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By Cleverdis,

the publisher of

IFA International

Where innovation

meets diversity

CE China brings together manufacturing prowess

from around the world

Jong-Boo Kim

CEO, NUC Electronics

It’s an entirely new

concept. And it’s evolving

rapidly. CE China’s

philosophy of briefing

retailers from China, but

also from the broader

APAC region – about the

latest trends in the CE and

HA worlds, is fast gaining


As with most original

ideas, it needed the right

location to take hold. With

the move to Guangzhou

for this edition of CE

China, it appears evident

that manufacturers

from around the world,

including China, as well

as all those on the retail

side, are discovering the

value of this inimitable

“IFA philosophy”.

A perfect example is

that of NUC Electronics,

manufacturers of Kuvings

juicers and blenders, who

had already discovered

the advantages of being

present at IFA. “ IFA and

CE China are increasingly

important venues for

introducing our new

products in Europe and

Asia,” said Jong-Boo Kim,

CEO, NUC Electronics.









This year at CE China,

Kuvings are not only

highlighting their highend

products, but also

demonstrating to all those

in the retail chain how

they can best be sold. See

our exclusive interview

with NUC CEO Jong-Boo

Kim, page 6.



Kaikang Le

Managing Director,

Beurer Far East Ltd.

The market potential in China

is huge for Beurer, while the

European market is more mature

» See page 3

Vishal Mewani

Managing Director,

Kohinoor Electronics

Having heard so much about

the excellent organisation,

magnitude and technology

centricity of this event, I was

attracted enough to attend this


» See page 7



Richard Barnes

Chief Analyst

Real business

from virtual reality

This year, for the first time, CE China includes a dedicated summit

addressing the issues and opportunities in the field of virtual

reality. This is buoyed by the huge amount of thought leadership

in the sector here in Guangzhou.

Virtual reality technology has been in existence for decades;

however, new technologies are evolving to make an effective

contribution to thriving segments such as gaming, retail, military,

and healthcare. The use of virtual reality in the gaming and

entertainment sectors has been driving the growth of the market.

But the lack of awareness regarding the advantages of using VR

devices is a major challenge for the industry.

In cooperation with the Guangzhou Science and Technology

Exchange Institute and the Guangzhou VR/AR Technological

Innovation Alliance, the summit is being held today, Friday

September 20. The summit is discussing the latest market trends in

the industry, and visitors will have the opportunity to gain handson

experience with ground-breaking innovations in a dedicated

VR and AR area. Potential applications of immersive virtual

reality systems are numerous. They can be used for information

visualisation in industrial sectors to create augmented reality

museums for educational purposes. Furthermore, increased usage

of smartphones and tablets is expected to drive the growth of

immersive VR, especially for mobile HMDs.

Huge investments in the VR market, advancement of technology

and growing digitisation, and availability of affordable VR devices

are the major factors fuelling the growth of the overall market.

According to ResearchandMarkets.com, the increase in the

number of startups in Asia-Pacific is one of the key drivers for the

global virtual reality market.

This year’s CE China will surely play its part in driving the market

in the right direction!

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Officials at the opening ceremony for CE China 2019

An impressive

opening ceremony

on the big stage

The first CE China in Guangzhou began yesterday in spectacular

style, providing insights into new products, markets trends and latest

technologies as well as new sections on virtual reality, autonomous

driving and new mobility.

Gao Yuyue, Deputy Secretary General,

Guangzhou Municipal Government,

Jens Heithecker, IFA Executive Director

and CE China Chairman, and Orient

Zhu, Vice President of IDG Asia, jointly

opened CE China 2019, a global IFA

event, along with the CE Summit in

Guangzhou, organised by IDG, as part

of the CE China programme.

At the opening ceremony, Gao Yuyue

referred to the potential of CE China

for the region, stating, “Guangzhou is

a very important manufacturing base

and has one of the most advanced

supply chains in this industry. CE China

will inject additional dynamics to the

electronics industry here in Guangzhou

and support the economic and social


Jens Heithecker explained that CE China

brings the successful concept of IFA to

China and the pan-Asian market: “We

bring together international brands,

retailers from across Asia, consumers,

and media representatives, to make

CE China the most efficient platform

for building and extending business


Representing a long-term strategic

partner of CE China, IDG Vice-

President Orient Zhu stated: “IDG

has been deeply rooted in China for

more than 30 years. We hope that

with the years, IDG can help CE China

better localise, enter and integrate

into the Chinese market. Driven by

this initial intention, we organised the

CE summit. We sincerely hope that

during the conference, we can share

new ideas, new concepts, and new

technologies, to help us forecast trends

and promote cooperation within the

global consumer electronics industry.”










Alongside the CE Summit, CE China

hosts a number of events. The IFA Retail

University delivers deep first-hand

insights for retail representatives on

market trends and successful product

presentations, and getting underway

today, the E-Commerce Forum provides

further knowledge on successful online

marketing and sales



e-Commerce and

Matchmaking are highlights

of CE China line-up

e-Commerce Forum and Matchmaking Conference create

powerful platforms for sharing of insights and intelligence

Kaikang Le

Managing Director, Beurer Far East Ltd.

Alongside the CE Summit, another landmark event at CE China is the e-Commerce

Forum, which incorporates the Manufacturing Enterprises and Purchasers’

Matchmaking Conference. At the Forum, manufacturers, distributors and service

providers will share their experience in using e-Commerce to develop markets.

The Forum is divided into three sections.

Part 1 is called Experience Sharing of Global

Consumer Electrics and Home Appliance

Purchasers. Its key topic will be: How China’s

consumer electrics and home appliance

manufacturers expand the global market by

leveraging the purchasers.

This section includes talks by Purchasing

Director of Light In The Box: Liao Bo,

Purchasing Manager of Banggood

Technology: Cui Jiwen and Supply Chain

Director of Shenzhen TecSync Technology Co

Ltd: Zhao Shaoge. There is also input from

Taiwanese purchasers (Senao International;

PChome), Indian purchasers (Croma-Infiniti

Retail; Kohinoor; Amazon), and a Japanese

purchaser (Tsutaya Kaden Enterprise Co. Ltd).

Part 2 is called Sharing Plate of Global

Consumer Electrics and Home Appliance

e-commerce Platform. Its key topic is:

How China’s consumer electrics and home

appliance manufacturers expand the

international market through the global

e-commerce platform. In this section there

are presentations by Marketing Director

of DHgate: Ye Huanghaung, Marketing

Manager of eBay Greater China: Li Xuerong,

Marketing Manager of Jumia: Zhang Qian,

Amanbo business development department

business director: Xiao Junming, Marketing

Manager of VOVA: Wu Wenjun and Vice

President of Passfeed: Hu Yan Hannah.

One to one exchanges

make all the difference

Part III is called Sharing Plate of China’s

Consumer Electrics and Home Appliance

Producers. A series of talks include:

Sustainable Development of Consumer

Electronics Enterprises in China by Managing

Director of Shenzhen Yongchao Time

Technology Co., Ltd: Tong Guoqiang; Creality

3D’s New Road of Overseas Expansion in

the Field of 3D Printing y COO of Shenzhen

Creality 3D Technology Co., Ltd: Hu Xiaojuan;

Experience Sharing on CE China Fair 2018 by

Vice President of Shenzhen Carvoo Intelligent

Technology Co., Ltd: Zhao Lanzi; Pitfalls

and Shortcuts of Transition from Traditional

Manufacturing Plants to Cross-border

E-commerce Supplier by CEO of Dingcheng

Technology: Zhu Xianpeng; Intelligent Robot

as New Family Member by CEO of Shenzhen

Cityeasy Technology Co., Ltd: Li Zheng;

Precise Product Selection Schemes of Crossborder

E-commerce Suppliers Based on

Supply Chain by Co-founder of Shenzhen

Zhong-Min-Dian Technology Co., Ltd: Chen


At the matchmaking meeting, manufacturers

can establish contacts with overseas buyers.

After favourable feedback last year, the scale

of the event is being expanded to help parties

consolidate and expand domestic and foreign



wellness brand

pushes into


Beurer Far East Ltd is attending CE China,

distributing heating blankets, therapy and

beauty devices, massagers and medical devices,

as part of a major thrust into the mainland China

market. We asked Managing Director Kaikang Le

to tell us more about the company’s development

in the region.

Beurer, as specialist and market leader in health and

well-being products, started cross-border E-commerce

to Chinese customers at Tmall Global in 2015. After

four years’ development, we have opened two flagship

stores at Tmall Global (Beurer Overseas Flagship

Store and Beurer Healthcare Overseas Flagship

Store) and launched more than 60 articles there. In

the meantime, we also extended our distribution to

JD, VIP, KAOLA, and RED. In 2018 Beurer Shanghai

Health Product Co. Ltd. was founded. With the new

subsidiary in Shanghai, we are going to launch more

Beurer products in the Chinese domestic market and

build up the Beurer brand in China.

What are the differences between the dynamics

of the Chinese market and the European market?

The market potential in China is huge for Beurer,

while the European market is more mature. Another

difference is that the life cycle of product in China is

shorter than in Europe and the best-seller in China

is often driven by a market trend and sometimes

influenced by KOL.

What are your thoughts on the initiative of

Messe Berlin to run this show in Guangzhou?

We welcome Messe Berlin’s initiative to organise the

Guangzhou show based on the same concept as IFA.

Beurer has shown up every year at IFA for more than

20 years, so it is a good chance for Beurer to promote

its products and brand to the Chinese market at CE

China in Guangzhou

» HALL 1 / STAND 1254

CE China Daily • Friday 20 September 2019



Haier stand at CE China 2019 Galanz stand at CE China 2019

Chinese home appliance

heavyweights take centre stage

at CE China

Hot on the heels of IFA, Chinese mega brands like Haier, Midea and Galanz are

shifting their trade show focus to the world’s biggest home appliance market

CE China, a global IFA event, brings the latest technology and leading

industry players to the most vibrant consumer market of the world.

In 2019, CE China is again connecting brands from around the world

with pan-Asian retailers right after IFA Berlin, and in one of the most

important cities for trade shows in China.

In Guangzhou, CE China not only

provides a unique mix of consumers

and domestic trade visitors, but

offers even more brand exhibitors

showcasing their best innovations

to retailers from across near and far


Among the leading Chinese brands

at this year’s CE China are Galanz,

which across 40 years has become a

world-leading integrated white goods

brand. Galanz claims to operate

the world’s leading microwave oven

R&D and manufacturing center in

addition to industry leading multifunctional

laboratories for big white

goods such as air conditioners,

washing machines and dishwashers.

In addition to the R&D center in its

Chinese headquarters, Galanz is

also actively seeking cooperation

with local professional research


institutions and R&D centers of

established brands in the US, Japan,

Korea, Europe and beyond.

Accordingly, Galanz has already

created strategic partnerships

with numerous European brands,

including a cooperation with Bosch

Group to co-develop products from

microwaves to electric steam stoves

for markets in Europe and Asia. The

fruits of this partnership are on show

at CE China as the vibrant platform

continued to unite global brands

with Asian retailers keen to bring

new products to their customers.

Meanwhile, Chinese home appliance

giant Haier is also maintaining a vital

presence at CE China. The Chinese

market is of course central to

Haier’s status as number one home

appliance brand on the planet with

10.5% global market share, and this

year at CE China Haier is continuing

to present essential elements of its

truly global smart home ecosystem.

As part of its strategy to transform

the company from a traditional

manufacturer to an open

entrepreneurship platform, Haier is

focused on its “5+7+N” full-scenario

smart package at this year’s CE

China. This so-called “smart life plan”

encompasses diverse living scenarios

including smart living room, smart

kitchen, smart bathroom, smart

bedroom and smart balcony.

Chinese CE manufacturer Skyworth is

also back at CE China to demonstrate

its products in smart home audio

and video, including HD smart settop

boxes for large-screen home

entertainment system, 4K smart

home projection, smart TV audio,

and wireless conference boxes.

Among others, these products have

won iF and Red Dot awards for their

innovative design.

In terms of TVs, LCD-focused display

maker Konka is back on home turf

after successfully branching out into

overseas markets in Europe, North/

South America and across Asia.

Indeed, in July 2019 Konka made

its first step into the African market

when it established a strategic

cooperation with Egypt’s largest

e-commerce platform, Jumia. Such

strategic partnerships are set to

further blossom at CE China.

One of China’s leading tech

innovators, Midea Group, is also

showing its wares in Guangzhou.

While focused on consumer

appliances from kitchen appliances,

refrigerators, laundry appliances

to various small home appliances,

Midea is also investing in robotics

and industrial automation systems,

and is back in CE China showcasing

its Toshiba brand on a dedicated

stand, and focusing on “continuous

technical innovation”

新 闻

VR at CE China 2019

广 州 VR/AR 产 业 应 用 创 新 大 会

有 “ 教 ” 有 “ 乐 ”——CE China 将 展 示 多 种 多 样 的 的 虚 拟 现 实 和 增

强 现 实 应 用 方 案 。

CE China 将 首 次 带 来 广 州 虚

拟 现 实 和 增 强 现 实 (VR / AR)

产 业 应 用 创 新 大 会 。 该 活 动 由

CE China 和 广 州 市 科 学 技 术 交 流

馆 、 广 州 虚 拟 现 实 与 增 强 现 实 企

业 科 技 联 合 举 办 , 将 于 9 月 20 日

CE China 2019 现 场 举 行 , 探

讨 在 当 前 形 势 下 行 业 新 的 市 场 发

展 方 向 和 趋 势 。VR/AR 产 业 在 中

国 经 历 着 令 人 惊 喜 的 演 变 ,CE

China 紧 随 行 业 大 潮 , 增 加 了 这

一 板 块 。 同 时 , 观 众 们 有 机 会 在

VR/AR 体 验 区 “ 一 饱 眼 福 ”, 与 各

种 突 破 性 创 新 产 品 亲 密 接 触 。

VR at CE China 2019

参 展 CE China 2019 的 VR/AR 品 牌 有 :

超 级 队 长 : 超 级 队 长 是 一

家 基 于 数 字 技 术 的 智 能 娱 乐 的

运 营 商 , 集 无 人 娱 乐 实 体 店 运

营 、AR/VR 行 业 应 用 解 决 方 案 提

供 、 数 字 娱 乐 内 容 发 行 于 一 体 的

综 合 性 品 牌 企 业 。 其 “ 超 级 飓 风

360” 将 带 来 完 美 的 赛 车 刺 激 , 而 “

小 凯 一 号 ”“ 小 凯 乐 乐 ” 则 会 带 来 完

美 的 亲 子 冒 险 经 历 。

广 州 宽 恒 信 息 科 技 有 限

公 司 : 从 事 虚 拟 现 实 资 源 、 混

合 现 实 资 源 、 增 强 现 实 资 源 整

合 , 为 行 业 客 户 提 供 整 体 VR

商 业 应 用 解 决 方 案 , 为 客 户 量

身 打 造 各 类 虚 拟 现 实 项 目 。 是

HTC VIVE、Oculus Rift、 大 鹏

等 头 显 在 华 南 区 域 的 重 要 合 作 企

业 。 本 次 将 展 出 VR 在 运 动 、 安

防 、K12VR 科 学 教 室 等 应 用 解 决

方 案 和 最 新 的 头 显 产 品 。

广 州 玖 的 数 码 科 技 有 限 公

司 : 是 一 家 专 注 虚 拟 现 实 技 术 研

发 和 应 用 的 创 新 型 高 科 技 公 司 ,

已 在 全 球 50 多 个 国 家 和 地 区 , 布

局 了 超 3,000 家 VR 线 下 店 。

广 州 (STEKI) 史 帝 奇 游 艺

设 备 有 限 公 司 : 从 2009 年 来 专 业

从 事 XD 动 感 特 效 影 院 与 VR 虚 拟

仿 真 设 备 的 研 发 、 生 产 、 销 售 和

技 术 服 务 的 全 产 业 链 国 家 高 新 技

术 企 业 。 观 众 们 可 以 体 验 其 固 定

翼 单 人 驾 驶 训 练 器 和 AR 多 人 赛

车 设 备 。

广 州 携 创 文 化 传 媒 科 技 有 限

公 司 : 致 力 于 打 造 VR+ 新 娱 乐 主

题 乐 园 和 科 普 产 业 应 用 , 已 成 功

加 盟 600 多 家 大 型 和 中 型 体 验 场

馆 。 观 众 在 CE China 的 展 馆 内 就

能 其 带 来 的 体 验 蹦 极 和 太 空 漫 步

冒 险 。

广 州 卓 远 虚 拟 现 实 科 技 有

限 公 司 ( 幻 影 星 空 ): 贯 穿 创

意 、 研 发 、 内 容 、 生 产 、 销 售 、

运 营 和 服 务 全 产 业 链 , 与 英 特

尔 、HTC 等 106 家 国 内 外 VR 行 业

重 量 级 企 业 建 立 深 度 战 略 合 作 关

系 , 研 发 和 制 造 广 泛 应 用 于 泛 娱

乐 、 儿 童 益 智 、 军 事 娱 乐 、 科 普

教 育 等 领 域 的 虚 拟 现 实 设 备 , 本

次 也 将 带 来 旗 下 代 表 性 产 品 , 包

括 其 明 星 产 品 “ 暗 黑 车 神 ”。

山 东 东 艺 数 字 科 技 有 限 公

司 : 山 东 东 艺 数 字 科 技 有 限 公 司

是 山 东 省 内 首 家 从 事 数 字 多 媒 体

交 互 系 统 开 发 、 三 维 数 字 视 觉 呈

现 和 展 览 展 示 整 体 方 案 建 设 的 文

化 创 意 企 业 。 本 次 展 会 将 系 统 展

示 安 全 教 育 、 应 急 救 灾 整 体 虚 拟

现 实 整 体 解 决 方 案 。

CE China Daily • Friday 20 September 2019








Jong-Boo Kim

CEO, NUC Electronics

NUC outlines plans to grow

product lines and go global

Jong-Boo Kim, CEO, NUC Electronics, says the company plans an ambitious

roadmap for coming years

Founded in 1978, NUC’s mission

is to “provide health to every

home”. We started by asking

Jong-Boo Kim, CEO, NUC

Electronics, how the business

has developed, with small

kitchen appliances related to

health always being the main


It began with the slow juicer in the

1980s. We introduced the food

processor in the 1900s and the

yogurt maker in 2000s. Our main

products today, the Whole Slow

Juicer and the Vacuum Blender,

were launched in 2010. Recently,

we launched MOTIV1, a juicer

with IoT technology. Paired with

a body composition analyser, it

is able to measure the condition

of one’s body and provide users

with customised juice recipes and

exercise programmes via a mobile


What does the future look like

for NUC?

We continue to develop and apply

new ideas to take care of the health

of our customers for our main

products – juicers and blenders.

NUC is at a major turning point.

Based on the technical knowledge

of products that have been

produced and supplied through 40

years of our company’s history, we

have decided upon a macroscopic

goal to become a total home

appliance solution company, with

the initial launch of more than

100 small appliances, household

appliances, health appliances and

beauty products over the next five


Tell us more about these new


Among the newly developed

products, we will select and

differentiate the products that

meet the market conditions of

each country and work with

major distribution networks.

Each year, we plan to launch our

latest products through new and

existing distribution channels to

increase market coverage. Of

course, this new business concept

must be established on the basic

assumption that the current juicers

and blenders must be successful as

the leading brand in the relevant

market. As part of this plan, IFA

and CE China are increasingly

important venues for introducing

our new products in Europe and


NUC Electronics received a Red

Dot Design Award in 2019 for

its Smart Juicer. What did it

mean to win the award?

We won the Red Dot Design

Award in Germany for the Smart

Juicer in the Product Design

category. NUC Electronics has

been sweeping design awards

every year internationally, which

has included the Red Dot Award,

Germany’s iF Design Award and

IDEA, from the US.

We have participated in

international exhibitions and

gained global attention for our

innovative products. We will

become a global kitchen appliance

company by releasing innovative

products continuously to spread

health culture



Earlier this year, NUC Electronics

signed an exclusive dealership

contract with Suning Electronics,

the biggest retail group in China,

to distribute its products into

on and offline retail channels in


Through this strategic alliance,

NUC Electronics has being

supplied IoT smart juicer which

recommends the customised

juice recipes based on the body

composition as well as the vacuum

blender which removes the air

from the container to maintain

nutrition and taste of ingredients.

From the second half of 2019,

starting with a multi-grill, NUC

Electronics and Suning has come

to an agreement to introduce

new small appliances in China

within the next five years, which

will result in Korean brand NUC

becoming a leading lifestyle brand

in China.



It’s all about



A. Dennis Sary

Marketing Director,


An American

in Guangzhou

Vishal Mewani

Managing Director,

Kohinoor Electronics

A. Dennis Sary, Marketing Director of the e-Commerce platform

Passfeed, has travelled from New York to Guangzhou specifically

to attend CE China. We asked him to tell us a little about his


Kohinoor Electronics is a retail chain based in Mumbai, and its

Managing Director Vishal Mewani is at CE China for the first

time, to track the latest trends in the industry. We started by

asking him to tell us more about his business.

We consider the customer

experience to be the most

important feature of our retailing

business. Our high standards in

customer experience insulate

our retailing company from the

vagaries of the market fluctuations

and probable economic

downturn. High-end customers

and millennials comprise the bulk

of our customers, so the latest

technology products are always

on the wish-list for our stores.

Is this the first time you will

be attending CE China? If so,

what has attracted you to the


This is my first visit to CE China. My

quest is to experience technology

has been the driving force behind

attending CE China. I’m keen

to find out about how the area

of artificial intelligence (AI), the

Internet of Things and robotics

technology is progressing, along

with the latest power saving

technology in appliances. This

experience will help us shape

our efforts for retailing in our

stores in the near future. My main

objectives of the CE China visit

are to check, experience, visualise

and plan, keeping the future

retail scenario of India in mind.

Having heard so much about the

excellent organisation, magnitude

and technology centricity of this

event, I was attracted enough to

attend this time. I would also like

to explore tie-ups with exciting









and upcoming brands, which

are technology driven. Having

attended many such events all

over the world in the past, I

respect the IFA pedigree attached

to this event and my expectation

and excitement is very high. In the

future, I would like to mark out CE

China in my annual calendar as a

must-visit event

Passfeed is reinventing online

shopping. Our Fintech/

eCommerce experience

combines the best features of

social shopping and banking.

Consumers can shop, store and

send money, share gift certificates

and even take advantage of

our Paylater service. Passfeed

provides an exciting shopping

experience uniquely paired with

a robust digital wallet. Users are

able to choose from over 1.5

million of the trendiest fashions,

incredible household gifts and

even electronics. Building on the

social nature of online shopping,

consumers can shop, save and

earn Rewards and iPoints just

sharing with friends and relatives

– all within the user-friendly App.

It’s basically a place where people

can not only shop, but can also

get the financial services normally

restricted to banks.

What kind of products are you

looking for at CE China?

We are looking for the best new

products in the fields of consumer

electronics and small appliances.

Many of the manufacturers

here at CE China have made

some amazing technological

advancements to take a wellconnected

home to the next level.

When these new technologies

enter the market, they will ensure

the daily life of Americans will get

easier. Passfeed is excited to bring












all these products to its platform

and enhancing the way that

people live. I am here looking for

suppliers for new equipment that

we can put on the front page of

our app! We are always looking

for new shiny things, and this

show has plenty!

What are your thoughts on the

move by IFA organisers to put

the show on here?

I really think it is a smart decision.

You know China is a giant global

market and it keeps developing

ahead of other countries. I am sure

CE China will help grow further

business relationships between

Chinese manufacturers and

foreign customers. Navigating this

show is very easy. It is structured

with a very nice flow and is very


CE China Daily • Friday 20 September 2019












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