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Fall 2019

Connecting artistic influencers and ideas for global mission

The Lausanne Arts issue network

exists to catalyze and connect

artistic Christians and evangelical

influencers concerning the role of

artists and the arts for global


The Lausanne Arts Network exists

to catalyze and connect artistic

Christians and evangelical

Influencers concerning the role of artists and the arts for global

mission—through gatherings focused on biblical prayer,

reflection, training, and ministry action.

We hold two mandates. The first is to the artists of the world.

We aim to catalyze and call artists back to the service of the

church in global mission through their specialized, God-designed

creative imagination, intelligence, and artistic abilities and gifts.

We aim to equip artists biblically on the role of the artist and

artistic expression in life, worship, and ministry.

The second mandate is to the church and to the mission and

academic leadership of the world. We aim to call the church to

re-engage artistic kingdom servants for the sake of empowering

culturally relevant worship, evangelism, and compassion

throughout the world. We aim to assist current mission and

church leadership to realize that for the body of Christ to

express itself fully in line with God’s design, we must involve the

church’s artists as strategic ministry practitioners of the church.

Catalysts for the Arts

On the Cover:

Bryn Gillette , artist in

residence for Lausanne,

creates works of art

during Global Workplace

Forum in Manila 2019.

Bryan Spradlin

Uday Balasundaram

Catalyst for the Arts

Catalyst for the Arts

Lausanne Arts Newsletter Editor

Ann Boland

Music at GWF

4 Praying for the Arts

Lilian Schmid, National Coordinator

of Prayer Strategy

5 Arts Advocate Update

Exploring Christmas in Jakarta

6 Project Dance Pittsburgh

3-day dance training event

7 Mission Media U

Upcoming Ministry Courses

8 Heart Beats

From Rejection to Hope

9 Lausanne Global Classroom-Arts

Latest episodes focused on the Arts

10 Artists in Christian Testimony Int..

2019 Nashville Gathering

11 Arts and Church Planting in Japan

5th Annual Arts Conference

12 Selah Art-Sujatha Balasundaram

When Words Are Not Enough

13 Cambodia Arts Ministry

Partnering Together as God’s

Fellow Workers

14 Laud Music

Music Workshops

15 Dallas International University

Arts & Trauma Healing Course

16 Nathan Tiangson-Kindred Culture

Overcoming Violence Through Dance

16 JP Joao Pedro

It’s Not Just Dance

17 Prayer Page

Lausanne Arts Network Facebook

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Praying for the Arts

“Eye has not seen, ear has not heard what

God has ready for those who love

him” (based on 1 Corinthians 2:9)

Lilian Schmid, National Coordinator of

Prayer Strategy for the Spheres of

Influence writes that each month is

dedicated to prayer for the spheres of

influence in society. The month of July is

dedication to the sphere of Art.

All of God’s creation is miraculous. God’s

initial action in the creation of the cosmos

was miraculous. And all he has made

continues to be marvelous in its diversity,

complexity, and function. If we truly

believe in God’s providence through his

continual action of creation, we have no

choice but to be continually in awe.

When we pray we close our eyes to see

the beauty of God’s creation. For hundreds

of years, the Church used painting,

sculpture, stained glass, and sacred

architecture to inspire and instruct. The

role of the arts in supporting these

functions was crucial in times when vast

numbers of people were illiterate. St.

Francis of Assisi and St. Ignatius of Loyola

recommended a form of meditation

wherein the person praying imagines him

or herself immersed in the scene with


Please uphold all these areas of the Arts in

your prayers while meditating on the


Lilian Schmid

National Coordinator

Prayer Strategy for the Spheres of Influence

Exploring Christmas In Jakarta

When the Christmas season

arrives, its celebration dominates

the commercial environments in

some parts of Jakarta. It doesn’t

take much to find the international

and western expressions

of Christmas throughout the

malls and stores. You can find

Christmas trees, Santa Claus,

Frosty, snow globes, an home

decorations within easy reach.

If you look carefully, you might

even find a nativity scene or

two to purchase. All this sparks

an interest about this holiday

surrounding Isa. This is especially

true in our international

university village where I live.

Rather than only relying on the

traditional church services, our

church started searching for ways

to introduce others to the story

of Jesus through small intimate

concerts. With the help of one

of our church members who own

a desert shop, we conducted an

acoustic concert entitled “When

He Came”. The intent is to

provide a neutral venue where

members of our congregation

The band who presented “When He Came”

can invite their friends they are seeking to

disciple and spark conversations about this

incredible story of Jesus coming to earth.

The concert included traditional and original

contemporary songs that would imagine what

that first Christmas was like for who

witnessed His coming. Video presentations

and short dramas helped set the stage for the

stories the songs would explain. Short

intermissions gave the audience an opportunity

to discuss what they were hearing and

explore the stories further over their favorite


The warmth

and interaction

were an


to us.

The entire audience

included people

from several

countries beyond

Indonesia. There

were students and

young professionals

from places like the

Philippines, Nepal, Malaysia, the US,

Kenya, and Uganda. There were refuges

from Afghanistan and Iran who also

joined us. One member brought her

mother, a committed Buddhist, who

enjoyed the evening with us. Several of

our members valued this approach as it

helped them build relationships with their

friends. Our team of artists were blessed

to be a part of the evening. The warmth

and interaction were an encouragement

to us. Yet we still have much to explore

and learn about creating environments

that can spark meaningful conversations

that lead to Isa. We hope to explore

other approaches, such as open-mic

nights where we can encourage

development of the arts for engaging with

our multi-national community in our corner

of Jakarta.

Audience arrives and settles in for concert

Robert C. Bartz

Far East Broadcasting Company


Toni Bazala

Event Producer

Michelle Fetter

Event Co-Producer

Register Here

This three day event gathers

professional, pre-professional and

aspiring dancers for training,

performances and networking. The

weekend is centered around an all

day open air dance concert that is

free to the public featuring local

and international dance artistry in

ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop and

tap. Dancers gather with a

common vision: to bring hope and

healing through the universal

language of dance.


The next course begins September 12, 2019. Register here. Email questions

to Carissa Sheehan. Sign up to receive notification of future course offerings here.

We must learn to shape our strategies and our content to 'pull' people into conversations.

We need to learn how to connect with audiences that filter and search for the stories they

want to hear, based on their interests and desires. This requires a radical re-thinking on our

part! We need an approach that can foster deeper connections and make "disciples who

make disciples" to saturate a culture.


The next course begins September 18, 2019. Register here. Sign up to receive notification of

future course offerings here.

Story in Ministry is a five-week course that teaches the essential elements of story for

those seeking to better communicate the message of Christ and kingdom whether a story

is oral, written or filmed.

"This class was a game changer. It helped me to think at a much higher level

about how media could be used strategically in what we are doing. I can't wait

to tell my colleagues about it!"

Clyde Taber

Excerpts from AUGUST 2019 EDITION

From Rejection to Hope

The Kurdish people have a history of rejection. They do not have a country of their own but live

in an area known as ‘Kurdistan’ that spreads across Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq. The majority

of the Kurdish people speak Kurmanji, one of several Kurdish languages. Most Kurds are

Sunni Muslims; however, many Kurds do not practice a strict form of Islam but embrace

mysticism and other traditions as well.

A dream

The story of the recently completed HSI

project started many years ago when a

Kurdish songwriter in Syria had a dream.

In the dream, Jesus revealed Himself. This

dream triggered a search for Truth by

Arman*, a man from a strong Muslim background--a

journey that led him to Jesus.

Now a follower of Jesus, Arman faced

beatings and rejection from his community.

Life was difficult. After much tragedy and

hardship, Arman, his wife, and his son

found a home as refugees in Germany.

For his people

Arman, a professional composer and

musician, desires to use his talents to bring

Truth to his people. Facing communication

difficulties and other challenges, our small

team from the U.S., the Netherlands and

Switzerland came alongside our Kurdish

brother to see the project realized:

culturally relevant Bible-based songs and

videos for use in discipleship and


Amidst a very intense week, we sat down

with our Kurdish brother as he shared his

story. It was like a moment of stillness

amidst the busyness. We were all deeply

moved. As we stood around our brother

and prayed for him and his family, our

hearts connected. In that moment, we

experienced the worldwide Body of Christ,

where we share in each other’s sufferings

and joys.

Vision for the future

Arman’s vision is that his Kurmanji songs

may edify and bless the Kurdish Church

while also reaching other Kurdish people

who are searching for Truth like he once

was. Pray that the songs and videos that

were recorded will reach many Kurdish

people, bringing hope to a rejected people.

OM Arts is building a global movement

of artists on mission. Focusing on the

world's least reached, our network of

artists create space for people to be

moved by God's beauty.

Just Released! The Lausanne Global Classroom on Arts.

The Lausanne Movement in conjunction

with the Lausanne Arts Network has just

released the latest episode of the

Lausanne Global Classroom focused on Arts.

The Lausanne Global Classroom is an

educational initiative of the Lausanne

Movement to inform and engage Christian

leaders on issues impacting the global


The arts is one of those issues and has an

active network in Lausanne, led by Byron

Spradlin and Uday Balasundaram. The

episode contains a forty-minute video in

documentary format, and a User Guide

which provides material for small group

discussions, suggested activities, and

academic syllabus for use in a class units or

as a directed-study course. The video shows

key leaders in the Christian arts movement

speaking about arts and faith as animated

text and graphics highlight their points. The

episode and User Guide are free for anyone

to access, download and use to help

Christians understand how arts impact

evangelism, faith and worship at

It is a great resource to help church groups,

classes, Christian artists, and others help

understand and catch a vision on the

importance of using art in sharing and

strengthening faith. To date six other

Lausanne Global Classroom have been

published, with more to come. Check out the

episode on Arts, and the others that interest


Watch Art Episodes

Brent Burdick, D. Min.

Director of Lausanne Global Classroom

Click Here for more Information

Click Here to Register

Click Here for Lodging





“...neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but God who causes the growth.

Now he who plants and he who waters are one; but each will receive his own reward

according to his own labor. For we are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field…”

1 Corinthians 3:7-9

On Sunday, June 23, 2019, CCAM leaders met with the leaders at Prek Anchang

Church in Ta Khmao to discuss future partnership possibilities.

Beginning on Sunday, July 7, we participated in the church's Lord's Supper

Ceremony, presenting two CCAM worship

dances to interpret the scriptural basis for this

sacrament (1 Corinthians 11:23-26). To view

videos, click these links: "My Body Given for You" and "The New Covenant in My

Blood." Kelsey gave a testimony about the history of CCAM to acquaint the congregation

with our ministry vision, and asked them to invite their family, friends, neighbors, and

coworkers, especially unbelievers, to attend our joint outreach the following Sunday. After

the service, we distributed sets of 10 CCAMS children's books, plus printed invitations

for next week's outreach, to each family in the congregation.

On Sunday, July 14, we opened the program with a traditional Chayam Welcome.

Pastor Ron welcomed the guests and opened with prayer. Next we presented the

debut performance of CCAMS original dance, "To What Can You Compare the

One True God?" (Khmer Hymnbook #8), which was created by CCAMS students

in our 2018 choreography class. The dancers were accompanied by a live Khmer

traditional music ensemble with vocalist. Tikhia shared a message entitled, "Jesus

Christ, Son of God, Savior of the World." Kelsey gave a presentation of "The

Wordless Book," which uses color cues to explain the main points of the Gospel

message. Then she led in prayer those who wanted to receive Jesus as their

Savior. Click here to view a video. The CCAMS music team led worship, including “Bless the Lord, Oh My Soul” (Khmer

Hymnbook #21), accompanied by a live Khmer traditional music ensemble with vocalist. Samnang read CCAMS children's

book, "The Garbage Collector's Baby," which relates the story of a Christian who witnessed to a garbage collector about Jesus and

he prayed to receive Jesus as his Savior. The Christians in the story saw their faith growing stronger, and miracles occurring, as

they learned how to trust God in difficult situations, especially partnering together to rescue an abandoned baby! The CCAMS

Performing Arts Team presented CCAM hallmark dance, "Garlands Instead of Ashes" (Isaiah 61). This dance describes the

calling of our Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 4:14-21) to rescue and restore the disadvantaged, by giving them garlands of God’s

blessings to replace the ashes of their former lives, and we at CCAM have dedicated ourselves to follow His example! We

distributed sets of 10 CCAMS children's books, plus Wordless Books, to 44 visiting families!

On Sunday, July 21, we returned to the church to celebrate the 90th birthday of senior

leader Grandma Timsan! CCAM's gift to Grandma Timsan on her birthday was our

performance of "Praise the Lord with Timbrel and Dancing" (Psalm 150), a CCAM

hallmark dance created in the year 2000 and first presented at the Astrodome in

Houston, Texas. Click here to view a YouTube video, and click here to view a

Facebook note.

We are now discussing with church leaders plans to train children and youth in their

church and neighborhood to use the arts in Christian ministry! Please pray for God's

will to be done! And also please pray that much spiritual fruit will grow out of this


Click here to view the full Facebook photo album. Click here to view a YouTube

playlist of the various video and audio files highlighting this partnership.;;

Proclaim His Praise

Isaiah 42:12

The Laud Mission Association is composed

of a team of music professionals, artists, and

youth who are dynamic and thoughtful of

serious development in both the educational

and artistic of the youth, as well as making

the activities sustainable.

Music workshops,

sharing sessions, group

works, spiritual

upbringing, advice

related to everyday life,


the main activities of the camps by making

them more and more attractive. It was

mainly the progress

observed in the

participants as well as

the impacts in their

surroundings that

convinced the

promoters to seek for

more opening, display more artistic gifts,

share the Christian value and to develop them

in a legal setting. From this the Laud Mission

Association was born.

From the realization of youth environment,

music camps were organized to help develop

2019 Projects:

Nosy Be Music and Family Camp-Sep. 1st-7th

Concert in Nosy Be-Sep. 4th

Concert in Antananarivo-Oct. 20th

musical skills, improve relationships, take

responsibility, but also get references in their

lives and values honoring God. Family Camps

also offer parents the opportunity to focus on

importance of education, family, spiritual

values and encouragement to their children in

the development of their talents.

Lot: III G 18 Antohomakinika


Painting courtesy of Dallas International University

Dallas International University, Dallas, Texas

Dallas International

University offers a

graduate-level course on

Arts & Trauma Healing

where students learn a

holistic, interactive

approach to engaging

Scripture and relevant Arts

in the healing process for

people who suffer from the

mental, emotional, and

spiritual effects of trauma.

Students learn to address

both beliefs and emotions

damaged by trauma in their

own lives and in the lives of

others through participatory

learning methods as well as

engaging with their fellow

students in a small group

context. After successfully

completing this course,

students will be able to

promote emotional and

spiritual healing in

traumatized communities

through the use of local

expressive arts existing in

those communities.

• Applications accepted beginning on January 1, 2020

through March 8, 2020

• Register by April 19, 2020

• Payment by April 24, 2020

• The course will be held in the extended May term with

online work beginning May 8, 2020.

• The on-campus intensive will be held from June 22-July 2,


The final project will be due August 7, 2020

Acceptance to participate in this course is by permission of instructor.

All Nations Christian College, Ware, England, UK

• Applications accepted beginning September 1, 2019

through November 8th

• Register by December 14, 2019

• Payment made by December 18, 2019

• Spring Course with online work beginning in January

• On-campus intensive will be from March 23rd through

April 2, 2020

• The final project by April 29, 2020

More details: and at

Nathan Tiangson, founder of

Kindred Culture Inc. recently toured

with World Vision Canada to

Fortaleza, Brazil to see how dance can

prevent violence in this community.

This group of five Canadians showed

how dance can be used to show God’s

love in some of the most violent

communities. The team had the

opportunity to work with violence

prevention projects of World Vision

and to participate in dance workshops

with local Brazilian students.

Just Released Video-Click Here!



The idea of combining hip-hop, street

dancing and gospel ministry seems

unusual, but people see something

different about the dancers. It’s not

just the dance. It’s Jesus Christ! JP

Joao Pedro plans to return to Japan

next year and get back to work with

Japanese Young Adults in Tokyo using

performing arts and dance. JP will also

be planning for his wedding!

It’s Not Just

the Dance.

It’s Jesus

Mega Blessings,

JP Carvalho

Prayer Page

Lilian Schmid: Please uphold all areas

of the Arts in your prayers while meditating on

the scriptures.

Heart Beats: Pray that songs and videos that

were recorded will reach many Kurdish people,

bringing hope to a rejected people.

Cambodia Christian Arts: We are now

discussing with church leaders plans to train

children and youth in their church and

neighborhood to use the arts in Christian

ministry! Please pray for God's will to be

done! And also please pray that much spiritual

fruit will grow out of this partnership!

Project Dance Houston: Pray for the

upcoming Project Dance in Pittsburg.

Sept. 20th-22nd.

Community Arts Tokyo: Pray with us that

God will work through the Olympics for the

sake of the growth of his kingdom in Japan in


ACT International: Pray for the 2019

Nashville Gathering, November 7th-9th .

Lausanne Global Classroom-Arts:

Pray fr Christians to understand how arts

impact evangelism, faith, and worship.

Arts Advocate Update: Pray as those in

Jakarta explore and learn about creating

environments that can spark meaningful

conversations that lead to Isa.

Dallas International University: Pray for

students and instructors as they take part in the

Arts and Trauma Healing Course.

Visual Story Network: Pray for Story in

Ministry, a five-week course beginning Sept.

18th that teaches the essential elements of

story for those seeking to better communicate

the message of Christ and kingdom whether a

story is oral, written or filmed.

Laud Mission: Pray for family camps as they

offer parents the opportunity to focus on the

importance of education, family, spiritual

values and encouragement to their children in

the development of their talents.

Nathan Tiangson-Kindred Culture:

Prayer as the team shares the good news of

Jesus in dance.

JP Joao Pedro: Prayer that God’s love will be

shown through dance

Selah Art-Sujatha Balasundaram: Prayer

as Selah Arts focuses on discipleship and

sharing the Word of God through art.

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