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Insulated Panel 05

Roof and wall panels in a range of

profiles, lengths and thicknesses.

Flashings 08

A wide range of flashings in various

shapes, sizes and colours.

Introduction 03

Message from our Managing Director,

Shaun Coyne.

Steel Frame Buildings 06

Sustainable steel frame structures

produced in-house.

Modular Safety Rail 09

Modular safety railing that is essential

for workplace welfare.

Cladding 04

Roof and wall cladding in a variety of

profiles, lengths and colours.

Industrial Buildings 07

Design bespoke, turnkey, steel frame


SkyFrame Design 10

Innovative, high quality, energy

efficient steel frame designs.



“A solution that delivers

anticipated quality while

maximising time and

budget efficiencies.”

For over 20 years, SkyClad has

been a leading manufacturer of

premium quality steel products

that can be applied to a variety of

applications. We offer customers

a range of high quality solutions

in the provision of roof and wall

cladding, flashings and auxiliaries,

insulated panels, industrial,

commercial and agricultural

buildings, steel frame homes,

modular safety rail, SIP Panels

and much more. Our products

are perfectly engineered to offer

customers a turnkey solution for

their building requirements.

Through the use of advanced

technology and technical

expertise, our innovative design

of buildings support quick build,

high quality, adaptable structures.

Our LGS structures provide a

solution that delivers anticipated

quality while maximising time and

budget efficiencies.

Our skilled team of experienced

architects, engineers and project

managers are available to provide

end-to-end solutions from

concept right through to in-house

production, mass production, on

site project management, training

and assembly.

Shaun Coyne

Managing Director



SkyClad manufacture a range of roof and

wall cladding in a variety of profiles, lengths

and colours. Profiles are available in a PVC

or polyester coated finish, in either heavy

or light gauge material. Products are

manufactured using single skin material

or insulated panel depending on customer


Certain profiles are available with an anticondensation

barrier to give maximum

weather protection.

Profile roof and wall cladding is mainly

used in;

• Industrial / Commercial Buildings

• Agricultural Buildings

• Garden Sheds

• Hoarding / Fencing

• Domestic Roofing

• Grant Approved Cladding

We also supply polycarbonate roof and wall

light sheeting which allow natural light enter

your building. Available in single skin and

insulated roof and wall panels, in a variety of

lengths to suit your building requirements.

Also, suitable for greenhouses.


Our various profiles include box, corrugated, mini-box, traditional tile, flat tile, slate effect, cranked, curved

and vented cladding, available in any transportable length.

Box Profile

SkyClad Box Profile roof and

wall cladding is manufactured

to any transportable length, in

a choice of PVC or polyester

coating in multiple colours.

Tile Effect

Tile Effect roof cladding is

manufactured from premium

quality, PVC coated, galvanised

steel to any transportable

length in a variety of colours.


Corrugated Profile sheets

can be fitted horizontally or

vertically to enhance any new

building or refurbishment




Also referred to as ‘composite panel’, SkyClad offer a

range of roof and wall panels. Our polyisocyanurate

(PIR) panels consist of PIR sandwiched between

a heavily profiled external weather sheet and

an internal shallow profiled liner. Our panels are

available in a variety of profiles and thicknesses

(40mm – 160mm) that are suitable for both internal

and external use.

We manufacture our insulated panels to a premium

level and have received excellent results in both

mechanical and thermal properties.

We also offer a high density polystyrene variant -

which is more competitively priced.




• Excellent strength to weight ratios

• Large unsupported spans

• No fabrication required

All structural components are designed to

Eurocode 3 and are CE marked to system 2+ of

I.S EN 1090 1 – Execution of steel structures and

aluminium structures - Requirements for conformity

assessment of structural components.

strength, low weight ratio is unique and cost effective

as SkyBeams are connected through bolting each

connection together which in turn eliminates the

need for fabrication.

The LGS components contain all connection holes,

dimples, service holes and notches that are prepunched

within the steel members using CNC

controlled roll formers.

SkyClad’s Light Gauge Steel (LGS) frame structures

can be used in a variety of building applications.

Examples include; industrial, commercial and

agricultural structures, warehousing, logistics units,

industrial parks, airplane hangars, fridge units,

schools and housing. Our steel frame system can

also be used for mezzanine floors, partition walls,

dividing walls and infill jobs. LGS can also replace

traditional methods of masonry and timber in

structural walls and floors.

SkyClad design and manufacture steel beams and

structural sections from cold rolled steel. Their high

For larger projects the design and fabrication of

structural steel beams known as RSJ’s or H iron are


Products include:

• Multibeam Purlin 180mm

• Tophat Purlin 75mm-150mm

• SkyBeam 220mm series

• SkyBeam 300mm series

• Double and single cleats

• Brackets & bolts



SkyClad’s steel frames used in conjunction with

our other products such as insulated roof and

wall panels, flashings and auxiliaries, mezzanine

floor, commercial and pedestrian doors, modular

safety rail and shelving, provide customers with a

turnkey industrial/commercial solution, suitable for

factories, warehousing, logistic units, retail units

and much more.

We provide a variety of steel frame sections that are

manufactured using premium structural grade steel.

We work closely with engineers and architects to

design bespoke buildings specific to our customer’s


All steel components are designed and produced

in-house which gives SkyClad complete control of

manufacturing, adaptability and delivery times.

It has been calculated that the section properties

of the SkyBeam 220 series is 35% greater than a

standard C-section of similar size. Its light-weight

properties, design and capabilities can reduce

project time lines thereby offering customers a cost

effective solution.



SkyClad manufacture a wide range of flashings in

various shapes, sizes and colours. Our flashings are

available in polyester and PVC coated finish.

Our catalogue of premium flashings include;

• Ridge capping

• Corner flashings

• Barge board

• Drip rail

• Wall flashing

• Angle flashings

• Fascia and soffit

• Hi-line and box gutters

• Cleader rail

We offer a wide range of auxiliaries which ensures

customers can avail of all extras needed to fulfil

their cladding requirements and complete their

build to the highest standard. All flashings are

manufactured to customer specifications using a

Jorns folding press machine which guarantees a

high quality, accurate finish.

Further to our standard flashings, we manufacture

customary flashings for specialised works. It

enables us to provide flashings up to 6.400 metres

in length.

SkyClad also manufacture bespoke flashings

tailored to customer specifications including

bespoke gutters.

Designed to

protect seams





Prohibit Access

to Danger Areas

Indicates pathways,

steps and edges

SkyClad’s modular safety rail system is a vital part of

ensuring your workplace is safe and compliant. This

system combines safety needs along with versatility

in use. It is easy to assemble and uses common

components that can be assembled using various

systems to meet a range of applications.

Our galvanised steel sections are a fundamental

element of this design, through the extension or

retraction of the modular safety rail bays. Where

necessary the system can be assembled to offer the

end user a safety perimeter while the modular design

reduces the number of components required.

The implementation of SkyClad’s Modular Safety

Rail System enables a first line of defence and

performs as an essential layer of safety that is

required in warehouses and factories, thus, reducing

the possibility of injury, machinery down time and

building repairs.

The division of our modular safety rail system

and its components allow for ease of assembly in

limiting spaces, prohibiting access to danger areas,

indicating pathways and emergency/escape routes,

protection for employees and machinery, provide

warning of danger zones i.e. heights, steps, edges.



Design Your

Additional Space


SkyClad design, manufacture

and produce high quality, energy

efficient, steel frame structures

that meet all current building


Our units are aesthetically

pleasing and boast high strength

parameters. We offer permanent

or temporary solutions depending

on our client’s specifications and

requirements, in either single

or multi-story buildings with a

variety of design and furnishing

options available.

Although modules can be

stacked or scaled multiple

stories high, they can also be

demounted, reloaded on trucks

and transported to another


Offsite build has been proven

to be more accurate than an

onsite build. Your building

is manufactured offsite in a

factory setting, and includes

plumbing, electrics and finishes.

Meanwhile groundworks are

being prepared onsite. Ideal for

homes, classrooms, reception

area, therapy room, gym, garden

room, crèche, play room, granny

flat and much more.

We manage end-to-end solutions

from concept right through to inhouse

design, production, mass

production, delivery and onsite

project management.


What is Modular Building?

Modular building refers to entire building units which are manufactured and assembled in a controlled

factory setting and then transported to site as a complete unit. These units can be stacked on top of

each and are usually craned into position; a quick process which requires minimal site time.

Consultation & Design

Manufacture & Construction

Transport & Installation

The first step is a free consultation

to discuss your ideas, needs and

budget. Next is the design to allow

for the concept, ideas, specifications

and requirements to be transferred

into drawings, designs and plans.

Alternatively, SkyClad can work with

your existing plans and architect’s

drawings. The design is then

finalised and the plans are signed

off by the customer to ensure their

requirements are fulfilled.

SkyClad manufacture and construct

each housing unit in its state of

the art facility in Milltownpass, Co.

Westmeath. The agreed interior finish

is incorporated into the build – from

builders’ finish to fully furnished –

depending on customer preference.

When the building is constructed,

customers are invited to SkyClad

to view the finished product, prior

to site delivery. This helps ensure

customer satisfaction.

The finished product is placed on

a truck and transported to site. The

finished module is lifted off the truck

and craned into position where it is

connected to water, sewage and

electricity - plug & play. The roof is

installed when the building is in situ.

A turnkey solution, once complete,

SkyClad handover the keys and your

new home is ready to live in. We aim

to save customers time and money

on their ultimate design.

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