Nor'West News: September 17, 2019

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Connecting Your Community



lunch at

Belfast School

Success for

St Andrew’s

at tournament


Sam MacDonald

For Council

Waimairi Ward

Page 6 Pages 8 & 9

Authorised by Sam MacDonald

237B Maidstone Rd, Avonhead, Christchurch

Russley pupils to star in Miss Saigon

• By Georgia O’Connor-



pupils will star in one of

the most iconic scenes in a

major musical to be staged at

the Isaac Theatre Royal this


Pupils of predominantly

Chinese, Japanese, Korean,

NZ European, NZ Chinese

and Dutch descent have

been cast to perform in

Showbiz Christchurch’s Miss


As part of the lead-up to the

show, last week, the show’s

lead performers Marcus

Rivera and Tina Bergantinos-

Panlilio travelled out to the

primary school to sing with

the children involved in the

show as part of their school


Set during the Vietnam

War, the musical tells the

story of Vietnamese woman

Kim and American soldier

Chris who fall in love but are

separated at the end of the

war in 1975.

The pupils aged between

seven and 11 have been cast as

“evacuation children” which

means they will appear on

stage in the climactic scene

when Kim and Chris are

parted as the last Americans

are evacuated out of Saigon.

•Turn to page 4

RISING STARS: Children cast to star in Showbiz Christchurch’s production of Miss Saigon with

the show’s leading performers Tina Bergantinos-Panlilio and Marcus Rivera.


War of

words over



heats up

• By Claire Booker

A CITY councillor is in

disbelief that a community

board member voted against

neighbourhood barbecues.

Councillor Mike Davidson

said the “summer with your

neighbours’’ fund has the ability

to help address Papanui’s issues of

isolation and loneliness and didn’t

know why board member John

Stringer voted against the funding.

“Maybe he [Mr Stringer] doesn’t

understand the strength of

connected communities and the

role of community boards,” Cr

Davidson said.

The vote comes after mayoral

candidate Darryll Park said he

would cut community funding,

including the summer with your

neighbours fund to achieve a zero

rates increase.

Mayor Lianne Dalziel said Mr

Park’s response show he “doesn’t

have a clue.”

Mr Stringer said he favours Mr

Park’s proposal.

“Providing people with a piece of

bread and a cold sausage is not core

council knitting,” he said.

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2 Tuesday September 17 2019

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Changes for school parking

Harewood principal Julie Greenwood is looking forward to

parking restrictions outside the school.

Page 7

tasty bites

Treat yourself during spring

Fresh produce is becoming more prominent on supermarket

shelves, so why not enjoy a blended drink?


Claire Booker

Ph: 021 911 576


Page 13

community events


Monique Maynard

Ph: 364 7474



Rodd Gray

Ph: 982 9308



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The Breeze

Walking Festival

28 September –13 October 2019


Explore Christchurch and Canterbury

with over 50 free walks including:

Dogs Day out in the Zone - Sun 29 Sep

Register your dog at 10.30am,

guided walks start at 11.30am

Richmond Community Gardens, 9 Evelyn Couzins Avenue


The Generation Game – Sun 6 Oct

Start anytime between 10am – 1pm

Travis Wetland Education Centre, 280 Beach Road


Adventure on Te Ara Ihutai Christchurch Coastal Pathway – Sun 13 Oct

Start between 10-11am and

finish by 2pm

Scott Park, Main Rd,

Mount Pleasant


*above walks will be cancelled if wet

Scott Franicevic

Council & Community Board Harewood

Pauline Cotter

Council Innes

Parminder Kaur

Community Board Innes

Zahra Hussaini

Council & Community Board Waimairi

Nathan McCluskey

Council Papanui

Merav Benaia

Community Board Papanui




Authorised by J McLellan, Braddon Street Addington

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Tuesday September 17 2019 3


More criminals moved to Merivale

• By Sophie Cornish



SCHOOLS IN the Merivale

area have warned parents about

a child sex offender who has

recently moved into the area.

Earlier this month, St

Margaret’s College sent an email

to parents alerting them about

the offender after a meeting with

Corrections and the Ministry of


“We have been assured this

person has good oversight from

Corrections and

other agencies.

The purpose

of this letter is

to share this

information with

you,” the email


It stated the offender

has recently

been released

from prison,

CHANGES: More serious offenders will be housed at the

rehabilitation centre, Salisbury Street Foundation, in Merivale.


is undertaking rehabilitation

programmes, is engaging in appropriate

activities and employment,

and is in accommodation a

safe distance from any school or

childcare facility,

“The offender is managed by

experienced probation officers

who visit the person at home regularly;

is not permitted to have

contact, directly or indirectly,

with anyone under-16; is monitored

by electronic monitoring;

is not permitted to enter schools,

pre-schools, parks, libraries,

swimming pools, churches and

any other areas as defined by a

probation officer,” it said.

It comes after the announcement

that the rehabilitation

organisation, Salisbury Street

Foundation, on St Albans St, will

increase the number of people it

houses from 15 to 21

St Margaret’s College principal

Diana Patchett said there are

always concerns around this type

of issue when children are involved.

“We have had one parent

get in touch. However, we have

to trust that Corrections have the

appropriate procedures in place

to ensure there is no impact on

the local community,” she said.

Selwyn House School declined

to comment on the situation and

referred questions to Corrections.

St Albans School principal

Ginnie Warren said the school

had not been alerted that a child

sex offender is living in the community

or about the expansion of

the Salisbury Street Foundation.

“We are always putting out

messages about safe travel to and

from school, as well as ensuring

families have a safety plan, that’s

something we just do rigorously

with this changing world,” she


St Andrew’s College rector

Christine Leighton said the

Numbers increase at rehab centre

MORE PEOPLE who have

committed serious crimes will

be housed in Merivale.

The rehabilitation

organisation, Salisbury Street

Foundation on St Albans St, is

set to increase the number of

offenders it houses from

15 to 21.

Said Department of

Corrections operations

director southern region

Chris O’Brien-Smith: “In

August 2019, we signed a

new consolidated agreement

with the foundation

to improve outcomes for

up to 21 offenders.”

The agreement also means

the foundation is now financially

compensated for the

entire service being delivered by

Corrections. The foundation has

been operating from the same

property for 38 years.

It also acted as a landlord for

people living in a nearby property

it rented since January last

year. Mr O’Brien-Smith said this

property, which was previously

rented by the foundation, has

school is not aware of a convicted

child sex offender in the area.

“This is not something we’re

since been purchased by them.

The number of offenders living

at the site varies. In July there

was 15 and currently there is


Said Merivale Precinct

Society chairman Chris

Aynsley: “I’m not going

to get into the ‘not in

my neighbourhood’

argument, because that

transfers the issue into

another neighbourhood.

And why not ours? Or

why ours? Who knows? It

is what it is. It’s well-run,

Chris Aynsley it’s well-managed and it

has the full support of the

justice system.”

He said he could only

speculate on what questions

Merivale residents might have.

“What is the activity? Is it

consented, what assurance is

there for the safety of the people

in the neighbourhood, what

do we need to know to feel

comfortable that this is a safe

neighbourhood. That’s what I

think the residents would want

to know,” he said.

aware of, but as always, we will

remain vigilant for our students’


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4 Tuesday September 17 2019

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McMaster & Heap

Veterinary practice

Max’s new heart

Max loves life (and bones)!

A while ago though, he had just run

out of puff. He would collapse with

excitement or exercise and more than

once his Dad was worried that he had

lost him.

Dr Richard Lucy examined him,

performing a barrage of tests

including ECGs and heart ultrasound

(echocardiography). He diagnosed

a 3rd degree heart block. This is a

condition where the heart’s normal

electrical impulses are not conducted

through the normal tissues. The heart

rate is very slow and the patient

is unable to increase heart rate in

response to exercise or excitement.

Left untreated, it is fatal.

Richard used to work in the Cardiology

Department at Christchurch

Public Hospital and has extensive

postgraduate Veterinary qualifications

in Veterinary Cardiology, Ultrasound,

X-ray and Medicine. He has worked

in universities in New Zealand,

Australia and the UK and has scanned

everything from people to tigers,

cheetahs, chimpanzees, gorillas and

guinea pigs. Richard works almost

exclusively at McMaster and Heap

Veterinary Practice performing Referral

Ultrasonography for vets from all over

the South Island.

He organised the surgical implantation

of a pacemaker with the kind help and

immense technical skills of Rose - the

Senior Cardiac Electrophysiologist from

Medtronic. Medtronic are one of the

largest producers of human cardiac

electrophysiology devices in the world.

Although our patients are four legged,

their hearts still work in the same basic

way as two legged patients!

After a day or two of rest, Max was

ready and rearing to go again. In fact

keeping him properly rested while he

healed was the main problem!

He gets regular ultrasounds to check

his heart function and the pacemaker

is regularly rechecked at the same

time. The pacemaker is often fine

tuned a little to ensure that it is

working optimally for Max. Cleverly,

the device records and stores all the

electrical activity of the heart (and the

pacemaker). All the data is available to

be examined using another machine

that “talks” to the pacemaker directly

through the skin!

Max loves his new lease on life, loves

chewing bones and his parents love

having their Max bright and happy



Play based on real events

•From page 1

Showbiz marketing

manager Wendy Riley said

the evacuation scene is

based on real events and

is likely one of the most

“spectacular” scenes as

model “Huey” is flown on


“Huey” is the nickname

for a utility military helicopter

Bell UH-1 Iroquois

which was used in the Vietnam

War evacuations.

In the 2009 New Zealand

premiere of Miss Saigon,

performed by Showbiz

Christchurch, Don

Gillanders, of Darfield, had

just three days to build the

helicopter which will be

used in this production.

As part of the

auditioning process for

the show, children were

placed in groups and given

instructions on different

games to play.

They were then asked to

do tasks such as colouringin

while there were

distractions around them

in a test to see if they could

maintain their focus.

The successful children

were chosen based on their

willingness to commit

to the action and their

ability to focus around

SPECIAL GUESTS: Tina Bergantinos-Panlilio and

Marcus Rivera performed at Russley Primary School

last week in the lead up to Showbiz Christchurch’s

production of Miss Saigon. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN

distractions. Four children

aged between five and six

have also been cast to play

the role of Tam – the son of

Chris and Kim.

Due to the musical

containing mature themes

robust management is in

place to ensure the children

are shielded from the


All children in the

cast are in the care of

chaperones at all times.

Director Stephen

Robertson has taken a

particular approach to


directing the children,

similar to the “game”

approach in the auditions

so they are never party

to the full extent of the

meaning of the scenes

they are in. The children

will also be alternated

each night throughout the

show’s season to ensure

they are not overtaxed or


•Miss Saigon opens

on September 27. To

book tickets go to



Free buses

this weekend

Celebrate World Car Free Day

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the central city on the Metro

network this weekend.

Check out great food offers

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Cnr Hoon Hay & Coppell place

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McMaster & Heap

21 - 22 September

NOR’WEST NEWS Latest Canterbury news at starnews.co.nz

Tuesday September 17 2019 5

•HAVE YOUR SAY: Do you agree with the decision to approve traffic signals for the Harewood,

Breens and Gardiners Rds intersection? Email your views to claire.booker@starmedia.kiwi

Lights for controversial intersection

• By Claire Booker


controversial Bishopdale

intersection have been given the

green light – in principle.

The community has been asking

for traffic lights at the Harewood,

Breens and Gardiners

Rds intersection since the 1990s

and last week city councillors

voted in favour of them.

City councillors Pauline

Cotter and Phil Clearwater

voted against the traffic lights

proposal. Cr Cotter said she was

pleased the community engaged

in the process, but couldn’t support

the safety risks attached to

the signals.

“I’m hoping that when we take

this forward that staff may bring

back other options that may tie

in with the cycleway,” she said.

•From page 1

Mr Stringer said funding

community barbecues is not a

good use of ratepayer money.

“This is council overreach,

trying to generate ‘wellness’.

It is the nature of autonomous

citizens’ to get together and

associate, not the council’s to

fund ‘hit-and-miss’ groups

[which apply for funding]

Mayor Lianne Dalziel spoke in

support of the signals.

“I think that the community

deserves to have the answer that

it’s been looking for, which is to

have the traffic signals approved

in principle by this council,” she


Harewood city councillor


together for a

feed,” he said.



said the board


were not

John Stringer surprised by

Mr Stringer’s

choice to vote against the



signals at the


Breens and




have been

approved in


Aaron Keown has been advocating

for the traffic signals since

being elected, and said the decision

felt “really good.”

“It was nowhere near as close

as I thought it would be either.

When the mayor backs a project,

it gives it more weight,” he said.

While the traffic signals have

funding. “I respect his decision

to vote the way he feels is the

right way. Personally though I’m

a little bit disappointed in that

decision,” he said.

Cr Davidson said one of the

roles of the board is to create

stronger and more connected


“And by saying no to

neighbourhood barbecues, I just

been approved, the design and

funding stages have not been

completed and will be decided

by the incoming council after

the October local body elections.

The signals will cost $1.2 million

and consultation has cost

the city more than $77,000.

More than 1000 community

members made submissions on

the traffic signals earlier this

year, with 80 per cent in support

the signals. The council’s decision

comes after the community

board went against the staff

report which said traffic signals

were the least safe option.

There is not enough to fund

the traffic signals in the Long

Term Plan so city council staff

will investigate funding options

and report back to the city

council before the 2020/2021

Annual Plan.

Not council’s job to bring people together for ‘a feed’

don’t understand

what kind

of message

you’re trying

to send to


Mr Stringer

voted against



all 48 funding

applications, but $4000 in

grants were approved.

In Brief


At its meeting last week, the


Community Board voted to under

take more public consultation

on the proposed cricket nets

for Elmwood Park. Old Boys

Collegians will now engage with

its members about the cricket

nets before the city council begins



New 30km/h speed zones were

unanimously approved by the city

council at its meeting last week.

The speed limits will be lowered

along Sisson Drive, Langdons Rd,

Restell St and Winston Ave to

improve safety for road users and



No stopping restrictions have

been approved along Farrington

Ave near the entrance to the

Bishopdale Village Mall car park.

Safety concerns were raised by

residents over the pedestrian

crossing island.


Nor’West News recently reported

on two Bishopdale Unichem

pharmacists who plan to volunteer

in Uganda. More than 100 pairs of

glasses, 30 pairs of sunglasses, and

50 frames have now been gifted to

the pharmacists to donate to the

communities they visit.

Bitter Sweet Farewell

Felicity Price

Evan Harris

A bitter sweet day for the team at Mitre 10

MEGA Papanui as the wonderful Ros retires

after spending 37 years with Mitre 10.

Ros has been a part of the Smiths Mitre

10 Family since 2003 as a shop assistant at

Edgeware Mitre 10, then Bishopdale Mitre 10

in the plumbing department and then joined

Papanui Mega plumbing department in 2016.

The team have loved working with Ros, with

all her amazing tips, tricks and guidance

along the way and wish her all the best in

her retirement.

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The revolution in heat pumps is here now!

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Ros receives her parting gift from Craig,

Mitre 10 Mega Papanui Retail Manager


The brilliant e3 series

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e2 : environment

e3 : economy

Fujitsu’s Catechin Filters are

approved by the Asthma and

Respiratory Foundation NZ’s

Sensitive Choice ® programme.

Email: info@pshc.co.nz

for Environment Canterbury

“We always get great

results for our community.”

Clean waterways for our children and

grandchildren to enjoy

Stop giving away water bottling consents

Protect our pristine aquifers

No more huge 10% ECan rates rises


Authorised by B S Palliser QSM, 20 Gothic Place, Christchurch



Pupils tuck into special

Tuesday lunch in Belfast

• By Claire Booker

EVERY TUESDAY a group of

excited Belfast School year 7 and

8 pupils walk across Sheldon

Park for a lunch they know will

be good.

The Belfast Community

Network hosts the BelFeast

programme each week for pupils

at the school.

The year 7-8

classes send

about five

volunteers across

to the network’s

kitchen to

prepare food

with help from



Tuesday September 17 2019


(youth) navigator

George David.

One of room

22’s cooks, Payton Marshall, said

the pupils have to book in early

to be able to join the cooking


“I enjoy it because it means I

am getting involved with new

stuff. I think more schools should

get involved,” she said.

Room 23 pupil Hayley Towns

looks forward to the “good food”.

“It’s a really good opportunity

COOK UP: Belfast School room 23 pupils enjoying macaroni

and cheese for lunch last week.

for seniors to practice their

cooking,” she said.

Hayley enjoys being on the

preparation crew, and said she

is grateful to the network for

donating the food and helping

prepare it.

“It’s really nice they give up

their free time,” she said.

Kim Hobbs, who teaches

room 23 on a Tuesday, says the

pupils are more settled after the


“Some kids aren’t getting the

most healthy lunch at home, so

Latest Canterbury news at starnews.co.nz

it’s good to know they do on a

Tuesday,” she said.

Network general manager

Lynda Goodrick said the weekly

lunch is important for the pupils

to feel like they are part of a


“We’re trying to encourage

them [pupils] to use their

voices in a positive way,” she


Since the weekly classes

started, Mrs Goodrick said there

have been improvements in the

pupils’ behaviour.

‘Ratbag’ plant thief hits

Abberley Park again

• By Claire Booker

PLANT THIEVES have struck

again in St Albans.

Flowers have been stolen from

Abberley Park in recent weeks,

frustrating a community group

which regularly uses the park.

Pink cyclamens, a clump of

daffodils, and some miniature

iris’ were taken from the park,

and a note left on a sign said the

park user was disappointed to see

the plant thief was back again.

A post on the Facebook page

read: “Warning: Abberley Park’s

ratbag plant thief is back. By the

south entrance to the Scented

Garden, there were four beautiful

deep red cyclamens planted

in a group. On Tuesday evening,

there was only one left. The thief

didn’t even bother to cover over

the holes.”

In December last year, it was

estimated more than half the

plants put into the park by city

council staff were stolen in less

than a month.

A city council spokesman

said the reason for thefts is not

known, but in many cases across

Christchurch, the city council

has replaced some plants, he said

there are various species stolen.

“For example, young native

plants, azaleas, pieris, phormium


BARE: Plants at Abberley

Park have been stolen . ​


you had plants stolen from

your property? Do you have

any idea why this might

be? Email your thoughts to



and rhododendron.”

The city council does not keep

records of where plant thefts

occur, so it doesn’t know which

area is more prevalent.

“These species [mentioned

above] were taken from areas

such as Coastal, Spencer Park,

Travis Wetland, Beckenham

Gardens, Karman Reserve and

Sunny Side Heritage Gardens,”

the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, in Richmond,

about 30 plants were taken from

a newly-planted city council plot.



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NOR’WEST NEWS Latest Canterbury news at starnews.co.nz

Tuesday September 17 2019 7

Parking restrictions to be

put in place outside school

• By Claire Booker

HAREWOOD School will

soon have a three-minute

pick-up/drop-off parking


And principal Julie

Greenwood is looking forward

to seeing how the

implementation goes.

The restrictions will mean

vehicles will be restricted

to a maximum of 3min

from 8.15-9.15 am and 2.30-

3.30pm during the week.

The idea for the P3 zone

came after a parent mentioned

parking challenges

outside the school at a

meeting in May.

Mrs Greenwood said

parents with young children

or babies have to get

them out of the car when

collecting their children

from school, which led her

to contact the city council

to see what changes could

be made.

“I met and spoke with

Steve from the council who

made suggestions about

the best place for some P3

parking, something that

has worked effectively in a

number of other schools,”

she said.

CHANGES: Harewood School principal Julie

Greenwood is looking forward to the P3 drop-off/

pick-up zones being put in place.


Originally a P30 parking

restriction during school

time was also proposed,

but the school and playcentre

didn’t support this as it

would restrict parking for

parent helpers during the

school day.

Mrs Greenwood said the

speed reduction on Harewood

Rd has made a positive

difference to safety,

but the volume of traffic

along the road continues to

provide a challenge.

“We are looking forward

to seeing how the P3

implementation goes and

will work through any

issues that may arise,” Mrs

Greenwood said.

Mrs Greenwood said

the biggest impact of this

change will mean people

won’t be able to park in the

drop-off/pick-up zone between

the specified times.

“The children will need

to be watching for their

parent’s car to pull into

the areas from the waiting

area near our entrance

and will only move to the

area when they have seen

them,” she said.

These changes will

happen in about four


Celebrating 50 Years

A meeting at the St Albans Shirley

Working Mens Club in September 1964,

attended by 16 representatives from eight

workingmens’ clubs, was to have a major

bearing on the formation of the McLeans

Island Country Club.

The meeting was held with the

intention of forming a body called

Combined Workingmens Clubs golf

section committee.

In 1967 the committee decided to

investigate the possibility of creating and

running its own course. It applied to the

South Island Federation of Workingmens

Clubs which supported the proposal.

With the support of 11 Workingmens

Clubs an incorporated body was

formed called the Canterbury

Workingmens clubs and Cosmopolitan

Clubs Recreational Association. Each

workingmens’ club was represented by

one member on the committee.

Eventually the committee was offered

350 acres by the North Canterbury

Catchment Board at McLeans Island. It

was accepted and was leased in April

1969 for an annual rental of $750.

It was suggested the golf club be called

McLeans Park Country Club but when

the first golf club committee was formed

on August 13, 1969, it was agreed that

the club be known as McLeans Island

Country Club.

The sowing of the greens on the

permanent course was started in August

1969 and completed in October 1970,

along with the planting of 1500 trees. The

land was an old riverbed. Many days and

hours were spent by volunteers removing

stones from the fairways. At the second

AGM it was recorded some 125 tons of

stones had been removed.

The new clubhouse was opened on

May 27, 1972. Women and juniors were

admitted to the club as members in 1973.

McLeans Island entered its first

interclub team in the Canterbury

competition in 1974 (Simon Cup) and

Woodward Cup debut in 1991. We have

several teams competing in the interclub

competitions. Both men and women and

have a few successful overall wins. The

over-60s team had a good win this year.

In 1983, McLeans Island became the

second largest golf club in Canterbury.

In the 1980s the club ceased to be a

workingmens’ club and stood on its own

as McLeans Island Golf Club as it is today.

Over the years we have been hit

with big snow storms which do a lot of

damage to our trees and also the big

wind storm in September 2013 claimed

a lot of trees. Thanks to our greens staff

and members who volunteered their

time and a massive effort got the course

playable again.

The course was redesigned in the late

1980s — no 1 became no 10 and vice versa.

No 3 became a par 5.

McLeans Island Golf Club is very excited

to be celebrating its 50th jubilee on the

weekend of September 27 and 29 with the

knowledge that we can move forward with

continued success for many years to come.

We would like to see many of our past

members attend this special event and

celebrate with us.

Contact McLeans Island Golf Club for

further details.

Swimsuits and

service - you can

have both!

Starfish Swimwear have been

making swimsuits right here in

Christchurch since 1997.

Specializing in chlorine resistant,

endurance fabrics for everyone that

loves to swim, loves their spas or

people that use hydro therapy pools.

Whatever your needs are you will find

it as there is always plenty of choice

one piece suits, tankinis or bikinis.

At Starfish you will find service too,

experienced staff that can help and

answer your questions on whats right

for you.

Starfish Swimwear for swimsuits

all year round.

We are open Tuesday to Friday from

9am-5pm and also Saturdays from


239 Colombo Street | 379 0009


Tuesday September 17 2019

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St Andrew’s make most of winter

SECOND: The St Andrew’s College boys basketball team

finished second in the South Island. ​

• By Jacob Page

ST ANDREW’S College found

plenty of success during Winter

Tournament Week

The senior boys basketball

team finished second at the

South Island Championships,

while the girls team finished


The badminton team finished

third in New Zealand.

The first XV finished fourth

at the national co-ed rugby

championships, while the

under-15 rugby team won

their South Island co-ed


The boys first XI won the

division two Malcom Cowie



Christchurch Boys’ High

School was the best placed boys

team at the national Rankin Cup

competition finishing sixth.

St Andrew’s finished eighth,

Christ’s College finished 11th.

St Bede’s College won the India

Shield and earned a national

ranking of 17 in the process.

Burnside High School finished


Christchurch Girls’ High

School were runners-up in the

Federation Cup tournament in

Auckland, earning a No 2 ranking

nationally in the process.

The team lost the final 1-0 to St

Cuthberts College.

St Margaret’s College finished

third after a 3-2 win on penalty

strokes against Diocesan School

for Girls.

Rangi Ruru finished

seventh, St Andrew’s managed


Villa Maria College finished

18th nationally and earned a

silver medal at the Marie Fry

tournament after losing on

penalty strokes to Westlake Girls’

High School.

Burnside High finished 22nd.

Cashmere High finished third

at the Johnson Cup in Invercargill,

Shirley Boys’ High finished


Lincoln High School won the

Coaches Cup in Ashburton by

beating Nelson’s Nayland College

4-3 on penalty strokes.

St Bede’s finished eighth at the

Galletly Cup in Oamaru.

Marian College finished ninth

in the Audrey Timlin Memorial

tournament at Timaru.

Papanui High School finished

ninth at the Jenny McDonald

Cup in Cromwell while Avonside

Girls’ High School managed

11th, Middleton Grange were

13th and Riccarton High School


St Margaret’s were runnersup

at the Chris Arthur Cup at



Villa Maria were fifth, Rangi

Ruru sixth and Christchurch

Girls’ High ninth.


St Thomas’ of Canterbury were

the best placed Canterbury boys

school at the premier tournament

at Napier.

They finished 17th after a 2-1

win over Wellington’s St Patrick’s

High School.

Burnside finished 23rd,

Cashmere High 24th and

Christ’s 26th while Selwyn

finished 31st.

St Andrew’s finished 25th at

the premier girls’ tournament

at Christchurch, while Lincoln

High managed 29th.

Middleton Grange finished

10th at the Rex Dawkins tournament

at Taupo while St Bede’s

finished 11th.

St Andrew’s won the Malcom

Cowie tournament at Papakura,

beating Waitakere 3-1 in the final

Christchurch Girls’ were

runners-up at the Kathy Seaward

tournament at Whangarei after a

1-0 loss to Glendowie College.

Selwyn finished sixth at the

same tournament.

Avonside Girls’ finished eighth

at the Grant Jarvis tournament at


Flight and Flourish

Kathryn Furniss & Wendy Matenga

21 September – 15 October 2019

The fanciful floral and faunal paintings of Kathryn

Furniss and Wendy Matenga feature in the September/

October exhibition at Little River Gallery. Vast, sweeping

skies featuring soaring gannets evoke feelings of flight

and freedom, while framed in foliage against lush

backgrounds native birds flourish, sitting silently, inviting

you into their story. Vessels from the past convey a

retrospective view of a woman in the home. Required to

work with nature to make things flourish, hands ask the

question “are we offering or taking?’

A self-taught artist, Kathryn Furniss draws her inspiration

from pacific landscapes and NZ’s native flora and fauna.

Painting in both acrylic and ink, her style involves the

building up of many textured layers, beginning with

loose abstract washes, her final brush strokes are

more controlled and detailed. Kathryn has successfully

exhibited throughout New Zealand and internationally for

14 years. Her body of work in this exhibition incorporates

painterly skies, moody landscapes and the native flora

and fauna that she’s best known for.

‘May You Flourish’

original painting by

Kathryn Furniss

Little River Gallery open 7 days, Main Road, Akaroa Highway.

‘Just Right’

original painting by

Wendy Matenga

Also a self-taught artist, Wendy Matenga’s works

always start with her lovingly capturing the light on

the delicate petals of flowers with her camera, she

then likes to push the boundaries of floristry with her

paintbrush. Wendy seeks to portray the emotional

vibrancy flowers offer, when displayed in the home or

gifted by a loved one. Lessons from nature; soar beyond

the ordinary, flourish from within.

Both Wendy and Kathryn reside in Nelson, NZ.

Flight and Flourish

Kathryn Furniss & Wendy Matenga

21 September – 15 October 2019



Amazin’ Spring Specials!!

• We will offer you the best quality brands and

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Star Media can help you.

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NOR’WEST NEWS Latest Canterbury news at starnews.co.nz

Tuesday September 17 2019 9


Marian College won the Gary

Sowden tournament at Timaru’s

Sir Basil Arthur Park on

Thursday after a 3-0 win over

Cashmere High in the final, on


Rangi Ruru finished seventh.

Table Tennis

Burnside High School won

their third consecutive national

secondary schools’ table tennis

title, in Tauranga.

The Burnside High team

defeated Auckand’s Macleans

College in the final.


Christchurch Girls’ were

crowned South Island Secondary

School netball champions after a

tense 29-27 win over Dunedin’s

St Hilda’s Collegiate at Nelson

Saxton Stadium.

Villa Maria finished third after

beating fellow semi-finalist Ashburton

College 39-30 while St

Margaret’s College finished fifth

and grabbed the last national

READY: The St Andrew’s College first XI hockey team in action.

secondary school competition

qualification spot with a 36-34

win over St Margaret’s.


Christchurch Girls’ High

made the national secondary

school girls’ national final.

They beat Onehunga High


Morrison Avenue Bowling Club’s

60th season will be held on


Club president, Ray Blyth, will

welcome members and councillor,

Mike Davidson will declare

the season open.

If the weather is good, members

will have a roll up, as the

two greens are in great condition.

The club offers discounted

membership fees to players new

to the sport.

Last year, the club was a finalist

in the Canterbury Club of the

Year and was also upgraded to a

School 57-7 in the semi-final

before going down 58-7 to

Hamilton Girls’ High School in

the final.

The Christ’s College under-15

team won their South Island

competition, beating Timaru

Boys’ High School 17-12 in a wet

final at Christ’s College.

Bowling club gears up for its 60th season

gold star standard.

Denis McMurtrie, the

outgoing president, hopes

to involve secondary school

students in the area with

coaching and games on

Wednesday afternoons, and

aims to arrange an inter-school


Superstitious CGHS

open up about national

competition goals

• By Jacob Page


finally believe they can talk about

the national secondary schools’

netball competition next month.

Co-coach Rosie Stewart said

in spite of their unparalleled

success this season, the team

are superstitious about even

mentioning the national


CGHS made the final of

the Premier 2 Christchurch

competition, won the Canterbury

Super Net title for the first time

in 16 years and triumphed at the

South Island secondary schools’

competition last week in Nelson.

“It’s been a running thing this

season with the team that we

haven’t been able to say anything

without touching wood as a

superstition,” Stewart said.

“We’ve obviously had a lot of

success and we set these goals

right at the start of the season

but the girls haven’t wanted to

talk about nationals just in case it

didn’t happen.

“Last night at training we were

able to speak about it and plan

and we are hoping to make the

top eight at the tournament.”

CGHS have played at the

past two national tournaments,

finishing last and 15th last year at

the 16-team competition.

Stewart knows her team are


Island champions CGHS are

aiming for a top eight finish

at the national secondary

schools’ netball competition.

mentally tough – they bounced

back from a draw with St

Andrew’s College on day two

of the South Island tournament

to beat Dunedin’s St Hilda’s

Collegiate in extra time in the


“We experienced a lot of

emotions over the week and

I’m not sure if the team would

have handled the final as well as

they did if they hadn’t had that

disappointment to go back to

from the STAC game.”

Stewart said the team would

now look to continue to train

and try to peak for the a top

performance while also waiting

for the draw to be released.

Villa Maria and St Margaret’s

College will also play at the

nationals after finishing third

and fifth respectively at the South

Island competition.


At Christchurch’s finest address

The Russley Village is set within award-winning gardens and grounds with the centrepiece being

the Homestead, where you will find Abode Café & Brasserie, a cinema, library, arts & crafts space

and hair salon, being some of the extensive facilities on offer.

There is only a limited selection of brand new apartments left in the Sefton Apartment building,

priced from $495,000. A stunning combination of architectural-design and timeless style makes

these apartments a must see.

The Ashley Suites, our boutique care facility and serviced apartments, is due to open in

November and will provide residential care up to hospital level.

For more information or to

take a tour of the village make

an appointment today.


03 357 9392

73 Roydvale Ave,



10 Tuesday September 17 2019

Latest Canterbury news at starnews.co.nz




to take on best

in NZ for title

• By Devon Bolger


Trower is a finalist in the Young

Horticulturist of the Year


Mr Trower is one of four finalists

selected to compete at the

event in November. He specialises

in landscape architecture and is a

landscape foreman.

Last month he won the Prebble

Seeds Young Landscaper of the

Year award. “I’m happy with myself

and my effort. It’s an achievement

I have been eyeing up for a

year or so,” he said.

Mr Trower will be up against

representatives from four other

horticultural sectors in the grandfinal.

Competition chairwoman Elle

Anderson said the competition is

celebrating its 15th year.

“That is 15 years of providing

an opportunity for personal

and professional growth for

young leaders from the wider

horticultural industry. It will be

these leaders who will inspire the

industry and others to ensure our

horticultural industry stays ahead

of the world with innovations,”

she said.

The competition will be held in

Auckland on November 14.

Youngest real estate agent at 18

• By Hayley Tate

JONTY DOWNES might not

own his own home yet, but he is

already working towards selling

his first house.

The 18-year-old is

Christchurch’s youngest real

estate agent, and he has 10

buyers wanting him to find

them their new home.

He is also the second youngest

licensed real estate agent in New

Zealand. The youngest a person

can be registered for a real estate

licence is 18.

He has been interested in real

estate since he was a small boy.

As a seven-year-old, Jonty

would cycle around his neighbourhood,

see “for sale” signs

and be interested in new houses

built in the area.

By the time he was in year

12 at Hagley College he was attending

auctions and putting his

foot in the door of the real estate


“I’ve always had a real passion

for houses,” he said.

But he found people could not

understand his passion or take

him seriously for wanting to

leap into real estate straight out

of high school.

Traditionally, real estate is

a second or third career for

people, entering the industry

as a career change from their

previous job.

Real Estate Authority Statistics

show 2071 people aged

53 to 57 were issued with their

licences in the first half of 2019

in New Zealand, compared with

171 people aged 18 to 22.

Avonhead Harcourts branch

manager Lisa Yardley-Vaiese

decided to give Jonty a chance,

offering him a place on the

Grenadier graduate programme.

She said it was more difficult

for young people in terms of

credibility because, usually,

younger people had not yet

bought a house.

Older people tended to create

the perception that they know

the industry better and buyers

were more likely to have confidence

in them.

Real Estate Authority head of

regulatory services Josh Doherty

said the number of people aged

18 to 21 issued with a salesperson’s

licence in New Zealand

had remained relatively stable

over the last five years.

More young people have

joined Grenadier’s graduate programme

in recent years, though

Mrs Yardley-Vaiese said she had

never mentored someone as

young as Jonty.

In spite of his age, Jonty has

proved his worth and knowledge

with colleagues and buyers.

KEEN: Jonty



possible homes

for buyers.



“I’ve nicknamed him Wikipedia

because he just knows so

much,” Mrs Yardley-Vaiese said.

To enter real estate, agents

must complete 13 papers before

registering for a licence.

Jonty remembers the moment

he got his licence and said it was

his best achievement so far.

“I was quite excited to just

call buyers and do anything real

estate-related, because I think it

had been inside of me for ages

and I just wanted to let it out.”

He does not yet own a home,

but said it was on the cards.

He is not looking for anything

fancy – a one-bedroom flat

would be perfect.

829 Colombo Street | Phone 379 0600 | www.accentlighting.co.nz

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Tuesday September 17 2019 11


Christchurch Casino

buffet is back

Advertising Feature

Book online at chchcasino.co.nz or phone 03 365 9999.

The Grand Café’s Fusion

Buffet at Christchurch Casino

is back after an eight year

hiatus – the ideal place to eat

when looking for somewhere

where everyone is guaranteed to

enjoy the food.

The Casino is proud to

re-establish its buffet knowing

how much Christchurch residents

and visitors from further afield have

enjoyed dining this way in the past.

With modern, elegant and warm

earthy décor, guests are cordially

invited to this exciting eatery where

quality and quantity go hand and hand.

Here you will find a range of dishes

to suit everyone, including a salad

area, carvery, seafood station, and areas

dedicated to Italian, Indian and Asian

fare. After the main, make sure you save room for

dessert with a delectable selection of ice cream, pastries and


The Grand Café Fusion Buffet is open for buffet brunch at

the weekends, lunch from Wednesday to Friday and dinner

from Wednesday to Sunday, so make sure you get online or

call now and book your table today.


Casino’s Buffet

is Back!


$20 Lunch special

WED - FRI | 11.30am - 2pm

Book online at chchcasino.co.nz or phone 03 365 9999

Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

12 Tuesday September 17 2019

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Tuesday September 17 2019 13

Tasty Bites

Liquid treats with a bite to enjoy over spring

Spring is here and that means freshness, colour, warmth, sunshine and being outdoors. Fresh produce is becoming more abundant and some flavours are

more prominent on supermarket shelves. Along with your standard juice blends, try these more exciting and less traditional combinations



Fresh pawpaw

Apple juice


30ml Midori

15ml Malibu


Blend pawpaw and apple juice.

In a glass filled with ice, pour

over the Midori and Malibu. Top

gently with the juice mix.

•Sugar plum



30ml vodka (optional)

15ml Cointreau liqueur


Orange and plum bitters

15ml elderflower cordial

1 lemon



Add ice to a glass. If using

spirits, pour vodka and

Cointreau over the ice. Spritz

the ice with bitters and add

elderflower cordial.

Top with soda and squeeze

over two wedges of lemon.

•Turkish delight


Green tea infused with rose

petals (available online)

30ml Irish whiskey

15ml Galliano original

Dash sugar syrup


Lime wedges to garnish


Steep rose petal-infused green

tea as per instructions and allow

to chill. Add ice to a glass and

pour over whiskey, Galliano and

sugar syrup.

Serve with lime wedges.

•Garden party


1/2 glass of apple cider

1/2 glass of V8 carrot and orange


Frozen berries to garnish


Blend together the apple cider

and juice, pour into glass and

garnish with berries.

•Zestful bounty


1 pear, peeled and cored

Sprig of mint

1 cup grapefruit juice

11/2 cups ice

Beetroot, pomegranate and

raspberry juice


Blend (in a high-speed blender

or NutriBullet) the pear, mint,

grapefruit juice and one cup of


Fill glass with remaining ice

and pour over juice to taste.

Then pour pear mixture over the


•Afternoon delight


30ml gin

15ml lemoncillo

Citrus bitters or 30ml Seedlip


15ml fresh lime juice


Sparkling Chi (original herb


Lemon and cucumber, to garnish


In a glass filled with ice, spritz

the ice with citrus bitters (if

using), add gin and lemoncillo or

seedlip and lime juice.

Top with sparkling Chi.

Garnish with fresh lemon and







Including return flights to Europe

and a 6-day ‘European Highlights’

Trafalgar Guided Holiday.

Prize Value $8000


SUNDAY 22 SEP 10 -3








Including return flights to Nadi.

Prize Value $7299*


C’s apply.



BARRINGTON 331 7182 | CHRISTCHURCH CITY 365 7687 | FERRYMEAD 376 4022 | HIGH ST LANES 335 3722 | HORNBY 344 3070 | MERIVALE 355 2200

NORTHLANDS 352 4578 | RANGIORA 313 0288 | RICCARTON 341 3900 | SHIRLEY 385 0710 | UPPER RICCARTON 343 0869

Terms & Conditions for the UK Prize *you can enter by attending the House of Travel Expo & registering your details on the day. Competition is available for entry nationwide and one winner will be drawn and notified on the 1st of November 2019. Further terms and conditions apply, visit www.hot.co.nz/expo for full details.

14 [Edition Tuesday datE] September 17 2019

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Five ways to inspire your fussy

toddler to like wholefoods

Not much beats seeing your toddler enjoy a serve of

veggies. It creates a real sense of achievement and success

in the role as a parent. The toddler years are the best time

to teach your children to appreciate and enjoy wholesome

food. They are also the most challenging of times if you

have a fussy eater to deal with. This is why I created Tot’s

Pantry meals: to help busy parents give healthy meals to

their toddlers – even the fussy ones!

Because most parents struggle to find the time to cook

meals from scratch during the week, it’s tempting to fall

back on processed snacks or meals that you know your

child will eat. And just to make matters worse, because

their little taste buds adapt quickly to additives like salt,

sugar and artificial flavours – this can lead to rejection of

real food. Talk about making things hard on us parents!

But please don’t give up, with a little encouragement and

hidden tricks up your sleeve, I’m confident all children

can be converted into veggie-lovers.

Here are 5 tips to help your children enjoy

healthy wholefoods:

1. Start by making it easier for yourself My top

tip is to have easy and simple wholefoods ready to go like

boiled eggs, pieces of fruit or sliced veggies & hummus.

2. Motivate them! Explain that they need

to eat healthy foods if they want to grow big

and strong like their heroes.

3. Walk the talk If you follow a good and

healthy diet, your children will be way more

inclined to eat healthier foods.

4. Have fun with food Present food in a

funny and cute way that will help capture the

interest of your children. Make their initials out

of peas, or a smiley face with the food on their


5. Don’t give up Keep offering your children

foods. Just because they turn something away

once, doesn’t mean they

won’t ever eat it.

Please don’t blame yourself if your children

are fussy and turn veggies away – you are doing a great

job! If you try some of these tips I’m confident you’ll

see a change in the way your fussy eaters approach their

meals. We are all busy, and for the days that you don’t have

time to prepare meals, know that having Tot’s Pantry’s

meals in your freezer is a good solution. We make them

just as you would in your own kitchen, no preservatives

or food additives, just wholesome goodness that only

takes minutes to heat up. Plus; they have all received the

thumbs up from even the fussiest of eaters!

Our meals are available in several supermarkets in

Christchurch and online at totspantry.co.nz.

Drop in and see us at

97 Harewood Road, Papanui

High quality

affordable early

childhood education

for children 0-6 years

Affordable fees and

we offer 20 hours free

Monday to Friday

8.30am – 2.30pm

Contact Katie or Marcia today

Phone 352 6816 or

027 715 8201 or email us


Coaching and creating

Rock Solid Kids!


• Kids

• Teens

• Adults

• Special Needs


• Professional Speaker

• Emotional Intelligence/

Drama Classes

• Educational Advice


• Kids Matter NZ

Amanda J Staniford B Ed ATCL Dip Tchg

Educational Kinesiology Practitioner

Certified Expansion Coach

Phone: 022 1259 645 Email: brainwaves@xtra.co.nz

Kids Life Academy

“Treat a child as

though he already

is the person

he’s capable of


~ Haim Ginott

Nutritious meals for little tummies

We believe that growing bodies and personalities thrive on well-balanced,

healthy diets - so you can trust us to give your toddler a wholesome meal.

Available at New World Redcliffs,

Bishopdale, Durham Street, Fendalton,

Northwood and St. Martins;

Fresh Choice Merivale, Barrington and

Raeward Fresh Harewood.


NOR’WEST NEWS Latest Canterbury news at starnews.co.nz

Tuesday September 17 2019 15

Meet the candidates

evening – Papanui

Today, 7pm

Go to the Christchurch

Function Centre to meet

the city council and community

board candidates

from the Papanui Ward.

The event will be run by

the Redwood Business and

Residents Group.

Redwood Hotel, 340

Main North Rd

Reading to Dogs

Thursday, 3.30-4.30pm,

at Papanui

Reading to dogs encourages

children to practice

their writing skills and

develop a love for reading.

All the dogs have

been trained and tested

for health, safety and

temperament. Bookings


Papanui Library

After School Activities

Friday, 3.30-4.30pm

Suitable for ages eight

to 13. Go along for an

interactive session, which

includes technology,

games, crafts and books.

Take your friends, or make

some new ones.

Papanui Library

Knit ’n’ Yarn

Today, 1-3pm, at Bishopdale,

Friday, 10am-noon,

at Papanui

Take your knitting, crochet

or other craft projects

and have fun with a social

group. This is a free, dropin


Bishopdale and Papanui



Today, 12.15-12.45pm

If you have questions

about your Ipad,

smartphone or tablet, head

down to GenConnect

where Papanui High

School students will help

you for free.

Papanui Library

Culture Exchange

Friday, 3.45-4.45pm

Go along and make

new friends, practice your

English and learn about


Games at Papanui

Thursday, 2.30-4.30pm

If you love games, head

along and choose from a

wide selection, including

the classics, at this fun and

social event. Free for all

ages to enjoy. No bookings


Papanui Library


Wednesday, 1-3pm, at

Bishopdale, and 1.30-

3.30pm, at Shirley

Play Scrabble with a

friendly group. Head

along when you can. No

bookings required. All

materials supplied. Free


Bishopdale and Shirley


JP Clinics

Today, 10am-1pm, at

Papanui and Shirley,

Wednesday, 10am-1pm, at


A justice of the

peace will be available

to witness signatures

and documents, certify

document copies, hear

oaths, declarations,

affidavits or affirmations,

as well as sign citizenship

or rates rebates


Papanui, Shirley and

Bishopdale libraries


Saturday, 2-4pm, at

Shirley, Monday, 2-4pm, at


Go along if you

are interested in

playing or learning

about mahjong. Free.

Registrations required at

Shirley Library.

Shirley and Papanui


Email claire.booker@starmedia.kiwi by

5pm each Wednesday

Go to the Papanui Library on Saturday, 10am-4pm, for the annual Great

Library Seed and Plant Swap. Take your donations of plants and seeds to

the library this week, and go on Saturday to see what you can pick up for the

upcoming season.


Monday, 1-3pm

Play Rummikub – an

exciting, interactive

strategy game. Free, dropin


Bishopdale Library

Super Saturday


Saturday, 11-11.45am

Encourage learning

through stories. This is an

interactive programme

involving stories, songs,

rhymes, craft and play.


Shirley Library

Bolivia card game

Thursday, 1-3pm

Learn a new game.

Cards and card-holders

are supplied. Phone

027 549 3828 for more


Bishopdale Library

Activity Zone

Monday, 3.45-4.45pm

The after school club has

technology, games, crafts

and books. This is suitable

for children aged six to 10

and caregivers are asked

to remain in the library

during the session. Free –

no bookings required.

Shirley Library

Cards Club

Friday, 1.30-3.30pm

This weekly cards club is

on every Friday, go along

and join the fun. Free, no

bookings required.

Shirley Library

RoboFun for Adults

Saturday, 10-11am

Go along to the

Shirley Library for an

introductory course

looking at the world of

robotics in a fun and

engaging way. You don’t

need to take anything with

you – just a curious mind.

No bookings required, just

drop in.

Shirley Library


Superior new magnesium

offers more health benefits!

Magnesium deficiency is widespread with

researchers estimating up to 90% are not

receiving adequate magnesium in their diet.

According to medical researcher Dr. James

DiNicolantonio magnesium deficiency

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Some of the typical signs of a magnesium

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There are many popular magnesium

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Magnesium Citrate is the first of the three

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Next is Magnesium Lyscinate Glycinate

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The last is Di Magnesium Malate a

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Optimal magnesium levels have been

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Biosphere Magnesium and further more

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We are always happy to help you!

New magnesium offers

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Magnesium deficiency is widespread with

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There are many popular magnesium supplements

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Some common symptoms of magnesium deficiency:

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• Sore, heavy or

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marshalls health & NatUral theraPY


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16 Tuesday September 17 2019

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We’re for



From Kaikoura,

to Christchurch,

to Ashburton,

we have it


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Tuesday September 17 2019 17



5 Peregrine Close, Mt Pleasant

Auction: 03 Oct 2019 Unless Sold Prior

3 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 3 toilets | 2 living rooms | 1 dining room | 2 car-garage | 2 off-street parks - Listing Number: SM0232

Experience executive living and magnificent

unobstructed, 180° views from its front row position

in ‘The Ridge’ subdivision incorporating the coastline,

Kaikoura Ranges, the estuary, city and Alps.

Streamlined open plan living with a gas fire, heatpump

and an additional snug living space is complimented

with a built-in bookcase and TV unit. Enjoy the large

modern kitchen with an island and engineered stone

benchtops, walk in pantry, dish-drawers and ceramic

hob. The home has been designed to maximise all

day sun and the views from all the downstairs kitchen

and living areas. From here 5 sets of doors provides

excellent indoor-outdoor flow to the large patio and

terraced garden for wonderful alfresco entertaining.

The three generous bedrooms are up-stairs, and

all bask in the sea to city views. The master bedroom

comes complete with a walk-in robe and a tiled ensuite

with a separate shower and spa bath.

The main bathroom has plenty of space with a walkin

shower and services the other two bedrooms. Level

access to double internal garage with room for an offstreet

parking spot.

Needless to say, this functional yet stylish executive

home has a well laid floor plan spread over 227m2

mixes the convenience of family living with many

sought after luxuries. Look no further, don’t buy until

you have seen this, as unforgettable views can be yours


Auction date Thursday 3 Oct 12:00 p.m. (Grenadier

House, 98 Moorhouse Ave) Unless Sold Prior

Open Homes: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 1:00

p.m. - 1:45 p.m.

See you at the open homes or for a private viewing

or for more information contact Alison Carter of

Harcourts Grenadier Ferrymead/Sumner (Licensed

Agent REAA 2008) on 384 7950 or mobile 0274 318 960.



Tuesday September 17 2019

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If you want more information about an item or to contact a

seller, visit www.postanote.co.nz and search the ID#

Tandem Trailer

Toyota Avensis Li Wagon

Frejoth 10” Table Saw

2005 Toyota Isis 7-seater

Concrete Mixer & Barrow

Mixed Breed Pigs & Piglets


ID 31009


ID 31105


ID 31062


ID 31106


ID 30992


ID 27514

Extendable Large Glass Table

GPS Golf Rangefinder Watch

1978 Ford Mustang Cobra 11

Kimona Set

2004 Honda Fit

RICCAR Sewing Machine


ID 30613


ID 31111


ID 14800


ID 10016


ID 31057


ID 31104

Quality Grey Chest

Grill, Front Fenders Running Boards

2005 Suzuki Swift 1.3 Manual

Chinese Fan Palms

Large Silver Floor Mirror

Work Bench by Wooden Thingz


ID 30346


ID 31093


ID 30879


ID 31086


ID 30612


ID _8887

4WD SUV BMW Tiptronic

4-stroke Lawnmower

88 Daihatsu Delta Truck

2 Reclining Chairs

4-stroke Petrol Lawn Mower

Wooden Glory Box c 1950s


ID 30591


ID 30874


ID 30851


ID 30590


ID 30640


ID 30652

1993 Toyota Windom Chest Freezer

Horse Cover

Toyota corolla 1.8 NZ New

FREE: Upright Piano

Garmin DriveSmart 50LMT GPS


ID 26961


ID 30856


ID 30650


ID 30618


ID 30651


ID 30630

Fiat 1000 Super

Antique French Mirror Door

Free-standing Oven

Electric Golf Trundler

Exercise Cycle

Subaru Legacy B4 RSK


ID 30600


ID 30610


ID 24963


ID 30772


ID 30757


ID 30232

Vintage Petanque Set

Commuter/Shopping Bike

2000 Ford Modeo GLX 2.5 V6

Seagull Outboard Motor

1997 Mondeo

2003 Honda Accord


ID 30326


ID 30574


ID 30439


ID 30576


ID 30742


ID 30189


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Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Community Events



want to have a drink that’s

your business. If you want

to stop, we can help. Phone

0800 229-6757



Fashion Designs & Colours

Discontinued Designs

End of Lines Bargain Prices

Call at Our Shop


71 Hawdon St Sydenham

Ph 366-5026


& Supplies



UP? Shrub, hedge &

tree pruning, Lawns,

Gardening, consistently

reliable general property

upkeep, Dip. Hort. 10

yrs experience, One off

tidy ups or on-going

service. Nick’s Garden

Maintenance. Keeping

your garden beautiful.

Free Quote. Ph. 942-4440

& 022 264 7452



Australia QLD





All Units Have Ocean Views.

Heated Pools, Spa & Sauna,

Free Wifi, Tennis

& Mini Golf.




0061 7 5443 5011

JUNE to AUG temps 20C

Vehicles Wanted

CASH/CASH for any

unwanted vehicles, ph

347 9354 or 027 476 2404

• New homes

• Extensions

• Renovations

Trades & Services


• Light Commercial

• Repairs and


Brandon Taw

Phone 027 370 2572



Trades & Services


Houses Interior/


27 years exp.

Tidy workmanship

On the spot

written quotes


0274 360 298



• Video inspection

• Waterblasting

• liquid Waste

pH: 03 365 7960

24 hours // 7 days




dyers upholstery services

(Ex Leacroft St, Bishopdale)

We specialise in

re-upholstering all types of

household furniture

inc squabs.

Trusted craftsman for over

30 years. Fabric samples,

Free quotes, pick up &


All work guaranteed.

Ph. 359 5033 or

022 106 0108



Rope & harness

a speciality,

no scaffolding


30 years of




Exterior staining,

exterior painting,

moss and mould

treatment and


Phone Kevin

027 561 4629

Trades & Services

concrete & paving

• Driveways

• Earthquake repairs

• New Home Specialists

• Patios & Paths

tel: 0508 873 7483

email: sales@affordableconcrete.co.nz



Exposed Aggregate

Stamped Concrete Plain

Concrete Resurfacing

Things we offer...

Competitive/affordable pricing

Attention to detail

Professional service

free quotes/insurance scopes

Cell 0278 145 848


Trades & Services



Book now for

Summer and

receive 20%


Rope and harness

a speciality.

No scaffolding


30 years


Free quotes,

call Craig

021 060 2392

Trades & Services

Trades & Services


licensed carpenter

LBP, all property and

building maintenance,

repairs, bathroom/shower

installations, with free

quotes 03 383 1927 or 027

245 5226 ciey@xtra.co.nz



complete service from

start to finish, free quotes,

ph Dave 027 334 4125


George Lockyer. Over

40 years bricklaying

experience.Uk trained.

Insurance work, EQC

repairs. Heritage

brickwork & stonework

a speciality. No job too

small. Governers Bay.

Home 329 9344. Cell

027 684 4046. E mail




Let us help take

your business to

new heights

Advertise your business in our

Trades and Services column.

For assistance contact Vicky

Phone 03 364 7419 or email


Trades & Services


Michael Kelly Painters

Locally owned and

operated family


25+ years Experience

• Painting • Wallpapering

• Interior • Exterior

Free Quotes


Michael 0212 649 492


Trades & Services



No job too small. Install

heat transfers, repair/

replace fences, floor

boards, decks. Russ

027 884 2330. Liability



Exp. Repairs, uplifting,

relaying, restretching.

Phone John on 0800

003181, 027 240 7416





technology*. From $70

single story. 0800 SWEEP

ME or 021 0277 1927


Prompt & reliable

registered electrician

with 24 years experience

for all residential and

commercial work, new

housing and switch board

replacements. Phone Chris

027 516 0669


Registered, electrical

installation and repairs,

Gorbie Electrical, ph 021

026 73375 or 03 322 4209


Push mow & Ride On.

Fully insured. Ph John or

Jo on 021 027 99392


Specialising in roof &

fence painting. Very

competitive. Phone Brent

027 241 7471


Qualified & licensed

applicator. Spiders, flies,

ants. Ring Bob 0800


Trades & Services



Call us now for fast friendly service.

Get your problems sorted out

quick smart - on time!!

Phone for a


quote now.

Trades & Services


Gib Stopping, Small

job specialty. 30 + years

experience. Ring 0800


sHOe RePAiRs

Belfast engraving. Shoe

repairs, key cutting &

engraving. (10 yrs exp)683

Main North Rd, ph 027



Best price guarantee Tony

0275 588 895


Flooring - Splashbacks -

Wall incl tile removal, reg

master tiler, ph Dave 027

334 4125

T.v. seRviCe CeNTRe

Repairs, tvs, microwaves,

audio amps, soundbars.

.Aerial & satellite

installations, kitsets, 480D

Moorhouse Ave, ph 03 379


vHs viDeO TAPes

& all camera tapes

converted to DVD, video

taping special occasions,


ph 03 338-1655

Wanted To Buy

AAA Buying goods

quality furniture,

Beds, Stoves, Washing

machines, Fridge Freezers.

Same day service. Selwyn

Dealers. Phone 980 5812

or 027 313 8156

TOOLS Garden,

garage, woodworking,

mechanical, engineering,

sawbenches, lathes,

cash buyer, ph 355-2045

TOOLS Garden,

garage, woodworking,

mechanical, engineering,

sawbenches, lathes, cash

buyer, ph 355-2045

Phone 03 377 1280 | Mobile 021 898 380

Complete a 20 minute

survey and be in to win

1 of 8 $50 Westfield


I am a PhD student researching the

effects of the earthquake on people's

wellbeing. If you wish to take part

you will be sent a 20-25 minute online

survey. The results of this survey will

be anonymous. I invite anyone to

take part even if you feel unaffected

by the quake.

Contact me at


or 027 424 6046


Public Notices

Situations Vacant


Abbeyfield Christchurch Inc. seek to employ

a Casual cook/cleaner (separate or combined

position) for 12 – 14 seniors in our 2 Abbeyfield

Christchurch residences. Applicants for the

cooking position will be experienced cooks

and preferably conversant with food safety

legislation. Interested people are invited to

contact Julian on 3517406 or 0272232678

for further information. Application forms

are available from Margaret on 3515177 or

randmyorke@actrix.co.nz . Please indicate

whether the application is for the cook, the

cleaner or the combined post. Closing date:

5pm, Monday September 23, 2019.

See www.abbeyfield.co.nz to find out more

about Abbeyfield.

Phone for further details

(03) 379 1100

20 Tuesday September 17 2019

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Tuesday September 17 2019 21

Vote John







in our community.

DOING not just talking...

Papanui Rotary; St Paul's

Papanui; Papanui Heritage Group;

Papanui RSA; Papanui Club;

Community Board; Northcity

church; "Neighbourly" forum

Lead (Papanui); Papanui

Community Networking Group.

22 Tuesday September 17 2019

Latest Canterbury news at starnews.co.nz


Historic St Paul's Papanui

Historic St Paul's, built 1853 (rebuilt 1877),

remains an icon of Papanui. I'm active in the

parish. St Paul's was the center of life for early

pioneers drawn to the stand of timber at

Papanui. It has one of the last carillon bell sets in

a wooden spire in the southern hemisphere.

Worship at St Paul's

with Mum who has

alzheimers. She's

now resident at




St Paul's was one of the first churches to

be refurbished after the quakes. Recently

the parish completed fundraising to

night-light the church after a

recent arson attack

and to up-light this

icon as a beacon

of Papanui.

Photo: 1877.



is a big part of

my life. Out with

Rotary colleagues on the

streets. It's the DOING that counts.

Maori and European culture together made modern New Zealand what it is, a dynamic First World nation of immigrants.

MEN in HATS. For five years I provided the

Christchurch City Ambassador programme and all day

and all night security for the ReStart container mall

where my staff and I were known as 'the Sheriffs.' The

Papanui Wizard (Ari) was my neighbour. Wizard!

Bit of a Bio.

Meaning of "Papanui"

Papanui was a platform for bird spearing. A rare

stand of forest existed at Papanui. From 1850

all the timber was cut out (thus "Sawyers Arms

Rd") leaving only the Deans brothers' reserve at

Riccarton Bush. Papanui Rd was the ox track

for carting the timber to fledgling Christchurch.

• Married to Laurie

• 5 adult children; 4 grandkids

• 50 years in Papanui

• Schools: Elmwood; Paparoa

Street; Heaton; Chch Boys';

Victoria University.

• MA in classics

• I'm involved in archaeology

• I love fly fishing

• A published author (USA &

NZ) and syndicated

cartoonist (Aust. & NZ).

NOR’WEST NEWS Latest Canterbury news at starnews.co.nz

Tuesday September 17 2019 23

What I'd Like Done Better!

Our Water

This Council promised chlorination

would ONLY last 12 months. Yeah

Right! Advocating hard against even a

12 month chlorination, I wrote to every

Councillor arguing our water is a

Christchurch taonga. That means we

could have argued "cultural rights."

Central government is now pushing to

centralise water decision-making. Let's

push back! But where is the leadership

from Council? NO to chlorination!

On Yer Bike!

Papanui has many mobile elderly (who

drive). An ideological push to "save the

planet" by suggesting people abandon

cars and use cycles is over emphasised.

We've spent millions on cycle lanes that

few use. I once lived in Rutland St and

have watched it over-engineered as a

double cycleway. Now Council/NZTA

want a 15km cycleway to Templeton!

Many are not properly done and more

rates are needed to DIG THEM UP and

re-lay them! ENOUGH already!

I've worked hard on the Papanui-Innes

Community Board advocating for local

issues. Now it's time to step up and

provide a stronger voice for our

community around the Council table.



$ $

$ $

Time for Change

Cycle Lane Harewood Rd?

Do you want a cycle lane on Harewood Rd

as part of the Wheels to Wings strategy

connecting to the Northern Cycleway?

I don't. I'm also against proposals to remove

northside on-street parking on Langdons Rd

which will open soon for consultation.

We need a STRONGER

local voice on Council!

Bus & Bike Lanes

Through Papanui?

I was the ONLY Community Board

member who voted against this.

Council wants Bus & Bike lanes right

through Papanui Village instead of

northside on-street parking. It will cut

our community in half. This project

was due to start in July 2019 but

NZTA has advised there is now

uncertainty over funding. You want a

strong local voice? Elect the only

person who fought against this on

the local community board.

Our Future, Papanui Bush

I've been active helping re-establish

Papanui Bush beside Papanui High

School as a public "Central Park" for our

community (it was cut down in 1850).

This will emit more natural O2 into our

area to counter the man made pollution

from the Christchurch Northern Corridor

(motorway) opening mid 2020. I also

want to bring back native birds. Papanui

means "a gathering place for birds."

We've planted over 4000 trees, including

70 totara and kahikatea. That''s an

investment for our grandchildren.

We're double dog lovers. With our british bulldogs

Happy & Holly. They arrived Christmas eve so it

was 'Happy Holly-days.'

Papanui community day:

Northcity church & Papanui Baptist

24 Tuesday September 17 2019

Latest Canterbury news at starnews.co.nz


Authorised by John Stringer, 151 Harewood Rd, Christchurch

Community Board representative

for Papanui and local resident

Community fun day at Mega Mitre10, Papanui


15% rate hikes over 3 years is a breach of the social contract with ratepayers! Our rates

are too high; many of our roads remain waiting repair. We have a huge council deficit; our

kids' rates have been spent; now we're dipping into our grandkids' rates! Chlorine is still in

our water. I say NO to more expensive cycle lanes. NO to a $500k CEO salary. It's too high!


Important Questions

? Is it right our Council wage bill is higher

than Auckland's?

? Is it right this Council voted through a

new CEO appointment ahead of a new

elected Council in a few weeks time?

? Is it right our CEO should be paid

$500k a year? How long will it take a

new CEO from abroad, who has never

been to NZ, to get up to speed on the

issues unique to Christchurch? Would

it have been wiser to hire one of the

perfectly able local applicants?

Vote John

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