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Occupying the

intersection of sex,

health, and technology,

MysteryVibe uses tech

to elevate the sexual


Dominnique Karetsos, CMO

of MysteryVibe, expressed

her delight at the radical

change in attitude she has

seen over the company’s

past five years. “People are

starting to talk about sex

as a commonplace factor

for a healthy lifestyle. You

can’t have one without the

other,” she stated at IFA.

“Our products are facilitating

honest dialogues … they

are suitable for use either

solo or with a partner, which

inherently promotes these

conversations.” As sex

tech becomes increasingly

mainstream, it is forecast to

generate $40bn by 2022.

Crescendo, the world’s first

body-adaptable bending

vibrator, is the brand’s

flagship product. It can be

charged wirelessly within

45 minutes. Its vibration

patterns, powered by six

motors, can be customised

to every individual using the

smartphone app. Another hit

is Teruto, a smart wearable

vibrator for men. As well

as increasing stamina, it

allows the user to explore

his pleasure points at varying


Finally, Ms Karetsos

presented MysteryVibe’s

latest innovation, Poco:

“Smart, powerful, bendable.”

A miniature version of

Crescendo, it is flexible and

compact for easy portability,

its finger-like bend is suitable



Tompson Li, Chairman and

Founder, TCL, opened the

Chinese manufacturer’s press

conference at IFA Thursday

September 5, with statistics

including TCL’s positon as

number 2 in the TV segment

in 2018, and its 75% increase

in sales year-on-year in North


The rest of the launch was

forward-looking, with new

smart TVs, earphones and

a strategy called ‘AI x IoT’

revealed, but the most

notable announcement

was the launch of TCL’s

first ever globally-available

smartphone called Plex, on

sale from October. “This is a

big, important step. For the

first time we are bringing our

excellent pioneering display

technology to the world of

smartphones” said Stefan

Streit, Global Marketing

Soumyadip Rakshit

Co-founder & CEO, MysteryVibe

for use with all bodies — true

to the brand’s objective

of giving every adult the

knowledge and power to

explore their sexuality in


Hall 4.2

Stand 207

Manager, TCL. He cited the

fact that 79% of mobile data

traffic is predicted to be used

for video by 2022 as a reason

for the increasing need for

quality displays. Plex can

remaster video live from

SDR to HDR, and contains a

pioneering triple AI camera

plus “super Bluetooth”

allowing for four connected

devices at once.

Streit also demonstrated

prototypes of a forthcoming

foldable phone and a

smartglasses-headset called

Project Archery, stressing

TCL would not rush these

concepts to market until they

were perfected

Hall 21

Stand 102

Tompson Li

Chairman and Founder, TCL

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