IFA International 2019 Week-End Edition




Arçelik’s IFA keynote to focus on

and the environment

For Arçelik’s CEO Hakan Bulgurlu, technology and innovation

are integral, as the company strives for a more sustainable and

efficient future for its consumers. Arçelik, parent company to 12

global brands including two of Europe’s largest Beko and Grundig,

is striving to shape technologies for the benefit of people and the

environment in all 146 countries it operates in worldwide. We

asked Mr Bulgurlu what we can expect to hear in his talk.









Hakan Bulgurlu

CEO, Arçelik

In my keynote speech, I will deliver a

clear message that provides insight into

Arçelik, its role in the industry and my

vision for the company.

By making innovative technologies

more accessible, through a portfolio

of leading brands, we have a powerful

responsibility to transform our industry,

in order to better serve the needs of

people all over the world.

By putting people at the heart of

everything we do and understanding

consumers’ desires and motivations, our

mission is to come up with solutions that

create real and useful impact for their

wellbeing. We believe that technology

can help improve people’s skills, and

thus their everyday lives, and secure our

future if it is used in an innovative way.

Within this scope, I will also use my

speech to unveil Arçelik’s sustainability

approach, its cutting-edge technological

solutions as we strive for a more

sustainable and efficient future for

the consumers. I will also demonstrate

our strong position on product and

innovation as well as the importance

of how products developed by Arçelik

affect people’s lives.

What is your view of the global market

for technical consumer goods, and

what do you see as being the key trends

at the moment?

Consumers are willing to pay more

for products that address global

and environmental issues. They buy

products that they believe will simplify

their lives and choose brands based on

their societal and environmental impact.

They are increasingly staying loyal to

brands that reflect their personal values

and to those that demonstrate they are

run by ‘purpose-led’ businesses.

Currently, there are four key themes

that drive the technical consumer goods

market. Consumers now demand rich

experiences delivered through:

Performance: Consumers see

performance as the enabler to deliver

on the need for rich experience.

They choose products that offer

superior performance, flexibility and


Simplification: Consumers lose interest

in a product if that product is not simple

to use. Simplification also activates the

consumer willingness to spend more.

Consumers strive for simplicity and

have less time for chores.

Premium: Identity and aspirations of

consumers are reflected in premium


Borderless Shopping: Consumers now

prefer brands that are customer-centric

and virtually borderless instead of shopcentric

or geographically-focused.

These themes have led us to work

on new technologies such as image

recognition, smart algorithms, new user

interfaces that simplify consumers’

lives, and making more nutritious

dishes. The lives and preferences of

consumers are at the forefront of

our thinking throughout the design,

development and production process of

any of our products.

How is Arçelik developing on a global

basis, and what are the geographic

zones you are looking to grow?

We are a leading global player in

home appliances industry with 12

brands present in 146 countries and

23 manufacturing facilities across

the globe. Our vision is to become a

trusted lifestyle solutions provider of

the digital households as our global

footprint has been growing consistently

with investments in new geographies.

Alongside Turkey, we are the leading

player in the UK, Romania, South


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