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Anthony Wood

Founder and CEO, Roku



Roku’s founder and CEO, Anthony Wood, sets out

a vision for the future of TV streaming

Roku pioneered streaming to TV, by connecting users to

the streaming content they love. We started by asking

last Saturday’s IFA keynoter Anthony Wood whether the

way people watch TV is changing, and how the business

is helping consumers get what they want.

Over the last decade, consumers

have increasingly moved from

watching live linear TV to

streaming. We believe that all

TV will be streamed because it’s

a better way to watch TV. With

streaming, consumers can access

a vast amount of content from

around the globe, from many

competing publishers, free or paid,

on their own schedule.

How is the transition in the TV

ecosystem affecting hardware


The transition to streaming and

with that open TV platforms is

disrupting TV manufacturers. This

shift creates new winners. For

example, the rise of smartphones

resulted in many changes,

including market leadership and

the move away from proprietary

software to licensed open software

platforms. Similarly, with smart

TVs, it is difficult for hardware

manufacturers to keep up with

the immensely fast pace in which

the TV streaming ecosystem is

changing. New streaming services

are launching all the time. TV

software needs updating multiple

times a year as the TV user

experience continues to evolve.

Where does the company name

come from, and what are you

doing in terms of global branding?

Roku means six in Japanese

as it is the sixth company that

I founded. Roku devices are

currently available in 20+

countries around the world

though most of our business

today is in the US. Streaming is

a huge global opportunity with

one billion broadband households

worldwide. Our brand is built on

our reputation for producing the

best streaming devices which

creates happy customers who tell

their friends.

Can you tell us a little about the

background to your company?

I founded the company in 2002

and our headquarters is in Silicon

Valley. In Europe, we have offices in

the UK, Netherlands and Denmark.

We pioneered streaming to TV and

launched our first streaming player

in 2008, the first device to stream

Netflix to TV.

Who are you working with

primarily in Europe?

In Europe our streaming players

are available today in the UK,

Ireland and France, from most

major retailers. We also work

with operators, who license use

of our TV streaming platform to

deliver streaming services to their

customers. Sky offers streaming

video using a Roku player in the

UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria,

Spain and Italy.

You are powering a lot of smart

TVs in the US… what is the plan for

global rollout?

We have made amazing progress

over the last few years. We

launched the Roku TV programme

in the autumn of 2014. In the first

half of this year, we estimate that

more than one-in-three smart TVs

sold in the US is powered by the

Roku operating system. At IFA

we are announcing that Roku TV

models will be available for TV

makers outside of North America,

with the first country being

the UK. Hisense is our first TV

manufacturing partner in the UK

and is expected to launch Hisense

Roku TV models before the end of

the year

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