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Art of Persuasion


Phil Garner



There are good leaders who

actively guide and bad

leaders who actively

misguide. Hence, leadership

is about persuasion,

presentation and people


- Shiv Khera

The best school leaders are confident communicators and

storytellers. They are great persuaders and brilliant listeners. They

are particularly adept at ‘telling the story of their school’ to diverse

audiences in a variety of situations. They are great motivators and

usually manage to get people to ‘do things’, ‘put themselves out’

and ‘go the extra mile’. A particular strength of the Persuasive

Leader is that of treating colleagues with respect and realising that

they are a most valuable resource.

The old adage ‘People are

your most important asset’

turns out to be wrong… The

right people are.

- Collins J, (2001), Good To

Great, Harper Collins

The persuasive style of leadership embraces participation,

collaboration and delegation in addition to persuasion but the

persuasive element is at the root of the decision-making process

since there is always more than one person that needs to agree on

the final answer to the posed question or challenge. How is it that

some people are so incredibly persuasive? Persuasion is not about

manipulation but it is about getting people to do something that is

either in their own best interests or for the common good.

To be a persuasive leader you must not only make a

rational argument but also frame your ideas, approaches

and solutions in ways that appeal to the diverse groups

that make up your staff, students, governors and / or



Consider your position from every angle and


Be meticulous when planning presentations and


Invite discussion, debate, criticism, feedback and


Test and revise ideas to reflect the specific audience’s

concerns, needs and suggestions

Effecting change is perhaps one of the most challenging

endeavours in which to engage but it is absolutely vital for

growth and development. School leaders must have the

necessary skills to both persuade and inspire •

The triumph of

persuasion over force is

the sign of a civilised


- Mark Skousen

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