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This issue of Inspire Magazine has the theme of support; so take a look and see what is happening across the city.

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ISSUE 3, 2019


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A day in the life of...

our Community Safety team

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Welcome to

Inspire Magazine

We’re supporting you all the way

in our third edition of 2019

This summer has seen the city showcasing plenty of events to bring

the community together, including Manchester Day, Manchester

International Festival, the Moss Side Carnival and Pride. We’re proud

to be part of an inclusive and diverse city and all the connections,

inspiration and activities that brings.

This issue offers lots of support to help you in a range of ways – from

relationships, money and keeping warm this winter. Pages 6 and 7

describe the work of our Community Safety team and what you can

do to live in harmony with your neighbours.

As the temperatures start to drop, you can stay ahead with our guide

to maintaining your boiler on page 17. Plus, don’t miss out on your

compulsory gas safety check to keep you and your neighbours safe.

Look to pages 20 and 21 for ways to take care of your money. We

explain how to keep clear of loan sharks, how to avoid wasting food

and the importance of keeping up-to-date with Child Benefit.

Enjoy reading this issue and let us know what you think at

The Inspire team

On web chat

Speak to an adviser via the web chat,

Monday to Friday, 9am - 4.30pm

Together with Tenants

We’re happy to announce that we’re early adopters of Together with

Tenants, an initiative from the National Housing Federation, developed

in partnership with housing association members, tenants, residents

and social housing stakeholders.

We now want to hear from you as part of our consultation with tenants

to find out your views on a variety of issues.

If you would like to be involved, please contact Wendy on 0330

355 1002 or email

For more information visit @onemcr


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Atlas Place

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Fill up for free

Take up the challenge to start using refillable water bottles .............................. 4

Kids experience the magic of storytime

Six schools in east Manchester have benefitted from children’s stories ............. 4

Our Age-friendly Achievement Award

Read how we’ve earned an Age-Friendly 2019 Achievement Award ................ 5

One Manchester is Carbon Literate

We’re doing our bit to be a sustainable and low-carbon organisation ............... 5

Standing up to domestic abuse

We’re committed to supporting people experiencing domestic abuse ............ 7

What is and what isn’t anti-social behaviour

What do the terms ‘nuisance’ and ‘anti-social behaviour’ really mean? ............. 7

Tenants’ Day is a resounding success

Over 55s share thoughts on activities they’d like to see take place ................... 8

Building your future

An update on our latest developments ......................................................... 9

Customer Satisfaction Survey results

Find out how we’re listening to your views .................................................. 10

Don’t be left in the cold this winter

Looking after your boiler now can help reduce problems during winter .......... 15

Keep your home gas-safe and win £100

Look after the safety of yourself, your family and your neighbours ................... 15

Passing on a tenancy when somebody dies

Find out more about tenancy succession .................................................... 16

What’s it like to be on the One Manchester Board?

Earlier this year, Lyndsey McDonald became our newest Board member ........ 17

Supporting a socially-conscious business

Projects designed to bring solutions to social problems in our areas............... 18

Free support for your small business

There are many ways we can support your business to develop and grow ...... 19

Could you be the victim of a loan shark?

Important advice so you don’t borrow from a loan shark .............................. 20

Reduce food waste. Eat well. Save money.

UK households waste 5 million tonnes of edible food every year................... 20

Is your child turning 16?

Your Child Benefit could be affected if you don’t provide information ............ 21

Have you heard about Healthy Start?

If you’re pregnant or have children under 4, you could qualify for Healthy Start .. 21

Are you retired from the NHS or Social Care?

Would you like to become a member of the NHS Retirement Fellowship? ..... 22

See what’s on for young people

Activities and youth projects in your area ................................................... 22

Your quick guide to how we’re performing

We aim to be the best we can and to continuously improve ......................... 23



Fill up

for free

It’s staggering to hear that the average

person in the UK uses 150 plastic water

bottles a year. That’s why earlier this year

United Utilities encouraged people to

take up the challenge to start using

refillable water bottles.

The Aquarius Centre in Hulme is one of many locations

across the city to offer help, and you can now call in to

the centre and refill your water bottles if and whenever

you need to.

Not only does this help reduce plastic usage across

Manchester, it provides a useful service for walkers,

cyclists and anybody else that might need it. Simply call

in and say hello to any of our staff working in the centre,

Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm.

Save money, stay hydrated, and prevent plastic

pollution by using a free refill app. It shows you

all of the 20,000 locations where you have free

access across the country.


Kids experience

the magic of


Over 370 students from six schools in

east Manchester have benefitted from the

immersive experience of ‘A World Inside

A Book: Gruffalos, Dragons and Other

Creatures’ - the stories created by Julia

Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

Each visit to the exhibition at Z-arts in Hulme is led by a

trained story explorer who guides the children through

the world of The Gruffalo, Squash and Squeeze, Zog,

The Smartest Giant in Town, The Highway Rat, the Monkey

Puzzle, Tiddler, The Snail and the Whale, and the Room

on the Broom.

We are supporting the project which aims to encourage

reading from an early age. It also helps children let their

imagination run free as they explore the fully immersive

exhibition. By taking part, youngsters will get to develop

both language and literature skills through reading, writing,

speaking and listening.

The exhibition is open to the public, and Z-arts

are taking bookings for public and school groups

until December 2019. For more information call

Z-arts on 0161 232 6089.



Our Age-friendly Achievement Award

The inclusive work that we have been doing with overs 55s from

our Independent Living Schemes has earned us an Age-Friendly

2019 Achievement Award with Merit.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham,

issued an Age-Friendly Challenge to help make the

region the best place in the UK to grow older. Greater

Manchester is already the UK’s first age-friendly cityregion

according to the World Health Organisation.

We’ve been working hard to

make sure that older people’s

voices are heard in decisionmaking

processes. This includes

hosting age-friendly board meetings

at Will Griffiths Court in Moss Side, where

the group talks about ways to improve services

for older residents in our neighbourhoods.

The Moss Side venue has launched a series of age-friendly

activities such as our food share club, Tai Chi exercise

sessions, gardening and a Thursday lunch club.

The activities are open to the wider community, and it is

because of these ideas that Hulme and Moss Side have now

been recognised as one of Manchester’s age-friendly areas.


One Manchester is Carbon Literate

Manchester has pledged to become a zero-carbon city

by 2038, and we are doing our bit to help by aiming to

be a sustainable and low-carbon organisation.

We’re working with the Carbon

Literacy Project to deliver training

to all One Manchester staff about

climate change and how we can make

a difference as individuals and as a

company. Our staff have also been

encouraged to make a pledge to

reduce their carbon footprint. There

have been some great ideas, from

switching to renewable energy to

cycling to work.

We were recently been awarded a

silver Carbon Literate Organisation

Award thanks to the hard work of

Liz and Dean from the team, with Liz

having trained over 186 staff so far

(more than half of our workforce).



A day in the life of…

our Community Safety team

Our Community Safety team work hard to tackle many forms of anti-social behaviour such as

hate crime, domestic abuse and making sure that our neighbourhoods are safe places to live.

We wanted to get an idea of what can happen during

a normal day in order to help keep the peace in our

neighbourhoods, and so we spoke to Thomas and Bev who

work on the Community Safety team.

What does your day-to-day role look like?

Thomas: “I’m an intervention and enforcement officer and

the main part of my job is to deal with cases of anti-social

behaviour and use early intervention tools to make sure

as few cases as possible go to court. A lot of our work is


“Today I came into the office and worked through some

ongoing cases which are quite time-consuming. Quite often

with anti-social behaviour there are support requirements,

so we work closely with the Support and Wellbeing, the

Place, and the mental health teams in Manchester. After that

I did three separate visits with the Police to investigate cases

relating to drug dealing and noise complaints.”

What type of cases do you typically work on?

Bev: “There’s a wide spectrum of cases, but nine times out of

ten the case will involve mental health issues, drug or alcohol

abuse. Intoxicated people will do things that they wouldn’t

normally if they’re sober.

“One of the issues we’ve been dealing with recently is called

cuckooing. Some of our neighbourhoods seem to have a

small number of properties that are being taken over by drug

dealers who’ll take advantage of vulnerable tenants. They

then use their properties as the base for crime. So, what we

have to do is offer support to the tenant being abused and

help to gather evidence to start legal action.

“We also deal with issues such as drug dealing, organised

crime, money laundering, domestic abuse, hate crime and

other criminal activities. Communities are sometimes too

scared to report behaviour, and so we have to work very

closely with the Police on cases to get the evidence we need

to take action.”

How many cases are your team currently

working on?

Tom: “Collectively the team have over 130 live cases,

with new cases coming in daily.

“We have what is called a “harm centred approach” to

all the cases we work on. This means that we do our best

to look at the bigger picture to have an understanding

of what issues each individual person might be dealing

with. But if they are having a negative impact on the

other families in their area, we do sometimes have to

follow the enforcement route and take action.”

Bev: “There are very complex cases where people are

suffering from severe mental health issues and it’s often hard

to work on these. You obviously can’t leave the community

around them to suffer as a consequence of their behaviour,

so we have to consider action. These are often linked in with

drug and alcohol issues.

“A large part of my job is preparing cases for legal action,

instructing solicitors and attending court to give evidence

when necessary.”

What are the best things about working in the

Community Safety team?

Tom: “It’s great to get a positive result for people involved

after putting so much hard work in and to help the


Bev: “Cases can be continuous for months. When a case is

finally resolved it is hugely satisfying to see somebody with

mental health issues, or other things in their life, receive the

help they need.“

If you need to report an instance of

unreasonable or persistent noise, or antisocial

behaviour in your neighbourhood,

please call our Community Safety team

on 0330 355 1002.

All contacts will be dealt with in a

confidential manner and your identity

will never be revealed without

your consent.



Standing up to domestic abuse

The Make a Stand pledge has been developed by the Chartered Institute of Housing in

partnership with Women’s Aid and the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance to encourage

housing organisations to commit to supporting people experiencing domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse is one of the biggest issues in society today. The true scale of the

problem is difficult to determine because a large proportion of domestic abuse goes

unreported, but studies suggest many millions of people are affected every year.

Tragically, two women are killed every week by their partner or ex-partner.

By signing up to the Make a Stand pledge we have

committed to make sure that we:

1 put in place and embed a policy to support residents who are

affected by domestic abuse

2 make information about national and local domestic abuse support

services available on our website and in other appropriate places

so that they are easily accessible for residents and staff

3 put in place a HR policy, or amend an existing policy, to support

members of staff who may be experiencing domestic abuse

4 appoint a champion at a senior level in the organisation to own the

activity we are doing to support people experiencing domestic abuse


What is and what isn’t anti-social behaviour...

The terms ‘nuisance’ and ‘anti-social behaviour’ are widely

used and mean different things to different people.

What is not considered nuisance and anti-social behaviour?

The normal use of household equipment, pets barking or roaming, and children

playing games in a reasonable manner is not considered anti-social behaviour.

Many one-off instances can be fixed by simply speaking to your neighbour

about the problem. They might not be aware that their behaviour is upsetting you.

We can help if the behaviour is persistent and unreasonable.

If you have an issue relating to bins and fly-tipping, call Manchester City Council

on 0161 234 5000.

What is criminal behaviour, and who should I call?

If you spot drug use or drug dealing you should call GMP using 101 or 999 if

urgent. You can also call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Please also log this

behaviour with us if it is caused by a resident.

If pedal bikes and motorbikes are being used illegally or dangerously by unknown

residents, contact GMP by dialling 101.

If you believe somebody may be involved in prostitution, you should call GMP

on 101 or 999 if urgent.



Tenants’ Day is a resounding success

Over 55s from our Independent Living Schemes across the city attended our first Tenants’ Day

held in Longsight, to share thoughts on activities and events they’d like to see take place.

There were plenty of suggestions on how the

eight schemes could work together and share

a social calendar to get to know one another.

With transport, health, and social isolation being

important matters to the residents that attended,

lots of work is now taking place to ensure the

fantastic ideas can become reality with the help of

those at the event.

Carolyn, one of our Independent Living Advisers,

gave us her thoughts about Tenants’ Day;

“The main reason for holding this event was to give

our customers a voice. The general agreement

on the day was that a lot of people were feeling

socially isolated, and that they wanted to get out

and make new friends. By bringing all the schemes

together to one venue, residents got to meet each

other and have a chat.”

Pauline, a resident at Will Griffiths Court, had been

feeling very isolated until she started to involve

herself in social activities at her scheme. She now

talks about her life experiences through thoughtprovoking

poetry and she shared a poem at the


“A day like this is great, you can come along and

meet other tenants, hear other ideas.” says Pauline.

“I do art on a Monday morning at Will Griffiths

Court, and I took part in the Sonder Radio event,

which ran for four months. We recorded my poetry

and spoke about our communities; it was a brilliant

thing to be involved in.”

The first change from feedback from the event is

a new name for the schemes, which will now be

known as Happy Living Communities.

Tenants transform

a tired space

Residents of our North Road

Independent Living Scheme pooled

their creative ideas to redesign their

refurbished communal area.

The group found that the existing layout of the room

didn’t suit their needs as it was difficult to hear the

television or have a chat when darts was being played.

With the help of volunteers from the university, as well as our

rough sleepers programme and builders John Southworth,

Galliford Try, MA Contracting and student designer Fern, the space

has been lovingly transformed into a welcoming lounge area.

The refurbishment work has allowed individuals who have

experienced rough sleeping and homelessness the opportunity

to develop their skills as part of supporting them back into

employment and investing in their new communities. MA

Contracting have worked with two One Manchester residents

who are clients of our homelessness project with painting and

decorating skills, as well as providing the paint and equipment.

The room has now been divided into two and the walls painted

pink and blue to brighten up everybody’s day. The refurbished

communal area has since hosted a party to welcome all of the

residents with entertainment and a buffet. There are lots of activities

and events planned for tenants who live at and in the surrounding

area of the ’Happy Living Communities’ and we are looking at

rolling the project out to other schemes.

Thanks to all of the residents who helped including Peter and

Charmaine who coordinated the project with the support of Joyce,

Sylvia, Geoff and Fred.


Building your future

There’s been a lot happening lately such as new planning

applications and building starting on-site, as well as houses

being released for sale and rent. And that’s not all...

The Clockworks

Moss Side


The Clockworks, Moss Side

This large apartment block located on Princess Parkway launches in autumn.

All of the two-bedroom homes on this development are available with Rent to

Buy. This allows residents to rent at 80% of the market value for five years, giving

them the chance to save for a deposit and either buy outright, or with Shared

Ownership at the end of the five-year period. The Clockworks has on-site

parking, a roof garden and very easy access to the city centre, which makes

it a fantastic place to call home.

South Gate, Openshaw

Phase one of our South Gate development sold out in its first week, but

phase two on Godley Street launches in the autumn. These two- and threebedroom

houses will be available with Shared Ownership and are sure to

be snapped up quickly.

Sandpiper Place, Gorton

Launching this autumn and also available with Rent to Buy and Shared Ownership,

Sandpiper Place is 26, three-bedroom houses developed alongside the rebuilt

Oasis Community Centre. It’s in a fantastic location with easy access to the city

centre and local amenities.

We also have planning permission for six other developments, including

three for Affordable Rent, and we will be starting on-site soon. Keep an

eye on our website for more information about where we are building.

South Gate


Atlas Place


Sandpiper Place


Atlas Place, Levenshulme

Atlas Place has been a very popular development, with all houses

currently reserved. The apartments will be launching soon, all

available with Rent to Buy. Tucked away down a side street, but

only minutes from the centre of Levenshulme and the train station,

these apartments are likely to be as popular as the houses.

Natasha and Ankur,

our very first residents

at Atlas Place in

Levenshulme, decided

to take their first steps

towards owning

their own home with

Rent to Buy.

For more information take

a look at the ‘Find a home’

section of our website and

don’t forget to register

your interest.




You told us how we’re doing,

and here are the results!

In January we asked you to tell us what you think of the services provided by One Manchester in our second annual satisfaction

survey sent to all tenants and leaseholders. We asked an overall satisfaction question ‘Taking everything into account, how satisfied

or dissatisfied are you with the service provided by One Manchester?’. Encouragingly the results have slightly improved from

2018’s results but improving our services, in collaboration with you, remains a top priority for us over the coming months and years.

Year Very Dissatisfied Fairly Dissatisfied Neither Fairly Satisfied Very Satisfied Overall % Satisfied

2019 10.7% 10.7% 7.5% 33.6% 37.5% 71.1%

2018 9.3% 10.8% 10.1% 36.7% 33.1% 69.8%

Net Promoter Score

We also use the Net Promoter Score to measure

customer satisfaction and loyalty. The score is based

on the question ‘How likely are you to recommend

(the organisation) to a friend or relative?’.

The NPS can be as low as -100 or as high as 100.

A positive a score of 50 is viewed as excellent, whilst

negative scores are seen as poor.

Our 2019 score of 22 is 18.1 higher than that of

housing associations nationally, and just 0.4 below

the all sector UK average (based on national research

in the UK Customer Satisfaction Index January 2019).







22 22.4


One Manchester HA’s nationally UK all-sector average

Overall average scores comparison

This chart shows the overall average score for each question asked in both 2018 and 2019.

The good news is that we have seen an improvement for each question, however there is still much work to do.



Do we communicate with you in a way that suits you?

How satisfied are you with the cleanliness of the area near your home?

Do we understand the concerns or issues you raise?

Overall, do you think the amount of service charge you pay represents value for money?

Overall, how satisfied are you that OM acts on your feedback?

How satisfied are you with how the green space is maintained?

Overall, do we deliver what we’ve promised/do what we say will do?

How satisfied are you with the condition of your home?

How satisfied are you with the area near your home as a place to live?

How satisfied were you that we resolved your issue first time?

Overall, how satisfied are you that OM keeps you up-to-date with things that might effect you?

Overall, do you think your rent represents good value for the property you live in?

How satisfied were you with the level of service you received with your most recent enquiry?

How satisfied were you with the level of service you received with your most recent repair?

Overall how easy do you find it to pay your bills each month?

Overall, how easy was it for you to contact us with your most recent enquiry?

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9



Average Score Comparison by Place

We have worked out an average score out of 10 for all questions by place area.

Again, the good news is that each score increased from 2018 to 2019.



Gorton & Abbey Hey



Moss Side




Ancoats & Beswick


Hulme West (St George’s)

Hulme East (Hulme)

+ 0.9

+ 0.75

+ 0.74

+ 0.76

+ 0.46

+ 1.41

+ 0.75

+ 0.86

+ 1.03

+ 0.42

+ 0.83

+ 0.16




0 1 2 3 4 5

+ 0.81

6 7 8 9

The highest scoring place in 2019 is Fallowfield followed by Gorton and Abbey Hey, and the lowest scoring place in 2019

is Hulme (East and West). The area that saw the biggest increase from 2018 to 2019 was Ardwick (up by 1.41 points).

The area that saw the smallest increase was Hulme East (formerly Hulme South); up just 0.16 points. The overall score

across the board has gone up by 0.81 points.

Top three areas to improve

In the 2019 survey, we asked you to choose the three things you’d most like us to improve.







Keep my area cleaner

Make it easier to contact the

right person to help me

Resolve problems more quickly

The importance of these things to you

To better understand your priorities, we asked you not only how satisfied you are with certain things, but also how important those

things are to you. This has enabled us to perform some gap analysis - the bigger the gap between the average satisfaction score

and average importance score, the more we need to be concerned. The biggest gaps were:

Question of importance Satisfaction Importance GAP

Cleanliness of the area near your home 6.21 7.93 1.72

Condition of your home 7.28 8.78 1.5

The area near your home as a place to live 7.17 8.46 1.29



You said it, so we got it done

After analysing the results of the customer satisfaction survey from 2018 and some in-depth

research with tenants, we drew up an action plan to tackle what you said we could improve.

We focused on the questions which scored especially low (less than 7 out of 10) and developed what we thought were realistic

and achievable actions. Here are some examples of what we have done (or tried to do).

What we did The result Comments

Educate residents on the

anti-social behaviour

process and how to report

to relevant agencies when

it’s not One Manchester’s


Updated the website

and information leaflets

handed out at place

events and distributed

in high-rise blocks.

We also attend regular partnership

meetings with other Manchester service

providers such as the Police and the

council and will be engaging with

residents more about our anti-social

behaviour services.

Review the


and feedback

approach in the

contact centre.

Performance measures have been

updated in consultation with our

Scrutiny Panel to focus on the quality of

service and customer satisfaction.

We now have a dedicated performance

coach in the contact centre to support

the team to improve the quality and

consistency of our service as well as an

end of call satisfaction survey.

Review informal and formal

complaints processes.

Lots of work has been carried out to look at

how we deal with complaints and to improve

the review process. We will do more to

review lessons learnt from complaints to

support service improvements.

These are now reviewed regularly to

assess the cause and to try and avoid a

repeat. Feedback is provided to teams

on how issues could have been worked

on better.

Work with Manchester City

Council to improve green


We are working in partnership with

Manchester City Council and Biffa

to promote the use of recycling at all

sites and the free council collection

service. We have also developed

a fly-tipping ‘heat map’ to decide

which areas to target.

We want to change people’s

behaviours through education

and engagement. Work is in

progress to plan how clean up

events are managed to help

promote change.

Link in with Manchester

City Football Club over

concerns about the

behaviour of football fans

and concert goers on

event days in Beswick.

We have held discussions

with representatives of

the football club and have

agreed a way to raise

concerns directly.

As part of the regular Beswick drop-in

with the place co-ordinator, there is the

opportunity to report specific concerns

on this matter which are passed on to

Manchester City Football Club.

Realignment of services

and change of the Place

team structure including the

role of your housing officer.

A significant change has been made to the

way the Place team works and what they

focus on. Some new roles were created

and began in September 2018, along with

place plans for all of our neighbourhoods to

help us adapt our services.

This change of approach means you

should see us out and about in your area

much more often which gives you the

chance to interact with us face-to-face.




What we did The result Comments

Review of how we buy

things and the quality of


A major review of our maintenance stores has

been carried out and a new way of working

has been developed which has begun this


You should hopefully start to see

improvements in our repairs service

as a result of this activity.

Repairs policy review.

Some small changes were made to our

repairs policy and repairs guide following

the review. The latest versions are available

on our website.

We hope this

makes our policy

clearer and fairer

for you.


DIY and




We started by running DIY sessions at the

Boiler House in Moss Side. Following the

success of these, we decided to trial having

somebody from our repairs and grounds

maintenance teams at all our place events to

provide hints and tips.

The interest at our place events hasn’t

been as expected, so we are going

to review our approach.

Consider joining the

Institute of Customer


We have joined for an initial two years. The

Institute of Customer Service is the UK’s

independent professional body for customer

service with the primary purpose of helping

its members deliver improved service


Membership lets us see how you

think we are doing compared to other

services. There are training opportunities

for staff and lots of research that we

now have access to which will help us

develop service delivery.


customer service

training for


All of our repairs operatives have

completed a customer service

course to improve their interactions

with you.

The training has been a success and we

hope to start something similar to our

other customer-facing teams.

What’s happening this year

The 2018 action plan has finished, but we won’t stop there. Here’s just part of what we

have planned for this year, all because of the results of our 2019 customer survey:

• Further development of our customer engagement network to ensure the

customer voice is central to service improvement and development

• Complaints training for all managers to improve how complaints are handled

and how effectively we learn from them where we get something wrong

• Development of key performance measures for our grounds maintenance


• Review and consultation around our service standards so you know what

level of service to expect when you contact us

• Completion of our operative multi-skill training programme

• Identification of areas for environmental improvements - we are planning a

large and long-term environmental project



Apprentices build their skills with us

Giving local young people a start on the career ladder is hugely important to us, and this summer

saw the beginning of a very special makeover to one of our properties.

A flat in Hulme was handed over to our Building Services team

for the repairs and renovations to be completed entirely by our

team of apprentices.

After the previous tenant moved out of the flat, it was stripped

back and turned into an open space for the apprentices. This

allowed the team to gain hands-on experience of working on a

build from the very start.

Brian Williams, the assistant manager of the Building Services

team, explained why the project would be so useful for our

team of young apprentices;

“This is the first all-apprentice site that we’ve had done and

being in here has built a real team spirit between them all.

Of course there are people guiding them and helping them,

but all the work has been done by the apprentices.

“It’s invaluable experience for those working on it. They’re all

doing really well and we’re quite far into the job now. A lot

of the plastering has been done as well as the rewire, central

heating and kitchen.”

One person who knows the work that goes into completing

an apprenticeship is Darnell Brown, an apprentice electrician

who joined One Manchester three years ago. He tells us how

he is now passing on his knowledge to the next generation of


Darnell was passing his experience on to Brook Hardman, an

apprentice electrician, who spoke about why having someone

who has done it before to teach him has been useful.

“It’s good because they’ve been through it themselves, they

can give me tips and explain to me what it’s like. We’ve felt like

we’ve been able to make mistakes on this build, and we’ve

learnt from our hiccups and found ways past them.

“An apprenticeship has been great for me. You get paid

while you learn, and college really wasn’t for me. Sitting

in a classroom all day wouldn’t have worked. This is an

opportunity now for Darnell to show me what’s possible with

an apprenticeship.”

Brook’s experience has given him the motivation to make the

most of his apprenticeship.

“It gives you a goal to aim towards if you put your mind to it.

You see the mentors and think ‘they know what they’re doing;

he’s got his own van’. It pushes you to get the best out of


We offer a range of apprenticeship opportunities and have

recently put 17 apprentices through our fantastic apprentice

programme, which includes roles in finance, customer service

and administration.

“It’s been a good experience, teaching the new guys what I

learnt” says Darnell.

“Obviously, I learnt it quite recently, so I know how to

explain things to them in a way that they’ll understand.

It’s also been really helpful to learn a bit about what the

other apprentices have to do in their trade, because often

we don’t really come across each other in normal life.”

To find out more about local

apprenticeship opportunities,

contact the One Future team

on 0330 355 1002 or

You can also check the ‘Work for Us’

section of our website or One

Manchester’s page on





Don’t be left in the cold -

test your boiler now

Heating your home during the cold months might seem like a long way off,

but looking after your boiler now can help reduce problems through the winter.

We highly recommend preparing for the chill by

turning your heating on while the weather is still

relatively mild. You don’t need to use it for long -

just enough time for your radiators to warm up.

To make sure that everything is running smoothly with

your boiler and radiators, take a look at our advice to

some common issues and how to resolve them.

Check the thermostat


Make sure the thermostat is set

correctly with summer and winter

settings. Due to warmer weather, the

thermostat may need setting higher

than normal to activate your heating.

• If your gas meter is pre-paid, make

sure you have enough credit on it

• Check all your other gas appliances

are in full working order

• If the unit has a fuse switch, check the

switch is pressed down

Check the pressure

The amount of water in a boiler and central

heating system is indicated on the pressure

gauge, and this should be between

1 and 1.5 bar.

When a central heating system hasn’t been

used for a few months, the amount of pressure

in the boiler and central heating system can

drop. This can often cause a boiler to stop

working and will show as an error code on

the display (Vaillant - F22, Potterton - E119,

Intergas - 0.0).

To replace the water and increase the pressure,

turn the taps on the chrome flexible pipe (filling

loop) shown. The taps on the filling loop can

only be turned one way. When turned you

should hear water filling the system and notice

the pressure in the boiler begin to rise.

Aim for between 1 and 1.5 bar, or the green

section on pressure gauge, then turn the taps

back and you will hear the water stop. This will

fill the system with enough water and remove

the error message. Your boiler should be

working normally after about 20 minutes.

To find out how you can save money on your energy bills visit

Keep your home gas-safe... you could win £100

It’s a legal requirement that you let us carry out a gas safety check

at your home to keep you, your family and your neighbours safe.

You will be sent an appointment for your gas safety check which you can rearrange if it’s not suitable.

If you let us in first time, you’ll be entered into our monthly

prize draw where one lucky customer will win £100.*

On the day of the appointment you must make sure:

• if you have a card meter there is credit on it

• your appliance(s) and gas meter can be reached easily

• you have the manufacturer’s instructions available for any of your own gas appliances e.g. gas fire, cooker

For full details of this promotion visit

*Terms and conditions apply.



Passing on a tenancy

when somebody dies

Individual tenants and joint tenants might be able to pass on their tenancy when

they die. This is known as ‘succession’.

When requesting a succession of tenancy, please be

aware that only one person can take over the tenancy

if the following conditions are met.

• A succession can only legally take place once

• This is only upon the death of the current tenant

• The person applying to succeed the tenancy must

live in the property as their ‘only or principal home’

• This must have been continually residence for a

minimum of six months or more prior to the death

of the tenant

• When a sole tenant dies, the tenancy can pass to

their spouse, civil partner or partner

• The individual requesting the succession must

provide evidence that they meet the criteria

outlined above

Depending on the type of tenancy the previous tenant

held, a family member may have the right to succeed to

the tenancy, however this does not mean they will have

the right remain in the current property.

If the property has been adapted or is too large for the

family member who has requested to succeed, although

a succession of the tenancy may be approved, they will

not take over the current property. However, we would

support the individual in being rehoused elsewhere.

If we cannot grant the succession of the tenancy to the

person who has made the application, we may provide

support to them to be rehoused into a property suitable

for their needs through our choice-based lettings system.

To report the death of a

tenant please call

0330 355 1002 or visit




What’s it like to be on the

One Manchester Board?

Earlier this year, Lyndsey McDonald became our newest One Manchester Board member.

She joins eleven other members who have a wide-range of business skills, experience

and expertise.


Lyndsey has a degree in civil engineering and works as a

project supervisor for the National Grid. She has lived in southeast

Manchester all her life and currently calls Longsight home.

We asked her about her experience since joining the team,

and how she became involved in the first place.

“I took part in One Manchester customer surveys in 2018 and

found it a really rewarding to give feedback on how I felt about

my community and the service One Manchester provides.

It was great to be able to comment on the things which are

working well and those which could use some improvement.

“At the time I had been looking for a volunteering position

in which I could give something back to the community. By

coincidence at this focus group we were told about a position

that had become vacant for a tenant board member and I was

really excited to find out more.”

She could see how she could make a difference to the

organisation by joining the board so was keen to get involved.

“I wanted to become a board member because I really believe

in the purpose of One Manchester. Not only do they provide

quality homes and services - they strive to be at the heart of our

communities to shape other services and improve people’s


“I wanted to be a part of this and felt I could greatly contribute

through my own life experiences and passion for our people

and our communities.”

We asked Lyndsey to tell us a bit about what being a member

of our board involves:

“We encounter all the issues that would surround a business

and the decisions it has to make. As a board member, our role

is mainly at a strategic level and we try not to get too involved

with the day-to-day running of One Manchester as this is in the

very capable hands of our executive team. A recent example

which we dealt with was the merger of Eastlands Homes and

City South Manchester into One Manchester as a community

benefit society. This involved a lot of legal paperwork and the

updating of our financial arrangements.”

“Some of the best aspects of my work

with the board are seeing real change,

as well as hearing about the experiences

of our customers first-hand and from the

management team at One Manchester.

“Discussing and debating future plans is

really rewarding as I can contribute to the

decisions we make for our services

and our communities.”



Supporting a socially-conscious

Manchester business

Earlier this year we asked to hear from entrepreneurs and social organisations who could

help improve Manchester’s neighbourhoods. £150,000 was available to support projects

designed to bring solutions to specific social problems in our areas.

One of the first social enterprises to be awarded

funding, EMERGE 3Rs, spoke to us about how

the funding has helped to grow their waste wood

upcycling project, Touch Wood.

How will the funding help with your enterprise?

“We’ve now created a trainee workshop supervisor

role who is very focused on the production side of

the enterprise. The trainee supervisor used to be a

volunteer with us, but this funding now allows us to

pay them a living wage and support them through

training opportunities such as health and safety,

accredited use of tools, forklift truck driving and how

they can better support other volunteers through inhouse


“We also plan to introduce a full-time coordinator role,

which will be very retail focused, and will help us to

grow our sales platforms.”

“We’re also working on the refurbishment of our workshops, turning

one into more of a training workshop, and the other into a publicfacing


“Our next steps are to improve our website and marketing activities

to help people find us and our services.”

Do you have any advice for people thinking about getting

involved with future social innovation support?

“Just go for it! Have a look on One Manchester’s website, make

sure to register your interest and speak to Anton. He’s been a really

approachable and supportive person during the project. We’ve

recently had a follow-up meeting and he’s been great at helping us

scope and develop the project.

“Everyone at EMERGE 3Rs and

Touch Wood is so excited to find

out what’s next for us.”

What are your plans now you have the social

innovation funding support?

“Alongside the employment, your funding has also

helped us to hire a consultant to carry out some

marketplace analysis. We’ve learned more about how

we can be financially sustainable, potential partners we

could work with, and what we need to do to evolve

Touch Wood into a profit-generating enterprise, which

will help us to contribute more in terms of social value.

To find out more about

funding for local organisations,

contact Anton Schultz on

0330 355 1002 or email




Free support for your small business

There are many ways we can support your business to

develop and grow, and we’d love to hear from you

to discuss your business idea.

Our advice includes:

• 1-1 support and advice to start your own business, develop your ideas

and access a range of support available in the city

• free training and business courses to help improve the skills and

confidence of budding entrepreneurs

• our Catalyst Fund which supports local businesses with funding

• a small business grant* to cover some costs for your business

e.g. equipment, insurance, marketing

• hosting business networking events

(*Subject to eligibility)


If you would like to

talk to our enterprise team, contact

or call 0330 355 1002.

Would you like to start your own retail business,

or have you already set-up?

Your business could follow in the footsteps of huge retailers like Marks

& Spencer, Tesco and Matalan, who all started life on a market stall.

We’re working with Prosper Associates to offer free training so you can become

a new market stall trader or trade online. There is also a fantastic opportunity

to access a small start-up grant too, based on eligibility and completion of the

whole programme. This training workshop is for new retail businesses,

or existing traders with no more than 30 months in business.

What you will get:


• vital skills needed as a market New or Ad online to retailer be supplied by LC miss to go out on - this spread!

• real-life ideas and action points

book your


• to learn the rules and regulations of running a business

• all equipment and materials provided

one youth one home one life one money

Come along to the open day on Monday 11th November from 10am-12pm.

The training workshop will begin on Monday 18th November from

10am-1pm and run for 12 weeks at Eastlands House, Victoria Street,

one place one future

Openshaw, M11 2NX.

one venture

Call Wayne on 0330 355 1002 or email



Could you be the

victim of a loan shark?

If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions

you might be borrowing from a loan shark.

• Did they offer you a cash loan?

• Did they not give you paperwork?

• Did they add huge amounts of interest or APR to your loan?

• Have they threatened you?

• Are you scared of people finding out?

• Have they taken your bank card, passport, watch or other valuables

from you?

It is important that you report a loan shark to the Illegal Money Lending

team who can provide support and advice on 0300 555 2222.

If you need help with debt issues and advice about

borrowing money safely, our One Money team can help.

For a more ethical and affordable

form of borrowing instead of high

interest lenders and loan sharks,

contact the local credit unions.

Source Find suitable out more imagery online at:

Call 0330 355 1002 or email

Reduce food waste.

Eat well. Save money.

UK households waste 7 million tonnes of food every year,

5 million of which is edible - enough to fill 40 million wheelie

bins or 100 Royal Albert Halls!

A great deal of food waste comes from the last few bites on your plate - uneaten leftovers

and things like stale bread or potatoes - all of which could have been transformed into

something delicious.

Reducing food waste can also save you money, so why not see what delicious

meals you can make before throwing out food? The website, Love Food

Hate Waste, shows you easy to follow recipes that help you to make

tasty meals out of food you might otherwise have thrown in the bin.

Simply type in the ingredients you have leftover in your fridge

and the website will tell you what you can make from them.

How about potato and veggie hash, baked stuffed

apples, or spicy carrot burgers?

Visit today

and let us know what tasty treats

you cook up by posting pictures

on our Instagram or Twitter pages.






Is your child turning 16?

Your benefits could be affected if you don’t provide

further information to Child Benefit.

Child Benefit will usually write to you in advance to ask

what your child will be doing when they turn 16, and

you will need to respond and provide any documents


Your Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit payments will

stop if you don’t inform them in good time, and other

benefits could be affected or reduced.

To continue to get paid the right amount and not lose

out, make sure you tell Child Benefit, Child Tax Credit,

Housing Benefit or Universal Credit and Council Tax

Support what your child will be doing. For example, if

your child will remain in school, provide a letter from the

school with the date your child expects to finish, or if in

college, provide the learning agreement.

If your child is leaving education and is unsure about what

to do, they should consider:

• Speaking to the careers service for advice

• Apprenticeships

• Job clubs to help with CVs, interview techniques and job searching


to find out more.

Additionally, if you have a child turning 18 this can also affect and

reduce your benefits. Your child might even need to apply for

Universal Credit whilst looking for work. To find out more visit;

Sophie has three children and when her son turned 16, she wasn’t aware she

needed to let Child Benefit and Child Tax Credits know he was staying on

in full-time education. Because Sophie had difficulty reading and writing,

she struggled to understand letters and forms and what she needed to do.

Unexpectedly, her payments stopped and she lost out on £62.75 a week.

Thankfully, Sophie contacted our One Money team and Wayne helped to

contact the benefit agencies with the relevant information to get her benefit

payments back in payment and backdated. Without these benefits,

she would have lost out on £3,263 a year - money she was entitled to.

For more information, please contact us so we can offer

the correct advice based on your circumstances on 0330 355 1002.

Have you heard about Healthy Start?

If you’re pregnant or have children under the age of four and

are on benefits, you could qualify for Healthy Start.

You also qualify if you’re pregnant and under the age of 18.

This means you could be eligible for free vouchers to spend on

milk, fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, and infant formula milk

every week. You can also get free vitamins. Healthy Start aims to

give your family the very best start in

life and is completely free.

Find out if you are eligible at



Are you retired from the NHS or social care?

Would you like to become a member

of the NHS Retirement Fellowship?

A member can visit a local branch (they meet every three weeks), and

branch membership includes social events, visiting places of interest, day

trips, speakers on specific subjects requested by the members, exercise

and leisure activities. Retirees can also learn new skills and develop

interests with others, assisting in tackling loneliness and isolation.

If visiting a branch is not for you, you can become a postal member.

Postal membership costs £20 a year with some branches making

an additional charge to cover any activities or refreshments.

The NHS Retirement Fellowship is a registered charity with

a membership of 10,000. All members get support such as:

• worldwide travel insurance

• discounts with Hoseasons, and Riviera Holidays

• 10% discount on Fred Olsen cruises

• benevolent fund for members in need

• access to financial services

• shopping discounts

• pharmacy service

• eligibility to join the Civil Service Club in Whitehall

(includes accommodation)

Plus receive

a quarterly


For more information call Karen Kennedy, North West Development Officer on

07967 489162 or email


Activity Where Area Day Time Age

Arts & Crafts The Place at Platt Lane Fallowfield Monday 3.30pm-4.30pm 3 to 11

Gym Session Beswick Leisure Centre Beswick Monday 5.30pm-7.30pm 13 to 19

Water Polo East Manchester Leisure Centre Beswick Monday 6pm-7pm 7 to 11

Arts & Crafts Wells Centre, 101 North Road Clayton Tuesday 3.30pm-5.30pm 3 to 11

Homework Club The Place at Platt Lane Fallowfield Tuesday 4pm-5.30pm 7 to 11

Homework Club Aquarius Centre Hulme Tuesday 4pm-5.30pm 7 to 11

Football The Scout Hut, Seymour Road Clayton Tuesday 6pm-8pm 11 to 19

Fashion Upcycling The Scout Hut, Seymour Road Clayton Tuesday 6pm-8pm 12 to 19

Cooking Class The Scout Hut, Seymour Road Clayton Tuesday 6pm-9pm 12 to 19

Pre-School Story Time The Place at Platt Lane Fallowfield Thursday 10am-11am Under 5s

Lego Club The Place at Platt Lane Fallowfield Saturday 1pm-2.30pm 6 to 11

Dirt Biking Dirt Factory Bike Park Manchester Tuesday 2pm-3.30pm 11 to 19

If you would like to find out more about these activities or other

youth projects, you can contact Michelle on 07940 758168.



Your quick guide to how we’re performing

January to March 2019

Below are the top ten performance indicators selected as the most important by members of

our Scrutiny Panel - a group of customers and members of the wider community whose role is

to challenge us to be the best we can and help us to continuously improve.


Amount of rent we have collected this year

This includes payments made for rents as well as arrears,

which is why the result can sometimes be higher than 100%.


100.50% 100.61%

% of homes available to new tenants this year

A smaller number of properties became vacant during this

three-month period, which resulted in 106 new lettings

compared with 138 the same time last year.

Average number of bids for each property

advertised on Manchester Move

Demand for our properties continues to increase and reflects

the need for more housing in the city.

4.45% 5.00% 4.33%

226 90 299

Time to re-let properties once tenancy has ended

It took us a little longer to get our properties ready to relet

during this period due in part to the high number of empty

properties, combined with a high number of re-offers.

19.24 days 16.00 days 27.49 days

Call Centre satisfaction

Caller satisfaction has been consistently above target and has

improved since it was introduced in June 2018.



90% 93.36%

Number of formal stage 1 complaints received

The number of complaints received has increased compared to

the equivalent point last year. Each case is taken seriously and

used to help us improve our services.



applicable 11

Emergency repairs completed within 24 hours

Further progress has been made. Attention can now be focussed

on individual jobs to establish what went wrong, promoting

discussion and further improvements based on lessons learned.

Repair appointments missed due to access

The positive improvements made in the last quarter have

continued into this quarter. We have beaten the target for the

second quarter in a row.

Properties with a valid Gas Safety Certificate

All of One Manchester properties that require a gas safety

certificate have one. This result is very much about the

commitment of the team and the success of the new structure.

96.98% 100% 99.60%

11.49% 8.00% 7.60%

99.95% 100% 100%

Properties sold through Right to Buy or Acquire

We have sold 30 more properties than at the same point last

year and aim to build 1,000 new properties by 2020 - double

the original target.






Manage your account online

You’ll discover a range of services designed to make managing

your tenancy so much easier is right at your fingertips.

First things first...

Register today to make the

most of our online services

including making payments,

booking repairs and your

account settings.


Simply register your email

address and create your

password.In order to create

an account, make sure you’ve

got your National Insurance

Number and tenancy number

handy. Your tenancy number

can be found on your rent

statement or by calling

0330 355 1002.

Make payments

To make a payment, select the

address you would like to make a

payment to, enter the amount and

click confirm. You will then be

directed to One Manchester’s

payment partner for

further details.

Book a repair

Click on ‘Book a repair’, give a reason for the request and any

other details. Once you’ve submitted the information, you’ll

be given a selection of time slots to choose from - it’s that easy.

We’ll even text you confirming your appointment!

Please note: You won’t be

able to book emergency

appointments online.

You’ll need to call our

Contact Centre.

Don’t worry,

our payments

are secure.

Account settings

Click on ‘My Account’ to view your

recent payments, your current

balance and all the latest news and

events in your area.

You can also choose the topics

you want us to contact you about.

Keeping your details up-to-date

allows us to send information that

is relevant to you. makes life easier

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