September 2019 Newsletter



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September 2019 Newsletter

1 st of Elul 5779 - 1 st of Tishri 5780

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September 2019 Calendar of Events

Co-President’s Message - Wendy Drabinski & Linda Needel

Religious Practices Message - Mark Wolkow & Melissa Brown

ASTY Updates - ASTY Board

Security News & Updates - Pat Wolkow

Religious School News - Jennifer Bober

Sisterhood News - Elise Woods

Tree of Life Order Form

Sisterhood sponsored Happy Hour - September 13 th

Mahjongg Night - September 17 th

September 2019 Daven & Dine - September 20 th

Selichot Program & Service - September 21 st

5780 High Holidays at Temple Adas Shalom

Special Thanks to Our Monthly Donors

Mi Sheberakh List - We Pray For Healing

September 2019 Yahrzeits Observed


Temple Adas Shalom’s September 2019 Calendar of Events

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

1 1 st of Elul 5779 2 2 nd of Elul 5779

Labor Day

Office Closed

7:00-8:00 pm - Al-Anon Mtg

(Social Hall)

3 3 rd of Elul 5779 4 4 th of Elul 5779

Sneak a Peek Frogs

& M/W Puppies

8 8 th of Elul 5779

9:00-12:30 pm - Gift Shop

9:00-12:00 pm - First Day of

Kehillah MAGNET

9 9 th of Elul 5779

First Day Frogs

& M/TW Puppies

7:00-8:00 pm - Al-Anon Mtg

(Social Hall)

10 10 th of Elul 5779

First Day Mice

& T/Th Puppies

11 11 th of Elul 5779

7:30 pm - Choir Rehearsal

(Mike’s Home)

15 15 th of Elul 5779

16 16 th of Elul 5779

17 17 th of Elul 5779

18 18 th of Elul 5779

9:00-12:30 pm - Gift Shop

9:00-12:00 pm - Kehillah


7:00-8:00 pm - Al-Anon Mtg

(Social Hall)

7:00 - Mahjongg Group

22 22 nd of Elul 5779

23 23 rd of Elul 5779

24 24 th of Elul 5779

25 25 th of Elul 5779

9:00-12:30 pm - Gift Shop

9:00-12:00 pm - Kehillah


7:00-8:00 pm - Al-Anon Mtg

(Social Hall)

7:00 pm - RPC Meeting

7:30 pm - Choir Rehearsal

(Mike’s Home)

29 29 th of Elul 5779

Erev Rosh Hashanah

Kehillah MAGNET Closed

30 1 st of Tishri 5780

Rosh Hashanah

Office & HJC ELC Closed

6:31 pm - Candle Lighting

8:00 pm - Erev Rosh Hashanah

Service with the TAS Choir

9:15 -11:30 am - All

Congregational Rosh Hashanah

Service with the TAS Choir

11:45 am - Tashlich by the

Susquehanna River

6:15 pm - Rosh Hashanah Seder

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Temple Adas Shalom’s September 2019 Calendar of Events

Thursday Friday Saturday

5 5 th of Elul 5779

Sneak a Peek Mice

& T/TH Puppies

7:00 pm - Board Meeting

6 6 th of Elul 5779

7:00 pm - Torah Service

Melissa Brown & Linda Needel

7:09pm - Candle Lighting

ONEG - A. Schoenberger, D. Temple

7 7 th of Elul 5779

Parashat Shoftim

12 12 th of Elul 5779

12:30 pm - Senior Birthday Lunch

Maimies Café in Aberdeen, MD

Honoring Andy Fridberg

13 13 th of Elul 5779

5:15-6:30 pm - Gift Shop

5:30-7:00 pm - Sisterhood Happy Hour

5:30-8:00 pm - First Day of Friday Night

Kehillah MAGNET

6:58 pm - Candle Lighting

7:00 pm - Torah Service

ONEG - D. Gordon, P. Gwaltney, H.


14 14 th of Elul 5779

Parashat Ki Teitzei

19 19 th of Elul 5779 20 20 th of Elul 5779

6:00 pm - Daven & Dine Shabbat Service

with the TAS Choir Singing

Rabbi Gila Ruskin

6:46 pm - Candle Lighting


21 21 st of Elul 5779


Parashat Ki Tavo

6:15 pm - Selichot Service, 7 th Annual Apple

& Honey Bake Off, and Challah Braid &

Twist Workshop

26 26 th of Elul 5779 27 27 th of Elul 5779

HJC ELC Half Day A

5:15-6:30 pm - Gift Shop Open

5:30-8:00 pm - Friday Night Kehillah


6:35 pm - Candle Lighting

7:00 pm - Torah Service


28 28 th of Elul 5779

Parashat Nitzavim

3 | P a g e

Co-President’s Message

Wendy Drabinski & Linda Needel

As we enter the third year of our presidency, we would like to reflect on

how rewarding an experience this has been for both of us. Working with

another person in this position gives us both someone to bounce ideas off

of, so we are not alone in our decisions. While at times this position has

been a challenge, we realize everything we do, we do for the better of our


We have been through a lot of changes in two years. We have a

beautifully renovated building with a new art room, classrooms, teen and

adult lounges, office wing, gift shop, and renovated sanctuary and social

hall. We are embarking on a new chapter in our temple’s history as we

search for a new rabbi to guide us on our spiritual journey when Rabbi

Gila Ruskin retires. We have restructured our Religious School

curriculum to better serve our children. We have changed our Preschool

into an Early Learning Center.

When we think back on all that we have done, we can’t help but smile. It

feels good to give back. It feels good to be a part of a history of something

greater than ourselves. Serving on the board is a privilege and a Mitzvah,

not a chore. We are a small community and need everyone's support.

Please consider joining a committee, serving on the board, or offering

your expertise in an area where you excel. Do not look at it as "something

else to do." Think of it as bettering our community, the lives of our

families and friends, and providing a Jewish future for our children.

Think of it as enriching all of our lives. People did it for us, and it is time

to pay it forward.

If you would like to get more involved, please reach out to either of us.

We will provide you the information and support you need.

Linda and Wendy

4 | P a g e

The High Holidays are just around the corner!

5 | P a g e

Religious Practices Message

Mark Wolkow & Melissa Brown

There’s still a little more time, but the High Holidays will be here before

you know it. We will get things started on September 21 with our

always-popular Selichot program – rolling out a Torah scroll, changing

the scrolls into their holiday whites, and of course the traditional Apple

& Honey Bake-Off. We are also bringing back the Challah-braiding

activity, where you can learn how to do it yourself!

Join us on September 13 and 27 as we roll out the service part of our new

Kehillah program. Many of our students and their families will be

participating in the Friday afternoon activities, followed by a musicfilled

60-minute service. It will be great for young and old (and even

those in-between)!

If you would like to receive an honor during the high holidays, or lend a

hand welcoming your fellow congregants into the building, please send a

note to We would love to have you

participate, and can always use an extra hand.


Melissa Brown & Mark Wolkow

Co-Chairs, RPC

ASTY Updates

The ASTY board is working hard to plan events, activities, and programs for


There will be Havdalah and an ice cream social on Saturday, September 14 at 7

PM. Be on the lookout for more information in the upcoming weeks.

The first NFTY weekend of the year (JELLO) begins September 20.

Registration ends on September 4. Here is the link to the NFTY calendar:

Be sure to stay updated with youth news through Facebook and Instagram!

Security News & Updates

Pat Wolkow

Your security team is currently working on several projects.

Federal & State Grants

We completed and submitted a federal grant to FEMA back in May. The

decision will be forthcoming in the next few weeks. This grant will cover

building “hardening-in” areas where we are weak. We are currently

working on a second grant from the State of Maryland for improvements

to our Early Learning Center and religious school areas. It will be

finished and submitted early September. This grant is a turnaround grant

which means we could hear as soon as three weeks after submission.


We are working with Law Enforcement about setting up some training

for all who wish to attend. We hope to offer this training to other nearby

faith-based groups as well, so that we can begin a conversation on

assisting each other in times of need.

Other Work

We have been in contact with the Religious School Committee about

setting up regular emergency drills to help us be prepared if and when

the need arises.

We also have been working with the RPC in order to assure your safety

during services, especially High Holiday Services. Be on the lookout for

important announcements in the Holiday mailing.

We are looking for help on our Security Team. Contact Pat Wolkow if

you are interested in helping to keep our community safe.

Pat Wolkow

Team Leader

6 | P a g e

Religious School News

Jennifer Bober

Bold new changes to our religious school curriculum await our families. Our

hardworking committee of educators determined that our goals are to: 1.

increase joy, 2. foster community, and 3. encourage engagement of not only

students but parents. Of course all is designed to strengthen a positive Jewish

identity in our students through experiential learning. We also have a new

name, Kehillah MAGNET. Kehillah means “community” and MAGNET is an

acronym. Instead of 3 standard class periods, our Sunday gatherings will

include educational modules as follows for grades 2-7: Morning Kehillah:

including the entire school and focusing on middot, or Jewish ethics. Hebrew

Learning: Hebrew study with classmates of similar ability and learning

style. Hafsakah and Hatif (break and snack) for the entire school

follows. Judaics: taught in a variety of educational modules. One group may

learn a concept followed by creating and acting out a skit. Another group may

learn the material by incorporating an art project. A third group may master

the material by using the outdoor space to reinforce the learning with a

scavenger hunt. The Pre-K/K classes and grades 8-10 have kept most of their

structure but are now participating in school-wide gatherings. Sunday

mornings conclude with an all-school Kehillah gathering with prayer and song

and group presentations.

Also, instead of Wednesday religious school, students in grades 3-6 of Kehillah

MAGNET meet two Fridays per month to continue their mastery of

Hebrew. While students are in class, and being provided dinner, programming

will be offered for parents. Students and parents then join the congregation for

a 1 hour service at 7 pm to apply their classroom learning to a Shabbat

service. If you have a special skill or passion you would like to share with our

learning community, or know a family who would like to join our school, please

contact the principal (

Thanks and Shanah Tovah!

Jennifer Bober

Religious School Principal

7 | P a g e

Sisterhood News

Elise Woods

Greetings from the Sisterhood!

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is ready for another year of

programming with the TAS Sisterhood. Ladies, if you haven’t yet joined

the Sisterhood, we hope you will consider doing so this year as we have

many fun events planned for all ages.

To kick off the year, we will be holding a Sisterhood-sponsored happy

hour event on September 13, 2019, at 5:30 pm. This will be the first Friday

evening “Kehillah MAGNET.” While the Religious School students are

eating dinner and having class, we invite the parents and other adults to

join us for wine, soft drinks, and light hors d’oeuvres and refreshments.

This will be a wonderful opportunity to socialize and reconnect if you

have been away from the temple during the summer. Even if you do not

have a Religious School student, please feel free to join us.

In addition, please mark your calendars for Sunday, October 6, 2019, 9:30

am, for our Member and Prospective Member Potluck Breakfast. This has

been a very successful event the last couple of years and we expect the

same this year. Look for a Sign-Up Genius to come around closer to the


We need volunteers to work in the gift shop on Friday evenings and

Sunday mornings. Pat Wolkow, Denise Gordon, and the gift shop

committee have worked very hard to upgrade and enhance the inventory

in the gift shop but we could really use others to donate an hour or two

of time to keep the shop open as often as possible. Please contact me or

Pat Wolkow if you are willing to help.

As a reminder, the Sisterhood sponsors the Tree of Life sculpture in the

synagogue lobby. Included with this newsletter is a flyer that can be used

to order leaves that may be inscribed to highlight or commemorate

joyous events like births, weddings, anniversaries, graduations,

Confirmations, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, or to honor parents, family, and

friends. Please consider inscribing a leaf for your next special event. Your

memories will endure in our synagogue for a lifetime!

Elise Woods


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Sonia & Willie Auxier

Jason & Alissa Birnbaum

Kevin & Lisa Bress

Melissa Brown

Wendy & Patrick Drabinski

Karen & Fred Edeson

Ellen & Ken Farkas

Andrew & Marianne Fridberg

Phillip & Barbara Gilden

Arthur & Denise Gordon

Richard Hoffman

Kathleen & Michael Lazarski

Barbara & Natalie Litofsky

Linda & Stuart Needel

Ashiq & Ashira Quabili

Jill & Brian Schorr

Paul & Michelle Bianchi

Debbie Rose Delaney

Debbie Rose Delaney

Jeffrey & Amy Schoenberger

Jeffrey & Amy Schoenberger

Jill & Brian Schorr

Mark & Patricia Wolkow

Mark & Patricia Wolkow

Larry & Sarah Friedman

July 2019 – Donors


Rayna & David Richardson

Jill & Brian Schorr

William & Kristi Schwartz

Eric & Anne Seeley

Brett & Debbie Temple

Jonas & Paula Vogelhut

Naomi Walton

Robin & Mark Way

Mark & Patricia Wolkow

Selma Wolkow

Karen & Fred Wood

Elise & Michael Woods

Jill & Daniel Young

Senior June Birthday Luncheon Group


William & Kristi Schwartz


In honor of Samantha Bianchi's Bat Mitzvah


In memory of Edward Langston

In memory of Rhoda Lyons

In memory of Barbara Hoffman

In memory of Peter Tashman

In memory of Peter Tashman

In memory of Barbara Hoffman

In memory of Peter Tashman


Gregory & Felice Repas


Senior Birthday Luncheon Group

Eric Griesinger

In memory of Robert L. Gwaltney

15 | P a g e


Mi Sheberakh * We Pray for Healing

Adam Hyman

Amy Schoenberger

Anne Pollin

Arlene Zweibach

Ayden Myers

Barbara Chancey

Bea Kolchin

Bessie Speyer

Brandy Blazer

Carl Chancey

Carl Tannenbaum

Carol Buckman

Dvir Sabag

Fred Belkin

Gerry Murphy

Harriet Colman

Jacob Corsman

Jason Sober

Jeni Wing

Jimmy Chancey

Karen Green

Kelcey Klass

Kimmie Rankin

Lee Tabackman

Lori Vetstein

Margaret Hass

Marshall Rosin

Michael Schneck

Patrick Hauf

Rabbi Fred Natkin

Robert Sachs

Rosie Lidy

Sam Befarah

Shirley Oliner

Sidney Birnbaum

Stephen Hoffman

Stewart Natkin

Stu Needel

Teresa Cicotte

Tom Merriken

Toni Bonney

September 2019 - Yahrzeits Observed

Cantor Aaron Breitbart

Paulyne Gadberry

Lorna Samuels

Ruth J. Davis

Elaine McNally

Edith Trager

Raymond Joseph Kowalski

Shirley Zion

Bobbie Bress

Bessie Gilden

Betty Francis Siegal Glasser

Dora Shapiro

Elaine Singer

Rose Sostrin

Mae Aronovitz

Rose Gusky Bronk

Edward Alexander Ford

Shirley Snyderman Klein

Gail D. Newman-Abraham

Milton Solomon

Leah Brisker

Isidor Rosenfeld

Gordon Stein

Bella Feinsilver

Bessie Passe

Nathan Posner

Sheldon Posner

Yvette Kravitz

Gertrude Friedman

Samuel Gindin

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Hilde Baer

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Dennis Stanley Siegel

Irwin Friedman

Alberta Baer

Baby Boy Colman

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Leo Fang

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Estelle Scheinberg Newman

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Sally Irgang

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