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The view of Rome

from Villa Borghese



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British-Sardinian author Sara Alexander shares her tips on how to

do as the Romans do when visiting Italy's vibrant capital

If we've seen Rome's

biggest tourist

draws, where to

next? Head to the

trees in the Villa

Borghese gardens as an antidote

to the tourist crowds.

Where should we go for an

authentic taste of Italy? Check

out the nooks around where

Romans work and live. Get to

Testaccio market a little ahead of

the work crowd’s lunch hour and

try a little dish from several stalls

– I'd recommend alla giudia,

essentially a deep fried artichoke.

Head to Tonnarello in Trastevere

for homemade Roman pasta, and

for seasonal dishes – it's a good

idea to let the staff order for you.

Are there any faux pas one

should avoid when ordering?

Don’t insult anyone by asking for

cream in your carbonara sauce;

true carbonara beats in the

Roman soul!

What should we do for some

evening entertainment? For

outdoor theatre and concerts, head

to Sivano Toti Globe Theatre in the

Villa Borghese gardens. The area

of Trastevere is busy with people

yearning for a vibrant boho-feel

of Rome, so if you need nightlife

there’s plenty there.

Favourite Rome-inspired holiday

read? I loved Anthony Capella’s The

Food of Love, a Cyrano de Bergarc

inspired plot involving all the food

and romance you could wish for.

Any literary inspired sights we

should check out? The Keats-

Shelley house is preserved

beautifully and is a

wonderful way to

escape the crowds

into another Rome.

Sara's new novel set

in Rome, The Last

Concerto, is published

on 22 August,

Fit for a king and queen,

the Royal Suite at Grand

Hills Resort, Lebanon — the

world's largest hotel suite

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pavilions and houses

two private pools.

The standout suite

is packed sky high

with regal touches

complete with

antique furnishings and

sculptural points of interest.

Drift off with a good book

at the Sheraton Grand

London Park Lane with

its new ZZZ-list library.

Devised by a sleep

expert and Hatchards

booksellers, the Club

Lounge contains a

curated collection of

books that have been

scientifically proven to

send you into the land of nod.

Remember your stay at

Velaa Private Island in

Maldives by investing

in a stunning

piece from its

Turtle Anniversary

Collection. The

designs are inspired by

the shells of the sea creatures

that flock there to nest and

hatch each year. The limited

edition pieces are available

to purchase at the resort.


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