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International Education

A Global Perspective

Phil Garner

Head of International Partnerships

Independent Schools Portal

Education is the most

powerful weapon

which you can use to

change the world

- Nelson Mandela

With increasing moves towards political

nationalism and ‘protecting our borders’, it

is essential that educationalists continue to

embrace and advocate a global


According to ISC Research the number of

British medium, international schools is set to

continue to rise at about 6% per year for the

foreseeable future and the actual number of

schools to increase from 10000 to over

20000 in the next decade. Teacher supply in

British International Schools, as well as our

own domestic schools, is going to be a major

challenge in the coming years. ISC Research

estimates that these, and similar schools, will

have a global workforce of nearly half a

million and the schools will produce revenue

in excess of US$49 billion. COBIS (Council of

British International Schools) has announced

a number of partnerships with international

providers of Initial Teacher Training with a

view to encouraging more schools to ‘grow

their own’ and ease future staffing demands.

Schools will need to play a more significant

role in teacher training and they will need to

provide more comprehensive programmes of

induction, mentoring, coaching, professional

development and InSeT.

This market will provide significant opportunities for

providers of recruitment services, teaching resources and

professional development.

The biggest increase in private education would appear to

be in the ‘low cost’ provision in areas such as India and

Nigeria where there have been significant increases in the

number of educational providers. According to the

Hindustan Times, private schools in India have gained 17

million students in the last 5 years with government-funded

schools seeing their enrolment fall by 13 million during the

same period. Fewer than 1 in 5 of elementary school

teachers in India are trained. Low fee private schools have

been sprouting up across the country and this trend is

continued in other countries, such as Nigeria, where

research has shown that in Lagos State 70% of children are

educated in private schools with the census from 2010

counting 12098 private schools with 1.4 miliion children in

that state alone. There are now estimated to be over 16000

private schools in Lagos State amd most will be defined as


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