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PELOBiotech Newsletter Sept/Oct. 2019

„Actually, science begins

to become interesting only

where it ends.“

-Justus von Liebig, German



New Products

-> Endothelial Transwell Permeability

Assay Kit

-> ATAC-Seq Kit

-> HemEx-TypeA Medium

-> LIFOR— Cryo/Preservation


Dear Scientist,

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Christiane Büchsel

Editor in Chief PELONews

IS/ES Special:

IPSC-Medium | iPSCS xenofree

Medium | Xyltech | Laminin

511 | IPSelector

PELOAcademy: Customized

Cell Culture Media

PeloNews: Meet us at TEDD,


The French Connection: New Faces & Sales Contacts

New Service for our great Frenchspeaking customers: We like to welcome

Dr. Muriel Malaisé as our inhouse technical rep for France at PELOBiotech.

I also like to introduce to you Michel Vidal and Gilles Moraldi. They are

representing our products and services to you in the North and South of

France and very happy to talk to you about your research projects and challenges.

They are both very experienced in the Life Science sector and can

support you in your daily business. Please contact us or your personal

contact in France today.

Nord: Michel Vidal : Mobile + 33 (0)6 07 75 16 53 | Hauts de France, Ile de

France, Normandie, Bretagne, Val de Loire, Centre, Grand Est, Bourgogne

South: Gilles Moraldi | Mobile +33(0)6 16 54 52 45 | Auvergne Rhône-

Alpes, Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrennées, Occitanie, Provence Alpes-Côte d’Azur


New Products

New Kits on the Block:

Endothelial Transwell Permeability Assay Kit

Our partner Cell Biologics has developed a simple, reproducible, sensitive,

quantitative transwell permeability assay to measure endothelial

barrier function for wide analyses of multiple types of endothelial permeability in vitro. The assay will

be performed by a spectrometer-based absorbance reader (ELISA plate reader) at 450 nm within one

hour post endothelial treatment. The assay kit is suitable for primary endothelial cells and immortal cell

lines from multiple species.

The microvascular endothelial cell monolayer localized at the critical

interface between the blood and vessel wall has the vital functions of

regulating tissue fluid balance and supplying the essential nutrients

needed for the survival of the organism. The endothelial cells are able

to dynamically regulate its paracellular and transcellular pathways for

transport of plasma proteins, solutes, and liquid.


Please click here: https://



The endothelial barrier is a well-regulated structure, which maintains

a minimal and selective permeability to fluid and molecules under normal

physiological conditions. Vascular leakage is an important feature

in several diseases, such as septic shock, inflammation, disruption of

blood-brain barrier (BBB)-related neurological disorders, viral hemorrhagic fever, cancer and ischemiareperfusion

injuries. It is emergent to develop a highly sensitive and reliable assay to measure endothelial


ATAC-seq Kit

The ATAC-seq kit is a complete set of optimized reagents that are ideal to generate indexed DNA libraries

for ATAC-seq (Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin using sequencing).

The Kit includes Tn5 Transposase and tagmentation reagents, and also library construction reagents

(index-primers, enzyme et al), with this kit you can obtain qualified ATAC-Seq library DNA ready to perform

sequencing on Illumina sequencer.


Low input, requires sample as low as 50,000 live cells

Fast workflow, with minimal hands-on time


Please click here: https://



Robust, reliable performance

Ultra high-fidelity amplification with minimized GC bias

Application: Prepare ATAC-seq DNA library for Illumina sequencer

World's First Medium for Mouse (HSCs)

Hematopoietic Stem Cells for Maintaining

Undifferentiated State

HemEx-TypeA is a serum-free media, which contains Polyvinyl Alcohol

(PVA) and can be used for mouse Hematopoietic Stem Cells



Optimized for the

expansion of

mouse HSCs, Hematopoietic


and Progenitor

Cell (HSPCs) obtained

from bone


Can do expansion

culture of HSCs,

for more than 1

month in undifferentiated


PVA is used

instead of albumin.

In general, culture media for HSCs contains serum albumin. Such albumin

is required to induce cell division of HSCs. On theother

hand, albumin inhibits stable undifferentiated state.

Widely used purified or recombinant albumin contains small amount of

contaminants,but are tough to remove.

It is reported that such contaminants induce differentiation of HSCs.

Moreover, protein's oxidation reaction inducescellular senescence.

Thefore, albumin needs to be replaced by other chemicals.

Dr. Satoshi Yamazaki at The Institute of Medical Science, The University

of Tokyo reported that PVA can replace albumin (1).

Moreover, PVA is a stable chemical with no oxidation reaction in medium

so aging of HSCs are also suppressed. These advantages help to

do expansion culture of HSCs while maintaining undifferentiated state.


Please see the paper

of Nature, 571, 117 -

121 (2019).

Note : For culture,

addition of cytokine

is required.


(1) Adam C., et al. Nature, 571, 117 - 121 (2019).

Long-term ex vivo hematopoietic stem cell expansion allows nonconditioned transplantation

(paper is attached).


Preservation- and Cryo-Medium


LiFOR Preservatrion



No need to flush or

wash off



USP grade



No animal serum

No animal protein


No need for DMSO

Protects DNA/RNA

Storage at RT for up to

72 hours

Storage at 4-8°C for up

to 7 days

LIFOR TM —Preservation-Medium

Great For Biopsy:!! LIFOR next generation solution preservation

medium significantly extends the preservation time of tissue, cells, organs

and biopsies. We use a proprietary liposome-based technology

that acts at the cellular level, preventing tissue and cell damage over a

wide range of temperature gradients, including room and refrigerated

temperatures. Continually nourishes samples with oxygen and nutrient

carrying properties.

Note: No need for DMSO

LIFOR TM —Cryo-Medium

LIFOR is a novel chemically defined medium combined with nanoparticles,

dextran and nutrients. LIFORnext generation cryopreservation

medium significantly improves cell viability. We use a proprietary liposome-based

technology that acts at the cellular level, preventing cell damage

caused by ice crystallization. LIFOR is an Extra-Cellular type

solution that mimics the extra-cellular environment of cells. LIFOR

does not contain DMSO giving you the flexibility to add desired quantity

and thereby controlling outcomes.

You add the amount of DMSO as needed: For human primary cells

(HUVEC) 3 % DMSO we`ll enough to have great results.

Have a look at this interesting paper:


pubmed/26880888 or


Learn more here


Please order your sample now, ask Muriel, Peter and Lothar:

Just send an email to mailto info@pelobiotech.com

IPS/ES Special

Breakthrough: High Performance Medium

for iPSC ReproMed iPSC Medium

From the pioneer of stem cell culture media in Japan, Reprocell, comes a breakthrough

formulation for Regenerative Medicine:

Manufactured under GMP compliance

Suitable for clinical research applications

ReproMed iPSC Medium is formulated and designed for

cultivation of iPS cells destined for cell therapy applications.

In close consultation with regulatory authorities we have formulated

a medium with components meeting the strict purity

and traceability standards of Japan. ReproMed iPSC Medium

is validated for tri-lineage pluripotency by in vitro differentiation

into mesoderm, endoderm and ectoderm cell lineages.


Please click : https://



NEW: Introducing High Performance

iPSC Xeno-Free Growth Media


Xeno-free and chemically-defined medium devoid of animal- or human-derived

components. For stem cell expansion or other uses that must avoid variability

due to undefined animal components. Choose when media must be entirely

free of animal-derived components, serum & albumin, replaced with recombinant

or synthetic growth factors, amino acids, vitamins, lipids, insulin, etc.

Why Choose Cell Applications Xeno-Free Media?

Cell growth otimized

Prepared in cGMP facility

QC tested & validated

Reliable supply


Please click : https://


xeno-free-media-0 )

Xyltech: Human Pluripotent Stem (ES/iPS)

Cells Proliferation Control Medium

Take the weekend off! 72hr change-free.

BOF-01 is a novel basal culture medium which can suppress proliferation

of human ES/iPS cells on feeder cell layers.

BOF-01 can be used by completely replacing the basal culture medium

(e.g. DMEM/F12) of the human ES/iPS cells.

Human ES/iPS cells can be maintained with BOF-01 for about 3days (up to 72

hours) without changing medium under normal culture conditions (37°C, 5%

CO2).After suppression of cell proliferation with BOF-01, cell growth can be

resumed by changing normal growth medium.


Please click: https://




IPS/ES Special


Easy to use

Works in various

cells - especially good

for iPS / ES cells

Reduce the risk of

contamination by xenocomponents

in your culture


High cell viability and

proliferation rate.

Ready to use laminin-511

fragment: Easy iMatrix-511


No more laborious calculation for dilution

of coating matrix!

iMatrix-511, is the recombinant human Laminin-511 E8 fragment, produced

by CHO-S cells or Transgenic silkworm cocoon.

They can reduce the risk of the xeno-components contamination in the



Please click here: https://


yLV7o3vPlnZj6N8U )

Promotes greater stem cell adhesion than all other matrix proteins

that have been tested

E8 fragments retain integrin binding specificity and capacity, and display

higher potency than natural Laminin-511

Background: Laminin is one of the extra cellular matrix (ECM)s located

in the basement membrane of animals, and play an important role

for cell adhesion and proliferation.Laminin is composed of three parts ;

alpha, beta, and gamma - chain and 15 types of laminin is already

known. Among them, Laminin composed by Alpha5-chain, Beta1-chain,

and Gamma1-chain, is called "Laminin-511".


Specific for undifferentiated

human iPS or

ES cells.

Uniformly stain cell

membrane of human

iPS or ES cells.

Can be used for removing


human iPS or ES cells

by cytotoxic effect.

Clone : R-17F

Please click here




iPS/ES cells Specific Monoclonal

Antibody : iPSelector

iPSelector is a mouse monoclonal antibody recognizes

for lacto-N-fucopentaose I (LNFP I) raised

against human iPS cells. LNFP I is the sugar chain

expressed in undifferentiate state human iPS or ES

cells then this antibody can be used as a marker for

undiffrentiated human iPS or ES cells.

Moreover, this antibody has a function for cytotoxic

effect by binding to undifferentiated human iPS or ES

cells. Therefore this antibody is beneficial for removing

undifferentiated human iPS or ES cells.


1.Kawabe, K., et al., Glycobiology, 23, 322, (2013).

2. Matsumoto, S., et al., J. Biol. Chem., 290, 20071, (2015).

Nakao, H., et al., Glycoconj. J., DOI 10.1007/s10719-0169-9710-2

Pic: Western blot


One major positive band

and several minor bands

were specific to human iPS

cells, and any positive

band were not obtained

with HEK293 cells.

New Webinar

Take it personal! New Customized Media for

Animal & Human cell culture

You have your very specific cell culture needs

in your lab. Because you are unique and your

research is so too.In this webinar with CSO Dr.

Lothar Steeb, PELOBiotech, you´ll get an

overview of our services to customize your

academic or industrial research and production


Biomedical research is increasingly focusing

on genetic profiles, marker invention and other

patterns that characterise cells and processes.

More and more, gene analytical investigations

are moving into the focus of experiments. Exosomes,

miRNAs, smallRNAs and epigenetics

play an increasingly important role.

We contribute to this development by manufacturing special media

which are coordinated with the customer on a trial and cell basis.

We offer the customer every modification of classical media as well as

new chemically and thus serum-free media variations, which he

needs in order to exclude disturbing factors from the outset and thus

avoid false positive or false negative results.

Examples are RPMIs, DMEMs, SILAC BIT, chemically defined renal epithelial

cell media or all types of glucose-free media.

Sign up and click here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/

register/2810266360323725836 or https://www.pelobiotech.com/peloacademy/

NEW Ways: Grow Cells Quicker with UltraGro

UltraGRO-PURE meets your need for a consistent and reliable human

protein based cell culture supplement that can support

your cell production from research through to clinical

trial use. UltraGRO-PURE contains abundant

growth factors and cytokines necessary for cell growth

and proliferation to replace fetal bovine serum (FBS)

for growing Adipose-Derived (AD), Bone Marrow (BM)

or Umbilical Cord (UC) Mesenchymal stem cells


Growth kinetics for MSCs expanded in 5%

UltraGRO-PURE containing medium are comparable to cultures grown in

medium supplemented with 20% FBS. UltraGRO-PURE grows cells quicker

and safer, lowering your costs per volume of cells grown.

More infos here: https://www.yumpu.com/s/cvIPngFTbGiR0lK6

Ask Peter, Lothar and Muriel for your Personal Sample:

mailto: info@pelobiotech.com


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-> Cost-effective, nonxenogeneic

/ serum


->Natural source and

natural signal for cell


-> Abundant growth

factors / cytokines / proteins

that maximize

MSC growth

-> Lot to lot consistency

Extended storage for

without losing potency

-> Research grade and

GMP grade available

-> Cost-effective, nonxenogeneic

/ serum



PELONews: Meet us at...

TEDD Save the date for the

next TEDD Meeting: October

24, 2019 in Wädenswil, Switzerland.

The Tisssue Engineering for

Drug Development and Substance

Testing (TEDD ) Annual

Meeting with the title Cell

Sources and Stem Cell Generation

for Drug Development

brings together experts from diverse

fields with a shared interest

in advanced 3D models.

Join us at this meeting to celebrate

another fruitful collaboration year with the new perspectives


Talk with Dr. Peter Frost (PELOBiotech, see

pic right) and Marco Leu (abcbiopply, left)

about Cell Sourcing and the cool

3D Co Culture System 3D CoSeedis.


Please click here or https://




"I´zapft os"

Got the right answer?

Erich Kiesl caused the

biggest mishap so far

in the Octoberfest history:

In the eagerness

of the battle he forgot

1978 the obligatory

"Ozapft is!

The next time he

tapped, he managed

to confuse the vowels

and shouted loudly

"Izapft os!.

Some people swear

they have heard:

„O’batzt is!“

GfMVB Also meet our CSO Dr. Lothar Steeb at the GfMVB , German

Society for Microcirculation and Vascular Biology in Heidelberg.

October 25 to 27, 2019

Topics will be

Organ-specific vascular features

Mural-endothelial crosstalk

Endothelial cell-cardiomyocyte communication

Biomechanical control of vascular differentiation &


Microcirculatory tumor progression and metastasis

Vascular homeostasis, aging & repair

Vascular metabolism

Immuno-vascular communication skills


Please click here or https://


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Managing Directors:

Dr. Peter Frost,

Dr. Lothar Steeb

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