Hans-Joachim Kamp

Chairman of the Supervisory Board, gfu

The “gfu Insights & Trends

Innovation Forum” hosted

this summer in Berlin

by gfu Consumer and

Home Electronics GmbH,

organisers of IFA, provided

exciting input on the major

trends of the upcoming


This year more than ever, artificial

intelligence, or AI, is the defining

keyword in all technology debates.

The notions of what AI actually is and

what it does are often very diverse.

It is not uncommon that concerns

about risks and possible negative

consequences of AI dominate

consumers’ views. Typical questions

that are often raised by the media


• Is AI becoming a job killer?

• Will machines eventually be smarter

than us?





The gfu Insights & Trends event

provided a number of insights into

these issues and questions and

thus shed a little more light on

the AI debate with the following


• gfu study 2019: different opinions –

how AI is seen by the consumer

• Semantic TV - how AI recognizes

the content of moving images

• Artificial Intelligence in Consumer


• Dynamic sound for video games -

how AI automatically composes

• Comfort and lifestyle – how AI

makes home appliances smarter

• Machine ethics - a new discipline

At the conference, Hans-Joachim

Kamp, Chairman of the Supervisory

Board of gfu, presented the results of

the latest market study by gfu. One

of the key questions covered by the

study is whether artificial intelligence

is accepted or meets with skepticism.

Dr Matthieu Deru, of the German

Research Center for Artificial

Intelligence (DFKI), spoke on the topic

of “Semantic TV – how AI recognizes

the content of moving images”.

His research allows computers to

supplement movies and videos

with appropriate metadata and,

for example, automatically search

the Internet for related or in-depth

information. “AI can help shape

the post-Netflix era: viewers are reexperiencing

television when content

providers offer them interactive and

knowledge-based services,” Dr Deru


Mike Henkelmann, Marketing

Director TV & AV Samsung

Electronics GmbH, dealt with the

role of artificial intelligence in the

processing of moving images for

the latest generation of televisions

with 8K resolution. His theme was




Innovation forum highlights

artiial intelliene appliation

opportunities and risks

Artificial intelligence in consumer

electronics. In particular, it was about

the role of artificial intelligence in the

processing of moving images in TVs

with 8K resolution.

8K TVs have 36 times the resolution

of “standard” TV broadcasts.

Electronics therefore need to scale

the content – so much that it is

only with the support of artificial

intelligence that it is possible to bring

television programmes of the usual

clear and sharp quality to the screen.

Valerio Velardo, head of the Berlin

start-up Melodrive, spoke about the

topic “Composing music with AI –

how AI automatically composes”.

Melodrive uses artificial intelligence

to automatically compose music

– for example for video games:

the programme composes the

soundtrack in real time, matching the

interactive context.

Dr Thomas Salditt, Head of Digital

Business Enabling, BSH GmbH,

presented the role of artificial

intelligence in the field of household

appliances: “AI and home appliances

or: How much AI is / will be in your

home appliance?”

As a curtain-raiser to IFA 2019, with all

this “AI”, the gfu Insights and Trends

sessions thus set the tone for what

should be a very “smart” show

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019


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