BELLO #188

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Bello<br />

<strong>#188</strong><br />




Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 2

Photography Maarten Van Den Heuvel<br />

3<br />

September 2019<br />


ISSUE 188<br />

TABLE<br />

of CONTENT<br />

Wyatt Oleff<br />

SEPTEMBER 2019<br />

Cover Look:<br />

SUIT: ASOS<br />

SWEATER: H&M<br />


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Letter From The Editor<br />

07<br />

<strong>BELLO</strong> Obsessions<br />

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Cover Story WYATT OLEFF<br />

24<br />

Spotlight | ELIZABETH LUDLOW<br />

34<br />

Spotlight | TAYLOR FREY<br />

42<br />

It Guy | MATT RIFE<br />

52<br />

It Girl | GIDEON ADLON<br />

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Beauty | ESYM<br />

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Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 4

5<br />

September 2019<br />


When we started Bello Mag, we originally envisioned a more<br />

approachable version of a male fashion magazine. Soon enough,<br />

we realized that our readership was much more mixed and that<br />

our content was having a much bigger impact than anticipated.<br />

It blurs the lines of gender divide, sexual orientation and breaks<br />

through the barriers society has built.<br />

Letter from the Editor<br />

Today <strong>BELLO</strong> is read in over 50 countries around the world,<br />

thanks to our not too secret sauce: a delicate balance between<br />

entertainment, fashion and lifestyle. With magazine's every issue,<br />

with every new team member, with our never ending desire to<br />

creatively stimulate our audience; it feels like we are<br />

reinventing the magazine little by little every day. It give you<br />

access to thoughts of some amazingly talented folks, and aims to<br />

motivate others to help each other, and make the earth a better<br />

place for everyone.<br />

While we talk to a wide variety of celebrities, we tend to<br />

concentrate up and coming guys and girls, as well as established<br />

men and women, that we believe the future belongs to. Our<br />

obsession is Pop Culture, which explains our overly enthusiastic<br />

consumption of shows and movies we stream on a daily base. We<br />

still get excited when we go to the movie theaters and<br />

“IT Chapter Two” is definitely a movie we suggest you check out.<br />

In this issue we are featuring interviews with two actors from IT.<br />

Wyatt Oleff (our main cover) and Taylor Frey (Spotlight). We also<br />

caught up with Matt Rife at Laugh Factory , and had to feature this<br />

talented comedian as well as our IT GUY. Not to be forgotten is<br />

our It Girl, Gideon Adlon who starred in the comedy<br />

BLOCKERS. Lastly, the amazing Elizabeth Ladlow who is also one<br />

of of our spotlights and who is living every sci-fi and fantasy fan’s<br />

dream in ANOTHER LIFE (on Netflix).<br />

We at Bello Mag hope you guys had a wonderful summer and that<br />

you are ready for all the adventures to come as we enter the last<br />

four montsh coming our way in last 4 months of 2019.<br />

We wish you an exciting read :-)<br />

Ciao<br />

Alek<br />

Editor In Chief<br />

Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 6

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MIDO<br />

7<br />

September 2019<br />


Wyatt Oleff<br />

The Storyteller<br />

By Alexandra Bonnet<br />

Everyone loves a good story right? What if that story was told with so much passion and love that<br />

it could be felt through every word expressed? The kind of storytelling that leaves you pondering for<br />

days after. To be such a storyteller takes passion and Wyatt Oleff has got it. At a young age,<br />

Wyatt has already found his love and devotion in painting stories whether it be in front or behind<br />

the camera. As he puts it, “I think as an actor, I want to tell those stories and when you pull that off,<br />

there’s no other feeling like it.”<br />

In debuting his acting career, Wyatt kicked off with two huge films: IT and Guardians of the<br />

Galaxy. He shared with us his thoughts and feelings on being part of such groundbreaking movies:<br />

“I don’t really see them in that big of a way. I just kind of see them as projects and I don’t judge<br />

projects on how big or small they are. I judge them by how interesting they are and I think<br />

both of them turned out to be amazing projects and I’m just glad to be a part of them.”<br />

We dove more into his role as Stanley on IT and what it was like working on the beloved horror film.<br />

Photography HENRY WU @hello.henry<br />

Creative Direction ALEKSANDAR TOMOVIC @alekandsteph<br />

Styling RAINA SILBERSTEIN @rvsilberstein<br />

Grooming JESSICA CHU @jessicachumua<br />

Production @<strong>BELLO</strong>mediaGroup x @MaisonPriveePR_LA<br />

Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 8

Jacket: SAINT LAURENT<br />

Sweater: ZADIG & VOLTAIRE<br />

Pants: GUCCI<br />

Sneakers: NIKE<br />

9<br />

September 2019<br />



Sweater: ZARA<br />

Pants: LEVIS<br />

Black Floral Shirt: THE KOOPLES<br />

Black/White Stripe Shirt: THE KOOPLES<br />

Pants: ASOS<br />

Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 10

Being on set of IT was an amazing experience<br />

for Wyatt from the story telling to forming<br />

relationships with the cast and crew.<br />

For the young actor, what truly impacted<br />

him were the people and getting to work on<br />

this amazing project together. Happy flashbacks<br />

flooded Wyatt’s thoughts as he recalled<br />

his time on set: “Especially on IT, our<br />

friendship speaks for itself. It’s just those<br />

opportunities to meet the same people who<br />

share the same passion I do and I can ask<br />

for nothing more.” When watching the film,<br />

the bond between the different cast members<br />

is truly felt, making the experience all<br />

the more powerful for the audience. A warm<br />

juxtaposition to the dark imagery displayed<br />

throughout the film.<br />

After all, the young cast on the first IT were<br />

still kicking off their careers and found themselves<br />

partaking in this giant project which<br />

felt “a lot like summer camp but you’re<br />

making a movie.” Their time together was<br />

spent mainly messing around with each<br />

other which remained the same in IT Chapter<br />

2 even with bigger names like Jessica<br />

Chastain, Bill Hader, and Chris Patt. As Wyatt<br />

shares: “You would think that we would<br />

be a little nervous or at least me but there<br />

kind of wasn’t any of that because we all<br />

got along so well. Everyone acted like their<br />

younger counterparts really similarly so given<br />

how similar to the kids they were, it was<br />

easy to talk to them and it was just really<br />

great.”<br />

But how does one prepare themselves for<br />

a horror movie? Given that the first movie<br />

takes place in the 80s, a lot of preparation<br />

was needed in order to completely immerse<br />

into that decade and that’s exactly what the<br />

young cast did. Their acting coach, Benjamin<br />

Perkins, gave them multiple packets<br />

about the 80’s culture from the lingo to<br />

the music and movies of that time. Wyatt<br />

found his own technique as well: “Personally,<br />

I made a playlist with a lot of 80s songs I<br />

think Stanley would listen to--it’s actually on<br />

Spotify: Stanley’s 80s Tracks. I fell asleep to<br />

it every night. I think the song that most relates<br />

to Stanley is ‘Forever Young’.”<br />

Now, for the horror parts of the story, Wyatt<br />

admits it was a pretty scary experience especially<br />

when the scenes moved more into<br />

the sewer scenes: “I remember we were on<br />

the set for the first time and they let us wander<br />

around. We were just walking in the little<br />

tunnels and got lost with each other, it was<br />

really scary.” Whenever ACTION was yelled,<br />

Bill Skarsgård, who plays the infamous character<br />

of Pennywise would get into character<br />

in such a way, amazing Wyatt: “He’s absolutely<br />

incredible and when he’s getting ready<br />

and stuff it’s scary dude, he’s amazing.”<br />

11<br />

September 2019<br />


Sweater: PRADA<br />

Shirt: DOLCE + GABBANA<br />

Pants: ASOS<br />

Shoes: SAINT LAURENT<br />

Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 12

13<br />

September 2019<br />


Suit: ASOS<br />

Sweater: H&M<br />

Shoes: TOPMAN<br />

Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 14

The IT cast was honored with<br />

the 2018 MTV Movie and TV<br />

Award for best on screen<br />

team and for Wyatt, it was<br />

one crazy experience: “It was<br />

nerve wracking but really accomplishing<br />

at the same time<br />

and we are just happy that a<br />

lot of people liked what we<br />

made during that really special<br />

summer.” Being an actor<br />

and storyteller, this meant a<br />

lot for the actor as he himself<br />

saw the passion behind the<br />

final project making it all the<br />

more special--something he<br />

hopes to accomplish himself.<br />

With his whole life and career<br />

ahead of him, Wyatt is<br />

faced with many doors which<br />

could lead him anywhere and<br />

as he continues his journey<br />

as an actor, he also wishes<br />

to direct. A few weeks prior,<br />

he co-directed a short horror<br />

film in New York called Writer’s<br />

Block--a project they will<br />

submit to festivals. He also<br />

has a Youtube Channel with<br />

which he gets creative and<br />

loves working with people,<br />

telling them what he wants<br />

more out of them and more.<br />

Directing film is something he<br />

holds dear to his heart as a<br />

storyteller, inspired by Taika<br />

Waititi, a man who has made<br />

many movies. As the young<br />

actor outs it: “I want to tell<br />

every type of story there is.<br />

There are so many opportunities<br />

and ideas that you can<br />

express in this world and I really<br />

want to capitalize on that,<br />

tell all sorts of stories.”<br />

Figuring out his path just as<br />

he does with his vast collection<br />

of Rubik’s cubes, Wyatt<br />

is slowly setting up the blocks<br />

that allow him to be the best<br />

storyteller he can be whether<br />

it is in front or behind the<br />

camera. Passion and dedication:<br />

Wyatt Oleff has all<br />

the ingredients to fulfilling his<br />

destiny as a “teller of tales”.<br />

Jacket: PAUL SMITH<br />

Shirt: VALENTINO<br />

Pants: PAUL SMITH<br />

Sweater (around the waist): ZADIG & VOLTAIRE<br />

15<br />

September 2019<br />


Jacket: PAUL SMITH<br />

Shirt: VALENTINO<br />

Pants: PAUL SMITH<br />

Sweater (around the waist): ZADIG & VOLTAIRE<br />

Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 16

Jacket: SAINT LAURENT<br />

Sweater: ZADIG & VOLTAIRE<br />

Pants: GUCCI<br />

Sneakers: NIKE<br />

17<br />

September 2019<br />



Sweater: ZARA<br />

Pants: LEVIS<br />

Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 18

Sweater: PRADA<br />

Shirt: DOLCE + GABBANA<br />

Pants: ASOS<br />

Shoes: SAINT LAURENT<br />

19<br />

September 2019<br />


Bello<br />

SPOT<br />

LIGHT<br />

Elizabeth<br />


Elizabeth<br />

Ludlow:<br />

Living Her<br />

Fantasy<br />

Actress Elizabeth Ludlow is living every sci-fi and fantasy fan’s<br />

dream. Her work has allowed her to step into roles in the MCU<br />

and The Walking Dead, among others. Living this dream come<br />

true has inspired Ludlow to push for more, setting ambitious goals<br />

for her future. We got to speak with Ludlow to ask her about her<br />

experiences on her most recent projects, how she prepares for her<br />

intense roles, and her plans for the future.<br />

Interview by Sam Spotswood<br />

Photographer: Aleksandar Tomovic @alekandsteph<br />

Styling: Teresita Marie @bornorigingal<br />

Hair: Michael Duenas @michaelduenas<br />

Makeup: Adam Breuchaud @adambreuchaud<br />

Production: @<strong>BELLO</strong>mediaGroup x @MaisonPriveePR_LA<br />

T-shirt: NIL AND MON<br />



Earrings: IRIS TRENDS<br />

21<br />

September 2019<br />


You’ve been a part of many large franchises,<br />

such as the MCU in Guardians of the<br />

Galaxy vol. 2, The Vampire Diaries, and The<br />

Walking Dead. What was it like stepping<br />

into these established worlds? Were you<br />

at all intimidated of becoming part of these<br />

universes, especially considering their huge<br />

fan bases?<br />

Stepping into already heavily established worlds<br />

such as The Walking Dead and Guardians<br />

of the Galaxy vol. 2 was a bit intimidating<br />

at first. Having always been a huge fan of<br />

fantasy and sci-fi I felt pressure in the sense<br />

of wanting to do the part justice. I was so honored<br />

to become apart of these huge franchises<br />

that I think the pressure came from myself and<br />

my desire to do the best job possible with the<br />

opportunities I was given. The fan base was<br />

more of an after thought.<br />

What was your favorite part about stepping<br />

into your role as Cas on “Another<br />

Life?”<br />

My favorite part about stepping into my role<br />

as Cas on Another Life was the feeling I got<br />

when I put on my commander jacket, at least<br />

that’s what I’m calling it, and stepped onto<br />

set with the rest of my cast. I had so many<br />

powerful moments in that jacket, by the end<br />

of filming it felt like a part of Cas. It’s hard to<br />

explain but after four months wearing it, it<br />

just felt right by the end.<br />

In addition to the roles I mentioned<br />

before, you’ve also been a part of the most<br />

recent Godzilla film. What was it like for<br />

you to work on such a big film?<br />

Working on “Godzilla King of the Monster’s”<br />

will always be in my top three favorite filming<br />

experiences. The production was so massive,<br />

I had never seen anything like it in my<br />

life. There wasn’t anything by the stretch of<br />

the imagination that they couldn’t do. I truly<br />

understood the meaning of movie magic<br />

after working on Godzilla.<br />

A lot of the projects you’ve been involved<br />

in have some sort of fantasy or monster<br />

element. Would you say fantasy/monster<br />

stories are your favorite stories to be<br />

a part of?<br />

Sci-fi and fantasy are two of my favorite<br />

genre’s to work in. Since childhood I have<br />

always been fascinated with the suspension<br />

of disbelief. To me there is something magical<br />

about being able to escape the limits of<br />

our mind and the real world even if its just for<br />

an hour and a half or even just for thirty minutes.<br />

Film and television have always been<br />

an escape for me which is why I love these<br />

genres so much.<br />

What other types of projects do you hope<br />

to be a part of?<br />

I would love to be a part of a psychological<br />

thriller for my next project. In addition to<br />

sci-fi and fantasy this is also a favorite genre<br />

of mine. I love films that challenge the audience<br />

and require them to do a little work as<br />

well.<br />

Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 22

Earrings: IRIS TRENDS<br />


Skirt: MALAN BRETON<br />



23<br />

September 2019<br />


Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 24

Because a lot of your acting roles are in considerably<br />

heavy works, do you do anything<br />

to get yourself into that “zone”? Do you do<br />

anything to relieve that tension off set?<br />

Getting in the “zone” for my roles usually involves<br />

a lot of music. There are certain songs that allow<br />

me access places in my mind a little quicker so I<br />

rely on this a lot for certain charged moments.<br />

Relieving tension off set can come in many ways<br />

for me. There are times when being alone and<br />

reading is the best way to decompress and there<br />

are times where just hanging out with my cast and<br />

playin pool relives tension. It all really depends.<br />

What are your future goals for your career?<br />

Do you hope to direct, produce, act with anyone<br />

specific, etc?<br />

My future goals for my career definitely involve<br />

getting behind the camera. I am currently working<br />

on a project that I intend on directing and<br />

being strictly behind the camera for. I have so<br />

many other interests when it comes to the entertainment<br />

industry I don’t see myself sticking<br />

to just one area. The more I’m on set the more I<br />

learn and want to be involved with every aspect<br />

of filming. I am so in love with the whole process<br />

I’m sure at some point I will have tried everything.<br />

What is one piece of advice you would give to<br />

your past self?<br />

One piece of advice I would give my past self is to<br />

trust yourself no matter what. No matter how impossible<br />

it seems in that moment, always follow<br />

your heart.<br />

25<br />

September 2019<br />


Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 26

T-shirt: NIL AND MON<br />

Earrings: IRIS TRENDS<br />

Gloves: MISCREANTS<br />

27<br />

September 2019<br />


T-shirt: NIL AND MON<br />


Earrings: IRIS TRENDS<br />

Jacket: ESCADA<br />

Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 28

T-shirt: NIL AND MON<br />

Earrings: IRIS TRENDS<br />

Clutch: ZOOBEETLE<br />

29<br />

September 2019<br />




Earrings: BELLE ETOILE<br />



Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 30

31<br />

September 2019<br />



Pants: ALIA BASTAMAM<br />

Earrings: MASAKI MATSUKA<br />

Bracelet: BELLE ETOILE<br />

Necklace: BELLE ETOILE<br />


Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 32



Ring: BELLE ETOILE<br />

Bracelets: BELLE ETOILE<br />


33<br />

September 2019<br />


Bello<br />

SPOT<br />

LIGHT<br />

Taylor<br />


Taylor<br />

Frey:<br />

He's Got It<br />

As a seasoned actor, Taylor Frey has been part of many impressive<br />

projects, including the upcoming sequel to It, It: Chapter Two,<br />

with the likes of Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader, and<br />

more. His professionalism and intensity bleed into each of his roles,<br />

all of which are part of Frey’s goal to be part of projects that excite<br />

and inspire him. We got to talk to Frey about his experience on It:<br />

Chapter Two, his life outside of acting,<br />

and his hope for his bright future.<br />

Interview by Sam Spotswood<br />

Photographer: Aleksandar Tomovic @alekandsteph<br />

Styling: Raina Silberstein @rvsilberstein<br />

Grooming: Danni Katz @dannidoesit<br />

Production: @<strong>BELLO</strong>mediaGroup x @MaisonPriveePR_LA<br />

Denim Jacket: VALENTINO<br />

T-shirt: JCREW<br />

Pants: TOPMAN<br />

35<br />

September 2019<br />


You’ve been a part of many popular shows<br />

and movies, including Days of our Lives,<br />

G.B.F., and The Carrie Diaries. Do you think<br />

these prepared you for your first feature film, It:<br />

Chapter 2?<br />

Frankly, nothing could have prepared me for<br />

shooting IT: Chapter 2. It required a whole new level<br />

of committing to the circumstances and the<br />

character. It was an intense shoot, as the nature of<br />

the material was so graphic. I've loved the projects<br />

I have been in, but I arrived on set for IT and quickly<br />

was thrown into a literal bloody mess.<br />

What was it like for you to act alongside such<br />

seasoned veterans like Bill Hader, Jessica<br />

Chastain, James McAvoy, and more? Did you<br />

get to learn anything from them?<br />

My character's event is what brings the adult losers<br />

back into Derry. So, my shooting was separate from<br />

their work. I played opposite Xavier Dolan, who was<br />

a fantastic partner in crime. It is cool to be in such<br />

good company, however. I have watched their work<br />

for years (Jessica, James, etc.) so to be in a film with<br />

them is a win.<br />

Obviously It is quite a scary, heavy film. Did you<br />

and your costars do anything to relieve the<br />

tension in between takes or off set?<br />

Xavier and I were pretty good at enjoying ourselves<br />

between takes. There was no other choice really. It<br />

would be too much to do intense work only to have<br />

your in-between moments also feel so serious. We<br />

would hang out during the day before the night<br />

shoots to enjoy the experience of shooting such an<br />

epic film. Also, it was the salmon river run in Port<br />

Hope that week (I did have to jump into said river for<br />

part of our scenes and I did smell like fish for awhile.)<br />

But, on an unrelated note: watching those salmon<br />

work so hard to get upstream against all odds and a<br />

massive current kind of astounded me.<br />

How do you begin to prepare to put yourself in<br />

the mindset necessary to deliver in a horror film?<br />

Luckily, IT: Chapter 2 is so much more than a horror<br />

film. Especially for my character, it's based on a real<br />

life event that Stephen King wanted to include in his<br />

novel. I was easily able to connect with what<br />

happens to my character because it's not really a<br />

stretch in today's America. Crazy things are happening,<br />

and it's no longer difficult to get in a horror<br />

mindset when you wake up in real life, turn on the<br />

news, and a horror film is seemingly playing on<br />

repeat daily.<br />

What was the most challenging part of this<br />

role? What was the most rewarding?<br />

The most challenging part of the role was trying<br />

to make sure I had enough voice take after take to<br />

keep committing and screaming the way I naturally<br />

was when I was so in the scene. It all felt very real.<br />

Also, there were a few times I had to react,<br />

horrified, to something that wasn't there. But, that's<br />

why bringing your imagination so tightly into focus<br />

that it's real to you is pivotal in situations like that.<br />

In addition to having plenty of experience with<br />

film and TV, you have a lot of experience with<br />

theater. Which medium would you say you<br />

prefer and why?<br />

There is nothing like a live audience. Your energies<br />

just bounce back and forth right there, in that<br />

moment together in a theater. It's all happening in<br />

the moment, you can't pause or rewind or fast<br />

forward. I love that about theater. It requires being<br />

truly present in the now to enjoy it. However, doing<br />

the same exact thing 8 shows a week can wear on<br />

you. I LOVE film though. I love the reach that kind of<br />

storytelling has. While I hope all my acting (fingers<br />

crossed) comes from truth, I find it easier to be<br />

centered when it is for a camera close on you,<br />

instead of 1500 people in a theater. It's feels more<br />

authentic to me.<br />

Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 36

Denim Jacket: VALENTINO<br />

T-shirt: JCREW<br />

Pants: TOPMAN<br />

37<br />

September 2019<br />


Outside of acting, what are some<br />

of your hobbies?<br />

I own a business that helps<br />

infertile couples or gay couples<br />

expand their families through IVF.<br />

It's called Elevate. It's been an<br />

incredibly gratifying venture, as we<br />

have seen people obtain<br />

pregnancies who never thought they<br />

could. It's amazing seeing<br />

people become parents who have<br />

been trying for so long. I feel<br />

passionately about helping the right<br />

kind of humans to bring new life into<br />

this world. We need a new<br />

generation raised by<br />

loving, open-minded, smart people<br />

for us to build a better future. As the<br />

song goes, "What the world needs<br />

now, is love, sweet love. That's the<br />

only thing that there's just too little<br />

of. No not just for some, but for<br />

everyone."<br />

What are your goals for the<br />

future of your career?<br />

I want to continue doing projects<br />

that mean something to me and<br />

inspire me. I’m at a point in my life<br />

where I am pretty specific about<br />

what I’d like to be apart of. I feel free,<br />

and it’s improved my craft. Goals<br />

aside- I am just excited to see what is<br />

next.<br />

Sweater: FENDI<br />

Pants: FENDI<br />

Shoes: VANS<br />

Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 38

Sweater: SANDRO<br />

Pants: TOPMAN<br />

39<br />

September 2019<br />


Sweater: FENDI<br />

Pants: FENDI<br />

Shoes: VANS<br />

Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 40

Floral Shirt: CHRISTIAN DIOR<br />

T-shirt: JCREW<br />

Pants: HELMUT LANG<br />

Sneakers: VANS<br />

41<br />

September 2019<br />


Bello<br />

It Guy<br />

Matt<br />


Laughing<br />

It Up with the<br />

Handsome<br />

Matt Rife<br />

Playing on NBC's "Bring the Funny," the handsome comedian, Matt<br />

Rife, will leave you laughing as he takes his personal experiences<br />

and uses them to create hilarious content. Comedy has always been<br />

a part of his life, but he realized it was a true skill at the age of 14.<br />

Also starring on Lifetime's "Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker's<br />

Nightmare," Matt enjoys stepping into a new character which allows<br />

him to continue his growth as an actor. Keep an eye out for Matt<br />

Rife as he continues to put the fun in funny.<br />

Interview by Alex Bonnet<br />

Photographer: Natalie Walsh @nataliewalshphoto<br />

Styling: Eric Owes @ericowes<br />

Grooming: Danni Katz @dannidoesit<br />

Creative Direction: Aleksandar Tomovic @alekandsteph<br />

Production: @<strong>BELLO</strong>mediaGroup x @MaisonPriveePR_LA<br />

Blazer: WILLIAM LEI<br />

Tee shirt: HANES<br />

Pants: PARAVAL<br />

Shoes: DOLCE GABBANA<br />

43<br />

September 2019<br />


Tell me more about your role on NBC's "bring<br />

the funny."<br />

My role in Bring The Funny has been a life-changing<br />

opportunity. It is my first nationally televised<br />

standup performance, and I’m so happy with<br />

how I have been perceived so far.<br />

How do you usually prep for a show? What<br />

inspires you to write your acts?<br />

I don’t have too much of a pre-show prep. I like<br />

to relax, listen to some music maybe, go over my<br />

set list. The majority of my material comes from<br />

first-hand experiences, so sometimes it just has<br />

to come to me, I can’t force it.<br />

You also star on Lifetime's "Stalked by My<br />

Doctor: A Sleepwalker's Nightmare." What<br />

would you say is the biggest challenge you<br />

have adapting to a role in a film like this<br />

compared to comedy?<br />

The movie was so much fun. In standup, I’m very<br />

much just myself, so it was fun to put myself in the<br />

mindset of someone else. Acting is a growing<br />

passion of mine, so it was a great opportunity<br />

to grow as a performer.<br />

Have you always been into comedy?<br />

I have always been into comedy; I grew up on<br />

Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey, Jim Varney, David<br />

Spade, and Robin Williams. Most kids were<br />

watching cartoons while I was watching some<br />

of the greatest comedians of all time. It has<br />

always been a love of mine.<br />

Do you recall one of your first experiences<br />

making a group of people laugh?<br />

I do not know that I can recall my first time<br />

making a large group of people laugh. I think I<br />

was always a pretty funny kid, making my family,<br />

friends, and classmates laugh. But I never realized<br />

it was an actual “skill” until I was about<br />

fourteen.<br />

Who do you look up to in your life (whether it<br />

be for your career or just what kind of person<br />

you want to be) ?<br />

I look up to a lot of people for different reasons.<br />

A significant influence and idol of mine<br />

is Dave Chappelle. I admire how he is always<br />

true to himself and stands up for what he believes<br />

in. I appreciate how he speaks about real<br />

issues and experiences and does not conform<br />

to anyone else’s guidelines. He is just funny.<br />

Most embarrassing moment you've experienced:<br />

go!<br />

I broke my tooth and spat up my food in front of<br />

a girl on a first date.<br />

What would be the ultimate dream?<br />

I want to be in more movies than Ludacris.<br />

Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 44

Jacket: GUESS<br />

Tee shirt: WILLIAM LEI<br />

Bracelet: VITALY<br />

45<br />

September 2019<br />


Blazer: WILLIAM LEI<br />

Tee shirt: HANES<br />

Pants: PARAVAL<br />

Shoes: DOLCE & GABBANA<br />

Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 46

Jacket: OREN KASH<br />

Hoodie: NICKSHOLIDAY<br />

Pants: OREN KASH<br />

Shoes: NIKE (JORDAN)<br />

47<br />

September 2019<br />


Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 48

Overall: ZARA MEN<br />

Shirt: CHARLES & RON<br />

Tee shirt: WILLIAM LEI<br />

Socks: NIKE<br />

Shoes: FEAR OF GOD<br />

Necklace: SHOPZENGER<br />

Bracelet: VITALY<br />

49<br />

September 2019<br />


Jacket: IH NOM UH NIT<br />

Accessories: SHOPZENGER<br />

Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 50

Jacket: GUESS<br />

Tee shirt: WILLIAM LEI<br />

Pants: BOSSI<br />

Shoes: FEAR OF GOD<br />

Bracelet: VITALY<br />

51<br />

September 2019<br />


Bello<br />

It Girl<br />

Gideon<br />


Young starlet Gideon Aldon has already made quite the mark on<br />

Hollywood. Her breakout role in the 2018 comedy Blockers allowed her to<br />

work with some of the biggest names in the acting world. Her experience on<br />

that film has carried over into her current project, The Mustang. Outside<br />

of acting, Aldon continues to show her maturity and work ethic, even<br />

creating her own fashion line and dedicating time to community service.<br />

We got to speak with Aldon about her time on Blockers, her upcoming<br />

roles, her future goals, and more!<br />

Interview by Sam Spotswood<br />

Photographer Juliet Wolf @julietwolf<br />

Stylist India Reed @in_d_yuh<br />

Assistant Jake Jashni @jakejashni<br />

53<br />

September 2019<br />


At a young age, you’ve starred in blockbuster<br />

films like Blockers. Specifically with this<br />

film, what was it like for you to stars like<br />

John Cena, Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz, and<br />

more?<br />

It feels like we filmed Blockers ages ago! I<br />

couldn’t have asked for a better first time movie<br />

experience. Blockers was my first movie and my<br />

first comedic role in anything as well. I was really<br />

nervous to film the movie because comedy is actually<br />

quite difficult. I mean, think about it! It’s<br />

hard to improvise and it’s hard to make people<br />

laugh! I didn’t know if I could do it! Ike, Leslie,<br />

and John are all such great actors and I learned<br />

a lot of what I carry with me in my comedic work<br />

today from them. But, I’ve got to give a shoutout<br />

to my main Blockers crew which are Kathryn<br />

and Geraldine... Those girls were my sisters, still<br />

are to this day. The love was so real and it really<br />

shows in the film.<br />

What have you learned about yourself from<br />

your career experience so far?<br />

That when I’m working I often isolate myself. I<br />

need my alone time. It’s a funny thing, when I’m<br />

home I always want to be around my family and<br />

friends but when I’m working it’s the opposite. I<br />

get in my head and it’s nice to decompress. I’m<br />

not crazy. You get what I mean!<br />

You’re also part of a film called The Mustang,<br />

which has a much heavier story than Blockers.<br />

How would you describe the difference in<br />

preparing for a comedic role versus a dramatic<br />

one?<br />

The Mustang was such a humbling experience<br />

for me. Learning the stories of The inmates what<br />

were a part of the film and stories of inmates that<br />

were so kind enough to open up to the crew was<br />

amazing. Preparing for a dramatic and comedic<br />

role differ just from having to go into different<br />

places to really get to the energy of your character.<br />

If your focused on a character, their life,<br />

and what’s gone on in their day leading all the<br />

way up until the moment you step onto that set,<br />

you’re good! The difference is in the story lines,<br />

it’s just stepping into different scenarios.<br />

Which type of role/project do you prefer (comedic<br />

or dramatic)?<br />

They’re such completely different things. I can’t<br />

choose. I love doing them both.<br />

Who is one person you would like to work<br />

with in the future?<br />

Al Pacino.<br />

What direction do you want your career to go<br />

in the future? Any specific projects in mind?<br />

I want to keep working for as long as time allows.<br />

Hopefully I’ll get back into theater within the<br />

next couple of years. I’d really love to do a period<br />

piece! I’ve yet to have that happen!<br />

Outside of acting, what do you enjoy doing<br />

on your free time?<br />

I collect vintage! I have a little vintage line called<br />

Gideon Adlon Vintage (haha predictable!) I do<br />

small pop up shops around Los Angeles! It’s my<br />

hobby and I love the community surrounding it!<br />

Makes me happy. I also love to do community<br />

service work, I’ve recently started doing work<br />

with Share a Meal. If you’re an LA native I highly<br />

recommend joining them to feed the homeless!<br />

They do it everyday of the week.<br />

Who is someone who inspires you (in your<br />

career and/or in life)?<br />

Every strong willed person I meet, every female<br />

heroine. Honestly.<br />

Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 54

55<br />

September 2019<br />


Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 56

57<br />

September 2019<br />


Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 58

59<br />

September 2019<br />


Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> Photography Meric Dagli<br />


ESYM<br />

handcrafted portable aromatherapy + scent design<br />

Summer is ending but memories stay ... ESYM collection consists of unique scent<br />

experiences. Each scent is captured in a slim pod that easily fits into a pocket or<br />

bag so you can take it wherever you go.<br />

You can find their prodcuts, including their Room Sprays, Face Mists or Linen<br />

Sprays at places like Nordstrom or Anthrophology. Our favorites are "Parisian<br />

Morning" and the zesty "Curaçao Breeze".<br />

follow @esymco<br />

61<br />

September 2019<br />


Photography Federico Gutierrez<br />

Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 62


By Alexandra Tuil<br />

Hanacure - All-In-One Facial<br />

www.hanacure.com<br />

“The All-In-One Facial set combines different treatments in one from<br />

anti-aging to detoxifying, and more!”<br />

Ubuna: Serum Series<br />

www.ubunabeauty.com<br />

“Ubuna’s serum series has the “Brighten”,<br />

“Drench,” and “Re-gen”: all products that<br />

will leave your skin feeling completely<br />

replenished.”<br />

Trueplex<br />

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Trueplex strives for.”<br />

ImPress: Press-On Pedicure<br />

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AO SKincare - Native Core Set<br />

www.aoskincare.com<br />

“With the large variety and colors to choose from<br />

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and your beauty thriving!”<br />

“The AO Skincare Native Core Set<br />

not only moisturizes your skin, it<br />

also works to retain as much of<br />

your natural moisture.”<br />

Rosé Toronto - Organic Face Oil<br />

www.rosetoronto.ca<br />

“The organic face oil is one of our favorites at <strong>BELLO</strong><br />

as it will hydrate your skin, hair and nails.”<br />

RealHer - Lipgloss<br />

www.realher.com<br />

“Realher’s glosses combine Jojoba Seed Oil, Vitamin<br />

E, and other beneficial ingredients to create the<br />

perfect blend to hydrate your lips while also being<br />

long wearing.”<br />

Sock Panda<br />

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“Sock Panda is a monthly subscription<br />

that delivers the socks you want<br />

right to your doorstep!”<br />

Aveda - Rinseless Refresh Hit<br />

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“If you are looking for a product that will instantly<br />

cleanse your scalp and refresh your hair<br />

and its texture, Rinseless Refresh Micellar Hair<br />

& Scalp Refresher is for you.”<br />

63<br />

September 2019<br />


Photography Iris Papillon<br />

Bello<br />

issue <strong>#188</strong> 64

Bello<br />


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