Common Different Types of Forklifts for Hire In Melbourne


The best option for lifting, shifting or moving items from one place to other is choosing forklift hire in Melbourne. There are range of forklifts, read this document to know about the common machines to make an informed decision before hiring. For more info visit

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Common Different Types of

Forklifts for Hire In



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Whether there is requirement of lifting, shifting or

moving a heavy object, forklifts are the best solution

for all. Doesn't matter if you need it for your

construction, warehouse, residential or commercial

space, forklift is best to use in every situation. You can

choose for forklift hire in Melbourne from some

reputed company. However, the range of options

available may often confuse you and you may struggle

to choose the best. Here we address this problem by

sharing the details about few common forklifts that

you can easily find with any rental company and their

features. Knowing about the forklifts helps you gain

better insight about them and thus, in turn, help in

taking informed decision.



These are the most commonly found forklifts that you

can find in almost any company providing rental

services. The counter balance forklifts are a 4 legged

machine with two protruding hands in front which

helps in lifting and moving the objects. This type of

truck is very commonly used in warehouses. They are

known as counterbalance forklifts because they are

known to counter balance the weight of load with

additional weight in the form of iron or battery

located at the rear end. The protruding hands move

vertically up and down and are perfect for lifting

objects to greater height and vice versa.

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When you are going for forklift hire in

Melbourne, make sure you look at 3

wheel forklifts trucks also. They are

widely opted choice due to its

ergonomic applications. These trucks

have similar designs as that of counter

balance trucks but the difference is it

balances on three wheels whereas the

counter balance truck was four wheeled.

However, variations are available in


The presence of single wheel at the rear

end of the forklift truck makes it easier

for driver to manoeuvre the truck. You

can use them in warehouses,

construction industry and even for

personal purposes. They are tiny and

can fit easily in small storage space.


If you are looking for a forklift which can

manoeuvre both vertically and

horizontally then look for reach forklift

rental in Melbourne. One of the major

advantages of using reach forklifts is

their high level of utility and flexibility.

They are widely used in warehouses for

shifting and uplifting the items from one

shelf to other frequently. Unlike

counterweight forklifts, reach forklift

uses battery based mechanism to uplift

the objects up to certain heights.

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These are small, easy to use, hand operated forklifts widely used for lifting and

shifting purposes. Pump forklifts are also known by the name hand pallet truck as they

can be hand operated. They are good for moving pallets and work by pumping up the

handle at the anterior end of the machine. Moreover, this forklift uses hydraulic force

for moving the heavy objects from one place to other.

If you are looking for a reputed forklift rental in Melbourne, then

look for Hi-Lift Forklift Services. We are working in this industry for

past 20 years and have catered to multiple clients for range of

forklift services. We house fleet of forklifts both new and old for

purchase as well as rental purposes. All our forklifts are in the best

working condition as we undertake timely servicing and

maintenance work for the same. We have expert technicians who

are qualified and skilled to operate range of forklifts. Additionally,

we offer repair services for all make and models of forklifts. Our

technicians can work upon all types of forklift system whether it is

hydraulic, electrical or mechanical system. To know more about our

services feel free to call us.

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