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The topic of this month’s article is chosen because one of my close and very dear friends told me about his problems with the eyes. It has been identified that he has a mole on the back of his eye, which has caused him to have tired, painful, and running eyes with a slight bit of inflammation. Now he would really like to know what he could do personally to better the condition. The specialist had said that it wasn’t dangerous, but that they would have to keep an eye on the mole, with regular consultations.

2019 September

Costa del Sol, S.L.


The Eye

Anni Dahms

Owner of the retail chain


Health specialist, Biopath and

Nutritional Adviser.

The topic of this month’s article is

chosen because one of my close

and very dear friends told me

about his problems with the eyes.

It has been identified that he has

a mole on the back of his eye,

which has caused him to have

tired, painful, and running eyes

with a slight bit of inflammation.

Now he would really like to know

what he could do personally to

better the condition. The specialist

had said that it wasn’t dangerous,

but that they would have to keep

an eye on the mole, with regular


50 Danish people are currently

diagnosed with moles on their

eyes every year, but luckily it’s

quite uncommon for these moles

to develop into something serious.

It is mostly seen in people with very

light-colored skin.

My friend is very dependent on

having a good eyesight, as he sits

all day, often from 7 in the morning

till 6 in the evening, and works

at the screen.

I obviously started contemplating

right away to how he could best

be helped.

Many opticians and eye doctors

are trying to bring awareness

to the dangers of the increasing

number of people, who work so

many hours in front of the computer

screens. The many hours

increase the risk of developing

shortsightedness, cataracts, and

later glaucoma with macular


The computer screen and my

friend’s cellphone together with

his daily car ride, all contribute

to my friend getting exposed

to a high amount of radiation.

Because of this, the first thing I did

was to recommend a new chip.

I recommend using a 5G mobile

converter, it can correct for the

negative frequencies from the

mobile phone and other radiation

dangers including e-smog.

The conversion works within 30

cm, and since he always has his

phone on him, he can just stick

the chip on the back of his phone

and put it next to his computer, so

the radiation from there can also

be alleviated. The chip lasts for 30

years. The company I-like metaphysics

is a family company based

in Switzerland, that work on preventing

irritation from technology.

If you would like to know more

about the little chip, then you can


I bought a pair of computer glasses

for him, as the strong blue light

from the monitors can damage 1

parts of the retina, where the

sharp sight is formed.

Computer glasses can be worn

on top of your regular glasses

and should only be used when

you are sitting in front of the

computer. I bought the glasses

at, but

you can buy computer glasses

many places on the internet. The

glasses protect the eyes against

the rough electronic light, counteracts

headaches, and dry tired

eyes, so you can be effective in

front of the screen for a longer

period of time.

The diet

When you work in front of your

screen, it’s important that you

are conscious about your food

and which types of foods are

best for you personally. There are

two carotenoids which are of

great importance, that is lutein

and zeaxanthin, which should be

a part of your diet every single

day. It is said that they are able

to protect against the strong

blue light from the screens.

The carotenoids are mainly

found in fruits and vegetables. By

eating a lot of food containing

these two compounds, your eyes

will be stronger against the blue


These two compounds will also

aid your brain. They protect

the brains of the elderly and

also help develop the brain

in children. It has been shown

that the compounds influence

children’s brains in a way that

help them solve different tasks.

This has caught my attention,

as I will soon become a great

grandmother for the first time.

Furthermore, a large analysis has

shown that omega-3 fatty acids

help children’s vision, whilst at

the same time improving their

mental development.

The analysis was based on data

from 38 scientific studies with

5.541 attendants.

The best sources of food containing

lutein are usually yellow or

green. Lutein is mostly present in

the retina. Some of the best food

with lutein is egg, which contain

both lutein and zeaxanthin. Kale

and spinach are also very rich in

lutein. Carrots and broccoli are

also very important, together

with parsley, grapes, cucumber,

and different kinds of peppers


Zeaxanthin is found in higher

doses in the macula, and the

food is predominantly found on

the yellow and orange color

scale. The best foods containing

zeaxanthin are papayas, oranges,

peaches, corn, mangos,

sweet potatoes, and apricots

which are currently in season,

together with cantaloupe melons,

grapefruits, and marigolds.

Other good foods for your

vision include apples, green

tea, onions, cherries, garlic, and

pears. Other foods which are

rich on flavonoids are blueberries

and blackberries.

A large part of your food should

be of the whole wheat variety,

such as whole wheat bread,

whole wheat pasta, lenses, and

buckwheat etc.

You should especially avoid too

much alcohol. You can easily

enjoy a single glass of red wine,

but let it stop there. Avoid all artificial

sweeteners such as aspartame.

If you want to sweeten

your food, then use a bit of

honey or some unrefined sugar.

Be careful with the 3rd spice.

Some researchers claim that

it is especially dangerous for

the eyes. Avoid too much fat

food, sausages, hamburgers, fat

cheeses, and sugar rich foods.

When you use salt on your food,

make sure that it’s of a high


Dietary supplements

The first dietary supplement I

would recommend my friend

is Q10. There have been

studies, which have shown

that patients with glaucoma

showed signs of improvement

after taking Q10. I personally

recommend Q10 because

there are many mitochondria

in the eye, which is the cell’s

small energy factories. I think

it’s important to strengthen

them, especially if there is a

mitochondria defect connected

to the affliction. It’s

fine to use a good quality

Q10, but I personally prefer

ubiquinol, which is a reduced

form of Q10 in a stabilized

form. There are only a few

studies which suggest that


the reduced form is better

than the normal one. But I

would still suggest that people

take the reduced form

in special cases. The studies

that I rely on, have shown

that after 45 years of age, it

is more difficult for the body

to convert ubiquione to

ubiquinol. I take ubiquinol,

because I personally experienced

a significant improvement

to my wellbeing after I

swapped from regular Q10.

Some of my customers have

also reported an improved

wellbeing after the swap.

However, we are all unique

and in most of the studies

that are published, they use

the regular form of Q10. A

study from neural regeneration

research February 2019

showed that Q10 could prevent

DNA damages in the

optic cells and improve the

cells energy conversion and

prevent cell death.

• As a partner for ubiquinol,

you might use Pqq. Pqq protects

existing mitochondria

and help form new mitochondria.

• Take 1 gram of vitamin-C

daily. You can preferably

choose a supplement with

bioflavonoids. It aids collagen

production, it strengthens

the capillaries, and protects

against UV light. The eye

contains the second highest

concentration of vitamin-C.

• Make sure that you get a sufficient

amount of omega-3

oils. Roughly 2 grams a day.

You can take omega-3 oils

from fish, algae, or other oils

such as flaxseed oil.

• It would be beneficial to

take a composite product

that contains both lutein and


• It could also be a great idea

to take of supplement of

blueberry extract.

There are the so-called eye

vitamins, these are zinc,

vitamin-C, and vitamin-E.

Make sure that you have

all these vitamins covered

either through a strong quality

multi vitamin/mineral, as

both vitamin-A and B are

also important. Be aware

that fluorescent light takes

vitamin-A from the eyes and

creates a lot of stress in the

brain as it blinks with a frequency,

we cannot see with

the human eye but is still

registered by the brain.

The amino acid Taurine is

highly concentrated in the

eye. A lack can have complications

for the structure

and functionality of the

retina. Take 500mg daily.


• It is said in Chinese medicine,

that the eyes are the

body’s pathway to the liver.

The people whom are struggling

with eye problems usually

also have a poor liver.

According to Taoist theory,

rage is a symptom of poor

liver function. Therefore,

people who use their eyes

too much gets angry. Eye

exercises can help both cataracts

and glaucoma, as

well as shortsightedness and

liver afflictions. In the book

about inner exercises, by

Dr. Stephen T. Chang there

is a detailed instruction set

of how these eye exercises

should be performed.

• It can be a great idea to

take a liver diet a couple

times a year. It can be in tea

form or capsule, perhaps

with silybum and artichoke.

You will discover how much

clearer your eyes can see

after such a diet.

• If you sit by your screen all

day, then make it a habit

to get up once every hour.

There have been multiple

studies which have shown

the importance of getting

up at least once every hour

for people who work sitting

down. When you do get up,

then try to look as far as possible

to get the eye muscles

working differently.

• Have a proper font size on

your mobile phone, so you

don’t have to press your

nose against the screen just

to read what people have

written you.

• It’s also important to have

a proper font size on your

computer, opticians recommend

that you use at least a

12-point font size.

• Make sure that you stay at

least 70 cm away from the

computer screen, so you

don’t tire your eye muscles


• Make sure that you have

proper lighting at your workstation,

so your eyes aren’t

agitated by light reflections

from lamps or windows. 3

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