High Holiday 5780 Informational Bulletin


Selichot Schedule


September 21 st

5780 High Holiday Schedule

6:15 PM SELICHOT Program & Service

Challah “Braid & Twist” Workshop

Roll Torah & Place in Holiday Whites

7 th Annual Apple & Honey Bake Off


Rosh Hashanah Schedule

Sunday 8:00-9:30 PM EREV ROSH HASHANAH Service

September 29 th


September 30 th


Family Service & Shofar for All

10:00-10:30 AM Pre-Reader Service (Age 2-5)

Rabbi dismisses Storytime by ASTY (Ages 6-10)

11:45-12:00 PM Tashlich Service

(All Congregation by the Susquehanna River)

6:30 PM ROSH HASHANAH Gourmet Sephardic Seder

(With Pun-Blessings)


October 1 st


Morning Service (Sig Gast Melodies)

Yom Kippur Schedule


October 8 th

7:30-9:30 PM KOL NIDRE Service

(White Attire – No Leather Requested)

Wednesday 9:15-1:00 PM YOM KIPPUR Service

October 9 th 9:45-10:15 AM Pre-Reader Service (Ages 2-5)

9:45-11:30 AM Youth Experiential Service (Ages 6-12)

12:15-12:45 PM Yizkor Memorial Service

1:30-2:30 PM Fast & Learn with Dr. Paul

2:45 PM Nature Walk on Mr. Bob Trail

4:30-6:30 PM Neilah/Havdalah/FINAL SHOFAR

6:30 PM Break The Fast

Sukkot Schedule


October 18 th


October 20 th

6:15 PM SUKKOT Family Dinner

7:30 PM Family Shabbat Service/Lulav & Etrog Parade



(All Congregation)

7:00-8:00 PM Yizkor Memorial Service

2 | P a g e


Co-Presidents: Wendy Drabinski & Linda Needel

Board Secretary: Jonas Vogelhut

Treasurer: Brian Schorr

VP Membership: Naomi Walton

VP Education: William Schwartz

Immediate Past President: Charna Kinneberg

Fundraising Trustees: Alli Baker & Randi Chancey

Social Trustees: Michael Herrin & Ethan Levy

Adult Education Trustee: David Bober

Caring Committee Trustees: Paula Mathai & Paula Mullis

Emeritus Trustee: Jayne Klein

Sisterhood President: Elise Woods

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Board Members and Appointed Chairs


Religious Practices, Co-Chairs: Mark Wolkow & Melissa Brown

Building & Grounds: Fred Edeson

HJC Early Learning Center Committee Chair: Pat Wolkow

Religious School Chair: OPEN

Social Action Chair: Julie Sang

Technology Chair: Stu Needel


Rabbi: Gila Ruskin

Religious School Principal: Jennifer Bober

Early Learning Center Director: Kristi Schwartz

Office Administrator & Webmaster: Courtney Washburn-Marcheski

Bookkeepers: Amy Schoenberger & Kristi Schwartz

ASTY President: Sophie Schorr

ASTY Advisor: Naomi Walton

B’nai B’rith President: Andrew Fridberg

Catering Committee: Robin Way

Cemetery Chair: Melissa Brown

Choir Director: Michael Mullis

Gift Shop: Pat Wolkow

Oneg Chair: Charna Kinneberg

Temple Shammas: Irwin Rosenfeld

Security and Check-In Procedures

Security and Check-In procedures at

Temple Adas Shalom ensure our safety during

the High Holidays. These procedures are

necessary and appropriate for the visibility

that accompanies High Holiday services,

especially given recent events and our

proximity to I-95.

Admission is for all members in good standing.

Families with two adult members will receive

admission for two; families with one adult

member will receive admission for one. If you

have a dependent who is 18 or older, who

plans to attend, you must contact the

office to request additional admission.

There is no charge.

Admission Information for


All are welcome to attend our services.

Non-members should contact the office

to request admission.

Understanding that there are expenses

associated with running a synagogue,

donations are appreciated. Any

donation will be credited toward dues

should you wish to join.

For membership information, please

contact Naomi Walton at


Something new for this year:

Now that our construction is completed, we

will be entering from our new main lobby

entrance at the top of the parking lot. As usual,

a Temple member, along with a security guard,

will be stationed at the door with a checklist of

members in good standing. You may be asked

to produce positive (picture) identification to

check against the list of members and registered

guests. Information for pick up will be available

at the Welcome Desk. As always, our goal is to

ensure the safety of all members and guests for

the Holidays.

Out of Town for


Members in good standing can request

courtesy seating at other Reform

Temples. Contact the TAS/HJC office

with the following information: The

Temple name, location, and fax number

(required). If attending with a member

with whom you wish to be seated,

include their name(s) as well.

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Temple Etiquette and Friendly Reminders

We present the following guidelines for our individual and collective

conduct and respectfully request that you honor them:

• Please turn off all electronic devices before you enter the building.

We prefer that you leave them in the car; however, you may bring them in for

emergencies as long as they are set to mute.

• Please arrive at services promptly.

Worship begins at the scheduled times. Everyone should make an effort to be in the

Sanctuary 10 minutes before services commence. If you are not able to arrive on

time, please enter the front lobby to register and then enter from the rear of the

Social Hall, and proceed to your seats as quietly as possible.

• Late arrivals can participate by standing in the back of the

sanctuary and refrain from taking seats:

- When the Ark is open

- When the congregation is standing

- During the Rabbi’s sermon

- During the two lines of the Sh’ma and the full Amidah

• Adults, teens, and children are requested to dress in modest and

appropriate clothing for this sacred season.

For aliyot and honors, tallit and head covering are our custom. Please return your

tallit to the rack where it was hanging when departing the sanctuary, and use the

hooks provided rather than wearing or bringing tallit into restrooms.

• During services, please do not visit or exchange lengthy greetings

with friends and family or congregate in the lobby outside the

sanctuary, the kitchen, or the rear of the social hall.

Voices carry into the sanctuary and present an unwanted distraction to those

participating in the ongoing service. We ask that you take any conversation outside

the building. The new front lobby will be available for conversation if and when


• If you feel your child will become disruptive, we recommend

signing up for our baby-sitting service.

Please complete the comprehensive form to reserve space for your child.

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High Holiday Message

Rabbi Gila Ruskin

When you turn 5, as my grandchild recently did, the planning and anticipation

of your birthday celebration consumes the household for at least a month or

more before the big day. Zeev was brimming over with excitement. When the

Basketball in the Alley party was over, he was not only delighted and satisfied,

but really seemed to have grown and matured before our eyes.

The new year of 5780, marked by the holy days of

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, is definitely on

the horizon. Let’s prepare for the birthday of our

Creation with the enthusiastic anticipation of a

five year old, and with the mature reflection of a

self-aware adult.

Apples or challah and honey instead of birthday

cake, “Avinu Malkaynu” instead of the “Happy

Birthday Song”, enhanced by the potential to

improve our lives as we spiral to a higher, yet

deeper level of spiritual existence.

As every birthday party is similar to all others, yet unique to the occasion and

honoree, here at Temple Adas Shalom, we do indeed sound the shofar, and pray

that we will be inscribed in the Book of Life as are the ages-old traditions, but

we also create our own unique celebration.

6 | P a g e

Here are some highlights:

Selichot challah baking and braiding workshop and

opening the Torah scroll across the Social Hall

Family Rosh Hashanah morning service with interactive

participation of all ages

Tashlich and shofar blast at the Susquehanna and skipping

our teshuva stones into the water

Multigenerational Shofar

Storytime for the younger kids

Second evening Rosh Hashanah Seder with yummy Sephardic fare prepared by our own

Robin Way, enriched by pun blessings for the new year

Sig Gast chanting ancient melodies on second day Rosh Hashanah and of course, Kol

Nidre on Erev Yom Kippur

A sea of white clad worshippers on Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur Fast and Learn with Paul Ruskin

during the afternoon break

Yom Kippur walk in the woods

Experiential youth programming on Yom Kippur

led by ASTY

Havdalah ritual leading into a delicious break-the-fast as we have moved from repentance

to atonement and beyond

Melodious and welcoming prayers in song by our

talented choir

Musical uplift by Michael Mullis and Karen

Wood on Yom Kippur

7 | P a g e

Who knows what surprises Rabbi Gila Ruskin has in store for us?

Please contact us with any inquiries. We look forward to celebrating

Creation and cleansing our souls together with you at Temple Adas Shalom.


High Holiday Message

Wendy Drabinski & Linda Needel

A new year is about to begin. It’s once again time to reflect on the past

year and look forward to a new beginning with the coming year. We

will once again see the familiar faces of our community, new faces of

those who have recently joined us, and visiting family and friends. We

will pray together, catch up with each other in between services, and

meet our new members and visitors. We will express our gratitude for

our lives and our wonderful community. Just think of all the friends we

wouldn’t know if we didn’t belong to our community – all of the people

who have celebrated simchas with us, and all the people who comforted

us when we needed it. We are truly blessed, thanks to those who came

before us and gave us this wonderful gift. Now it’s our turn to ensure

this community endures from generation to generation.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of Temple Adas Shalom, we wish you

a happy and healthy New Year.

L’Shanah Tovah,

Wendy and Linda

Check our website for High Holiday

Inspiration and Event Information

https://templeadasshalom.org/ high-holy-days






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RPC High Holiday Message

Mark Wolkow & Melissa Brown

The Religious Practices Committee welcomes the congregation to High

Holiday services. We hope that you will find both comfort and meaning

in this year’s services, and that you will take advantage of the variety of

experiences that are offered, from Selichot through Simchat Torah.

Selichot this year will include rolling the Torah scrolls and dressing

them in holiday whites; participating in our very popular Challah

Braiding Workshop; and tasting (or entering) our 7 th annual Honey and

Apple Bake Off.

The High Holidays will feature music by Sig Gast, the Temple Adas

Shalom Choir, Mike Mullis, and Karen Wood, moving sermons by

Rabbi Gila, and our annual Tashlich service down by the Susquehanna


We will also have several programs for youth of various ages, and the

ever-popular Fast ‘n Learn, hosted by Dr. Paul Ruskin. The holidays will

conclude with our annual Sukkot dinner and festival service on Oct. 18,

followed by Simchat Torah on the 20th, featuring the parade of

Torah scrolls. Consecration this year will be held on Nov. 3.

We encourage you and your entire family to spend the High Holidays at

Temple Adas Shalom, and invite friends and relatives to be with us as


L’Shanah Tovah.

Mark Wolkow and Melissa Brown

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L’Shanah Tovah

We extend High Holiday greetings to the Temple Adas Shalom family and our sincerest wishes

that the New Year will bring good health and much happiness to all. Please take a moment to

review this booklet. It has some very important information about our security procedures,

check-in policies, and other items that you should know about the upcoming High Holidays.

From the Temple Adas Shalom Board

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High Holiday Children & Teen Programs


Saturday, September 21 st at 6:15 pm

Come help dress the Torah scrolls in their holiday whites. Learn all the different ways to

braid Challah in our popular Challah “Braid & Twist” Workshop, and/or enter our 7 th

annual Honey and Apple Bake Off.

Rosh Hashanah

Monday, September 30 th

9:15 - 11:45 am - All Congregation Family Service in the Sanctuary

10:00 - 10:30 am - Pre-Reader (Ages 2-5) service in the Pre K classroom

Rabbi’s dismissal - Storytime by ASTY (Grades 6-10) meet in 8/9 grade classroom

/Sadowsky Chapel

Rosh Hashanah Seder (Paid Reservations are Required) at 6:30 pm

Tashlich Service

Monday, September 30 th at 11:45 am

By the Susquehanna River following Rosh Hashanah Day 1 services.

Yom Kippur

Wednesday, October 9 th

9:45 - 10:15 am Pre-Reader Service (Ages 2-5) service in the Pre K classroom

9:45 - 11:30 am Youth Experiential Service (Ages 6-12), meet in 8/9 grade

classroom/Sadowsky Chapel

Sukkot Festival & Shabbat Torah Service

Friday, October 18 th

Sukkot Potluck Dinner (Paid Reservations are Required) at 6:15 pm

Shabbat Service and Oneg in the Sukkah.

Bring your Lulav/Etrog!

Simchat Torah Celebration

Sunday, October 20 th at 11:00 am

Parade the Torah! Fun for the whole family to share.

5 th Annual Torah Karaoke

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Four times a year Jews light a special candle, called a Yahrzeit Candle, in memory of

loved ones who have died.

Yizkor is a memorial service recited on Yom Kippur as well as the last days of

Passover, Shavuot, and Sukkot. Yizkor, which is the Hebrew word for "Remember,"

asks God to remember those we mourn and to grant them proper rest. A Yahrzeit

Candle is lit at sundown on:

Yom Kippur (Service and Candle Lighting on October 9 th )

15 | P a g e

Shemini Atzeret (Service on October 20 th at 7:00 pm and Candle Lighting on

October 21 st )

End of Passover (Service on April 10 th and Candle Lighting on April 16 th )

Shavuot (Service and Candle Lighting on May 30 th )

Consult the Temple calendar for these dates and times. We urge all congregants, both

young and old, to be present during Memorial Services (Yizkor). It is a mitzvah for all

of us to recall those whose lives shaped our own. Many people choose to stand for our

ancestors who perished in wars, in acts of terror, and the six million who perished in

the Holocaust.

Book of Remembrance

One of the most beautiful customs of the Jewish people is the annual remembrance of

dear ones through memorial contributions made at the time of Yizkor and Yahrzeit.

Temple Adas Shalom’s Book of Remembrance, used on Yom Kippur and throughout

the year, contains the names of your friends and relatives whom you have designated

to memorialize. It will be distributed on Yom Kippur before the Yizkor service.

A special commemoration is the reading aloud of the names of those who have passed

away this past year.

Cost is a $50 flat fee to have your name/names listed. Order & Renewal forms have

been emailed if you have an email on file or mailed if you are email free. If you are not

already listed in the Book of Remembrance and would like to be included or you have

changes (edits or removal) for your existing listing from the 5779, please contact the

office no later than September 24 th . Books will be printed on September 27 th and

distributed at Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur.

May Their Memories be a Blessing

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Temple Adas Shalom

8 North Earlton Road, Extension

Havre de Grace, MD 21078



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