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Martijn Smelt

CMO, Philips TV & Audio Europe



High end products with cutting edge design star

at IFA Berlin

Amsterdam-based TP Vision oversees

the Philips Audio brand globally. It

is planning to take the brand and

its products to the next level, as it

has done with the Philips TV Brand

in recent years. In this exclusive

interview, Martijn Smelt, CMO Philips

TV & Audio Europe, provides insights

into the company’s goals.

What new audio products is Philips launching at

IFA Berlin?

We are very excited about the new Philips Audio

products we are launching at IFA this year. For

example, we are introducing the new PH805

headphone – which brings high performance

and features plus build quality to the mid-priced

sector of the over-ear, Bluetooth, wireless Active

Noise Cancellation market.

We are also offering a series of mid-range Philips

Sound bars that will perfectly pair with our

Performance Series TVs. And we are presenting

the Philips & Georg Jensen collection. Following

the success of our collaboration in 2018, we are

delighted to extend this partnership and launch a

stunning collection of luxury audio products and

accessories to complement the lifestyle of stylish


How do you see the home audio market


The Audio market is extremely dynamic with

lots of propositions launched at all times. It’s

important to follow trends - but also be true to the

Philips Audio story and positioning to avoid to get

lost in all the noise. As we’ve done with Philips

TV, we want to deliver high end quality products

without neglecting the mid-range products. There

is an appetite for Hi Resolution Headphones and

the PH 805, which provide the best audio quality

for outdoors and the on-the-go life.

People appreciate more and more the quality

of what they are listening to. That’s why we are

working on high end products to be launched

in early 2020. In the meantime, we offer great

audio quality with products such as True wireless

headphones (Philips SHB 2515) and noise

cancellation (PH 805).

We also see a desire for ‘good looking’ products

such as Bluetooth speakers. Consumers want

speakers that look as good as they sound. Our

European Design promise responds to that - and

so does our Philips & Georg Jensen collection.

But this just the beginning. We will continue to

monitor audio trends, working with our R&D and

Design teams to create beautiful, high performing


What has been the reaction to your partnership

with Bowers and Wilkins?

The partnership between Philips TV and Bowers

& Wilkins has been a huge success. Our OLED+

903 TVs featuring sound by Bowers & Wilkins

have received over 50 Awards in Europe alone.

At IFA this year the two brands have pushed the

boundaries with two new OLED+ models that

will redefine the definition of Premium TV - the

Philips OLED+934 and OLED+984. For now, our

partnership concerns High End products but we

are looking to expand this collaboration.

Can you tell us more about Georg Jensen design

audio products?

The Philips & Georg Jensen collection features

the JT600 True Wireless Headphones, the JS20

compact Bluetooth audio speaker, JS50 home

Bluetooth audio speaker and the JP10 Power

Bank. Inspired by Georg Jensen’s famous ‘slate

blue’ high-polished steel design, the items within

this stunning collection have been crafted using

real materials, such as metal, premium Kvadrat

cloth and Muirhead brown leather, ensuring a

robust and stylish finish

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