<br />

Starting just north of the harbour, Les Marines may be the pick of Dénia’s superb beaches.At almost<br />

three kilometres long it’s spacious enough that you can escape the crowds and laze in peace on the soft<br />

golden sands.Behind the beach are low dunes and a mix of unobtrusive apartments and large holiday<br />

homes.Kids will love it too, and you can let the little ones play in the shallows as the beach shelves very<br />

gradually.As befits a Blue Flag reach there are beach bars and restaurants, and you can also hire<br />

pedalos from the shore.<br />

2. Punta del Raset<br />

The closest beach to the centre of Dénia still<br />

manages to have an open, natural feel about<br />

it.Punta del Raset is broad enough that you’ll<br />

need to use the wooden walkways that traverse<br />

the dusky golden sands, which can get pretty<br />

toasty under the summer sun.And as with Les<br />

Marines, its size guarantees some seclusion,<br />

even on July and August weekends.Also<br />

convenient is Punta del Raset’s western<br />

orientation, facing away from the harbour and the<br />

easterly winds, so the sea is smoother here than<br />

on Dénia’s other beaches.

3. Castillo de Dénia<br />

On a crag behind the port, Dénia’s castle was built by the Moors in the 10th century on top of the<br />

foundations of a fortreess from the Roman city of Diannium.In the 11th-century it would have been a<br />

sumptuous palace, as it was the home of the Moorish governor of the Daniya Madinat.Later though it<br />

was needed for military purposes to offer a stronghold against the Barbary Pirates who attacked the<br />

coast incessantly in the early modern age.The castle is the highest point in the city and you can get up<br />

to the roof for the best view of the harbour and also Montgó to the southeast.<br />

4. Montgó<br />

If you want a tale to tell your friends you can<br />

tackle this monolithic 750-metre mountain that<br />

separates Dénia from neighbouring Jávea.What<br />

you don’t need to tell them is that, despite its<br />

powerful appearance, it’s actually a relatively<br />

straightforward climb.If you take the CV-736, you<br />

can pull off on a side track and park near the<br />

shooting club.Tackling the mountain from the east<br />

side the going is surprisingly easy, as the path<br />

winds up along grey limestone terraces.It’s only<br />

near the top that you’ll need to go carefully, as<br />

there’s a fair bit of scree after about 600 metres or<br />

so.After that you can drink in the sight of Dénia<br />

and its port in miniature.

5. Les Rotes<br />

The further east you go from the port the smaller and rockier the beaches get.If you prefer small coves<br />

to sweeping beaches then you’ll love this part of the resort.Les Rotes is a chain of little rock pools and<br />

cute beaches that despite being in a quiet part of Dénia are complemented by a clutch of posh seafood<br />

restaurants.They take advantage of the exquisite scenery, with clear views of the golden sandstone<br />

cliffs of Cabo San Antonio and across the waters of the marine park below.<br />

6. Local Gastronomy<br />

Dénia’s fishing industry is alive and well, in part<br />

thanks to one specific type of crustacean.The<br />

Dénia red prawn has a bright red tint and lives in<br />

a deep sea trench 600 metres beneath the<br />

surface between this part of the Valencian coast<br />

and Ibiza.Its habitat and algae diet gives it a<br />

flavour that gourmands claim is unmatched – but<br />

be prepared to shell out a bit extra for this type of<br />

prawn because it’s tricky to catch.The local<br />

seafood paella is as good as any you’ll taste, and<br />

you should also sample espencat, a Valencian<br />

salad with red peppers and aubergine, and<br />

usually served with cod.

www.<strong>Community</strong><strong>Spirit</strong>ezine.com<br />

7. Gerro Tower<br />

You could also take an exhilarating seafront walk up<br />

to this vase-like historic watchtower, perched on the<br />

bluffs on the Dénia side of Cabo de San Antonio.It<br />

was built in the mid-16th century during the reign of<br />

Carlos I, and was part of the first generation of<br />

coastal watchtowers designed to detect or even fight<br />

off incursions by Berber pirates.The structure<br />

belonged to a system of defences that would<br />

communicate with each other via mirrors or smoke,<br />

and this one would have been pretty self-sufficient<br />

as it was built on a freshwater spring.The most<br />

exciting part for amateur historians is the surviving<br />

coat of arms of Carlos V, with the two-headed eagle<br />

of the Habsburg Empire.<br />

8. Barrio Baix la Mar<br />

One of the nicest parts of Dénia for strolling is the<br />

Barrio Baix la Mar, a seafront quarter that for<br />

centuries had a large population of fishermen and<br />

sailors.It’s an area of one and two-storey homes<br />

brightly painted in blue, yellow and red.The<br />

wrought iron balconies are decorated with flowers<br />

and plants that cascade down the walls.These<br />

homes are mostly from the 18th and 19th<br />

centuries, but there’s evidence that it was also a<br />

waterside district in Moorish times.The closer you<br />

get to the water there more restaurants you’ll<br />

encounter, and close to the port these have<br />

outdoor seating shaded by palm trees and canvas<br />


www.<strong>Community</strong><strong>Spirit</strong>ezine.com<br />

9. Toy Museum<br />

For the first few decades of the 20th<br />

century Dénia was a centre for toymaking,<br />

after its raisin industry was<br />

wrecked by the phylloxera<br />

blight.Starting in 1904 metallic<br />

models of trains and the like were<br />

assembled here.From the 1920s the<br />

city turned its attention to wooden<br />

toys, and became known for the high<br />

quality of its model cars, dolls,<br />

bowling sets and sailboats, all<br />

carved, varnished and painted to<br />

exacting standards.At this free<br />

attraction in Dénia’s former train<br />

station you can check out these<br />

vintage toys, and track the<br />

progression of toy-making in the city,<br />

from the turn of the century to the<br />

1960s.<br />

10. Ethnology Museum<br />

This attraction takes you back a bit further, to the<br />

1800s when Dénia experienced a bit of a boom<br />

thanks to its dried fruit harvest.The income from<br />

raisins helped expand the city, create a middleclass<br />

and brought a railway line with it.On the<br />

ground floor you can check out archive<br />

photography of raisin production in action.Higher<br />

up you can see what the wealth meant for the new<br />

bourgeoisie, and the clothes and jewellery that<br />

were in fashion at the time.Then on the top floor<br />

are more rustic displays of work tools and folk<br />

costume, as well as a map that indicated the<br />

extent of Dénia’s maritime trade with other<br />


www.<strong>Community</strong><strong>Spirit</strong>ezine.com<br />

11. Cabo de San Antonio<br />

The walk to the tip of this<br />

monumental headland to the<br />

southeast of Dénia may seem a bit<br />

forbidding to families, but the good<br />

news is that there’s an upland road<br />

twisting past old windmills to get you<br />

there.Many people pack a picnic and<br />

spend a good couple of hours<br />

revelling in views that extend out<br />

to Ibizaon clear days.The cliffs are<br />

160 metres high and are part of a<br />

marine reserve, where fishing is<br />

prohibited in the waters below and<br />

grouper and sea cicadas flourish.<br />

12. Hermitages<br />

A fun way to get out in the countryside around<br />

Dénia is to set off in search of one of the handful<br />

of old hermitages, or chapels, usually dating to<br />

the 15th and 16th centuries.These tended to be<br />

set far away from settlements and today usually<br />

remain unfrequented apart perhaps from small<br />

weekly masses and saint’s days when people may<br />

make the pilgrimage.You can get detailed<br />

information on how to find them from Dénia’s<br />

tourism office.Take Pare Pere, on the middle<br />

slopes of Montgó, which sits within the natural<br />

park in pine-woodland.Still standing is the modest<br />

17th-century house used by the founder, Fray<br />

Pedro Esteve during his retreats for prayer and<br />


www.<strong>Community</strong><strong>Spirit</strong>ezine.com<br />

13. Water Sports<br />

Those in the know rate Dénia as one<br />

of the top destinations in Spain for<br />

water sports.This has much to do with<br />

the resort’s orientation, catching the<br />

prevailing winds at places like Les<br />

Deveses at the top end of Punta del<br />

Raset.it’s great news for windsurfers<br />

and kite-surfers, and if you’ve ever<br />

felt like giving these sports a go you’ll<br />

never have a better chance than in<br />

Dénia.The same goes for sailing, as<br />

there are several schools in the<br />

harbour.For spectators, the Real Club<br />

Náutico de Dénia (royal sailing<br />

school) is famed for its prestigious<br />

regattas, the Ruta de la Sal and the<br />

Copa del Canal.<br />

14. Cova Tallada<br />

There’s no way to reach this cave in the San<br />

Antonio reserve unless you’re willing to get<br />

intrepid.By land you can get there from Les Rotes,<br />

continuing past the Gerro Watchtower.From the<br />

rim of the bluffs are two hair-raising paths down:<br />

It’s vital that you wear suitable shoes for this.A<br />

more relaxing way is to book a kayak trip with one<br />

of Dénia’s adventure sports companies and<br />

paddle here instead.However you get there the<br />

cave is worth the effort, with clear, sheltered<br />

waters, perfect for snorkelling, and a huge<br />

chamber to investigate.Many people come just to<br />

sunbathe on the rocks and swim in the warm,<br />

clear sea.<br />

Content courtesy of www.thecrazytourist.com

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M A G - E Z I N E<br />

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T H E B I G C L E A N U P<br />

Watch video: To see the update of how the big clean up is going.<br />


TODAY<br />

-8 YEARS<br />


Tech: Home<br />

C H E C K T H I S O U T !<br />


The Spanish Government approved on Friday 5 April<br />

a Royal Decree that regulates the new conditions for selfconsumption<br />

of electricity, which encourage collective selfconsumption<br />

and establishes a simplified mechanism for<br />

compensation of self-produced and unconsumed energy.<br />

The new energy regulation has put an end to the so-called<br />

'sun tax' introduced by the conservative Popular Party in<br />

2015 to tax the development of photovoltaic solar energy<br />

and self-consumption in Spain. From now on, Spain will be<br />

in line with its European neighbors and closer to achieving<br />

the EU's energy targets for 2030.<br />

The Minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera,<br />

foresees that the boost of self-consumption will have a<br />

"positive effect on the economic activity, on the electrical<br />

and energy system, and on consumers", such as the<br />

reduction of the price of the electricity bill. According to the<br />

Government, the measures adopted will permit society to<br />

take advantage of the potential that solar energy can offer<br />

as it will provide an alternative to citizens and it will allow<br />

the entrance of new actors into the electrical system.

G r a b t h e p o p c o r n ! I t ' s t i m e<br />

t o w a t c h a m o v i e !<br />

F I L M R e c o m m e n d a t i o n<br />

T H E R H O O D<br />

O<br />

Initial release: August 2, <strong>2019</strong> (USA)<br />

Director: Cindy Chupack<br />

Based on: Whatever Makes You Happy; by: William Sutcliffe<br />

Producers: Jason Michael Berman, Cathy Schulman<br />

Screenplay: Cindy Chupack, Mark Andrus<br />

Feeling forgotten on Mother's Day, three best friends drive from the suburbs to New York City to<br />

reconnect with their adult sons.<br />

W A N T T O P L A C E Y O U R A D V E R T H E R E<br />

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W H A T ' S O N T H I S S E P T E M B E R ?<br />

FEVER<br />

O U T L O O K F E S T I V A L<br />

4-9 <strong>September</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />

Pula, Croatia<br />

www.outlookfestival.com<br />

S P I R A L K N I G H T S E C O - F E S T<br />

6-15 <strong>September</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />

Evia Island, Greece<br />

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Northallerton, England<br />

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B U B B L E F E S T I V A L<br />

16-22 <strong>September</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />

Malta<br />






SEPTEMBER 13-15, <strong>2019</strong>,<br />





<strong>Community</strong><br />

Artist<br />






C O M M U N I T Y S P I R I T E Z I N E @ G M A I L . C O M

took me more than 40 years to bring my artistic side<br />

It<br />

... out<br />

a long time, numbers were at the center of my life.<br />

For<br />

by modern mathematics I have now moved to<br />

Built<br />

lightning of life has imposed itself on me here in<br />

This<br />

and more particularly in Valencia.<br />

Spain<br />

all the forms of modern art, the ones that inspire me<br />

Of<br />

most are: abstract art, street art, modern art, .... I want<br />

the<br />

like being creative by playing with colors, lines, shapes, surfaces, ... to<br />

I<br />

new things and to provoke emotions in people.<br />

discover<br />

you can see throughout your walk in my pages<br />

As<br />

canvas, my paintings do not have a name .... just<br />

and<br />

unique number that represents it !! A little nod to<br />

a<br />

am not a number" ....<br />

"I<br />

I am not a number<br />


modern art.<br />

to try everything!<br />

See you soon ...

Click on the Sliding<br />

Gallery below<br />


@HealingTarot<br />

Written by Simona Thai<br />

www.groundingenergies.com<br />

healingtarot17@gmail.com<br />

I N N E R P E A C E T A R O T C A R D R E A D I N G<br />

We don't need to go far to reach inner<br />

peace, inner peace comes from within<br />

not from the outside. If we are waiting<br />

for something to give us inner peace we<br />

are just losing time, time that would be<br />

better used to watch inside of us to find<br />

the answer we are looking for.<br />

Confusion is a disturbance that is<br />

necessary to teach us the ability to get<br />

out of it and listen to our higher self.<br />

I know it's not easy at all but listening<br />

to our physical body is a good strategy.<br />

Another important factor to reach inner<br />

peace is to connect our mind to the<br />

heart.<br />

When the mind follows the heart we tune<br />

into our soul purpose and that's when<br />

magic happens.<br />

When the mind drives the heart we get<br />

sensations of restriction and<br />

disconnected feelings could bring us to<br />

experience loneliness and despair.<br />

The best way to feel inner peace is when you know you<br />

are following your path.<br />

A sense of peace and satisfaction will surround you and<br />

the ability not be involved in other people's drama will<br />

increase. Once you have experienced the turmoils in life<br />

and detach from them you'll be able to see your past<br />

peacefully and a brighter future being able to help<br />

others.<br />

Inner peace doesn't come with perfectionism but with<br />

the ability of flowing with the life force, accepting the<br />

reality as well as adapting and changing your<br />

perspective.<br />

Spending time in nature and dedicating yourself in art is<br />

really helpful, so dance, sing and honour your life.<br />

Express yourself fully with authenticity and use<br />

creativity at its wholeness.<br />

It is just a matter of cycle and you determine your story!<br />

Remember: when practicing kindness, generosity and<br />

altruism you'll get an amazing sense of inner peace in<br />

return because giving unconditionally without<br />

expectations is one's of the best ways to feel inner peace.

<strong>Community</strong> <strong>Spirit</strong> <strong>eZine</strong><br />

Cool Tech<br />


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T O<br />

P<br />

E<br />

Written by Andie Sattler<br />

T<br />

and Inner Peace: A Different<br />

Interpretation<br />


Much has been said about the workings of inner peace in our<br />

society; how to get it, how to find it and how to keep it. However,<br />

inner peace does not seem to be something that can be actively<br />

pursued. In our complicated world of mainstream and social<br />

media; troubled relationships, impure environment and chemicalladen<br />

food sources, inner peace seems something relegated to<br />

the select few and a concept only reserved for the monks and<br />

mystics. However, in this country of life, liberty and the pursuit<br />

of happiness (i.e. the US), many are pursuing inner peace like<br />

never before. Stories abound of prolific activities including yoga<br />

groups, positive affirmation mantras, active purchases of a bevy<br />

of self-help missives, vacations to exotic places, individual or<br />

group therapy sessions with a professional and all manner of<br />

money spent in the prolific pursuit of something that perhaps<br />

may be more esoteric and simpler in nature.<br />

To use Peter Gabriel’s majestic classic musical work, ‘Blood of<br />

Eden' from the solo album ‘Us’, (released in 1993) as a guide to<br />

this perplexing issue, both in oneself and in one’s relationships,<br />

we can see clearly that inner peace may be so much deeper and<br />

more than the pursuit of happiness. Although this particular<br />

piece was heralded to be about divorce, the ubiquitous concept<br />

can alternately be used to guide us through the concept of inner<br />

peace. His lyrics start out with the obvious problem :<br />

I caught sight of my reflection<br />

I caught it in the window<br />

I saw the darkness in my heart<br />

I saw the signs of my undoing<br />

They had been there from the start<br />

And the darkness still has work to do<br />

The knotted chord's untying<br />

They're heated and they're holy<br />

Oh they're sitting there on high<br />

So secure with everything they're buying

...and then continues with the second stanza:<br />

My grip is surely slipping<br />

I think I've lost my hold<br />

Yes, I think I've lost my hold I cannot get insurance anymore<br />

They don't take credit, only gold<br />

Is that a dagger or a crucifix I see<br />

You hold so tightly in your hand<br />

And all the while the distance grows between you and me<br />

I do not understand<br />

These soulful and descriptive lyrics on some level mirror the human<br />

condition; both in identifying and knowing that the seeds of our<br />

inherent destruction are not only apparent and manifest from the<br />

beginning, but are contributing to one’s unrest, including manifesting in<br />

relationship issues, financial difficulties, thus making inner peace<br />

nearly impossible. Isn’t that every man on some<br />

level, working to fight against the underlying darkness or perceived<br />

rejections that seems to be a potential threat to our own efficacy,<br />

freedom, and self-actualization?<br />

So the question remains with this constricting dynamic of how does one<br />

actually achieve inner peace, in such a potentially contentious<br />

condition? Looking back on the insightful lyrics, Gabriel goes on to<br />

make a profound exclamatory point, that should not be denied and<br />

perhaps be seen as the apex turning point to finding a new road of<br />

consciousness:<br />

At my request, you take me in<br />

In that tenderness, I am floating away<br />

No certainty, nothing to rely on<br />

Holding still for a moment<br />

What a moment this is<br />

Oh for a moment of forgetting, a moment of bliss<br />


Gabriel goes on to illustrate that it is in letting go, not holding on which creates a<br />

‘moment of bliss’. In letting go, we release our dependence on the outcome; in letting<br />

go, we release life’s obligation to turn out as we require it to, thus healing our very<br />

own relationship with life itself, into one of mutual respect, rather than anxious<br />

attachment with the expectation of impending doom or annihilation by actively<br />

pursuing something that is in reality endemic to our nature needing no pursuit at all.<br />

It is in the unclenching of the fist of insistence and the opening of one’s hand and<br />

heart that we are able to take in the experience in the present moment as it is, rather<br />

than what we feel it should be or relegating our outlook to our past experiences. It is<br />

the ultimate forgiveness, not only to those who have wronged us, but the forgiveness<br />

of the entire threedimensional paradigm of lack and not enough and the perpetual<br />

fight to include our own piece of it.<br />

Gabriel goes on to explain the human condition with these profound<br />

statements:<br />

I can hear the distant thunder<br />

Of a million unheard souls<br />

Of a million unheard souls<br />

Watch each one reach for creature comfort<br />

For the filling of their holes<br />

It is in the action of filling of one’s holes, that substantiates the reality of<br />

the hole. Unfortunately, many of us create the condition of cause and effect<br />

in our lives, thus contributing to the belief structure that there is indeed a<br />

need to be filled, whereas the true reality is, there is no need to do<br />

anything but be present in the moment and be aware of our part on the<br />

larger collective, and from there ultimately our responsibility in that also.<br />

Gabriel finishes the song with these at depth statements:<br />

It was all for the union<br />

Oh, the union of the woman, the woman and the man.<br />

The blood of eden keeps running through me<br />

running through my veins<br />

the blood of eden keeps rushing through me<br />

when I'm sure there's none that remains<br />

the blood of eden keeps running through me<br />

I can feel it in my bones<br />

that blood of eden keeps rushing through me taking back what it owns

One can superficially interpret those lyrics as a relationship model<br />

between a man and a woman but if looked at with new more cosmic<br />

eyes, one can easily see, that the experience can be always<br />

interpreted as an invitation to accept the oneness and union that is<br />

inherent in everything that is.<br />

Alone or matched, prince or pauper, of high station or low, acknowledged or ignored,<br />

suffering is optional. We are all a part of the cosmic consciousness, and that<br />

consciousness runs through our veins, bones, our very breath and to welcome it at<br />

every turn with no conditions, even if the experience gives us great challenge in<br />

believing its deeper meaning and invitation. Everything is connected, everything is<br />

united, everything is working toward the expression of the whole, and that when one<br />

one fully accepts and internalizes that profound concept, is when one will finally find<br />

what the pursuit of happiness has been failing them all of their lives.<br />

It is in the moment of forgetting (our separation), is the moment we find our eternal<br />

bliss and inner peace.<br />

Thank you, Peter for being such an Earth Angel.<br />

Author Bio:<br />

Andie Sattler is a<br />

connected infinite<br />

spiritual being who<br />

plays the avatar identity<br />

of a deep thinker, music<br />

aficionado super-fan,<br />

writer, homeschool<br />

parent and Reiki<br />

practitioner in the Palm<br />

Beaches, Florida. She<br />

loves palm trees and<br />

animals, but loves to be<br />

both all and nothing at<br />

the same time, best.

Conscious<br />

Fashion<br />


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CREATE<br />









SEPTEMBER <strong>2019</strong><br />

healing tips<br />

Every issue we bring you practical healing methods you can<br />

easily apply to your life, that can have a massive positive<br />

impact on you, both mentally & phyically.<br />

R U B B I S H F U L L O F N E G A T I V E T H O U G H T S<br />

Without being aware of it, we all keep emotional rubbish bins that we fill up with<br />

negative thoughts about people we love, like brothers, sisters, parents or just close<br />

friends. When we get upset we fill these bins with even more rubbish that we think<br />

about this person. So when ever we think about them, so go back to the bin and all we<br />

can think about them is the rubbish we've thrown into their bin. This totally blocks us<br />

from seeing all the good things they are doing and seeing them from who they really<br />

are!<br />

R E M E B E R T O E M P T Y Y O U R R U B B I S H B I N !<br />

So be conscious, be aware of what you are thinking about people you love!<br />

When you notice that you are having negative thoughts about people you love, then<br />

it's time to take action and empty your rubbish bin. Visualise your emotional rubbish<br />

bin in your mind, grab hold of and throw out all the rubbish negative thoughts until it<br />

is empty.<br />

F I L L Y O U R R E C Y C L E B I N W I T H P O S I T I V E T H O U G H T S<br />

So be conscious, be self aware and start to think of all the great things that people<br />

close to you do and send them love.<br />

Also be aware that people make mistakes and that there lives can be very different to<br />

yours, and that they don't do things to deliberately annoy you or upset you, it's just<br />

the way it is in that moment. From now on, keep recycling your thoughts and filling<br />

your bin with love. Before long, you'll start to notice the magic taking effect in your<br />

life and the positive energy coming back to you. This is a simple and practical tip that<br />

when applied to your life, can have a massive positive effect!

Guide to being more<br />

Self Aware<br />

Are my<br />

thoughts<br />

negative or<br />

positive?<br />

Am I aware of<br />

how my<br />

subconscious<br />

mind works<br />

and how to<br />

stop the<br />

negative<br />

chatter?<br />

When I talk,<br />

am I coming<br />

from a place<br />

of love, or a<br />

place of fear?<br />

Am I learning<br />

to evolve<br />

from my<br />

interactions<br />

with people ?<br />

Do I feel out<br />

of balance?<br />

Does my gut /<br />

solar plexus<br />

feel<br />

uncomfortable<br />

?<br />

Am I aware<br />

that with a<br />

short<br />

meditation I<br />

can be<br />

present in my<br />

heart chakra<br />

and feel<br />

immense love<br />

and joy!<br />


usiness<br />

matters<br />

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50% IN FIVE YEARS<br />


A new report from the Bank of Spain has revealed that the average cost of rent in Spain has risen 50% in<br />

the past five years. According to the study, which is based on figures from the real estate website Idealista,<br />

rental prices rose the most in Palma and Barcelona (more than 50%), followed by Málaga, Madrid, Las<br />

Palmas de Gran Canaria and Valencia (around 45%), between the end of 2013 and May <strong>2019</strong>. Areas in<br />

inland Spain however, saw the lowest spikes in rental prices.<br />

The report found that the rental prices have increased at a “significantly” faster rate than housing costs.The<br />

rising cost of rent is hitting low-income homes particularly hard. According to the study, families with few<br />

resources, who account for the majority of the rental community, are less likely to buy property, given the<br />

difficulty of accessing credit. What’s more, they spend a higher percentage of their salary on rent. The<br />

report showed that in 2014, the average spending on rental expenses represented 27% of the net income<br />

of all Spanish homes, and 46.9% of the net income of low-income homes. In both cases, Spain is above the<br />

OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) country average.According to the report,<br />

“24.7% of homes had rental costs of more than 40% of their net income in 2014, compared to the OECD<br />

average of 13.1%.” Spaniards in the lowest income bracket spend 63.9% of their net earnings on rent, a<br />

figure only topped by Greece (68.6%).<br />

The Bank of Spain report indicates that the increasing profitability of rental properties has attracted new<br />

players to the market such as investment funds, businesses and real estate investment trusts (known in<br />

Spain as socimis). The study, however, says this is not the only possible factor behind the rise in rental<br />

prices. Other causes include the precariousness of working conditions, which make it more difficult for<br />

Spaniards who are unemployed or in temporary jobs to buy property; the growing number of people<br />

moving to the cities in search of work; and the reduced amount of available social housing.The Bank of<br />

Spain study does not reach any strong conclusions on whether the rise in short-term vacation rentals like<br />

Airbnb have pushed up the cost of rent in Spain. While the report makes note of the trend, it argues there<br />

is no proven correlation.

The destination has jumped to fourth<br />

position on the latest HSBC global survey,<br />

with 83% of foreign residents saying their<br />

overall well-being had improved since<br />

arriving<br />

Attics Mythics … The history of these apartments<br />

that have become an object of desire.<br />

In modern architecture, the attic is the floor<br />

located nearest to the roof, at the top of the<br />

face of the building, set back on the street side,<br />

to make way for a balcony or terrace.<br />

At a time when the prices take off for this type of<br />

housing in Spain (and elsewhere), it is difficult to<br />

think that the penthouse was previously the<br />

apartment reserved for the porter or the service<br />

staff … Because at the time when the elevator<br />

did not exist (or was not within the reach of all<br />

budgets) and where the roofs were poorly<br />

insulated, the attic did not arouse so much<br />

greed: the first floors were the most wanted: no<br />

need to climb the stairs and in case of fire a<br />

faster exit: in short, the higher you went, the<br />

lower the prices … In this context, going down,<br />

we gained in size! (The social lift is something<br />

else Everything has changed !<br />

Today, we fight to rent or buy an attic even if the<br />

prices have flown! This type of good is rare and<br />

so expensive … Sometimes double for the same<br />

surface! In Madrid, at the height of the real<br />

estate bubble, the square meter of an attic has<br />

sometimes reached 13,000 euros … At the<br />

moment, in the central areas of the big Spanish<br />

cities, it costs on average 5,000 euros per square<br />

meter .But the penthouse, in addition to<br />

representing an interesting investment, allows its<br />

occupants to feel as though they are at the<br />

countryside while being in town: the clear view,<br />

the nearly total absence of noise, the brightness<br />

and the possibility of having a small garden or a<br />

piece of garden that caresses the sky, simply<br />

help to forget the sometimes prohibitive prices.

h e c k o u t t h i s d i s c o u n t<br />

C<br />

’ m s h a r i n g w i t h y o u t o<br />

I<br />

u r c h a s e y o u r n e w c a r d<br />

p<br />

e a d e r f o r j u s t E u r o 2 5<br />

r<br />

n d b e g i n a c c e p t i n g<br />

a<br />

a r d p a y m e n t s . S i g n u p<br />

c<br />

i t h t h i s l i n k :<br />

w<br />

t t p : / / r . s u m u p . i o / j w A 1 -<br />

h<br />

Let the<br />

money<br />

sum up!<br />

SumUp has one of the lowest card fees on the market!<br />

Euro 39 (excluding IVA) for machine and only pay 1.5% per operation.<br />

The SumUp Air card reader is one of several innovative new mobile credit card machines available to Spanish businesses. The<br />

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W A T C H T H E E X C L U S I V E F E A T U R E V I D E O<br />

I N T E R V I E W<br />


Richard T. Voller, interviews Steve Agyei who works with the<br />

rich and famous, coaching them to become their personal<br />

best in life and business.<br />

Fascinating insights into what it was like to be the personal<br />

trainer for Tony Blair, a former Prime Minster of England.<br />

This interview is ideal for people who want to learn more<br />

about how to be healthier, wealthier and happier in every<br />

aspect and area of your life.<br />


AURI & YOGI<br />

Experience Dru Yoga & Aura Painting in Valencia<br />



A half day event for up to 20 people,<br />

that includes Dru yoga exercises followed by<br />

aura painting for each person.<br />

It also includes a healthy snacks and tea.<br />

Bringing your inner voice<br />

together<br />

with your outer voice.<br />

Through yoga, breathing & guided meditation... that lights up in a personalised<br />

Aura Painting.<br />

Let your Soul shine and sparkle in delight!<br />

This normally costs Euro 49 per & includes healthy snacks & herbal tea. During August <strong>2019</strong>,<br />

we are offering a 25% discount per person.<br />

Contact us to book a private event:<br />

Christina - +32 495 88 36 45<br />

Richart - 00 34 602.564.973

Have you ever heard of<br />

Vitalistic Magnetic<br />

Therapy?<br />

magnetic therapy, or Bio-magnetic adjustment, consists in finding and<br />

Vitalistic<br />

energetically, the causes that make it impossible for the vital energy to flow<br />

draining,<br />

our body at a good level. The vital energy is what takes care of our body so<br />

through<br />

it does not get sick and the essential thing is to always keep it in good condition.<br />

that<br />

can be various causes that affect this vital energy at the time of flow, such as<br />

There<br />

existence of food, chemical, environmental, emotional or stressors of inherited<br />

the<br />

load or stress, also vital energy leaks (by a strong blow, etc.) energy anemia,<br />

genetic<br />

imbalance in the spine, toxic emotions, lack of energy hydration, energy acidity,<br />

some<br />

or overload of emotions in some organ ... among others.<br />

pain<br />

of them affecting the immune system.<br />

All<br />


is important to know that the body has<br />

It<br />

individuality and that what is<br />

energy<br />

for some is an aggressor for<br />

favorable<br />

which we call energy aggressor. We<br />

others,<br />

the kinesiological test to track and find<br />

use<br />

energy aggressors and how to drain<br />

the<br />

just the way they want, where they<br />

them<br />

and for as long as the body wants. This<br />

want,<br />

is as respectful as it is effective and<br />

therapy<br />

That is why it is important to perform<br />

fast.<br />

magnetic reflex tests so that the person<br />

the<br />

have the knowledge of what could be<br />

can<br />

triggers of their aggravation. We are fully<br />

the<br />

that health will be the result of<br />

convinced<br />

person living a life in which there is<br />

the<br />

for the energy of his body.<br />

respect<br />

bio-magnetic adjustment is<br />

The<br />

by the following:<br />

characterized<br />

Seeks to identify and avoid energy<br />

1.<br />

aggressors.<br />

Try to recover the energy circulation of<br />

2.<br />

meridians<br />

biomagnetic<br />

The first and only unipolar technique can<br />

3.<br />

considered (Because in our therapy we<br />

be<br />

apply only the negative magnetic<br />

commonly<br />

of the magnets and avoid positive<br />

energy<br />

because the vast majority of the<br />

polarity<br />

consider it acidifying the organism<br />

authors<br />

producing an aggravation crisis, apart<br />

and<br />

that, its application in therapy is<br />

from<br />

because with the negative<br />

unnecessary<br />

we have the best results.)<br />

polarity<br />

Today it is the only method of<br />

4.<br />

that gives real importance to<br />

biomagnetism<br />

emotional situation of the consultant by<br />

the<br />

emotional adjustment in a large<br />

applying<br />

of manifestations that are<br />

majority<br />

considered only physical but that<br />

commonly<br />

is of utmost importance to erase from<br />

it<br />

energy of the consulted unpleasant<br />

memory<br />

that are transformed into<br />

experiences<br />

diseases. (So it is a therapy with<br />

physical<br />

acceptance among therapists,<br />

great<br />

psychologists and others who<br />

homeopaths,<br />

draining from the cellular memory<br />

By<br />

the magnets the toxic emotions of<br />

through<br />

events, by draining the energy<br />

specific<br />

and ultimately adjusting<br />

aggressors,<br />

required by the vital energy so<br />

everything<br />

this time flows 100% throughout your<br />

that<br />

the treated person , you will feel a<br />

body,<br />

of inner peace when you remember<br />

sense<br />

traumatic events never before<br />

the<br />

This inner peace is what gives<br />

experienced.<br />

vital energy of our body when we take<br />

the<br />

of it and respect it. Well, we all<br />

care<br />

here with a vehicle that is our<br />

reincarnate<br />

body, which is pure magnetism, and<br />

physical<br />

Laboreria is a biomagnetist and vitalist<br />

Noelia<br />

therapist, a therapy not yet well known but<br />

magnetic<br />

fast and effective as well as respectful of each<br />

very<br />

energy individuality. Also called biomagnetic<br />

person's<br />

If you would like more information, write<br />

adjustment.<br />

at noeajustebiomagnetico@gmail.com or follow<br />

me<br />


me<br />

Phone number; +34669446458<br />

ALHAMA.<br />

give emotional importance to the patient.)<br />

can be cured with magnetism.

W R I T T E N B Y K A R E N T A T E<br />

Health: MINDFULLNESS<br />

HOW I FIND<br />

MY OWN<br />


Karen Tate is an English speaking UK registered Cognitive<br />

Behavioural Therapist and mindfulness teacher, in Valencia. She<br />

works with a range of common mental health issues.<br />

contact<br />


a registered mental health therapist and mindfulness teacher, I see more and more that clients are coming to me to find<br />

As<br />

from their stressful lives. Sometimes they are looking to find contentment and inner peace. Sometimes they just want<br />

release<br />

consequences of not finding your life purpose include chronic, lingering dissatisfaction; an absence of inner<br />

“The<br />

and a sense of not being fully in sync with your inner self.”<br />

peace<br />

people who you surround yourself with – the people you surround yourself with affect the way you think, feel,<br />

The<br />

behave. Try to establish healthy emotional and physical boundaries.<br />

and<br />

blame – taking things personally ” its all my fault”. Take responsibility for your choices and decisions and<br />

Self<br />

the things that are out of your control – like politics, the weather and others.<br />

acknowledge<br />

out of your comfort zone – A favourite quote of mine is “change is a challenge take the first leap”. Allowing<br />

Getting<br />

to feel discomfort and getting out from your comfort zone is key to living a better life.<br />

yourself<br />

trying to impress people – don’t waste your time worrying about whether other people approve of your choices.<br />

Stop<br />

try to focus on living your life and finding your values.<br />

Instead,<br />

– striving for perfection is exhausting and you’ll never feel good enough. Mistakes are a part of life, like<br />

Perfectionism<br />

flaws and weaknesses.<br />

our<br />

possessions – yes it’s nice to have lovely things. But having that bigger house, a brand new car or latest<br />

Material<br />

handbag doesn’t give peace of mind. These things give us a momentary sense of joy but in the long run don’t<br />

mulberry<br />

practical help to overcome day to day difficulties.<br />


IF<br />


MORE<br />


Why is it so hard to find inner peace and contentment?<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

satisfy our needs.

the past 10 years, I have been learning and<br />

Over<br />

mindfulness and yoga. I previously was quite<br />

practicing<br />

about the benefits and this was because I<br />

skeptical<br />

really understand the power of slowing down and<br />

didn’t<br />

attention. I didn’t even really know what<br />

paying<br />

was. I thought yoga was all about getting<br />

meditation<br />

the poses and when I couldn’t do the perfect<br />

into<br />

facing dog” I used to get really frustrated.<br />

“downward<br />

9 years ago I began to get a little bit curious<br />

Around<br />

meditation but didn’t really know what it was all<br />

about<br />

I decided to do some research and even with all<br />

about.<br />

google searches, I found it difficult to actually<br />

those<br />

and understand. A colleague at work was doing<br />

define<br />

thing called Mindfulness and she invited us to a<br />

this<br />

she was doing with her clients. She had some<br />

session<br />

bells and she then talked us through a sitting<br />

mediation<br />

scan meditation. After the session I found myself<br />

body<br />

lighter, less busy in my head and generally more<br />

feeling<br />

” So that must be what meditation is” I said to<br />

relaxed.<br />

myself!<br />

I have grown and developed as a therapist and<br />

As<br />

teacher, I can only see the benefits of<br />

mindfulness<br />

a daily practice. I have the privilege of working<br />

having<br />

clients and seeing them change after only a<br />

with<br />

of sessions of mindfulness. Teaching mindfulness<br />

handful<br />

clients gives them a choice. A choice to try something<br />

to<br />

new, to embrace the challenges that life<br />

completely<br />

and to learn a practical and useful skill.<br />

brings<br />

much has been written about mindfulness and its<br />

So<br />

I myself have contributed to the exponential<br />

benefits.<br />

in research papers on this very subject. However,<br />

rise<br />

is not for everyone. I love it and have<br />

Mindfulness<br />

from living a more mindful life, but I know lots<br />

benefited<br />

people who just can’t do the practice. But I would<br />

of<br />

is so much more than sitting in the lotus<br />

It<br />

is “paying attention, on purpose, in<br />

position.Mindfulness<br />

present moment, non – judgmentally”. (Jon Kabat<br />

the<br />

Zinn).<br />

focusing our attention on our daily lives we can begin<br />

By<br />

notice the patterns that arise and how we react to<br />

to<br />

So going back to my list before and trying to<br />

things.<br />

people. Mindfulness and focused attention can<br />

impress<br />

you see when you may be trying to impress<br />

help<br />

and how you respond. Noticing how you react<br />

someone<br />

then help you change and respond in a more<br />

can<br />

way.<br />

positive<br />

of my favourite mindful activities is to just sit and<br />

One<br />

out of my window. I have an apartment on the river<br />

look<br />

I love to sit and just watch the river. The boats that<br />

and<br />

up and down, the flow of the river, the changing<br />

come<br />

the seagulls. I find myself feeling very calm and at<br />

tides,<br />

peace.<br />




PEACE.<br />

here’s the<br />

So<br />

thing...<br />

suggest you try. It can change your life.

you know that getting out and connecting with<br />

Do<br />

can improve your overall well-being and mental<br />

nature<br />

humans, we have an instinctive desire to be close to<br />

As<br />

This is nothing new as we evolved in it. There is<br />

nature.<br />

of evidence to support exposure to the natural<br />

loads<br />

improves our psychological wellbeing and<br />

environment<br />

not connecting with outside environments has<br />

therefore<br />

opposite, putting us at risk of deteriorating mental<br />

the<br />

are three simple ways you can become more<br />

Here<br />

in your daily life:<br />

mindful<br />

beginning a new activity take a couple of<br />

When<br />

of silence and focus your attention on the<br />

minutes<br />

Then begin to notice how this feels. Slowly<br />

breath.<br />

to focus your attention on the activity, this could<br />

start<br />

the middle of an on-going situation or process –<br />

In<br />

washing the dishes or taking a shower notice<br />

whilst<br />

temperature of the water, the feeling of the soap<br />

the<br />

your skin.<br />

on<br />

when you are just waiting, gently bring your<br />

Or<br />

to the breath, sounds, sensations or the<br />

attention<br />

whilst waiting at a red light, in a queue, or<br />

sights<br />

for someone else to arrive.You can practice<br />

waiting<br />

like this throughout the day and practice<br />

mindfulness<br />

a few mindful moments.<br />

for<br />

mentally and emotionally calm, helps you sleep<br />

Being<br />

better.<br />

gain the ability to be emotionally and mentally<br />

You<br />

by what people think or say about you<br />

unaffected<br />


THE BEACH……<br />

1.<br />

be noticing sounds if you are outside.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

reasons why you need<br />

10<br />

peace…<br />

inner<br />

improves your ability to focus your mind.<br />

1. It<br />

makes you feel centered, grounded and stable<br />

2. It<br />

3.<br />

health?<br />

4.<br />

gain self-mastery and self-discipline<br />

5. You<br />

improves your ability to handle life stressors<br />

6. It<br />

improves your relationships with other people<br />

7. It<br />

makes life look brighter<br />

8. It<br />

promotes creativity<br />

9. It<br />

health.<br />

the ability to meditate.<br />

10. Improves<br />

to be more<br />

How<br />

during<br />

mindful<br />

the day..

NEXT<br />



A B E T T E R W A Y O F L E A R N I N G<br />

C O N S C I O U S - P A R E N T I N G<br />

C O N S C I O U S - T E A C H I N G<br />

C O N S C I O U S - E D U C A T I O N

O W K R I S T I N E B A R N E T T<br />

H<br />

U R T U R E D H E R<br />

N<br />

U T I S T I C S O N ’ S S P A R K<br />

A<br />

F G E N I U S<br />

O<br />

Content provided by Givka Ivanova

After a year of working with therapists who tried to help her autistic<br />

son, Kristine Barnett took a different approach on her own. Born a<br />

happy, affectionate child, Jacob had stopped talking or smiling when<br />

he was about 14 months, which led soon after to the diagnosis his<br />

mother describes as "devastating." As the owner of a daycare, she<br />

was interested in children and their development. And Jacob, her<br />

firstborn of three sons, had shown early signs that he was clever:<br />

learning his alphabet before he could walk, sounding out short<br />

words by the age of one. But the therapists didn't think alphabet<br />

flash cards were of any use. They didn't think he would ever read.<br />

She persevered, watching her son closely for the things that<br />

interested or preoccupied him. Astronomy was one. One summer,<br />

she took him out into the countryside near their home in Westfield,<br />

Ind., lying down together on the top of the car to watch the stars.<br />

He had become obsessed with a college-level book on the subject.<br />

One day, she decided to take him to a planetarium, where a lecturer<br />

was presenting a special program on Mars. At one point, he asked<br />

the audience if anyone knew why the moons around Mars are<br />

elliptical. Nobody answered. Then Jacob put his hand up. "Excuse<br />

me, but could you please tell me the size of these moons?" It was<br />

more conversation than his mother had heard from him in his entire<br />

life. The lecturer answered him. Her son then explained: "Then the<br />

moons around Mars are small, so they have a small mass. The<br />

gravitational effects of the moons are not large enough to pull them<br />

into complete spheres." The room went silent. He was 3.

Soon, Jacob was "mainstreamed" in school, and<br />

with each year, his teachers and parents discovered<br />

more of his abilities. Like Dustin Hoffman's<br />

character in the movie, Rain Man, he was adept at<br />

calendar calculation – telling you which day of the<br />

week someone was born, based on the year of<br />

birth. He had stunning visual memory. He could<br />

remember how many windows there were in a<br />

skyscraper he had only seen once. By the age of 8,<br />

he was taking classes in astronomy at Indiana<br />

University. At 10, he entered university. Last year,<br />

his story was on 60 Minutes. His YouTube video on<br />

calculus, in which he writes reams of calculations on<br />

the window panes in his house, went viral. Kristine<br />

Barnett has now written a book: The Spark: A<br />

Mother's Story of Nurturing Genius. Warner has<br />

bought the movie rights.In person, mother and child<br />

are a study of an extraordinary bond, of a biological,<br />

emotional, spiritual, and intellectual connection, that<br />

both affirms the helicoptering, hyper-parenting ethos<br />

of modern culture and rejects it.<br />

"It is an adventure every day," says Kristine Barnett<br />

with a laugh when asked about their family life.<br />

Brought up in an Amish family, she left her<br />

traditional community to marry her husband,<br />

Michael, whom she had met in college. But there<br />

are qualities about her – steadfast, pragmatic,<br />

down-to-earth and stubborn – that could be seen as<br />

part of her upbringing. She is not fazed by any<br />

question or, it seems, by any event. While in turmoil<br />

about what to do with Jacob before his<br />

breakthrough, her second child, Wesley, was born<br />

with disease called reflex sympathetic dystrophy, a<br />

neurological disorder that can affect every system in<br />

the body. When she was 30, she suffered a stroke,<br />

from which she is now, at 39, fully recovered. In its<br />

aftermath, she was diagnosed with lupus.<br />

While she talks, Jacob, now 15, sits at a table in the<br />

boardroom of her publishers. Diagnosed with highfunctioning<br />

autism, he is polite in the way every<br />

parent schools her teenager – shaking hands firmly,<br />

looking his interlocutor in the eye, adept at<br />

pleasantries about the weather and his recent<br />

travels. He listens to the conversation, but often<br />

when addressed, looks to his mother to help him<br />

interpret the question.<br />

Asked how he feels about his mother's ability to<br />

identify his genius – his IQ is higher than Einstein's<br />

– he wrinkles his brow and says, "What are you<br />

asking me? Hmmm," he says, thinking to himself.<br />

And then comes his enthusiastic reply: "I'm very<br />

appreciative."Does he hang out with other<br />

teenagers? "I do hang out with average people who<br />

are my age as well." Any girlfriends? "I was dating<br />

some for a while, but then I realized I didn't have<br />

very much time for a girlfriend." Does he feel<br />

different from other teenagers? "No, not really," he<br />

says. "I think they have just as much potential to do<br />

what I do. It just takes doing it."But not all autistic<br />

children have Jacob's capabilities. Do either of them<br />

worry about giving parents false hope? "Everyone<br />

has capabilities," Jacob replies. "It's who recognizes<br />

it," his mother adds. "It's the human spirit to<br />

overcome, and we all have it," she asserts. In 2000,<br />

she started a not-for-profit learning centre for<br />

autistic and special-needs children, called Jacob's<br />

Place, where she will often bring in animals, to<br />

engage the children.<br />

"The animals change," Jacob explains. "One time it<br />

was a llama. One time it was a sheep.""There was a<br />

rabbit farm one year," adds his mother."And<br />

currently, we are in cats," he deadpans.She<br />

believes in a learning technique she calls<br />

"muchness ... It is finding that thing that children are<br />

truly passionate about within themselves. It can't be<br />

something that you're telling them to do. And then it<br />

has to be total immersion, very rich experiences<br />

built around those interests.""Muchness" sounds like<br />

an endorsement of hyper-parenting Tiger-momish<br />

culture, I point out. But she shakes her head. "All<br />

I've done is follow him with wonder into the stuff that<br />

he loves … But it's very hard for many people to<br />

take a leap of faith and put everything you have into<br />

[some interest] that doesn't look like it will turn into a<br />

job on Wall Street. As a parent, you have to let go of<br />

your dreams for them, because they are yours.""I<br />

like having autism. It's part of my character," Jacob<br />

explains. Currently, he is working on three projects:<br />

chaotic laser physics, classic PT symmetry, and one<br />

that "has to do with string theory." He is looking into<br />

graduate programs in math and physics.<br />

He has ideas all the time, he tells me, often in the<br />

middle of the night.

"He wakes me up to tell them to me," his mother<br />

says."Only if it's a good one," he puts in.And what<br />

was the last one that he thought was really good?"I<br />

come up with them too rapidly to think of the last<br />

one. Assigning them an order isn't going to<br />

help."Suddenly, his mother turns into the one asking<br />

questions of this sweet, extraordinary prodigy.<br />

"What do you think about when I go, 'Oh, I'm<br />

worried about you taking [on too much]?'"He looks<br />

at her, offering a rapid comeback: "I'm worried about<br />

you having more media appearances."I wasn't sure<br />

what he had said, and asked him to repeat his<br />

comment.He does, and then explains: "I'm using<br />

sarcasm."<br />

place your<br />


here<br />

To get your media pack:<br />

communityspiritezine@gmail.com<br />

Get it<br />



DR BRUCE<br />

LIPTON<br />

You are a <strong>Community</strong>, not a single person!<br />

Watch this short video and discover how your body is made up of a<br />

community of cells, every live cell is a battery, 50 trillion cells gives off 700<br />

trillion volts of electricity in your body! With training and meditation you<br />

can focus this energy called 'chi' to heal your body.<br />

Bruce Harold Lipton (born October 21, 1944 at Mount Kisco, New York), is an<br />

American developmental biologist best known for promoting the idea that gene<br />

expression can be influenced (via epigenetics) by environmental factors i.e. people have a<br />

greater impact on their health than genetic research has previously determined. He is the<br />

author of the book, The Biology of Belief, and is a former researcher at Stanford University’s<br />

School of Medicine.<br />


community<br />


<strong>2019</strong><br />


SPIRIT<br />

EZINE<br />

<strong>Spirit</strong><br />







N I K O S A K R I V O S<br />

V I D E O I N T E R V I E W W I T H<br />

An in-depth light-hearted discussion on the<br />

differences between spirituality, Awakening and<br />

Ascension.<br />

I N T E R V I E W E D B Y<br />

R I C H A R D T . V O L L E R

You can now book via AirBnB by<br />

simply clicking on the logo.<br />



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