The Levitate Lowdown:

Grassroots, Rock & Reggae


Some festivals give you a super scuzzy vibe, like you might get felt up & shaken down by security

just because you got something they might want. Others have a wicked corporate coldness, like

everything is branded, mass-produced, & taxed up the ass for all that Instagram promo. A lot of

festivals start up small & local & then sell out to mega-corps like Livenation. Good news by the way

- despite rumors floating around the east coast music scene, Levitate will NOT be sold to Livenation,

& it will NOT be moving to the Gillette Theater either. The hometown festival of the South Shore will

stay exactly where it's been to become what it is today - the backyard beach party with a consistently

jaw-dropping lineup & one-love vibes pumped up with the dopest crowd, music, art, & CBD products

you can get in New England. Communities create & build the best experiences - by the people, for

the people, with the people. Levitate is a one-of-a-kind all-ages weekend event, where you'll find

everyone from toddlers blowing bubbles & bangin' on bongos in a drum circle to grandparents in Bob

Marley shirts drinking out of pineapples & coconuts.

2019 marks my 10th year going to festivals, & I gotta say, Levitate is the only one I haven't missed

since my first. As a non-camping festival, this was the first year that offered 3 nights of music instead

of its standard 2. My crazy schedule could only swing 2 nights, but the lineup for the whole weekend

was so incredibly lit that even if you missed a day, you still got SPOILED by the legendary lineup.

Michael Franti & Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, not to mention DAMIAN MARLEY... ALL IN ONE DAY...

are they KIDDING? Even though I missed Tedeschi Trucks Band this year, I gotta appreciate the celebration

of local music, since Marshfield is the home of the Tedeschi family. Plus Stick Figure continues

to headline their hometown fest & light it up with dubby surfer jams that just sound like the ocean.

"I f*ckin' LOVED Stick Figure, what the f*ck!" gushed Becca Jane, a 23 year-old from New Hampshire

who hadn't heard them before. "All their songs are SO positive, you don't even need to be on drugs

to feel them!" Matt Link, the bassist for the Elovaters, was also stoked on Stick Figure's set, saying,

"Stick Figure of course always crushes it. Them being kinda like hometown heroes put me in a surreal

position, playing with Stick Figure, they kinda took us under their wing."

This summer was the first Levitate for the Elovaters, a stellar Boston-based reggae band that kicked

off Saturday with a juicy feel-good flow. I had just caught them at the House of Music in Portland

a few months before, danced all night, & was even more stoked for Levitate knowing I'd see them

again. "As a bassist in a rock & roll band, I was blown away. The way he is able to carry that reggae

dub through every change up was just iconic," said Alex Pavlow, a volunteer for Garbage to Garen.

The Elovaters will be touring until the end of fall & back in Marshfield for Levitate Backyard shows in


The Elovaters' bassist Matt Link had a lot of highlights throughout the festival. "I tried to see every

musician I could. Pretty much every band there blew me away. Damian Marley was probably the set

I appreciated the most - that was a bucket list moment; I'd never gotten to see Damian before. It was

an amazing show from start to finish. Michael Franti & SOJA absolutely crushed it - some of these


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