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e-Commerce and

Matchmaking are highlights

of CE China line-up

e-Commerce Forum and Matchmaking Conference create

powerful platforms for sharing of insights and intelligence

Kaikang Le

Managing Director, Beurer Far East Ltd.

Alongside the CE Summit, another landmark event at CE China is the e-Commerce

Forum, which incorporates the Manufacturing Enterprises and Purchasers’

Matchmaking Conference. At the Forum, manufacturers, distributors and service

providers will share their experience in using e-Commerce to develop markets.

The Forum is divided into three sections.

Part 1 is called Experience Sharing of Global

Consumer Electrics and Home Appliance

Purchasers. Its key topic will be: How China’s

consumer electrics and home appliance

manufacturers expand the global market by

leveraging the purchasers.

This section includes talks by Purchasing

Director of Light In The Box: Liao Bo,

Purchasing Manager of Banggood

Technology: Cui Jiwen and Supply Chain

Director of Shenzhen TecSync Technology Co

Ltd: Zhao Shaoge. There is also input from

Taiwanese purchasers (Senao International;

PChome), Indian purchasers (Croma-Infiniti

Retail; Kohinoor; Amazon), and a Japanese

purchaser (Tsutaya Kaden Enterprise Co. Ltd).

Part 2 is called Sharing Plate of Global

Consumer Electrics and Home Appliance

e-commerce Platform. Its key topic is:

How China’s consumer electrics and home

appliance manufacturers expand the

international market through the global

e-commerce platform. In this section there

are presentations by Marketing Director

of DHgate: Ye Huanghaung, Marketing

Manager of eBay Greater China: Li Xuerong,

Marketing Manager of Jumia: Zhang Qian,

Amanbo business development department

business director: Xiao Junming, Marketing

Manager of VOVA: Wu Wenjun and Vice

President of Passfeed: Hu Yan Hannah.

One to one exchanges

make all the difference

Part III is called Sharing Plate of China’s

Consumer Electrics and Home Appliance

Producers. A series of talks include:

Sustainable Development of Consumer

Electronics Enterprises in China by Managing

Director of Shenzhen Yongchao Time

Technology Co., Ltd: Tong Guoqiang; Creality

3D’s New Road of Overseas Expansion in

the Field of 3D Printing y COO of Shenzhen

Creality 3D Technology Co., Ltd: Hu Xiaojuan;

Experience Sharing on CE China Fair 2018 by

Vice President of Shenzhen Carvoo Intelligent

Technology Co., Ltd: Zhao Lanzi; Pitfalls

and Shortcuts of Transition from Traditional

Manufacturing Plants to Cross-border

E-commerce Supplier by CEO of Dingcheng

Technology: Zhu Xianpeng; Intelligent Robot

as New Family Member by CEO of Shenzhen

Cityeasy Technology Co., Ltd: Li Zheng;

Precise Product Selection Schemes of Crossborder

E-commerce Suppliers Based on

Supply Chain by Co-founder of Shenzhen

Zhong-Min-Dian Technology Co., Ltd: Chen


At the matchmaking meeting, manufacturers

can establish contacts with overseas buyers.

After favourable feedback last year, the scale

of the event is being expanded to help parties

consolidate and expand domestic and foreign



wellness brand

pushes into


Beurer Far East Ltd is attending CE China,

distributing heating blankets, therapy and

beauty devices, massagers and medical devices,

as part of a major thrust into the mainland China

market. We asked Managing Director Kaikang Le

to tell us more about the company’s development

in the region.

Beurer, as specialist and market leader in health and

well-being products, started cross-border E-commerce

to Chinese customers at Tmall Global in 2015. After

four years’ development, we have opened two flagship

stores at Tmall Global (Beurer Overseas Flagship

Store and Beurer Healthcare Overseas Flagship

Store) and launched more than 60 articles there. In

the meantime, we also extended our distribution to

JD, VIP, KAOLA, and RED. In 2018 Beurer Shanghai

Health Product Co. Ltd. was founded. With the new

subsidiary in Shanghai, we are going to launch more

Beurer products in the Chinese domestic market and

build up the Beurer brand in China.

What are the differences between the dynamics

of the Chinese market and the European market?

The market potential in China is huge for Beurer,

while the European market is more mature. Another

difference is that the life cycle of product in China is

shorter than in Europe and the best-seller in China

is often driven by a market trend and sometimes

influenced by KOL.

What are your thoughts on the initiative of

Messe Berlin to run this show in Guangzhou?

We welcome Messe Berlin’s initiative to organise the

Guangzhou show based on the same concept as IFA.

Beurer has shown up every year at IFA for more than

20 years, so it is a good chance for Beurer to promote

its products and brand to the Chinese market at CE

China in Guangzhou

» HALL 1 / STAND 1254

CE China Daily • Friday 20 September 2019


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