Nick Asta

Drummer for The Elovaters


through so many changes & stages of life, you realize you'd have no idea who the hell you'd be without

those iconic riffs. And on that note, gotta be grateful to see JRAD on the lineup again to keep the

Dead alive on the scene. Even though it was my 7th time seeing them, it was my first time catching

"Black Throated Wind" - which just blew me away. Sometimes to be in the right place at the right time,

you just gotta buy the ticket.

So before you get completely sucked into the music, the first thing to do at Levitate is buy the steel

pint of course. If you're at a festival, you're probably ready to drop some money, so throw down the

$10 for a Levitate cup & get some awesome planet karma for zero-waste drinking, plus a discount

for your beer or cider, plus a practical souvenir you can keep or gift to someone who missed out. You

can also alternate filling i with water if you forgot a refillable bottle, thanks to the hydration stations.

The weather was borderline dangerously hot, so the abundance of water was definitely key to making

it through the heat! The loving vibe of Levitate really shines in little details like when the festival crew

passes free boxed waters through the crowds. The whole festival scored super high for the ocean as

there were no single-use plastic water bottles to be seen, though the boxed waters were way more

expensive than filling a $10 cup or reusable bottle. Always look for Reverb tents at a festival or show

in New England, because refill stations mean no one goes thirsty.

On that note, Levitate is just not a trashy event. There are definitely some festivals where you are

totally trudging through garbage & mud & can barely find your feet. Levitate onboarded a Portland,

Maine-based composting company called Garbage to Garden to keep the grass green & pathways

clear. This spunky team in green was not only on top of keeping the grounds clean, they also amped

up the experience by being super stoked to be a part of it - with the occasional water gun ambush

from a golf cart.