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5 Cover: Rhoda Michaels;

On The Business Of Fashion

12 Sexmatics: Quality Time,

Quantity Time

16 Instagram Moments


3 Fashion : Funeral Style

4 Fashion : Party Shoe Chart

5 Fashion : Women’s Hat Chart

6 Fashion : Classy Ways To Wear Off-



15 People : The MultiChoice Talent

Factory Graduation Ceremony


14 My Lagos Adventure


The fashion season is here again and

designers and models will be putting the

best of their craft on the runways. From

NewYork Week, London Fashion Week to

other fashion weeks around the world,

designers will be setting the stage for what

2020 trends would be.

In Nigeria, expectation is also high as

designers, make-up artists, models,

fashion editors, fashion influencers,

photographers and buyers look forward to

these various fun-filled fashion weeks;

Heineken Fashion GT Fashion Week,

Lagos Fashion Week, Bridal Fashion

Week etc.

For many years, it was disheartening after a fun- filled show to

watch designers pack their unsold garments and return to their stores.

Something was always missing- Buyers! Unfortunately, fashion shows in

Nigeria, have lacked business status due to the defective structures on

ground. In other climes where fashion is seen as big business

contributing its quota to a nation’s GDP, these needed structures are put

in place and these are what allow international buyers from department

stores and boutiques, to come order in bulk from designers.

Over time, there’s been a ray of hope as Nigerians begin to field

more knowledgeable and highly literate designers, who are now

beginning to put these structures in place in other to have more

profitable fashion businesses.

Master classes and fashion academies are also helping to bridge

the lack of adequate human resource gap, and shed light on the

logistics involved in structuring the whole value chain for a profitable

fashion business.

Developing each player in the value chain to start generating

income from her activities, will confer a business status to fashion shows

in Nigeria. This is beginning to pick up with the now annul GT Fashion


On our cover today is Rhoda Michaels, a Fashion Consultant,

CEO and Creative Director of Rhoda Michaels Fashion Academy and a

passionate advocate of the business of

fashion. As we prepare for the fashion weeks,

she shares deep insight on why buyers stay

away and offers solution on the way forward.

I’m sure you’d want to know.

Flip through the pages, enjoy our serve

and have a great week.

J . E

Jemi Ekunkunbor

Acting Editor



“If I ask God to

punish my enemy with

vengeful prayers,then

He is fair to allow the

enemy to do the same

for me”.

- Toba Beta

“I don’t know what

the key to success is,

but the key to failure

is trying to please


- Bill Cosby

“You can suffer the

pain of change or

suffer remaining the

way you are”.

- Joyce Meyer




























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If you are attending

the funeral of

someone you knew

to be quite formal,

it is likely that the

attire should be

more conservative.

A black suit, flat

shoes and less


would be quite


flat shoes







By - Rita Chioma

When deciding what to wear to a funeral, it

is always best to go conservative. Black is

the generally acceptable colour to wear to

burial ceremonies; but, you should dress

in a way that shows respect.

In Nigeria, the Asoebi trend (Family and relations

uniform) has taken over and made

styling for burial ceremonies a lot easier.

However, if you are not able to purchase or

meet up with the Asoebi from the bereaved

family, there are other ways to style yourself

to attend the event. Note however, that

you have to smartly avoid bright colours,

flashy prints, and glittery fabrics.

What you choose should be guided by the

venue, the climate, and the culture of the


Here Are

5 Tips

To Guide





Some cultures

have special

traditions when

it comes to

funeral attires.

You can decide

to be in Ankara

outfit, but less

dramatic, low

heels and little

or no make-up.


3blue top

for look



A black dress

and a good

hat is another

simple and

easy wear

to pull off to

any burial



with dark


shoes too.

black dress

You don’t want

black? Blouse and

pants in a dark,

solid colour is also

a safe choice.

Finish the look

with a pair of dark

Sunglass but,

don’t forget the

focus shouldn’t be

on you.



black midi



A skirt of appropriate

length and blouse

is also a good idea;

wear with a pair of

classic pumps.



Ankle strap


strap sandals

September 15, 2019 / 3


Badgley Mischka

evening shoe

Dries Van Noten

I.N.C Rowyn



I.N.C. Women’s Kenjay

d’Orsay Pumps







Prince d’Orsay


jimmy choo

black suede


party shoe




By - Rita Chioma


/ Sebtember 15, 2019

When it comes to parties, after your dress, make-over, what comes

next are your shoes.

While you want to choose an outfit that’s appropriate for a

celebration, getting the wrong shoes can spoil the whole effort.

Luckily, there is a way to dress stylish and chic while maintaining the

party mood - with your shoes.

A stylish pair of party shoes will give your outfit a special touch

without going overboard.

From strappy sandals, stilettos, pumps glittering metallic designs to

atone encrusted or diamante embellished designs, we have rounded

up some good party shoes that you would need this this season to

rock tour choice outfits.



hat chaRt

By - Jemi Ekunkunbor

Hats are a stylish girl’s best friend not only because they protect your

head from the cold weather but also because, they shade your face from

the wind, sun, or rain and to hide any bald.

Fashion influencers and celebrities love this one accessory because

they are fun and lift your look in a very swanky way.

There are many options to choose from now as designers have modified

old, lifeless designs into fashionable accessories by changing fabrics,

like the use of adire and Ankara to make it more ethnic or organic.

Here is a list of contemporary and traditional headgears to choose from.

Which is your favourite?

Wide Brim Fedora

church hat

Straw fedora hat



cowboy hat



military hat


bucket hat

floppy hat

September 15, 2019 / 5



Accessorise dressy outfits with as

few pieces as possible. Since

off-the-shoulder tops already draw

attention to your neckline, it’s not

necessary to wear a lot of

accessories. If you do choose to

wear a necklace, aim for one that

stays close to your neck, such as a

choker or short necklace.

You can also choose to just wear

statement earrings or sunglasses to

make your look dressier.


Wear an off-the-shoulder top with

matching pants for a bold look.

Wear a black cropped off-theshoulder

top with black pants and

colourful heels to stand out. If you

find a patterned off-the-shoulder top

that comes with matching pants, try

out both to see how the bold look

works for you.

Classy Ways To Wear


by - Tope Ojo

Off-the-shoulder tops are often the statement piece of an

outfit. Since they’re so versatile, you can wear them with

anything, pair your off-the-shoulder top with high-waisted

jeans and you’ve got a date night outfit, or wear your offthe-shoulder

top with a long skirt if you’re going to the

office. By choosing a top that complements your figure and

is comfortable, you’ll be rocking the off-the-shoulder look

all year long.

Here are ways to wear your off-the-shoulder and look


6 / September 15, 2019



Wear your top with jeans

or a skirt for a relaxed

look. Choose a soft,

breathable off-theshoulder

top and pair it

with jeans. If you’d rather

wear a skirt, choose an

off-the-shoulder top

that’s a little more fitted.

Wear shoes such as

flats, sandals, to

complete the look.


Pair a statement top with a

pair of skinny jeans and heels.

Choose a bold top, such as

one that has puffy bell sleeves

or a bright floral print, and

wear it with a pair of dark

skinny jeans. Wearing heels

with your the outfit will take it

to a dressier level

Other statement off-theshoulder

tops include bold

stripes, bright colours, layers

of lace and ruffles, or an

off-the-shoulder top that

comes as a set with matching



Find a strapless bra that fits you comfortably. One of

the biggest problems people have with off-the-shoulder

tops is that they eliminate many of your bra options. If

you already have a strapless bra that fits you well,

great! You can wear it with your off-the-shoulder tops. If

you don’t have a strapless bra, try to find one that’s

super comfortable and nude-colored so that you can

wear it with almost anything.

Many clothing and lingerie stores will help you get

fitted for the right strapless bra.

September 15, 2019 / 7


Photography : Bamiyo Iselema Emina

Makeup : Adorned by joy

Cover Outfit : Remi Davids


/ September 15, 2019


Rhoda Michaels:

On The Business Of Fashion

Words By - Jemi Ekunkunbor

Rhoda Michaels is the CEO and Creative Director of Rhoda Michaels Fashion

Academy, Lagos. She holds a degree in Biochemistry and Nutrition from the

University of Lagos, and a Post Graduate Diploma in marketing from the University

of Liverpool. The mother of three is a certified business consultant, certified

marketer, and a digital and content marketer.

Her passion for fashion and creativity is second only to her entrepreneurial dexterity. With

many accolades and awards to her kitty, she continues to strive for business excellence and

building fashion entrepreneurs. This she has done for over a decade, delivering innovative

fashion concepts and empowering young and upcoming fashion designers.

Her knowledge of fashion is deep and passion for business infectious, making me wonder if

I missed my calling. In this encounter, she spoke the heart of many concerned industry

practitioners as she talked about the business side of fashion. Enjoy.

You could have done any other type of business:

why the business of fashion?

I have always been surrounded by fashion. My mum

is a veteran fashion designer so I learnt at her feet. In my

household, it was compulsory for us as children to learn

a vocational skill and being the first child, I started out

early. At age 8, I was already learning in my Mum’s

fashion school. It didn’t feel like work, it was a normal

routine at home because the factory was in the same

compound. As for the business side of Fashion, I started

from the university when I found out my GP was low in

my third year. I realized Biochemistry was not going to cut

it, then it was all about working for multinationals and a

good grade is needed for that. I had a conference with

myself and realised that in 10 years, I will either be on the

same level with my peers or surpass them. I love fashion

and I decided to make a business of it. I already had

experience of the good, the bad and the ugly side of

business first hand from my mum, so I leveraged on her


Did you take to Fashion because you are a creative

or because you could afford to invest?

I am a creative but also a realist. The fear of poverty

is a discerner of dreams and vision. I didn’t have good

grades to qualify for the kind of multinational job I wanted

at the time, or the kind of life I wanted. The best life

changing decision I ever made was to commercialize my

creativity. I started Rhoda Michaels from scratch on my

mum’s shop veranda. Then, I took over her own space

but eventually had to get my own space. Rhoda Michaels

has been a steady growth process with the business

funding itself. I took to fashion because, when I started, it

was a question of survival and sustenance. There was no

job anywhere; the situation is still pretty much the same

in Nigeria today as it was then. So I made a conscious

decision to be an entrepreneur.

The lack of structure has been the bane to running

fashion as a business in Nigeria. What is the

situation now?

The lack of structure has always been an issue in

running a profitable, and scalable fashion business in

Nigeria. The lack of structure is the reason Rhoda

Michaels Fashion institute exists. I started out as a

fashion designer, doing all jobs connected to running a

fashion business because I could not find skilled staff

especially, in pattern drafting and bespoke tailoring. Most

artisans learnt as a vocational skill in an apprenticeship

setting. Fashion has evolved; the association with

illiteracy is gradually dissipating. The structural problem

will be a thing of the past in the nearest future because,

the fore runners in the Nigerian fashion industry are

breaking grounds, changing the archaic narrative, and

preparing the foundation. No lasting structure can stand

the test of time without due diligence. It is important to

give accolades to veterans and current fashion designers

in the fashion and beauty industry. They have been and

currently doing all the work, making it easier for the

upcoming designers to have better circumstances and

deals. Nigeria fashion industry is now on the global map

with different collaborations with international brands.

Most designers are highly literate from other fields of

study, thereby creating a wide pool of knowledge. The

creation of structure is getting better, slowly but surely we

will get to a point where people understand fashion in a

diverse and integrated industry where all hands is

needed on deck. There is no useless or less worthy side

of fashion. The designer needs the fashion illustrator, the

alterationist, the embellisher, the fabric and trainings

merchant, the seamstress, the bespoke tailor, the

machine repairer, the model, the embroider, the visual

stylist, the buyer, the trend analyst and the list goes on

and on.

New careers are developing due to the advent of

social media. I dare say the structural future of fashion

industry in Nigeria is going to be a very interesting one,

worthy of the building and wait period.

Buyers are largely missing in the fashion value chain

in Nigeria. How can the situation be remedied?

The first question should be what is the buyer buying?

Who are the buyers buying from? Who will the buyers be

selling to and at what cost? What is the buyers return on

investment from a Nigerian designer that will motivate

him to buy more at a consistent, deliverable rate and


My humble opinion is to study the problem- we can’t

find wholesale buyers. No major buyer wants to be held

accountable for unsold merchandise. That is one

complex problem. The average Nigerian is a unique

breed. She wants everything instant. If you say place an

order you will get it soon, she is out the door to your

competition. She also does not want “common clothes”

she wants couture every time.

Let’s leave customers and talk about designers that

you want to buy from. I get to do quality assurance for

some stores wanting to buy from designers. What I often

find are clothes not properly made, no universal size

measurements, samples delivery come late and no

apparent business structure from the designer. The

situation can be disheartening. Some designers should

still be designers-in-training yet, they own labels. No

apparent big brand stores or malls in Nigeria, there is

September 15, 2019 / 9


piracy, copy right infringement issues. The list is endless.

The problem is not the buyers; the problem is the existing

structure. The competition is stiff globally, from research

and development, to production, maintaining ethical

standards during manufacturing, cost of production,

predicting trend cycle right, capital and human resources,

logistics and delivery. So many 21st century issues. The

remedy as far as I can tell, is not to look for buyers with a

non-existent structure, don’t bite more than you can

chew. Buyers will find you if you have what they want and

meet their terms and conditions. There are buyers

everywhere. The question should be how can we sustain

and satisfy a buyer and buying conditions? If you can

carve a niche, be the best at what you do, have integrity.

If it’s one piece you have the capacity to produce at a

certain time, let the buyers know and if you have to sell

your design out rightly, give a good realistic price. If you

don’t have the capacity to get a buyer, grow to that stage.

Create designs that would fly off the rack.

Do you think designers have knowledge of the

proper workings of a fashion industry to be able to

play well?

I think there needs to be a clear distinction between a

fashion designer and a fashionpreneur: which is an

entrepreneur with the core in fashion. The question is

relative and I believe it should be individual based

because competition is stiff. I tell my students you can’t

give what you don’t have. You call yourself a designer

and you have no idea what is happening locally and

globally in the fashion industry. The pitfalls, the

challenges are all a misery. The designer must have a

credible system in place to even begin to think of

functioning. It is a trust and camaraderie based industry.

A lot of Nigerian fashion designers are trying really

hard to be building good brands, so I would say. If you

lack a skill in moving your business or label forward, go

get it, no price is too much for knowledge acquisition. It is

way cheaper than the crisis that originates from

foolishness and ignorance. If you are a fashion designer

with little or no business skills get a manager. If you a

fashion business person with no fashion designing skills,

hire a fashion designer. If you are both, keep adding

more knowledge. Problem arises when you have not

discovered the limitations of your skill set.

How do you equip the young designers you churn


The designers that graduate form Rhoda Michaels

Fashion Institute, go through an enlightening and a

rigorous phase of learning. The Rhoda Michaels student

is trained as a fashion designer from pattern drafting to

clothing construction, bespoke tailoring, fashion

illustration, colour and trend analysis, fashion media and

fashion education. Each student gets a free brother LS14

sewing machine and sewing tools. So no matter what

your background, you have basic tools to start a

business. We have embedded the 4’cs of learning into

our curriculum; our students understand the place of

critical thinking, creativity, communication and

collaboration. Each student is expected to be punctual for

classes, strict assignment submission policy. We also

have career sessions (master Classes) with notable

brands and individuals who come into the school from

time to time to teach and educate our students on the

intricacies involved in running a fashion business. We

expose them to fashion shows home and abroad, they

go on excursions to different fashion manufacturing

companies to see how they operate. Our graduation

process is a very encompassing one which takes the

young designer through every aspect of personal label

creation, manufacturing process and a fashion show to

launch each graduating student’s brand. We believe in

empowering the next generation.

We can each turn Nigeria around one person at the

time. A country’s greatest asset is its small businesses. If

we can create profitable and sustainable small

businesses, we would have a better outcome in Nigeria.

How well are the master classes helping?

The master classes have truly transformed the minds

of our students. Getting knowledge for me is truly

phenomenal. All the speakers we have invited come

freely to impact knowledge. At Rhoda Michaels we

believe experience is the best teacher, the catch is, it can

be anybody’s experience. We encourage our students to

What I often find

are clothes not

properly made,

no universal size


samples delivery

come late and

no apparent


structure from

the designer.

learn at the feet of experts, so they can leverage on their

experience. If you learn and listen well, you can avoid the

mistakes and pitfalls they encountered on their journey, to

accelerate yours in a concise and definitive, productive

manner. We truly believe everyone is a teacher; you are

constantly four persons away from your needed contact.

What more can be done?

So much more can be done. Government can do

better. As individuals, let’s give the best of ourselves,

learn our craft, know our times and seasons in business

and grow steadily. Get Educated and get wisdom. You

can’t miss it if you are wise. Wisdom is the perfect

application of knowledge that has been perfectly

understood. The understanding comes from deciphering

of knowledge. How do you get knowledge by deciphering

information? How do you get informed? Get Educated. It

is as simple as that. The solution to so many fashion

problems can be attributed to the mindset. We at Rhoda

Michaels transform lives using fashion as a tool. We are

all about creating business models and projects that add

value first. Once the mind is working right, we can create

viable sustainable solutions to help us grow as a fashion

industry in a nation filled with intelligent minds.

Why is it that the industry still doesn’t have a

production hub?

Very simple, my people have not fully comprehended

that it is also a fashion business that is so profitable. In

fact, as we are talking, I think I am going to start one. The

potential is astronomical. Do you know how wealthy you

can become with fashion hub that produces clothes

and other fashion accessories for people? I deal with

back end of the industry so I can tell.

Aside from being a teacher, I am also a certified

business consultant. I am also a certified marketer, a

digital and content marketer. So believe me when I

say there is market for it. A lot of designers are

coming up now that are tired of production because

of the stress of tailors, power issues, and the many

infrastructural problems we have in the country.

This is a solid business but it requires someone

with the spirit of excellence and an astute mind

because if mess up production, you are finished.

Get the necessary skills, have integrity, have

solid business projection plan and grow steadily.

Learn to say no to jobs you are not prepared for.

Once people realize they can make a lot of

money from production, that you don’t have to

have a personal label to be relevant in the

industry, and are willing to do the work it entails,

we would have plenty production hubs in Nigeria.

As a fashion designer what is the best skill you input

into your students?

The cliché is to say we teach this, we teach that. We

can be the best teachers but if you have a student with a

terrible ideology of life, a terrible mindset or a student that

has no clue who they are, or why they exist, or what their

purpose in life is, all has been lost. There is nothing you

teach that will have meaning because there is a zero

value addition. You can only place value on what is

important to you. We engage the minds of our students,

we take them on a journey with themselves, and we help

them discover their true identity and potential. Then their

creativity is unleashed in an astonishing way which

makes them unique, carve a niche for them. Then we

start to teach the fashion production skills and the

business skills. At that point, it all comes together to give

us a brilliant and above all profitable fashion designer.

What is the most important lesson you have learnt as

a business woman.

Very simple. Mind your business; your business will

mind you. This is the most valuable lesson I have learnt.

If you give your business the right nutrient at the right

time, it will take care of you in bountiful ways. I focus on

my focus. Get wisdom. For me Jesus is wisdom, so I

listen to the Holy Spirit. He is not lazy; you have to do the

work. He points me in the right direction, it is my job to

now figure out and know everything concerning the new

direction he is pointing me to. I study hard, read a lot of

books, watch a lot of video clips, and listen to podcasts

on a wide range of subjects. It is important to stay

informed. I have the spirit of excellence and I truly believe

in myself. In a world where there are now too many

teachers and philosophers, it has become paramount to

nurture my mind, so I can have a unique voice.

You organize a standard fashion show for your

graduates. How do you fund it without sponsors?

For us, it is all about adding value to the life of

budding fashion designers, putting their best foot forward,

giving them a platform to shine. They are our success

story. We work with the philosophy all for one, one for all.

We are as good as our weakest link at Rhoda Michaels.

Our Spirit of excellence shows in everything we do. We

consider our fashion shows a lucrative investment in our

students that will surely yield dividends.

If you were starting business today, what will you do


I would focus on a steady growth plan and I will worry

less about money or funds. I now truly believe that you

don’t need money to start a business. You need a

burning idea that can transcend time. I would not expand

and diversify rapidly.

How would you describe your style?

Sporty, simple, effortlessly chic. Less is more.

10 / September 15, 2019


toolz, a guest & dakore akande

Cubahiro Jordy Jeff, Elizabeth Elohor & Zarad Afia Tashana

Zarad Afia Tashana &

Cubahiro Jordy Jeff Win

Elite Model Look

Nigeria 2019

frank osodi & shola oyebade

By - Oscar Ochiogu

Ghanaian model, Zarad Afia

Tashana and Cubahiro Jordy

Jeff from Burundi have emerged

winners of this year’s edition of

Elite Model Look Nigeria contest.

Both models, 16 years old, emerged

winners out of the 1,000 boys and girls who

started out in the competition. The grand

finale, took place last Sunday at the Eko

Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

This year, the Elite Model Look Nigeria

team, expanded its coverage to include

not only Nigeria, but also other countries in

West and East Africa.

At the finale, the winners were not only

selected based on their photogenic

qualities, their personality, and their

natural beauty, but also, for their potential

to correspond to current fashion trends.

According to Elizabeth Elohor, the Creative

Director of Elite Model Look Nigeria, “we

look at the height (Female 5’9-6ft and

Male 6ft-6’3), size (4-8), Age (16-26years),

Nose, skin, a well-constructed face, defined

features and a well-defined figure.”

The winners; Zarad and Cubahiro will

join other national winners worldwide,

and will participate in the prestigious Elite

Model Look World Finale taking place

in Europe, with hopes of following in the

footsteps of Fei Fei Sun, Ruth Bell, Vittoria

Ceretti, Greta Varlese, Benjamin Benedek,

Mayowa Nicholas, Victor Ndigwe and

Davidson Obennebo all discovered by the

Elite Model Look contest and propelled to


nkiru & zinna anumudu

toke makinwa

Akin Faminu, kaylah oniwo & denola grey

September 15, 2019 / 11

with Adesuwa 07011289316 |

Quality Time, Quantity Time

Having quantity time with your significant

other, is an important part of keeping a

relationship happy and connected.

Quality time is any time that you and your

partner spend together that makes you feel

closer, more connected, and more in love

than you were prior to the moment. This could

be a few minutes, or a few hours out of an

entire day spent together at home. The

amount of this quality time does not really

matter: so long it’s what you do on a regular

basis to keep the union going.

The success of your quality time with your

spouse is not about how much time you

spend together, it is what you do in it. This

can be spent anywhere, doing anything that

you and your mate will enjoy, as long as you

are able to smile, laugh, and feel good around

each other. Being able to connect positively

can also be described as quality time.

It might be that time you sit to watch a

movie if it is used as an opportunity to

connect with your spouse, plus talk about

what you are watching every now and then.

While relating it to your life together, your

goals and your evolving understanding of the

world, turning it to fun-time by making jokes or

having more serious conversation about what

you just witnessed on the screen.

Apart from the typical activity of sitting on a

cushion and watching television, quality time

with your soul mate can be as simple as

making an effort to remain involved in each

other’s lives, which can include talking about

one another’s wants, interest, dreams and

ambitions. However, note that the answer to a

successful relationship is not about being

attentive all the time but, the secret is to focus

on deepening the love, respect and attraction

over time.

Some couples actually, believe that quality

time is much more important than quantity

time for building healthy homes, meaningful

interactions and bonds and this is not always


Quantity time refers to the amount of time

spent between spouses. This is the point

where the myth of quality time is dispelled. As

one does not get to create or demand the

magical moments of life which normally

happen when you least expect them. An adult

cannot be forced to open up emotionally upon

demand. You cannot expect somebody to

fulfill your expectation of performing the role or

function of producing a meaningful interaction

within a limited time frame.

You need quantity time together with your

partner to make a relationship successful. If

you decide to give one another as much as

undivided attention when you are together,

then you will end up having the opportunity to

truly create quantity and quality time at the

same time.

Career and life demands, usually, place

realistic limits on the amount of time couples

get to spend together. With unexpected work

obligations on the weekend, to sudden

business travel demands, one spouse’s

professional goals and ambitions can impose

stress on marriage if the other mate expects a

different level availability. Couples must learn

to navigate time spent together, with the time

that is typically devoted to unexpected official

trips, family and friends.

Studies have shown that women who more

quickly increase time spent with a romantic

partner, more quickly decrease the amount of

time they spend with their best friend [

Zimmer-Gembeck, 1999 ]. When friends

complain of not seeing you regularly and your

family wondered where you have been hiding,

the tricky nature of finding a balance becomes

really visible.

The aim is to find a meeting point in which

couples are happy with the time they spend

together, maintain their outside and family

friendships, and at the same time, making

progress towards their professional goals

while giving their marital live a chance to


If it happened that you’re having difficulty

enjoying the time you spend with your

sweetheart; especially when it starts getting

boring, and you are feeling that your love life

has gone low, you can bet that spending

considerable amount of time is in dire need

while quality is needed even more.

So if you must make a choice between

quantity and quality, choose quantity since

you will be sharing your life with your soul

mate and not playing to the gallery. Quality

moments are always there to add sparks, and

to remind ourselves and those we love of what

they help us achieve just by being in our

everyday lives.



By - Yemisi Suleiman

What some of your favourite

celebrities said and we listened.

“Never be so

busy being

yourself that

you forget

about other





“A year of watching the

world form small town pubs

eating steak and chips ends

on a beautiful stormy St Ives

day. I have stories, for

another day. Cheers to

people being people

everywhere and anywhere”.

Talk show host Funmi


“You know the DJ is exceptional

when U loose ur home training on the

dance floor. I love my job, and I get

plenty Zeros for acts like this”.

Says the A list DJ Neptune after

successful outing”.

“One thing I noticed

about Jesus was he

never allowed a

negative word of doubt

or failure to be spoken

in his presence without

him responding. Some

of us are so nice that

we sit and allow men

make suggestions

over us without any

response. Respond

strongly in prayer and

in word”.

Words from PaSTOr

Poju Oyemade.


/ Sebtember 15, 2019

I don’t agree. Helen Paul is doing better

than a lot of men. Whether male or female, it’s

the same if you don’t reinvent yourself, create

new materials and brand yourself, you won’t

last. So therein lies the way to retain your

presence in the industry; reinvent yourself and

give your fans something to look forward to

and despite your gender, you’ll thrive.


Emeka Ehem


By -Linda Orajekwe

Laughter they say is

medicine to the soul and

while we have seen the

administrators of this medicine

do it effortlessly, there’s work

beneath all the laughter creation.

Founder of ‘House of Ajebo’ and

brain behind ‘Ajebo Unleashed’

Emeka Ehem Nehemiah, talked

about these challenges, his

journey in the industry, and how

he’s creating a unique brand

of comedy to further ease the

strain placed on humanity.

How did you come into the business of


It’s all I ever wanted to do from my childhood

days. But professionally, I started to hit the stage

in 2005-2006 and I hit the mainstream when I

won the AY open Mic in 2009.

What were the challenges at the beginning

of your career?

People were not willing to pay. We did it

for the passion and I had family support. This

support earned me the name AJEBO. And also,

the Government needs to fund the industry like

the film industry and create a good atmosphere

for entertainment to thrive all over Nigeria.

What are some of the challenges you face?

Funding for shows, the porous nature of the

online market, my streaming revenues are not as

impressive, considering the massive hype around

my comic brand.

Your comedy is different from others,

why did you pick such a form of comedy?

I did that because we are all wired differently.

I like to be unique. While studying mass

communication at the University of Nigeria,

Nsukka, I decided one day I’ll crack jokes with

animations and that was the beginning of what

we have now.

Considering the time you’ve spent in this

comedy business, what are some of the

things you’ve learned?

In my time in this industry, I’ve learned that


while It’s important to know how “Show” works,

it’s more important to understand the Business

part of the show. I’ve also learned that talent is not

enough. You are a brand, you need to understand

and work, talk and act like one. So with this

industry, you have to have the whole package or at

least, start working to have the whole package.

What would you do differently if you have

to start all over again?

Truth is, If I can do it all over again, I would

change nothing. I feel fulfilled. I have learned from

life’s experience, I celebrate my present because I

know all I’ve been through brought me here and

I’m at peace knowing the future is even brighter.

How well would you say the Nigerian

comedy industry has grown?

It has grown immensely to be honest. More

comedians have joined, young ones now have

dreams of taking up a career in this profession

which was not so much the cashback then. In the

past, people didn’t think it was possible to be rich

as a comedian, but we have evolved. The story has

changed and there is even more diversification as

we now have online comedians. So I think it has

grown greatly with even more possibilities to be


What do you think the Nigerian comedy

industry is not doing right that should be

worked on?

They’re a lot of things we’re not doing right

but I’ll mention but a few: they include copyright

laws that protects the intellectual properties of

creatives, more venues to enable us plan shows

effectively without worrying about if the available

ones are already booked for a show, and finally,

there should be provision of a regulatory body to

oversee the happenings of the industry and create

a structure for a better future.

From the look of the comedy industry,

female comedians are not so common in

Nigeria and the ones that are popular don’t

even thrive as the men. Why do you think

that is?

Ajebo Unleashed 6.0 is coming up,

what’s that about?

This is my annual Comedy live show.

It’s the 6th edition happening live at Eko

Convention Center, Eko Hotel and

suites. The theme is “What Women

Want” It’s going to be an evening of

fun. laughter and more laughter

How is it different from other

comedy shows?

It’s different and it is unique.

It is the official Lagos comedy

party. We have a blend of stand

up comedy and animations in

an ambiance that says fun all

the way. With how Nigeria and

Lagos especially can be, we need

all the fun we can get and Ajebo

Unleashed is that show.

What has been the most

memorable feedback you’ve received

about House of Ajebo?

The skits grow on people like music.

It’s being replayed, saved and I can see the

happiness when people enjoy it. I’ve gotten a lot

of feedback but those reactions show the work is

worth the effort. It is growing on people so strong

that it’s a movement. And it’s not just in Nigeria,

we are global.

Who are some of the people that inspire

you in and out of your industry?

A lot of them but I’ll mention a few. One

of the international personalities that inspire

me is Kevin Hart and that’s majorly because

of how hardworking he is and that’s inspiring.

AY has proved that we can push boundaries,

Basket mouth has taken Nigerian comedy to

international standards, Bovi’s creativity never

ceases to amaze me. These men inspire me.

What keeps you motivated to create more


I’m motivated by life and the experience it

presents in every event. There’s usually always

something to take out or a silver lining. So life

and everything around me basically.

What’s the greatest assumption you

think people have about comedy as a


Some people will say things like, “is it not

just to talk?” While some people assume it’s easy

to make people laugh but the truth is, they’re

both false. Comedy is not just about talking and

it’s not easy to make people laugh; especially,


If you have to advise your younger self,

what are you going to tell him?

If I have the opportunity to advise my younger

self, I’ll tell him, “Be yourself and trust the


What’s the future like for House of Ajebo?

We are going global. We are going into

kiddies animated series, catering for that market

and hoping to dominate it.

September 15, 2019 /


By Odun Ogunbiyi



...Oddbod & The City

The first day back at school went by without a hitch despite the torrential

rain, and I ended up an absolute wreck the day before. The madam and

I realised that she did not have a suitable rucksack, and

the store I would have run to had closed down behind my

back! There was an ensuing mad dash to Lekki and the

school kit shop where I found myself in the company of

several other parents in a similar predicament. Well, all’s

well that ends well. A new phase begins!

This is Oddbod and the City – My Lagos Adventure.

Savage x Fenty

idia aisen


at DFA


New York Fashion

week marks the

beginning of the

month of fashion week.

I don’t know how I used

to keep up before the dawn

of Instagram, I spend hours every day being

inspired and learning new things.

I followed the exploits of NYFW through the

feeds of some of my favourite accounts, Eva

Chen, Susie Bubble and WhoWhatWear.

Who needs to stay up and live stream the

shows? Catch them on Instagram stories with

the front row views, edited picks and behind the

scenes access to the after parties.

As expected, the shows in New York were

packed with socially conscious commentary

(Gurung dressed models in a sash that asked

“Who gets to be an American”) and the runway

models are as diverse as they will come in terms

of body positivity, diversity and non-traditional


I waited with bated breath to catch Rihanna’s

Savage x Fenty show. I am going to have

to exercise patience because our fearless

leader saw fit to confiscate all phones! So no

sneak peeks. We are going to have to wait

till September 20th when the show will air on

Amazon Prime. The spectacle has been likened

to a live video shoot with performances from the

likes of Big Sean, Migos, Fat Joe and DJ Khalid.

A dance performance led by Normani, Laverne


/ September 15, 2019

It’s the







Cox strutting the stage along with people of

all shapes and sizes, skin tone, genders and


At this point the Victoria Secret executives

will be weeping quietly into their tissues at the

funeral of their once epic brand.

What Spring/Summer 2020 looks should I

be looking forward to? Statement shoulders

inspired by Michael Kors, textured broderie

anglaise items as inspired by Zimmerman, and

huge taffeta skirts as seen at Christian Siriano.

As usual, I will be waiting on good old Zara to

make a version I can afford and failing that …

We all live here in Nigeria; I don’t have to spell

it out.

DFA launch

Last week Tuesday, I honoured a mysterious

invitation to an event at the Sky Lounge at the

Eko Hotel and Suites.

We were invited to come dressed for the

cameras, to attend the biggest fashion unveil

of the year over canapés and cocktails. I

would usually be all shades of suspicious at

the deliberate vagueness of the invitation,

my first-class investigative skills (gained from

the prestigious school of the Law and Order

series), unearthed no further information. The

location was a winner, so I slipped on my high

heels and made my way down there to get the


And, was it worth it! It was the unveiling of

Design Fashion Africa’s (DFA) maiden edition.

With a mission statement “to change the future

of fashion design in Africa”, DFA plans to

highlight and nurture the best of African fashion

and broadcast it to the world. Successful

applicants will receive training opportunities

and conferences to fill the knowledge

gaps on how to run a successful business,

while attending fashion boot camps with a

televised competition, fashion shows and an

accompanying marketplace, where guests can

buy clothes and accessories.

I support everything this initiative stands for,

up-and-coming fashion designers and all the

peripheral supporting cast members such as

models, makeup artists and hairstylists need as

much support as possible, to actually have a

successful and lucrative career in their chosen

profession. When it comes to the fashion

industry, there is more than enough room for

more platforms to display talent and take Africa

to the world.

This project is a bold undertaking and I wish

them all the luck.

The boot camp is expected to open on the 3rd

of October..

For further information about my

adventures check out my Instagram,


The MultiChoice

Talent Factory

Graduation Ceremony

The Multichoice Talent Factory held its graduation

ceremony last Thursday. The event which was in two parts,

began in the morning with the Graduation ceremony of

the 2018 Class of MTF Academy students, held at Lagos Business

School (LBS) Ajah. The evening event saw the screening of the

film the students produced which took place at Terra Kulture,

Victoria Island Lagos, on the same day.

Here, the event in pictures.

MultiChoice Talent Factory Grandaunts

Edmund Kobby Asamoh, Patience Esiawonam Adisenu, Nii Dagadu,

Henry Konadu Denkyira & Irene Moako Dumevi

Shulamite Olufunke

Adebolu & Kemi Adeyemi

Edmund Kobby Asamoh

& Shulamite Olufunke


Gilbert Bassey & Shulamite

Olufunke Adebolu

Movie Premiere of MultiChoice

Talent Factory Class of 2018 Project


Adeniyi Joseph


Metong Minwon

Moses Adefemi


Mike-Steve Adeleye, Chuka Ejoor &

Mayowa Oluyeba

Magret Osiobor, Emmanuel Ogunbadero

Hawwal & Jude Chukwuka

Busola Tejumola, Adekunle Ayeni,

& Caroline Oghuma

Akinola Saliu

Esther, Gedoni, Avala & Isilomo

Sir Dee & Venita

Femi Odugbemi, John Ugbe, Shulamite Olufunke Adebolu, Tunde

Kelani, Ikechukwu Obiaya & Barrister Tomi Vincent

Morounranti Ashabi & John Ugbe

John Ugbe & Fuad Ogunsanya

September 15, 2019 / 15



With Yemisi Suleiman

In case you missed, these were the most Interesting pictures and

stories on Instagram last week as posted by your favourite celebrities.

The Adeboyes celebrate

52years of marital bliss

General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church

of God (RCCG), Pastor E.A Adeboye and his wife,

Pastor Folu Adeboye, recently celebrated their 52nd

wedding anniversary. The revered man of God fondly

called Daddy G.O by members of his congregation,

took to his Instagram handle to express his gratitude

to God. He posted this beautiful photo with the

caption: “Thank You Jesus, It’s been you all these 52

years.” Congratulations to them.

Seyi Adura debut

with Koma Gbon

London-based Nigerian musician,

Oluwaseyi Mercy Adurasanmi Omotayo

also known as Seyi Adura, has released

a Yoruba single, tittled; Koma Gbon, on

Friday September 13.

Seyi has a Master’s degree in

Mechanical Engineering and has also

worked in the industry before opting to

establish herself in the ever evolving

Afro Beat industry.

The promising artiste announced the

release of Koma gbon on her Instagram

page, to register her presence in the

Nigerian music scene.

Produced by StGthaprodigy, “Koma

Gbon” is now available on all streaming

and downloading platforms.

All about

Bambam and

Teddy A

Last week, social media was

agog with the wedding tales and

pictures of Former Big Brother

Naija housemates, Bamike

Olawunmi better known as

Bambam and Tope Adeniyan aka

Teddy A. The Reality show stars

who started dating as housemates

while in the BBNaija house, took

their relationship a notch higher

last week, with a traditional

wedding ceremony. The wedding

ceremony reportedly took place at

the bride’s family home in Ibeshe,

Ilaro in Ogun State.

The ceremony came, two weeks

after the lovebirds broke the news

of their engagement on Instagram.

They were joined by close friends

and family members including

fellow housemates from the

BBNaija ‘Double Wahala’ season

including; Nina, Cee-c, Lolu, Leo

Dasilva amongst other celebrities.

Bambam and Teddy A, also

known for their impeccable

style, did not disappoint fans

as they had at least three outfit

changes for the ceremony, as

congratulatory messages poured

in from friends and fans.



Looking for style

inspiration for the

week? Look to

Nollywood star

Chika Ike, who

inspired our casual

chic dressing in

this utterly, chic

bandage dress and


hairstyle. We love

the look.

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