The Dark Grimoire


By: The 2011 Demon Coordinator team


We’re not going to do any fiction in this packet. We’re not going to delve into Pacts and motivations.

This packet is all about the magic that hell grants to its followers.

The paths of Dark Thaumaturgy listed in the Infernal Packet 2011 are reprinted here so that all of these

powers can be kept in one place. The powers have not been changed from their presentation in that

packet. Some of their taints have been.

Unless stated otherwise with a particular path, the taint for Dark Thaumaturgy will be the flaw “Eerie


Unless they are listed here, no path of Thaumaturgy has a Dark Thaumaturgy equivilent. While individual

powers may be acquired using the “Discipline” Investment from the Infernal Packet, you may not learn,

for example, the Dark Path of Blood. If Dark Path equivilents exist, Hell isn’t teaching them at this time.

All this packet will describe is mechanics for the powers that are in print. We will not be giving detailed

treatments of these powers. Each source book is listed and you are free to find them either in your own

library or at .

Unless otherwise noted, all Dark Thaumaturgy requires the expenditure of a blood trait for vampires or a

willpower trait for any other creature type in addition to whatever cost is listed under a specific power.

It should be noted that while Dark Thaumaturgy has paths that are mechanically identical to other Blood

Magic paradigms, it does not mean that those characters who practice those other, non Dark Thaumaturgy

versions of these paths are infernalists. Dark Thaumatugy is separate and distinct from other forms of

Blood Magic.


Paths from Mind’s Eye Theatre Books

MET: Laws of the Night Revised

Hands of Destruction - Page 183

MET: Guide to the Camarilla

Path of Corruption - Page 83

MET: Guide to the Sabbat:

Fires of the Inferno – Page 100

Taint: Baleful Green Flames in the aura. This is seen by anyone using Aura Perception (or any power that

perceives the aura) and does not have to be asked about specifically.

Path of Phobos – Page 102

Acquire Active Derangement “Paranoia”.

Taking of the Spirit – Page 103

Taint: Acquire Active Derangement “Megalomania”.

MET: Storytellers Guide

Path of Curses (Called Hexing by Infernalists) – Page 58

Vines of Dionysus – Page 61


Paths from Sins of the Blood:

Path of Pain – Page 86 (Retest Occult)

Taint: Whenever the character suffers a single wound level from any source, including this Path of Dark

Thaumaturgy, they must succeed in a Self Control challenge vs 4 Traits or lose their action that turn as

they revel in the ecstasy of the pain. If the character’s Morality is not based on Self Control or if they do

not use Vampiric Morality they may spend a Willpower Trait instead. Players may also choose to spend a

Willpower Trait and forgo the Self Control test.

1. The Numbing: Spend a willpower trait and ignore all wound penalties for the scene. This power

has no effect on wound penalties derived from aggravated damage.

2. Anguish: Touch your target (possibly requiring a challenge) beat him in a social challenge and

spend a variable number of mental traits. If you win, your target will suffer increasing wound

penalties. (Bruised, Wounded, Incap) For each mental trait you spent. This power will not torpor

vampires. Supernatural beings may spend willpower to ignore this pain for one round. The

Fortitude power “Endurance” will work as normal.

3. Shattering: Spend a willpower trait and win a mental challenge. Your target, who must be within

line of sight, will suffer one level of lethal damage for each level you sacrifice. (Yes, this means

you have less health levels for the scene)

4. Agony Within: Spend a willpower trait and win a Mental vs Physical challenge (target retests

with survival) and inflict a number of bashing health levels on yourself (minimum one). For each

level of Bashing damage you inflict on yourself, your target receives one lethal wound that can be

healed or tested down as normal for your creature type.

5. Hundred Deaths: Spend a willpower trait, win a mental vs physical challenge (target retests with

survival) against your target, and inflict one aggravated wound on yourself. If you win the

challenge, you may spend up to five social traits, for each one your target will receive one level of

aggravated damage. Unless they spend a willpower trait, they will be incapacitated for half as

many rounds (round down) as the levels of damage you inflict upon him. Fortitude may be used


Path of Pleasure – Page 87 (Retest Occult)

Taint: One Trait is added to all Frenzy tests. This is cumulative with other Frenzy modifiers.

1. Ecstasy: Spend a Willpower trait and beat your target in a social challenge. If you win they will

feel pleasure simulating sexual arousal or euphoria from drugs, etc. This power will work

regardless of what your target considers pleasurable and will be tailored to their taste. They may

relent to this challenge. Once under this powers effects, they must succeed in a self control test vs

4 traits each time they wish to do anything else (other than defend themselves). This power lasts

for one scene. They may become obsessive over their pleasure if they fail their self control test.

2. Intrusion: Spend a Willpower trait and beat your target in a social challenge. This power works

like Ecstasy but may be performed at a distance (line of sight). Because of the sudden onslaught

of pleasure the target also takes one bashing level of “pleasurable” damage.

3. Daisy Chain: Spend a Willpower trait and for the scene anyone you touch will have to perform a

self control test vs 3 traits or suffer the effects of ecstasy. Furthermore anyone they touch will

have to perform a self control test vs 4 traits or suffer Ecstasy, while anyone they touch will have

to win the test vs 5 traits or suffer the effects of this power.

4. Deadening: Spend a Willpower trait and best your target in a social challenge If you succeed,

your target enters an “Emotionally Torpid State” and may not spend willpower for the rest of the

night. Additionally, your target is at a 2 trait penalty for all virtue tests for the duration of the



5. The Garden of Earthly Delights: You must first successfully use Ecstasy on your target during the

same scene. Spend a Willpower trait and best your subject in a social challenge. if you are

successful the target is overcome with feelings of pleasure for the rest of the night. They must

spend a willpower trait to do anything, including defend themselves for the duration of this effect.

While under the effects they have visions of such pleasurable things that would keep them

distracted. This power lasts for the next scene or hour.

Path of the Defiler – Page 89 (Retest Occult)

Taint: Character gains the “Territorial” Flaw. Instead of being focused on a location, it is focused instead

on any character upon whom he successfully uses a power of this path.

1. Call the Weakness: Perform a social challenge with your target. If you win, you may ask one of

the following questions and receive a truthful answer: “What is your Nature or Demeanor, how

much willpower do you currently have, What derangements do you currently have that are active,

To whom are you blood bound, how high is your rating in (pick a virtue). You must be in

conversation with your target to use this power.

2. Tainted: Spend a willpower and best your target in a social challenge. If you succeed, you may

chose one activity which you know your target cherishes and cause them to doubt themselves. For

the rest of the night, the target must spend a willpower trait to engage in that activity. This may

not be used to keep a person from using combat abilities to defend themselves, but will keep them

from initiating combat without spending willpower.

3. Degradation: Spend a permanent Willpower trait and best your target in a social challenge. If you

succeed, you may choose a new Nature for your target. Alternately, you may inflict a

derangement on your target. You must have the ability or ability specialization “Psychology”

(however your ST says to buy it) in order to choose a specific derangement. If you do not have

this ability you may describe the effect (not mechanics) that you want and the ST will pick an

appropriate derangement. The target may work to change their nature back, or lose the

derangement following whatever rules your game has in place for these things. If they chose not

to pursue this course, the change is permanent.

4. Poisoned Soul: Spend a Willpower trait up to five social traits and best your target in a social

challenge. If you succeed, your target will temporarily lose one level of their morality path for

each social trait you spent. They will also be forced to commit one sin at their new level at some

point in the night, unless they spend a willpower trait. You may reduce a person to 0 Morality

traits with this power.

5. Chancrous Blossom: Spend a Willpower trait and engage your target in a social challenge. If

successful they take one level of aggravated damage per their permanent morality rating. You

must witness your target violating the level of morality (or lower) that they currently possess in

order to use this power.


Path of Pestilence – Page 91 (Retest Occult)

Taint: Acquire the Flaw “Disease Carrier. The Storyteller will determine which disease you carry anew

each game. This Taint is permanently active.

1. Illness: Touch your victim (which may require a challenge). Spend a Willpower trait and up to

five mental traits. Succeed in a mental vs physical challenge (your target retests with survival)

and inflict illness on your target. They will lose either physical or appearance related social traits

(infernalists choice) for each mental trait you spent. They may spend blood on a one for one basis

to counteract this penalty. If they are not a vampire, they must heal this “damage normally” at the

rate of one per every four hours.

2. Infection: Spend a Willpower trait and win a mental vs phsyical challenge (target retests with

survival) and cause a wound your target received in the same scene to have one additional

aggravated level of damage added to it. It is obvious that you have used this power.

3. Miasma: Spend a number of stamina traits (maximum five) to spew forth a cloud if noxious gas.

It will immediately fill an area of fifteen feet. Anyone within this area must succeed in a static

physical challenge vs your physical traits or suffer a number of sickly negative traits equal to how

ever many stamina traits you expended to enact this power. These traits last the rest of the night

for supernatural creatures and mortals will fall ill and eventually die from this illness unless they

receive proper medical attention.

4. Parasitic Possession: There are three effects that this power can produce. For each you must

spend a Willpower trait.

• Spend up to three mental traits and Engage your target in a mental challenge and take control of

them for one action per mental trait you spent. Your target must be suffering from some form of

viral or parasitic infection to be susceptible to this power. Or;

• You may summon animals or pestilential insects based on how many mental traits you expend.

This use of the power works mechanically like the Animalism power beckoning except that you

may summon a progressively larger swarm of insects if you prefer that to animals. Animals

summoned must be suffering from some form of viral or parasitic infection to be susceptible to

this power. Or;

• You may animate a single Dead body which will follow your commands before collapsing at the

end of the scene. The corpse must be infested with insects or maggots to be susceptible to this


5. Vector: Spend a Willpower trait and win in a Mental vs Physical challenge (target retests with

survival) to inflict your target with a disease of your choice for the night. By spending a

permanent Willpower trait you may extend this time to one year for supernatural creatures, or

permanently for mortals. Because the disease is supernatural in origin, Medical treatment will not

cure it, but may lessen the result. Those affected by this disease suffer as appropriate, with the

Storyteller being the final adjudicator of what is appropriate. Most diseases will inflict one

bashing level of damage a day. Vampiric Fortitude can be used to resist this damage.

Path of the Unspoken – Page 93

There are powers of this path that have a tendency to violate OWbN Bylaws. For that reason, this Path is

reserved for Demon Coordinator NPCs only and may only be used once a 2/3 council vote passes.


Paths from Dark Ages Companion

The Dark Ages Companion is a pre-revised edition table top sourcebook for Vampire: the Dark Ages. It

includes several powers of infernalism. Those powers are converted here for those who do not have a

ready access to this book.

These powers have become increasingly rare as time goes on, but with infernalism becoming more

rampant in the modern nights these powers are beginning to see regular use again.


Rego Manes (Path of Spirit) – Page 107 (Retest Occult)

This path breaks the rules! That’s what infernalism is about afterall right? With this path you can summon

a Demon without having a True or Celestial name. Each level allows you to summon a progressively

more powerful demon as noted below.

Demons summoned with this path may act as if they are the Mentor Background (of the level used to

summon them) for purposes of teaching. This may not bypass any OWbN bylaws, Notification or

Approval requirements except in ways already allowed by Demons (via investments etc). See the

Infernalism packet on appropriate powers and taints for more information.

Finally, you can inflict damage on any D/demons you can see. You inflict damage based on your level in

this path as noted below. These levels of damage are not cumulative with each other.

Even with this path, summoning a demon is difficult. Spend a Willpower Trait in addition to normal cost

and mke a Mental challenge vs 15 traits plus 1 trait per full level of this path that you are using. Thus

summoning a specific demon or specific type of demon would have a difficulty of 15 + 5 traits.

To cause harm to a demon with this power spend a blood trait and engage the demon in a Mental vs

Physical challenge. If you are successful you deal an appropriate level of damage based on your level in

this path. You may if you choose, “pull your punches”.

Demons summoned with the basic or intermediate powers of this path must perform a single task for the

summoner, after which they return from whence they came. A demon summoned with the advanced

power is not bound to serve the infernalist and may well attack them if concessions aren’t made. The

Storyteller is encouraged to be creative with demons summoned through the use of this power. An

infernalist who knows how may create a circle in which to summon demons in order to force them to

remain in his location.

This path retests with Demonology (Found in the One World by Night Infernalism Packet 2011).

1. Insignificant - Attributes: 4/3/2, Abilities: 6, Powers: 0 (May inflict one Bashing Damage)

2. Least - Attributes: 5/4/3, Abilities: 9, Powers: 2 (May inflict two Bashing Damage)

3. Lesser - Attributes: 6/5/4, Abilities: 12, Powers: 4 (May inflict one Lethal Damage)

4. Minor - Attributes: 7/6/5, Abilities: 15, Powers: 6 (May inflict two Lethal Damage)

5. Specific Demon or Specific type of Demon. This Demon may require a sacrifice to be made and

will only serve the summoner if it is in the demons long term interests to do so. (May inflict three

Lethal Damage)


Rego Venalis – Page 105

1. Night's Terror - Risk 1-3 mental traits and engage your target in a Mental Challenge, if successful

the target is down that many traits in all challenges for the next scene or hour. This power may be

used on a given target only once per night.

2. Poison Heart - The Infernalist must gaze into her victim's eyes and whisper a temptation (the

subject need not understand the language spoken). Enagage your taget in a Mental Challenge,

success will cause the victim to succumb to the darker impulses of their mind. STs are

encouraged to chose a flaw, or negative trait from the subjects sheet or to choose a derangement

or the darker side of the subjects nature for them to roleplay. *Note: This power is best used for

roleplay purposes and ST's are strongly advised to use their better judgement in what can be

accomplished with this power.*

3. Fool the Heart's Eye - After defeating the victim in a mental challenge, the Infernalist apears to

her victim to be a loved one. Success will cause the victim to accept any behavioral

abnormalities between the Infernalist and who she appears to be. This power only affects the

victim, not anyone in the surrounding area. The use of this power does not require obvious


4. Name the Crime - The Infernalist has refined her techniques of temptation, and may implant a

much more serious and specific sin. Like Poison Heart, she must gaze into her victims eyes and

whisper a temptation before engaging them in a mental challenge. Success causes the victim a

strong desire to commit the sin for the remainder of the scene or hour. *Note: This power is best

used for roleplay purposes and ST's are strongly advised to use their better judgement in what can

be accomplished with this power. Use of this power counts as supernatural coersion and thus will

not allow the effected character to enter into any pacts.*

5. Unleash the Dark Soul - The Infernalist slays a mortal victim and forces a remnant of the victim's

anima into her shadow. The effected shadow becomes a shadow-wraith under the infernalist's

control. This shadow-wraith is a nearly-invisible servent that can be used to spy on enemies, pass

through material obsticals, and communicate mentally with it's creator ovre any distance. The

shadow-wraith fades with the next day's dawn. Lasombra who are also familiar with this power

are concerned with the similarities to Obtenebration.


Video Nefas – Page 105-106

1. See the Unseen: Spend a Willpower trait (instead of a Blood trait). For the next scene or hour

(whichever is shorter) you may gaze into the spirit worlds. When activating this power declare

which spirit world you wish to perceive (Umbra or Shadowlands). You will also be aware of

nearby Demons. You may only peer into one spirit world at a time.

2. Learn the Heart’s Pain: Spend between one and three mental traits and then Make a Mental

challenge vs your target retesting with Occult. If you succeed, the number of traits you spent will

determine the amount of information you receive. One trait will let you know if a target has the

Conscience virtue; Two traits will tell you the level of their Conscience and Three traits will give

you (Storytellers choice) one failing of the target (Flaws, Neg traits, etc)

3. Seize the Moment: Spend a Mental trait and perform a Mental challenge against your target

retesting with Occult. If you succeed you may ask any one question that your subject must answer

truthfully. This information is taken directly from the recesses of the subjects memory and they

are not aware of this powers use. A Storyteller should be present when this power is used. Unlike

Telepathy, questions can be asked about something other than the subject at hand. The use of this

power is not obvious to standers by.

4. Casting the Bones: Carve a set of rune stones from the bones of a sentient being whom you have

killed (this may require a humanity test). New stones need to be made from a new set of bones

each time you use this power. Spend one to three mental traits at the time of casting, and you will

gain an equal number of retests that can be used throughout the night (much like the Luck Merit).

Storytellers are encouraged to give you horrific visions when you use this power.

5. Recall the Bloody Deed: Spend a variable number of mental traits and summon a demon to

harass your victim. Use the chart on page 108 of the MET Sabbat Guide to build your demon.

The cost is based on the cost listed in that book. This power must be used in a place where

someone was murdered. The demon will take on the appearance at the time of death (including all

wounds) of the victim of the murder. It will hunt the murderer down for a number of game

sessions equal to one half the mental traits you spent to summon it (minimum 1 game). Should it

succeed in destroying the target, it will immediately return to Hell.


Malficia – Page 109

This is in the Dark Ages Companion and listed as an Infernal Discipline there. We have included it here

as a path of Dark Thaumaturgy in order to better reflect the changes that were used in the Revised


This path is rumored to have been created in night’s long past by a group of Malkavian Infernalists.

1. Evil Eye - Engage your target in a Mental challenge if you are successful your target will be -2

traits for all challenges for the next ten minutes.

2. Minor Curse - Engage your target in a Mental challenge and if you are successful they will be

forced to make an additional retest should they succeeed in the next challenege they are involved


3. Psalm of the Damned - Engage your target in a Mental challenge, if you are successful they will

be down two traits for all challenges for as long as you continue to chant. You must be chanting

verse in order to engage them in the challenge and you must roleplay the continued chanting for

this power to remain effective. You may take no action other than a slow walk while maintaining

this power.

4. Barrenness - Spend a Temporary Willpower and make a Mortal barren. Spend a Permanent

Willpower trait to make a vampire unable to sire a childe. For Mortals, this power is permanent.

Kindred can escape its effects only by convincing the caster to lift the curse, or by the death of the


5. Greater Curse - Spend two Permanent Willpower traits and best your target in a Mental challenge.

For the next year the target suffers is down one trait on all challenges due to fitful sleep; gains

three repugnant traits; and suffers the effects of Minor Curse once per night at a time determined

by the Storyteller. A Vampire affected by this power may spend an additional four blood traits

when rising from day sleep to ignore the effects for one night. Finally, if you fail the challenge,

you are affected by this curse for one year. This power will run its course unless you lift the

curse, cast the curse on another person or fail the challenge and suffer its effects yourself. You

may not buy back the expended willpower until the curse has finished (lifted, run its course etc).


Striga – 110

This is in the Dark Ages Companion and listed as an Infernal Discipline there. We have included it here

as a path of Dark Thaumaturgy in order to better reflect the changes that were used in the Revised


1. Strix - Perform a Social Challenge against your target, if you are successful, you can hear

whatever your target says for the next 5 minutes as long as they are outside.

2. Scobax - Spend a variable number of Social traits and gain the following effects based on your

expenditure. One Trait, vermin gather and act normally (eating food etc); Two Traits the vermin

begin to swarm in the target area and attack anyone therein, which places them down two traits on

all challenges while defending themselves from the vermin; Three traits The vermin attack

everyone (including the infernalist if he is vissible) dealing two levels of bashing damage per

round within the target area. A target area may be of no greater size than a normal house or


3. Masca - Drink the blood of an animal, and spend a blood trait you may take on the form of that

animal. You are still a vampire and thus your bite and claw attacks will do aggravated damage as

appropriate. You retain any Celerity, Fortitude or Potence you possess but lose access to all other

disciplines while in this form. The change takes three rounds, but may be sped up by spending

additional blood as with the Protean power “Form of the Beast”.

4. Hexe - Spend a blood trait and two physical traits (by spitting on your target and requiring a

Physical test retest athletics) if you succeed you deal two Aggravated Damage or give your target

two Negative traits of your choice (not to exceed five negative traits for a single adjective).

5. Fractura - Spend a variable number of Blood Traits limited by your actual generation. For each

Blood Trait spent grows one six foot long tentacle of Blood from your body. Each tentacle has six

Physical Traits and you may spend blood on a one for one basis to increase those traits. The

tentacles each hit for two lethal damage due to it’s slashing action and barbed nature. Each

tentacle has four health levels. The infernalist does not get the blood back when this power

expires at the end of the scene or if ended early. The tentacles receive the Infernalists Potence and

uses the infernalists retests.


From Libellus Sanguinus 2

Path of the Shadow World – Page 66

This is in Libellus Sanguinis 2. Up until this time the paths from that book have not been used in OWbN

because they were lost when the Telyaveyic Tremere died off. This path is included here with the support

of the Tremere Coordinator with the express understanding that if Team Tremere later releases a version

of this power, their treatment of the mechanics will supersede those listed here.

Infernalists are said to traffic with the dead as well as demons. This path is likely why.

1. See the Dead - Spend a Blood trait and see into the Shadowlands for a scene or hour.

2. Repel the Angry Dead - Spend a Blood trait to banish a wraith from an area for a scene or hour.

Spend a Temporary Willpower trait (in addition to the blood trait) to banish the wraith for one

month. Spend a Permanant Willpower trait to banish the wraith for one year. The area can be no

larger than a normal sized house or apartment.

3. Command the Freshly Dead - Engage a wraith in a social challenge. if you are successful the

wraith will answer one question or perform one (non dangerous) action at your command. If you

spend a Temporary Willpower trait (before the social challenge) the wraith will serve you for the


4. Army of Souls - Spend a Temporary Willpower trait and a variable number of social traits. For

each social trait you spend, a wraith will partially materialize to fight on your behalf. They are

still intangible and non solid, but may use their powers (called Arcanoi) to fight your enemies.

these warriors disappear at the end of the scene. These wraiths are still subject to the powers of


5. Walk the Road of Shadows - Spend a Willpower trait and make a static physical test vs the local

shroud rating. If you succeed, you appear in the shadowlands. You appear to be a particularly

solid wraith. While in the shadowlands, you are subject to the rules of that realm and the powers

of wraiths. As you are not a wraith yourself, you are not subject to the powers of necromancy.



The following list of rituals is listed by source book. Storytellers are free to use whatever conversion of

those powers work in their game. Remember, when converting these powers, that they are born of hell.

Certain rituals are common to many magical paradigms and those rituals can also be assumed to have

Dark Thaumaturgy equivalents. An example of such rituals would include Wards and Warding Circles.

Other rituals are listed individually below.

Any Ritual (not path) that is common to more than one style of Blood magic also has a Dark

Thaumaturgy equivalent. This Packet will not describe them all as they are detailed in other works from

both WW and OWbN.

MET: Guide to the Sabbat Revised:

Call Forth the Host – Page 105

Bind the Interloper – Page 106

Curse of Oedipus – Page 106

Video Nefas – Page 106

Felis Negrum – Page 107

Plague's Secret Domain – Page 108

Close the Ways – Page 110

Into the Abyss – Page 110

Storyteller's Handbook to the Sabbat:

Aport Object – Page 51

Spectral Mask – Page 51

Haunting Memories – Page 52

Sign of the Moon – Page 52

Sign of the Wraith – Page 52

The Inner Furnace – Page 53

Soul Leech – Page 53

Sins of the Blood:

Spite of the Harridan – Page 96


Shackle the Denizen of Hell NEW for this packet

REQUIRED: Rego Manes

This ritual ties a demon in servitude to an Infernalist. The Infernalist can bind any demon they summon

using the Rego Manes path of Dark Thaumaturgy. Demons trapped in this rite can be bound to temporary

service or into a one use magic item, or indeed into any object, place or person. No demon submits

voluntarily to binding. Spend one or more willpower Traits (one is required); each Trait spent lowers the

spirit's traits by one for the ensuing challenge. Make a challenge of the Infernalist's social traits versus the

spirit's adjusted social traits. Success binds the spirit for one week, plus another week per Mental Trait the

Infernalist spends. Basic success suffices to create a one use magic item, which lasts until used.

The Knotted Cord DA-C Page 108

- Knot a length of rope while stating the name of the person you wish to silence. That person must beat

you in a willpower challenge in order to speak (or otherwise communicate) against you. This power lasts

for one night.


Bind the Familiar DA-C Page 108

- Hour long ritual that calls a minor imp to serve the infernalist faithfully. The Imp appears in animal

form (toads, cats, weasles and ravens are most common but other small animals may be used as well so

long as they are associated with witchcraft or infernalism) and has the following stats: 5/4/3, Animalism

1-3 (only usable on its own animal type) Auspex 1-2, Cel 1-3, Pot 1-2. Bloodpool of 5, Willpower 3, and

6 traits of abilities. Must be fed one blood point per week (must be at game on game weeks) or it will

wither and die. These familiars may grow with experience based on your local house rules. Trait caps

Attributes 8, disciplines 3, abilities 5)

Bring forthe the Hell Beast DA-C Page 108

- This ritual is one of the few which can be cast instantly. Touch an animal and spend a blood trait for an

animal 20 lbs or less, two blood traits for 21-50 bls and 3 blood traits for animals as large as 150 lbs

(larger animals will not be effected by this ritual) and make your ritual challenge. The animal will gain

the first level of Potence and fly into a frenzy attacking random people other than yourself. The beast will

continue until it is killed.


Bind the Denizen of Hell - NEW for this packet

REQUIRED: Rego Manes

This ritual permanently binds a demon into an object. In preparation, the Infernalist must fowl the

potential fetish by placing it under blood that is running from the death wound of a sacrifice (for this

ritual). Then she forces or persuades the spirit into the prepared object. Flattery, bribery in the form of

spent blood, or intimidation may all be used. Make a Static Social Challenge against the demons Social

Traits, minus two for each permanent Willpower Trait spent. Extensive preparation and efforts to win the

demon's favor may also reduce the difficulty at the Storyteller's discretion. Using force requires the

Infernalist to attack the spirit and reduce it to O Physical Traits before binding it, and the fetish won’t

work for one week after this, as the demon is regaining it’s strength. If the binding challenge fails, make

two Simple Tests. If both fail, the demon is immediately released and will be very hostile unless the

Infernalist was very thorough indeed about efforts to win its favor.

Blood Imp DA-C Page 108

- See Soul of the Homonculi.

Bloody Bones DA-C Page 108

- The infernalist buries a bag of bones filled from a infant he has killed himself. For a five mile diameter

area humans become sickly, babies are stillborn and all frenzy tests are at minus one trait. This ritual

remains in effect for one month or until the bag of bones is unearthed. If the Infernalists wishes to make

the effect permanent (again until the bag is unearthed) he may spend a permanent Willpower trait at the

time of casting.

The Leaden Heart DA-C Page 108

- You need your targets birth name and a sympathetic link. Perform this ten minute ritual and for the night

your victim is unable to leave the location that they are at. This ritual ends if their name is called out (in

their presence) by a True Love. The sympathetic link is destroyed whether you succeed or fail in the

casting of this ritual.



Lethean Chains DA-C Page 108

- The infernalist creates a potion from her own blood and water from the shadowlands that when drunk

causes the drinker to forget the entire evening. It takes a month to create one dose of this potion which

can be stored indefinitely. It is up to individual game’s house rules how many a character can carry.

Hand of Glory DA-C Page 108

- See the Necromancy ritual of the same name (Giovanni CB Revised)

To address the rituals Ward vs Demons and Wardung Circle vs Demons as addressed in Thaumaturgy and

other forms of sorcery and blood magic; This ritual is a specialized for of Spirit Ward/Warding Circle vs

Spirit that affect High Umbrood type Demons. It should be noted that these rituals have no effect on

Fallen. Spirit Ward/Warding Circle vs Spirit have no effect on High Umbrood type Demons, these beings

have drifted to far from their origins to be effected in that way. This is why the Demon ward was created.


This packet is written and designed by the 2011 Demon Coordinator team of One World by Night and

is in order to specify modifications to the system provided by White Wolf/CCP as deemed necessary by

the organization pursuant to White Wolf/CCP requests as part of Dark Pack guidelines.

Portions of this material are copyrights and trademarks of CCP hf., and are used with permission. All

rights reserved. For more information please visit

These are not meant to compete with the original source material and intellectual IP, as owned by

WW/CCP , but as WW/CCP wishes to remind us all: “Be creative and have fun with our ideas but always

remember to be respectful of our rights as the copyright and/or trademark owner.”

For access to source material, please visit either or


In addition to the Demon Coordinator Team I would like to think Gabriel Bradley for his help in

converting some of the more difficult powers from table top source material.

Cover Art by Zuri Grimm. If you would like to see more of Zuri’s art please visit


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