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Controllable Vehicle Project

The hall was set with table and chairs for 60 children and all the

necessary materials and equipment the pupils would need to

make their controllable vehicles. 1 iPad was given to 4 children

to access the controllable vehicle guide.

The use of digital technology to support the children’s

learning was a huge success and really helped to make it an

outstanding learning experience for the children, despite the

challenging nature of the topic.

Creative use of technology across the curriculum

I will now cover how I continued this creative project after

designing and making a controllable vehicle – utilising the

power of technology and how to incorporate an integrated

approach to learning involving other curriculum subjects,

whilst keeping the learning meaningful. This culminated in

an exciting Car Show to parents!

The projects included:

1. Using a spreadsheet to consider costings for their project,

including number of parts and hire of equipment per hour.

After a brief introduction concerning safety; protecting the iPad

from saws, glue etc, how to access the digital guide and having

been shown an example of a finished product, the children were

raring to go!

Benefits of this approach:

• Access to the digital guides made the pupils secure and

confident to try and retry things. By having constant access to

instructions in video and text it opened the door to more

advanced thinking and problem solving. For example, some

children wanted an on/off switch on the side and others

investigated the use of extra batteries.

• Pupils were encouraged throughout that failing was part of the

learning process and they should be prepared to try and learn

from any mistakes and improve next time. The headteachers

commented that, “there was an incredible working atmosphere!”

• Teamwork and communication was a real focus. This project

gave the freedom to think creatively and critically. A huge

majority were producing work of a superior quality compared to

previous attempts in earlier years.

2. Planning a car advert using a storyboard.

Watch a selection of car adverts (these could be found on

Vimeo or YouTube). Focus on the camera angles, mood and

the language used to persuade audiences.

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