September 2019 Issue 62 features an interview with versatile German producer Matter Of Tact, the magical Elrow Town London event review and a positive note to Pomplamoose.

September 2019 Issue 62 features an interview with versatile German producer Matter Of Tact, the magical Elrow Town London event review and a positive note to Pomplamoose.


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Open air filled with confetti

as we revelled in the magical

affair of Elrow Town London

A u d i a t i o n M a g a z i n e i s a g l o b a l m o n t h l y m u s i c p u b l i c a t i o n

w h i c h i s f r e e t o r e a d o n l i n e a n d a v a i l a b l e f o r o n d e m a n d

p r i n t p u r c h a s e s . W e f e a t u r e a l l s t y l e s o f m u s i c a n d v a r i o u s

l a n g u a g e s i n t h e m a g a z i n e , e a c h p i e c e i s a n e x p r e s s i o n o f

w h a t o u r w r i t e r s a n d f e a t u r e d a r t i s t s w i s h t o s h o w . W e d o

n o t h a v e s e t r u l e s a n d a l l o w t h e w o r d s t o c o m e n a t u r a l l y

w i t h f e w e d i t s . A r t i c l e s a r e n o t c o n s t r a i n e d t o s i m p l y m u s i c

- w e l i k e t o b e b r o a d i n t h e w a y w e e x p r e s s o u r p a s s i o n a n d

i n c l u d e a v a r i e t y o f t o p i c s i n c l u d i n g p o e t r y , f a s h i o n a n d

l i f e s t y l e . E a c h c h o s e n t o p i c w i l l r e fl e c t t h e t h o u g h t s o f t h e

w r i t e r a n d r e v o l v e a r o u n d m u s i c i n s o m e w a y . T h e

m a g a z i n e i s f r e e t o r e a d a s w e u n d e r s t a n d t h e d i ffi c u l t y i n

w h i c h c r e a t i v e i n d i v i d u a l s f a c e w h e n t r y i n g t o g o f a r , t h u s

w e w a n t t o h e l p t h e i r t a l e n t s r e a c h a s m u c h o f t h e w o r l d a s

p o s s i b l e . W e h a v e w o n d e r f u l p a r t n e r s , V i n y l F o r A C a u s e

b r i n g t o g e t h e r t h e i r f a v o u r i t e m u s i c i a n s w i t h a p e r c e n t a g e

o f p r o c e e d s g o i n g t o c h a r i t y , a n d , R i g h t C h o r d M u s i c w h o

h e l p t o p r o m o t e a n d d e v e l o p i n t e r e s t i n g i n d e p e n d e n t

m u s i c i a n s .

W e w i s h t o i n s p i r e m i n d s , e x p r e s s c r e a t i v i t y a n d r a d i a t e

o p t i m i s m t o t h e w o r l d t h r o u g h m u s i c .

w w w . A u d i a t i o n M a g a z i n e . c o m

"Music is much more than

sound. Music can be a

comforter, party maker,

career path or a way of


Ruby, Editor & Owner

"Music is much more than

sound. Music can be a

comforter, party maker,

career path or a way of


Rokuro, Associate Editor

"The birth of one's child is

the only feeling that

comes close to getting

lost in music."

Cessle, Associate Editor

"Music is a form of art

that reveals a truth in a

world full of mystery."

Sarah, Staff Writer

"No matter what's

happening in life, it's

usually great music will

keep you going."

Malachi, Staff Writer

"Music is life. It's a

universal language that

has no barriers. It unifies

people around the world.

It brings people joy."

Andy, Staff Writer

"Music & love are the

same things really. If kids

grew up with music in

their lives, then their lives

would always be filled

with love."

David, Associate Editor

"The moment you feel

happy about music, that is

the very essence of it.

Being in the vibes and

understanding what music

has for your soul."

Steve, Staff Writer

"Music is the way I see the


Mary, Brand Ambassador

"It's an escape, a relaase, a

chance to write how I feel

and allow other readers to

relate. Music has saved

me many times."

Jessie, Staff Writer

"Music is love, you can

feel it. Music binds people

together, ending war and

bringing peace to the


Ashna, Creative Assistant

"Music is a material

artwork of my dreams that

inspires me to overcome

difficulties of everyday

life. I admire people who

can make it!"

Tamara, Brand Ambassador

"You know you are a

music addict when you

get a natural high when

you hear a tune you love!"

Christina, Vice President

"Music is my Truth.

Techno is my Heart. Love

the mediator that led to a

connected, liberating,

beautiful, surrender to my

inner peace."

Sharm, Staff Writer

Thanks to:


Elexis Ansley


Kenja Records

Matter Of Tact


Reach Promo

Slime Recordings


Ten Letter PR

Them Ones

The Rest Is Noise


Elrow photography by Lawrence


Stock photography by


Icons & graphics by









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12 Those Days

15 Rokuro’s Track Of The Month

16 Broken Strings

18 Matter Of Tact

21 #AudiationNation

22 Note to Pomplamoose

23 Chillout

26 Elrow Town London 2019

29 SMILE: Matter Of Tact

30 New Music

47 Events Guide

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Hi Guys & Dolls...

I d e d i c a t e t h i s m a g a z i n e t o A d a m .

I n t h i s i s s u e : I s h a r e t h e s p o t l i g h t w i t h a f e w o f o u r f r i e n d s w h o

a r e u p t o e x c i t i n g t h i n g s i n c l u d i n g t h e n e w S h a d o w h e a r t s

R e c o r d i n g s D n B i m p r i n t , O g g i e ’ s s o u l f u l g e t t o g e t h e r T h e P l a y l i s t

L i v e a n d t h e i l l u s i v e S p r a y d o d g e r p r o j e c t f r o m M a r k H i l l . R o k u r o

fi l l s u s i n o n h i s T r a c k O f T h e M o n t h w h i c h i s a p o s i t i v e , u p b e a t

n u m b e r b y A l e x a n d e r J o s e p h . L o s e y o u r s e l f i n o u r p o e t i c s h o r t

s t o r y o f a b r o k e n g u i t a r , e m o t i o n s t a k e n o u t u p o n i t . S t e v e l e a v e s

a n o t e t o A m e r i c a n d u o P o m p l a m o o s e a s t h e y d e l i v e r a n e x p l o s i o n

o f g o o d v i b e s t o t h e s o u l . T a k e a m o m e n t t o C h i l l o u t w i t h o u r

p e a c e f u l s o n g c h o i c e s f r o m M a x R y a n a n d D J P A U L ( A R ) . C e s s l e

g i v e s u s t h e l o w d o w n o n t h e m a g i c a l e x p e r i e n c e o f t h i s y e a r ’ s

E l r o w T o w n L o n d o n . P r o d u c i n g g i v e s y o u s o m u c h f r e e d o m . I c h a t

w i t h G e r m a n p r o d u c e r & D J M a t t e r O f T a c t a b o u t h i s m u s i c a l

j o u r n e y a n d e n j o y m e n t o f k e e p i n g t h i n g s i n t e r e s t i n g . W e ' v e g o t

y o u r e v e n t s g u i d e , s h o w l i s t i n g s a n d m u s i c f r o m T h e m O n e s ,

M o l l y H a m m a r , M I J M a c k , A l i c e R o w e a n d m o r e .

R u b y x

C o n n e c t w i t h u s :

F a c e b o o k / A u d i a t i o n M a g a z i n e

T w i t t e r @ A u d i a t i o n M a g

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It’s good to be kind and recognise those who are quietly doing great

things. So this Spotlight shines the light on a few of those lovely people

who we are proud to call our friends…

I have never ordered anything for myself from DNR Vinyl, yet I have

spent a lot at this store and I’ve received nothing but quality and

kindness. I really respect and admire DNR because it's just a whole lot of

genuine love for music in one spot. The home for underground vinyl

lovers run by a true connoisseur. A few gems currently in stock include

the exclusive ‘DnR Allstars Vol 1’ with a great gnarly piece from El-B,

‘Waiting 4x4 EP - Genius Cru’ which is one of my all-time favourite

tracks, and my wonderful friend’s release ‘Iree / Global Killer - D-Mize’.

We welcome Shadowhearts Recordings from parent-label Slime

Recordings. This new project focusses on DnB, where we can expect “the

finest liquid beats and melodic sounds”. The Slime identity is everincreasing

its reputation of quality and skilful craft. Every single element

of the brand, the releases, the administration… is a work of art,

thoroughly thought out and beautifully expressed. So, even with just the

snippet of knowing that Australian producer Drop Fame will be the first

artist on Shadowhearts, is enough for everyone to know that it will be

something pretty notable.

Trance artist Daniel Wanrooy is living his best life (okay, that was

cheesy). He’ll be back in Helsinki in October warming up for Ferry

Corsten at The Circus, he’s been chosen in Trance Podium’s top 100 DJs

for 2019, and his latest edgy track ‘Insight’ is killing it on the FSOE

Parallels imprint.

One-man band Danny Blaze is forever busy these days. He’s one of those

who has been in the game for a long time, mainly working with House &

UKG, and has worked hard to climb the music ladder. It’s so great to see

him finally getting the recognition he deserves and enjoying so many

exciting opportunities. You can catch his show every Monday 2pm on

Flex FM 101.4FM, find him playing at his ‘National Anthems’ events

10 www.AudationMagazine.com

September 7th & October 5th at The Red Lion Hotel in Luton, and his

latest bumpy rework of ‘You’re Not Alone’ is out now.

This one goes out to the SprayDodger… huh? Mark Hill, original Artful

Dodger member, is at it again by fully teasing us with VERY little info.

He’s planning “something pretty ambitious” of what we know is taking

an opportunity after having been frustrated with the music biz. We’ve

been told to subscribe to the currently empty YouTube channel, buy

merchandise in support of this illusive project and ermm… From the

abstract boat-like logo design, the fact that he’s passed a sailing course

(congrats!), and his recent practices with a drone, tell us that it’s

somewhat to do with sailing and filming that adventure. Or it could be

something totally different entirely, and this is all just a lengthy ploy to

fooling us in the wrong direction! Only time will tell.

A few more mentions… Leanne Louise, this girl is so passionate and

sweet. She’s currently having a blast performing on various stages,

meeting like-minded individuals and also championing autism

awareness. Another power of positivity is Eddie Craig (Wideboys), his

motivational videos are so amazing and his level of gratitude is just out

of this world - so I know he’s going to love what’s on page 32! And on a

soulful note, Oggie has just launched the fortnightly events brand ‘The

Playlist Live’ featuring his talented friends in music and entertainment at

The London Cabaret Club - Rose Room.

If I’m honest, I would love to sit here for days, months, years sharing all

of our great friends - there are just so many. But instead, I’ll just say that

we love you all and invite you to open your arms to receive this big












12 www.AudationMagazine.com

‘Those Days’ by Matter Of Tact featuring CH is a contemporary song

of hazy feelings through life. The production encompasses an

ambient dream-pop atmosphere, a light and rhythmic tempo, as

well as a daring main section to dance to. Her husky voice expresses

hurt emotions, betrayal and the need to feel alive. The video is a

darkly portrayal of inner conflict, twisted revenge, insecurity and

scandal. Let me kiss away those darkest days.

"When I started this project, I wanted to aim for a contrast between

dance music and my very own style. Coming from a dance music

background, it was important for me to keep my signature in this

one. After several studio sessions with singer Charlotte de Halleux

(CH), I started to rewrite some parts of the track. This wasn’t that

easy as this was one of the first times that I collaborated with so

many people. I am very proud of this and of what we’ve achieved!"

Matter Of Tact



Much love to Audiation Magazine for the

continued support of Astronata, featuring their

latest single "Pain" in the current issue! It's

available to stream and download now!

- Slime Recordings

14 www.AudationMagazine.com


'A Racket In Hand' by Alexander Joseph

New track from talented singer/songwriter, Alexander

Joseph, with a positive upbeat lyric that calls out…

“Everything is possible, if you believe. Put a racket in

your hand for the world to see.”

It features a great fun video that was filmed by one of the

coaches (Martyn Whait) at a recent GB wheelchair tennis

simulation camp in Tokyo as part of their preparation for

the Paralympic games, which has less than one year to go

till it begins. Racket In Hand is your perfect summer, catchy

Coldplay-style guitar & beat-driven pop/rock anthem. The

clips in the video are of a practice match between the

British and Japanese players… Go check it out now, you

wont be disappointed!




16 www.AudationMagazine.com

My broken strings weep in silence

The remnants of a final discord, struck in anger

As you had sat in that bleak brown chair

Your hands gripped around me

Pain taking over as your eyes clouded

Hurling me across the bare room

And leaving me to die

A vintage model, natural mahogany and rosewood crafted together

A showpiece you had proudly cherished

Her gift to you

On your 30th birthday

How did she know?

You had pined for me your whole life

Never thinking you'd ever own me

She would not tire of hearing us perform

Always requesting her favourite song

The lively jig, talking of sunshine and daisies

Her skirt trying to keep up as she twirled blissfully

No cares in the world

The same reason you took me there tonight

To show her once more the love you had lost

The sweetest serenade

Played outside her window

Just like a scene from a classic movie

She was meant to rush into your arms

“And, they lived happily ever after”

A cheesy romance

Except, that isn’t what happened

So, here we are…

Cold and alone

Together in remorse



Matter Of Tact

Hailing from Germany and now

residing in Brussels, the producer and

DJ likes to dabble in a mix of urban and

electronic music styles. Matter Of Tact

always keeps things varied and does

not pertain to any one genre, in order

to create interest and challenge

himself in collaborations.

"Each experience with another

musician is an opportunity of


Matter Of Tact has gained strong

support and regard with his releases

including ‘You Don’t’ featuring

Husson, ‘Relief’ featuring Sharie and

the ‘Apollo EP’. With the release of his

fascinating new single ‘Those Days’, he

kindly shares his journey with us…

Tell us about yourself and how you got

into music.

When I was a child, I had the opportunity

to meet an audio engineer during a rock

concert. He made me meet the whole

crew before the show and explained to

me all the hardware he was using. I was

so impressed by that, it stuck in my head.

Imagine seeing a mixing table as a

child… Not much after, I decided it was

time to start something. I purchased my

first turntables and did a lot of gigs here

in Brussels. It’s also around that time I

got into music production. Well, my

music sucked hard back then, but as

time passed by, I gained some skills and

managed to make some cool beats. My

first productions were kind of Trance

tracks. I was much more into electronic

dance music, club music, and dubstep.

That changed a bit as I started trying to

build my own sounds and not compose

bangers only.

Can you reveal any information about

the EP you’re working on, and when can

we expect to hear it?

A bit of a secret ha! More seriously, there

are a few tracks coming and you should

expect to hear them around October.

Those are a bit different from my last

releases. I have been working on them

for some time now and some of them

go back to the roots of my project. In

fact sometimes I reopen older projects

that I totally forgot about and then magic


Can you tell us a little about the music

industry in Brussels?

Yes! People are cool here. I mean

Brussels is so small and, as such, you

quickly know everyone or someone who

knows someone. The only thing that I

sometimes miss here is more venues.

Outside the festival season, Belgium is

known for, you don’t have that many

opportunities for live gigs. They exist

but not too often.

DJ’ing or producing, describe your

musical style.

I think producing, as it gives you so much

freedom. My style is various, electronic

and sometimes heavy. I try not to focus

on specific genres, as I find it much more

exciting to just try out things and see

where the music is going. I’m also trying

to build up a live show in the long term!

18 www.AudationMagazine.com


What advice do you have for aspiring


Try new styles instead of keeping it too

similar and, once your music is ready,

don’t be afraid to release them. I see

that with a lot of people, they make

great music but are too scared to release

them. Also, build a team as some people

can help you whether they make films,

visuals… making this journey on your

own is difficult, promoting your content

is important, probably as much as doing


What are your future plans?

Now I’m working on the final bits of my

EP, but it’s almost ready. There may be

some cool events coming in October.

Can’t talk about them too much yet but

expect sweet things! Outside this EP I

also worked with a lot of other

producers and singers. We also recently

released a track with “Husson” that will

get a music video in September.

Any last words?

Lots of thanks to Ruby from Audiation

for this opportunity and to Okuna! Stay

tuned, whether it’s on Instagram or

Facebook as there will be many

surprises in the upcoming months.


Latest release ‘Those Days’ is out




20 www.AudationMagazine.com


Liv Austen - The Next Time

Shinedown - I'll Follow You

Dommin - My Heart, Your Hands

Ciara ft Missy Elliot - 1,2 Step

P!nk - Try

Griff - Mirror Talk

BEYOND THE BLACK - Through The Mirror

Weiss - Feel My Needs

Godsmack - Under Your Scars

One Dark Martian ft Jay Harvey - Gonna Be


Gus Teja - Feel With Love

TerreNation - Travel

MJ Cole - Sincere


We are #AudiationNation - The playlist chosen by you.

Have your say and let us know what you’re listening to

for our collaborative playlist!



Note to


Jack, Nataly & Crew Members,

Greetings from the island of Mauritius and from Audiation!

Hey there! I am writing while listening to your channel (I have subscribed!) …

Don't quite recall how I came across your music, but guys, you do rock!

My favorite song/mash-up for now is the JamiroBeeGees Mash Up. The vocals are

clear and perfectly pitched for the music you deliver. Your funky notes are full of

happiness and are an explosion of good vibes to the soul.

Now, seeing the live performance is another burst of energy. You have those

expressions of being so happy to be here and having good fun(k). I love these faces,

energy and smiles of Jack during the play… the looks when the bass line lift up the

songs, the delicate rhythm from the guitar coupled with the clear funky effects, and

how the band just goes smoothly together.

I keep discovering your music and would like to thank you for sharing your passion. A

warm welcome indeed.

Keep Well.




Max Ryan - Adrift

A firm beat, a strong hand leading you into the

light. A light which dazzles, soothing

atmosphere surrounding you. You take a

moment to slowly turn, arms outspread, looking

up at the glorious rays shining through the

treetops. The light and pleasing melody gently

raise the corners of your mouth. An escape.

DJ PAUL (AR) - Healing Sounds

In the grey monotonous world a rainbow of

violet, emerald, sapphire, crimson and a myriad

of colours shimmer into existence. Textured

detail trickle across a calm atmospheric lake of

sound. Influences of nature and cultural beauty

delight the senses.

You can find every solution

deep in your heart and feel

strong about it.

Sleepless nights…

Nevertheless, the hope isn't damaged

by the darkness all around.


Alex from Jack feat. Bulle - The Game

Scored another 1st recently.

Graced the cover of a magazine.

Big BIG shouts to Ruby and the

team over at Audiation Magazine

for giving me the platform .

So humbled and blessed to be

given the opportunity.

I trust that the universe will

provide many many more.

Cover by the amazing - Matt


#magazine #music



Elrow Town London 2019

The most weird, wonderful and magical show in underground music that is

Elrow returned to the party capital of England for its 3rd edition of Elrow

Town London, and they did not disappoint. Scaling down from 2 days to

just the 1 and a even with a slight change in venue from last year, moving

to the north of London from the east, the festival was sold out as they upped

the ante on things and the vibe inside was incredible. Deep in the middle

of August, the weather was on side as a host of artists played across 10

different stages - some more easily found than others, which only added

to the beauty of the experience which was enjoyed by ravers of all ages

legal to rave.

From the start, the punches were pulled with the opening set on the main

stage being played by Elrow mainstay Marc Maya followed by an incredible

b2b2b by Detlef, Lastmun & Nathan Barato. The open air was often found

to be filled by confetti cannons whilst, on the ground amongst all the

revellers, over 150 different characters could be found running, interacting

with and entertaining the crowds. The big tent named The Enchanted Forest

was exactly the same sort of vibe you'd experience in the indoor terrace

at the home of Elrow Barcelona - magical. It was dark and gloomy but

fluorescent. Inside may have been baking hot, it didn't stop the crowd from

stomping non-stop to the likes of Franky Rizardo, De La Swing & Micheal


Photography by Lawrence Jones

Bibi who smashed out a 3hr set.

elrow is an award-winning experiential event concept and party series

founded in 2010 by Cruz and Juan Arnau Lasierra; the sixth generation from

a dynasty of entrepreneurs also responsible for creating Monegros Festival

and legendary Club Florida 135 in Fraga, Spain. From their head-quarters in

Barcelona, elrow have taken the world by storm with their unforgettable

party style, pairing elaborate production, interactive performers and zany

characters with the best electronic music, placing them as a global reference

for circus inspired parties with tickets to the visual spectaculars usually

selling out in minutes. A myriad of different themes and concepts makeup

elrow's zeitgeist with sub-brands including 'Rowlympics'; their own take on

the Olympic games, their Brazilian jungle carnival theme, 'Sambodromo de

Brasil' and flag-ship theme 'Singermorning'.

Elrow Town London 2019 was once again a truly magical affair and it's

definitely one to look forward to next year in their new home of Trent Park.

Until then, we can hold ourselves till Halloween when the Elrow team will


NEXT EVENT: Sunday 3rd November 2019 - Elrow Horroween @ The

Drumsheds, London




Get to know me on the inside, I’m much more than just the cover .

Thanks again to @audiationmagazine for an amazing #interview and

#article!! Loved being your #cover #girl!

- Elexis Ansley

28 www.AudationMagazine.com

"When you overhear people explaining an

event they attended and totally exaggerate

or lie about it, but they don’t know you

were there too. But what makes me smile

in music is when I get messages from

random people that like my music. It's

s u c h a s w e e t fe e l i n g ! " M a t t e r O f Ta c t






Soprano ft Vincenzo - Le Coach

#10 in Mauritius

It’s time to go push, we have dreams to lift. This is an ultimate

power song aka a motivational talk from your coach telling you

not to give up. The lively production gets you jumping with a fun,

uplifting spirit. Snappy French lyrics are all up in your face as the

team chants “Allez” - Go!

AJ Tracey - Ladbroke Grove

#5 in UK

A lovely, warm and likeable 2-Step beat sets the mood together with a

light vocal sentiment. The fresh bars bring a great street vibe. I’m a

rockstar, DJ mash up the deck.

Boomdabash & Alessandra Amoroso - Mambo Salentino

#5 in Italy

Baila. Dance… Trumpets flare in vivd triumph as the fluid Italian

male vocals dance with the alluring female. This is a colourful

song of enjoying the moment and forgetting any worries.



‘Good Vibes Only (VIP)’ by Them Ones is an absolute summer banger! The

chilled garage production has just the right amount of bumpiness, warmth

and bass to provide the perfect joyful raving playground. The lively energy

bouncing between this lyrical trio is contagious. Snappy ruthless flows

expressing nostalgia and good times together with a smooth chorus to coax a

smile out of every listener. Simply three cheeky lads having fun and spreading

good vibes!

Them Ones are an exciting new trio featuring Eddie Craig, from the seminal UK

Garage group Wideboys, responsible for the genre defining anthem Sambucca,

and are now established as the UK's no.1 remix team. Them Ones also features

Daniel O'Reilly (aka Dapper Laughs), one of the biggest influencers in the UK,

with 5 Million social media fans. O’Reilly's compilation album Naughty Sesh -

Weekend Anthems hit No.7 in Official UK Chart in 2018. And, his single

Naughty Sesh with Majestic, has amassed over 2.5 million Spotify plays so far.

Making up the trio is the multitalented artist Nathan Richards, also known as

Like Son who burst onto the scene with his Danny Howard supported debut

Freakin on BBC Radio 1.

Them Ones recent debut single "It's A Madness", picked up early support

across Kiss FM and Kiss Fresh. Them Ones now return with massive UK Garage

follow up single "Good Vibes Only (VIP)" that has already hit No.1 spot on

iTunes Dance chart!


32 www.AudationMagazine.com

The harsh

realisation of


Sunbursts and




’Show Me’ by Molly Hammar featuring Kim Cesarion is a gorgeous

narration of a summer love story. Her delicate tones dance with his husky

flow in a heady vocal blend. Kiss my walls then you take 'em all down. The

soft and inviting production has an exciting twist of funk to set the mood.

Surf with me on a wave real nice. Full of passion and desire, the heat is


Chart topping sensation Molly Hammar teams up with fellow Swedish star

Kim Cesarion for her stunning new single, ‘Show Me'. Produced by Pontus

Persson, ‘Show Me’ is the third single from Molly’s forthcoming EP and

follows hit singles ‘No Place Like Me’ featuring Big Narstie and ‘WORDS’.

A spirit of adventure, independence and self-discovery continues to shine

through Molly’s latest offering which carries a strong positive message

“bring back the romance!” Molly said warmly about the song, “Both

myself and Kim are hopeless romantics, so when we got together in the

studio for the first time it was clear that we were going to write a song

about love. I hope that people who listen to the song will join us in

spreading loving vibes to the world.”

Molly Hammar grew up with jazz musician parents and Kim Cesarion has a

background in classical music, but it is through their shared love for R&B

and pop that they found each other musically. Kim Cesarion had his

breakthrough in 2013 with his debut single ‘Undressed’, a track that has

amassed more than 24 million YouTube views. He returned last year with

the EP ‘Bleed’ from which the lead track had its world premiere on a plane

to SXSW in Austin.

Kim said “Seizing the opportunity to work with one of the best voices in

Sweden was a total no brainer for me, although we have slightly different

approaches to the creative process and the producer Pontus Persson was

the perfect match. Now I’m just really excited about sharing the single

and to delivering some Zouk vibes this summer! "

Previous singles from Molly’s hotly anticipated second EP have garnered

widespread media support across the UK and globally from the likes of

BBC Radio 2, BBC 1Xtra, Channel 4, The Line of Best Fit, Complex, NYLON

and Idolator to name but a few. The next few months will see Molly

Hammar complete a short summer tour in Sweden and release her EP, that

finds Molly baring her soul on the dynamic within relationships, her own

identity and lost nights out in London.


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y Chiedu Oraka x Deezkid is

insanely addictive!

The nifty production consists of funky

Afro-style drums and a moody little melody.

The lyrical flows grab you and pull you in

with catch hooks. One deep and husky, the

Man are just

other snappy and direct.

Drop down and give me


36 www.AudationMagazine.com

flexin’ now.

Chiedu Oraka & Deezkid are the sound of a new working-class

Northern England. Meeting at The Warren Youth Project,

Deeze agreed to volunteer in exchange for using their studio

where he met Chiedu after rating a mixtape of his and telling

him he could make beats.

Now the Hull natives are cutting their own path with Men

Behaving Badly, a commentary on the UK’s real nightlife

combining Grime, Funky, Afro-fusion & Garage with rave/club

culture wrapped in trademark Yorkshire humour, urging you

to hit the bars and dancefloors as hard as a Tyson right to the

body, right to the head.

“Men Behaving Badly isn't defined by a genre, you can’t just

put this into a box. It's a lifestyle, we know what we are,

Northern reprobates who don't tend to do well with it comes

to rules” explains Chiedu. “We've made a record that hasn't

made us conform to what’s out now. It’s a National Anthem

that will make any stiff dancer feel like James Brown as soon

the track comes on. So, grab a drink and shake a leg”

In a city often dominated by guitar music, Oraka & Deeze have

conceived the UK’s freshest alternative sound with nods to

the early 00s which has already attracted the attention of BBC

Radio 1 (Mike Skinner with Annie Mac), 1Xtra (Introducing

Track of the Week), Radio 1’s Big Weekend, 6 Music (Tom

Robinson), The Guardian, i-D, The Quietus & BBC’s Newsbeat.

Previous single ‘Darcy’ was the 8th longest track to ever be on

Grime Shutdown for over 300 days, over 2.3M streams

followed by Chiedu being the only UK MC to officially drop

bars on the biggest Hip Hop beat of the year, Blueface’s





‘El Nido’ by Mij Mack is a chilled set of tracks for the summer evenings. The

title track is a wonderfully intricate production of lovely textural elements,

together with a gentle glow of an exotic female voice as the soothing

atmosphere washes over you. Second track ‘We Got Somewhere’ takes a turn

into a pleasing funky night with the fun beats and also features a feeling of


Mij Mack is back on Kenja Records. The producer like to travel round the world

and take in different cultures. As he says 'to stay sane, when I make my tracks I

visualise the places I want to go and this inspires the music.” We are glad he

does! Two wicked Melodic deep house tracks on his new EP 'El Nido'


38 www.AudationMagazine.com

A tumble of


A soulful and

tropical fiesta!


‘Be Good’ by D Selektah is a lovely UKG trio. The title track displays a pretty

piano melody together with a gorgeous female vocal, on top of a minimal

lively beat with a subtle bass wobble and little sparkles. Be good to me, my

baby. ‘Take Me Home’ holds a smooth hazy air with a raspy vocal, the main

section comes with a fresh modern style. The trio is complete with CJ Reign’s

remix of ‘Be Good’, he adds charming oriental strings and then drops down

into a hard, choppy production.

Downplay is proud to welcome Swiss-based producer D Selektah to the label

for our next release. ‘Be Good’ floats in on a summer breeze of light piano keys

and swelling strings, with a soulful vocal FX layered on top. This gives way to

bubbling bass and a laconic 2-step groove before taking it up a gear into a 4x4

stomper to bring us a UKG roller perfect for the late summer sunshine.

‘Take Me Home’ takes the same path with a sweet R&B vocal rolling over

subtle chords and bass stabs, all underpinned by that trademark smooth D

Selektah beatwork.

Garage legend CJ Reign steps up to remix the title track and it’s a masterclass

in UKG production with glittering strings and intricate percussion providing

the underlying structure for those soaring vocals and glorious chords before

being chopped and layered with lazer-beam precision.


40 www.AudationMagazine.com

Riding the rails across a picturesque Thailand. My mind at

ease, my soul wandering into freedom.

Jet off with your summer accompaniment of the ‘Travel EP’ by

Swedish producer TerraNation. For the first track, Travel’ holds

modern dance melodies, a lively tempo and a hint of darkness

reflecting the thrilling taste for adventure. Part two of the EP

he delivers an exciting and refreshing burst of energy with a

remix of Mark Rustell’s ‘Morning Sun’ - this mood of

anticipation carries us on the journey.

Inspired by travels around the world, TerraNation explains that

the EP gives “particular feelings to just relax your mind and

fade away into those moments of your life..” He also mentions,

“I wanna share my moment with this song when i travel to

other continents.”



‘Phase’ by Alice Rowe is the story of a girl rising up through the storm, not

taking any nonsense anymore. You ain’t worth my time. Her sultry voice has a

lovely mix of raspiness and sweetness. The slinky summery production allows

your body to sway gently. You were just a phase, time to move on.

From Soundcloud sensation to working with Grammy and MOBO nominated

producers, Alice Rowe is more than just a ‘phase’. Following her fantastically

well-received release ‘Figure You Out’ which premiered with DJ Ace at BBC

Radio 1Xtra, Alice Rowe is back with the feisty joint ‘Phase’, produced by UK

producers ZDot and Krunchie.

Alice brings with her a distinctive vibe that draws on everything that is

popping from the UK underground. Laced across a bouncy trap beat, Alice

deconstructs elements from it and pairs them with a more fluid R&B sound.

Her confident, emotive vocals and songwriting build in depth and fire to the

track as she dissects a lustful relationship, incomparable with love, drawing

you in to the essence of the record whilst the mid-tempo beat induces

unstoppable movement.

Having weighed in on some heavy productions so far that have opened up her

own take on R&B, Alice Rowe continues to work with producers that you

wouldn’t typically associate with the genre. Finding a sound that resonates

with her and inspires her lyrical flow is the first step of her creating process

and one that lends itself to making her sound so fresh, adding her own depth

and soul then whips the magic in to the final offering.


42 www.AudationMagazine.com

A romantic saga,

together at last.

A refreshing nod

to timeless



The Mon Frère brothers are always doing something

interesting and allowing their creative juices to flow. As

featured previously, Paul’s new Megaphonic project

delivers bright pop sensations to fill your life with tropical

vibrancy. We’re now excited to introduce Matt’s new

breakbeat endeavour Mirage. This is a delight for both the

visual and audio senses with a conflicting though artistic

idea of both satire and flair melded together.

‘Sexy’ by Mirage is the debut track, it leads in with a sturdy

percussion as the visuals show an office worker mocking

provocative dancing. We switch to a black backdrop and a

dancer in red with the professional talent of suggestive

dance. An equally raunchy bass-driven melody enters

together with a “sexy” vocal sample. A cold, jarring element

is added which kind of throws things off balance.

‘Another One’ is the second track with a trendy street / hip

hop beat. The video begins by showcasing two really cool

urban dancers. A glowing wave of atmosphere rises and the

chopped commercial vocal plays in. We move to a more

common setting with a colourful pair in oversized glasses,

wigs, bear shoes, packets of meat and Quorn, a balloon

burst, a definitely baffled cat, and very strange dancing

which will haunt you long after you’ve seen it.

No doubt, the forthcoming track ‘Punch In The Face’ will be

something of a statement considering the first two releases

and of course that subtle title! Mirage is creating an

illusion… making a fool of the system but also shining the

light on those who have broken free through dance.


44 www.AudationMagazine.com


‘Open Arms’ by MYKROBOY & remixed by Dom Hz delivers an interesting play

of moods. The moody piano chords hold a deep atmosphere whilst the little

trickles of textured voices and pretty detail create colourful flourishes. The

bumpy drop switches on a steely attitude with playful use of modern garage

sounds. A level of enlightenment comes into play as strings rise from a place


To celebrate a year since my 'Open Arms EP' dropped, I'm giving away this epic

remix from Manchester legend, Dom Hz for FREE DOWNLOAD! As you'll hear,

it's a total contrast to the original but still morphs throughout, going on a mad

journey of different rhythms, futuristic soundscapes and textures, while still

being very much geared towards the dancefloor. Perfect summer garage vibes

and guaranteed to sit well in any set!


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Holi Festival Of Colours

1 June - 7 September


Dimensions Festival

28 August - 1 September

Pula, Croatia

Sundown Festival

30 August - 1 September

Norwich, United Kingdom

PURE At Le Château

31 August - 1 September

Saint Aubin, Mauritius

Tranzmission Festival

1 September

London, United Kingdom


1 - 3 September

Budapest, Hungary

Outlook Festival

4 - 8 September

Pula, Croatia

Positiv Festival

5 September

Orange, France

PURE Carl Cox Weekend

6 - 7 September

Prague, Czech Republic

The Long Road Festival

6 - 8 September

Lancastershire, United


Deep In The Woods

6 - 8 September

Heer, Belgium

Elrow Town Festival -


7 September

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lief Festival

7 September

Utrecht, Netherlands

Summertime Live

Brighton With Classic


7 September

Brighton, United Kingdom

The BPM Festival:


12 - 15 September

Portimao, Portugal

Into The Woods Festival

13 - 14 September

Amersfoort, Netherlands

Donostia Festibala

13 - 14 September

San Sebastian, Spain

Nova Batida

13 - 15 September

Lisbon, Portugal


13 - 15 September

Del Mar, United States

Oasis Festival

13 - 15 September

Marrakech, Morocco

Life Is Beautiful Festival

20 - 22 September

Las Vegas, United States

Hospitality In The Park

21 September

London, United Kingdom

A Day At The Park

21 September

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Awakenings & Time Warp

Present Connect

21 September

Dusseldorf, Germany

Southbeats Festival

21 - 22 September

Sevenoaks, United



21 September - 6 October

Munich, Germany

ABODE In The Park

22 September

London, United Kingdom

Santa Casa Alfama

27 - 28 September

Lisbon, Portugal

Rock In Rio

27 - 29 September

Ria De Janeiro, Brazil

Groove Island

27 - 30 September

Catalina Island, United




Holi Festival Of Colours

1 June - 7 September


Dimensions Festival

28 August - 1 September

Pula, Croatia

Sundown Festival

30 August - 1 September

Norwich, United Kingdom

PURE At Le Château

31 August - 1 September

Saint Aubin, Mauritius

Tranzmission Festival

1 September

London, United Kingdom


1 - 3 September

Budapest, Hungary

Outlook Festival

4 - 8 September

Pula, Croatia

Positiv Festival

5 September

Orange, France

PURE Carl Cox Weekend

6 - 7 September

Prague, Czech Republic

The Long Road Festival

6 - 8 September

Lancastershire, United


Deep In The Woods

6 - 8 September

Heer, Belgium

Elrow Town Festival -


7 September

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lief Festival

7 September

Utrecht, Netherlands

Summertime Live

Brighton With Classic


7 September

Brighton, United Kingdom

The BPM Festival:


12 - 15 September

Portimao, Portugal

Into The Woods Festival

13 - 14 September

Amersfoort, Netherlands

Donostia Festibala

13 - 14 September

San Sebastian, Spain

Nova Batida

13 - 15 September

Lisbon, Portugal


13 - 15 September

Del Mar, United States

Oasis Festival

13 - 15 September

Marrakech, Morocco

Life Is Beautiful Festival

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20 - 22 September

Las Vegas, United States

Hospitality In The Park

21 September

London, United Kingdom

A Day At The Park

21 September

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Awakenings & Time Warp

Present Connect

21 September

Dusseldorf, Germany

Southbeats Festival

21 - 22 September

Sevenoaks, United



21 September - 6 October

Munich, Germany

ABODE In The Park

22 September

London, United Kingdom

Santa Casa Alfama

27 - 28 September

Lisbon, Portugal

Rock In Rio

27 - 29 September

Ria De Janeiro, Brazil

Groove Island

27 - 30 September

Catalina Island, United


Boundary Brighton

28 September

Brighton, United Kingdom

Mint Festival

28 September

Leeds, United Kingdom

Syndicate Festival

5 October

Dortmund, Germany

Above & Beyond Present

Group Therapy 350:


11 October

Prague, Czech Republic

MOGA Festival

11 - 13 October

Essaouira, Morocco


12 October

Prague, Czech Republic


12 October

Manchester, United


DGTL Tel Aviv

14 October

Tel Aviv, Israel


16 - 20 October

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ouest Park Festival

16 - 20 October

Le Havre, France

Our Story - 15 Years


17 - 18 October

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Holecene Festival

18 - 19 October

Grenoble, France


19 October

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Simple Things Festival

19 October

Bristol, United Kingdom

Drumcode Halloween

26 October

London, United Kingdom

Termnial V Festival - The


26 October

Edinburgh, United


Movement Torino

31 October

Turin, Italy

Pitchfork Music Festival


31 October - 2 November

Paris, France


1 November

Pamplemousses, Mauritius

Bloody Sexy


1 - 2 November

Prague, Czech Republic


1 - 2 November

Bilbao, Spain

Electric Daisy Carnival -


8 - 10 November

Orlando, United States

Miami Beach Pop Festival

8 - 10 November

Miami Beach, United States


10 November

Katowice, Poland

Imagination Festival

22 November

Prague, Czech Republic


22 - 24 November

Central Harbourfront, Hong


Creamfields Chile

23 November

Santiago, Chile

Apokalypsa 20 Years

29 November

Brno, Czech Republic

Manchester Reggae


30 November

Manchester, United


Stand out from the crowd with Fieldcandy 49












Alexander Joseph - A Racket In Hand






Matter Of Tact



Matter Of Tact ft CH - Those Days






Pomplamoose - JamiroBeeGees Mashup



Pomplamoose - Welcome to My Planet






Max Ryan - Adrift






DJ PAUL (AR) - Healing Sounds






Soprano ft Vincenzo - Le Coach







AJ Tracey - Ladbroke Grove






Boomdabash & Alessandra Amoroso -

Mambo Salentino







Them Ones - Good Vibes Only (VIP)






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JDG - Fool






Alex from Jack ft Bulle - The Game






Molly Hammar ft Kim Cesarion - Show Me







Chiedu Oraka x Deezkid - Men Behaving








Mij Mack - El Nido






K!NGS - Transgressions (Part One)






Dom East - Vertigo






D Selektah - Be Good





TerraNation - Travel EP







Alice Rowe - Phase






Miel de Botton - Surrender to the Feeling






Danny Blaze - You’re Not Alone






Mirage - Sexy







MYKROBOY - Open Arms (Dom Hz Remix)






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Elrow Town London 2019


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