Mark Wu, executive director of the strategic marketing

department at the Taiwan External Trade Development

Council (TAITRA) highlights the state’s role in IoT.

With the rise of AI and IoT, Taiwan is now shifting from hightech

manufacturing to an innovation-driven economy. We

asked Wu, how consumer electronics, telco and home appliance

manufacturing industries evolving in Taiwan today.






Mark Wu

Executive Director of the Strategic

Marketing Department,

Taiwan External Trade Development

Council (TAITRA)

Taiwanese companies aim to integrate

their experience of developing and

manufacturing consumer electronics

with highlight trends, such as AI, IoT,

Big Data, VR, etc. Taiwan is now shifting

from high tech manufacturing to an

innovative solutions driven economy.

Therefore, Taiwanese companies

have committed to strengthening

their competence in the integration of

devices, networking and systems for AI,

Big Data and edge computing in order

to grasp the business opportunities

in smart living, robotics, healthcare

and home appliances. This will be the

key to enhancing service capabilities,

application and offerings in the market

of consumer electronics.

Are there any new and interesting

companies from Taiwan attending IFA

this year?

This year, in addition to leading ICT

companies, such as Acer, Asus and Adata,

there are also lots of companies from

Taiwan that will showcase innovative

ideas for smart living and products

developed based on technology of AI,

IoT, VR, and so on.

For example, New Kinpo Group will

showcase its consumer electronics

brand, HiMirror, which is producing the

world’s first smart mirror. HiMirror’s

smart beauty device combines skin

analysis, fitness management and digital

make-up try-on through AR technology.

In addition, the world’s first adjustable

electric wine aerator from Mercuries

Asia will be showcased at the Taiwan

Excellence Pavilion. The patented

Adjustable Air Intake Mechanism lets

consumers mix their red wine with

different volumes of air to arrive at the

desired aerated texture and flavour.

What product categories are the

“sweet spots” at the moment?

Smart appliances are becoming

necessary for everyone to access and

control things at home. The majority of

smart appliances are powered by the

internet of things (IoT), and AI pushes

the IoT revolution.

AI is now a mainstay in consumer tech

by being integrated into every piece of

IoT technology and changing the way

companies do business.

With the development of voice and

facial recognition, applications between

AI and robots, and increasing availability

of connected appliances, the future of

the smart home market and personal

service robot looks promising.

You have been attending IFA for

some time. Please tell us about your

relationship with IFA and why this

show is important for your members.

Germany is Taiwan’s 7th trade partner

and ICT products represent the

highest percentage in Taiwanese global

exportation. IFA, as the biggest tech

trade show, is the main meeting place

for key buyers and experts from the

industry and the media. In addition, IFA

is the perfect platform to communicate

with consumers and introduce new ideas

into the European market. Attending

IFA is always a good opportunity for

Taiwan Excellence to introduce excellent

Taiwanese companies and brands and

also to enhance Taiwan’s image

Hall 25

Stand 415

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019


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