2019 Nebraska Nurses Association Yearbook

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OCTOBER 2-4, <strong>2019</strong><br />



NNA Mission and Core Priorities. ...................................................................... 3<br />

NNA Board of Directors and Committee List. ............................................................. 5<br />

Annual Membership Meeting Agenda. .................................................................. 9<br />

Standing Rules ................................................................................... 11<br />

Board of Directors Reports<br />

President’s Report. ................................................................................ 12<br />

Vice President’s Report. ............................................................................ 14<br />

Secretary’s Report. ................................................................................ 14<br />

Treasurer’s Report: 2018 Budget report, <strong>2019</strong> Budget. ..................................................... 15<br />

Committee Reports<br />

Legislative Advocacy and Representation Committee ...................................................... 21<br />

Nursing Professional Development Committee ........................................................... 24<br />

Governance, Finance, and Membership Committee. ....................................................... 26<br />

Slate of Candidates. ............................................................................... 28<br />

NNA MIG Region 4. ............................................................................... 29<br />

NNA MIG Region 3. ............................................................................... 30<br />

NNA MIG Region 2. ............................................................................... 31<br />

NNA MIG Region 1. ............................................................................... 31<br />

Other Reports<br />

<strong>Nebraska</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> Foundation. ........................................................................ 32<br />

NNA-PAC. ...................................................................................... 34<br />

NNA State Director. ............................................................................... 35<br />

MWMSD CEO. ................................................................................... 36<br />

MWMSD Continuing Ed. ........................................................................... 37<br />

NNA Affiliate Reports<br />

<strong>Nebraska</strong> Nurse Practitioners (NNP). ................................................................... 38<br />

Map of NNA Regions .............................................................................. 40<br />

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NNA / NNP Joint Convention, October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> | 1

2 | NURSING Putting the Pieces Together: Where Do You Fit?

NNA Mission, Vision, and Core Priorities<br />

Established in 1906, the <strong>Nebraska</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong> is a membership organization that engages in legislative<br />

advocacy, education, and professional development. Although NNA does not engage in individual workplace<br />

advocacy, NNA works holistically to support the profession of nursing.<br />

Mission<br />

<strong>Nebraska</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> advancing our profession to improve health for all.<br />

Vision<br />

<strong>Nebraska</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong> will be a proactive voice for nurses and an advocate for health for all.<br />

Core Priorities<br />

C – Collaboration<br />

A – Advocacy<br />

R – Recognition<br />

E – Education<br />

NNA / NNP Joint Convention, October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> | 3

4 | NURSING Putting the Pieces Together: Where Do You Fit?

NNA Board of Directors and Committee List<br />

Board of Directors<br />

President<br />

Douglass Haas, MSN, APRN-NP, FNP-BC,<br />


President-Elect<br />

Kari Wade, Ed.E, MSN, RN, CNE<br />

Vice President<br />

Linda Hardy, PhD, RN, CNE, CTN-A<br />

Secretary<br />

Brodi Willard, BSN, RN-BC<br />

Treasurer<br />

Cathy Smith, MSN, RN, CRRN, CBIS<br />

Chair, Legislative Advocacy and<br />

Representation Committee<br />

Niki Eisenmann, PhD-c, MSN, RN<br />

Chair, Nursing Professional Development<br />

Committee<br />

Katie Messner, MSN, APRN-NP<br />

Chair, Governance Finance and<br />

Membership Committee<br />

Jan Tubbs, MSN, MS, BS, RN<br />

NNA Staff<br />

State Director<br />

Kim Houtwed, MBA, BSN, RN<br />

NNA Lobbyist<br />

Don Wesely<br />

O’Hara Lindsay Government Relations<br />

Nursing Professional Development<br />

Committee (NPDC)<br />

Clinical Practice<br />

Ann Lif, MSN RN, CWOCN (1st term <strong>2019</strong>-2020)<br />

Hope Johnson, BSN, RN, CRRN (1st term 2018-<strong>2019</strong>)<br />

Stephanie Vodicka, BSN, RN (appointed)<br />

Nursing Faculty<br />

Michelle Johnson, PhD, RN (1st term 2018-<strong>2019</strong>)<br />

Jacy Henk, MSN, BSN, RN (2nd term <strong>2019</strong>-2020)<br />

Julie Skrabal, EdD, RN, CNE (1st term <strong>2019</strong>-2020)<br />

Staff Development/Nurse Educator<br />

Karen Morgan, MSN, Med, BA, BSN, RN<br />

(2nd term <strong>2019</strong>-2020)<br />

Jackie Thielen, MSN, RN, APRN-NP, ACHPN<br />

(2nd term 2018-<strong>2019</strong>)<br />

Katie Messner, MSN, APRN-NP (2nd term <strong>2019</strong>-2020)<br />

Legislative Advocacy and<br />

Representation Committee (LARC)<br />

Region 1<br />

Jordan Colwell, DBA, RN (2nd term <strong>2019</strong>-2020)<br />

Ben Garcia, BSN, RN (1st term 2018-<strong>2019</strong>)<br />

Region 2<br />

Denise Waterford, MEd, BSN, RN (1st term <strong>2019</strong>-2020)<br />

Anne Kraus, MS, BSN, RNC (2nd term 2018-<strong>2019</strong>)<br />

Region 3<br />

Niki Eisenman, PhD-c MSN, RN (2nd term <strong>2019</strong>-2020)<br />

Kathy Davis, RN (2nd term 2018-<strong>2019</strong>)<br />

Region 4<br />

Linda Jensen, PhD, MN, RN (2nd term <strong>2019</strong>-2020)<br />

Lin Hughes, PhD, MS, BSN, RN, CNE (1st term 2018-<strong>2019</strong>)<br />

At-Large<br />

Megan Rokusek, BSN, RN (1st term <strong>2019</strong>-2020)<br />

Governance, Finance, and<br />

Membership Committee<br />

Clinical Practice/Staff Nurse<br />

Ashton Gerken, MSN, RN (1st term <strong>2019</strong>-2020)<br />

Tonja Frank, BSN, RN (1st term 2018-<strong>2019</strong>)<br />

Nursing Management<br />

Lisa Cantrell, MSN, BA, RN (1st term 2018-<strong>2019</strong>)<br />

NNA / NNP Joint Convention, October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> | 5

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6 | NURSING Putting the Pieces Together: Where Do You Fit?

Nursing Faculty<br />

Margo Minnich, DNP, RN (2nd term <strong>2019</strong>-2020)<br />

Rural<br />

Savannah Murphy, RN (1st term 2018-<strong>2019</strong>)<br />

Sharon Masoner, BSN, RN (1st term <strong>2019</strong>-2020)<br />

Urban<br />

Andrea Faulkner, BSN, RN (appointed <strong>2019</strong>)<br />

Jan Tubbs, MSN, MS, BS, RN (2nd term <strong>2019</strong>-2020)<br />

Judi Dunn, MS, CPP, RN-BC<br />

Nurse Peer Review Leader<br />

Belinda Heimericks, MSN, RN<br />

Lead Nurse Planner & Associate Nurse Peer Review Leader<br />

Carol Walker, BSN, RN<br />

Nurse Planner & Nurse Peer Reviewer<br />

Appointed Past NNA Officer<br />

Anna Mackevicius, BSN, RN, PMP (1st term <strong>2019</strong>-2020)<br />

Midwest Multi-State Division<br />

Board of Directors<br />

President<br />

Angella Herrman, BSN, RN-BC<br />

Vice President<br />

Jan Kemmerer, BSN, RN<br />

Secretary/Treasurer<br />

Anna Mackevicius, BSN, RN, PMP<br />

Staff<br />

Chief Executive Officer<br />

Jill Kliethermes, MSN, RN, FNP-BC<br />

Communications/Marketing<br />

Travis Gallup, Manager<br />

Finance<br />

Karen Harris, Director<br />

Events Planner Assistant<br />

Teri Longley<br />

Administrative Coordinator<br />

Becky Kniest<br />

Continuing Education Staff<br />

Sara Fry, BS<br />

Director of Professional Development<br />

NNA / NNP Joint Convention, October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> | 7

8 | NURSING Putting the Pieces Together: Where Do You Fit?

Annual Membership Meeting Agenda<br />

Thursday, October 3, <strong>2019</strong><br />

Introductions<br />

Presentation of Agenda<br />

Proposed Standing Rules<br />

Announcements<br />

Board of Directors’ Reports<br />

• President’s Address<br />

• Vice President Report<br />

• Secretary Report<br />

• Treasurer’s Report<br />

Committee Reports<br />

• Legislative Advocacy and Representation Committee (LARC)<br />

Committee Report<br />

Legislative Platform<br />

• Nursing Professional Development Committee (NPDC)<br />

• Governance, Finance, and Membership Committee (GFMC)<br />

Committee Report<br />

<strong>2019</strong> NNA Slate of Candidates<br />

• MIG Reports<br />

Other Reports<br />

• <strong>Nebraska</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> Foundation<br />

• NNA-PAC<br />

• State Director<br />

• Multi-State Division – CEO Report<br />

• Multi-State Division – CE Approver Unit<br />

Organizational Affiliates<br />

• <strong>Nebraska</strong> Nurse Practitioners<br />

Discussion/Action Items<br />

• Nominations from the Floor<br />

• Candidate Forum - each candidate will have 3 minutes<br />

Vice President<br />

Secretary<br />

Closing Remarks<br />

NNA / NNP Joint Convention, October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> | 9

Nancy R. Wynner Attorney at Law<br />

Straight talk and sound advice in<br />

administrative license matters including:<br />

• Defense Against Disciplinary Action<br />

• License Reinstatement<br />

nwynner@ozwlaw.com<br />

ozwlaw.com<br />

575 Fallbrook Blvd., Suite 100<br />

Lincoln, <strong>Nebraska</strong> 68521<br />

(402) 438-2500<br />

10 | NURSING Putting the Pieces Together: Where Do You Fit?

Proposed Standing Rules<br />

Rule 1<br />

All NNA members and guests will be admitted to the Annual Membership Meeting. Each member will be identified<br />

with a name badge ribbon (NNA Member).<br />

Rule 2<br />

To speak a NNA member or guest will rise, address the chair (President), giving name, and upon recognition may<br />

speak.<br />

Rule 3<br />

NNA members will have two (2) minutes to speak on each topic and may not speak in debate more than twice on<br />

the same question or topic on the same day or longer than three (3) minutes. Guests will have one (1) minute to<br />

speak on each topic and may not speak more than once on the same question or topic on the same day or longer<br />

than one minute.<br />

Rule 4<br />

Suggested amendments to presented ballot items will be in writing and shall be sent to the Chair immediately<br />

following presentation of the amendment.<br />

Rule 5<br />

Business interrupted by a recess of the meeting shall be resumed at the next meeting at the point where it was<br />

interrupted.<br />

Rule 6<br />

Consensus on amendments to ballot items will be reached through a voice vote of members in attendance. Guests<br />

may not vote on consensus polls.<br />

Rule 7<br />

Additional self-nominations for NNA Board Officers, ANA Representative, and/or Committees must be received<br />

before 5:00pm on the day preceding the Annual Membership Meeting (Wednesday, October 3, 2018) and must<br />

include a Leadership Profile.<br />

Rule 8<br />

Voters unable to rise will be provided with a voting card consistent with the ADA.<br />

NNA Bylaws reference regarding the Standing Rules:<br />

Article XIV - STANDING RULES<br />

Standing Rules may be amended at the Annual Membership Meeting by a majority vote by those present and voting<br />

without previous notice.<br />

NNA / NNP Joint Convention, October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> | 11


President’s Report<br />

Douglass Haas, MSN, APRN-NP, FNP-BC, AGACNP-BC, CCRN-CMC<br />

As I finish my first year as President of the <strong>Nebraska</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong> (NNA), I reflect on our organizations continued<br />

progress toward advocating for all <strong>Nebraska</strong> nurses. As an organization, we have worked hard to support the<br />

profession, and I had four main goals to accomplish in my first year. They were as follows:<br />

1. Leadership will host a membership recruitment activity in all four NNA regions once a year.<br />

2. With the guidance of the NNA President, all four NNA regions will select a membership champion to<br />

collaborate with the NNA president to facilitate regional activities.<br />

3. The NNA will focus on strengthening the relationship with the <strong>Nebraska</strong> Student <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong> by<br />

offering mentoring services and access to NNA speakers for facilitation of professional education activities<br />

through the creation of the NNA Speakers Bureau.<br />

4. And the NNA will focus on a membership increase to the goal of 1200 total members by the year 2020.<br />

I am proud to say that we were able to accomplish three of these robust goals. The NNA was able to boost membership<br />

over 1200, hold recruitment activities with the President’s presence in all four NNA regions, and maintained and<br />

strengthened the relationship between the NNA and <strong>Nebraska</strong> Student <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong> (NSNA). The only goal we<br />

fell short on was creating a member champion in each of the four regions to facilitate activities. Over the next year,<br />

it is my mission to accomplish the goal. Thank you for the hard work of the Board of Directors, Committee members,<br />

and the Midwest Multi-State Division for your continued support on behalf of <strong>Nebraska</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong>. Finally, thank you,<br />

all <strong>Nebraska</strong> Registered <strong>Nurses</strong> for your continued commitment to and membership with the NNA. This organization<br />

exists because of each one of you.<br />

Board of Directors<br />

The NNA Board of Directors met in November for the annual face to face board retreat. It was an educational day<br />

to align the goals and priorities for the upcoming year. The rest of the <strong>2019</strong> meetings were held virtually on an asneeded<br />

basis based on agenda requests. Each meeting was productive, constructive, and a quorum was established<br />

for every meeting.<br />

Committees<br />

Legislative, Advocacy, and Representation Committee<br />

The LARC committee worked hard to review each of the <strong>2019</strong> legislative bills to provide the NNA membership<br />

an outline of essential advocacy needs. The committee was able to review and report back on many significant<br />

legislative bills and provide strong testimony in support and opposition of crucial bills. Thank you to committee chair<br />

Niki Eisenmann and the rest of the committee for all the hard work. And a special thank you to Don Wesley for his<br />

mentorship and continued support of the association.<br />

Nursing Professional Development Committee<br />

NPDC was very busy this year with reviewing event proposals, scholarship applications, award nominations, and hall<br />

of fame inductees. This year the committee also worked to create a grading rubric for a new scholarship provided to<br />

members and are now involved with article reviews submitted to the <strong>Nebraska</strong> Nurse. The committee reviewed and<br />

approved approximately ten event proposals over the year submitted by our Mutual Interest Groups. Thank you to<br />

committee chair Katie Messner and the rest of the committee for their continued dedication and hard work.<br />

12 | NURSING Putting the Pieces Together: Where Do You Fit?


Governance, Finance, and Membership Committee<br />

The GFMC has created an outstanding slate of candidates for this year’s annual ballot. They have also kept close<br />

communication with our Vice President, Linda Hardy, and our NNA Treasurer, Cathy Smith. The work completed held<br />

NNA as well as our MIGS on track with membership and financial goals. Thank you to committee chair Jan Tubbs and<br />

all committee members for their continued work for the organization.<br />

Mutual Interest Groups<br />

The MIGs have been busy this year hosting events both for education and recruitment to the organization. I hope<br />

that over the next few years, groups from each region will continue to hold events. We saw many returning events<br />

like the Fun Run/Walk help in Omaha, Positive Imagine of Nursing Breakfast in Omaha, and the Celebrate Nursing<br />

Poster Presentation in Lincoln. <strong>Nurses</strong> Week also brought forth many small events throughout the state to celebrate<br />

the nursing profession. I was very excited to be invited out to Scottsbluff to speak with our Region 1 <strong>Nurses</strong> at<br />

Regional West Medical Center. To increase the excellent relationship with the <strong>Nebraska</strong> Student Nurse <strong>Association</strong>,<br />

Omaha hosted a collaborative event with all the nursing schools in the Omaha area.<br />

As we look ahead to the next year in the organization, I am confident that we can continue to improve the organization<br />

and continue advocating for all <strong>Nebraska</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong>. I look forward to my final year as President of the NNA and aim<br />

to work hard for all nurses and continue to move the organization forward with the help of the fantastic committee<br />

and organization members. Thank you again for all of your continued support.<br />

NNA / NNP Joint Convention, October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> | 13


NNA Vice President Report<br />

Linda Hardy, PhD, RN, CNE, CTN-A<br />

It has been my honor to work with my nursing colleagues this past year. One of the important duties of the VP is to<br />

support the work of the Mutual Interest Groups (MIGs). Per our by-laws, the VP is a non-voting member of the MIG<br />

Oversight Committee. In that role, I convened a meeting of the 4 current MIGs in January, <strong>2019</strong>. The MIGs are as<br />

follows: Omaha Metro-Anna Mackevicius-Chair; Lincoln Area-Jodi Nelson, Chair; TriCity-Denise Waibel-Rycek-Chair;<br />

Region 1-Scottsbluff-Wendy Wells-Chair. Jodi Nelson was elected to serve as the Chair of the Oversight Committee.<br />

The Oversight Committee’s role is to serve as a communication and support connection between the NNA Board of<br />

Directors and approved MIGS. This includes review of the MIGs Memorandum of Agreement, assist with and review<br />

the development of any new MIGs, and annually review all MIG applications including making a recommendation to<br />

the BOD of NNA regarding approval. I strongly commend this group for their work on this committee. Please read<br />

the report from each MIG to see what your nursing colleagues have accomplished this past year!<br />

I am pleased to report the formation of a new Gerontology MIG which was provisionally approved by the Board.<br />

Kerri Kriefels has facilitated this new MIG and will serve as the Chair with Mindy Greenrod serving as Recorder. Per<br />

by-laws, each MIG must have at least 3 NNA members; that goal was just reached at the time of this writing. We<br />

invite any interested NNA members to join this MIG! (Contact lindakhardyrn@gmail.com and I will put you in touch<br />

with Kerri.)<br />

Secretary Report<br />

Brodi Willard, BSN, RN-BC<br />

As the NNA Secretary, it is my duty to take accurate and precise minutes for all the meetings. It is important that the<br />

minutes maintain an exact record of what has occurred and what the board has voted on to change because it affects<br />

all NNA members. It is also important that the minutes document all the communication that has occurred between<br />

members at the meeting so that there are no misconceptions. I would like to thank my fellow NNA members for<br />

voting me onto such an amazing board. I would like to thank the Board of Directors for such an amazing year. I have<br />

truly enjoyed learning about the inner workings of the NNA. It is so wonderful to be a part of an organization that<br />

cares so much for its members. I especially enjoyed learning about the upcoming bills and how they really impacted<br />

nurses. It motivated me to talk about these important issues with my coworkers so they would understand what was<br />

going on as well. I always looked forward to our meetings because all the board members were so supportive with<br />

every topic we discussed. I am excited to see what the upcoming year has to offer.<br />

14 | NURSING Putting the Pieces Together: Where Do You Fit?


Treasurer<br />

NNA / NNP Joint Convention, October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> | 15


16 | NURSING Putting the Pieces Together: Where Do You Fit?


NNA / NNP Joint Convention, October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> | 17


18 | NURSING Putting the Pieces Together: Where Do You Fit?


NNA / NNP Joint Convention, October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> | 19


20 | NURSING Putting the Pieces Together: Where Do You Fit?


Legislative Advocacy and Representation Committee<br />

Annual Report to the Board of Directors for the Legislative Action<br />

and Representation Committee, <strong>2019</strong><br />

Thank you to all the <strong>2019</strong> LARC Members:<br />

Niki Eisenmann – Chair<br />

Anne Kraus<br />

Denise Waterfield – Co-Chair Kathy Duncan<br />

Ben Garcia<br />

Kathy Davis<br />

Linda Jensen<br />

Jordan Colwell<br />

Linda Hughes<br />

Megan Rokusek<br />

Niki Eisenmann, PhD, RN, Chair<br />

Especially thanks to Rita Weber for her work with the committee.<br />

The <strong>Nebraska</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> Legislative Action and Representation committee was supported and advised by our lobbyist<br />

Don Wesley and Lindsey O’Hara Government Relations.<br />

The following bills were the priority bills the Legislative Action and Representation worked on during<br />

the <strong>2019</strong> <strong>Nebraska</strong> legislative session:<br />

LB29<br />

Kolterman<br />

LB149<br />

Quick<br />

LB631<br />

Morfeld<br />

LB634<br />

Hilkeman<br />

LB709<br />

Cavanaugh<br />

LB730<br />

Walz<br />

Support<br />

Testimony offered<br />

2/6/19<br />

Support<br />

Letter of support<br />

offered for hearing<br />

3/4/19<br />

Support<br />

Hearing 2/22/19<br />

Support<br />

Letter of support<br />

offered for hearing<br />

3/4/19<br />

Support<br />

Letter of support<br />

offered for hearing<br />

3/15/19<br />

Support<br />

Testimony provided at<br />

hearing 2/6/19<br />

Provide and eliminate telehealth<br />

provisions to allow all providers to use<br />

telehealth.<br />

Change provisions relating to vapor<br />

products, increase age to 21 for purchase<br />

of vapor products<br />

Medicaid Implementation Task Force,<br />

will establish a task force to facilitate<br />

the Medicaid Expansion implementation<br />

process and report annually to Legislature<br />

Requires all new school vehicles to have<br />

three-point safety belts for all occupants.<br />

School boards can opt out for financial<br />

reasons.<br />

Establish private room to express breast<br />

milk in State Capitol<br />

APRN consensus language for APRN<br />

compact to change, transfer, and eliminate<br />

provisions relating to advanced practice<br />

registered nurses. Creates consensus<br />

language for APRN Practice Acts.<br />

Signed by Governor<br />

Signed by Governor<br />

Held in Committee<br />

(Executive)<br />

Held in committee<br />

(Transportation)<br />

Held in committee<br />

(Gov’t Military &<br />

Veterans Affairs)<br />

Held in committee<br />

(HHS)<br />

NNA / NNP Joint Convention, October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> | 21


LB140<br />

Kolterman<br />

Support<br />

Letter offered for<br />

hearing 1/25/19<br />


amend the act by prohibiting any person<br />

under 18 years of age from using a<br />

tanning facility.<br />

Held in committee<br />

(HHS)<br />

LB554<br />

Wishart<br />

Kolterman<br />

Support<br />

Testimony offered in<br />

support at hearing<br />

3/22/19<br />


provisions relating to prescription drugs<br />

not on the preferred drug list under the<br />

Medical Assistance Act.<br />

Held in committee<br />

(HHS)<br />

LB205<br />

Kolterman<br />

Oppose<br />

Testimony given at<br />

hearing 1/23/19<br />

Surgical Technologist registration act<br />

seeking to create a registry for surgical<br />

technologists. Bill puts the registry<br />

under Board of Medicine. Also broadens<br />

physician delegation authority<br />

General File<br />

****Continued work<br />

LB245<br />

Erdman<br />

Oppose<br />

Letter of opposition<br />

offered for hearing<br />

3/28/19<br />

Eliminate an exception to the Medicaid<br />

preferred drug list. Would not allow<br />

patients to have an exemption to a drug<br />

that works for their health problems if<br />

they are on Medicaid.<br />

Held in committee<br />

(HHS)<br />

LB378<br />

Hanson<br />

Oppose<br />

Offered letter of<br />

opposition for hearing<br />

The helmet law. Repeal helmet provisions<br />

for autocycles, motorcycles, and mopeds.<br />

General file<br />

The following bills were bills the Legislative Action and Representation monitored during the <strong>2019</strong><br />

<strong>Nebraska</strong> Unicameral legislative session:<br />

LB25<br />

Kolterman<br />

LB43<br />

Bolz<br />

LB74<br />

Williams<br />

Kolterman<br />

LB167<br />

Hunt<br />

LB168<br />

Hunt<br />

LB181<br />

Bolz<br />

LB247<br />

Bolz<br />

LB365<br />

Crawford<br />

LB423<br />

Howard<br />

Hearing: 1/30/19<br />

Signed by Governor<br />

Hearing: 2/22/19<br />

Held in committee<br />

Hearing: 1/23/19<br />

Signed by Governor<br />

Hearing: 2/7/19<br />

Held in committee<br />

Hearing: 2/7/19<br />

Held in committee<br />

Hearing: 3/25/19<br />

Held in committee<br />

Hearing: 2/1/19<br />

Held in committee<br />

Hearing: 2/27/19<br />

Held in committee<br />

Hearing: 2/21/19<br />

Held in committee<br />

Modified to support<br />

Funding for NCPS: Provide for additional fees under the UCA and create<br />

the Patient Safety Cash Fund, adds fees for MD, OD, and PA licenses.<br />

Adopt the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights Act<br />

VALIDATION BY PHARMACY TECH: would authorize a certified<br />

pharmacy technician to confirm the accuracy and completeness of the<br />

acts, tasks, or functions undertaken by another certified pharmacy<br />

technician working within a hospital<br />

Prohibit conversion therapy<br />

Define offense of child abuse to include subjecting a child to conversion<br />

therapy<br />

Report about long term care sustainability<br />

Adopt the Advance Mental Health Care Directives Act.<br />

Establish a health care directives registry<br />

Change and eliminate provisions relating to school-based health centers<br />

under the Medical Assistance Act. School based Health Centers.<br />

22 | NURSING Putting the Pieces Together: Where Do You Fit?


LB442<br />

McCollister<br />

LB480<br />

Quick<br />

LB484<br />

Lowe<br />

LB489<br />

Howard<br />

LB518<br />

Linehan<br />

LB539<br />

Walz<br />

LB567<br />

Lindstrom<br />

LB569<br />

Morfeld<br />

Hearing: 2/4/19<br />

Signed by Governor<br />

Hearing: 2/4/19<br />

Held in committee<br />

Hearing: 3/15/19<br />

Held in committee<br />

Hearing: 3/28/19<br />

Held in committee<br />

Hearing: 3/16/19<br />

General File<br />

Hearing: 3/27/19<br />

Held in committee<br />

Hearing: 2/13/19<br />

Held in committee<br />

Hearing 3/5/19<br />

Held in committee<br />

SYNCHRONIZING PRESCRIPTIONS: would prohibit an insurer from<br />

denying coverage for a prescription medication that is dispensed as a<br />

partial supply for the purpose of synchronizing the patient’s medications<br />

Distribute $50,000 to each Health Department for preventive health<br />

services<br />

Change provisions relating to assault on certain employees and public<br />

safety officers. Condensing language in statute for assault.<br />

Require registration for the prescription drug monitoring system for all<br />

dispensers and prescribers.<br />

Establish the Office of Support for Trafficking survivors, advisory board<br />

and fund.<br />

Expands definition of abuse to include cases without physical impairment<br />

and regardless if victim reports or seeks medical care.<br />


definition of practitioner for purposes of the act. It would also require<br />

that the practitioner discuss the risks of a schedule II drug or other opiate<br />

unless such discussion has taken place within the previous 60 days<br />


ACCOUNTABILITY ACT: would require a healthcare facility, including<br />

an ambulatory surgical center, to disclose to a covered person, prior<br />

to scheduling an appointment, whether the facility is in-network or<br />

out-of-network and the differences in the covered person’s financial<br />

responsibilities if in-network or out-of-network. It would also require that<br />

similar information be posted to the facility’s website. Requirements for<br />

contents of disclosure are specified in the bill.<br />

Highlights:<br />

Successes with signing of the Telehealth bill to include nurses and the change in vapor laws to increase<br />

age to sell vapor products to minors, improving the health of <strong>Nebraska</strong> teens.<br />

Continue to watch the Surgical Technologist bill closely; nurses would like to see the surgical tech<br />

to be regulated under the board of nursing. The bill has the surgical tech regulated by the board of<br />

medicine. A call to action was sent to nurses and NNA and LARC had an excellent response to this.<br />

EMT 407:<br />

The LARC continues to monitor closely the community paramedic and emergency paramedic bill that raises concern<br />

for possible unsafe patient care in the absence of collaboration and communication. Douglass attended all 407<br />

meetings and Terri Anderson and Douglass provided testimony on behalf of nursing in opposition. The 407 will<br />

have input from the Board of Health and Medical Director next. After a positive vote from the 407 committee,<br />

the LARC will provide oppositional testimony at the Board<br />

.<br />

of Health meeting.<br />

The LARC was also a part of a successful and sold out <strong>Nebraska</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> Day at the Legislature in<br />

February <strong>2019</strong>.<br />

NNA / NNP Joint Convention, October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> | 23

Nursing Professional Development Committee (NPDC)<br />

Committee Members:<br />

Michelle Johnson (Co-Chair), Nursing Faculty<br />

Jacy Henk, Nursing Faculty<br />

Julie Skrabal, Nursing Faculty<br />

Ann Lif, Nursing Practice<br />

Stephanie Vodicka, Nursing Practice<br />

Hope Johnson, Nursing Practice<br />

Karen Morgan, Professional Educator<br />

Jackie Thielen, Professional Educator<br />


Katlyn Messner, MSN, APRN-NP<br />

NPDC Chair<br />

The mission of the NNA is to advance the profession to improve health for all. This committee has been working<br />

hard to prescribe to this mission. The NPDC has had the honor for the past year to review NNA event proposals<br />

brought forth by MIGs and review scholarship and award applications. This year, the NPDC, has also added to<br />

our responsibilities by reviewing any article submission for the <strong>Nebraska</strong> Nurse to improve the quality of content<br />

provided to NNA members. I would like to thank each member of this committee for their hard work and dedication<br />

to the <strong>Nebraska</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong> and the nursing profession. It has been a privilege to be a part of this amazing<br />

committee for the past year.<br />

Awards<br />

The NPDC was honored to award three NNA members with nursing excellence achievements at the 2018 NNA/NNP<br />

Joint Convention held in Omaha.<br />

The Following awards were given:<br />

Excellence in Direct Patient Care – Cathy Smith, MSN, RN, CRRN, CBIS<br />

Extraordinary Achievement in Nursing – Jodeena (Jody) Kempnich, MSN, RN, CNML<br />

Outstanding Nurse Educator – Lorraine (Lori) Rusch, PhD, RN<br />

Scholarships<br />

Thanks to generous donations from the Arthur L Davis Publishing Agency, Inc and the Joe A. Vance family, NPDC was<br />

able to award $500 scholarships to the following recipients:<br />

Arthur L. Davis Scholarship – Patrick Nyman, Student Nurse<br />

Joe A. Vance Scholarship – Patrick Nyman, Student Nurse<br />

The NPDC was also able to award an NNA member a $500 scholarship. The receipt of this scholarship was:<br />

NNA Member Scholarship – Brodi Willard, BSN, RN<br />

There is also an additional scholarship opportunity available to NNA members, The Gail Graham Higher Education<br />

Scholarship. This is a $500 scholarship for nurses seeking higher education. NPDC would like to again thank the<br />

family of Gail Graham for their generous donations to support the education of nurses in <strong>Nebraska</strong>.<br />

24 | NURSING Putting the Pieces Together: Where Do You Fit?

Hall of Fame<br />

NPDC also had the privilege of inducting two nurses into the Hall of Fame who through their work, scholarship,<br />

and accomplishments have brought honor and fame to the profession of nursing and the state of <strong>Nebraska</strong>. The<br />

inductees were as follows:<br />

Brenda Bergman-Evans, PhD, APRN-NP/CNS, FAANP<br />

Myrtle Dean, RN<br />

Events (in chronological order)<br />


2018<br />

The <strong>Nebraska</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong>/<strong>Nebraska</strong> Nurse Practioner Joint Conference was held on October 3-5, 2018 in<br />

Omaha. The theme was <strong>Nebraska</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> Charting the Future.<br />

<strong>2019</strong><br />

<strong>Nurses</strong> Day at the Legislature- Back to the Future: Advocacy for all <strong>Nurses</strong> was held February 28th, <strong>2019</strong> at the<br />

Cornhusker Marriot in Lincoln.<br />

The Omaha MIG held the Omaha Metro Student <strong>Nurses</strong>’ <strong>Association</strong> Collaborative Event on March 30th, <strong>2019</strong> at the<br />

Methodist College Campus in Omaha.<br />

The Lincoln MIG held their annual Celebrate Nursing and Poster Presentation, Dinner, and Speaker event on April 22,<br />

<strong>2019</strong> at Southeast Community College in Lincoln.<br />

The Omaha MIG held their annual Positive Image of Nursing Awards and Breakfast on April 27, <strong>2019</strong> in Omaha at the<br />

Scott Conference Center. This year’s featured speaker was Dr. Brenda Bergman-Evans, PhD, APRN-NP/CNS, FAANP,<br />

the most recent inductee into the NNA Hall of Fame and Vice President of Advanced Practice and the Continuing<br />

Care Network at CHI Health.<br />

National <strong>Nurses</strong> Week <strong>2019</strong>, May 6-12 saw various events across the State of <strong>Nebraska</strong> from the Scottsbluff area to<br />

the Omaha/Lincoln areas.<br />

The Omaha MIG held the NNA Metro <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>2019</strong> LTC Education- Nursing care of the Older Adult Population:<br />

Promoting Safe Mobility on June 6th and June 8th, <strong>2019</strong> at the Methodist College Campus. The featured speakers<br />

were Dr. Julie Pavelka, a certified nurse practitioner, and Sarah Cockle, a physical therapist.<br />

The Omaha MIG will hold their Annual 5K Fun Run/Walk on September 9, <strong>2019</strong> at Lake Zorinsky Recreation Area in<br />

Omaha. This event promotes healthy nurse activities as well as networking and membership recruiting.<br />

Upcoming<br />

The annual NNA/NNP Joint Convention: “Nursing – Putting the pieces together: Where do you fit?” will be held on<br />

October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> in Kearney, <strong>Nebraska</strong>.<br />

NNA / NNP Joint Convention, October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> | 25


Governance, Finance and Membership Committee<br />

Jan Tubbs, MS, MSN, RN<br />

GFMC Co-Chair<br />

Governance, Finance and Membership Committee Jan Tubbs, MS, MSN, RN, GFMC Co-Chair (Urban) Ashton Gerken<br />

MSN, RN, Co-Chair (Staff Nurse)<br />

Committee Members: Cathy Smith Treasurer, Tonja Frank Staff Nurse, Lisa Cantrell Nursing Management, Sharon<br />

Masoner Rural, Savannah Murphy Rural, Margo Minnich Nursing Faculty, Andrea Faulkner Urban, Past NNA Officer<br />

Anna Mackevicius, President Ex-Officio Douglass Haas<br />

Membership Recruitment and Retention Strategies:<br />

• We did increase members in <strong>Nebraska</strong> by 18.97% by adding 236 members from last year. The committee will<br />

continue to look for trends in the coming months. We are currently at 1244 members as of July 1, <strong>2019</strong>.<br />

• All NNA members will receive an additional $150.00 off the joint convention registration, which includes all<br />

new members joining by September 1st.<br />

• Continued with recruitment and retention plan and talked about ideas of how to look at the MSD membership<br />

marketing plan and what activities could we perform at the NNA level.<br />

Discussed plans as to how to find out why persons canceled memberships and ways to encourage<br />

younger nurses to get involved.<br />

The committee will focus on recruitment of millennial and minority nurses across the state of <strong>Nebraska</strong>.<br />

The members will be bringing ideas forward to the board in near future.<br />

<strong>2019</strong> NNA Slate of Candidates and Election Processes<br />

• Candidates for NNA positions were recruited, validated as eligible, and will be placed on the ballot. From<br />

July-September 1, <strong>2019</strong> we will work to fill all positions. Will send out an email for open positions and needs<br />

of the committees and board. Will give an update during the convention.<br />

• Openings on slate are as follows:<br />

Board needs<br />

– Vice President<br />

– Secretary<br />

Legislative, Advocacy, and Representation Committee (LARC) needs<br />

– Region 1 Member<br />

– Region 2 Member<br />

– Region 3 Member<br />

– Region 4 Member<br />

– At Large Member<br />

Nursing Professional Development Committee (NPDC) needs<br />

– Nursing Practice Member<br />

– Nursing Practice Member<br />

– Nursing Faculty Member<br />

– Nursing Professional Educator Member<br />

Governance, Finance, and Membership Committee (GFMC) needs<br />

– Staff Nurse Member<br />

– Nursing Manager/Administrator Member<br />

– Rural Member<br />

– Urban Member<br />

26 | NURSING Putting the Pieces Together: Where Do You Fit?


Bylaw Revisions and Proposals<br />

• Made bylaw changes this year. Will have webinars presented to allow members to hear what is being done.<br />

All bylaw changes will be given to members in a timely fashion, so everyone is informed.<br />

Finance/Budget<br />

• Reviewed drafted <strong>2019</strong> budget and gave feedback to NNA Board.<br />

• Reviewed the Financial Report/ Profit & Loss Budget for trends related to membership<br />

NNA / NNP Joint Convention, October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> | 27


<strong>2019</strong> <strong>Nebraska</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong> Slate of Candidates<br />

Terms of Office: January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2021<br />

Board of Directors<br />

Vice President<br />

Secretary<br />

Legislative Advocacy and Representation Committee<br />

Region 1<br />

Region 2<br />

Region 3<br />

Region 4<br />

At-Large<br />

Nursing Professional Development Committee<br />

Nursing Practice<br />

Nursing Practice<br />

Nursing Faculty<br />

Nurse Educator/Staff Development<br />

Governance, Finance, and Membership Committee<br />

Clinical Practice/Staff Nurse<br />

Nursing Manager/Administrator<br />

Rural<br />

Urban<br />

28 | NURSING Putting the Pieces Together: Where Do You Fit?


Omaha Metro Area Mutual Interest Group Annual Report<br />

Anna Mackevicius, BSN, RN, PMP<br />

Chair, Omaha Metro Area Mutual Interest Group<br />

The NNA Metro Omaha Metro Area MIG had a very successful <strong>2019</strong>. The MIG hosted several events in NNA Region<br />

4, inviting all nurses in the area to join other nurses for a bit of networking, a lot of well-deserved recognition, and<br />

a bit a fun, too! This MIG has several active members and added more during the year. I would like to thank Terri<br />

Anderson, who served as the lead for the annual breakfast and as the MIG recorder, has decided to step down as<br />

recorder and event lead. Her help and guidance this past year has very much appreciated. I would also like to thank<br />

these individuals for their dedication to the MIG:<br />

Andrea Faulkner<br />

Beth Flott<br />

Jodi Kempnich<br />

Alice Kindschuh<br />

Carole Lainof<br />

Echo Perlman<br />

Kristina Soballe<br />

Susie Ward<br />

Brodi Willard<br />

Krista Winter<br />

The following is a synopsis of member engagement activities hosted this year:<br />

Student Leaders Recognition<br />

On March 30, the Omaha Metro Area MIG hosted an event to recognize a group of local student nurses who serve<br />

as members of the executive board for their campus Student <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong> as a thank you for their service to<br />

the profession. This event, organized by Creighton University Assistant Professor Beth Flott EdD RN, recognized 40<br />

future nursing leaders nominated by faculty. It was held on Saturday, March 30, at <strong>Nebraska</strong> Methodist College.<br />

Celebrate Nursing and Positive Image of Nursing Breakfast<br />

This annual event (that is quickly approaching its 40th year!) was held on Saturday, April 27, at the Scott Conference<br />

Center in Omaha. We had an outstanding turnout this year with 280 attendees and set a new record of honorees<br />

- 151! Our guest speaker was Brenda Bergman Evans, a recent inductee to the NNA Hall of Fame. NNA President<br />

Douglass Haas also attended and distributed certificates to each honoree. Terri Anderson spearheaded this event<br />

with help from Brodi Willard and lots of extra hands on the event day!<br />

Omaha Metro Area <strong>Nurses</strong> MIG Fun Run/Walk<br />

The second annual Omaha Metro Area <strong>Nurses</strong> MIG Fun Run/Walk was held on Saturday, September 7, <strong>2019</strong>, at<br />

Zorinsky Park in Omaha. The event was organized by Alice Kindschuh, DNP APRN-CNS GCNS-BC, Director of Doctoral<br />

Studies at <strong>Nebraska</strong> Methodist College. Members and non-members participated in a fun (and healthy) activity. There<br />

were T-shirts and prizes – a visible event that promotes nursing and healthy living!<br />

Annual Dinner<br />

The MIG will be hosting an Annual Dinner scheduled for November 20 at Jack and Mary’s Restaurant in Omaha. Save<br />

the date and join us for an evening of networking and a little education! See the Events page on the NNA website<br />

for more information and to register. Payment is at the door.<br />

We are looking forward to the 2020 events – planning is well under way. Look for dates and information in the monthly<br />

NNA e-newsletter and Facebook page, as well as the <strong>Nebraska</strong> Nurse. Feel free to contact me at annamackevicius@<br />

gmail.com if you have any questions about the Omaha Metro MIG events.<br />

NNA / NNP Joint Convention, October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> | 29


Lincoln Area MIG Chair Report<br />

Jodi A. Nelson, MSN, RN<br />

The Lincoln Area MIG, with the support of NNA, work diligently to uphold the organization’s mission, vision, and<br />

core priorities of: collaboration, advocacy, recognition, and education. We held two different types of events this<br />

past year.<br />

The Celebrate Nursing event was held on April 22, <strong>2019</strong>, and featured a military veteran, Jessica Warren, RN, MSN.<br />

She shared her own experience with PTSD and how she uses this experience to help students experiencing the same.<br />

(Jessica is an Assistant Professor of Nursing at Bryan College of Health Sciences in Lincoln.) The audience learned<br />

ways to advocate for veterans and more specifically, how to support veterans returning to employment or educational<br />

settings in healthcare. Prior to dinner, attendees could browse poster presentations by students from area nursing<br />

programs (BSN-doctorate). Between the two events, dinner was served at which networking was encouraged. We<br />

were thankful for a donation from Nobl, Inc., a Lincoln based healthcare software company.<br />

We continued holding three journal club meetings throughout the year. In <strong>2019</strong> we were granted the ability to grant<br />

nursing contact hours. A single $10 fee covers contact hours for all three meetings (1.5 hours for each). The first one<br />

was May 29 and the topic was migrant healthcare. Journal clubs were also held previously (November 2018 and June<br />

2018) but did not grant contact hours.<br />

Included are photos from <strong>2019</strong> Lincoln Area MIG Celebrate Nursing<br />

Speaker Jessica Warren<br />

(photo from military experience)<br />

30 | NURSING Putting the Pieces Together: Where Do You Fit?


Tri City MIG Chair Report<br />

Denise Waibel-Rycek, MSN, RN<br />

This has been a year to regain our focus. In August we had a meeting and heard Heather Kaestner APRN talk about<br />

her four mission trips. We then developed plans for the next year.<br />

Western <strong>Nebraska</strong> Region 1 MIG<br />

Wendy Wells, BS, BSN, MSN, RN<br />

Region 1 MIG met for the annual health professions picnic in August 2018. There was no 5K run as the leaders for<br />

this were unavailable due to pregnancy and advancing their education.<br />

Region 1 MIG of the NNA met in April to discuss upcoming plans at the Steel Grill and enjoyed steak nachos.<br />

The annual <strong>Nurses</strong> Day event featured NNA President Douglass Haas who presented twice for area nurses on the<br />

importance of a professional portfolio. He was well received. This event was sponsored by Regional West Medical<br />

Center, Region 1 MIG of NNA and the <strong>Nebraska</strong> Panhandle Area Health Education Center.<br />

The Region 1 5K walk/run date is set for Saturday, August 24 at 9AM at Lake Minatare. Registration forms are on<br />

the “NNA Run” Facebook page. Our annual Welcome/Welcome back picnic is scheduled for Thursday, September 5<br />

from 4-6pm, location to be announced. Local members look forward to attending the annual convention in Kearney<br />

in October. Questions and/or comments can be addressed to Wendy Wells wwells@unmc.edu or 308-641-7190 (call<br />

or text).<br />

Warm & Welcoming! – That’s who we are!<br />

We care like family… Join us!<br />

View our career opportunities at www.AMHNE.org<br />

Megan Becklun, | 402-887-4151, hr@amhne.org,<br />

102 W 9th St, Neligh NE 68756 | 402-887-6397 (Fax)<br />

If interested in learning<br />

about a chapter role,<br />

please contact:<br />

Denise Murcek at<br />

Dmurcek1@gmail.com<br />

ANNA Platte River Chapter #324<br />

Thank You <strong>Nurses</strong><br />

and Welcome<br />

to Kearney!<br />

Hours: Mon-Fri 10-6 & Sat 10-4<br />

409 N. Broadwell, Av.<br />

Grand Island, NE 68803<br />

Call (308) 384-1286<br />

$10 OFF<br />

ANY $75 PURCHASE<br />

(Excl Littmans) One per customer<br />


OFFER EXPIRES 6/30/20<br />

RNs/LPNs<br />

Many shifts available. Includes shift differential!<br />

Along with a great team of skilled professionals, Linden Court offers excellent benefits,<br />

an exceptional work environment and the opportunity to learn and grow.<br />

Jessica Bertschinger • jbertschinger@vhsmail.com<br />

4000 W. Philip Ave, North Platte, NE 69101<br />

For more information about Linden Court visit: www.lindencourt.com<br />

NNA / NNP Joint Convention, October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> | 31


<strong>Nebraska</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> Foundation<br />

Teresa L. Anderson, EdD, MSN, RN, NE-BC<br />

NNF Board of Directors<br />

Teresa@tlandersonconsulting.com<br />

The <strong>Nebraska</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> Foundation continues to work to address our annual goals around fundraising, marketing, and<br />

our project grants for NNA members.<br />

<strong>2019</strong> Goals include:<br />

• Webpage Maintenance – updates have been made with the support of the Midwest MSD<br />

• Silent Auction Planning and Growth – a pilot of PayPal Here credit card processing will be conducted and<br />

results evaluated. More thoughtful auction prize solicitation and categorization is being pursued, along with<br />

the NNF participating in a “fun night” of fundraising games at the Convention.<br />

• Marketing Nightingale Tribute including Philanthropy – work is progressing toward a Nightingale Tribute<br />

marketing campaign with <strong>Nebraska</strong> funeral directors as the intended audience. The goal is to increase<br />

awareness of the tribute for funeral services of nurses and as an option for estate planning or memorial<br />

giving.<br />

• Celebrate A Nurse – continued with donations received<br />

• $1000 project grant was awarded and successfully implemented by the recipient, Shelly Burke-Rodriguez,<br />

for her project launching aromatherapy for staff and residents at the Columbus Care Center. Results to be<br />

presented at NNA Omaha Metro <strong>Nurses</strong> Annual Dinner and at NNA/NNP Convention.<br />

• Explore Applicable Grants to expand the reach and benefits of the NNF to support nursing and public health<br />

in <strong>Nebraska</strong>. Potential categories include rural health, refresher programs, and support of Nurse Veterans<br />

returning to <strong>Nebraska</strong> from active duty or overseas deployments.<br />

Our four priority projects continue and are highlighted below as we continue with fundraising via the silent auction<br />

and tax-deductible cash donations.<br />

Honor a Nurse in Passing with the Nightingale Tribute<br />

The Nightingale Tribute was written to be used as a remembrance, honoring a loved one’s service to the nursing<br />

profession. The Nightingale Tribute is intended to be presented by a nursing colleague or friend and scheduled as<br />

part of the funeral service in collaboration with the family, funeral home and place of worship as appropriate. The<br />

entire tribute takes only two minutes and can be placed anywhere in the service appropriate to the traditions and<br />

beliefs of the recipient’s faith.<br />

Celebrate a Nurse<br />

Professional nurses touch the lives of millions every day. By combining compassionate care with clinical reasoning<br />

and scientific expertise, nurses make a difference all day every day – at home and at work. <strong>Nurses</strong> coordinate the<br />

complex business of healthcare in a variety of settings and specialties. Join us to Celebrate Nursing by Praising a Nurse<br />

(or nurses)! Donate to the NNF to celebrate or remember a nurse in passing and we will send a personal message<br />

sharing your pride in them.<br />

NNF Project Grants<br />

The grants are designed to provide funding for evidence-based practice, quality improvement, or innovation projects<br />

conducted within education or clinical settings. Funds are available for several grants up to $1,000 each.<br />

32 | NURSING Putting the Pieces Together: Where Do You Fit?


Scholarships<br />

In collaboration with the <strong>Nebraska</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong>, the NNF annually provides several scholarships for NNA<br />

members for both undergraduate and graduate education in nursing.<br />

Board Membership – Status of all Board members and officers remained unchanged. A meeting of the Board was<br />

held on April 18 and two more are planned for September 19 and December 19, <strong>2019</strong>. The NNF will again facilitate<br />

the Silent Auction, cash donations, and pin sales at the NNA/NNP Convention on October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong>.<br />

Financial Statement 2018<br />

Account Balances – December 31, 2018<br />

General Checking – $21,460.01<br />

Shirley Dooling Memorial – $1,196.15<br />

Scholarship Endowment – $14,283.69<br />

NNA Scholarship Fund – $16,416.27<br />

January – December 2018 Donation Revenues = $4858.00<br />

January – December 2018 Expenses = $1786.45<br />

Conference Expenses (new banner, table cover, brochures) = $572.46<br />

Business Meals = $130.40<br />

MSD Services = $840.83<br />

Credit Card Charges = $242.76<br />

To reduce fees, financial statements were converted to quarterly.<br />

Financial Statement <strong>2019</strong> YTD<br />

Account Balances – June 30, <strong>2019</strong><br />

General Checking – $20,789.31<br />

Shirley Dooling Memorial – $1,196.15<br />

Scholarship Endowment – $19,283.69<br />

NNA Scholarship Fund – $11,416.27<br />

Gail Graham Higher Education Fund – $5000.00<br />

January – June <strong>2019</strong> Donation Revenues = $0<br />

January – June <strong>2019</strong> Expenses = $170.70<br />

Conference Expenses (corporate renewal fees) = 23.00<br />

Business Meals = $0<br />

MSD Services = $38.33<br />

Credit Card Charges = $60.20<br />

NNA / NNP Joint Convention, October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> | 33


<strong>Nebraska</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong> – Political Action Committee<br />

Linda Stones, Chair<br />

The NNA PAC was re-activated a few years ago as a result of a NNA member attending the American <strong>Nurses</strong><br />

<strong>Association</strong> Advocacy Institute (ANAI). During the 2018-<strong>2019</strong> year, the PAC has been involved in fundraising activities<br />

and working with candidates running for office.<br />

The NNA PAC Board is comprised of 7 to 10 members. The members meet as needed to review elections and<br />

determine activities for the year. The NNA PAC does not endorse candidates for elected positions, but does provide<br />

financial support for candidates that have been supportive of nursing issues. The PAC is also responsible for educating<br />

nurses to vote and assists them on being informed voters in state legislative positions.<br />

Since <strong>2019</strong> is not an election year, the NNA PAC has primarily focused on fundraising. Long term goals of the PAC<br />

are to start working with nurses to create an interest in a nurse running for a state legislative position. <strong>Nebraska</strong> is<br />

one of a few states that do not have a nurse elected to a state seat. If there are nurses interested in running for a<br />

State seat, we encourage you to reach out to the NNA PAC. We will do what we can to support nurse candidates.<br />

Lastly, I want to thank Don Wesely, who is instrumental in our work as a PAC. I would also like to thank the NNA PAC<br />

board members for their service. NNA PAC board members are:<br />

Kari Wade, Treasurer<br />

Lin Hughes, Secretary<br />

Carol Lanouf<br />

Rita Weber<br />

Melissa Florell<br />

Jean Phelan<br />

Erica Parrish<br />

34 | NURSING Putting the Pieces Together: Where Do You Fit?


State Directors Report<br />

Kim Houtwed, MBA, BSN, RN<br />

NNA State Director<br />

The NNA State Director position has experienced personnel changes and vacancies over the past year. This has required<br />

additional time commitments from your NNA President and the MSD CEO to keep the day-to-day happenings of the<br />

NNA moving forward. I am pleased to have joined the organization two months ago and will focus on my vision for<br />

the upcoming year.<br />

Annually, the ANA surveys the membership for feedback and ideas to improve your state nurse’s association. The<br />

general themes from this year’s survey are:<br />

• I want to know more about what NNA does<br />

• How do I become a leader?<br />

• How do I get more involved in the organization?<br />

• How can we get involved in the rural areas?<br />

• How do I network with roles like mine?<br />

• Offer more gatherings- educational and/or just for fun<br />

Even with differing areas of feedback, the themes fall into one overarching category-members want to be<br />

involved; whether it be as a leader, on a committee, or with other nurses on a professional or personal level. As we<br />

are planning for the upcoming years activities and ideas are being formulated, these general areas will provide us<br />

with a roadmap to enhancing your NNA membership.<br />

NNA / NNP Joint Convention, October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> | 35


Midwest Multi-State Division (MW MSD)<br />

Chief Executive Officer Update<br />

The MW MSD has now been fully implemented and operationally since January 2017. Utilizing shared resources has<br />

shown to increase membership and strengthen the imprint of state nurses associations (SNAs) on nursing practice<br />

and public policy within the states.<br />

The MW MSD board of directors have had two meetings this year and held an in-person board meeting on August<br />

23-24. We are excited that in July 2018 the Arkansas <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong> joined the MW MSD as the fourth state<br />

nurses association. We are open to discussions with other state nurses associations (SNA) who may benefit from<br />

joining a MSD. We have also implemented several member benefit programs for members in each state.<br />

The current MW MSD board members are Angella Herrman (KS), President, Jan Kemmerer (KS), Vice-President,<br />

Anna Mackevicius (NE), Sec/Treasurer, Douglass Haas (NE), Terry Reese (MO), Rebecca McClanahan (MO), Stephen<br />

Pennington (AR) and Michelle Harp (AR). Each member SNA is allotted two board seats.<br />

NNA continues to have independent, incorporated and fiduciary Board of Directors at the state level to<br />

manage strategic and financial decisions, events, local advocacy and legislative actions. Bylaws, elections,<br />

reference proposals, membership and budgetary planning remain the responsibility of the NNA.<br />

The MW MSD Board of Directors believe that the economy of scale created by the joint operations has enhanced<br />

member value (responsiveness, technology support, additional education, and expert consultation) and reduce<br />

expenses, while reducing the burden on volunteer leaders. The MW MSD Chief Executive Officer assists NNA in the<br />

absence of a state director.<br />

The <strong>Nebraska</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong> participated fully in the development of the MW MSD as a corporation and<br />

continue their dedication to make it a successful and self-sustaining model for association operations. Douglass<br />

Haas, President, and Anna Mackevicius, Past President are currently serving as the <strong>Nebraska</strong> representatives on the<br />

MW MSD board.<br />

Should you have any questions regarding the MW MSD feel free to contact your NNA board representatives or<br />

myself.<br />

36 | NURSING Putting the Pieces Together: Where Do You Fit?


Midwest Multistate Division CNE Unit<br />

Judi Dunn MS, CPP, RN-BC<br />

Nurse Peer Review Leader and Lead Nurse Planner<br />

Approver Unit<br />

The Midwest MSD is an Accredited Approver through the American <strong>Nurses</strong> Credentialing Center’s Commission<br />

on Accreditation. Our Accredited Approver Unit reviews individual activity and Approved Provider applications<br />

from providers located in Arkansas, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, <strong>Nebraska</strong>, and<br />

Oklahoma. Individual activity applications arrive sporadically through the year and Approved Provider applications<br />

arrive on a three-cycle schedule through the year. The Midwest MSD Approver Unit develops multiple resources to help<br />

agencies plan and implement quality CNE activities, including white papers on specific topics our providers are facing,<br />

a monthly newsletter, monthly conference calls with providers. The CNE Team also answers a myriad of questions<br />

daily from applicants and sister organizations. Changes in the ANCC educational design processes to make CNE more<br />

relevant and to measure positive patient outcomes has led to the need for an increase in educational resources and<br />

support provided by the MW MSD CNE Team. Approved Provider Units and Individual Activity Applicants require and<br />

receive significant personal assistance via direct phone calls, group conference calls, emails, web-based resources and<br />

in-person training.<br />

In collaboration with our Provider Unit, we will be hosting our Approved Provider Training again this year on September<br />

9 in Missouri. We had 101 participate in this annual event in 2018 and hope to reach that many if not more with this<br />

year’s program.<br />

As of June 30, <strong>2019</strong>, the Midwest MSD is currently working with 61 Approved Providers, which include hospitals,<br />

universities, health systems, and specialty nursing organizations, providing resources to help them plan their continuing<br />

nursing education programs. We have also reviewed individual activity applications from 43 other agencies in the<br />

Midwest.<br />

All members of the CNE team handle individual questions, concerns, educational development, training and<br />

administrative issues throughout the year. The CNE team holds bi-weekly conference calls to discuss significant topics<br />

of concern, movement of Corrective Action Plans and Progress Reports due from Approved Provider Units, and<br />

identification of topic areas for further educational resources.<br />

In <strong>2019</strong>, NPRL Judi Dunn developed additional training for the Nurse Peer Reviewers in anticipation of their completion<br />

of the ANCC Gold Standard Assessment. The Assessment was completed in May, <strong>2019</strong> and aggregate results will be<br />

provided early in 2020.<br />

Provider Unit<br />

The Midwest MSD is an Accredited Provider through the American <strong>Nurses</strong> Credentialing Center’s Commission on<br />

Accreditation. Our Accredited Provider Unit plans programs for the state nurses associations in Kansas, Missouri,<br />

<strong>Nebraska</strong>, and Arkansas. State Directors and planning teams work with our MSD Nurse Planner, Carol Walker and<br />

MSD staff to plan their state conferences, as well as Region and MIG events that utilize MSD services and/or provide<br />

nursing contact hours.<br />

NNA / NNP Joint Convention, October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> | 37


NNP Liaison Representative: Douglass Haas<br />

Tara Whitmire, DNP, APRN-NP, CHFN<br />

NNP President<br />

1) Membership<br />

• 1,970 Advanced Practice Registered <strong>Nurses</strong> in <strong>Nebraska</strong>, 1,474 (75%) are Nurse Practitioners (2018 RN<br />

Renewal)<br />

• 350+ members of <strong>Nebraska</strong> Nurse Practitioners<br />

2) Legislative<br />

• NNP was active in the legislative process again this year. We worked with the <strong>Nebraska</strong> APRN Coalition on<br />

LB730 APRN consensus bill. This bill was brought forward by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing<br />

(NCSBN). It intended to align <strong>Nebraska</strong> with the APRN consensus model to allow APRNs to practice to the<br />

full extent of their license and education. It had a Health and Human Services (HHS) committee hearing<br />

on 2/6/19. Senator Howard, Chair of the HHS committee, has requested that the certified nurse midwives<br />

complete the 407 process before moving forward with consensus model. More to come on this bill.<br />

• NNP gave testimony in favor of LB29 – Provide and eliminate telehealth provisions. This bill added nurse<br />

practitioners and other health care providers that are licensed under the Uniform Credentialing Act to provide<br />

telehealth. It was passed by the Unicameral and signed in to law on March 21, <strong>2019</strong>.<br />

• NNP Member Cathy Philips, MSN, APRN-NP gave testimony in support of LB 327 - State intent to appropriate<br />

funds for an increase in rates paid to behavioral health service providers. The bill initially requested a provider<br />

rate increase of 5% for certain behavioral health services. The bill that passed allowed for a 2% increase the<br />

first year and an additional 2% increase the second year (totaling 4% increase). By substantially increasing<br />

behavioral health provider rates paid during the biennium budget cycle, it is the intent of the Legislature to<br />

ensure that providers of these services can continue to serve <strong>Nebraska</strong>ns in the medical assistance program<br />

and the probation system.<br />

• The legislative committee also worked on grassroots efforts and assembled a packet of information related to<br />

nurse practitioners. Terry Thomas, MSN, APRN-NP delivered these packets to 40 senators during the session!<br />

The legislative committee will continue to work with NNP’s lobbyist, Cora Schrader, to help educate senators<br />

and advocate for nurse practitioners. NNP needs your help to continue this work. Your membership fees help<br />

ensure we have the resources needed to continue being health policy advocates.<br />

• NNP was a Sponsor, and board members & members were attendees of the 2018 <strong>Nurses</strong>’ Political Reception and<br />

the NNA <strong>Nurses</strong> Day at the Legislature. NNP will continue to support both events annually.<br />

3) Public Relations<br />

• The American <strong>Association</strong> of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) annual conference took place from June 25-30,<br />

<strong>2019</strong> in Indianapolis, IN. Tara Whitmire, DNP, APRN-NP, Miranda Kliment, DNP, APRN-NP, Roberta Kroeger,<br />

MSN, APRN-NP, Gloria Akainda, MSN, APRN-NP and Nick Crill, MSN, APRN-NP were in attendance from<br />

<strong>Nebraska</strong>. There were over 4,000 NPs in attendance and hundreds of sessions to attend! It was quite a sight!<br />

The State Excellence Awards were given and NNP wants to congratulate Roberta Kroeger, MSN, APRN-NP for<br />

38 | NURSING Putting the Pieces Together: Where Do You Fit?


receiving the <strong>Nebraska</strong> NP Advocate Award and Kelley Hasenauer, DNP, APRN-NP for receiving the <strong>Nebraska</strong><br />

NP Award. Both are well deserving of these honors!<br />

• NNP Scholarship committee will be awarding 2-$1,000 scholarships this year.<br />

4) Education<br />

• 24th Annual Pharmacology conference was held, July 11-12, <strong>2019</strong>, UNMC, Omaha, <strong>Nebraska</strong>. It was broadcast<br />

to all UNMC campuses across the state. NNP was an exhibitor and had the opportunity to talk with several<br />

NPs and encourage membership. 3 door prizes helped to draw NPs in!<br />

• NNP continues to co-host the NNA/NNP Annual Conference. This is NNP’s 28th annual education conference.<br />

It will be held on October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> in Kearney, NE (hopefully it is recovered from the flooding!). The theme<br />

this year is Nursing Putting the Pieces Together: Where do you fit?<br />

5) Nominations<br />

• Executive Board positions up for election in February 2020 include Secretary, Treasurer and one Nominations<br />

committee position.<br />

On-behalf of <strong>Nebraska</strong> Nurse Practitioners, it is with special thanks to NNA for their continued leadership and advocacy<br />

activities. It is together, through such relationships that we provide a voice for our patients and our profession.<br />



University Medical Center in Las Vegas is currently<br />

recruiting full-time and per diem registered nurses,<br />

and other clinical support.<br />

As one of our team members, you’ll enjoy:<br />

• Employer-paid pension at 28% of<br />

your annual salary<br />

• Sign-on bonus*<br />

• $0 monthly premium for employee-only<br />

medical insurance<br />

• 27 days of paid time off per year<br />

• 6 days of extended illness days per year<br />

• No Social Security tax paycheck deduction<br />

Apply now at umcsn.com/careers<br />

*Select positions only.<br />

Nevada’s ONLY Level I Trauma Center • Designated Pediatric Trauma Center • Burn Care Center • Transplant Center<br />

NNA / NNP Joint Convention, October 2-4, <strong>2019</strong> | 39

NNA Region Map<br />

Region 1<br />

<strong>Nebraska</strong> western border to <strong>Nebraska</strong> HWY 83<br />

Region 2<br />

<strong>Nebraska</strong> HWY 83 to <strong>Nebraska</strong> HWY 281<br />

Region 3<br />

<strong>Nebraska</strong> HWY 281 to <strong>Nebraska</strong> HWY 77<br />

Region 4<br />

<strong>Nebraska</strong> HWY 77 to the <strong>Nebraska</strong> eastern border<br />

Communities that rest on border HWYs are considered to be part of the Region to the west of the boundary.<br />

40 | NURSING Putting the Pieces Together: Where Do You Fit?

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