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LG Electronics has announced the global rollout

of a new dual-screen smartphone – the G8X


Kyle Yoon, Mobile Product

Manager for the Korean

electronics giant presented

the new dual OLED screen

device to media at the show,

touting the device’s numerous

selling points, among which

is an in-display fingerprint


LG has signed an agreement

w i t h W h a l e f o r t h e

development of a new

bespoke web browser, which

allows users to scroll through

search engine results on

one screen, while consulting

individual web pages on the

other. Other advantages

include a smart extended

keyboard that takes up one

of the displays, increasing

user comfort for creating

documents and using social

media. For gamers, there is a

custom game pad – including

a virtual joystick, on one

screen, while the other

displays the game itself.

Mr Yoon added that “instant

shopping” will be another

new application made

possible with the G8X ThinQ:

“When there is an item on

social media or YouTube that

grabs your attention, you

can search the item on one

screen without closing the

app window, and check out

product reviews or compare

prices on another,” he stated.

Other applications include

checking a golf course map

and doing other things while

on a video call. For photos and

videos, the G8X boasts big

pixel sensors both front and

back, enabling brighter and

clearer pictures.

In terms of sturdiness, the

G8X has passed 14 categories

of military-standard testing,

including high temperature,

low temperature, impact, and


All in all, said Mr Yoon, the

G8X has enhanced design for

better usability, up-levelled

multi-tasking, is faster and

more efficient, and enables

more creativity and joy for


Hall 18

Stand 101

Kyle Yoon

Mobile Product Manager, LG Electronics,

with the new G8X ThinQ phone





Smart Home Automation

Hub Powered by Tuya

At IFA 2019, Tuya Smart

is launching Smart Home

Automation Hub with Pegasus

technology, a control center

that enables multiple smart

home devices from different

appliances to connect with oneclick.

Tuya is a global AI+IoT leader, providing

a class-leading platform that brings

smart products to life for manufacturers,

brands, OEMs and retail chains. The

platform offers hardware access, cloud

services and app development. Tuya also

helps brands upgrade their technology

and business models in order to deliver

smart devices to meet consumer


Smart Home Automation Hub solves

the common problem of not having

enough power sockets in a given room

by combining all functions and requiring

one cable instead of several.

“Having a Smart Home Automation

Hub equipped with Pegasus technology

means having a Gigabit router and a

Zigbee gateway at the same time,” said

Alex Yang, Tuya’s Co-Founder and COO.

“You can free up your hands to enjoy

one-click networking and benefit from a

cost-efficient method of connection.”

Besides the debut for the Smart

Home Automation Hub, Tuya is also

organising a Tuya Day Event by inviting

companies to share their insights in

smart home and smart life in the era

of intelligent business. The likes of

Conrad, Hama, Arcelik, Calex, and

Yandex will discuss various topics from

“How Home Appliances Brands Evolve

by Embracing the Trend of IoT” to “the

Commercialisation of a Successful Smart


Tuya serves more than 100,000

partners in over 190 countries powering

products such as lighting, appliances,

environmental and surveillance

equipment. Co-headquartered in San

Jose, California, and Hangzhou, Tuya now

has offices in the US, China, Germany,

Japan, and Columbia

Hall 25

Stand 102

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Friday 6 th September 2019


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