Punch Breath

Fading in Flower

Buds are dense as small stones and fade begins

approximately around 6.5 weeks. PB 10s

fan leaves fade is a spectacular dark purple

that will make any garden photogenic. Rich

dark purple hues cover PB10. Sugar and fan

leaves will turn a dark deep purple and deep

orange pistils become red and pronounced as

the buds ripen. Keeping temperatures cool will

boost the purpling. A later harvest will have this

smoking like a very heavy indica that will leave

you just floating while chained to your favorite


The frosted purple buds attract the eye of any

who gaze upon her and the smell of a fruity

gassy aroma hits hard. The dark purple buds

can almost look black, while the bud structure

will tempt you to save your most beautiful

buds for last. When smoked it produces a very

stoned feeling leaving you relaxed in a euphoric

spell. The extensive resin production leaves

a glistening resin ring and when flushed correctly

produces a clean white ash which adds

to the overall experience of a clean smoke. The

lasting effect will leave the bougiest connoisseur


During cure we've tracked a wave of changing and swirling smells. At one point PB 2s terps rolled

over to the smell of a bowl of milk and fruity pebbles and blew our mind. After 1 month the terpenes

seem to settle into their final form.

We hope all of you growers out there hunting for that prized pheno/diamond in the rough, nothing but

the best of luck. From Team Lion to the World....

We wish you positive vibes and Irie Growing!




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