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A free guide to the area of Townsville, Magnetic Island and surrounding areas in Tropical North Queensland, Australia

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Queens Gardens


Where: Gulliver Street, Pimlico (vehicle access)

Fulham Road, Balls Lane, Gulliver and Wellington

Streets (pedestrian access)

Facilities: Toilets, picnic areas, internal car parking,

10,000 step circuit.

Anderson Gardens is the largest botanic garden

in Townsville covering 25 hectares. Centrally

located in Mundingburra, the garden contains fine

specimens of tropical trees, palms and pandanus.

The World Cycad Garden, Grand Avenues

and Tropical Orchard are of particular note. A

representative collection of Cape York Peninsula

rainforest specimens are displayed along with

native plants and flora of the dry tropical regions

of the world. Anderson Gardens was named in

appreciation of the work of William Anderson,

Townsville’s first Curator of Parks from 1878 - 1934.


Where: Thuringowa Drive, Kirwan.

The gardens feature a wide range of native flora

situated amongst large lawn parks and paved



Where: The Strand

Townsville’s fantastic beach front promenade, The

Strand incorporates a jetty, recreational park,

restaurants, cafes, a series of headlands, a free

water park, picnic areas, swimming pools and

stinger enclosures.


Where: Paxton Street, Gregory Street and

Kennedy Lane, North Ward.

Facilities: Toilets, picnic areas, aviaries and a

children’s playground.

Initiated in 1870, Queens Gardens is the oldest

Botanic Garden in Townsville. Now covering 4

hectares, reduced from an original 40 hectares, it

is considered a fine example of a tropical garden

for european settlement. Plantings include timber

and fruit trees and collections of Dracaena,

Codiaeum and Cordyline. Today the emphasis of

the collection is on the colonial ornamental plants

with colourful, attractive flowers, foliage or fruit.


Where: University Road, Douglas.

Facilities: Toilets, botanical displays, tourist

information, selected art exhibitions and a café

are all located in Tumbetin Lodge. The Palmetum

is a 17 hectare Botanic Garden displaying one of

the largest and most diverse public collections of

palms in the world. It has a range of habitats to

suit flora originating from the dry tropics through

to the wet tropical lowlands. In addition to the

recreated habitat zones, there are expansive lawns

and water features frequented by numerous bird

species. A ‘Birds of Palmetum’ brochure is available

in the foyer of the Tumbetin Lodge.


Riverway Drive, Thuringowa.

The park provides recreational facilities and is a

popular fishing location.


Located in Townsville on the magnificent Ross River,

Riverway offers a dynamic combination of cultural,

sports, leisure, residential and commercial activities.

With two huge swimming lagoons, the Riverway

Arts Centre, Pinnacles Gallery, the Riverwalk and

parklands, there truly is so much to explore.


Where: Riverway Drive, Kirwan

The Riverway Lagoons cover an area in size of

more than three Olympic swimming pools. The

lagoons are nestled among shady raintrees, with

the picturesque Ross River providing a peaceful

backdrop. Water cascades connect the two

distinct lagoon areas, which vary in depth up to

2 metres. Unlike coastal beaches there are no

waves or stingers to bother you and you can

feel comfortable knowing that the lagoons are

patrolled by professional lifeguards seven days a

week, 365 days a year.


The Riverwalk overlooks the beautiful Ross River

and is a great place to view the prolific birdlife in

this area. A three metre wide pathway runs along

the river and provides numerous opportunities to

enjoy its natural beauty. After taking a stroll, all

the family can enjoy the nearby barbecue facilities

provided or have a game of footy in the beautifully

landscaped open space.

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