IFA iNternational 2019 DAY 4 Edition










Tokyo startup

Y u k a i



in lifestyle

robotics, and

its stand in


Innovation Hall is

proving popular thanks

to Qoobo – a furry robot cushion

with a wagging tail. “It is designed

for people who can’t have pets,

because of allergies or their

accommodation restrictions,”

said Yutaka Mizuochi, Designer,

Yukai Engineering. “Depending

on how you stroke it, the tail will

wag in different ways,” he said,

Qoobo: tail-wagging robotic cushion


claiming that Qoobo

“heals your heart.”

Yukai’s application

of robotic tech

has other


too: an IoT

home hub

device called

Bocco is a small

robot which can alert you when

someone opens the front door

as well as relaying messages

between connected family

members. A prototype of the

latest evolution - Bocco Emo - is

also on display at IFA NEXT, with

its upgraded AI able to react with

emojis to incoming messages

and a richer communication

experience aimed at expanding

usage into the business market

Hall 26

Stand 210

Ukrainian startup

Copra has had a long

journey to market

with its unusual

audio product since

conceiving it in

2003, but that time is

fleeting compared to the

“millions of years of evolution”

the company observes is behind

the USP of its speakers: coconut

shells. Each speaker is housed in

the fruit by-product, harnessing

the organic strength, thickness,

shape and hardness of the

natural material. This botanical

conceit is also reflected in the

wider product design, offering a

changeable acoustic system to

suit the user’s personal needs

with four ranges and eight

amplifiers, each linked directly

with individual speakers, aiming

for excellent accuracy and

balance of sound

Hall 26

Stand 221

Zac Cheah,

co-founder and CEO of Pundi X




Singaporean startup Pundi X debuts at IFA with a showcase of

next-generation blockchain devices that keep data private and

set cryptocurrencies free

With the goal of “financial inclusion”,

Pundi X was established to innovate

ways for individuals to harness the

value, flexibility and security of

blockchain digital currencies. The

blockchain developer is therefore at

IFA to showcase its new point-of-sale

device, the XPOS, that seamlessly

facilitates transactions with

cryptocurrencies across borders.

“We are enabling merchants to

take cryptocurrency as a payment,”

Peko Wan, Pundi X vice president,

told IFA International. With the

Function X card that accesses a user’s

cryptocurrency assets, people can

paywave daily goods using Bitcoin, for

example. Consumers have the added

peace of mind of transacting via highly

secure blockchain cryptography that

does not reveal the identity of the


The first chain-store merchant to

implement the XPOS is Venezuela’s

largest chain of department

stores, Traki, with the blockchainpowered


transactions providing an antidote

to hyperinflation in the country, Wan


PundiX has also unveiled the BOB

(Blok on Blok) blockchain smartphone

at IFA. The first mobile device in

which all data is sent and received via

the Function X blockchain ecosystem,

the smartphone does not surrender

any data to central service providers

that keep and sell-on users’ data. The

phones are also designed to be built

and modified by the user depending

on their needs and preferences and

can also be easily updated.

“BOB marks a big step forward in

our mission of creating a Blockchain

internet, a fully decentralised

network where every piece of data

shared is under the owner’s control,”

co-founder and CEO of Pundi X, Zac

Cheah, said

Hall 24

Stand 200-01

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