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A violet-tinted trio of products to banish brassiness, neutralize yellow tones

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Platinum Blonde



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Platinum Blonde

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It's that time of year again – the UK hair industry's annual get-together: we've talking of

course of Salon International. The EsteticaNetwork team hopes to see you there again as

always. Salon International is the UK's top hair destination and the perfect place to be

inspired with creative ideas, innovation and technical developments. Within the exhibition

Hair: Rudy Mostarda for

Extrema Hair

Photo: Stratis Kas

Backstage Photos: Matteo

Rocchi/Anthony Mellew

Make-up: Claudia Zambello

Products: Wella Professionals

itself, there will be no shortage of stages to inspire you and your team – and as is always the

case, all of the shows are completely free of charge for exhibition entrance ticket holders!

Also for the first time this year, ExCel will

host The Alternative Hair Show for the

first time in its incredible 37-year history.

The ICC Auditorium seats 3,800 guests and brings to Salon International some of the best

and most loved global artistic teams from around the world for a glittering event of

entertainment. Since its inception, Alternative Hair has raised over £12 Million through

Tony and Maggie’s charity: Fighting Leukaemia, helping support valuable research projects

and the scientists working to find a cure for blood cancers. The 2019 Alternative Hair Show

takes place on Sunday October 6th at 6.30pm.

Gary Kelly,

Editor-in-Chief, Estetica UK

More inspiration online with

news, views and creativity at

Estetica n. 4/2019




Roberto Pissimiglia


Gary Kelly



Sergi Bancells



Laura Castelli



Fatima Pilone


Alice Gioannini


Manuela Artosi

Davide Cardente



Luca Pissimiglia



Stéphanie Argentin, Marie Coccoluto


Elisabet Parra,

Bel M. Dolla, Cristina Hernández


Michaela Dee


Lucia Preziosi, Glorianna Vaschetto


Héctor RamÍrez, Ernesto Álvarez,

Karla Cuéllar, Fernando Farfán


Marie Scarano


Matteo Franceschini Beghini,

Erica Balduini, Ludovica Cavalli,

Erika Marchese, Wilma

Sommariva, Valentina Stella

Photoshoot Cover Story 10

Mostra Newton's Universe 12

Trends Gen Styles! 14

Photoshoot A Desire To Explore 18

Vision Head Project 25

Education Luv 2 Learn 82

Profile Llongueras Better Than Ever 86

Events London Convention 90

Events Business United 92

Events 60 Years Of Luxury 93

Products 95

The technical skills that

transform every head of hair

into a work of art.

Hair creativity

taken to the highest

degree of expertise

and talent.

international trends

Estetica Master Class 33

Autumn Rhapsody 49

Cover Story

Italian hair artist and technical guru, Rudy Mostarda, is the

creative genius behind our stunning cover on this issue. We

interviewed him to learn more about the man behind the talent.

10 photoshoot

As Leader and International Creative Director at top Italian salon and brand, Extrema

Hair, as well as Creative Styling Director Wella Professionals Italy, it goes without saying

that Rudy Mostarda is no stranger to photo studios! We caught up with him at a recent

photo shoot where he created his AW19/20 collection, as well as the exclusive image for

the current cover of Estetica UK: Give us a few words which define who you are as a

hair artist? Although it’s difficult to self-define, I would describe myself as diverse,

eclectic and innovative, but with profound technical knowledge and experience. What

fuels your creative passion for hair? I’m passionate about researching all aspects of

creativity, not only relating to hair but also design, art, fashion... they are all precursors

and influences on what us the creative people we are. As a celebrated Italian hairdresser,

what is your perception of the British hair industry? I believe I have a very interesting

perception of British hairdressing! They often have a far more casual and open-minded

attitude to hair and this allows them to be much more experimental and forward-thinking

Rudy’s great passion for

creative research and his

talent for anticipating

international trends

translate into the

visionary hair artisty for

which he is renowned

both in his homecountry

of Italy and

around the world.

about what really might work. This combined with their high levels of training and technical ability creates an ingenious combination.

Tell us about your ongoing involvement with The Alternative Hair Show. I feel very privileged to be part of this event and

to be working alongside such highly esteemed icons of our industry. All I can say is that each time the moment arrives for me to

take part, it feels to me like a new beginning and I wish to thank everyone involved for their faith in me. Which have been the

most satisfying moments in your career so far and which are the goals that you’d still like to achieve? I have to say that I feel

I’ve already achieved so much in my career and I’m very pleased with the success I’ve enjoyed so far. However, as well as being

ambitious, I’m also a little presumptuous. I’m never 100% happy with what I do and I’m always striving for perfection. What gives

me great satisfaction is when my work is recognised and appreaciated by other hairdressers and by manufacturers: this helps me to

believe that I can achieve even more. What is the best advice you could give to a young ambitious hairdresser who is looking

to develop and further his career in the hair sector? There is lots of advice I would like to give, but perhaps the most

important is to remember that hairdressing is always a journey. I began by observing, copying... then slowly but surely I began

studying the technical aspects of the craft at the same time as broadening my creative horizons to include, make-up, fashion,

music, design. Adopting this all-encompassing attitude can help you become a true artist. What kind of support is Wella

Professionals able to give you? Throughout my career I’ve always felt very fortunate to be associated with a company like Wella

Professionals – a company which is extremely innovative both in terms of product development and the services it offers, like

education, in which I believe it is a global leader. Wella Professionals has always shown great faith in me and I have always

reciprocated. Tell us a little about your latest AW19/20 collection, a stunning image from which is featured on our front

cover. It’s called New Horizons and, as the name suggests, it’s about discovering new horizons, also in terms of hairdressing.

The hairdresser is the focal point of any photoshoot and the final images are the realisation of how the artist can reach new

horizons by investing his creative skill in his own craft.

HELMUT NEWTON Elizabeth Taylor, Vanity Fair, Los Angeles, 1989, @ Helmut Newton Estate



Eroticism and glamour, but with a touch of humour.

In Berlin, a celebration of the genius of Helmut Newton,

his wife & the creatives with whom he worked. Giancarlo Rapetti

12 exhibition

GEORGE HOLZ, Nicole Stark 2018, @ George Holz

GEORGE HOLZ, Madonna, Hollywood, 1983, @ George Holz

Three events are combined into one, in a programme staged by the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin, running until

November 10 Sumo, his (in)famous book of nudes is at the centre of the exhibition. Then there is an entire ensemble that

for years has been a corollary to the famous photographer: the shots from the private collection of his wife June and those

of the three former collaborators of the master - Mark Arbeit, George Holz and Just Loomis - or ... the "three boys from

Pasadena".The exhibition dedicated to Sumo puts together an impressive series of celebrities, but the portrait of Liz Taylor

in the pool with parrot surpasses all else, for the touch of tropical kitsch that enhances the beauty of the violet-eyed

actress. Among the collaborators of the master, a special mention is given to Holz for his shot of a young Madonna. Long

before, Like a Virgin he may have been a cult figure, but his unique star-quality that we now admire was already emerging.


Iman, American Vogue, Monte Carlo, 1995

@ Helmut Newton Estate


Iman, American Vogue, Hotel Negresco, Nice, 1989

@ Helmut Newton Estate


Vinyl Eyes, Galliano, Paris 2004, @ Just Loomis

Gen Styles!

Each generation is defined by an iconic hair look, from the

60s bob, the Farah flicks of the 70s, and the highlighting

craze of the 80s, to freehand balayage and beyond...

Gary Kelly

Modern women of all ages want to embrace current trends while also looking back at those styles that shaped

previous generations. Here we talk to some top hair experts about the looks women of every age group are

asking for and how they ensure each client, no matter what her age, leaves their salon looking fabulous.

ERROL DOUGLAS MBE, Errol Douglas, London

This age group loves to play with colour. They want to try loads of pop colours, shades they can wash in

and wash out. Festival undone hair is still a big movement with this age group. It’s not just a case of

wearing hair down, there are loads of ways to style the hair, adding waves or accessories. What I love is

that a lot of younger women are getting back into really brave fringes with quite heavy layers and wispy

ends. We are finally moving away from that heavy block geometric line and point cuts. This is so women

can wear extensions in their hair for instant length.

ALAN SIMPSON, Contemporary Salons

This is a generation of rule breakers. Women in this age group are happy to combine influences from every era, evolving them to suit

their own personal style. The festival hair vibe is still big, but this could mean combining plaits and chignons, with sections of heavily

textures, undone looking hair. It’s all about dual texture, or experimenting with multiple textures to create a look bespoke to the

individual. This generation does not want to be invisible, they want to be heard and seen, which means every element of their style,

including their hair, needs to make a bold statement.

Errol Douglas

i Gen

(age up to 24)

Alan Simpson

124 photoshoot

Darren Ambrose

Mark Leeson


(age 25-39)

MARK LEESON, Mark Leeson Salons

This generation is all about experimentation and change. Women in this age group want to embrace new

trends, but they also have the confidence to put their own spin on them. Millennials are not afraid to try

strong looks that play with texture and length. They want to mix blunt cuts with wispy details, wear a

variety of fringes, from the long and sweeping to more edgy disconnected styles. Colour is still huge for

this generation. Think bold but beautiful – vibrant coppers and metallic blondes. For millennials it’s all

about individualism and making a statement – these women are not wall flowers.

DARREN AMBROSE, D&J Ambrose, Pinner

This really is an anything goes generation. Bold colour is definitely a major trend for women in this age group, with a willingness to be

playful and adventurous. Statement colour requires hair to be in great condition so recommending an in-salon conditioning treatment is a

must. In terms of cuts, we’re seeing every extreme, from the ultra-short with texture and face-framing sections, to past-the-shoulder length,

either sleek and smooth or with waves and movement. Women of this age are not afraid to make a bold statement with their hair, so don’t

assume they want something safe. Always offer them the option of a stronger cut if you think it will suit their personality ad style.



Desmond Murray

Guy Kremer


(age 34-44)

DESMOND MURRAY Atherton Cox London

Every generation of women is currently embracing variations on the bob. For a woman in the 34 to 44 age

group, I’d definitely recommend a bob-shaped look, obviously depending on the face shape. There is a vast

variation of bobs out there that can be worn in a variety of ways, bespoke to the individual client, including

one length, long layers, face framing and graduated. A bob is perfect for softening certain features or

making them pop – it’s an incredibly versatile look, perfect for this age group.

At this age, grey hair can start to be a concern. My top tip when covering greys is to use a semi-permanent

rather than a permanent as this will ensure that when the hair grows out it does not leave a hard line.

GUY KREMER, Guy Kremer Salons

There is a definite trend amongst women of this age group towards shorter styles, but that doesn’t mean being ultra-sensible. It’s important

to play with texture, creating movement even in the shortest styles and embracing natural waves and curls. Volume can sometimes

be an issue with women in this age group, and texture and movement can help create the appearance of more voluminous hair, as can

the right products. In terms of colour, it’s about natural looking hues created using multiple shades and clever placement for a beautiful

multi-tonal effect.

16 trends

STEVEN SMART, Smart:Est 73, Weston-Super-Mare

Bobs are always a favourite of a more mature clientele, and the great thing about bobs is that they are

not ageing as they are also the epitome of casual cool for younger clients. For older clients, it’s good to

play with the classic bob shape, adding more texture through layering or shattering the edge to give it

a softer more undone look. It’s important, if you have clients with finer hair, to ensure you keep

thickness and weight around the weaker hair line areas especially the recess points around the

temples. By keeping it heavier the whole hair will appear to be thicker and denser. With this age group,

don’t be afraid of modernising your client by giving them an on-trend style.

SCOTT HALSEY, Clipso, Watford

I am a huge believer in, no matter your age, if it looks great and it suits you, do it! From undercuts to vibrant colours, don’t ever

age-bracket a client, just always work with their personal style. This tends to be an age when women start thinking about change and

getting their hair cut shorter. When cutting shorter styles, I’d suggest creating softness and movement; also adding longer layers,

especially around the front to frame the face. I love the variety fringes can bring - soft side ones or heavier longer ones.

Colour is also something to look at, and for most, I would recommend going lighter, as skin tones change as we age and too dark a

colour can be very harsh and draining.

Generation X

(age 40-54)

Steven Smart, Smart:Est 73

Scott Halsey, CLipso



A desire

to explore

Wanderlust collection is a follow-up to Paul Mitchell’s

fascinating, artistic exploration of the Golden State in their

Spring 2019 California Dreaming hair fashion collection.

Paul Mitchell® Professional Hair Color is following an irresistible desire to explore new sources of inspiration in a

new collection they have dubbed Wanderlust. With a longing to experience Berlin’s iconic street art, an impulse

to walk through London’s cool neighbourhoods and a passion to window shop in the fashion capital of Milan, John

Paul Mitchell Systems® European Artistic Team crafted the Autumn 2019 Wanderlust Collection. Envisioned from a

European point of view with a free-spirited confidence, each look epitomises a stop on the Paul Mitchell team’s travels.

Be instantly transported and inspired to wander near or far, because there is always beauty in discovery. The new,

awe-inspiring Wanderlust Collection features three key looks, all of them created using Paul Mitchell The Color XG

and the Demi shades and completed utilising the Awapuhi Wild Ginger and Neuro care, style and tool brands:

18 photoshoot

Under the direction of Lucie Doughty, John Paul Mitchell Systems® Creative Director, the team

that created the Wanderlust Collection in Milan (Italy) includes: Noogie Thai, Editorial Director

& Photo Shoot Mentor; Marco Iafrate, Creative Director, John Paul Mitchell Systems® Italy;

Evelyn Strauss, Artist & International Educator, Germany; and Luke Dawson Browne, Artist

& Regional Technical Consultant, UK; Vicky Panting, Artist & Regional Technical Consultant,

UK; and Severine Papin, Artist & International Educator & Trainer, France.



by Paul Mitchell® Professional Hair Color

Photo: Pasquale Abbattista

Wardrobe Stylist: Angela Marcato

Make-up: Barbara Bonazza

Produced by Estetica Magazine

Milan – a coral rose balayage on bombshell layers: With sunlight dancing off the Duomo and Italian cinema

starlets as inspiration, this look captures the fashionable nature of Milan. Modern coral rose washes over sultry

layers punctuated by effortlessly chic fringe.

Berlin – a modern pageboy in faded pastel: History meets the present in buzzing Berlin. This edgy look borrows

from 1960s mod fashion and melds it with the thrilling German capital and its painted skies. Dapples of faded pastels

bring dimension to a reimagined pageboy cut modernised with texture.

London – warm dimension on free-flowing natural curls: Set against the backdrop of London’s historic landmarks

and royal grandeur, this graduated cut brings life to a crown of voluminous curls. A warm palette of walnut, bronze

and caramel shades caress her texture to a shimmering effect, evoking a ’90s supermodel moment.






Find us on and at Paul Mitchell UK

Developed by barbers in

Los Angeles, MVRCK® is

a complete line of trusted

barbering products rooted

in functionality and


Available exclusively from Salon Success - The Distributor of Choice

To find out more visit or call 0845 659 0011

Best of

B ri t

Our favourite image from

the latest beautiful collection

produced by The Fellowship

for British Hairdressing’s

Colour Project team. See our

website for the full collection.

Hair: The Fellowship for British

Hairdressing Colour Project 2019

Team Leader: Paul Dennison @

Ken Picton

Art Direction: Robert Eaton @

Russell Eaton

Photos: Richard Miles

Make-up: Lucy Flower

Styling: Stacey Jane Shaw @

Russell Eaton





“A bold execution

of power &

strength takes

reference from

different eras”

26 vision

Best of

B ri t

Thomas Hill’s Iconic collection

of 9 images is a showcase of looks

inspired by hair through the ages

from the ‘20s Marcel wave through

to the modern day mullet.

Hair: Thomas Hills, Director,

TH1 Hair, Oxted

Photos: Richard Miles

Make-up: Jo Sugar

Styling: Bernard Connolly

A collection inspired by

the sisterhood; women’s life

milestones and rituals -

births, christenings, weddings

and funerals.

Cut & Styling: Britt Beekman,

Sassoon Covent Garden

Colour: Julien Sega, Mia leete,

Nicole Peters, Bryony Mendez

Photos: Ryan Lovelock

Make-up Natalie Lisa Ibrahim

Styling: Elodie Fromenteau

Best of

B ri t

“A vision of how

tenderness and

strength can

combine and

come together”



A showcase of Muse of London’s

exceptional colour work through

the creation of bright and pastel

hair shades.

Hair: Muse of London Art Team

Photos: Mauro Carraro

Make-up: Viktor Taylor &

Antonia Wood

Stylist: Kiera Liberati

Best of

B ri t

“Colour is always

the defining feature -

across the spectrum”



Best of

B ri t

Just one image from Bad

Apple Hair’s new blow-dry

menu - 6 new looks with

maximum wow factor!

Hair: Bad Apple Hair Art Team

Photos: Tom Goddard

Make-up: Meg Lindow

Styling: James Earnshaw

32 vision









In November, Turin will be the world capital of hairdressing. Under the spotlights, for the tenth edition of On Hair Show & Exhibition, 30

international non-stop shows and novelties by the brands. Top-event, the Estetica Master Class. Four stylists of world renown - on stage -

to illustrate the iconic looks of their careers. We introduce them to you here...

A novembre, Torino sarà la capitale mondiale dell’hairdressing. Sotto i riflettori, per la decima edizione di On Hair Show & Exhibition, 30 show

internazionali no-stop e novità dai brand. Top-event, l’Estetica Master Class. Quattro stilisti di fama mondiale - on stage - a illustrare i look iconici

della loro carriera. Scopriamo chi sono...

Im November wird Turin zur Welthauptstadt des Friseurhandwerks. Im Mittelpunkt der zehnten Ausgabe der On Hair Show & Exhibition stehen

30 internationale Nonstop-Shows und Brand-News. Die Estetica Master Class – ein Top-Event. Vier international renommierte Designer

präsentieren auf der Bühne die Kultlooks ihrer Karriere. Lassen Sie uns herausfinden, wer sie sind...

En novembre, Turin sera la capitale de la coiffure. Sous le feu des projecteurs, pour la 10e édition du On Hair Show & Exhibition, 30 shows

internationaux non-stop et toutes les nouveautés des marques. Un évènement top niveau, l’Estetica Master Class. Quatre coiffeurs de renom

international – sur scène – pour illustrer les looks emblématiques de leur carrière. Découvrons ensemble qui ils sont...

En noviembre, Turín será la capital mundial de la peluquería. Bajo los reflectores, para la décima edición de On Hair Show & Exhibition,

30 show internacionales non-stop y novedades de las mejores marcas. Top event, la Master Class de Estetica. Cuatro estilistas de fama mundial

- on stage - para ilustrar los looks icónicos de sus carreras. Averigüemos quiénes son...


I would describe myself as a technical

excellence hairdresser, an all-rounder, in live shows

and photographic collections.

Errol Douglas MBE

Hair: Lorem ipsum Doledar

Photo: Adlrem Ipumer

Make-up: Antera Dolupre

Styling: Alenaus Bauhaus





A stylist of reference of British hairdressing for more

than 30 years, Errol Douglas is one of the 5 Ambassadors

& Patron of Honour of the Fellowship for British

Hairdressing and hair guru for numerous stars in the

world of music, fashion, and cinema. A winner of several

of the most coveted prizes in the world, he is loved by the

British media and young people.

Stilista di riferimento del mondo British da più di 30

anni, Errol Douglas è uno dei 5 Ambassador & Patron of

Honour del Fellowship for British Hairdressing e hair guru

di numerose star del mondo della musica, della moda e

del cinema. Vincitore di svariati premi tra i più ambiti al

mondo, è amatissimo dai media britannici e dai giovani.

Errol Douglas ist seit mehr als 30 Jahren ein

Bezugspunkt in der britischen Modewelt und einer der

fünf Botschafter und Patron of Honour des Fellowship for

British Hairdressing sowie Haar-Guru zahlreicher Stars

aus der Welt von Musik, Mode und Kino.

Der Preisträger zahlreicher der begehrtesten

Auszeichnungen der Welt wird von den britischen Medien

und jungen Menschen geliebt.

Modèle pour tous les coiffeur-ses en Grande-Bretagne

depuis plus de 30 ans, Errol Douglas est l’un des 5

ambassadeurs et Patron of Honour du Fellowship for

British Hairdressing ainsi que gourou du secteur pour de

nombreuses personnalités du monde de la musique, de

la mode et du cinéma. Gagnant de multiples prix parmi

les plus convoités, il est très aimé des médias anglais et

des jeunes.

Estilista de referencia del mundo British desde hace más

de 30 años, Errol Douglas es uno de los 5 Ambassador &

Patron of Honour del Fellowship for British Hairdressing y

el gurú del cabello de numerosas estrellas del mundo de

la música, la moda y del cine. Ganador de varios premios

entre los más codiciados del mundo, es muy amado por

los medios de comunicación británicos y por los jóvenes.


Facebook @ erroldouglasldn

Instagram @ erroldouglasldn

Discover more on

Errol Douglas



Creating a show or shoot concept takes so much time, effort

and commitment, the only way l feel it’s worthwhile is to do

something I find unique. If I were in the audience or looking at

an image, what would hold my interest? That process is what I

measure all of my work up against.

Tom Connell





The Artistic Director of the Trevor Sorbie Art Team

and passionate trainer, Tom Connell boasts strong

professional ethics and a great strategic vision. Fashion,

culture, and inspiration are the foundation of his works.

His artistic team is visionary, original and evolving

continuously. On stage @ On Hair Show & Exhibition with

the Special Colorist Giuseppe Stelitano.

Direttore Artistico del Trevor Sorbie Art Team e

appassionato formatore, Tom Connell affianca una forte

etica professionale a una grande visione strategica.

Fashion, cultura e ispirazione sono alla base dei suoi

lavori. Il suo team artistico è visionario, originale e

in continua evoluzione. On stage @ On Hair Show &

Exhibition con lo Special Colorist Giuseppe Stelitano.

Als Künstlerischer Leiter des Trevor Sorbie Art Teams und

leidenschaftlicher Ausbilder verbindet Tom Connell eine

starke Berufsethik mit einer großen strategischen Vision.

Mode, Kultur und Inspiration sind die Basis seiner Arbeit.

Sein künstlerisches Team ist visionär, originell und in

ständiger Weiterentwicklung.

Auf der Bühne der @ On Hair Show & Exhibition mit dem

Special Colorist Giuseppe Stelitano.

Directeur artistiques du Trevor Sorbie Art Team et

formateur passionné, Tom Connell soutient une forte

éthique professionnelle empreinte d’une grande vision

stratégique. Mode, culture et inspiration sont à la base

de ses travaux. Son équipe artistique est visionnaire,

originale et en continuelle évolution. Sur scène à

l’On Hair Show & Exhibition avec le coloriste spécialiste

Giuseppe Stelitano.

Director Artístico de Trevor Sorbie Art Team y formador

apasionado, Tom Connell combina una fuerte ética

profesional con una gran visión estratégica. Moda, cultura

e inspiración son la base de sus trabajos. Su equipo

artístico es visionario, original y en continua evolución.

On stage @ On Hair Show & Exhibition con el Special

Colorist Giuseppe Stelitano.


Facebook @ tom.connell.505 - @TrevorSorbie

Instagram @ tomconnell - @trevorsorbie

Discover more on

Tom Connell

@ Trevor Sorbie

Art Team


I’m a very observant person. I like to look at people, nature,

architecture... I draw my inspiration from different situations.

You have to overcome insecurities, obstacles, restrictions

or any set rules. Then life itself and one’s attitude toward it

are inspirational. Dmitry Vinokurov





Der internationale Trendsetter, Gründer der Open

Academy International Vinokurov & Friends und

Präsident von Intercoiffure Mondial Russland, ist bekannt

für seine große Kreativität und seine ganzheitliche

Fähigkeit. Er ist der erste russische Friseur, der auf der

Alternative Hair Show auftritt und engagiert sich sehr

im Wohltätigkeitsbereich. So gründete er zugunsten von

leukämiekranken Kindern in seinem Heimatland die

Stiftung „We are with you“.

International trendsetter, founder of the Open Academy

International Vinokurov & Friends and president of

Intercoiffure Mondial Russia, Dmitry is famous for his

extraordinary creativity and capacity to engage crowds.

The first Russian hairdressers to perform at the Alternative

Hair Show, he is very active in the charity sector where he

established the “We are with you” foundation, to benefit

children with leukaemia in his homeland.

Trendsetter internazionale, fondatore dell’Open Academy

International Vinokurov & Friends e presidente di

Intercoiffure Mondial Russia, è famoso per la sua grande

creatività e capacità aggregativa. Primo parrucchiere

russo ad esibirsi all’Alternative Hair Show, è molto attivo

nel settore della beneficienza, nell’ambito del quale ha

dato vita alla fondazione “We are with you”, a favore dei

bambini con la leucemia nel suo Paese d’origine.

Faiseur de tendances internationales, fondateur de l’Open

Academy International Vinokurov & Friends et président

d’Intercoiffure Mondial Russie, il est renommé pour sa

grande créativité et sa capacité d’agrégation. Premier

coiffeur russe à s’exhiber à l’Alternative Hair Show, il

est très actif dans le secteur de la bienfaisance, dans le

cadre duquel il a donné vie à la fondation « We are with

you », en faveur des enfants atteints de leucémie dans

son pays natal.

Trendsetter internacional, fundador de la Open Academy

International Vinokurov & Friends y presidente de

Intercoiffure Mondial Russia, es famoso por su gran

creatividad y capacidad agregativa. Primer peluquero

Ruso en actuar en el Alternative Hair Show, es muy activo

en el sector benéfico, creando en su país de origen la

fundación “We are with you”, a favor de los niños con



Instagram @ dmitriy_vinokurov

Facebook @ - @ oaVinokurovAndFriends

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Dmitry Vinokurov


We are the first worldwide company dedicated to R + D + i. Express,

Create and Disseminate is our mission. X-presion was born out of a

personal desire that drives us to bring innovation and enthusiasm to the

hairdressing industry. Seeing our techniques replicated by hairdressers

around the world is the greatest form of recognition we can have.





Marco Antonio Restrepo, Jorge Cáncer, Jose Luis

Almendral and Kasper Thomas: a team of explosive

creativity, of huge innovative capacity in terms of research

(like the revolutionary colouring technique #xpresionpixel)

and training. The artistic group originally from Madrid

contributed to the growth of the highest level of this sector,

involving parallel fields like music, video, and photography.

Present at the top sector events, they also enjoy huge

success on social with millions of impressions.

Marco Antonio Restrepo, Jorge Cáncer, Jose Luis

Almendral e Kasper Thomas: un team dalla creatività

esplosiva, di grande capacità innovativa in termini di

ricerca (come la rivoluzionaria tecnica di colorazione

#xpresionpixel) e formazione. Il gruppo artistico originario

di Madrid ha contribuito alla crescita del settore ad

altissimi livelli, coinvolgendo ambiti paralleli quali musica,

video e fotografia. Presenti agli eventi-top del settore,

spopolano anche sui social con milioni di impressions.


Facebook @xpresionproducciones

Instagram @xpresioncreativos

Marco Antonio Restrepo, Jorge Cáncer, Jose Luis

Almendral und Kasper Thomas: ein Team mit enormer

Kreativität, großer Innovationskraft im Bereich der

Forschung (wie die revolutionäre Färbetechnik

#xpresionpixel) und Ausbildung. Die aus Madrid

stammende Künstlergruppe hat zum Wachstum des

Sektors auf höchster Ebene beigetragen, wobei sie

gleichrangige Medien wie Musik, Video und Fotografie mit

einbeziehen. Sie sind bei den wichtigsten Veranstaltungen

der Branche präsent und auch in sozialen Netzwerken

mit Millionen von Inhalten erfolgreich vertreten.

Marco Antonio Restrepo, Jorge Cáncer, Jose Luis

Almendral et Kasper Thomas : une équipe à la créativité

explosive et à la grande capacité d’innovation en termes

de recherche (comme la technique révolutionnaire de

coloration #xpresionpixel) et de formation. Le groupe

artistique venant de Madrid a contribué à la croissance

du secteur à de très hauts niveaux, en impliquant des

secteurs parallèles comme celui de la musique, de la

vidéo et de la photographie. Présents aux évènements

top niveau du secteur, ils font aussi des ravages sur les

réseaux sociaux avec des millions d’impressions.

Marco Antonio Restrepo, Jorge Cáncer, Jose Luis

Almendral y Kasper Thomas: un equipo con creatividad

explosiva, de gran capacidad innovadora en términos

de investigación (como la revolucionaria técnica de

coloración #xpresionpixel) y formación. El grupo artístico

originario de Madrid ha contribuido al crecimiento del

sector a niveles muy altos, involucrando áreas paralelas

tales como música, video y fotografía. Presentes en

los principales eventos del sector, también son muy

populares en las redes sociales con millones de


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Hair: Steph Meyer

Photo: Anniss + Bartion

Make-up: Charlotte Ravet

Styling: Rachel Kaufman

Hair: Box Hill Institute Educators

Photo: Milos Mlynarik

Make-up: Box Hill Institute Educators

Styling: Jessica Jade Fashion

How can this new autumn mood be interpreted? What palette should we rely on to create new

feminine stories every day? Make your move in total creative freedom. Listen with your eyes,

feeling a different philosophy between your fingers. Your own.

Come interpretare il new sentiment d’autunno? A che palette affidarsi, per creare ogni giorno

nuove storie al femminile? Fate il vostro gioco, in totale libertà creativa. Ascoltando con gli

occhi, sentendo tra le dita, una filosofia differente. La vostra.

Wie lässt sich die neue Herbststimmung ausdrücken? Mit welchen Farben erzählen Sie jeden

Tag neue Frauengeschichten? Lassen Sie Ihrer Kreativität freien Lauf. Lauschen Sie mit Ihren

Augen und spüren Sie eine völlig neue Philosophie zwischen Ihren Fingern. Ihre eigene.

Comment interpréter ce nouveau sentiment d’automne ? À quelle palette de couleurs faire

confiance pour créer, jour après jour, de nouvelles histoires au féminin ? Créez votre propre

jeu, avec un esprit créatif sans limites. En étant à l’écoute avec les yeux, en sentant entre les

doigts une philosophie autre. La vôtre.

¿Cómo interpretar il new sentiment otoñal? ¿En qué paleta inspirarse para crear cada

día nuevas historias en clave femenina? Haced vuestro juego, en total libertad creativa.

Escuchando con los ojos, sintiendo entre los dedos una filosofía diferente. La vuestra.


Hair: Bridie Meehan

Photo: Karla Majneric

Make-up: Georgia Ramman

Stylist: Karly Brown

Hair: Paula Hibbard

Photo: David Mannah

Make-up: Rachael Montgomery

Styling: Josie McManus


Hair: Team Twins

Photo: Petra Holland

Make-up: Darien Touma

Styling: Annet Veerbeek

Hair: Nichola Lovell

Photo: Anniss&Barton

Make-up: Emma Van Breugel

Styling: Leroy Lorenzo



Hair: Toni&Guy McMahons Point

Technlogical colours

Natural inspiration

Hair: Lyndall Vile/Photo: Milos Mlynarik/Make-up: K. Hopwood/Styling: L. Ross

Something new arrives from unprecedented combinations. The

techno-innovation of pigment research is personified in inspiration by

nature, borrowing ideas from reality. Wine red strands. Orange to be

drunk. Metallic to shine. Autumn nuances for gourmets.

Il new deal arriva dall’accostamento inconsueto. L’innovazione tecno

della ricerca nei pigmenti si umanizza nell’ispirazione nature, che

ruba le idee alla realtà. Ciocche vino rosso. Arancio da bere. Metallo

per brillare. Nuance d’autunno per gourmet.

Der neue Look entsteht aus einem ungewöhnlichen Mix. Die

technologische Innovation der Pigmentforschung bezieht ihre

Inspiration aus der Natur, deren Ideen der Realität entstammen.

Haarsträhnen in Rotwein. Ein orangefarbenes Getränk. Glänzendes

Metall. Herbstnuancen für Gourmets.

Le nouvel accord de l’alliance inhabituelle. L’innovation technique de

la recherche dans les pigments s’humanise dans l’inspiration nature

qui soutire les idées à la réalité. Des mèches lie de vin. De l’orange

à boire. Du métal pour briller. Des nuances d’automne pour fins


El new deal viene de la combinación inusual. La innovación tecno de

la investigación de pigmentos se humaniza en la inspiración nature,

que roba ideas de la realidad. Mechones color vino. Naranja para

beber. Metal para brillar. Tonos otoñales para gourmets.

Hair & Colour: Mat Johnson

Photo: David Mannah

Make-up: Pablo Morgade

Styling: Josie McManus

Hair: Paul Mitchell®

Professional Hair Color

Photo: Pasquale Abbattista

Make-up: Barbara Bonazza

Styling: Angela Marcato

Produced by Estetica Magazine

Hair: Pop Academy Team

Photo: Vlad Andrei Gherman

Make-up: Ioana Simon

Styling: Smaranda Almasan



Hair: David Murray

Photo: Tony Le Britton

Make-up: Roseanna Velin

Hair: Huub Eysink/Photo: Ivo de Kok/Make-up: J. Pietrzak/Styling: S.Eysink

Hair & Colour: Laurent & Carole Voisinet/Photo: Pascal Latil/Make-up: M. Miteva & M. Charot/Styling: V. Suchet & P. Latil

Liquid energy

Fire and


A courageous act. For those who enter a salon determined to come

out looking different, more beautiful. For those who work in the salon

with the daily responsibility of making dreams come true, with nothing

but shears and colours. The objective? Innovate while personalising.

Atto di coraggio. Di chi va in salone con l’obiettivo di uscire diverso,

acquisendo in bellezza. Di chi in salone ci lavora, con la responsabilità

quotidiana di realizzare sogni. Forbici e colore gli alleati.

Ambìto l’obiettivo: innovare personalizzando.

Mut beweisen ... all diejenigen, die mit dem Wunsch zum Friseur

gehen, durch eine Veränderung neue Schönheit zu erlangen und

all diejenigen, die tagtäglich im Friseursalon arbeiten, um Wünsche

Wirklichkeit werden zu lassen. Schere und Farbe als Verbündete.

Angestrebtes Ziel: Neues durch Individualität.

Acte de courage. De celle qui va au salon dans l’objectif d’en

ressortir différente, belle. De celui-celle qui travaille au salon, avec

la responsabilité quotidienne de réaliser les rêves. Les ciseaux et les

couleurs, des alliés. L’objectif, ambitieux : innover en personnalisant.

Acto de coraje. De quién acude al salón con el objetivo de salir

diferente, ganando en belleza. De quién trabaja en el salón, con la

responsabilidad diaria de hacer realidad los sueños. Tijeras y color los

aliados. El objetivo: innovar personalizando.


Hair & Artistic Direction:

Claude Tarantino

Photo: Jules Egger

Products: L’Oréal Professionnel

Hair: Revlon Professional®


Hair & Colour: Stevie Corthine

Photo: David Mannah

Make-up: Pablo Morgade

Styling: Josie McManus

Hair: Candice McKay

Photo: John Rawson

Make-Up: Maddie Austin

Styling: Jamie Russell

Hair & Artistic Direction:

Danny Pato

Photo: Mara Sommer

Make-up: Kiekie Stanners

Styling: Danny Pato

& Rachel Morton

Hair: Barry Maddocks

& Amy Sultan

Photo: Philip Veitch

Make-up: Geena Dinnis

Styling: Lewis Robert Cameron


Hair: Debbie G/Colour: Billi Currie Team/Photo: Kayt Webster-Brown/Make-up: Faye Marie

Inner reflections

Retro allure

From chestnut to caramel corn, passing through bronze, coffee and

chocolate. Brunettes have the upper hand in September. A selection

of nuances, versatile by nature. Honey and caramel go hand in hand,

igniting in copper, more subtle in coffee tones.

Dal castagna al marron glacé, passando per bronzo, pigna e

cioccolato. Il castano a settembre gioca in casa. Nuance d’elezione, è

versatile per indole. Si accompagna a miele e caramello, si incendia

nel rame, si tranquillizza nei toni del caffè.

Von der Kastanie bis zur glasierten Marone, über Bronze, Pinienzapfen

und Schokolade. Die Kastanie darf im September nicht fehlen. Die

bevorzugte Nuance ist naturgemäß vielseitig einsetzbar. Sie passt gut

zu Honig und Karamell, fängt Feuer mit Kupfer und beruhigt sich mit

den Nuancen von Kaffee.

Du châtain au marron glacé, en passant par le bronze, pomme de pin

et chocolat. Le châtain, en septembre, est chez lui. Avec ses nuances

privilégiées, il est polyvalent de par nature. Il accompagne le miel et le

caramel, s’enflamme dans le cuivre et se détend dans les tons café.

Desde el castaño al marron glacé, pasando por el bronce, piña y

chocolate. El castaño en septiembre juega en casa. Nuance de

elección, es versátil por índole. Va bien con miel y caramelo, se

enciende con el cobre, se calma en los tonos del café.

Hair: James Earnshaw for Bad Apple Hair Art Team/Photo: Tom Goddard/Make-up: Kate Reynolds


Artistic Direction: Fabien Provost

Hair: Fabien Provost,

Alexandrine Piel, Ludovic Chapalain

Photo: Adel Awad

Make-up: Charlotte Willer

Styling: Chloé Dugast

Hair & Colour: Ludovic Chapalain,

Jérôme Ponthieu, Raynald Bernard

Make-up: Natacha Maillard

Styling: Virginie Fauconnier

Photo: Bruno Juminer

Hair: Candice McKay

Photo: John Rawson

Make-Up: Maddie Austin

Styling: Jamie Russell



Hair: Brandon Messinger

Photo: Deborah Selwood

Make-up: Priscilla Messinger

Hair: Laurianne Baesa

& Damien Dussert

Photo: Pawel Wylag

Make-up: Izabela Szelagowska

Styling: Joanna Wolff

Sweet geometries

Bauhaus brushtrokes

Hair: Bill Tsiknaris/Colour: Chris Tsiknaris/Photo: David Mannah/Make-up: P. Morgade/Styling: J. McManus

Hair: Laurianne Baesa & Damien Dussert/ Photo: Pawel Wylag/Make-up: I. Szelagowska/Styling: J. Wolff

Even the ultimate classic, the bob, feels the change of season. It

leaves micro-fringes and tousled looks behind to welcome texturized

styling and more aware looks. Colour takes all or seeks contrasts.

Designer brushstrokes.

Anche l’evergreen per eccellenza, il carré, sente il cambio di

stagione. Abbandona micro-frange e décoiffé estivi a favore di styling

texturizzati e look più consapevoli. Il colore si prende tutto o va a

contrasto. Pennellate di design.

Auch der Bob – Evergreen par excellence – spürt den

Jahreszeitenwechsel. Verzichten Sie auf Mikroponys und

sommerliches Décoiffé und bevorzugen Sie ein texturiertes Styling

und bewusstere Looks. Die Farbe gibt entweder den Ton an oder wird

zum Kontrast. Ein Anstrich mit Design.

Même le plus classique des classiques, le carré ressent le changement

de saison. Au placard les mini-franges et les décoiffés d’été en faveur

des coiffages stylisés et des looks plus conscients. La couleur prend

tout ou est en contraste. Des coups de pinceau de design.

Hasta el evergreen por excelencia, el carré, siente el cambio de

temporada. Abandona micro-flequillos y décoiffés de verano en favor

de un estilo texturizado y un look más consciente. El color lo llena

todo o es contraste. Pinceladas de design.


Hair: Equipe Artistique Vog Coiffure

Photo: Weronika Kosinska

Make-up: Izabela Szelagowska

Styling: Joanna Wolff


Hair: Justin Pace for

Papas & Pace Artistic Team

Colour: Justin Pace

Photo: John Rawson

Make-up: Lang Nguyen

Styling: Jamie Russell

Hair: Eric Zemmour

Photo & Make-up:

Stéphan Gagnard

Styling: Yulia Moatti

Artistic Direction:

Angelo Seminara for Davines

Colour: Équipe Angelo Seminara

Photo: Andrew O’Toole

Make-up: Daniel Kolaric

Styling: Niccolo Torelli

Hair: Laurianne Baesa

& Damien Dussert

Photo: Pawel Wylag

Make-up: Izabela Szelagowska

Styling: Joanna Wolff


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17 TH - 18 TH NOVEMBER 2019





an event by

in partnership with

Organised by: BolognaFiere Cosmoprof S.p.a. - Milan - ph. +39.02.796.420 - fax +39.02.795.036 -

Luv 2 learn

There really are no limits when it comes to educational

opportunities, focusing on both technique and on-trend

know-how. Here are a few to pique your interest! Gary Kelly

A career in hairdressing is an endless journey of discovery: the day a hair professional stops learning is probably the day they hang up

their scissors forever... and let’s be honest, they rarely is ever do that! Apart from the precious gift of learning ‘on the job’, which makes up

a massive portion of their expertise, there are, nowadays, an extraordinary number of dedicated courses and seminars offering niche

and bespoke learning opportunities. These can range from the obvious - full-blown vocational cutting and colouring packages lasting

several weeks - through to some very specialised trend-driven courses that won;t take more than a day out of your hectic schedule:

STREETstyle Campaign 2019 by KMS is an intriguing one-day educational concept which takes participants on a virtual around-the-world

tour to visit global style hotspots such as Copenhagen, Cape Town and Miami. They can then learn not only about the global hair trends,

but also the fashion, lifestyles and individual trends of the cities. After seeing how the looks were created, each participant can then end

the day by creating their own look inspired by the city of their choice. Also strictly trend-led, is Goldwell’s Trend Report, another exciting

one-day seminar-style experience that explores the latest colour phenomena sweeping social media. It’s tailored to intermediate and

advanced level hairdressers who are looking to offer the most talked about colour services. It teaches the techniques, colour patterns and

formulas that are required to recreate the looks that are at the forefront for fashion-hungry, social media savvy clients.


82 education

Great Lenghts Goldwell

KMS California

Last year saw the launch of Great Lengths first GL Tapes course. A one day course (see image below) designed to teach delegates in the

application of applying tape hair extensions, ensuring each delegate leaves confident and competent in the art of GL Tapes. The aims of the

course include a full introduction to Great Lengths and the brands ethos and knowledge in the hair extension hair industry as a whole.

The course leads on to how to conduct a consultation with a client, how to order hair, aftercare and maintenance for clients and the

continued business support all delegates will receive while trading with Great Lengths. “Our newest innovation, GL Tapes, comes with

globally recognised certification training, meaning that regardless of where you are in the world, you have access to the best in tape

extensions,” explains Louise Jenkins, Creative and Education Manager for Great Lengths.” The course itself is covered in a full day session.

It explores the brand history, the extension industry as a whole and then the unique selling points of GL Tapes.” The course covers the

different ways to apply and customise the tape extensions, including GL Tapes Plus in which the hair is blended completely up to the

adhesive tape line, meaning complete discretion for clients. Before the course is complete, each educator covers cutting and blending

techniques with each stylist to ensure they can blend clients natural hair with the extensions.

When it comes to creativity, in education or more accurately creative ‘thinking’, you’d have to go a long way to eclipse TONI&GUY’s

Creative Cut & Colour course. Designed to expose participants to new ideas and approaches in the latest in hair fashion trends, they are

Great Lengths’

GL Tapes course

teaches delegates

in the application

of applying tape

hair extensions,

ensuring they leave

feeling both confident

and competent.



taught by none other than the brand’s International Artistic Team. Attendees are inspired and motivated as they are taken on a

journey of exciting demonstrations which also showcase TONI&GUY’s newest collection. They learn forward-thinking techniques

in both cutting and colouring, with the chance to express individual creativity working directly on models. “Teaching this course

is so rewarding as it enables me to help people become confident and strong in the skills that will eventually take them to the

next level,” adds International Technical Education Director, Jo O’Neill. “My advice to anyone putting the time into these classes,

learn your theory as I am a big believer in the SQ3R studying concept. Understanding this will give you unstoppable and unlimited

creative freedom.”

How do you pull off the ultimate blow-dry? Years of in-salon experience toiling away with brush and dryer is the obvious answer

and is without doubt the correct one. Perfecting that blow-drying technique really is all about practise. That’s not to say you can’t

be open to a few tips from a real expert. ghd Brand Ambassador, Zoë Irwin (see images above), heads up a one-day seminar called

The Blowdry Session, during which she’ll help you to bring your blow-drying skills bang up to date with the latest trends, techniques

Wella Professionals





and creative insights. You’ll learn how to create the classics for powerful, client-friendly results, then how to update the essentials

with trend-led twists. “A great blow-dry is the basis of so many looks and at ghd, we’re dedicated to showing people how to perfect

their technique using best-in-class tool technology for a lasting, flawless finish,” explains Zoë. “In this class, we’ll cover the basics

of blow-drying, as well as trend-led updates to change up your client’s look each season with subtle changes.” As a colour-specific

educational concept, Wella Professionals’ Blonde Toolbox is designed to help maximise the potential of blonde clients by delivering

couture colour and a perfect blonde every time. This is a one-day, advanced course that will enable you to create personalised

blondes bespoke for your own client-base. You’ll learn how to spot different types of blonde clients, whilst exploring the full blonde

spectrum in detail. The course also addresses colour techniques, aftercare and maintenance. “There really is no better environment

to perfect your blonde colour skills than on Wella Professionals’ Blonde Toolbox,” explains Robert Eaton, Wella Professionals

UK & Ireland Technical Director.” “Blondes are big business for any colourist, so this course is ideal for any colourist who needs to

remain one step ahead of the competition.” Also with colour in mind, Revlon Professional offers its Colour Excel course at the

stunning Westrow House Academy in Leeds. The course enables participants to explore the endless possibilities of semi-permanent

colour in a dynamic seminar while working alongside the brand’s award-winning ambassadors. With emphasis on creating shadows

and lights, contrast or harmony, intense saturation or pastel infusions through speedy and easily-adopted techniques.

The Internet and in particular the influence of Social Media has long been a huge creative resource for our industry. It has also

emerged as a successful educational and technical tool. FUSE by TIGI is a dedicated one-stop platform designed to champion

hairdressers as creatives, promote the industry as a whole, and act not only as a source of inspiration, but also as a vital educational

resource, helping support the personal journey of stylists, technicians and salons owners. TIGI Modern Classics encompasses

8 cutting and colouring techniques, to give hairdressers techniques and inspiration to progress their classic, fundamental work to

the next level. The 8 step-by-steps will also be available online on so hairdressers have instant access to TIGI education

whenever and wherever works for them. Over the years, classic hairdressing has provided thousands of hairdressers with the basis

of their daily salon work and has been a fundamental part of the education programmes that the team at TIGI has developed.




































“Classic cutting and colouring techniques provide the basis

for many of the hairstyles created for clients. Suited to most

people’s face shapes, lifestyles and individual image, the

ability to perfectly execute these looks is paramount to every

hairdresser. TIGI Modern Classics is about ‘forward- thinking’

and reappraisal. It’s classic, but dressed for your clients today.

I am sure hairdressers will find the content invaluable.

Our TIGI heritage and progressive culture allows us to

continually review previous techniques. Modern Classics is

a tribute to our foundations, but with a fresh view, and will

take you fluidly from classics to creative.”








































better than ever

Llongueras salons started in January 2018 a new stage

of renovation with its alliance with the consolidated

group, Provalliance, coming up #TheNewLlongueras.

In January 2018, the French group Provalliance, led by Frédéric Logodin (CEO of Provalliance Spain)

announced the acquisition of Llongueras salons, becoming the undisputed leader of hairdressing in Spain,

managing more than 300 salons. Leadership added to the one that the group already had in Europe and to

a second place worldwide with approximately 4000 salons.

In this way, the group rebuilt a legendary brand and an impeccable professional reputation, elevating the

brand to its maximum splendor.

The objective of the alliance was to achieve a greater expansion both nationally and internationally, through

the renewal of, not only its image and communication, but also the facilities and the continuous training of

its teams. All this orchestrated to continue offering its hairdressing services at the highest levels of quality

and luxury.

Regarding the image, Llongueras presents a new concept of experiential salon, where design, comfort and

new trends prevail. This new concept arises from the result of dismantling the structure of the conventional

hairdressing salon to transform it into an atelier inspired by the versatile artist Lluís Llongueras. The new

Llongueras space reflects modernity, warmth and innovation. In short, spaces that invite the consumer to

disconnect and enjoy a luxurious service.

In addition to the modernisation and improvement of the Llongueras salons, another new strategic line of

the firm is the presentation of new collections, with a renewed image standard, with a high-level

production. Those collections are done in collaboration with the internationally renowned Spanish

photographer Valero Rioja.

86 profile

These collections would not be possible without the faultless professionalism of the Llongueras team.

A family for which training is fundamental in conveying values, ideas and professional growth.

All professionals receive constant training offering all their stylists the latest in methodology, tradition, style

and fashion. The multinational has more than 20,000 employees in all brands of the group and 250 of

which work at the headquarters.

The emblematic Llongueras Method is the training basis of the brand, a technique that has revolutionised

the hairdressing world in innovation, speed and perfection. As well as the undisputed style of programmed

cuts, recognised worldwide, as well as colouring, styling and finishing techniques. This training, at present,

takes place in the exclusive Llongueras Institute.

The Llongueras Institute is located in Barcelona, the fourth world city as the centre of design and

creativity. It has more than 1000 m2 distributed in rooms with a high-tech movable panels system that

adapts the space according to the crowd, achieving a single completely open room with capacity for 250

people. Within its educational offer, the new Llongueras Institute offers courses, masters, ateliers and

seminars that have been designed in order to enhance the beauty of this profession.

Without doubt, Llongueras salons have been, are and will be a benchmark in the hairdressing industry, not

only in Spain but also worldwide. Contact:

The new Llongueras era has begun.





5-7 OCTOBER 2019





Book your tickets now at

or call the ticket hotline on 0844 581 4915 (UK)

or +44 (0)121 796 6291 (Overseas).



The TIGI European Convention was a truly spectacular

London event, which saw 2 days of inspiration, education &

information dedicated to hairdressers from across Europe.

Anthony Mascolo, TIGI founder & International Artistic Director, was joined on-stage by Mark Bleathman TIGI President and

Tobias Kuetscher, TIGI Europe General Manager, in welcoming guests to the Park Plaza Westminster in London, where the

TIGI European Convention hosted the launch of the new TIGI Modern Classics education collection as well as the latest product

innovation from TIGI Copyright. The event also provided guests with business information and social media ideas to utilise

in their salons. Mark Bleathman added that the aim of the TIGI Convention was to give back, provide inspiration, show

TIGI’s creative output and introduce TIGI Copyright and TIGI Fuse to everyone. Introducing the new work, Modern Classics,

Anthony Mascolo explained: “It offers something to every hairdresser in the salon, from the youngest and least experienced

to the advanced, confident stylist and colourist. These are the cuts and colours the majority of clients want, but updated to give

a new and fresh look. These cuts and colours can be pushed to give advanced creative finishes.”

90 events

Photos Alex Barron-Hough

The second presentation was the TIGI Creative Team’s new Designer Collection. TIGI fashion stylist, Jiv D, researched the latest sub-cultures in global

fashion and chose 8 trends linking closely to both fashion and music. These were reprised in the finale of the evening , with an incredible presentation of

7 models, with individually futuristic hairstyles entitled: Sculpture the Art of the Human Form.No TIGI event happens without entertainment and an

after-party. The TIGI Convention began on Sunday evening with drinks and a dinner, during which guests were entertained by incredible magician Maddox,

from Britain’s Got Talent, and continued with TIGI’s DJ ‘on the decks’ to keep the excitement going well into the early hours.

The two-day

inspiraitonal event

incorporated a

full programme

of captivating




More than 200 guests gathered this

Summer for Wella’s Business Network Live,

for motivation, networking & inspiration.

Now in its 22nd year, Wella Business Network Live hosted over 200 industry guests for

a two-day agenda compiled specifically to connect with an audience of salon owners,

managers and their teams. In traditional Business Network Live style, there was the perfect

balance of business and pleasure, including a line-up of programme of captivating guestspeakers.

The two-day experience included a fabulous drinks reception in the stunning

grounds of Belfry Hotel & Resort, followed by a formal sit down meal and further

entertainment into the early hours. Visit for more details.

Hairdresser and TV presenter, Michael

Douglas (above top), hosted the two day

conference, joined by Wella’s Go-to-Market

Operations Director, Jerome Toulza and

Coty Professional Beauty General Manager,

Nick van Holstein.

60 years

of luxury

It was in 1959 that Takara Belmont arrived in

London: 6 decades on, the brand is proud to

unveil its new-look showroom in the UK capital!.

A select group of industry guests and representatives from the professional media recently

arrived at Takara Belmont’s London HQ to experience a tour the brand’s new state-ofthe-art

showroom and indulge in luxury treatments and hairstyling; the centrepiece

of which was the Yume head-spa. Managing Director Mr. Hoshina (right) extended

a warm welcome and expressed his appreciation of the media’s support. In a speech that

highlighted the significance of this anniversary, he touched on the company’s journey

and evolution, and its major accomplishments that have culminated in Takara Belmont’s

global position and offering in the 21st Century. “We were delighted to welcome our

guests and immerse them in a Takara Belmont experience,” said Cari-Anne Rawlinson,

Takara Belmont’s Hairdressing Marketing Executive. “We look forward to building on our

heritage and introducing more ground- breaking equipment in the future.”

Guests were treated to the

ultimate VIP experience

before finding refreshment

in the pop up cocktail bar

and luxury buffet, ensuring

that they left feeling

informed, relaxed and

thoroughly contented!










Association Internationale Presse

Professionnelle Coiffure

5, Rue Boudreau

75009 PARIS (France)

Don’t miss the opportunity... visit now


Advanced Motor Technology by Leopa-R2 Air Collection

This is a state-of-the-art dryer incorporates technological advances that will surprise and

convince the most demanding professionals in the hairdressing sector. CBR Professional,

located in Barcelona, ​has the exclusive European distribution for this innovative dryer

with BLDC, an ecological motor patented by the Korean company, JMW. The dryer has

30,000 hours of service life, on average 15 times longer than other motors.

New Shades by Great Lengths

Great Lengths introduces Coral, Dusty Pink and Autumn

Foliage, its three new limited edition colours, taking the

hair extension brand's total colour offering to over 80

shades. Each of the new shades will be available in both

classic bonds and GL Tapes, making them accessible for

all types of Great Lengths wearer. All three shades are set

to be popular and in high demand, particularly as we fast

approach the winter months of 2019.

Oracle by ghd

Making curling easier than

ever before, this innovative

curling tool uses patented

breakthrough curl-zone

technology which combines a

unique shape, the styling

power of heat and the setting

effect of cooling, to create a

variety of curls for all hair

types – in just one stroke - no

matter the section or the angle

you're styling from.

MVRCK by Mitch

Bending society’s expectation of male grooming,

MVRCK gives room for unconventional styles

while still embodying the classic skill and

craftsmanship of barbering. Modernise, revamp or

just maintain that look with the latest range that is

rooted in functionality and authenticity. Created

for barbers by barbers, a complete line of trusted

products designed to suit any grooming

need, elevating the experience both at home

and in the barbershop.

Copyright Repair Booster

Post summer hair often needs help to get it

back to optimal health and TIGI has the

answer with its range of TIGI Copyright

Care Boosters that empower the hairdresser

to deliver tailored results you can

immediately see and feel. Repair Booster

increases cellular repair of damaged hair

with its expertly formulated treatment,

containing concentrated Keratin Bond

Complex. Hair feels dramatically softer and

stronger after just one use.

Insight Hydra-Refresh

Antioxidant Hydra-Refresh Hair and

Body Water by Insight is a unique and

innovative water-treatment with

refreshing, moisturising and soothing

effects. Its special alcohol-free formula is

a source of natural hydration, perfect for

quenching skin and hair during the day.

It's also packed with formulations that

work together to provide a purifying

experience with effective results.




Get lost

in colour

Goldwell introduces ELUMEN PLAY a

semi-permanent hair colour for ultimate

versatility. Mix and match 13 stunning

shades that are made to fade - then

ERASE and you can play again!

Elumen Play is

Goldwell's new kid on

the block - a compact

assortment of mix and

match shades with up

to 100% fading on

tone. Lasting up to

10-15 washes, Elumen Play is a

ready to use true semi-permanent

colour which is simple to use and

doesn't require a developer.

The range includes 8 PURES:

Sunny Yellow, Juicy Orange, Fiery

Red, Mysterious Violet, Hot Pink,

Ocean Blue, Tropical Green and Jet

Black. With Elumen Play Jet Black,

you can give your formula a smoky

character, or simply add it to pure

or dark bases (level 2-3) to intensify

shine and depth. Then there are 5

PASTELS: Blush Coral, Bashful

Rose, Sweet Lavender, Cool Mint

and Clear. With Elumen Play

Clear, you can dilute or pastellize

all other Elumen Play shades.

Elumen Play contains Goldwell's

unique HDmax Technology - a

96 products

system of specially-selected direct

dyes which have been designed to

fade on tone. They create

extraordinary intensity by sitting

both on the outer and inner levels

of the cuticle layer. Advanced shine

and care technology also gives

outstanding colour shine, brilliance

and hair that is healthy-looking

and with glow effect. Then, when

it's time to change colour, The

Elumen Play Eraser is designed to

remove every shade of Elumen Play

on pre-lightened hair, up to 100%,

allowing you to create a clear

canvas for your creative work and

gives your client flexibility to easily

play again. With an eye on the

environment, Elumen Play boxes

are produced with sustainably

sourced paper (FSC certificate) and

are 100& climate neutral.



When Elumen was first introduced

in 2001, the professional hair

colour market woke up to a range

of long-lasting, non-oxidative,

ammonia free, odour free direct

dyes with incredible shine and

extraordinary colour brilliance.

Ever since, Elumen - the original

Elumenation - has been a real

game-changer for salons. and the

first choice for creative colouring.

Now the story continues -

reinvented and re-launched for a

new generation of creatives.


is a compact

assortment of

mix and match

shades with up to

100% fading on

tone, with

advanced shine

and care

technology to

give outstanding

colour shine.


The Yume Series by Takara Belmont: how

to make sure you deliver on your promise

of pure luxury and comfort to your clients.

Spa style



The Yume DX at Skyler in London (above); the highly versatile Spa Mist II mobile

treatment processor (right); The Yume Espoir at Erica Salon (top page right);

The Yume Espoir at Salone di Luca (above top).

he Yume, Yume DX and

Yume Espoir present a

way of immediately

up-scaling your services

and the customer

experience. They also

enable you to expand

your service options, introduce

spa-style treatments and boost

revenues. Takara Belmont’s

Territory Sales Manager, Katie

Wrighton: “Luxury is defined by

the customer experience and the

services they receive; equipment is

essential to this. Yume not only

transforms the way clients’ feel, it

can dramatically increase service

incomes too.” Whether you opt for

the Yume DX, the Yume or the

more compact Yume Espoir, your

salon is investing in the pinnacle of

equipment innovation. Designed to

elevate the quality and range of

backwash services, they allow for

the introduction of new premium

treatments, such as head massage,

facials and beauty treatments,

whilst transforming your salon into

a haven of tranquillity and serenity.

As the ultimate in comfort and

relaxation, these fully motorised

systems enable you to gently

manoeuvre your client in and out

of the perfect treatment position, as

double gel-filled neck cushions

delicately support the head to

promote a sense of total well-being.

Spa Mist II adds yet another

dimension when paired with the

Yume. This mobile treatment

processor generates an ultra-fine

mist to open the hair cuticle at a

low temperature allowing the

concentrated ingredients and

colour pigment to penetrate each

hair shaft without damage. Hair

health and condition are actively

and visibly improved, treatment

results prolonged, and colour

intensity & vibrancy are enhanced.

Discover the Yume Series and Spa

Mist II:

call 020 7515 0333 or email



World leading

ethical hair extensions

To enquire about joining the elite and becoming a Great Lengths certifi ed stylist visit



Intrigued by tape extensions?

Want to know more about

how they can help to increase

salon revenue? Read on!

No fuss

GL Tapes

Great Lengths offers a

range of different training

courses, covering all the

services that they offer.

The training that the

brand offers is a

mandatory requirement

for any salon wishing to stock

Great Lengths products. This

policy is in place to ensure a

consistent, quality level of service

across their ever-growing salon

network in the UK. One of the

most popular courses offers

training to become a tape

extensionist. GL Tapes use the

same premium quality of hair

as the Great Lengths traditional

bonds and are the perfect

alternative for short-time, no-fuss

transformations. Add colour,

Great Lengths Certified Stylist & Educators, Raphelle Saint Marshall from

Matthew Curtis Hair (below right) and Nicky Marcar from Salon Ten (left);

Creative & Education Manager for Great Length UK, Louise Jenkins (below left).

volume, length and body, fill in

the gaps or go for a full-head.

With an extensive one-day

training course to get you client

ready, becoming a pioneering

GL Tapes salon couldn't be easier.

We caught up with several Great

Lengths certified stylists to explore

the service offering, the training

offering and the effect these have

on business. “Having seen how GL

Tapes are taking the hairdressing

world by storm all over the world

and hearing more and more clients

talking about them, I couldn't wait

to get involved,” comments Great

Lengths Certified Stylist &

Educator, Raphelle Saint Marshall.

Great Lengths Certified Stylist &

Educator, Nicky Marcar, is also

very excited about them, especiallly

for clients with fine hair: “Fine

haired clients who thought

extensions were never an option,

now have the option of just one

tape fused with a safety band for

a lighter feel creating a lot less

tension on their hair,” she explains.

Great Lengths UK Creative &

Education Manage, Louise Jenkins

is a great believer in education

being the key to business

development and is therefore a

huge advocate of specialist courses

like this one: “Today, clients have

so much access to knowledge and

information that it is vital that as

professionals we stay on top of

our game and maintain our status

as experts,” she explains.

“At Great Lengths, we review

our courses regularly to ensure that

the knowledge that our partner

salons are gaining is relevant to

current demands. It is important

that the level of technical

knowledge that our stylists have

supersedes what knowledge can

be found on the internet.

For this reason, we pride ourselves

on continuously developing our

certification courses.”

To learn more please visit

For bookings please email:

or call 0113 216 3064

Introducing 3 new shades! Coral, Dusty

Pink and Autumn Foliage. Great Lengths

launch three new limited edition colours,

taking their total colour offering to over 80

shades. A mix of fashion colour and classic

autumn tones have been added to increase

the versatility of colour matching and

provide the customer with as much choice

as possible. Each of the new shades will

be available in both classic bonds and

GL Tapes, making them accessible for all

types of Great Lengths wearer






12 – 14 NOVEMBER 13 – 15 NOVEMBER



A new world for beauty

Bologna, Hong Kong,

Las Vegas, Mumbai

Sales Office Asia Pacific

UBM Asia Ltd, Hong Kong

P +852 2827 6211

F +852 3749 7345

Sales Office Europe, Africa,

Middle East, The Americas

BolognaFiere S.p.a., Bologna, Italy

For info: P +39 02 796 420

Marketing and Promotion

BolognaFiere Cosmoprof S.p.a.

Milan, Italy

P +39 02 796 420

F +39 02 795 036

Organiser - - Cosmoprof Asia Ltd Ltd




Destination Hong Kong,

November 12 -15!

Cosmoprof Asia '19 is

our region's leading

barometer for market

insights and trends.

Think you know

Asia’s beauty

industry? Come to

Cosmoprof Asia

2019 and discover

all you need to know

to become a regional

expert in our sector!


gateway event between Asia

and the rest of the world,

Cosmoprof Asia is where

the world comes

face-to-face with the

emerging trends,

products and

services that will sweep the

industry in the coming months.

What happens in Asia today,

particularly China, South Korea

and Japan, will thrill the rest of the

world tomorrow! There is no

doubt that Cosmoprof Asia

provides the perfect opportunity to

exhibitors and visitors in the front

seat for developing their respective

businesses in Asia. The awardwinning

expo and Asia’s leading

platform for the cosmetics industry

not only offers exhibitors a

professional and results-driven

market place for products and

services, as well as highly targeted

networking opportunities, it also

attracts leaders in the industry keen

to share their expertise via a

high-level program of conferences

and industry updates. Excitement

is already building in anticipation

of Cosmoprof Asia's next

appointment with the rest of the

world: the 24th Cosmoprof Asia,

12 to 15 November, 2019, promises

to be a stellar edition, rich in new

launches, exciting competitions,

insider insights, compelling

seminars and industry excitement,

putting exhibitors and visitors in

the perfect place to experience,

learn and strategise, taking their

business to the next level. As a huge

additional resource, The

Cosmoprof Trends Report 2019

will be presented by international

trend agency Beautystreams,

discussing the trends, both macro

and micro, that will be unveiled

throughout the four-day event,

while also delving into more

specific trends and how they are

linked to societal, lifestyle and

aesthetic choices.

Visit for

the latest updates and information



Estetica n. 4/2019

ad index



Corso Cairoli, 16

10123 Torino (Italy)

Tel.: +39 011 83921113

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Via Cavour, 50

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31 Southampton Row,


London WC1B 5HJ

(Great Britain)

Tel. +44 2078412733







GOLDWELL 2-3/96-97


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Turin Law Court. All rights


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include the withdrawal of

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Notice to subscribers (Art. 13 of

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Pursuant to Art.13 of EU

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company will proceed with the

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bny subjects specifically

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by writing to Edizioni Esav -

Membre de l’Association

Internationale de la

Presse Professionnelle





























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e newly named Hair and Beauty

Charity supports hair and beauty

professionals in need.

We offer financial assistance to

individuals and their families facing

difficult times due to unforeseen

circumstances such as illness,

bereavement and financial hardship.

Our beneficiaries are given regular

payments or one-off grants to make

their lives a little easier. We rely on

support from corporate sponsors

and hair and beauty professionals to

continue our vital work.

If you require our help or would like

more information on how to donate,

fundraise or support us please get in


Visit our new home

call 01234 831888 or email

fdc @hbcharityuk


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