innovatED Magazine - Issue 3 - Autumn 2019


A lively mix of news, articles, opinion, research, insight and regulatory updates. We take a global perspective and bring the latest developments and outstanding practice from across the world and across different sectors to enable educators to deliver the very best for their pupils. Produced by an experienced and knowledgeable teaching and school leadership team, innovatED is a termly must-read for all staff rooms.

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Encouraging risk taking and resilience

Academic and emotional resilience and risk-taking are inextricably

linked to a growth mindset. By nurturing these traits, children are

more likely to become lifelong learners and be happier when they

become adults. Julie Keyes.

The art of persuasion

Persuasion is not about manipulation, it is about getting people to do

something that is either in their own best interests or for the

common good. Phil Garner.

The school as a business

Tom Packer discusses how understanding where the money is

going is critical to school success and how budgeting is the great

enabler in education.

Why we start with why

Cath Bufton-Green reflects on how you should consider framing

your 'vision, values and strategy'.

A global perspective

The number of British international schools is set to double to 20,000

over the next decade. This is going to present unprecedented

challenges and opportunities argues Phil Garner.

How to use metacognition in the classroom

Metacognition adds an average of 7 months additional progress and

is one of the cheapest strategies based on a strong body of

research. But what actually is it? And most importantly, how can we

help students develop it? Bradley Busch and Edward Watson.

Into the unknown: How an outdoor adventure

could transform your pupils outlook.

Gavin Sinnott of St. Hugh's School in Lincolnshire gives a first hand

account of the benefits of working with the Outward Bound Trust.

The brain’s favourite way of learning

Do educators too easily overlook the benefits of learning through

play in favour of more formal approaches? Zaib Unisa makes the


The Last Word: Malaise in education

Tom Packer indulges in a hilarious, subversive, rip-roaring take

down of the culture of acronyms in education!




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