Happiful September 2019



The Uplift

8 In the news

13 The wellbeing wrap

14 What is cyber self-harm?

What motivates people to send themselves

hate online, and how can it be helped?

74 Mini donks for wellbeing

The social enterprise enhancing lives with

their seven miniature donkeys


16 Carrie Hope Fletcher

The actor, author, and YouTuber opens up

about rebuilding after a relationship, and

the importance of setting boundaries

28 The truth about trich

What's behind the condition that gives

people the urge to pull out their hair, and

how can it be treated?

58 Gok Wan

13 years after How to Look Good Naked

first aired, Gok talks body confidence in

the digital age

68 Know your neuroscience

Could understanding our brain functions

be the key to unlocking confidence?



Life Stories

36 Katie: facing the future

Katie struggled to manage her mental

health for more than a decade, until

a diagnosis of bipolar offered her the

answers she needed to move forward

52 Ashley: in it together

Living with mental health and

neurodiversity, life hasn't always been

easy for Ashley. But in finding love and

a supportive online community, he's

finally embracing who he is


26 Back to school

Columnist Grace Victory explores the

anxiety that flares up in September

46 Live life, unfiltered

Read the life-affirming novel that gets frank

about what it takes to be the best you

51 Things to do in September

90 Quickfire: MH matters




87 Brian: a new me

It wasn't easy for Brian to admit that

he had developed a problem with

drinking. Today, he's renewed his

passion for life after reaching out for

the help that he needed


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