M a ria R ua A guete,

Executive Director &

Technology, Fellow at

IHS Markit / Technology

speaks about latest trends

in TV market.

Over half TVs sold are 4K today,

and with 142 UHD channels, the

market is growing steadily, says

Rua Aguete.

Western Europe is leading the

market when it comes to UHD

channels. In terms of UHD TV

shipments, China is the largest

region for sales, followed by North

America. However, when it comes

to the number of homes with

UHD TVs, North America leads

the market, where almost 60% of

homes will have UHD TV by 2020.

8 K is slowly picking-up. A total of

18,600 8K TVs shipped in 2018.

China will dominate shipments

this year in 8K, thanks to local

panel manufacturing and fierce

brand competition. Global brands

are more cautious, believing 8K is

ahead of its time.

5G – what does it mean for

consumers and operators?

Consumers are spending more

time than ever on their mobile

devices, playing games, checking

email, or messaging. So, what

content will drive the 5G market?

Video was already a key driver

for the 4G market. It has become

central to messaging and social

app strategies. 5G will be driven in

part by consumer video and media.

Real time gaming will also be a

major driver, as well as HD and

UHD video. Massive IoT will be

a major factor as well, along with

low latency touch and steer for

cloud gaming and cloud VR.

Voice Assistance: Numerous kinds

of digital assistants have been in

existence for a couple of years

now. 2018 was all about new form

factors for existing assistants. An

increasing number of options thus

become available to consumers.

Consumers crave interoperability.

Only Alexa is meeting this need

for the moment, says Rua Aguete.

On the other hand, Amazon’s Echo

leads the smart speaker race, with

almost 90-million install base at

last count. HIS Market Consumer

Platforms Research found that

most people use digital assistants

for answering questions in general,

checking the weather and news,

alarm/timer, followed by making a

phone call

Markus Kick, Global

strategic insights at GfK

looks at the global retail

market for smartphones,

TV & audio.

In 2018, Asia Pacific accounted

for the biggest share – with

€330bn – a rise of 3% on the

previous year. Europe had

€166bn in sales – a rise of 6%,

while the North American market

accounted for €147bn, a rise of


Asia and Europe account for

two thirds of global turnover.

Smartphones account for 65%

of the market, followed by

computing and TV – each at

16%. Biggest growth is in the

headphone market plus 37% year

on year – now accounting for 2%

of the total market.

Performance was the enabler

to deliver on the need for rich

experience. Consumers, says Mr

Kick, are looking for superior and

immersive gaming experiences

from their PCs. When it comes to

TV, they want more pleasure in a

superior picture quality format.

With smartphones, people was

to capture and share high quality

moments in life and have fun on

the go, while in audio, people

want to enjoy a cinema-like

sound experience.

Sight and sound are increasingly

blending as an “ecosystem”with

embedded sound in TVs and

home sound systems in the smart

home ecosystem.

51% of global respondents

said they had played games

on a computer in the last 30

days. The gaming ecosystem is

thus evolving rapidly. Gaming

notebooks are the main device,

but the hype goes well beyond

computers, in particular in the

field of high-end monitors.

B o r d e r l e s s s h o p p i n g i s

another key new trend. 38%

of respondents said they need

shops and services they use

available at all times. The move

to online purchasing is slowing,

however, as omnichannel

becomes commonplace

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Monday 2 September 2019


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