2018 Business Hall of Fame

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A Message from the Honorary Chairman

It is my honor to serve as chairman for this year’s Junior

Achievement, Business Hall of Fame Laureate Induction

Dinner. Thank you for joining me in recognizing the 2018

JA Laureates: William H. Broyles, II, Scott P. Sealy, Sr. and

Craig C. Spohn. Your presence here tonight honors our new

Laureates as well as our community’s outstanding Junior

Achievement program.

Junior Achievement provides a crucial service educating the

youth of our community in the areas of financial literacy, work

readiness and entrepreneurship. JA is located in 117 nations

throughout the world and is the largest organization dedicated

to giving young people the knowledge and skills they need to

plan for their futures and make smart academic and economic


Studies show that most parents do not feel qualified to talk to

their children about money and many are unable to help them

prepare for the world of work. In a world where our financial

lives are becoming more complicated and opportunities to

George D. Nelson, Jr.,

2012 JA Laureate

spend money far outweigh information on managing it; this organization is bridging a

critical educational gap. Our corporate and community volunteers deliver relevant, handson

experience—lessons that connect real life business with education. Students who are

the beneficiaries of the JA program are equipped with the tools they need to change their

dreams into reality and aspire to become successful citizens in the 21st century workforce.

With the support of JA Laureates, business leaders, and friends, tonight’s Laureate

Induction Dinner will provide 20% of the annual program budget—clearly a tremendous

return on investment. Thank you again for your generosity and your steadfast commitment

to today’s youth and our community’s future. You are changing lives!

Volunteer now!




RSVP to paige.granberry@janla.org


A WORK-READINESS November Student & Mentor 29 | 10:45am Lunch Experience INITIATIVE

- 1:45pm



Volunteer now! | RSVP to paige.granberry@janla.org

NOVEMBER 16 10:45am - 1:45pm

November 29 | 10:45am - 1:45pm




Executive Committee

Josh O. Clayton, Chairman

Keith Burton, Vice-Chairman

Victoria Cunningham., Secretary

David L. Watters, Treasurer M

Lyle H. Jeansonne, Immediate Past Chair

Joshua O. Clayton Law

Caddo Parish Schools

north Caddo Medical Center

morris & Dickson Co, LLC

Citizen’s National Bank

Board of Directors

Jerry Edwards

Blanchard Walker

O’Quinn & Roberts

Dr. Gayle Flowers

Bossier Parish

Community College

Hardy D. Foreman

Carr, Riggs, & Ingram

Julie Gilley


Dr. T. Lamar Goree

Caddo Parish Schools

Donald R. Howard

Southern University

Joey Hinderberger

KPMG llp

Emma Jordan

Bossier Parish Schools

Chad Kelly

Sam’s Wholesale Bossier

Ken Krueger

Community Volunteer

Jeffrey Leblanc

Querbes & Nelson

Dany L. Martin

Williams Financial

Advisors, llc

Dr.. Nancy S. Miller

LSU Shreveport

Scott Smith

Bossier Parish Schools

William Street

Rosestone Financial Group/


Erik S. Vigen

The Broyles Group

Nita H. Cook



Volunteer of the Year: Vonte Brisker, Capital One

New Volunteer Award

Blair Martins, BAFB

Volunteer Recruiter Award

Dr, Tuesday Mahoney, SUSLA

JA Liaison Award

Lindsay Farrington, LSUHSC

School of Allied Health

Community Spirit Awards

Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program



Centenary College

Barksdale Airforce Base

Trent Millican, RBI

David Allen

JA Volunteer Committee

JA Hero Award

Alexander Phillips, Barksdale Airforce Base

Austin Wiseman, Keller Williams Realty

New Volunteer Group Award

BAFB Executive Council

Outstanding Volunteer Awards

SUSLARegions Bank

Corporate Volunteer Heroes

LSU Health Science Center

School of Allied Health

A Message from the Chairman of the Board

Tonight’s event is Junior Achievement’s major fundraiser that

helps to provide area students lessons in financial literacy, workreadiness

and entrepreneurship. On behalf of JA and our Board

of Directors, I thank you for attending tonight’s fundraiser and

investing in Junior Achievement’s mission. First, I would like to

congratulate our 2018 JA Laureates, William H. Broyles, II, Scott

P. Sealy, Jr., and Craig C. Spohn and thank them for their support

to ensure the continued growth of Junior Achievement programs

in our community. I also want to thank the JA Board of Directors

and all of the Junior Achievement Laureates for their continued

investment in JA. As you know, an investment is different than a

gift—when you invest, you expect a return. I would like to share a

quick report concerning your return on investment regarding

JA’s performance last year.

Josh O. Clayton

During the 2017-18 academic year, JA engaged over 500 volunteers

who taught 9,177 students, totaling 48,920 student contact hours

in 394 classrooms, plus seven educational events hosted by

Junior Achievement. For the past 5 years, JA of North Louisiana

has remained in the top third of national performers, receiving

recognition from Junior Achievement USA as a 5 STAR Award

recipient. We can all be proud of our community for helping Junior

Achievement of North Louisiana be among the best JA programs

in the nation. Thank you to those who have continued to invest

in JA’s mission to empower young people to own their economic


I also want to commend our director, Nita Cook. Under her

leadership, the services provided by this organization have had

significant annual increases. Through innovative partnerships

with business leaders and organizations, JA mentors will continue

to inspire more young people to set goals for a successful

future! Thank you again and congratulations to our 2018 Junior

Achievement Business Hall of Fame Laureates!

2018 JA Laureate Campaign


William G. Anderson, 2012

Linda M. Biernacki, 2013

Sarah D. Collier, 2017

Laura P. Crawford, 2015

Rand H. Falbaum, 2007

Robert W. FitzGerald, 2015

George P. Fritze, 2000

Grady C. Golden, 2014

Jon Qvistgaard=Petersen, 2016

W. Clinton Rasberry, Jr. 2007

Thomas J. Williams, 2008

Lacy H. Williams, M.D., 2013

Richard H. Wright, 2017

Up to $1,000

Joe n. aVerett, Jr., 2008

roBert P. Bowman, 2015

e.r. “Bo” CamPBell, 2003

James d. gosslee, 2016

harry e. mCinnis, Jr., 2010

george e. mCinnis, 2004

steVen C. walKer, 2006 C.

Cody white, Jr., 2006


2018 STATS




students served












Student Pitch Competition

2017-18 MARCH TYCIC 9, Winners 2018


Westin Allen & Dylan Cornell | Northwood High School

Mackenzie Watts & Preston Emerson | Northwood High School

Co’Niya Butler | Captain Shreveport

2016-17 Winners

Rachel Moffett | Captain Shreve

Sebastian Cranford | North Caddo

Iulia Tertilova | Southwood

MARCH 8, 2019

For ticket & sponsorship information - nita.cook@ja.org

2018 Junior Achievement


George D. Nelson, Jr. 2012 JA Laureate & Honorary Chairman

William G. Anderson, 2012

Roy Griggs, 2007 W. Clinton Rasberry, Jr., 2007

Joe N. Averett, Jr., 2008 Robert INVOCATION

B. Hamm, 2008 Phillip A. Rozeman, M.D., 2011

Charles E. Meehan 2009

Harold R. Bicknell, M.D., 2002 Edward N. Henderson, 2009 Scott P. Sealy, Sr. 2018

Linda M. Biernacki, 2013 SPECIAL James B. RECOGNITIONS

Henderson, Aaron Selber, Jr., 2001

Josh Clayton, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Robert P. Bowman, 2015

D.Mgt., 2013

Virginia K. Shehee, 1995

Nita H. Cook, Junior Achievement, President|Executive Director

L. R. Brammer, Jr., 1998 Donald E. Jones, 2001

Albert Sklar, 1994

Wallace H. Brown, M.D., 1996 Gregory PROGRAM I.L. Kallenberg, HOST 2016 Ivan I. Smith, Jr., 2005

Sonja Bailes, Public Relations Liaison

B. Wayne Brown, 2017 Norman V. Kinsey, 2000 Craig C. Spohn, 2018

William H. Broyles, II, 2018 Charles D. SPEAKER Knight, M.D., 1999 Thomas E. Stagg, Jr., 1998

E. R. “Bo” Campbell II, 2003 Iulia Tertilova, Donald G. Centenary Mack, Sr., College M.D., 2003 of Louisiana Mike Stanberry, 2014

International Scholarship Recipient

Sarah D. Collier, 2017 Vincent J. Marsala, Ph.D., 2003 H. E. “Bud” Storer, 2011

Laura P. Crawford, 2015 JA John NLA C. and McDonald, Brees Dream M.D., Foundation 2004 Hal Sutton, 1999

James E. Davison, Jr., Trust 1997 Your Crazy George Ideas E. McInnis, Challenge, 2004 Pitch Champion J. Dudley Talbot, M.D., 2000

John W. Dean, 2010

John J. Doles, Jr., 2018 1999 JA LAUREATE Willis L. Meadows, INDUCTION Jr., 2001CEREMONY

Ollie S. Tyler, 2006

James K. Elrod, 1997

Rand H. Falbaum, 2007

Robert W. FitzGerald, 2015

John A. Franks, 1994

James N. Fritze, 2000

George P. Fritze, 2009

Chris P. Gabriel, 2010

Harry E. McInnis, Jr., 2010

Charles E. Meehan, 2009


L. Frank Moore, 1997

The Broyles Group

Ike Muslow, M.D., 1998

Anil CRAIG Nanda, C. M.D., SPOHN 2011

Cyber Innovation Center

George D. Nelson, Sr., 1996

George D. Nelson, Jr., 2012


Robert A. Nichols, 2014

Sealy & Company

Harold W. Turner, 2012

Steven C. Walker, 2006

Donald A. Webb, Ph.D., 2004

Donald Weir, Sr., 1995

Nicholas H. Wheless, Jr., 1996

C. Cody White, Jr., 2006

Thomas J. Williams, 2008

Lacy H. Williams, M.D., 2013

J. Peter Gaffney, 2005 Louis C. Pendleton, M.D., 1995 Michael H. Woods, 2005

Grady C. Golden, 2014


Samuel P. Peters,


1994 Richard H. Wright, 2017

Nita H. Cook, Junior Achievement, President|Executive Director

James D. Gosslee, 2016 Jon Qvistgaard=Petersen, 2016 Donald J. Zadeck, 2002

Thank you all for supporting the mission of Junior Achievement; to inspire

and prepare young people to succeed in the 21st century workplace.

Together, we can help students turn I CAN’T, into I CAN!


Craig C. Spohn, 2018

Ed & Laura Crawford

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bowman

Scott P. Sealy, Sr., 2018

Ed & Laura Crawford

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bowman

Mr. and Mrs. John Herzog


H.E. “Bud” Storer, 2011

Martha D. Storer

William H. Broyles, II, 2018

Ellen & Stephen White

Drs. David and Carol Clemons

Ed & Laura Crawford

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bowman

Howard H. Worrell, Jr.

Howard & Louise P. Worrell


Sid Potts Jewelers

John Pickens Clothier

C. F. Biggs

Total Document Solutions

The C.F. Biggs Company has been satisfying

the office systems needs of the Ark-LA-Tex since 1950.

Dedication to customer service and providing

quality products are the keys to our success.

We are a Proud Supporter of

the Junior Achievement

of North Louisiana!

Authorized Dealer:

Raffle Tickets $10.00

14kt rose gold white topaz

and white sapphire pendant

on a rose gold diamond cut cable

chain measuring 16”

Valued at $875

Gift Card

Valued at $300

One hour photo session

Valued at $165

Proceeds from this raffle will support

JA Spark Entrepreneur + Innovation Challenge

JA is guided by our core values:

• Belief in the boundless potential of young


• Commitment to the principles of

market-based economics and entrepreneurship

• Passion for what we do and honesty, integrity, and excellence in

how we do it

• Respect for the talents, creativity, perspectives, and backgrounds

of all individuals

• Belief in the power of partnership and collaboration

• Conviction in the educational and motivational impact of relevant,

hands-on learning

Volunteer Today!




William H. Broyles, II, was born on November 24, 1953,

in Leesville, Louisiana. He graduated from Leesville

High School in 1971 and enrolled in Centenary College.

He also attended Southern Methodist University in

Dallas as well as LSU in Baton Rouge. He received his

Bachelor of Science from Centenary College, where he

served as president of the Epsilon chapter of Kappa

Sigma fraternity. He later received his Masters from the

Owen Business School of Vanderbilt University.

Mr. Broyles began his career in the hospitality business,

serving as general manager of a hotel and golf course.

He then moved into real estate development and was

primarily involved in developing single family lots and

residences in the Shreveport market. His real estate

experience led him to purchasing and managing multifamily

complexes and strip shopping centers.

William H. Broyles

In 1997, he and a group of investors purchased Pelstate Oil Company, a chain of 30

convenience stores. This business was expanded into fuel distribution and bulk fueling

beginning with farms and construction sites in northwest Louisiana. Pelstate then became

involved in the oil field, primarily providing fuel for oil rigs, service yards, and pressure

pumping operations. Pelstate is active throughout the major oil and gas fields in the

south and southwest of the country.

Mr. Broyles later purchased a third party logistics and warehousing company, Monroe

Warehouse Company, with facilities in Louisiana and Arkansas. Monroe Warehouse

Company specializes in supply chain management and primarily serves the paper and

packaging industry with distribution throughout the nation. The finished products range

from beer and soft drink cartons to tissue, cereal and candy boxes. Mr. Broyles owned and

operated a tire retreading company serving over the road transportation companies with

national operations and has ownership interest in various other businesses.

Civically, Mr. Broyles has been involved with various non-profit boards. He was on the

board of the YMCA where he was part of a small group instrumental in building the BHP

Billiton YMCA located in east Shreveport. He has also served on the Board of Trustees

for Centenary College, the board of the Norwela Council of the Boy Scouts of America,

the Committee of 100, and several non-profits located in the mountains of western North

Carolina, where he spends most summers.

Mr. Broyles was also active in coaching both basketball and baseball for his children’s

team. He served as president of the Shreveport Futbol Club and several social clubs in

Shreveport. He is also active in multiple Bible study groups and attends First Presbyterian

Church with his wife, Nancy.

Mr. and Mrs. Broyles have been married for 38 years and have been blessed with four

children: Will Broyles, Jim Broyles, Becky Broyles and Ginny Lamb.

Thank you



for your commitment to





Craig Spohn was born at Randolph Air Force Base in

San Antonio, Texas, to a Master Sargent in the United

States Air Force and his wife. The family, including

Craig’s two older sisters, then moved to Bossier City in a

home close to Barksdale Air Force Base. Craig graduated

from Parkway High School in 1979 and went on to earn

a degree in finance from Louisiana State University in

Shreveport in 1987.

Due to a lack of jobs in the Shreveport-Bossier City

area, Craig continued in the oil field until he was offered

a position as an accounts payable clerk at Science

Applications International Corporation (SAIC). Moving

up the corporate ladder, Craig and his family moved

frequently to places such as Atlanta, Georgia; Fairfax, Craig Spohn

Virginia; and Knoxville, Tennessee. The family stayed

the longest, six years, in Saudi Arabia, where Craig

served as Vice President of Middle East Operations and

General Manager of the SAIC joint venture with a prince of the Saudi royal family. After

deciding it was time to move back to the United States, Craig, his wife Stacy, and their

children returned home to Shreveport-Bossier City.

With his background in technology, Craig helped set up a local company’s technology

division. He also volunteered to serve on community boards. One board focused on a

community response to the United States Air Force’s cyber needs. This culminated in

the creation of what is now the Cyber Innovation Center, which Craig was asked to lead.

As Executive Director of the Cyber Innovation Center for the last eleven years, Craig has

helped facilitate economic growth both in the local region and across the country, creating

thousands of jobs for the region, and provided a solution to educational and workforce

needs in the budding cyber industry through the creation of the National Integrated Cyber

Education Research Center (NICERC) and other cyber education and training programs.

Craig, through the Cyber Innovation Center, continues to expand the knowledge-based

economy in Northwest Louisiana through partnerships with academic, government, and

industry partners. These unique partnerships seek to develop workforce needs beyond the

cyber industry, supporting Air Force Global Strike Command’s nuclear modernization and

strategic deterrence revitalization.

In 2017, Governor John Bel Edwards appointed Craig as Chairman of the Louisiana Cyber

Commission to coordinate state-wide cyber initiatives. Previously, Craig was appointed

by Governor Bobby Jindal to lead the state-wide higher education transition team. One

of Craig’s most prized accomplishments is the honorary doctorate bestowed upon him by

President Les Guice of Louisiana Tech University.

Craig hopes that these efforts will culminate in a legacy for Louisiana, particularly the

Northwest region, and will allow students and residents to remain in the region and

develop economic diversity for generations.


Scott P. Sealy

The right ingredients for success are

hard work, patience, perseverance,

and integrity - all of which you

have brilliantly combined!

We love you and are proud of you!

Scott P. Sealy, Sr. is Chairman of Sealy & Company,

where he oversees corporate governance, strategic

planning, and platform development. Born and raised in

Shreveport, Scott graduated from Byrd High School and

subsequently attended Southern Methodist University

graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in real estate.

Mr. Sealy’s educational pursuits were heavily influenced

by his father Pollard who demonstrated an unwavering

commitment to integrity, education, and loyalty.

After graduating from SMU, Mr. Sealy joined the family

company in 1968 with a total of 4 employees and a $20

million portfolio in one market. Since that time, he has

significantly expanded the company’s platform to 100±

employees, seven offices, 15 markets, and a current

portfolio of over $1.3 billion. Under his leadership, Sealy

& Company has become a nationally recognized leader

in the real estate industry, particularly with respect to the

acquisition, repositioning, and ground-up development

of industrial facilities in the Southeast and Southwest

United States. Today, Sealy & Company possesses

Scott P. Sealy


Sealy & Company

institutional capacity in investments, banking, technology, and real estate services.

In addition to his extensive real estate investment and management activities, Mr. Sealy

is a venture capitalist and advisor for a number of insurance, oil and gas, and technology

businesses seeking enterprise expansion and increased profitability. Giving back to his

community, industry, and service to others are Scott’s core tenets. Among Mr. Sealy’s

many achievements, the most rewarding is his active role as a mentor and advocate. His

current and past management, volunteer, and advisory positions include:

• Member of the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors, serving as Chapter

President, member of the National Board of Directors, and member of its Strategic

Planning Committee;

• Vice President of Economic Development and Chairman of Greater Shreveport

Economic Development Foundation, through the Greater Shreveport Chamber of

Commerce, for nine years;

• Independent Board Member Cole Retail Trust III & IV also serving as chair of the

Corporate Governance Committee and Member of Compensation Committee of Cole

Real Estate Investments, Inc. a member of the NYSE;

• Chairman of Praeses Corporation, a telecommunications management and software

development company - Shreveport, Louisiana;

• Venture capital placement advisor for Parata, one of the largest automated

prescription fulfillment companies in the United States; Parata is in a joint venture

with McKesson Corporation - San Francisco, California;

• Board of Directors of Louisiana Companies, one of the region’s largest privately

held brokerage and risk strategy firms – Baton Rouge, Louisiana;

• Advisory Board Member, Baylor Health Care System Foundation and the Center for


Scott and his wife Diane have been married for 50 years and have four children Amy, Lisa,

Scott Jr, and Michael who have given them the blessing of 8 remarkable grandchildren.

In addition to business and spending time with his family, Scott enjoys traveling and is an

avid outdoorsman.

We proudly support the mission of

Junior Achievement

Corporate Offices - Benton, LA

Owned by Sarah & Mike Collier

2018-2019 INVESTORS

JA Heritage Society

Those who have include Junior

Achievement in their Estate

Plans and/or have established an

Endowment to sustain the mission.

The Alta and John Franks


Junior Achievement USA

Free Enterprise Society

President’s Level $25,000+

Ms. Alta Franks


Dr. Lacy & Edie Williams

Sarah D. Collier

Linda M. Biernacki


Joshua O. Clayton

Dr. Phillip A. & Alma Rozeman

Scott P. Sealy

Mark P. Sealy

B. Wayne Brown

William H. Broyles, II

Drs. David J. & Carol S. Clemons

Hardy P. Foreman*

Glenn V. & Ellen Kinsey

David & Kristen Watters*

Bill & Wavely Cunningham*

C. Cody White, Jr.

Michael H. Woods

Erik S. Vigen*


Harry E. McInnis, Jr.

Nita H. Cook*

Victoria Cunningham*

Jeff LeBlanc*

William Street*

Jerry Edwards


Melanie Johnson*

Jack Carlisle

Laura P. & Edward J. Crawford,


Rand H. Falbaum

Robert W. Fitzgerald

Julie Gilley

Dr. Bruce & Betty Henderson

Daniel & Lola Herndon

Donald Jones

William Long

Ike Muslow, MD

Martha D. Storer


Charles E. Sr. Brown

Louise Worrell

Dr. Grace E. Bareikis

Chase & Susanne Crump

James Gosslee

Dr. & Mrs. Ryan Bicknell, Jr.

William H. Broyles, III

John R. Herzog

Gregg Lott

John W. Luster

Joseph McCulloch, MD

Charles F. Sale, MD

Scott P. Sealy

Dr. Stephen & Ellen White

SUPPORTERS - Up to $100

Grady C. Golden

Kenneth & Kathleen Krueger

Kirk D. Thomas

Scott & Lisa McCloud

George P. Fritze

Chris Gabriel

Lois Scheib

Mike Stanberry

Thomas J Williams

Keith Burton

Carrie Hough

*JA Game Changer (recurring investor)


Junior Achievement

Free Enterprise Society

Legacy Members

$100,000+ Over a Lifetime

The Alta and John Franks


The Community Foundation

of North Louisiana

Willis Knighton Health Systems

The Grayson Foundation, Inc.

Noel Foundation

Visionary Society $20,000+

The Alta & John Franks


Capital One

Brees Dream Foundation


Community Foundation

of North Louisiana

Junior Achievement

Permanent Endowment*

Rand Falbaum Advised Fund*

Nell Querbes Memorial Fund*

CFNLA Competitive Grant*

Give For Good*

Empowerment Society $10,000+

Caddo Parish School Board

Sealy & Company

Major Investors $5,000+

United Way of Northwest Louisiana

The Broyles Group

Bossier Parish Schools

Powers Foundation Inc.

Investors $2,000+

AEP Swepco

Broadmoor Consulting LLC

Cyber Innovation Center

Fire Tech Systems

Senior Partners $1,000+

Bossier Parish Schools

BPCC Foundation Inc

Brown Builders Inc.

Caddo Parish School Board

Carr, Riggs & Ingram LLC

Eagle Distributing

of Shreveport, Inc.


Mike McSwain Architect LLC

Powers Foundation Inc.

Querbes & Nelson

Red River Bank

Rosestone Financial Group

The Clayton Firm, LLC -

Joshua O. Clayton

Volunteers of America

Williams Financial

Advisors LLC


Bundero Investment

Company Inc.

McInnis Brothers Construction

J.B. Atkins Foundation

Entrepreneurs $250+

Griggs Enterprise Inc.

Merritt B. Chastain, A

Professional Law Corporation

Shareholders 100+

McElroy Metal

Supporters - Up to $100

Network for Good

Regions Bank

Citizens National Bank

Shreveport Memorial Library

*Advised Funds of the

Community Foundation of

North Louisiana


JA Free Enterprise Society

Legacy members

$100,000+ over a lifetime

The Alta and John Franks Foundation

Community Foundation of

North Louisiana

Willis Knighton Health Systems

Grayson Foundation, Inc.

Noel Foundation Inc.

Visionary Leadership Society $20,000+

The Alta and John Franks Foundation

Capital One

Collier Investments, Inc.

The Noel Foundation Inc.

Grayson Foundation, Inc.

Brees Dream Foundation


Community Foundation of

North Louisiana*

Junior Achievement

Permanent Endowment*

Rand Falbaum Advised Fund*

Nell Querbes Memorial Fund*

Competitive Grant*

Give For Good*

Empowerment Society $10,000+

Caddo Parish School Board

State Farm Insurance Company

Major Investors $5,000+

United Way of Northwest Louisiana

Marlin Exploration

Bossier Parish Schools

Brown Builders, Inc.

Fire Tech Systems, Inc.

Powers Foundation Inc.

Investors $2,000+

Brown-Daniel Family, LLC


Shreveport Rotary Club

Biomedical Research Foundation

of NW LA

Manpower International, Inc.

BFT Development, LLC

H.E. Storer Foundation

Senior Partners $1,000+


AEP Swepco

Bundero Investment Company, Inc.

Red River Bank

Builder’s Supply Company, Inc.

Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC

Merritt B. Chastain, A Professional Law


Citizens National Bank

First United Methodist Church

Heard, McElroy & Vestal


Quality Accoustics LLC

Querbes & Nelson

Southern Components, Inc.

Williams Financial Advisors, LLC

Eagle Distributing of Shreveport, Inc.

Highland Commercial Mortgage, Inc.

Jones Brothers Co., Inc.

Optimist Club of Shreveport, Inc

Campbell Family Foundation

American Endowment Foundation

Partners $500+

American Tile & Marble

United Tile Company, Inc.

Williams Creative Group, Inc.


Thomas & Thomas CPA

Atkins Foundation

Metro Aviation, Inc.

Entrepreneurs $250+

Volunteers of America

Ability Air Conditioning Inc

Griggs Enterprise, Inc.

Louisiana Dealer Services Insurance, Inc.

LSU Health Shreveport

Progressive Bank

Red River Motor Company

Southern University of Shreveport

The Human Resource Dept., Inc.

The Payne Company

Wilhite Electric Co.

Home Federal Bank

Centerpoint Energy

Delinquent Recovery Associates

Head Miller Assoc.

Shareholders 100+

Norwela Council

Benton United Methodist Church

Retail Merchants Association, Inc.

Bobby L. Green Plumbing & Heating

First National Bank of Benton

Brenner Holdings LP

*Advised funds of

The Community Foundation

of North Louisiana


JA Heritage Society

Those who have included

JA in their Estate Plans

and/or have established an

Endowment to sustain the

mission of JA.

The Alta and John Franks


Junior Achievement USA

Free Enterprise Society

President’s Level

Ms. Alta Franks

Dr. Lacy H. and

Edie Williams

Sarah D. Collier

Entrepreneur’s Level


Sherry & Richard Wright

Empowerment Society


Jon Qvistgaard=Petersen

Edie & Lacy H.

Williams, M.D.

William G. Anderson

Major Investors $5,000+

William G. Anderson

Laura & Edward J.

Crawford III

L. Randy Davis

Rand H. Falbaum

Robert W. FitzGerald

George P. Fritze

Grady C. Golden

Clinton W. “Bubba”

Rasberry, Jr.

Jon Qvistgaard= Petersen

Thomas J. Williams

Investors $2,000+

John E. Atkins

Linda M. Biernacki

Merritt B. Chastain

Harry E. McInnis Jr.

Steven & Nancy Walker

Senior Partners $1,000+

Nancy & Steve Walker

Ivan I. Smith, Jr.

Grace E. Bareikis, Ed.D.

Robert W. FitzGerald

George E. McInnis

Kristen & David Watters

Partners $500+

Nita H. Cook

Jerry Edwards

Brad Gosslee

Mrs. Robert Hamm

Lyle Jeansonne

Kathleen & Kenneth


George D. Nelson, Jr.

Roy E. Prestwood

Erik S. Vigen

C. Cody White, Jr.

Entrepreneurs $250+

Dr. Grace Bareikis

Joe Badt

Clarence N. Frierson

Lee Gladden

Renee G. Hall

Donald Jones

Sam Kalmbach

Fred & Melinda Kent

Glenda & Jack Lenox

Dany Martin

William Nolan

Phillip A. & Alma Rozeman

Martha D. Storer

Robert Touchstone

Shareholders $100+

Carol L. Beeman

Charles E. Brown, Sr.

Dr. Greg Brown

Chase & Suzannah Crump

Charlotte Gaffney

Brenda & Robert E. Haley

Gregory I.L. Kallenberg

Amy Kinnaird

Todd Landrum

Jeff LeBlanc

Dr. Joe McCulloch

Mrs. Tom Stagg

Julian C. Whittington

Supporters - Up to $100

Scott Cassingham

Laura Conerly

Victoria Cunningham

Lindsay & Jamie Ferrington

Kathy French

Chris Gabriel

Emery Eck Gentry

Julie Gilley

John Good

Toccara Huckaby

Dr. Sanders Hearne

Cynthia Jeansonne

Feico Kempff

William Long

Greg Lott

Scott & Lisa McCloud

Michael D. Middleton

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Music moves the soul

Opening Night:

Pictures at an Exhibition

Sat., Sep. 22, 7:30 PM

Karen Gomyo, violin

An Evening with Broadway

Star Ashley Brown

Sat., Oct. 27, 7:30 PM

All Beethoven!

Sat., Nov. 17, 7:30 PM

Holiday Pops with

Brian Stokes Mitchell

Sun., Dec. 16, 6 PM

Special Event! The

Music of David Bowie

Sat., Jan. 12, 7:30 PM

Mozart, Bach & Glass

Sat., Feb. 2, 7:30 PM

Simone Dinnerstein, piano

Celebrate the Brass

Sat., Mar. 16, 7:30 PM

Works by Higdon & Elgar

Bach’s St. Matthew


Sun., Apr. 14, 3 PM

Sci-Fi Spectacular

Sat., May 4, 7:30 PM

All concerts are at First Baptist Shreveport, except Dec. 16 & Jan. 12, which are at The Strand Theatre.





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JA Ourselves ®

JA Ourselves uses storybooks and hands-on activities to

introduce the role people play in an economy. Through

engaging, volunteer-led activities, young students learn

about individual choices, the importance of saving and

giving, and the value of work.

JA Our Families ®

JA Our Families explains how family members’

professions contribute to the well-being of the family and

of the community. The program introduces the concept

of needs and wants, explores the ways families plan for

and acquire goods and services, and analyzes their skills

to determine ways they can support their families.

JA Our Community ®

JA Our Community uses posters and games to offer

practical information about businesses and the many jobs

those businesses offer in a community. Students explore

production methods through a simulation game, and

learn about taxes, decision making, and how money flows

in an economy.

“If you are planning for a

year, sow rice; if you are

planning for a decade,

plant trees; if you are

planning for a lifetime,

educate people.”

Chinese Proverb

JA Our City ®

JA Our City introduces students to the characteristics

of cities and how cities are shaped by zoning. Students

learn the importance of money to a city; how financial

institutions help businesses and city residents; and how

the media is an integral part of a city’s life; and the role of

an entrepreneur.

JA Our Region ®

JA Our Region introduces students to entrepreneurship

and how entrepreneurs use resources to produce goods

and services in a region. Students operate a hypothetical

hot dog stand to understand the fundamental tasks of a

business owner and basic operations of the business.

JA Our Nation ®

JA Our Nation provides practical information about the

need for employees who can meet the demands of the 21st

century job market. Students will understand the skills,

especially in science, technology, engineering, and math,

necessary to achieve future success.



JA Global Marketplace ®

JA Global Marketplace takes students on a spin around

the world. Students learn the products they use every

day, like their backpacks and sneakers, might use raw

material from one country, be assembled in another,

and sold from Peking to Chicago. The program helps

students understand how goods flow through various

economies and the effect globalization has on their lives.

JA It’s My Future ®

JA It’s My Future provides practical information about

preparing for the working world. Students learn about

career clusters, high-growth jobs, career planning, and

creating a personal brand. And, through a scavenger

hunt, they are introduced to the basic aspects of job


JA Economics for Success ®

JA Economics for Success gives the students the

information needed to build strong personal finances,

a cornerstone to a happy, secure life. Students learn

the importance of exploring career options based on

their skills, interests, and values. They also learn about

personal budgeting; wisely saving and investing; and

cautiously using credit.

JA Job Shadow

JA Job Shadow prepares students to be entrepreneurial

thinkers in their approach to work. In-class sessions

prepare students for a visit to a college campus.

Students learn how to research academic and career

opportunities and develop the skills needed to land and

keep their dream job.

“Children are the world’s

most valuable resource

and its best hope for the


John F. Kennedy


JA It’s My Business ®

JA It’s My Business! Blended Model provides middle

school students an opportunity to experience the

initial steps necessary to start a business. New

program content provides an authentic entrepreneurial

experience for students, with each session building up

to a product-pitch competition.

JA Personal Finance ®

JA Personal Finance explores the fundamental

elements of personal finances: earnings, savings and

investments, budgeting, credit, risk management, and

giving. Students apply these elements to a personal

financial plan that allows them to set specific goals for

their lifelong financial needs and desired quality of life.

JA Career Success ®

JA Career Success equips students with the knowledge

required to get and keep a job in high-growth

industries. Students will explore the crucial workplace

skills employers seek but often find lacking in young

employees. Students also learn about valuable tools to

find that perfect job, including resumes, cover letters,

and interviewing techniques.

JA Inspires ®

This work-readiness initiative utilizes the JA Job

Shadow in-class curriculum to prepare students for a

visit to a professional workplace environment. Students

will navigate a series of challenges administered by

their hosts. After the site visit, students gather with

community citizens and business leaders for the

JA Inspires: Student & Mentor Lunch. Following

an exercise in introductions and shaking hands as

well as business etiquette, roundtable discussions

teach students to use critical thinking, creativity,

communication, and collaboration skills to complete

worksheets with their mentors. They explore needs and

wants, ethics in business, and interview skills. Students

leave with a clearer understanding of resume building

and an increased understanding of the importance of

staying in school.

“Entrepreneurship is

the way we take

control of our lives in a

tough economy.”

Lori Greiner












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