ands I haven't seen in a really long time, which

was amazing as a fan & musician."

Stick Figure

"The Woods Brothers about made me cry," he

continued. "Going off the whole reggae subject,

I was in the Green Room & they were going off

on a song together, & I could hear their acoustics

- I was just sitting right outside with my ear

up against the wall like... wowwwww. It was

cool to see Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, one of

my favorite bands in the world. They speak for

themselves. Steel Pulse put on one of the most

legendary shows I think I've seen them play.

Soulive... probably one of the best bands out

there who just do what they do. It was a really

cool convert to go back & forth with those guys.

Then of course, my favorite band... Iya Terra. Iya

Terra's new album is beyond fire. I love their new

video; I love everything about those guys."

It was Iya Terra's first year at Levitate as well,

who are currently touring the west coast. If you

haven't seen them, take it from Link that you

don't want to miss them: "They put on one of the

best f*ckin' sets, & I got a really strong connection

to those guys. They are all my brothers & a

huge inspiration to me. It was really cool to see

them here on the east coast doing what they do

best." Iya Terra will be back east in October before

going west again, plus all over in between

- both Iya Terra & the Elovaters are basically

nonstop touring through the fall, so definitely

check out their tour dates online.

Levitate gave us a full range of reggae, from the

soulful Rasta legends Steel Pulse who've been

playing since '75, to SOJA & their ska-politico

anthems that have become classics over the

past decade. And you know, I've never gone

out of my way to see Sublime with Rome cus

well, to me the soul of Sublime has always been

Bradley (RIP). But DAMN it was dope dropping

into the music I've been listening to since middle



Scott Giampietro

Skating the Ramp


"Sublime with Rome - legends," Link said.

"Rome put on a great show, Eric is an amazing

guy, I've looked up to him for years as a bass

player." When everyone knows every word to

every song, songs that have been with you


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