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Miele has launched a new range of products including

the company’s first rechargeable handstick vacuum

cleaner, a 49-minute A-rated washing machine

programme and a smart cooker hood.

Executive Director and Co-

Proprietor Dr Markus Miele said

the company’s new Triflex HX1

was on a par with traditional

cylinder vacuum cleaners

because of its good suction


“The first Miele unit in this

segment gives pride of place

to versatility,” he said.” With

the Triflex, we are convinced

that we have the most versatile

rechargeable handstick currently

available on the market. A true

Miele product, developed and

manufactured at our Bielefeld

plant in Germany.” The company

said that an area of 125 sq m can

be cleaned on a single charge.

Dr Reinhard Zinkann, Executive

Director and Co-Proprietor,

Miele, underlined the increased

s p e e d s o f n e w w a s h i n g

machine and tumble dryer

models, declaring: “49 minutes

for a standard A-rated wash

performance is a new milestone.”

On the dryers, cycle times have

been reduced by a total of 20

minutes, thanks to the use of

a new, more environmentally

friendly FC-free coolant.

Wash2Dry is a new function

where washers and dryers

communicate, via Wi-Fi, allowing

the dryer to select the most

suitable drying programme on

the basis of the wash cycle. Dr

Zinkann also previewed Miele’s

Aura 4.0 Ambient, a cooker

hood with customisable ambient

lighting that also regulates

humidity, while Dr Axel Kniehl,

Executive Director, Marketing

and Sales, Miele, previewed the

new #LifeBeyondOrdinary brand

campaign, which will launch

later this month, to support

Generation 7000, the biggest

product launch in Miele’s 120-

year history

Hall 2.1

Stand 101

Dr. Markus Miele

Executive Director and Co-Proprietor,


Dr. Markus Miele, Executive Director and Co-Proprietor, MIELE

showcases the new Triflex HX1

www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Friday 6 th September 2019


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