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Grassroots, Rock, & Reggae



Photo by: EriK FRALICK


Photo: Mihali & Friends Community Jam

Featuring: Jimmy C, Hitch, Mihali & Johnny Cosmic

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Irie Lion

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Strain Review:

Punch Breath

by Irie Lion


The Levitate Lowdown:

Grassroots, Rock & Reggae

by Lauren Moore

Growing Unique Cannabis

by Mass Medical Strains

Product Review:

Wakit Grinders

by Kaitlyn Buckley

9 Top Tips On Choosing The

Best Cannabis Strains

by Stoney Tark


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Cover Photo by:

Sugar Shack Sessions

Submitted by The Elovaters

In the Photo: Matt Link & Greg Nectow

Bassist & Keyboardist for The Elovaters

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2017 STASH Awards





By Support The Roots


- 10 ton hydraulic ram.

- 20,000 lbs of force.

- 4 x 125 Watt heaters. (500 watts.)

- 3.5” x 4.5” 6061 Alum. Blocks.

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- 54 lbs.


- 15 ton hydraulic ram.

- 30,000 lbs of force.

- 4 x 250 Watt heaters. (1000 watts.)

- 10” x 5” 6061 Alum. Blocks.

- 18”W x 10”L x 13.25”H.

- 135 lbs.


- 25 ton hydraulic ram.

- 50,000 lbs of force.

- 4 x 250 Watt heaters. (1000 watts.)

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We SQUASH the competion with our industry

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“Bonanza of Green”

Strain Review

by Irie Lion

Punch Breath

Mendo Breath F2 x Purple Punch F2

Grower: The Irie Lion

Bred by: Symbiotic Genetics


Punch Breath is an indica dominant strain from

Symbiotic genetics thats available in

regular seeds and can express its genetics in a

variety of ways, through different phenotypical

expressions. Within this strain review, we will so

be covering 2 phenotypes. We've chose to go

over these two in depth because, we tend to notice

that the probable majority of people are truly

yet aware on just how different one strain can be

from itself..... and this is just one more reason

why growers become so passionate about pheno

hunting. We originally started with 5 amazingly

strong phenotypes...

After running them 4 times we begrudgingly

selected two main phenotypes which felt like

being forced to pick your favorite children! We

green and will veg just a tad more thicker than

she grows in a perfectly traditional christmas tree

style with very woody stems that will run races

of purple and red stripes up and down her stems

ready to support strong yields and one super

microbial activity in your soil will keep leaves dark

Topping this strain early will help limit its height

and encourage lateral branching on pheno 2....

left untapped, as she is always ready to produce

one hell of a cola! Internodal spacing is moderate


to the more moderate to tight internodes

Flowering time across phenos averaged out at

about 8.5 to 9.5 weeks. According to the plants

trichomes, shes generally ready at 8.5 weeks,

but can be pushed and extra week to week and

COVERED in trichs at week 5 and it's a sight to

behold. From that point shes a slow roller that

continually produces extremely glossy and glimmering

resinous bud from the beginning wk 3 un-

she remains 85% green with small hues of purple

just at the tips of her budding calyxes, unlike her

glance in veg, gives you the hint shes gonna

produces connecting colas and buds due to her

tighter internodes. She begins packing on the

buds at wk 3 and is a steady grower until about

wk 7, where she just begins to double in thickness.

She is covered in resin glands that leans

sweet grapefruit....with undertones of that Mendo

Breath funk for an added spin on the exhale.

Finished Punch

Breath Flower

Macro Shot of


Punch Breath in Early Flower


Punch Breath

Fading in Flower

Buds are dense as small stones and fade begins

approximately around 6.5 weeks. PB 10s

fan leaves fade is a spectacular dark purple

that will make any garden photogenic. Rich

dark purple hues cover PB10. Sugar and fan

leaves will turn a dark deep purple and deep

orange pistils become red and pronounced as

the buds ripen. Keeping temperatures cool will

boost the purpling. A later harvest will have this

smoking like a very heavy indica that will leave

you just floating while chained to your favorite


The frosted purple buds attract the eye of any

who gaze upon her and the smell of a fruity

gassy aroma hits hard. The dark purple buds

can almost look black, while the bud structure

will tempt you to save your most beautiful

buds for last. When smoked it produces a very

stoned feeling leaving you relaxed in a euphoric

spell. The extensive resin production leaves

a glistening resin ring and when flushed correctly

produces a clean white ash which adds

to the overall experience of a clean smoke. The

lasting effect will leave the bougiest connoisseur


During cure we've tracked a wave of changing and swirling smells. At one point PB 2s terps rolled

over to the smell of a bowl of milk and fruity pebbles and blew our mind. After 1 month the terpenes

seem to settle into their final form.

We hope all of you growers out there hunting for that prized pheno/diamond in the rough, nothing but

the best of luck. From Team Lion to the World....

We wish you positive vibes and Irie Growing!




It’s not just a

glass, metal, ceramic

& surface cleaner.

It’s the



The Science of Ultimate Clean

The Levitate Lowdown:

Grassroots, Rock & Reggae


Some festivals give you a super scuzzy vibe, like you might get felt up & shaken down by security

just because you got something they might want. Others have a wicked corporate coldness, like

everything is branded, mass-produced, & taxed up the ass for all that Instagram promo. A lot of

festivals start up small & local & then sell out to mega-corps like Livenation. Good news by the way

- despite rumors floating around the east coast music scene, Levitate will NOT be sold to Livenation,

& it will NOT be moving to the Gillette Theater either. The hometown festival of the South Shore will

stay exactly where it's been to become what it is today - the backyard beach party with a consistently

jaw-dropping lineup & one-love vibes pumped up with the dopest crowd, music, art, & CBD products

you can get in New England. Communities create & build the best experiences - by the people, for

the people, with the people. Levitate is a one-of-a-kind all-ages weekend event, where you'll find

everyone from toddlers blowing bubbles & bangin' on bongos in a drum circle to grandparents in Bob

Marley shirts drinking out of pineapples & coconuts.

2019 marks my 10th year going to festivals, & I gotta say, Levitate is the only one I haven't missed

since my first. As a non-camping festival, this was the first year that offered 3 nights of music instead

of its standard 2. My crazy schedule could only swing 2 nights, but the lineup for the whole weekend

was so incredibly lit that even if you missed a day, you still got SPOILED by the legendary lineup.

Michael Franti & Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, not to mention DAMIAN MARLEY... ALL IN ONE DAY...

are they KIDDING? Even though I missed Tedeschi Trucks Band this year, I gotta appreciate the celebration

of local music, since Marshfield is the home of the Tedeschi family. Plus Stick Figure continues

to headline their hometown fest & light it up with dubby surfer jams that just sound like the ocean.

"I f*ckin' LOVED Stick Figure, what the f*ck!" gushed Becca Jane, a 23 year-old from New Hampshire

who hadn't heard them before. "All their songs are SO positive, you don't even need to be on drugs

to feel them!" Matt Link, the bassist for the Elovaters, was also stoked on Stick Figure's set, saying,

"Stick Figure of course always crushes it. Them being kinda like hometown heroes put me in a surreal

position, playing with Stick Figure, they kinda took us under their wing."

This summer was the first Levitate for the Elovaters, a stellar Boston-based reggae band that kicked

off Saturday with a juicy feel-good flow. I had just caught them at the House of Music in Portland

a few months before, danced all night, & was even more stoked for Levitate knowing I'd see them

again. "As a bassist in a rock & roll band, I was blown away. The way he is able to carry that reggae

dub through every change up was just iconic," said Alex Pavlow, a volunteer for Garbage to Garen.

The Elovaters will be touring until the end of fall & back in Marshfield for Levitate Backyard shows in


The Elovaters' bassist Matt Link had a lot of highlights throughout the festival. "I tried to see every

musician I could. Pretty much every band there blew me away. Damian Marley was probably the set

I appreciated the most - that was a bucket list moment; I'd never gotten to see Damian before. It was

an amazing show from start to finish. Michael Franti & SOJA absolutely crushed it - some of these


Featured Article

Photography by EriK FRALICK


Jacob Hemphill

Lead Singer of SOJA


ands I haven't seen in a really long time, which

was amazing as a fan & musician."

Stick Figure

"The Woods Brothers about made me cry," he

continued. "Going off the whole reggae subject,

I was in the Green Room & they were going off

on a song together, & I could hear their acoustics

- I was just sitting right outside with my ear

up against the wall like... wowwwww. It was

cool to see Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, one of

my favorite bands in the world. They speak for

themselves. Steel Pulse put on one of the most

legendary shows I think I've seen them play.

Soulive... probably one of the best bands out

there who just do what they do. It was a really

cool convert to go back & forth with those guys.

Then of course, my favorite band... Iya Terra. Iya

Terra's new album is beyond fire. I love their new

video; I love everything about those guys."

It was Iya Terra's first year at Levitate as well,

who are currently touring the west coast. If you

haven't seen them, take it from Link that you

don't want to miss them: "They put on one of the

best f*ckin' sets, & I got a really strong connection

to those guys. They are all my brothers & a

huge inspiration to me. It was really cool to see

them here on the east coast doing what they do

best." Iya Terra will be back east in October before

going west again, plus all over in between

- both Iya Terra & the Elovaters are basically

nonstop touring through the fall, so definitely

check out their tour dates online.

Levitate gave us a full range of reggae, from the

soulful Rasta legends Steel Pulse who've been

playing since '75, to SOJA & their ska-politico

anthems that have become classics over the

past decade. And you know, I've never gone

out of my way to see Sublime with Rome cus

well, to me the soul of Sublime has always been

Bradley (RIP). But DAMN it was dope dropping

into the music I've been listening to since middle



Scott Giampietro

Skating the Ramp


"Sublime with Rome - legends," Link said.

"Rome put on a great show, Eric is an amazing

guy, I've looked up to him for years as a bass

player." When everyone knows every word to

every song, songs that have been with you


Nick Asta

Drummer for The Elovaters


through so many changes & stages of life, you realize you'd have no idea who the hell you'd be without

those iconic riffs. And on that note, gotta be grateful to see JRAD on the lineup again to keep the

Dead alive on the scene. Even though it was my 7th time seeing them, it was my first time catching

"Black Throated Wind" - which just blew me away. Sometimes to be in the right place at the right time,

you just gotta buy the ticket.

So before you get completely sucked into the music, the first thing to do at Levitate is buy the steel

pint of course. If you're at a festival, you're probably ready to drop some money, so throw down the

$10 for a Levitate cup & get some awesome planet karma for zero-waste drinking, plus a discount

for your beer or cider, plus a practical souvenir you can keep or gift to someone who missed out. You

can also alternate filling i with water if you forgot a refillable bottle, thanks to the hydration stations.

The weather was borderline dangerously hot, so the abundance of water was definitely key to making

it through the heat! The loving vibe of Levitate really shines in little details like when the festival crew

passes free boxed waters through the crowds. The whole festival scored super high for the ocean as

there were no single-use plastic water bottles to be seen, though the boxed waters were way more

expensive than filling a $10 cup or reusable bottle. Always look for Reverb tents at a festival or show

in New England, because refill stations mean no one goes thirsty.

On that note, Levitate is just not a trashy event. There are definitely some festivals where you are

totally trudging through garbage & mud & can barely find your feet. Levitate onboarded a Portland,

Maine-based composting company called Garbage to Garden to keep the grass green & pathways

clear. This spunky team in green was not only on top of keeping the grounds clean, they also amped

up the experience by being super stoked to be a part of it - with the occasional water gun ambush

from a golf cart.


Damien Marley

Closing out the Festival

Sunday Night

fun I was having, I made sure we composted

almost 1,200 pounds of compostable

materials that just would have been thrown

away. What's beautiful is that half the disposable

beer cups were compost-certified & the

others were recycled & broken down. So not

only that, but we sorted almost 4,000 units of

recyclable material."



"As a surfer with a significant level of hype, recognized

as an Ocean Conservatory migrant

leader in ocean plastic processing services for

the past 14 years, my role was to help with the

pollution reduction, the grounds clean-up, & making

sure that compost, recyclables, & trash were

all properly sorted, disposed of, or repurposed

or upcycled," said Alex Pavlow of Portland, ME.

"My job was to drive a golf cart around & pick up

people's stations - recyclables, trash, & compost

- & take them to our hedge point where they were

very assertively sorted & placed into the proper

containers for expulsion in their proper demeanors.

"So I took it upon myself to have the time of my

life. I'm driving around a golf cart & there's thousands

of people not getting out of the way. So

I found myself a squirt gun like, 'Get out of my

way! I got trash, a purpose, & a squirt gun, & I am

not afraid to use it!' People LOVED it. I literally

became an icon at Levitate by being the guy in

the Crocodile Dundee hat on a golf cart squirtin'

people up. Plus even with all the love & straight

While the musicians & crowd absolutely

make a festival what it is, so do the people

behind it that work as its backbone. "My favorite

moment of it all is when it came down

to it, I found myself responsible for my friends

to have a great time, knowing I had a part to

play - not just for my friends having a great

time, which has opened my eyes, but the entire

ecosystem of the Levitate festival. So everyone

could enjoy themselves without being

surmounted in dirt or trash... & all the other

gross things," Alex said. "I was an integral

part for people to dance freely without having

to worry about tripping or falling in trash."

Levitate made sure the foundation of the

festival, the vendors, were totally solid. The

artists & artisans were all lovingly unique in their

taste, style & craft - not like the Liquid Blue resellers

you see all over Phish lot or Dead & Company

tour. The food was also next level - I always

look forward to the gotta-try-it-to-believe-how-

AMAZING-it-is Wonton Tacos, which somehow

combines Asian food with Mexican SO on point,

my mouth waters just thinking about those crispy

& savory pockets of goodness. And even though

they ran out of pineapples to serve fruity drinks,

in, another favorite food vendor was the fruity

stand slingin coconuts & mango pina coladas

mixed right proper. At first, I was like, "WOAHHH

dude, that is strong!" & told, "Then you shouldn't

have asked for the special one!" But damn am I

glad I did! It was fruity delicious & all the better

for its strength because it lasted longer & I didn't

need another one. The personalities of each vendor

really make the festival market shine.

Melissa, a festival fashion designer from Worcester,

bounced around her booth like a glittery rave

fairy that literally just makes people smile by being

near them. Celebrating her 5th year of vend-

ding Levitate, she said, "I've vended many music festivals all over the country and Levitate is genuinely

one of my favorite ones! The surfer, skate, jam band vibe is just so fun and all ages gather to

celebrate music and art in such a beautiful way. This year we were set up next to the half pipe, which

was super cool because colorful skater girl fashion is also an inspiration in my designs!"

The half-pipe is an awesome staple of Levitate that you don't get at any typical festival, at least

none of the ones I've been to across the States. It definitely amps up the energy beyond the stages,

keeping the movement flowing & adrenaline pumping. Plus it's really entertaining to watch the 8-10

year-olds absolutely smoke the drunkish millennials when the sun starts to set. And it was even more

entertaining this year to see Melissa dusting passer-bys with body glitter in the middle of it all, blowing

rainbow sparkles onto the skating scene.

There were also super high-quality local artisans selling tinctures, tea, salves, & even CBD Lavender

Lemonade, which made South Shore CBD a sanctuary for rejuvenating - like this lemonade brought

my brain back into my body after a whole day of raging on adrenaline & dopamine. I was like, "Ahhh...

electrolytes AND cannabinoid bliss!" Not only was the lemonade instantly refreshing & bright, it really

sparked my whole head & body back to equilibrium after 8 hours of dancing in the sunshine, so I was

sure to go to their booth both nights.

Co-founder of South Shore CBD Kait Buckley explained, "Our lineup of products include healing

salves, oil-based tinctures & extracts, local honey infusions, & Lavender Lemonade. The Lavender

Lemonade is a great sleep aid & overall relaxing agent due to the addition of our homegrown lavender,

plus lemon helps flush toxins & helps return the body to a balanced PH. CBD is overall designed

to bring the body back to homeostasis." It's really the perfect elixir for when you've been dancing

more than not in a day, & your body needs a little something to remember how to chill.

Damien Marley

Sunset at the Main Stage











More than

50 strains

available in

packages of

1, 3, 5 and 10

seeds at our


Premium Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Critical Kush


Chocolate Haze


Lemon Haze


Blue Cheese

autoflowering | | |

Matt Link

Bassist for The Elovaters

Kait founded the company with her partner John Labo

from their own gardens in Marshfield, Mass, right on

the coast & minutes from the Levitate store & festival

ground. "John has been a part of Levitate the surf

shop since its early days when it was a tiny shop in

the upstairs of a building in the center of town," Kait

said of her partner. "Having spent most of his days

out on the water surfing, he was naturally very close

to the original owner Bob. He also surged with and

lived out in Hawaii with Levitate’s current owner, Dan

Hassett. We've been attending Levitate Music Festival

since its early years. Not only is it right up the street

from where we live, we also feel their ideas & vibes

of creating something that is locally homegrown for

our community," she said. "Being a part of Levitate’s

festival whether as vendors or attendees has always

felt special, & we hope Bob would be extremely proud

of what his original brand has now become, especially

the part of how it brings the community together.

Stoked to have heard that it is going to remain in

Marshfield, where it belongs!"


The quality of she & John's products was so vibrant,

I'm definitely going online at www.south-shore-cbd.

com to try some of that luscious-looking CBD-infused

honey they had on display. According to Kait, the

honey is locally sourced from the South Shore area to help with allergies, sleep aid, & inflammation.

"The products we make here at South Shore CBD are designed to create an overall healing and

rejuvenating effect, whether for medicinal reasons, preventative maintenance, or relaxation to name a

few. Our products focus on healing the body & keeping it in homeostasis, so we try and use as many

homegrown and organic ingredients as possible," says Kait. "We do lollipops as a fun addition to our

lineup, though with a higher sugar content - I mainly recommend those as a relaxation recreational

use. The salves & tinctures are available in both an isolated CBD version & Full Spectrum, or whole

planet material."

I also got another invaluable product at the South Shore CBD tent - tincture for my dog who broke his

leg before he turned a year old. Since he had the injury so young, the vet said that leg will always be

weaker & he will likely develop arthritis later in life. I spoke to a local customer at the tent who said the

CBD isolate helped bring her aging cat back to his playful self again with raving reviews of the pain

relief for her beloved pet. After buying & trying it for my little guy, I will definitely be keeping the tincture

on hand for our pup. After the first dose, his back leg stopped shaking when he sat or lied down.

After the first 2 days, he was limping less. After the first week, he could go farther distances on our

walks. The tinctures can be used for both people & their pets, & gotta say, it is true medicine.

"Our best-selling product at the festival was our Lavender Lemonade, though the tinctures & salves

were also popular," Kait said. "The tinctures are infused with Hemp Seed Oil to keep it as close to the

idea of consuming the hemp plant in its entirety. Hemp seed oil is also a super food, high in proteins

and omegas. The Salves are coconut oil & beeswax based that contain various locally grown herbs/

plants from our garden. The full spectrum & CBD isolate salves vary in the herbs used for each, but

all created to give a healing, soothing & moisturizing effect."

Levitate itself is really a full spectrum festival, with

the local grassroots vibe uplifted by the rock &

the reggae. Then there's the art component, from

the funky fresh vendors to the collaborative graffiti

walls. There's the bright taste of local cuisine

with vendors mostly from the coastal community.

There's the feeling of family, where people across

generations love life together, lit up

& getting down to the same music. Then of

course there's this overall vibe that festin' is fun

- & also healing as hell! We don't see the quality

of products the vendors brought at any typical

outlet or market. We also don't get enough opportunities

to dance our absolute asses off with

our neighbors & some of the best performing jam

bands in the country - so make sure to check

out the Backyard concert series & new taco spot

Levitate's owner Dan Hassett has launched this

summer. And we do have the summer festival, so

mark your calendars for July 10-12, 2020 - I will

see you there!

The Elovaters

Jamming out Sunday Afternoon



Levitate Backyard Marshfield, MA


Cafe DaVinci Deland, FL


The Pour House Music Hall Raleigh, NC


Ardmore Music Hall Philadelphia, PA


Levitate Backyard Marshfield, MA


Terra Fermata Stuart, FL


Visulite Theatre Charlotte, NC


Union Stage Washington, DC


Levitate Backyard Marshfield, MA


Jannus Live St Petersburg, FL


Asheville Music Hall Asheville, NC


Portland House of Music Portland, ME

Playing with The Movement

& The Late Oens:


Surfer the Bar Jacksonville Beach, FL


Downtown Debauchery Melbourne, FL


Martin's Downtown Roanoke, VA


The Masquerade Atlanta, GA


Brooklyn Bowl Brooklyn, NY



South Shore CBD

Take Back

Your Health.


Growing Unique Cannabis

by Mass Medical Strains


FiveStar (Thai x Afghani/Paki)

COB Grown, 11/13, 56 Days

Hello everyone, Mass Medical Strains here.

I’d like to tell you guys a bit about how you

can start to make your grow more unique,

and grow some better, different, more special

pot than what you are used to! It’s very

easy and a lot of fun to do.

12/12 is the typical flower light cycle we are

all taught, but it’s really just a generalization

and starting point. As you’ve seen with

outdoor climate, if you’ve ever smoked bud

grown in a tropical environment compared

to up north, there is a huge difference in the

effects. Environment gives the plants their

own unique character.

Indoors, everybody creates nearly the exact

same environment. Light cycle is a big

component here. Up north we have longer

days and shorter nights, down south and in

the tropics we have shorter days and longer

nights. I personally love the sativa effects of

bud grown in Hawaii for example, it is some

of the most spiritual and psychedelic I have

ever felt.

Using twelve hours of light and darkness, we

are all creating the exact same type of indica

lighting cycle, and plants express nearly the

same in every garden. Of course, the type of

lighting, and your temperature and humidity,

as well as nutrition, will effect things greatly.

However, the 12/12 is your limiting factor

and will keep your indoor being just generic

indoor, in comparison to what it could be

with your own personal touch!

I always flower indoor gardens with 11 hours

on and 13 off, emulating a more tropical

light cycle that I am fond of. I also veg on

17 hours on, same idea here. More light

hours is more indica. You can flower with 13

hours on if you want an even more indica

expression than 12/12 is… or pick your own

light cycle! 11.5/12.5 is another example of

a good sativa leaning influence in your light


In my first side by side comparison a few

years ago, two tents with the same clone,



same light, same environment, just one hour

difference of light, I saw great improvements with

11/13 in my opinion and so I have been using

this light cycle for years, ever since. The 11 hour

version became much more colorful, while the

12 hour stayed green. The flavor had changed a

bit more unique too in the 11 hour tent, and the

plant was finished flowering a few days faster.

I noticed no detrimental effect on yield either. A

faster cycle and a more unique plant, win win!

Generally my more tropical light cycle imparts

GG4 Clone Only,

a more tropical characteristic into all my plants.

Even the most indica stuff I grow will rarely feel

11/13, COB Lighting. Mother to our Prayer Glue.

indica effect, totally influenced by the tropical style light cycle! If

PuTang Nevil Chem

you want it more numbing and indica feeling, perhaps try 12.5

hours of light, or 13 hours of light… like a more northern climate!

All with the same clone for comparison, you can produce a much

different bud, flavor and effect wise, by changing up light cycle.

You can also do this when you play with other environmental

factors too.

Unique genetics: (Star Pupil x Tangie)

x (Chemdog #4 x Nevils Haze)

In addition to light cycle, temperature plays a huge role on genetic

expression. Many plants produce a different terpene profile,

and a different effect, depending on the temperature range it is

grown in. One exciting example is my Mr.E Pupil strain. When

grown at or above 90 degrees, they express an incredible roadkill

skunk terpene profile! When smoked, the high is very racy

and extreme. In the summer I often grow warm rooms and get

some really unique sativa-type pot. Pay attention to light intensity,

air movement, air exchange, hydration, etc. in these warmer

periods, and you can actually grow high quality product, especially

with the right genetics. When grown cooler/normal, like 70-80 degree environments, the Mr.E

Pupil plants are a cheesy berry candy fruity type (instead of roadkill skunk) and a more indica feeling

high, with much more purple coloration, and an absolutely different terpene profile on the lab test,

with very similar cannabinoid content!

While we are on the topic of light cycles, keep in mind that light spectrum is another factor you can

use to grow more unique pot. I find that while HPS do a great job in growing high quality pot, the result

is often fairly limited and generic. While this is not a bad thing, it’s still high quality and enjoyable,

there are more options to be explored if you want to stand out. Many growers, especially oldschool

heads, refuse to use an HPS, and actually flower under Metal Halide bulbs. I find sweeter and more

unique flavors to come out with the MH spectrum. Bud can often be more potent as well. I also love

full spectrum LED’s, specifically COBs. This white light grows plants which are more like the unique

profiles and effects you get from the best sungrown, but with insane yield and bag appeal that you

expect from indoor. In addition, I’ve had yields over 2 grams per watt with COB lighting, replacing

each 1kw light with 600w of cobs! Keep in mind different lights have different optimal temperatures

required for proper nutrient uptake, led grown plants preferring low 80s. Mixing light spectrums also

shows great results, and you can get the best of both worlds when mixing HPS and MH together, or

COB and MH, or COB and HPS… etc!

Flower Tops of a Star Pupil Plant


plant nutrients


Premium, all natural plant nutrients

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It is also worth noting that low nitrogen levels have been shown to create higher terpene levels. Overly

high nitrogen levels especially in early flower, can reduce yields and potency! Just as you can play

with your light cycles, spectrums, and other aspects of the environment to create a more unique end

result, you can also pay attention to your plants nutritional diet! In fact, I think of the light almost as a

nutrient, each light spectrum is like a different type of food for the plant. LED spectrums call for different

usage of calcium and magnesium to drive photosynthesis, for example!

Genetics are another important factor in growing the most enjoyable and unique cannabis. In addition

to creating your own unique environment, try to grow some unique strains. Rather than following

the hype strains, you should look for strains which actually appeal to your preferences. When buying

seeds I always read about the Effects of the strains I am looking into, so I can find something that I

think I will like. I also make all my plant selections for my own breeding, based on the way the plants

effects make me feel! This is the cornerstone of Mass Medical Strains varieties, and selecting for

effect should be the number one factor in any garden.

There are thousands of different gene pools and strains and crosses. Make sure your garden is one

of diversity. If you are growing ten different strains that all have a single strain like OG or Cookies

somewhere in the lineage, you’re not going to have the same type of unique variety to smoke from

compared to a garden which has ten different strains which share no common parents with each

other! Seek out unique strains, and you will stand out. You’ll also experience a much wider range of

effects, flavors, and vibes.

To check out more interesting info, grow tips, podcast, and my own strains, please visit and follow my IG: @massmedicalstrains2.0


Star Pupil in Hawaii, has an extra clear

psychedelic euphoric effect.

Pupils Growing Seeds Under COB lighting


(4200k Cool CMH, 11/13)



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1. a rare, fire pre-roll comprised of the top 1% of lab-tested flowers, CO 2

wax, hash,

and kief, rolled in raw natural paper. Emanaang with a robust natural taste, these

pre-rolls are excepponally smooth and extremely potent. Tarantulas are exclusive,

“one-of-a-kind” and made only by GanjaGold.


Product Review

Wakit Grinders

In today’s market, it is difficult to find quality

products at an affordable price. As someone who

would rather spend money on an item that will

last and is effective, than multiple cheaper items

that will soon need to be replaced. I was pleasantly

surprised to stumble upon Wakit Grinders.

Wakit Grinders are electric herb grinders that save

you time & the hassle that the normal hand twist

provide. Not only does it stay consistent (with

the added abilities to vary in fineness/texture no

matter the quality), it also preserves the quality of

your Cannabis, leaving your fingers sticky Free. It

is a blade free herb grinder that uses a ball & chain

system to prevent your product from getting stuck

in the grinder and separates thick stems without

having to remove them beforehand or grating them

up into your flowers.

Wakit KLR

Image by: Joseph Kurm for Wakit Grinders

How It Works: On a flat surface place

your Wakit over herb, the size of a

nickel, and then use a quick short tap

on the pressure cap. Tapping once or

twice will result in a coarse consistency.

For a finer grind, simply tap again.

Within 5 seconds, your Cannabis

will be at the perfect texture, ready

to be smoked or vaped, no matter

your preference. Retailing at $49.99,

the Wakit is an affordable, effective &

efficient tool to add to your Cannabis

Consumption Experience.


Wakit Tree Goddess

Image by: Wakit Grinders

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9 Top Tips On Choosing The Best Cannabis

by Stoney Tark

Night Queen, Indica Kush Genetics

Grown Indoors under LED

There is such a wide variety of Cannabis strains available, and with more European and U.S

seed banks popping up overnight, it can be difficult to know what type of strain is the best

suited. Investing in new Cannabis seeds can be based upon skill level, garden size, time

frame and budget, so below are our 9 top tips on how to choose the best Cannabis strain.


Limited Grow Space

This point is more for bedroom scale growers, or

those who have converted an old cupboard into

an indoor garden, or those with a small sized

tent. There is nothing worse than when a canopy

becomes overgrown and results in plants stretching

very close to grow lights. The damage the

heat stress can cause is irreversible.

Our top tip here is to select a strain that is more

indica dominant, and will stretch almost twice

the size. Sativa dominant varieties will be much

more aggressive during the stretching period

once plants have been set to a 12/12 light cycle.

These strains will also have a shorter flowering

of around 8-9 weeks, and a stout growth structure

meaning they are better suited for beginner

growers, and those who prefer to grow a small to

medium sized plant.

Resistance Factors

Cannabis plants will vary in characteristics depending

on where they originate from, and resistance

is one very important trait. Plant resistance

can cover many things ranging from its defence

to plant disease and pathogens, and resistance

to the wind, heat, cold and rain.

Our top tip here is to choose a Cannabis strain

that is best suited for where you are growing.

Perhaps you are in an area that suffers from excess

heat, high humidity, cold temperatures and

powdery mildew prone. It could be you are growing

outdoors and need to think about the possibility

of mountainous heavy winds that produce cold

winds. Whatever your surroundings, do some research

into which strains were specifically created

by the breeders with enhanced characteristics

and plant resistance.

Growing For Terps

The days of only growing commercially with a

heavy harvest in mind, is quickly being replaced

by a wave of incredible extract artists and hash

makers. Even the practise of drying a Cannabis

plant out is shifting to a fresh frozen deep freeze

before blasting or making ice water hash.

Our top tip here is to find out which strains produce

out of this world terps, without any biased

towards yield. Pheno finding is also an excellent

way to find multiple keepers that will possess the

desired traits you are looking for and especially

when isolating the plant to a rosin, shatter or full melt

hash. It will never be too hard to learn what the most

currently demanded flavour is, and then discovering

which breeders are big on their terp game!

Plants Growing in a Sea of Green Formation

Is It Only About Yield?

As briefly mentioned in the point above, yield is only

important when it comes to meeting commercial scale

numbers, working with profit margins and pleasing

investors. To overlook effect, flowering time, resistance

factors, terpene profile and cannabinoid profile is very

short sighted.

Our top tip here is to forget about yield capabilities, as these can be directly

influenced by plant training. Instead grow for flavour, potency and then

yield and spend time to dial in that particular cultivar. Finding a keeper that

ticks all the boxes for you is far more satisfying than growing a big producing

strain just out of practicality. There are some incredible strains available

on the market and bottle necking them to accomodate for yield would be


Growing Outdoors

There is no better feeling than growing Cannabis plants outdoors as nature

intended. The benefit of U.V sunlight and a way to go crazy in the organics

department. Some indoors strains will perform better than others, for example

Blue Dream outdoors is a super reliant strain. However, there are also other things to consider

before planting outdoors.

Our top tip here is to think about your surroundings and to know how much light you recieve. You

may be in a location that receives sun all day during the Summer months, yet becomes restricted due

to a landscape or wooded area. Select a Cannabis strain that requires a short flowering time if this

is the case, as more demanding sativa strains will only fail to form biomass and mature with serious


A Medicinal Harvest

Dutch Passion Strain

Growing Outdoors

For those who use Cannabis medicinally for therapeutic purposes, then there has never been a better

time to grow. The advancements with breeding programmes for legal hemp 0.2% THC hybrids, to

CBD dominant strains that range in cannabinoid ratio (THC / CBD. 1:1,1:2,1:3:1:20 and so on) has

never been so high.

Our top tip here is to decide on a CBD strain based on the desired effect. One of the best things

about CBD hybrids is that people can enjoy the flavour and social aspect of smoking flowers without

feeling the cerebral effects too much. This opens the door for first time smokers to also enjoy Cannabis

in flower form. On the other hand there are some CBD hybrids that are in the 20% mark for

potency, so the option to grow a well balanced variety or a heavily medicinal strain has never been so

readily available.


The Floor Plan and Plant Training

Applying plant training techniques during the

vegetative state can promote large canopies and

increase yields. However, many growers will have

a system that involves vegging for a short time

and flowering the plants closely together in a Sea

of Green formation.

Our top tip here is no matter which way you

choose to grow your plants from veg to flower,

some strains will be much better suited for plant

training than others, in the same way others will

be best suited for S.O.G and others for SCROG.

Usually a seed bank will explain in the description

about the strain, or you will have a general idea

gathered from the genetic lineage. Afghani and

Kush hybrids will always work well grown closely

together, whilst sativas are more prone to excessive

plant training and require much more growing


Autoflowering Strains For The Win

It seems that the popularity of automatic Cannabis

strains in the U.S, is catching up with the

European market now autos have earnt a solid

reputation. Basically, automatics do not depend

on a set photoperiod such as 18/6 or 12/12 and

as the name suggests will flower automatically.

Given the right environment, autos can produce

some high grade flower.

Our tip tip here is to grow automatics both indoors

and outdoors. If you have a separate vegging

room where plants are kept under 18/6 until

transplanting into a flowering room, then adding

automatics in the room will ensure a ready to harvest

crop as you are working on your photoperiod

plants. Outdoors, the possibilities are endless

with automatics and one reason why they are so

popular in South America and Spain.

High Priced Seed Packs

The price of a boutique Cannabis strain has

never been so high, with a ten pack ranging from

$100-$200 with no guarantee of anything insane

coming through. Often times growers are left

highly disappointed after cashing out an entire

month's wage on multipacks hoping to find the

Holy Grail of phenos.

Our top tip here is to also think about the other

breeders who work extensively hard behind the

scenes. There are so many talented and up and

coming breeders out there, who may not have

the deepest pockets, or training when it comes to

marketing and branding yet are breeding some

next level hybrids. Just because a pack of seeds

does not have the most attractive packaging,

or the biggest Instagram following, don’t always

assume you need to hand over $150 and more to

feel you are getting the fire.

Good luck growing your next Cannabis strain,

and do plenty of research beforehand about

the breeder, seedbank, which growing format

is best suited, plant structure, aroma, flowering

time, resistance and cannabinoid profile.


Quality Cannabis

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