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Hold tight for the Bush Dance, it has been postponed until warmer weather.


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I hope this finds you happy and healthy!

We are seeking motivated and passionate people to join our committee, to help give back and

create new opportunities within our community. If you are interested in learning about what we do or

becoming involved please come along to our AGM. Nomination forms available at GCC.

AGM Monday 16 th September at 7pm (supper provided) RSVP for catering to:

Tel: 5854 6482 or email: girgarrenh@bigpond.com

We would like to say a huge thank you to Kara Canny for her outstanding work and dedication to the

Cottage over the last three years. Kara has been offered more opportunities in her alternative field of

employment. We wish her the very best.

We are also saying goodbye to our playgroup leader, Sharon Pell, who is leaving us as her

family commitments have grown. Sharon will still be around in the capacity of our relief

worker. We welcome Bernie Smith as our new playgroup leader. Bernie will continue to

work with Steele to run this fantastic session. Playgroup runs on Monday’s 10-12. If you

would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Christmas Hay Bales Competition in partnership with the Development Group is on again

with two categories, adults and children. Great prizes up for grabs and judging will take place on Tuesday

17 December. Start planning your designs, save some bales and contact us to register your entry.

The Weird and Wonderful Veggie Competition is held in April 2020. I know it sounds a long way off, but it

is not, a blink of the eye folks! You may wish to think of what you will be planting and start preparing

your patch as the weather slowly starts to warm up.

Some more housekeeping…no more suitcases please folks. You have all been very generous and we now

have enough cases for the next year or two. Thank you for heeding our call but alas, we have run out of

storage space. However, now that we have all of these cases please remember we need to fill them. So

think of us when you need to rehome old glasses, bras, mobile phones, toiletries or bottle tops (milk, water

and soft drink). Thank you!

I had the pleasure of attending our Carpet Bowler’s end of local

season dinner last Thursday night at Tony’s Pizza. What a great and

diverse group of people they are and very competently led by Rob

Varcoe and Theo George. In attendance were Kelli Smith, Erin

Owen (President), Mark Hicks, Liz, Mitchell and Ross Waddington,

Julie, Teagan and Tamara Kelly, Tanner Stokes, Dylan Povely, Rob

and Theo. Thank you for sharing your evening with me, it was a

wonderful night.

Rob Varcoe and Theo George.

Looking forward to seeing you,

the heaters are on!

Take care and bye for now


The Girgarre Gazette is a Community Cottage Publication

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GARGARRO GARDENS - working bees last Saturday of every month

From front cover -

Representatives of TCL, (Landscape Architects), the Gargarro Gardens Project, the Cranbourne branch of the Royal Botanic

Gardens and an expert Horticulturist met on site at the Gardens on a beautiful morning, Friday 30 th August for a Design

Development Meeting. Following a walk around and a look at the progress the local group have made over recent months,

the group adjourned to the McDonald residence for a working meeting to design and plan the next stage of the project.


Clare Wood – Regional Development Victoria

Nuon Lu – Landscape Architect TCL

Doc McDonald - Chair of Gargarro Botanic Gardens Ltd.

Lucas Dean- TCL (Taylor Cullity and Lethlean Associates)

Paul Thompson – Horticulturist

Bernie Ryan - Chair of the Friends of the Gardens (Gargarro Gardens Project)

Jill Burness – Landscape Architect, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (Cranbourne Gardens)

Red Letter Day For Gargarro

The visitors were here to discuss the next stage of the Gargarro Botanic Garden design. Lucas Dean and Nuonan Lu from T.C.L.

were accompanied by Paul Thompson. Paul is recognised as one Australia’s leading experts on native plants and worked with

TCL on the design of the Australian Garden at Cranbourne. He is responsible for the species selection for Gargarro.

Also travelling from Melbourne was Jill Burness, who is a Landscape Planner at the Cranbourne Gardens. It was Jill’s first visit

to Girgarre, but a welcome one. When the idea of a Botanic Garden first germinated in the Girgarre community in 2012 the

Cranbourne Garden was contacted for advice. Jill was nominated as the contact person, and after receiving encouragement

from her, the Gargarro steering committee spent a day wandering around the Australian Garden in her company. Jill is providing

technical and practical advice to the Girgarre community during the design process. Regional Development Victoria has

provided funding for the design work, Clare Wood from the Bendigo office in the process, attended and joined in the discussion.

Gargarro board members Jan Smith and Doc McDonald, as well as Bernie Ryan from the Friends of Gargarro provided

the local input.

T.C.L. is working on the detailed design of the northern part of the garden, which includes an open park like area around the

Soundshell and the first of the sensory gardens, the See Garden. The design will be completed in the coming weeks and released

to the public later in the year. The Melbourne visitors were full of praise for what had already been achieved by the

Girgarre community and the bold vision that they had for the future. A C McDonald

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From front cover— Photo, L - R Shirley Pyke, Rosemary Hunt and Nola Williams (who quilted the finished piece) Bill Perry

and Donalda Walker.

Rob Axen, Bill Perry and Rosemary Hunt, representing the Girgarre RSL, were on hand for a lovely morning tea on

Friday 30 August, courtesy of the local Girgarre Patchworkers who presented a beautiful panel depicting the Anzac

experience in 1914-18. The quilt was crafted by Gwen Ward and Nola Williams from a central pre-printed panel and

the ladies then worked the border including the poppies around it.

RSL secretary Bill Perry said he was impressed with the skill and quality of the work shown in the quilt. He said it

reminded him of the panels created with love by a patch work group over in Marysville following the black Saturday

fires. Rob Axen added that the fields of the now so familiar poppies, were the first thing the soldiers saw as they hit

the beaches at Gallipoli. He added, the golden wattle and eucalypts were the first thing they saw as they disembarked

onto Australian shores after the conflict had ended.

Rob Axen, Rosemary Hunt and Bill Perry admire the fabulous finished product.

Girgarre Gazette September 2019 Page 5

GARDENING NOTES from Monet’s Garden


Opening Hours are

Monday and Wednesday

10am until 1 pm or by appointment.

Phone Loraine 5854 6236 or The Cottage.

Carol is on hand while Loraine is away.

On the menu tonight were

frogs legs and snails in garlic

sauce. Frogs legs were pretty

tasteless and the snails were a

bit chewy.

Photos sent by Loraine Warde.

Giverny, France

DREAMING BIG - Musical Geniuses Of The Future

Girgarre's Music Man, Pete Gibson, was over

at Shepparton’s Gowrie Street Primary

School on Friday 13 th August for the School’s

‘Dream Big’ Fair. It was all about encouraging

the kids to have a go and to experience

different cultures. And plenty did! Activities

included Bunnings Hardware, giving them a

‘hands on’ experience with tools, local

Islander dancers in costume and a local

indigenous cultural display along with fun

games like 10 pin bowling. Pete loaded up

his ute with all the instruments he had, many

of them from re-purposed materials, so

called ‘Junk’ along the lines of the Junkestra.

It created huge interest. They loved all the

instruments, especially the ones made from

recycled materials. A fun day outdoors even

though the weather was a little chilly.

Pete’s harps, all of them hand made were a hit with the kids as were the tin whistle and the homemade Pan Pipes. It was a fun day.

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Our first walking excursion was to the Girgarre Post Office.

Today we worked on writing an invitation to special guests

for the upcoming Father’s Day Afternoon. Children helped

address the invite, offered to write their name for who the

invite was from, address and seal the envelope.

After sealing the invites in the envelopes, it was time to

mail them! As a group we walked to Girgarre Post Office

and met Australia Post staff, Barry and Sandy.

With Sandy’s assistance the children were able to stamp

their envelopes before mailing them in the mailbox.

Thank you for letting us visit Sandy and Barry.

We are planning another Walking Excursion in Kyabram in early September with the Kyabram Bakery, Library and Unwin Street

Kindergarten. We thank the Kyabram Bakery for allowing us to visit as it is completely free. We will make bread, decorate a

biscuit and watch the process of a donut being made. I am going to look into more “walking excursions” in Girgarre so stay


Enrolments 2020

It is never too late to join in the fun at Girgarre Kindergarten!

We are under the umbrella of KPMC (Kyabram Preschool Management Committee) which have formally closed enrolments for

2020 but there are still places at Girgarre. Families are welcome any time during opening hours to drop in and view the daily

events and enrol. Our hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9am to 2pm.

Robyn Swan—Educator

Girgarre Gazette September 2019 Page 7


Girgarre Primary School Grades P-2 Book Week 2019

Book Week had an amazing variety of characters and we loved the spirit of the

day. The kinder joined us for a bit of Heel Toe Polka, Shotgun and Riptide. This

gave one and all the chance to show off their dance moves.

Girgarre Primary is in the midst of their 4 yearly review and it is a good time to

celebrate our achievements and to look to the future for improvement. We

welcome this extensive process.

This week we head to Melbourne to view the musical, Charlie and the

Chocolate Factory. It is a great opportunity to enjoy the sights of Melbourne

CBD and the lushness of Her Majesty’s Theatre. A big day out but well worth

the effort.

Our beavers have been moving mulch donated to us from PowerCor onto our

garden beds…only catch is the beds needed weeding first….but it has

developed a great ownership of our learning community. We thank our ukulele

instructors giving our students the opportunity to develop their skills.

Community helping community…we love it!

Peter Caldow—Principal Girgarre Primary School.

Chevy O’Neill—Where’s Wally

Lilyann Hancock—Cat in the Hat

Peter Caldow as Aladdin

Girgarre Primary School Grades 3-6 Book Week 2019

Left—Nina Slade, Fiona Chique (Willy

Wonka) and Ashleigh

Buckland (Little Red Riding Hood)

Below—Hunter Gebbie as Steve from


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Development Group General Meeting - Tuesday 27 August 2019

The vision: To build a sustainable vibrant community and create

opportunities to celebrate the achievements of the town.

ACM Report - John Hommes reported that they are processing

400,000 litres of milk into skim milk powder and the associated

organic butter is on sale at Coles Supermarket at the moment.

John said that it is planned to move to 24-hour production,

manufacturing 700,000 litres of milk in the next couple of

weeks. John also reported that the factory has processed its

first load of goat’s milk with more to come. Planning for the

new cheese factory addition has passed through the Shire and

is now in the hands of the EPA.

Resource Resolutions - Ian Bertram reported that discussions

are ongoing re bio digester but investors are now drilling down

on the project. Ian also flagged that perhaps we should revisit

the Robin Fox Light and Sound Show we were proposing in the


Micro Solar Farm - Greg Fitzpatrick reported that much activity

is taking place on Henderson / Morrisey Road construction

site with Power Cor on site and panel construction at rear of

block progressing.

Solar Farm - Peter Leeson reported he hoped that they are

only two weeks out for agreement on grid connections- fingers

crossed. The whole process has been complicated by solar

farms closer to Shepparton. Peter has people on site now

doing initial planning work while waiting for approval to occur.

Market - August market was another typical winter market –

weather forecast had a huge effect on stall holder numbers

and attending patrons alike, even though the day was not as

bitterly cold as predicted. It is only understandable that stall

holders with goods that could be damaged by inclement

weather will cancel. Twilight market is to be held at Gargarro

on 29 November– we need to find out what support we have

from our stall holders and approach as many stall holders as

possible who may consider attending. Hopefully the Twilight

market will become an annual event.

Place Based Planning - Sam Campi has made contact re an

over arching plan that would see an area-based scheme implemented

for our surrounding communities. Sam believed that

collaboration between the small towns could have valuable

advantages for our area. Initial conversations would be around

the sharing of assets and services that some of these small

towns do not have and ideas that could bring more people into

our area.

Tennis Club - Duncan Rodrick reported that new executives

have been elected to take the Tennis Club into the future -

Josh Maudsley has been elected as the new leader of the club.

Jigarre Jammin - Continued with its revamped winter program

and was again a hugely successful day with around 70 people

filling our hall. Campers from the park joined in the day with

many joining in at walk-ups and some just dancing the day

away at the back of the hall. Three lots of campers were from

Tasmania and were making return visits to Girgarre just to be

part of JJ which they had stumbled on through the signage at

the toilet block. The success of the winter program has encouraged

new thinking about how we program for the whole year

with some new initiatives being introduced, which will hopefully

support our leaders who invest a large amount of time in

programming. It is planned that JJ will collaborate with The

Cottage re Christmas Carols.

Signage Boards - Have contacted Karl Devlin re updating

information on boards at rear of the hall.

Girgarre Stanhope Rail Trail Walking Track - It is expected that

work will start on Stage Three of the walking track to Stanhope

in the near future. This will involve clearing, weed control and

fencing. Sandra reported that the Annual Meeting for the Rail

Trail will be held on 8 October at the Business Centre in

Stanhope at 7.30 pm, all welcome.

RSL - Rob Axen reported that visitors from the Tatura and

Mooroopna Legacy groups had visited Girgarre and had warm

praise for both the RSL and Girgarre.

Gargarro Botanical Garden - Doc McDonald reported that he

had attended a BGANZ (Botanic Gardens Australia, New

Zealand) meeting in Mildura at the Inland Botanical Gardens.

The next BGANZ meeting is planned for Girgarre in 2020.

Doc also reported that TCL Landscape Designers, Lucas Dean

and Nuonan Lu, will be accompanied by Paul Thompson one of

Australia’s most renowned experts on native plants, who is

acting as a consultant to TCL on the Gargarro project and Jill

Burnett, a landscape designer from the Cranbourne Gardens,

will be journeying to Girgarre this week as part of the Detailed

Design element of our Gargarro Gardens.

Friends of the Garden – Bernie Ryan reported he had received

a letter from the campers who enjoyed the recent camp over

and were very complimentary of the facilities, our town and

the beautiful meal that Friends of the Garden prepared for

campers on Saturday evening.

Marlene Rodrick also reported that Friends had held another

very successful working bee with mulching of the eastern

boundary plantation completed as well as some additional

plantings and staking along the Southern boundary. Doc

McDonald and George Dibattista were thanked for supplying

equipment necessary to complete the project. Marlene

advised that the AGM for Friends of the Garden will be held on

29 October at 6.30 at Hall - all welcome.

Recreation Reserve - Greg Fitzpatrick reported that the Football

Netball Clubs had a successful year with section U17, U15,

and U13 all reaching the finals in the netball and the seconds

football team also making the cut. Greg reported on two very

successful events held by the Footy Club, one being the Vote

Count when 135 meals were served and a very successful fund

-raising Hypnotist evening.

Girgarre Website - Sally Canny, who is an administrator of the

Girgarre Website is requesting each group to review their

individual pages and provide updates, information or changes

they wish to see to ensure our web page can be as amazing as

possible. sallycox4@hotmail.com

Moosic Muster – Planning is well underway with sponsorship

just completed. Concerts for Friday and Saturday nights are

fully booked with some old favourites and some new ones

attending. Both nights will be very entertaining and of a high

quality. Pleasing to have booked a blue grass band as there has

been a couple of years since we attracted one to the festival.

New flyers are being produced and Jenny will co-ordinate

dispatches to likeminded musicians across the state. Contact

has been made with the Rec Reserve to again host the ukulele


Cottage - Duncan Rodrick reported that Kara Canny had tendered

her resignation as Bookkeeper to The Cottage and

thanked her very much for her much appreciated service – her

bright and bubbly personality will be missed around The


Girgarre Gazette September 2019 Page 9

Stanhope Girgarre Rushworth GIANTS Presentations.

The SGR Giants drew to a close on Sunday 25 August with a Presentation Day and under 14s vote count. All players

in the club were presented with medallions.

Danny Miller had a great season and took out the under 14 Best and Fairest award for 2019, closely followed by

Mitch Wright who took home the Runners Up trophy. It was a tight contest in the race for best and fairest with only

a couple of votes between the top three.

Other under 14 awards went to Jack Doolan, Harrison Wigg, Kane McLeod and Mitch Wright.

Under 12 awards on the day went to Stephan Sutton, Josh Francis, Jack Neyland and Charlie McLean.

The SGR major raffle was also drawn on the day with prizes going to; 1st Bridget Tinning, 2nd Jamie Donovan and

3rd Daryl Harrison.


Girgarre Tennis Club is looking for junior and senior players interested in playing Saturday tennis

for the upcoming season.

We will once again be offering the Hotshots program for children ages 3 and up to learn the basics

of tennis before playing competition.

Please register your interest by phoning Club Secretary, Fiona Smith, on 0408502274.

Girgarre Tennis Club held it's Annual General Meeting, where we elected a new President, Josh Maudsley, and Treasurer, Jo

Saunders. We thank Josh and Jo for taking on these roles within the Club and thank outgoing President & Treasurer Duncan

Rodrick for all of the effort he has put into the Club over many years. Thankfully, Duncan has been persuaded to stay on the

committee but we are always looking for people to help share the load of running the Club, especially parents, so that their

children can continue to play the game they love.

Girgarre Gazette September 2019 Page 10

Rushworth & District Community Bank - Partnering with Girgarre

Bendigo Bank and Community Bank ® opened

Bendigo Bank House 12 months ago providing

short-term, affordable and subsidised accommodation

facility at Bendigo Hospital for regional patients,

their carer’s and families who need to be away from home

while being treated at the hospital.

Over $200,000 was been invested in establishing Bendigo

Bank House by the Bank and 13 of its community banks and

regional communities in partnership with Bendigo Health,

Spotless, Exemplar Health and Gouge.

Rushworth & District Community Bank ® invested $30,000 to

provide two accommodation rooms for local residents and in

the last 12 months over 2100 people have accessed this

service. People needing accommodation for cancer treatment

and supporting families whose loved ones are in hospital care

long term have been able to access affordable rooms to

support them during challenging times. The board and branch

staff are so proud to be able to invest in this service for our

community. This investment is only possible due to our

ongoing commitment from our customers and shareholders

and we thank you for your support.

The ability to invest $30,000 into Bendigo Bank House for our

local communities to access accommodation comes from the

banking our customers bring to the branch. As customers, you

can be proud your banking is making such a difference to our

community. If you want to know more about how your banking

can support our community, give the Rushworth & District

Community Bank® a call on 58562122 or call in to the Rushworth

Branch to discuss how we can help you.

Until next time. Christine Borger (Chair)

Zucchini Custard Slice

4 bacon rashers

1 diced onion

1 garlic clove crushed

2 cups grated zucchini

2 cups cooked rice

5 eggs

250ml natural yoghurt

2 cups grated tasty


1 teaspoon chicken stock

Pepper and salt.


Preheat oven to 180°C. Line a slice tin with baking paper.

Fry, onion, garlic and chopped bacon.

In large bowl beat the 5 eggs, add yoghurt, zucchini, rice, sautéed

bacon etc, stir through 1.5 cups cheese.

Add seasonings.

Pour into the prepared slice tin. Sprinkle with remaining half

cup of grated cheese.

Bake 35 minutes until set.

Let stand and cut small squares for finger food or serve with a


TIP. A nice addition is smoked paprika to the recipe and

sprinkled on top before baking.

Great for freezing also.


Phone: 0415 164 855



Girgarre Gazette September 2019 Page 11

27 Olympic Street Girgarre 3624

PO Box 35 Girgarre







Monday 16 th September, 2019

AT 7pm


Please contact the Cottage for a nomination form.

Office Bearers and General Committee Member positions available.

R.S.V.P. By Monday 9 th September

Reception – 58546482

Email – girgarrenh@bigpond.com

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Video of Theatre Performance

If you would like to see the official version of the Junkestra performance at the Deakin Edge Theatre Melbourne, then please

go to www.graemeleak.com and follow the links. There are also videos of the launch of Piano Piano and The Fire Bells, along

with a video of Graeme’s last workshop with the Jigarre Jammers. The videos have come up well and are worth a look.


R U OK? Day


12 September

It’s OK to say

“I’m not OK”

Are You Ok Day is an annual national day of action that aims to get Australians, right across the entire spectrum of society,

connecting with friends and loved ones, by reaching out to anyone doing it tough and simply asking: "Are you ok?" Talking

about suicide with someone at risk actually reduces the chances of them taking their life. It is the one thing we can all do to

make a real difference. R U OK ? Day is about preventing little problems turning into big problems.

Email: hello@ruokday.com.au

Website: www.ruokday.org.au

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The Girgarre

Development Group

Celebrating the Achievements

of our town.

Building a Sustainable and

Vibrant Community.


The Girgarre Primary School

Preparing a Path to the Future

The Girgarre Community Kindergarten

We aim to achieve an environment where everyone belongs,

feels welcomed, valued and respected, while providing

learning opportunities for children

through exploration and play.

The Community Cottage

The Community Centre exists to help,

support and encourage people of this rural

area to enrich their lives by developing

friendships and new learning skills.


The Girgarre Recreation Reserve

The Girgarre Football Netball Club

The Girgarre Tennis Club

The Girgarre Cricket Club

Our active and vibrant community, working together


Girgarre Community Group Inc.

(The Cottage)

A1601 ABN: 66 944 230 131.

27 Olympic St. (P.O. Box 35), Girgarre, 3624

Phone: (03) 5854 6482 Fax: (03) 5854 6484


E-mail: girgarrenh@bigpond.com

Coordinator: Kezia Talbot

Connect with us on Facebook. Girgarre Community Cottage


The Girgarre Gazette

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Deadline for publication is the 20th of the month

Email: girgarregazette@yahoo.com.au

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Girgarre Post Office and it is available at Rob Varcoe’s shop,

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Tongala & District Memorial

Aged Care Service Inc.

Serving the Community since 1925

• R.M McHale Hostel, Koraleigh Nursing Home

for planned & emergency respite care & permanent

residential aged care

• Deakin Village – retirement rental units

• Memorial Drive Retirement Village

For further information contact:

Sarah Tee, 18 Purdey St, Tongala Vic. 3621

Phone: 03 5859 800

Email: admin@tongalaagedcare.com.au

“Care in a Friendly Town”

Girgarre Gazette September 2019 Page 15


Contacts for Events at Girgarre.

Jan Smith 5854 6283/ E: garryandjan@bigpond.com for info

re January’s Moosic Muster, Jigarre Jammin' or

Gargarro Gardens Project.

Di Burgmann 0408 011634/E: diburgmann@hotmail.com re

workshops for the Muster, Jigarre Jammin', Volunteers


Irene 58521 995/0429 149 246/

E: jigarrejammers@bigpond.com re this newsletter.

Gwen 0456 223 184 /E: tekmedia@bigpond.net.au publicity

for the Muster/Jigarre Jammin'

Lyn 5859 0297/E: kenlyn23@bigpond.com for the web page

and the ‘Jukes’ Ukulele group. Facebook: Jigarre Jammin'

concert venue. Webpage: www.girgarre.com.au and follow

the links.

Girgarre Gazette September 2019 Page 16


Passing on a message for those who know Gloria Graham that lived in Olympic Street to say her husband Norm Graham

passed away 23rd August 2019. Norm passed with his family by his side after a long illness.

Gloria’s address is now 1 Windmill Street , Huntly. 3551.


7 August

Last week we had our new seniors welcome day and we

recruited three Seniors yippee! Bringing our total to 15, not

bad for a town with a population of 194. Debra provided a

hearty creamy pumpkin and potato soup with lovely warm

toasties, delicious. Bingo was on the agenda with the winners

Malcolm, Joy and Keith thrilled, but left being owed the

winning prizes…oops. Trust us, we will make good on our

promise. Sheri Doyle, Environmental Project Officer - Organics

Campaspe Shire Council, presented the “Give A Scrap” talk on

the Shire’s new composting/ green bin initiative, which was

well received.

14 August

It was our pleasure to welcome a group of Seniors from

Shepparton to join us for lunch. We had lots of fun and it was

very enjoyable having some fresh faces and new conversations.

Food does really bring people together, laughter

ensured as we shared scones, cauliflower soup and spaghetti.

More conversation flowed, while we enjoyed more coffee

and scones. Yes we did roll people out!

21 August

A very happy bunch of seniors enjoyed Anthony Tenace, their

favourite entertainer, at the Shepparton RSL “Merry

Melodies”. Gloria, George and Theresa hit the dance floor and

did some boot skootin’ to the joy of the group. Lunch was

roast of the day or fish and chips with pav for dessert.

28 August

We had the fantastic team at Truffles catered for our digital

Skype lunch and what a tremendous job the ladies did. Roast

beef and pork with all the trimmings, pav and a scrumptious

walnut cake. Debra and Wendy had the day off cooking and

thoroughly enjoyed the break. Our tutor Craig from Rushworth

did a brilliant job instructing us on how to Skype and we thank

him for his time. Next week we are off to Rochester, touring

the Neighbourhood House, visiting the silos and murals and

having lunch.

Julie and Kate from “Truffles” catered

for the digital Skype lunch

☺A Canadian lumber camp advertises for a lumberjack. A skinny little guy shows up at the camp the next day carrying an axe.

The head lumberjack takes one look at the puny little guy and tells him to get lost.

"Give me a chance to show you what I can do," says the skinny guy.

"Okay, see that giant redwood over there?" says the head lumberjack. "Take your axe and cut it down."

The guy heads for the tree, and in five minutes he's knocking on the lumberjack's door. "I cut the tree down," says the guy.

The lumberjack can't believe his eyes and says, "Where did you learn to chop down trees like that?"

"In the Sahara Forest," says the puny man.

"You mean the Sahara Desert," says the lumberjack.

"Sure......That's what they call it now!"☺

Girgarre Gazette September 2019 Page 17

Group Name Details Contact name Contact number

The Girgarre Community Group Inc. President Duncan Rodrick 0427 391 706

The Girgarre Community Cottage

3rd Monday 7pm

Girgarre Seniors

Girgarre Cottage

Words on Wheels

Girgarre Cottage

Coordinator Kezia Talbot 5854 6482

Tuesdays 10:45am Debra Stelzer 5854 6482

Discuss chosen books

3rd Tuesdays 6pm

Carol Ohlin 5854 6371

Girgarre Green Thumbs Nursery Nursery Sales Carol/Loraine W Carol 5854 6371

Girgarre Open Garden Committee Open Garden Festival Loraine Warde 58546236/0438 546 237

Girgarre Playgroup 0-5 years

Monday 10-12pm,

Jigarre Ukulele (J-Ukes)

1st & 3rd Wed (5th) 1:30pm

Girgarre Patchwork Quilters

Fridays 9:30am

Girgarre Line Dancers

Thursdays 2pm $7

Carpet Bowls-Thursdays 7:15pm

April to August

Girgarre Kindergarten

Begins 2nd week of terms

Play/learn with others

Girgarre Cottage

Quilters and sewing group

Memorial Hall

Bernie Smith 5854 6482

Lyn Cosham 5859 0297

Nola Marke 5854 8226

Memorial Hall Gloria Atkins 0400 539 778

All ages.

Memorial Hall

Theo George

Rob Varcoe

0428 740 976

0409 975 997

Girgarre Community Kindergarten Lead Educator Robyn Swan 5854 6368

Girgarre Primary School Principal Peter Caldow 5854 6275

Girgarre Returned Services League

1st Tuesdays 7pm. Feb-Nov


RSL Club Room

Laurie Young 5854 6303

Girgarre Country Fire Authority

1st Monday 7:30pm

Stanhope/Girgarre Lions Club

2nd Wednesday 7pm


CFA Meeting Room


Stanhope Hotel

Maree Gadzinski 5854 6264

Avis Weller 5854 6383

Girgarre Community Church

Sundays 9:30am

Stanhope and District Men’s Shed

Mon, Wed, Fri. 9am-12

Christian Church Ron Gregory 5854 6382

Have fun and create.

3 Tivey Rd. Stanhope

Des Crichton 0457 300 321

Girgarre Memorial Hall Committee Memorial Hall Sandra McDonald 5854 6324

Girgarre Development Group (DGD)

Last Tuesday, Jan-Nov 7:30pm

Girgarre Improvements

Memorial Hall

Jan Smith 5854 6283

Gargarro Project Gargarro Botanic Gardens Athol McDonald 5854 6324

Friends of Gargarro Garden Chairperson Bernie Ryan 5857 2407

Girgarre Craft Market

2nd Sundays. 8:30-12

Bookings/enquiries Carol Ohlin 5854 6371

Girgarre Farmer’s Market Bookings/enquiries Jan Smith 5854 6283

Jigarre Jammers. Feb to Nov

4th Saturday 10:30-4pm $2

Acoustic Music Irene Labbett 0429 149 246

Girgarre Living History

Book title “Girgarre”

Record of local history

Athol McDonald

Jenny Wadelton

5854 6324

5852 2301

Girgarre Recreational Reserve President Darren Butler 0427 546 332

Girgarre Football/Netball Club President Brendon Nicholson 0413 022 398

Girgarre Cricket Club President Mick Coyne 0488 296 566

Girgarre Tennis Club



Josh Maudsley

Fiona Smith

0400 546 766

0408 502 274

Girgarre Gazette September 2019 Page 18


Colbinabbin Country Hotel are hosting Open Mic sessions the next one is on

Sunday September 15 and on the third Sunday of each month. Pizza available

all arvo. Performers can win a fully paid gig.

Contact Helen—0417775053

Organisers are the “Rambling Siulers” pictured.

From left: Graeme Prowd, Ray Martin, Helen Blomquist and Des Halberd.

The “Rambling Siulers” will be performing at the Saturday evening Jigarre

Jammin’ Camp concert in Girgarre September 28.


Strum ‘n’ Sing invite you to……

…….a musical event to be held at Lifestyle Clubhouse

65 Channel Road, Shepparton



Home owners and Guests are invited to present 2-4 songs

(or more depending on interest) to a supportive audience.

Please invite friends to participate.

We will provide a modest sound system with 2-3 mics.

If you have queries, or wish to lodge your interest please ring Di - 0408 011 634

BYO drinks and nibbles.


189 – 197 High Street SHEPPARTON VIC 3630



Ph.: 5831 4838

Fax: 5831 1696

Email: sales@sheppartonworkwear.com.au

Website: www.sheppartonworkwear.com.au

Girgarre Gazette September 2019 Page 19

Girgarre - ’What A terrific Town…’

The ‘Bushwackers’ RV Club chose the lovely

surrounds of Girgarre as the place to be for

their 25th anniversary weekend and dinner.

Bernie Ryan and the Gargarro catering team

did them proud with a silver service dinner and

all the trimmings. They walked around the town and were impressed

with the Sound Walk and Sound Shell and the Girgarre town panels,

visited ‘Bonshaw’ and generally had a great time, promising to come

back again in the future.

From the Bushwackers latest newsletter

“What a terrific Community-minded town we visited for our 25th Birthday

celebration. The Hall grounds were terrific – flat, green, wellmown

and decorated with a couple of garden beds. There was

plenty of room for us all and with the weather being kind, we could sit

in the sun, go for a walk, chat and generally relax. To the Hall helpers,

to the Committees that maintain the historical and beauty of the town

walk spaces, to the beautiful Homestead gardens that some Bushies

were taken to, and to the Hall Committee for the ease that enabled

our weekend to evolve smoothly, The Bushwackers sincerely thank

you all!”


Jigarre Jammin’s Winter Program was a popular place to be

on a lovely spring-like day on the 24 August. ‘Favourites’ was

the theme of the day and the presenters in Pete Gibson, Kim

Burns (Bendigo), Di Burgmann (Shepparton), Audrey Dickins

(Gunbower) and Mick Crawford (Yarrawonga) presented an

eclectic mix of old and new including pop and country plus

some familiar but great folk songs remembered from the 60’s

and 70’s. It was a fabulous day enjoyed by the more than 70

participants including a number of children and younger folk.

So good to see.

Wayne and Sandra below

known at “Just Us”.



One of the highlights of the day were a duo from Tasmania,

Wayne Elliot and Sandra Pearn currently on a musical tour of

Victoria with their friends. Singing at the recent Lockington

Country Music Festival, the Kyabram Club and many other

Country clubs and venues as they enjoyed all that Victoria has

to offer. Camped in the park, they read the notice board near

the amenities block and were happily surprised to find it was

a jam weekend. Jigarre Jammin'’ always offers a walk up

segment and Wayne and Sandra starred with a couple of their

own country songs along with some of our regulars and other

visitors from Tassie, one of whom, Ken Sulman of the Southern

Tasmania Bluegrass Group who meet at Miena in the

centre of Tasmania. Ken was more than happy to run an

impromptu jam for a few late stayers at the close of the day.


September (26-29) is Jigarre Jammins’ camp weekend with

many workshops, Saturday night concert $5 entry and Sunday

morning old time gospel singalong over in the Community

Church, planned for the campers and day trippers who come.

Keep an eye on the web page for the program and updates,

it’s a jam packed weekend of musical fun with something for

everyone...www.girgarre.com.au or on Facebook page,

Jigarre Jammin'' - we're making music, for updates.

All contacts on page 15.

MOOSIC MUSTER 2020 January 9-12 Camp.

Girgarre Gazette September 2019 Page 20

COMING EVENTS - Tiny Towns, Small Communities Supporting Each Other

Kyvalley Hall—Sunday Afternoon Melodies Featuring – Daine Runnalls -

Daine sings a wide range of popular tunes, from 1960s through to

the present for you to Sing Along & Enjoy. He’s a songwriter,

acoustic musician & jingle writer. A fabulous entertainer!

Kyvalley Hall Sunday, 8 September. 2:00pm

Admission $20 includes afternoon tea.

Hall Heated. Raffles. All Welcome.

Bookings appreciated Beryl 0408 137 635 or Bev: 0417 360 687 /

58 521 853. Proudly presented by Kyvalley Swimming Club Inc.


INVITATION TO FARMERS & Assoc. Businesses & Families

FREE Sunday Roast Meat & Veg & Desserts. BYO Drinks

Kyvalley Hall

Sunday, 22 nd September

Midday – 4:00pm

Meal served at 12:30pm

Admission: FREE

Raffles. Bookings Essential:

Beryl 0408 137 635 or Bev: 0417 360 687 / 58 521 853

Proudly Hosted By: Campaspe Primary Care Partnership

& Kyvalley Swimming Club Inc.


8 September Girgarre Farmers and Craft Market (Chook Auction)

16 September The Community Cottage AGM 7pm (The Cottage Utility Room at rear)

27,28, 29 September

28 September

Jigarre Jammin’ Camp Weekend (Memorial Hall)

Jiggare Jammin’ Saturday Night Concert

5 October Football Netball Presentation Night.

8 October Rail Trail Walking Track AGM 7:30. Stanhope Business Centre

13 October Girgarre Farmers and Craft Market (Chook Auction)

26 October Jigarre Jammin’ (Memorial Hall)

27 October Girgarre Open Gardens

29 October Friends of the Gargarro Garden AGM 6:30pm Memorial Hall

23 November Jigarre Jammin” (Memorial Hall)

29 November Twilight Market at Gargarro Garden site

9-12 January 2020 Moosic Muster Camp weekend.

Girgarre Gazette September 2019 Page 21


COTTAGE HOURS. The Cottage is

open 10am to 3pm, Monday to

Thursday at 27 Olympic Street,

Girgarre. Coordinator: Kezia Talbot.

Telephone: 5854 6482 for services

listed below.


FOOD BANK. Food parcel available

for those in need. Confidentiality ensured.

Available Monday to Thursday

10am to 3pm.

COMMUNITY CAR. Information and

criteria for bookings. Contact The


SENIOR'S GROUP. Meet weekly for

outings or social events. Meet Tuesdays

10am at the Cottage.


space to hold a meeting, do some training,

hold an event or activity? The

Cottage has a room for hire including

tea & coffee.

ITEMS TO HIRE Specialty items

including shower chairs, walkers, porta

cots, child's car seat, wheel chair, baby

bath, high chair, walking sticks.


join the committee or help out at the


FREE PLAYGROUP Mondays 10am to

12pm. Held at the Girgarre Kindergarten.

BOOK SWAP Leave a book and take

one. Free Service at the Cottage.


into quilts. Stains don't matter.


Spectacles , mobile phones, routers,

bras, baby items, mastectomy items,

cotton clothing suitable for Fijian

climate www.upliftbras.org.

Plastic lids off soft drink bottles, juices

and water bottles for Envision.


LIBRARY Borrow a book, DVDs, talking

books - thousands of titles can be

ordered online at


and delivered to The Cottage.


scripts for collection and return. Free

service at the Cottage



Enrolments welcome anytime

www.kyabramkindergaten.com.au or

phone 0428 738 147


your next event. Phone Sandy Fletcher

at the Girgarre Post Office T: 5854 6200


Wed & Fri, 9am to Noon. Tea & coffee,

chat, computers, wood and metal

lathes. Phone Des 0457 300 321


welcome. Stimulating discussions on

topical subjects. Third Tuesdays 6pm.

Phone Carol Ohlin 5854 6371

LOCAL PHONE BOOKS - there are 150 local phone books to distribute. Call into the Cottage if you would like one.

They are not available from the Post Office.



Come in, relax and enjoy our fabulous modern facili-


www.kyabramclub.com.au office@kyabramclub.com.au






Girgarre Gazette September 2019 Page 22


Girgarre Farmers Market Part-Time Co-ordinator

required—if you love community and getting people

together for fun, consider sharing the role of Girgarre

Market Co-ordinator to promote the monthly market.

Approx. 10 hours a week. Fabulous support team to

work with.

For more information garryandjan@bigpond.com


Morgan St Closure...A permit has been obtained from the

Shire of Campaspe enabling the closure of Morgan Crescent

to traffic if inclement weather is affecting the parkland.

Effective between the hours of 6.30am and 3.00pm for the

following Market days. 8 September,

13 October, 10 November, 8 December

Friends of the Gargarro Gardens A.G.M.

Tuesday 29 October, 2019


Girgarre Memorial Hall (Morgan Cres.)


Girgarre Gazette September 2019 Page 23


Major fundraiser for the Girgarre Community Car &

Stage 1 of Gargarro Botanical Gardens

Detailed designs of plantings, buildings and structures.



At ‘BONSHAW’ homestead (3366 Midland Hwy) we will have:

BBQ (tea & coffee) available from 10:30 - 4pm (small charge for kinder)

• High Tea (2-4pm) Price included in admission fee

• Art Display by Ross Franzi “Black Cockatoo Gallery”

• Live Music 1-3pm Pete Gibson

• Raffle with fabulous prizes, drawn at 4pm

Winners will be notified if not in attendance

Green Thumbs Nursery open 9.30-2.30pm

Purchase Garden Passes from 9:30 at Girgarre Community Cottage

(27 Olympic Street.) Available at the Open Gardens from 10.00 am.

Entry $15 accompanied children free No dogs please

Girgarre Community Cottage

P: 5854 6482

Proudly supported by Shire of Campaspe &

Bendigo Bank Rushworth

Girgarre Gazette September 2019 Page 24

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