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Damien Challenger, MD, Nexus Education

Why write articles and blog?

One question I get asked a lot by teachers across the UK when they first hear about Nexus Education is, “why should I

blog?” Well, I think that the answer for each individual is, and should be, different. However having now spoken to hundreds of

teachers, and published plenty of blogs, here are four reasons why you should consider blogging:

1. Blogging is easy! In fact the hardest part about blogging is setting it up and gaining an audience (both of which writing for

Nexus Education already provides for you). If you are able to write emails then you are able to write a blog.

2. You can help fellow teachers. Chances are the topic you are blogging or vlogging on is something many others are

experiencing in their classrooms and schools. Words are very powerful and your blog has every chance of making a definite,

positive impact on someone’s life. Whether it is a teacher struggling with their workload and looking for tips to help, or a NQT

nervous about their first post – make no mistake, blogs can change people’s jobs and lives!

3. Connect with people like you. Blogging brings people with similar interests together. In this age of social media, networking

and CPD it is fantastic to talk about what you are doing well (and what you’re not). It can be daunting opening up your thoughts

and feelings to strangers but the cathartic benefits far outweigh any anxiety you may have on how people may react to your

piece. There is nothing like having an obscure ‘out of the box’ idea and then meet someone with the same mindset – you never

know what fantastic opportunities may arise!

4. Developing your professional profile. Blogging can open many doors and lead to opportunities you can’t even imagine.

There are so many stories out there of teachers who started blogging as a side project, and then realised they had a passion for

imparting their ideas to others (hey, isn’t that the essence of teaching?) Teachers have created businesses, started charities and

transformed countless classrooms via sharing their ideas with others. Blogging offers you a chance to get your ideas out there

and, perhaps most importantly, MAKE A DIFFERENCE. To get started and get your blog out there, or if you just want some

advice on where to start, contact Nexus Education now by emailing:

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